Giant boobs blondie passenger gets banged by the driver

Giant boobs blondie passenger gets banged by the driver
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Metamorphosis, Part 2 "Are you sure that isn't going too far?" I asked Sharon. We were in her den having an after lunch glass of wine. It had been a week since I'd played that game at the dance club for Harvey. He'd come home horny every day since. And he'd found me naked in either the pool or the kitchen every one of those days.

Twice, we didn't even come out of the bedroom long enough for dinner. When I filled Sharon in on the details of the week, she just laughed. I never thought I'd be talking to anyone about such things, but I was finding it easier and easier to talk to her.

"Too far?" She scolded me with her tone, "Have I been right so far?" "Yes," I answered honestly. "Then you're just going to have to trust me." She insisted. "Okay, it's just that. .

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." She leaned over and put her hand on my arm, "Trust me, Jill. You'll be fine. Just follow my lead." * * * When Harvey and Gary got to our home after their regular Saturday golf game, they found me and Sharon naked in the pool.

As ed, we walked up the steps and over to hug and greet our respective husbands. They didn't seem to mind that we were wet. After kissing Gary, Sharon looked over to Harvey and said, "Hi Harv." After he responded to her, I looked at Gary, "Hi". His response was more enthusiastic than Harvey's had been, "Well hello, hello.

It's really good to SEE you." Sharon and Harvey both laughed, but the best I could muster was a forced smile. Finally, I regained a slight bit of my composure. I pointed to the items on the small table beside the grill, "The steaks are in the marinade and the corn on the cob is soaking in a pitcher of water." Sharon tossed me a towel, "We're going in to make ourselves a drink.

You two can relax for like five seconds before you start cooking." When we got inside, Sharon asked me, "That wasn't so bad, was it?" I answered honestly, "I kept forgetting to breathe." She laughed out loud and put a hand on my arm, "You're doing fine.

Did you see the look on their faces when we walked out of the pool? That was priceless." I handed Sharon her drink, and after we clanked glasses, she said, "I thought Gary's eyeballs were going to pop out of his head when he saw you." And then she shocked me by adding, "Just like mine did earlier." Sharon was shorter than me and stocky, but she was still sexy. She had great breasts that had to be at least DD cups.

Harvey noticed. That was very obvious. "I'm surprised you don't have imprints of Harvey's eyeballs on your breasts." I said with a chuckle. "Tits. They're tits." She corrected me. "Especially when you refer to them in front of a man, or in this case, men. They love it when a woman uses the word tits. 'Breasts' is too clinical. Trust me, when men are talking amongst themselves, they will never say 'breasts'." "Got it!" I told her, even though I didn't really like the term 'tits'.

I thought it sounded too vulgar. But then again, we were walking around naked in front of each other's husbands, so I guessed being a little vulgar wasn't too much of a stretch.

"Okay, then let's get back out there and use the big three to insure we both get properly fucked tonight." "The big three?" I questioned her with a giggle. "Tits, pussy and ass." I had to laugh out loud at that.

* * * When we got back outside, we covered two chairs with our towels and sat in the shade of the umbrella. The men had just started cooking, but they kept looking around at us and then whispering to each other. I couldn't imagine what they were saying, but I was sure it wasn't anything appropriate for our ears—or at least mine. When it was time to eat, Sharon and I put on robes. "Awwww, what's that all about?" Gary complained.

Sharon answered for us, "We were afraid if you tried to eat steak while your eyes are glued to our tits, you'd either slice off a finger or chew your tongue off." "Hey, I can look at tits and eat steak at the same time." Harvey defended.

Sharon put down her knife and fork and opened her robe. She shook her huge brea—tits at my husband.

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"Don't worry, sugar, you're going to have plenty of time to gawk at these babies after we finish eating." "Now I feel cheated." Gary said with a mock pout of his lips. "Okay," I giggled. Then I opened my robe and shook my tits at him for a few seconds. When I glanced over at Harvey, he had a huge smile on his face. He was beaming with what I assumed was pride at my boldness. Sharon noticed it too.

"So, Harvey, what do you think about your wife showing my husband her tits like that?" He shrugged, "I'm cool with it." That made Sharon laugh out loud for half a minute. When she could, she said, "Hell, you're WAY more than cool with it. You're beaming like the cat that just ate the cannery." "I'm just glad she's loosening up. That's all." He responded with a blush. "She said that guy feeling her up last weekend really turned you on.

