Chick lets landlord enjoy her hung boyfriend

Chick lets landlord enjoy her hung boyfriend
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"Really … okay. Let's go." He said moving to take her arm but then he put his hands up in surrender and backed away when Jessica shook her head vigorously. Jessica took a few wobbly steps and was pretty happy with how her legs were feeling. "I just have to make it back to the living room." She said as she made her way down the hallway, Jim patiently walking behind her, ready to catch her if she fell. "And then you won't be able to get me off of you … for the rest of the night." "I can hardly wait." Jim chuckled.

"Did you get the condoms?" she asked trying not to notice how close he was behind her. She could feel his breath on her ear when he laughed a low, guttural laugh. "You bet I did." He growled, "Bought tons. Had to have a frickin' fork lift to bring them in from the car." Jessica stopped by the sofa.

Jim less than an inch away from Jessica stopped too and stood staring at the side of her head with such intensity Jessica sensed it. She could feel the heat from his body. And the other men had set up the mattresses, pillows and blankets. The lights were turned down and several candles flickered around the room.

They stood spread out around the mattress, muscles coiled toward her, breathing rapid but otherwise stock still and staring at her. Jessica thought she was going to explode and she was just about to lean back against Jim, seek him out with her mouth, when a thought occurred to her. "Um … I wish I hadn't thought of this but I have …" she said closing her eyes and fervently hoping the answer would allow them to continue with the night.

"What. What did you think of?" Riley choked out. "Can intercourse hurt the baby?" "Nope." Jim grunted into her ear. "I looked it up … when I was looking up the recipe for your drink.

Intercourse is fine until the last month or so. And …" he added, "Many doctors tell women that they can have a glass or two of wine a day while pregnant. You're okay on all counts." "Not to mention." Scott added, "You may not even be pregnant." "Well … that's good." Jessica said. "Thank you." "Anything else you've thought of?" Angus asked in a low growl.

"No. That's it." Jessica said. They stood staring at each other. Angus and Riley stood off to the Jessica's right almost near the dining room table. Scott stood to the their left, Josh a few feet from him, directly in front of Jessica, closest to her.

Jessica scanned them from right to left and ended on Josh. Being closest she could best make out his body straining toward her … and his face. He was practically snarling in anticipation. Jessica sighed, and fell back against Jim. And then the frenzy began. Josh was on her first but only a second or so ahead of the others.

Jim wrapped his arms around her torso, one under her good arm, the other over her bandaged chest. He lifted her up when Josh appeared between her legs, snaked his arms between them, reached up her butt to her waist band and pulled her pants off in one swift move. Riley and Scott were there to catch each leg and pull them back.

No sooner were her legs parted than Josh dove face first into her very pink, wet and sensitive flesh between her legs. Pleasure shot through Jessica as he gnawed at her. Angus and Riley kissed, bit and pinched her thighs. Jim nipped her neck and ear, Scott kissed and tried to massage her breasts over the bandage. Jessica wanted the bandages gone and was about to tell them to take it off when Josh parted her butt cheeks and inserted both his thumbs in her asshole.

Blinding pleasure shot through her. Jessica threw her head back and screamed. Over and over. "Jesus … I forgot about the screaming." Jim said after unsuccessfully trying to silence her by smothering her mouth with his lips and tongue. "I didn't …" Angus growled and after transferring her leg to Scott he kissed her hip and then kissed his way under her.

Kissed her butt cheeks, parted them and licked and kissed her anus, Josh having removed his thumbs and turning his attention to lapping at her wet meat. Teasing her clitoris with his tongue and teeth, Jessica's twitching legs bringing him to orgasm. Angus was on the verge of cumming also and Jessica bucking when he inserted a couple of fingers into her anus and then screaming when he thrust his hand onto her pussy put him over the edge.

Jessica reached out with her good hand and slid her hand down Scott's pants. She hadn't even reached his cock before he exploded. "Why are you still dressed?" she asked Scott.

"Why are any of you dressed?" she demanded. They took turns holding her up while they undressed. "Better?" Riley asked, taking her leg back from Josh and rubbing it against his bare chest. Jessica nodded, growing pleasure stealing her voice. "Where're those condoms?" Josh demanded while rubbing her clitoris between his thumb and finger. "Coffee table." Jim said. "Don't stop." Angus told Josh, "I'll get them." "Take it off." Jessica gasped when Scott shoved his head under her shirt and kissed her breasts over the bandages.

"Right." Jim agreed. "Josh, Angus, she's coming up." "I got her." Riley said, supporting her lower back. "Hi," Josh said when Jessica was face to face with him. In response Jessica lunged forward and locked lips with him. Their tongues caressed one another, Josh using his free hand to cup her head and press his mouth harder against hers. "Shirt coming off." Scott said, pushing Josh and Jessica apart long enough to pull the shirt over her head.

"Condom …" Angus said nudging Josh. "Gotta get this on." Josh said against her lips, "and then I'm going to fuck your brains out." "Hard?" she asked. "You like it hard don't you? You want it hard, you dirty little slave." "Yes," Jessica nearly shouted as she let herself fall back against Jim. "Yes, yes, yes, yes!" She repeated about to lock lips with Jim when she realized that Riley and Scott were still rubbing and kissing her breasts over the bandage.

