Petite beauty pounded by the pool

Petite beauty pounded by the pool
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A lone figure walks down the streets as I traversed the rooftops of Feldwater's dark back alleys.

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I must introduce myself, I am Andrew Robert Cochrane the Fourth, Born in 1678died in 1700. You must have inferred from my birth year that I am no normal person. I am a Ghoul, one of the various paranormal creatures which live in this forlorn city, which has seen many unearthly deaths. I look like a normal 28 year old man, not counting my cat-like eyes, black batwings and long sharp talons on both hands. I have unruly blonde hair, blue eyes when I look normal and red eyes when I am a monster.

You may ask what I was doing there at about seven in the night, just running through the rooftops.


To answer your question, I am following a person, a woman to be exact. I have been following her at might ever since I saw her at one of the conferences that was held by my superiors in the Company for Human Resources Management. She looked like an Angel, my holy counterpart, and I was immediately smitten with her.

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Anyone with eyes would have a crush on her, with her D-cup boobs, a fit, hourglass frame, long shapely legs and blushing red hair and a heart shaped face. I don't know her name nor do I exactly know where she lives, and I soon intend to find out. 'Man, Is she pretty?' I think to myself. My thoughts are suddenly disturbed as I hear a scream and someone shouting for help from the street below me.


'Fuck, she's in trouble!' I think to myself as I jump to the ground silently gliding with my wings into a dark corner as I see what happens. "Man, look at this bitch.

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She's got all we need, money and a nice body!" One of the assailants sneered as he slashed at her with a knife cutting into her tits through her blouse, creating a deep gash. I slowly walk out from the corner as she lies there almost unconscious and nude as the attackers removed all her clothes. "Hey assholes! Fuck with someone your own size!" I shout as I jump at the three men with my claws primed and ready to rip.

One of them manages to draw a gun as I shoot through the air and slashed one of the three assailants in the neck, drowning him in his own blood.

I hear a shot ring through the air and a pinprick in my sides as I turn around to face the other two. "What the fuck are you?" He asks me, looking at my wings. "I'm your worst nightmare." I silently reply as I quickly disposed of them both with a single slash to both their necks.

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As I move closer to her, I see that she is cut pretty deep in one of her breasts and quickly wipe off some blood from my side and apply it to a part of her wound to heal her. I felt her wound close as I slowly lifted her off the grimy floor and fly off into the night. .

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I found out where her house is from her wallet and flew her back there. I looked at her, at her gorgeous body as she lay on the couch in her home as I sit on a chair opposite her. I fold my wings back as she slowly wakes up from her trance and looks around. Noticing me and my folded wings (I can't make them disappear at night), She shrinks back in fright of the thing which saved her life as she tried to remember what had happened that night when it all comes back to her.

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"Y.You saved me." She stammered, unsure if I could talk. "Yes I did. And I assume that you are not used to seeing men with wings and cat eyes, I shall leave now." I tell her as I rear back to jump out of the window.

She stops me by asking, "Are you a monster?". "No I am not. Well technically I am one, I guess, but still I'm not one of those cannibalistic blood-suckers who live out there. I am one of the nice ones, a Ghoul." "But Ghouls are supposed to be bad, aren't they?

By the way, what are you called?" "My name is Andrew Cochrane, and no, the fact that ghouls are bad is just a fiction of human imagination. A person becomes a Ghoul when he sacrifices himself to save others. I myself was born when I jumped in front of a sword to save my friend on the battlefield about 400 years ago." "But you don't look older than 27!" "I am very young by Ghoul standards.

What's your name?" "Katherine Kenford.

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Thanks for saving me, Mr. Cochrane." "Please call me Andrew. Mr.Cochrane makes me sound like an old crip." "Sure Andrew. Thanks for saving me." "And can I ask you one last thing?" "Sure. What do you want?" Katherine asks, unsure of herself. "Would you mind if I take you for dinner tonight?" I ask, grabbing her by surprise.

"Take me to dinner, why?" She asks, surprised. "The reason I was there to save you was that I was following you all the while when you walked back home. I've been doing so for the past two months." "Why did you do that?" She asked, alarmed.

"I saw you at one of my company's human resource department conferences, and I was smitten with you. I just had to follow you through the night." I explained. "Am I that beautiful?" She asks with a hint of shyness in her voice. "You're more beautiful than most women I've seen in my whole life as I near her slowly.I bend forward as she does and our lips meet as we kiss for the first time.