That kind of shit turns Gary on too, as long as it doesn't go too far." "You're damn right it does." Gary confirmed. "I think it's hot as shit." I looked at my husband, but he just raised his eyebrows and shrugged. I felt the need to say something, so I looked over at Sharon, "I think we married a couple of perverts." And then I giggled to let them know I was just kidding.

In truth, I wasn't, but I was willing to play along with just about anything if it resulted in the kind of sex sessions Harvey and I had the past week. Even past my own pleasure, I'd never seen him look so happy and content in our marriage, so I focused on that and told myself it was a small price to pay.

When I began to doubt that, I just remembered Harvey's words, 'did it hurt you?' and when I said 'no', his response, 'no harm no foul'. When the dishes were done and the grill cleaned, Sharon and I went back into the pool.

She began teasing the men about being too shy to get naked and come in with us. Finally, they succumbed to the pressure, stripped down and jumped in. I was a little surprised that neither of them were fully hard, but they weren't exactly soft either—semi hard.

I was no expert on cocks. I wasn't a virgin when Harvey and I got married, but I could count my previous sex partners on my fingers. To my eye, Gary's looked about the same as Harvey's, which was about average.

Sharon and I were about three feet apart on the opposite side of the pool from where our husbands jumped in. They swam immediately over to us, Harvey to me, and Gary to Sharon. After we'd given our respective husbands a passionate kiss, Sharon giggled wildly.

"What?" I asked her. "We've been on parade in front of them for almost two hours, but when they got naked, they jumped in the water as fast as they could. I barely got a glimpse of Harvey's cock." I played along, "What do you think we should do about that?" She giggled again, "Let's get them hard and make them get out and stand right up here and let us look." I had to laugh at that.

"I love it!" I said honestly, happy to turn the tables on our men. "Shit, if you want to see me hard, you just have to give me more looks at Jill's tits." "Oh no." I scolded him. This is about cocks, not tits." "I can handle this one, if you've got yours." Sharon told me.

"But if you need some help, just let me know." "Got it under control," I told her as I reached down and grabbed my husband's already growing cock.

"Hell, mine is almost already there." She purred, "How about yours." "It's getting there." I said with a giggle.

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When I looked back to Harvey, he was grinning at me. He looked like he'd just won the lottery. And then he asked only loud enough for me to hear, "Where have you been all my life?" God!

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I almost melted. I felt my pussy twitch several times. For some reason, that simple question made me so proud and love him so much, I just wanted to fuck him right there on the spot.

That made everything I'd done, and everything I was doing, and everything I was going to do, totally worth the small effort it took.

At that moment, he could have asked me to go stand on my head on the diving board, and I would have tried my best to do it. "Have you got him ready yet?" Sharon asked me. "If I don't stop, I'm afraid this one is going to cum in your pool." "Yep, he's ready." I giggled. "Okay, boys, climb out right here and let us have a look." Sharon ordered them in a voice of authority.

I couldn't help but laugh when they began crawling out of the pool. They looked absolutely helpless while trying not to scrape their hard cocks on the concrete.

"Hey, no laughing." Gary said, "Laughing isn't good for hard cocks." Of course, that just caused me and Sharon to laugh harder. I'd been right in my assessment. Their two cocks looked almost identical, except that Harvey's was an itsy bit thicker. After a full minute, Sharon ordered them, "Okay, now sit down with your feet in the water. When they were both sitting, Sharon crooked a finger to me.

And when I was beside her, she slid one hand around my waist and pulled me tight to her. And then she reached up and slid her other hand around her husband's cock.

"Not bad, huh?" "No." I agreed, "Not bad at all." And then she pushed me to the left until we were in front of Harvey. Again, she reached up and slid her fingers around the hard cock in front of us, "Oh, nice. He's a little thicker. Lucky you." And then she put a foot against the side of the pool and pushed off, pulling me into the middle of the pool with her. "Okay, boys, you can get back in the water now." I tried to evaluate my feelings about Sharon feeling of my husband's hard cock.