"I'd meant that you should take the bandage off, not just my shirt." She said with a laugh. "But your wound …" Scott said running his hand on the bandage over the place where her wound was.

"It'll be fine." Jessica said. "Won't it hurt?" Riley asked. "I don't care if it does." Jessica grumbled getting impatient. "I want my breasts in your mouths. You need to pull my nipples … hurry up and take it off!" Scott and Riley needed no more persuasion.

A minute of frenzied pulling and unwrapping Jessica's breasts popped free and found themselves taken whole into Scott and Riley's mouths. Jessica sighed and locked lips with Jim. "Ready?" Josh asked Angus.

"Ready. She's gotta come up now." Angus said.

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Jessica was pushed up between Josh and Angus. "Holy shit you're ready … " Josh said while he and Angus pushed into Jessica.

"Oh shit yeah …" Angus agreed, biting the side of her neck as he thrust into her anus. Riley clutched her right breast in his fist, took the nipple in his teeth and pulled, Scott squeezed, and pulled her left breast, tugging on her nipple with his other hand.

Jessica wrapped her legs around Josh, threw her head back and screamed. "Christ, Abe and them are going to come running if you keep this up." Jim said and he shoved his thumb into her mouth, "Suck on this Jess … pretend it's my cock." Jessica wrapped her lips around his thumb, locked eyes with Jim who shoved it down her throat.

"Uhh." Jim moaned as he came. Josh and Angus thrust and thrust. Jessica loved it and was surprised they were lasting as long as they were. "Need a little help?" Riley asked Josh, and a second later slapped Jessica ass. "Oh yeah …" Josh said, and Riley slapped it again and both Josh and Angus came. "Did I hurt you?" Riley asked, rubbing her bum cheek as Josh and Angus pulled out of her.

"No. I liked it." "Jim, you suited up?" Angus asked, handing Jessica to him when he nodded. "Go ahead Riley." Scott said, "I'll be next." "Don't mind if I do." Riley said taking Jessica from Josh. "You're so wet …" Riley mumbled, stroking her meat before finding her hole with the head of his cock. "And Jess, you can scream all you want." Scott said, "I warned all of them to ignore anything they hear out here tonight." "I … I couldn't stop even if I wanted to." Jessica said, gasping as Riley and Jim worked their way into her.

"Scott … my left hand … your cock. I can stroke you off. Angus or Josh you can try my right hand. Not sure how much pressure I'll be able to use but … try." For a second Jessica thought Scott and Josh would refuse because her commands were not slave like but soon she felt their hard and vibrating cocks slide into her hands.

Scott moaned as her left hand stroked hard and firm but Josh had to wrap his hand around her right to apply more pressure. Josh and Scott came in minutes but Jim and Riley were still thrusting.

Angus had slid his hands between Jessica and Riley and kneaded her breasts. Pleasure shot through her and she cried out when she came.

As the pleasure tapered out to a constant warm tingling Jessica watched Riley's face as he continued to thrust. Those condoms were a problem. She could tell. It never took the men this long to come. And even though Angus had cum, his cock was hard almost instantly afterwards.

She was going to have to make up for the lack of intercourse pleasure in other ways, and she could hardly wait. But first to get Jim and Riley off. "Spank me." She said to Scott. "Like Riley did … hard." She said when Scott cocked an eyebrow at her. "My pleasure." Scott said with a toothy grin and a moment later skin cracked against skin and Jessica jumped, sufficiently contracting her pussy and anus to penetrate the desensitization effects of the condoms. Riley and Jim came. For a moment Jessica pressed her forehead on Riley's shoulder, Riley kissing the side of her head, Jim kissing the back of her neck as they caught their breathes.

Scott began pulling her nipples harder. Jessica slid her hand lower and her suspicions were confirmed, he was hard again. Come to think of it, Riley and Jim didn't feel completely soft inside of her, and judging by the looks on Josh and Angus' faces they were more than ready to go again.

"Turn me over." Jessica said while kissing Riley. "Hmmm?" Riley asked, nipping her lower lip and flicking her tongue with his. Jessica ran her fingers through his hair, and leaned back to rub her head against Jim's chest. "Pass me a condom." Scott said to Angus.

"No wait." Jessica said. Pushing up from Jim she patted Riley's head. "Turn me over, quick." Riley shrugged his shoulders when Jim looked at him in confusion. "Let's turn her over." Riley said. Jessica was turned over to hover above the floor. Riley was holding her hips and she wrapped her legs around his waist. Jim was holding her by her armpits.

Jessica wasted no time grabbing Scott by his cock. "Whoa!" Scott exclaimed, "Now that's not slave like at all." He added when Jessica all but swallowed his cock but he didn't argue or try to stop her when her mouth worked its magic on his shaft.

"Not slave like at all." Angus agreed when Jessica took his cock in her right hand. "You have to help her out a little." Josh said to Angus, holding his hand up to demonstrate holding a cock and stroking, "She doesn't have all her strength back yet." Angus nodded and wrapped his hand over hers and sighed with pleasure. "May … maybe …" Jim began, losing his concentration when Jessica took his cock in her left hand in a no nonsense manner and began stroking.