Honestly, it didn't bother me at all, which surprised me. It was, after all, just harmless fun. There was nothing serious about it. She'd only touched it for like fifteen seconds. 'No harm, no foul.' Sharon must have sensed my mental debate. She whispered to me, "Was I out of line?" I looked her right in the eyes, "No, it was cool." "Are you sure." I put a hand on each of her shoulders, "Yes, Sharon, it was no big deal." She giggled, "It was kind of a big deal." And we both laughed.

* * * Over the next hour, there was some more teasing and flirting, and then it was time for them to leave. Before they got dressed, Sharon whispered to me, "Time for the big finale." I took a deep breath and nodded, "Okay", but in truth, I was wishing I had time for one more drink.

Sharon sashayed right up to Harvey, "Time for us to go. I'm guessing you want your hug now rather than after I get dressed." "That works for me." My husband eagerly agreed. Sharon looked over to me, "You may not want to watch this." And then she moved in and gave my husband a full body hug before kissing him passionately. Gary grabbed my arm and turned me to him. A second later, he pulled me to him.

He kissed me in the same fashion his wife was kissing my husband. I was just able to see Harvey and Sharon out of my peripheral vision, so I didn't try to pull away from Gary.

When the four of us broke our kisses, Sharon backed up to my husband and pulled his hands up to her tits. And then she shot me an "I dare you" look.

What could I do? I spun around in Gary's arms. I didn't have to guide his hands or encourage him in any way.


His hands were cupping and kneading my tits in a flash. And so there we were. We were all standing face to face, Gary behind me, his hands on my tits, and Sharon with her back to my husband with his hands groping her huge tits. I don't think it was Gary's hands on my tits that made my pussy start gushing. I think it was the situation, the look on my husband's face, the look on Sharon's, the feel of Gary's hard cock pressing into my lower back, and knowing that Harvey's cock was poking Sharon in the same fashion.

In my mind, that should have lasted a few seconds, if even that long. But that wasn't the case. It lasted two minutes if a second. All the while, my eyes were bouncing from Sharon's to my husband's. Both had big smiles on their faces. Gary's hands were busy on my tits. I leaned back into him and turned my head slightly, "Having fun?" "Absolutely!" And then I looked at my husband, "He's having fun." Harvey's grin got even bigger, "So am I." The next thing I knew, Sharon shifted her hips to the side and took my husband's cock into her hand.

Then she looked right at me, "You're going to have fun with this tonight." I reached behind me and wrapped my fingers around her husband's hard cock, "So are you." She giggled, "That's what this is all about, isn't it?" And with that, she spun around and kissed my husband passionately again. None of this was planned. Sharon had told me to just follow her lead, so I did.

I turned and kissed her husband again. Finally, I pushed away from Gary. Sharon separated from Harvey. I knew what was coming, and this was the part I was dreading most. Sharon crooked a finger to me, and seconds later, she and I were hugging, tits smashed together, her knee between my legs, mine between hers, and both of us rubbing our pussies on each other's leg.

She looked me in the eyes, "Are you ready?" She asked me, not caring that both of our husbands could hear. I nodded, so she pulled my mouth to hers and gave a kiss that curled my toes.

When she withdrew her mouth and tongue from mine, she said to our husbands, "She's a great kisser." And then she kissed me again. That wasn't in the plan. It was supposed to be one kiss and done.

What happened next wasn't in the plan either. She backed off and spun me around. Both of her hands were on my tits. "She has awesome tits, doesn't she, Gary?" "Absolutely!" Her husband responded. And then Sharon whispered in my ear, "shhhh, just roll with it." And with that, she asked my husband, "Do you like watching me feel up your wife?" "Hell yeah!" he responded enthusiastically. I was lost in the moment. My pussy was on fire.

I turned my head and used one hand to grab her hair and pull her mouth to mine. While we were kissing, Sharon moved one of her hands lower and began rubbing my clit with her fingers.

"Oh God!" I moaned as I came. My knees grew weak, so I had to break away and sit on the nearest lounge chair. The guys both laughed when Sharon exclaimed, "My work here is done. We can go now." * * * "I can't believe you did that. . that I did that." I told Sharon while we were sitting in her den sharing a drink. She tilted her head and grinned at me, "Before we talk about that, how did that night go for you, and the nights since?" "Do you have to ask?" She laughed out loud, "No.

I'm guessing your pussy is as sore as mine. Gary has been acting like a fucking teenager all week." I nodded, "Same for Harvey. He's been a maniac." She grinned, "So now, do you want to complain about what we did?" I considered her words, "No, I guess not, but still. . ." "Still smill," Sharon scolded me. "You need to grow the fuck up. You agreed that we would kiss each other. I didn't force you to do that." "But I didn't agree to.