In seconds they all came. Including Jessica. Angus had reached around with his free hand and stroked her clitoris, sighing when his fingers swam in her juices. "Enter her again." Angus said to Riley, "she's grinding." "I need a new condom." Riley said. "Wait." Jessica said having completed licking Scott's cock clean.

"Can you put me down?" No sooner had Jessica's knees hit the floor than she made her way closer to Riley, grabbed his now erect cock and took it in her mouth. "Okay … this is going way too far." Riley said, planting his hands on either side of Jessica's head but unable to bring himself to remove his cock from her mouth. "What I meant to say earlier." Jim said, shaking his head when Jessica felt around with both her hands, found Josh and Scott's cocks and began stroking.

"Is that we may be partly to blame for her … overzealousness. I mean we did titillate her a lot earlier." "Fine …" Riley said throwing his head back, closing his eyes and enjoying the pleasure of shooting his cum into Jessica's mouth and feeling her frantic swallowing as she tried to keep up with his load.

"We can skip the consequences this time but after this you've done enough." He patted her head while he stroked her hair and took the nodding of her head to be acquiescence. But no sooner was she done with him and Josh and Scott than she was sucking on Angus and yanking on Jim, cupping Scott's testicles when it became clear that he was too sensitive to be stroked again so soon.

"Wait … stop, stop!" Riley said, starting to pull Jessica off of Angus but then he paused. "Do you want her to finish first?" he asked Angus. Despite himself Angus wanted her to finish.

He nodded and neither Jim nor Scott insisted she stop either. "Jessica, what the hell do you think you're doing?" Riley demanded when the men had cum and Jessica had completed cleaning Angus off. "Loving you." Jessica said, her eyes locking onto Riley's now mostly erect cock. "You're being a naughty slave Jessica.

A real naughty slave!" Riley said, dropping to his knees in a move planned to avoid her grasping hand, but also to get her to stop and look at him. Riley grasped Jessica by the hair on the back of her head and forced her to look at him. The other men landed on their knees around her and Riley. Scott and Angus on either side of Jessica grabbed her arms so they couldn't move, Josh, next to Scott, knitted his fingers through her hair too.

Jim, next to Angus landed a slap on her butt before grasping the back of her neck. "Jessica, your pass on consequences is gone." Jim said, "You need to stop attacking us. When we let you go, you're going lay face down, legs apart and butt in the air and you will not touch us again unless we tell you to … do you understand?" "Jessica, Jessica!" Riley said, when she tried to reach for him again.

She had a crazed look in her eye that had Riley beginning to worry. "Is she okay?" Angus asked. "I'll take the consequences …" Jessica finally said. "What?" Scott asked. "Give me the consequences." Jessica said sliding her eyes over to Scott, unable to move her head, "If the point Jim made about you guys torturing me into a sexual frenzy, which I may add was a very good point, isn't sufficient to let me love you guys then I'll take the consequences." "That's convenient Jessica." Josh said, "since we can't really give you consequences with our … 'guest' here." "I have a consequence that we could use." Jim said.

"but it's pretty mean and it'll be just as hard on us as on her." "I … I," Jessica stammered surprised that the men would think she was trying to take advantage of the situation. "I didn't think of that … that you couldn't give me the consequences.

Honestly, I wouldn't do that. You know that … don't you?" "I didn't think you would." Angus said, "But the evidence is kind of stacked against you Jess." "I … I can explain.

But could I sit up straight first? My neck is getting kinked." "That depends." Riley said, "Can you keep your hands to yourself?" Jessica nodded, "I promise." The men let go of her and Jessica straightened. She followed Riley's eyes as he lowered them to where she'd placed her hands on his chest, rubbing. "I'm not allowed to touch you at all?" Jessica asked, pulling her hands away from his chest and holding them in the air.

Riley stared at her for a minute, and then his eyes and expression softened. "Of course you are." He said with a wink and he kissed her palms before placing them back on his chest, "Just keep them away from our goods." Jessica slid further onto Riley's lap. "I really don't understand." She said, looking around at the other men, over her shoulder at Josh and Jim.

"I want to give you pleasure … " "You do give us pleasure Jess. By letting us give you pleasure." Jim said. Jessica nodded, "But everything I've ever read or heard says that men like having their sexual partners use their hand and mouths on them. And I mean, really, really like it." She added looking around at the men. "And I know you like it. You get very … excited. And now with the condoms … intercourse doesn't seem quite as good as it used to be …" "Jess …" Angus said taking her chin and turning her face to his, "you don't need to worry about that.

If something isn't working we'll fix it." He came in close to her lips but rather than kiss her he moved his lips lightly back and forth over hers, and brought a hand up to her breast.

Barely touching her he teased her nipple, and it responded as if he'd taken it and pulled. A soft moan escaped her as the other men brought their hands to her body and began stroking her. Most noticeably Riley, between her legs. "Maybe you don't need to use the condoms." Jessica said beginning to lean back. Josh moved closer and she leaned back against him, spreading her legs more and pulsating her pussy against Riley's hand.

"I mean getting pregnant doesn't seem as big a deal as it used to." "Jessica!" Angus grumbled next to her. She glanced at him and he looked exasperated.

The other men equally so. Riley's eyes flashed with what looked like a cross between anger and defiance. "Stay down." He said when Jessica moved to sit up. "We'll get you off first, talk after." And with a measured and frustratingly slow, deliberate pace Riley lowered his face between her legs.

His eyes locked on hers as he did so. And when his tongue finally slid over her clit … his teeth finally taking it between them, electricity shot through her. Riley slammed his fingers into her pussy causing her to arch … thrusting her breasts harder into Scott and Angus' mouths. As Riley tapped on her g spot she felt Jim working his fingers into her anus and it took all her self-control to not bite Josh's thumb off when he shoved it into her mouth.

Seconds later Jessica screamed when a blinding jolt of pleasure shot through her. She tried to stifle her screams by wrapping her lips around Josh's thumb but it didn't work. Jessica writhed, the men counter writhed, and after a couple of intense minutes they quieted, slowing in to small leisurely stretches.

Jessica was practically meowing while Josh circled her lips with his thumb. Scott and Angus toyed with her nipples, earning extra gasps from her as they nipped and pulled the nipples to their zenith. Jim stroked her anus, dipping the tip of his thumb into it intermittently and Riley lifted his completely drenched face and chuckled a deep, throaty laugh as he ran his hand over his lips.

"Now that gives us pleasure …" he grunted. He placed the palm of his other hand on her pussy and pressed. Slid it down, down her inner thigh, and then brought it back. "And clearly it gives you pleasure too." Scott said.

"It does." She agreed fighting to catch her breath. "And before you start talking about condoms and babies again let me tell you about two things that are going to happen." Riley said. "First …" he said leaning down to kiss her inner thigh … up high, an inch from her pussy causing a shiver of anticipation to ripple through Jessica. "we're going to get better. All of us will heal and get back in shape so we can defend ourselves.

And once we can, we're going to get the hell out of the clan. We're going to get so far away that this life … the killing, the terrorism, will be a distant and un-recallable dream. And the second thing that will happen … hopefully at pretty much the same time, is that we will prove to you that we can treat you equally. And with respect. And hopefully … not now, not soon, but maybe in a month or two, you will feel like we're the kind of husbands that you can be happy with and you'll agree to be our wife.

Our real wife. Legally. And kids. Well, we can talk about kids later. Way later. We need to concentrate on us for a long, long, time." "So the condoms stay." Angus said when Riley seemed to lose his train of thought. Jessica was beaming at him … at them, each in turn. "You seem pretty happy with the plan." Scott said, pleased. "I am. And once I'm your wife, will I be allowed to please you then?" "No." Josh said, "Not the way you mean it." Something in the way Josh spoke reminded her of the conversation she'd had with Scott earlier that day.

When he'd felt guilty about forcing her to enjoy sex. Suddenly it all made sense. Jessica sat up and looked at Scott. "Is that because you feel guilty? Guilty about making me enjoy sex?" she asked him. The other men looked back and forth between Jessica and Scott. "No Jess, that's not why.

Or at least not completely why. I'll explain later." He said to the men, "But right now we'd better figure out what consequence we're going to use for Jess because I get the feeling we'll need one or two tonight." "What did you have Jim?" Angus asked and caught Jessica's wrist as she began to move it toward his fully erect manhood.

Jim shrugged as he slid his fingers between the lips of her pussy and stroked. "I'm not real proud of this one." He said, increasing his stroke speed and pressure.

Jessica began to pant.


"What we do is get her all ready … almost get her off, and then stop." He said removing his finger. Jessica snapped her head up and stared at Jim. He sat with his finger in the air. "And then what?" Josh asked. "Nothing. That's it. We leave her like that. She can't get herself off and we don't get her off … she just … suffers." Jessica whimpered as the reality of what he was proposing sank in.

She twisted back and forth. "That is mean." Angus said. "But apparently effective." Josh said as Jessica's writhing increased. "Would that work Jess?" Riley asked, "Would you behave then?" "No!" Jessica said.

She lifted her head and leveled what was likely intended as a glare at the men but it failed miserably. She was pouting and looked like her feelings were hurt. Her eyes were watering. "Jess, I'm sorry okay? It was just an idea. We never said we'd do it …" Jim reaching out to caress her face. Jessica looked like she was torn between pulling away from his hand and throwing herself at him. "Hold on, hold on." Scott said, caressing her arm. "I have an idea. A way to put a positive spin on things but also to meet the same purpose." "Well?" Riley urged.

Scott laughed, "Jim man, I think you'd better finish her off first." He nodded his head at Jessica. "I'll tell you after." "Gladly …" Jim said wiggling his eyebrows at Jessica as he lowered his mouth to her pussy.

Jessica sighed, leaned back and spread her legs eagerly. It didn't take long for Jessica to get her release and through it all she kept her hands safely on Jimmy's head, running her fingers through his hair.

Jim kissed his way up her body until he was on his elbows looking down at her. "Better?" he asked pecking her lips. "Yes. Thank you." "Did you really think I'd just leave you like that?" Jim asked. "You looked serious." Jessica said. "Well, I wasn't.

Not completely anyway." "I'm glad. So Scott, what's your idea?" She asked trying to look around Jim to see Scott.

Jim sighed, "One track mind …" he muttered but sat up pulling Jessica up with him. "Okay. So rather than consequences, Jessica can earn time to do whatever she wants to us." "Earn it …" Angus repeated, looking even more concerned when Jessica squealed with joy and clapped her hands.