. the rest." She mocked me, "Oh, poor baby. You came so hard you couldn't stand up. Does it really matter who made it happen? We were putting on a show for our husbands, that's all.

We're not going to go lez for each other." "I know, but. . ." Sharon rolled her eyes. "Hey, don't think you're the only one who is treading on new territory. I kissed a woman for Gary once at a dance, but I've never done anything close to what you and I did. I didn't plan it. I just rolled with the moment, just like you did. You need to get over it so we can start thinking about what to do next to keep our husbands acting like horny teenagers." I considered what she was saying, and I came to the conclusion she was right.

Nothing we'd done had hurt either of us, and we'd both reaped an incredible benefit from doing it. "Okay, what's next?" I asked her. * * * We both left our husbands the same note for them to find the next Friday evening when they came home from work.

The notes said simply: "The Western Electric club, nine p.m." Sharon and I arrived at the club at seven thirty.

She was dressed in a white halter and jeans. The halter had no chance of containing her massive tits. I wore a newly purchased white tube top, no bra, and short black leather skirt, no panties.

I almost died when she picked it out for me, but she'd shamed me into buying it. No more than a couple of minutes after finding a fairly private booth in the corner of the club, Sharon spotted two young men sitting at a table near the dance floor.

They were both fairly handsome cowboy looking guys. "I'll be right back." She told me, even before our first drinks had arrived at our table. I watched as Sharon leaned over their table and started talking to the two young men. I chuckled to myself when I realized the view they must have had of her massive tits spilling out of her halter right in front of them.

The next thing I knew, she was heading back to our table with the two young men in tow. Sharon introduced me to Jason and Buddy. She had Jason slide in beside me, while Buddy took a seat on her side of the booth. I calculated that I got the better of that deal. Jason was much better looking than Buddy. They both seemed to be in their mid twenties.


All seated, Sharon started, "Okay, here's the deal: In about an hour, our husbands are going to be here. They aren't going to sit with us. They'll sit where they can watch us." Jason spoke up, "I don't have a good feeling about this.

Is there going to be trouble?" Sharon and I both laughed. I put my hand on Jason's arm, "Sugar, if you play along, you're more likely to get tipped than beaten up." Buddy chimed in, "Okay, what do we have to do?" Sharon looked him right in the eyes, "Do you know how to make out with a girl?" "Duh!" Jason answered for his friend.

"Well, when our husbands show up, you're going to get to make out with us, and a whole lot more. Do you think you can handle that?" "More, as in. . ." Buddy inquired. "Give me your hand." Sharon ordered him sternly. When he offered her his hand, she took it and slid it inside her halter.

"Does that answer your question?" Jason looked over at me with pleading eyes. I rolled mine. "What? Do you think you need some practice?" He chuckled, "Of course." So I leaned back in the booth and said, "Okay, you have fifteen seconds." He didn't hesitate. He had one hand under my tube top in a flash. I was watching everyone else in the room, but none of them were paying any attention. After a long while, I said, "Okay, that's enough.

Now, are you two going to play along or not?" In truth, my pussy was already getting soaked. If we hadn't been in a public place, I wouldn't have been able to force myself to stop him. Buddy still had his hand busy inside Sharon's halter, "Hell yeah! Count me in." I looked at Jason, "I'm there." He responded. And then he added, "Your husbands are idiots." Sharon laughed at that and pulled Buddy's hand out of her halter, "Idiots, huh?

Well, they're going to be fucking us tonight while you're choking your chicken. So, you can play along, or we'll find another two guys.

I'm sure we won't have that much trouble finding someone to help us." "I'm in." Jason said, and his friend quickly made it unanimous.

For the next hour, Sharon and I danced and drank, danced and drank. Buddy and Jason quickly caught on to how we wanted them to dance slow dances with us, running their hands over us, groping our asses, kissing us just enough so as not to get us kicked out of the club. Finally, Gary showed up and took a seat near the dance floor.

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Harvey joined him five minutes later. Back in our booth, Sharon covertly let the boys know which men were our husbands. "Now, don't be shy when we dance, or back here in the booth. I promise, they won't do any more than watch." Jason was on me in a flash, kissing me passionately and trying to get his hand under my tube top. "Whoa, cowboy" I said only loud enough for him to hear. "There will be plenty of time for all that.

Go slow and tease me. I'll let you know when to go further." "Okay," he responded in a frustrated voice. For the next hour, we danced, flirted, kissed, and fondled each other.

And then the band played the right song, "Cocaine". Sharon got up and offered me her hand. Seconds later, she and I were on the dance floor, slithering our bodies against each other's.

Thirty seconds before the song ended, she pulled me in and kissed me passionately, running her hands up and down my body. Of course, all the men in the club were whooping and hollering, especially our husbands. By the time we got back to our booth, our young companions weren't the only ones going crazy. My pussy was soaking wet and begging for attention.

The minute I was seated again and Jason slid in beside me, I took his hand and guided it under my skirt. His eyes shot open when he realized I wasn't wearing panties.

Seconds later, he had two fingers inside me, and I was coming. "Wow!" Sharon giggled, "That didn't take long." And then she said to Buddy and Jason, "One more kiss, do what you want with your hands, and then we have to go." On the way to the exit, Sharon reached into her purse and pulled out the piece of paper with our hotel and suite number on it.

She casually dropped it on our husbands' table on the way by them. When we got outside, I hugged Sharon, "Holy shit!" She laughed and hugged me to her, "That was hot as fuck. I'm horny as hell, but the night is young. We're just getting started." I couldn't help myself.

I pulled her in for a kiss right there in the parking lot. I loved kissing her, but never more than at that moment. * * * While we were waiting on the taxi, Sharon looked at me and said, "That's the first time we've done that." "What?" I asked her.

"Kissed just for us, not for our husbands." I winced, "Sorry, I just felt like doing it." "Hell," She said with a chuckle, "You don't have to apologize to me. I enjoyed the fuck out of it, even more than when we're doing it for them." "I'll keep that in mind." I told her. * * * When we got to our suite, my eyes shot open.

Sharon had told me it was a very nice two room suite. I assumed the beds would be in different rooms. I was wrong. The first room was a living room area with a bar. The back room was the bedroom.

It had two queen-size beds, only a few feet apart. The implications of that hit me like a sledge hammer between the eyes. We'd be fucking our husbands in the same room at the same time. As planned, when our husbands arrived, we were sitting on the sofa in the living area. We were both totally naked, and kissing each other passionately. After maybe fifteen seconds, we broke our kiss and looked at them.

Sharon giggled, "Hello boys." Harvey spoke up, "Please don't let us interrupt you." "Oh?" I asked my husband, "Do you like watching us make out?" Harvey and Gary said in unison, "Hell yeah!" Sharon was kneading my tit as she asked them, "More than watching us with those two young boys in the club." "That was hot as fuck too." Gary responded, "But what you're doing now is even hotter." Sharon giggled and looked at me, "What do you think, Jill?

Should we give them one more show before we let them fuck us?" "They haven't done anything to deserve another show yet. I think they should get undressed and order us drinks from room service." "Yes, a bottle of Scotch." Gary said into the phone, and then he hung up.

"Do you have money for a tip?" Sharon asked our husbands as they were getting undressed. When Gary produced a ten, Sharon told him, "Give it to me." Both men and I laughed. We all knew what was coming. Sure enough, ten minutes later, Sharon answered the knock on the door. She didn't just crack the door though. She pulled it all the way open. The older black gentleman, at least if he was able to pull his eyes from Sharon's nakedness, could have easily seen me sitting naked on the sofa and our husbands leaning against the small bar, also totally naked.

When she closed the door and waggled the bottle of Scotch at us, all three of us hooted and clapped. When Gary handed us our glasses of Scotch, I had to giggle. His cock was hard and waving proudly right in front of my face.

"I don't think he needs another show." Gary scolded me, "Oh no, you're not going to back out now. We've held up our side of the deal. It's show time." Our husbands pulled two chairs from the small half table and sat in the middle of the room facing us. I took a sip of my drink, not unhappy with the situation at all. I'd found that I really loved kissing Sharon, and the prospect of doing more of that caused my juices to start flowing even more than they already were. While we were still sipping our drinks, I couldn't resist the urge to reach over and begin lightly feeling of Sharon's awesome tits.