"Earn it how?" Josh asked. "Well, I haven't thought it all the way through but basically Jessica has to do whatever we say while we ravage her and if she's successful she gets to go at us." "For example …" Riley said. "For example," Scott said reaching out to stroke Jessica's clitoris. She was still sensitive and her legs jerked. Scott tilted his head, stroked her again and watched her legs when they jerked. "Jessica, uncross your legs and spread them about shoulder length.

Josh put your hand by her right ankle, Riley put yours by her left." Scott nodded when they'd placed their hands, and he stroked her again. Jessica's feet slid over Riley and Josh's hands in a knee jerk reaction.

"Spread your legs again, further this time. That's good, guys put your hand down again. Okay. It can get more complicated as we go but for now, in order for you to earn a go at us Jessica, I'm going to stroke you to orgasm.

You have to keep your legs spread, exactly this wide through the whole thing. The second your feet touch or pass Josh or Riley's hands, you've lost the privilege." "But I can try again?" Jessica asked. "Yeah, but not right away. Maybe you get one try every hour or something. That ought to pace you …" and he chuckled when Jessica narrowed her eyes at him.

"So we can keep up babe." He added with a wink. "You ready?" Scott stroked her after she nodded and her legs jerked past Riley and Josh's hands. "You can try again in an hour." Angus said in a tone that made it clear that he really liked Scott's plan. "Okay," Jessica said putting her hands on her hips and looking as dignified as she could in her current situation, "What time is it?" "One o'clock." Angus replied after checking the clock on the TV.

"We should probably not stay up too late." Riley said, "Abe said the physiotherapists would be here in the morning." "Two o'clock isn't that late is it?" Jessica asked in an incredibly sweet voice, batting her eyelashes at Riley. "No smarty pants it's not that late. Okay, hardy har har …" he said when Jessica broke into a laughing fit, "so you're not wearing pants … very funny …" he continued.

But when Jessica didn't stop laughing it was his turn to put his hands on his hips and pretend to be angry. The other men were beginning to crack grins and chuckle and it took all of Riley's self-control to keep from doing the same.

"So what position did Jim say he wanted you in? Face down, legs apart and butt in the air? You have two seconds to get there. One … two." He finished just as Jessica scrambled off of Jim's lap, around the limbs of the other men and planted herself on the floor, her legs spread, her butt facing Riley.

"We have an hour to tire you out. Let's see how spunky you feel at two o'clock after an hour long sexathon." Jessica sighed as Riley parted her butt cheeks and shoved his face between them, sticking his tongue in her asshole. Jim's fingers worked through her sparse pussy hair and lips to find her hole and slide a couple of fingers into her. Scott and Angus slid their head under her chest and began to suck, bite, pull her breasts.

Josh knelt in front of her and lifted her chin so she was looking at him. "Let's see how wide you can open your mouth." He said and stuck a finger in her mouth, and then another, and another. Pretty soon he had the tips of all his fingers in her mouth. "Now take them all in … but don't move while you do. Your ass and pussy should be stock still for Riley and Jim …" As he pressed his hand into her mouth the stimulation from the other men sent Jessica into a blinding orgasm.

She screamed around Josh's fingers. "I think I found a way to keep her quiet." Josh's said, "Let's try this again." True to their word over the next hour the men relentlessly brought Jessica to orgasm. By two o'clock she was visibly exhausted but when asked if she wanted to try and earn the chance to stimulate them to orgasm with her hands and mouth again, she said yes.

Given how tired she was, plus the fact that they all really wanted her to suck and jerk them off, the men made the test easier and she passed it without trouble. For half an hour she'd serviced all of them and then they'd fallen into a tangled mess of body parts and passed out.

Jessica woke up and smiled. She felt so relaxed, so spent, so happy. She had no idea what time it was. Lifting her head she found herself sandwiched between Riley and Josh, her head resting on Josh's arm. Jim had his head resting against her butt, Scott laying just below him, his face pressed up against the back of her legs.

Angus had his legs intertwined with hers, his head in the opposite position to hers. She looked at the ceiling and wondered how the men intended to get away from the clan.

Aside from the physical pleasures they'd had together, Riley's statements about leaving the clan and treating her like her father had treated her mother, gave Jessica incredible joy.

She was certain that once they left the clan, life could be whatever they wanted it to be. But then Jessica realized that maybe it could be whatever she wanted it to be because she'd have everything she needed, everyone she loved. But what about the men? All they'd have was her … which of course they'd say was enough, but seeing them with Corey, Sean, Chris and the others Jessica knew better. They needed their friends too. She knew that leaving the clan would be tricky enough but she had to find a way for them to leave the clan with their friends.

But how? While Jessica had been contemplating this she'd been marginally aware of some movement around her but it wasn't until Riley's hand brushed her cheek that she realized the men were awake. "What are you thinking about?" Riley asked. "Hmmm?" "You look pretty serious. What are you thinking about?" "When we leave the clan. Do you know how we'll do it yet?" "No, not really." Riley answered.

"You know what we should do?" Jessica asked, enjoying the kisses and gentle rubbing that Jim and Scott were applying to her butt and legs. Angus was rubbing his foot on her abdomen. Josh hugged her closer, and Jessica traced Riley's chest muscles with her finger.

"What?" Riley asked. "We should take Corey, Sean and the others with us." All movement stopped. "Ah, why?" Angus asked, sitting up. "Because you guys are a family. You and Sean's clan … you started off as one clan, didn't you?" "That doesn't mean anything." Scott said, sitting up too.

"Yes it does. I can see how much you missed them. I've cost you a lot of things. Here's a chance to get some of them back.

They missed you too. You have to be able to see that. Leah, Sara, Justine, Amanda and … Beth … I really like them. We could be a family. A big happy family.

We could go somewhere where we could still have a farm. We can keep raising horses, dogs, fixing cars, all of that, and just be happy. You can be happy again." "Really?" Josh groaned … "Really?" he asked pushing up on his elbow to look down at Jessica. "What's wrong?" Jessica asked, completely confused by the pained look on Josh's face. She looked at the other men as small groans and muttered oaths escaped them.

"You're killing me here, you know that don't you?" Jim demanded. "I don't understand …" "Unbelievable …" Riley muttered. "Unfucking believable …" Angus added. "So this is really what you're worrying about Jess? About how to make our lives happier?" Josh demanded. "How is that a bad thing?" Jessica asked, completely bewildered. "And through all of this have you given any consideration as to what would make you happy?" Angus asked.

"Yes." Jessica replied, struggling to sit up. Josh and Riley took an arm each and helped her up. "Making us happy doesn't count." Jim said pointing a finger at her. "Do tell." Scott said when Jessica nodded agreement.

"Well, I'd like to continue with a lot of stuff I've been doing here … training the dogs, singing, racing cars and I'd really love to finally get to race Ebony. But most of all, I'd like to go to university." "University." Angus choked out when no one else said anything.

Jessica nodded. "I'd have to finish high school though. I never did finish grade twelve so I'd have to redo it too.

But after that I want to go to university." Jessica looked at her hands when no one said anything. "What would you take?" Jim asked when it became clear that she'd been serious and that she was not sure how to react to the silence.

She'd peeked glances at the men but couldn't read their expressions. "Law." She said, a dazzling smile on her face. She hadn't had the sense that the men would not allow her to go to university but she was relieved when Jim seemed to accept the idea.

Her smile drooped a little when the men looked like they were choking on their tongues. "L … L …Law?" Riley sputtered. "Why law?" Josh asked. "Well, just because you and the clan chose a not so favorable way to voice your opinions about the government and the laws they make doesn't mean that you don't have valid points.

Changing laws in court may not be as quick and satisfying as you may like it to be, but it works. And no one gets hurt. And you don't have to be fugitives from the law. " "So you would be our … lawyer?" Scott asked in a tentative tone. "Yup. The real power is in government though. But most politicians start off as lawyers anyway." "Law school …" Riley whispered.

"Oh, I know it's expensive." Jessica said, misinterpreting his expression. She pushed up onto her knees. "I'd find a way to pay for it. I'm sure I could make money racing, fixing cars, singing …" "No. No way. Cost isn't the issue. If you want to go to law school, we'll pay for it Jess.

It's just that …" Riley paused not sure what he wanted to say or how to say it. "I can do it. I know I can." Jessica said. "I know it's hard. But I don't mind working hard … studying. I promise it won't be a waste of money …" "Of course you can do it." Angus thundered, "Christ Jess, you're the smartest person I know.

It's not that." "But Jess," Josh said, "The likelihood of us being able to send you to law school is about as likely as us sending you to the moon.

And not because we don't want to …" he added quickly, " If that's what you want, that's what we want, but Jess right now there's no good way for us to get out of the clan." "Honestly Jess, I don't know if we can get Sean and the others to let us leave the clan much less come with us." Riley said, "And if we run away, we'll be living on the run.

Which means we may not have the dogs, horses, farm … none of it. I just don't want to get your hopes up." Jessica nodded. "I know. Too many things have to go right." She chewed on her bottom lip while she contemplated the options.

"Maybe we could fake our deaths?" she suggested looking up. "That's not a bad idea." Jim said. "Not bad at all." Josh agreed. "It would be pretty hard to do if we plan to take Sean and the others with us.

The more people to 'kill' off the harder it gets." Angus said, "Plus we couldn't take the animals with us." "And even if we could get away, there is the minor issue of us being enemies of the state." Riley said, "You couldn't represent us in court much less parliament without us all being arrested and put in front of the firing squad." "So …" Jessica said seeming to look inward, "enemies of the state.

That's not good, we have to make you the opposite … not enemies … and not friends either … acquaintances. The state needs to tolerate you … that's it!" she said her head snapping up, "We have to get you a pardon." Jessica said clearly excited. "A pardon?" Scott asked, "How?" "I have no idea." Jessica said in the same cheery and excited tone she'd just used. "But it doesn't matter. We have lots of time to figure it out.

I have a year of high school to do, four years of university undergraduate and then law school. It'll be forever before I could even begin to represent you in court. We'll figure it out. But a good first step is to ask Sean and the others if they want to come with us." The men were looking at Jessica with stunned expressions. "Fuck Jess." Riley said running his hand through his hair, "I feel like I've just been hit over the head by a two by four." "Oh.