She gave me a sideways glance and showed me a wink. "So, boys," She asked our husbands, "What part of what went on at the club did you like the best?" Harvey didn't hesitate, "The two of you making out on the dance floor. The whole place went crazy." "Yeah, that was hot as fuck." Gary agreed. "That was hotter than us making out with those boys and letting them feel up our tits?" "Oh yeah!" My husband responded enthusiastically.

I squeezed Sharon's tit and purred to her, "We'll have to remember that." We finally set our glasses aside and turned toward each other. Sharon whispered in my ear, "I'm going to take it up a notch. Are you okay with that?" I bit my lip and nodded.

Seeing my response, Sharon gave me a short kiss. She ended it by pulling back a little and running her tongue back and forth across my lips. "Hell yeah!" My husband exclaimed. I giggled and said to Sharon, "They like seeing you do that." And then I did the same to her. After a couple of passes of my tongue over her lips, she extended her tongue and swirled it around mine.

The guys had a clear view of our tongues playing together. A half minute later, Sharon pushed me back against the arm of the sofa and immediately began licking and sucking my nipples. God! I almost came just from that.

I put my hand on the back of her head and looked over at our husbands, "Ummmm, she's really good at that. Pay attention, Harvey. Watch how she does it." After a couple of minutes, Sharon slid her hand between my legs and began playing with my pussy. With my eyes locked on Harvey's, I purred, "Oh yeah.

She's going to make me cum. It's not going to take long. That boy in the club put his fingers in me and made me cum too.

I wasn't wearing panties." Sharon pulled her lips from my nipple long enough to look around to them and say, "She's not lying. She came in like five seconds." Gary elbowed Harvey, "There you go, buddy. We totally missed that." "I know." My husband agreed. "Oh?" I asked him. "Would you like to have seen that? Would you have liked seeing that young stud fingering your wife?" "Oh yeah!" Harvey responded. I looked down at Sharon, "Show them how he did it." And with that, Sharon slid two fingers easily inside my pussy.

I immediately began bucking my pussy against her hand. And then I came. "Uggggg." I was looking my husband right in the eyes the whole time. "That's how he did it." Sharon pulled me up straight and then leaned back against the other arm of the sofa. "My turn." I didn't need to be prodded. I immediately moved over and began licking and sucking her beautiful tits.

At the same time, I reached down and began playing with her sopping pussy. When Sharon came, she screeched, "Shiiiittttttt". When Sharon and I took up our glasses once again, she put her hand behind my head and pulled me in. I thought she was going to kiss me, but instead, she whispered in my ear, "If we fuck them now, they're not going to last more than a few seconds." "Blowjobs?" I whispered back.

"Hey, what's with all the whispering?" Gary complained. "Shut the fuck up. We're deciding what to do with you two first." Sharon shot back at her husband. When she turned back to me, she whispered, "Yes, blowjobs. But should we do our own cocks or swap?" I pulled back and looked at her. She was showing me a very naughty grin. Then I whispered to her, "Really? You want to do that?" "Why not?" She whispered back. "Okay", I answered, not knowing for sure how I felt about it.

And then I said to my husband, "Stand up and come over here." When he was in front of me, I planted a kiss on the head of his twitching cock, and then looked up at him, "Take one step to the left." He had a puzzled look on his face, but he finally obeyed. When he was in front of Sharon, she immediately grabbed his cock and put her mouth over the head. That made it obvious we were really going to do this, so I crooked a finger to Gary. He was in front of me in less than a second.

I took a deep breath and reached for his cock. I glanced over to see Sharon working my husband's cock in and out of her mouth, so I turned back and put my mouth on Gary's hard cock. It didn't take long before I heard my husband moan, "Fuck!" Without taking Gary's cock out of my mouth, I glanced to the side and watched Sharon pump Harvey's cum into her mouth.

Less than a minute later, I felt Gary's body stiffen. I prepared my self to receive his cum. Two or three seconds later, the first powerful spurt of his cum hit the back of my throat. There was a lot of it, more than Harvey usually produced, but I managed to swallow it all without spilling any. When I finally let her husband's shrinking cock slip from between my lips, I looked at Sharon.

She was watching me intently. And then she grabbed my hair and pulled me in for a passionate kiss. While we were kissing, we heard our husbands' hands slap together.

I didn't look up, but I knew they'd just done a high five. * * * End of Part 2