Sorry." Jessica said reaching up to rub his head. "It's just a lot to process." Riley said. "I'll say …" Angus muttered. "Look I haven't thought of a good way to talk to Sean or Corey about us wanting out of the clan. If they tell Paul what we're planning …" Riley said. "We're up shit creek." Josh said. "When I figure out how to talk to them about it, I'll ask them to come with us. Okay?" Riley asked.

"Perfect." Jessica said. "And Jess. You don't have to wait till we leave the clan to finish high school." Jim said and chuckled when she looked completely confused. "The curriculum is available on line. You can study on your own, take the standard tests and get credits." "How .

how?" Jessica stuttered. "Did I know that? We were home schooled for a bit." Jim said with a laugh. "A failed attempt to keep the 'man' at bay. I'll get you the books tomorrow and you can start right away." Jessica clapped her hands, squealed, hugged Jim and then bounced up and down clapping her hands in pure excitement.

"It's practically four AM." Angus said glancing at the clock on the TV but then bringing his eyes back to Jessica's bouncing breasts.

"I don't know about you, but Jess I want to fuck you again. At least once, and then get some shut eye. Tomorrow's going to be a bitch without some sleep." "Okay." Jessica said, more than game. She lay back put her hands above her head and bent and spread her legs, "Is this okay?" Her answer was Angus diving head first into her pussy, and the other men devouring all of her available erogenous zones. She sighed with contentment … she'd never been so happy.

********************************************************** "Sorry." Chris said when Scott rubbed his eyes and looked around.

"Didn't mean to wake you." "What time is it?" Scott asked. Chris and Sara sat at the kitchen table drinking coffee and observing the bodies on the mattresses. The other men were beginning to wake up also. Only Jessica remained passed out on the mattress, pressed between Angus and Jim. She'd obviously gotten hot because she'd shoved the blankets away. Scott was glad that the men had insisted that she put her pajamas back on before they went to sleep. And equally glad that Jessica had showered before putting them on.

Chris and Sara were observing her pretty closely. Last thing they'd need was for her to be was butt naked with their seed all over her for all to see. "Eleven." Chris said. "What the fuck?" Scott bellowed.

"Shit," he said lowering his voice and glad to see that Jessica hadn't moved an inch, "When are the physiotherapists coming?" he asked throwing back the blanket. Turned out it was a good thing they'd all put at least their underwear back on. Sara politely averted her eyes as he stood, hunted down his pants and pulled them on.

"After lunch. Abe figured that you'd need your rest this morning and called to reschedule." Chris said, a big goofy smile spreading across his face when Scott looked up at him. "Shit." Scott hissed under his breath. "You heard everything last night didn't you?' he asked. Sara's pink cheeks and averted eyes would have confirmed Scott's suspicions but Chris sprung out of his chair and clasped Scott's hand in a two handed handshake. "You better fucking believe it." He said pumping Scott's hands, "You're my new fucking heroes.

All of you, especially Jessica … holy shit, that was incredible …" "You keep that to yourself." Angus grumbled, kissing Jessica's head before extricating his arm from under it and crawling out of bed, "Don't go embarrassing Jessica okay?" "No worries, no worries." Chris said glancing around as the men all got up, "But what's to be embarrassed about?

I mean, Scott man, you warned us but nothing could have prepared us for … that. I haven't witnessed such raw, animal sex before … ever." Jessica groaned and brought her hands to cover her face. "Knock it off man." Josh said and punched Chris in the arm. "No Josh … it's okay." Jessica said when he looked like he was going to slug him but in the face this time.

"We had to expect that they'd hear everything. It's only logical." "See? See?" Chris said pointing his finger at Jessica and looking around at the men with that goofy grin again, "She's the bomb man … the best. You have no idea how lucky you are … Christ." "We do know how lucky we are …" Jim said, "and really, cut it out. You're embarrassing Jessica. You okay babe?" he asked pulling Jessica into his embrace when she stumbled across the mattress, cheeks flaming red.

He pulled her face into his chest and kissed her the top of her head. "I'm fine." She mumbled against his chest, "Really." "Okay, I'm sorry Jess, forget I said anything." Chris said, "But what do you want for breakfast?

We made eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes … They're in the oven keeping warm. The girls had no idea what your favorite is … but we kind of figured that after the night you had you may eat it all.

Oh and toast and coffee. Here," he said pulling a chair out from under that table, "Take a seat. I'll get it for you." The men froze in place.

Jessica felt Jim's body go rigid against her. "Chris, I think you need to shut the fuck up." Riley growled. Jessica peeked out from Jim's chest and took a good look at Chris, and Sara.

Nothing in Chris' expression or demeanor indicated that he was trying to be rude. He looked truly in awe. And Sara looked … baffled. "No it's okay Riley." Jessica said, straightening in Jim's arms, "I'll take a bit of everything, thanks." "Coffee too? Have a seat." Chris indicated the chair he'd pulled out and moved into the kitchen, Sara trailing after him.

"Apparently Chris has no tact." Riley grumbled. "I'm going to kick his ass." Angus added as the men moved closer to Jessica, "He doesn't need to be so fucking crude." "No, really, it's okay. I really don't mind, and besides what can we expect? There was no way they wouldn't have heard us." "Sorry Jess. We should have known … should have planned things better." Jim said. Jessica smiled. "What planning?" she asked and ran her hand up and down Jim's chest, "Besides, I'm just as much to blame.

I mean, I couldn't keep them in your pants …" she said eyeing the men's crotches. "Besides. If we're going to take them with us … we have to get used to being more personal with them than we're used to." "You're really serious about that?" Riley asked.

Jessica nodded and moved into Riley's arms. "I am." She said pecking his lips. "But you are embarrassed." Josh said stroking her cheek. Jessica tilted her face into Josh's hand and kissed it, "I can't control what my face does." She said, "But I'm honestly okay. Are you embarrassed?" Jessica asked suddenly realizing that it wasn't all about her. "Oh my God, if it bothers you then I'm sorry … I didn't think of that." "Jess, Jess." Scott said, "We're not embarrassed.

But thanks for worrying about us." "Here you go Jess." Chris said sitting a plate piled high with food onto the table, "Guys, you want some too?" "Yeah, sure." Scott said, his stomach growling at the sight of the food. Taking Jessica's hand he led her to the chair and pushed her and her chair in to the table.

"I love you." He said kissing the top of her head before pulling the chair next to her out and seating himself. The other men followed but got interrupted part way to sitting when the front door opened and Don, Rick, Stan, Sean, Caleb and Mark came in followed by Abe, Amanda and Justine.

"You're back!" Jim said, moving to shake their hands. The other men followed. "You too!" they said to Caleb, shaking his hand also. "Yeah, I hear you had some excitement while I was gone." Caleb said, eyeing Abe and Rick in a less than enthusiastic way.

Jessica took a bite of her food and followed the men into the living room, smiling at the excitement the return of the men's friends generated in the room. She felt it too, especially since the mission had been successful. "Jessica, I think you met Caleb before, right?" Riley asked pulling Jessica forward, into his embrace and waving a hand at Caleb.

"Yes, at the campfire." Jessica said. Caleb nodded at Jessica and there was something about the way he looked at her that caused the men to look at each other in disbelief.

Looking at the others, Mark, Stan, Sean, Don, Rick, Amanda and Justine the men were caught off guard. They all knew about the sex they'd had the previous night. It was obvious. They weren't lurid about it. In fact, they looked as impressed with Jessica as Chris and Sara had been, but they knew. How, the men couldn't figure out. "Angus wait." Jim said when Angus clearly looked pissed off and opened his mouth to tell them off. Jim pointed his chin in Jessica's direction and shook his head.

Angus looked at Jessica and realized that Jim was right. Jessica hadn't noticed that they knew. Angus nodded but didn't look very happy. "Jess, you'd better go eat, before the physiotherapists show up." Angus said and went with her.

Jessica sat down and dug into the food, the whole time watching the commotion around her. Everyone was talking at once, congratulating Sean and the others for their work with the money transfer and the hide out, bringing Caleb up to speed on all that had happened since he was gone. "Holy shit." Sean said when the subject of Tom had been discussed. It was evident that he was relieved that things were settled peacefully and it seemed like Abe's intervention was causing a shift in Sean attitude toward Abe.

He looked at Abe with a less suspicious air. Even Caleb seemed to be less suspicious. "Where are Corey and Leah?" Sean asked. "Uhh. At home I think." Scott said. "No. We just came from there. Beth said they were here." "Oh. Well, they're not." Scott said. Sean looked surprised and perplexed. Scott saw Jessica's face go pale. She looked at Scott and mouthed, 'where are they?' Scott shrugged and mouthed, 'I don't know'. They both looked around at the other men who were scattered around the room except for Angus who sat next to Jessica.

But they all shrugged too. Jessica returned to eating but she worried that Corey and Leah didn't know Sean was back.

She leaned in to Angus and whispered, "I don't think Leah and Corey know Sean's home." "I know." Angus whispered back. "I just texted Corey to let him know." He said showing his cell phone to Jessica. "Thank you." Jessica said with relief kissing his cheek and then leaning against him when he drooped his arm around her.

"You're the best." Angus chuckled while sliding his hand down her back to cup her butt cheek, "I beg to differ." Jessica giggled and leaned her head against his chest. Looking up at him she said, "Corey is going to appreciate the heads up. You're a good friend." "Hey." Josh said dropping into the chair next to Jessica. Jessica and Angus hadn't noticed the room clearing out. Scott, Jim and Riley surrounded the table.

"Don't worry about Corey and Leah." Josh continued, "Jim texted Corey to let him know that Sean was back." "Thanks Jim." Jessica said, "Angus did too." "He did?" the men said almost in unison. "Well, I guess great minds think alike." Jim said with a laugh trying to cover up the fact that he had been surprised. All the men had been surprised. It was obvious.

But Jessica hadn't been. She'd acted like she'd expected nothing less from him. Angus slid his hand over top of Jessica's where it lay on the table, laced his fingers between hers and squeezed. When Jessica looked up and smiled at him he leaned over and kissed the side of her head.

"The others have gone to do chores." Riley said, "I think I'm going to check on the dogs before the physiotherapists get here." "We should check the horses." Scott said. "Can I come?" Jessica asked, "It feels like forever since I've been out with the dogs and horses." "Go get dressed, we'll wait." Riley said. "I got it." Josh taking Jessica's plate from her when she turned to the kitchen with it.

"Thanks." She said pecking his lips and then hurrying down the hallway to the bathroom. In the bathroom she rushed through brushing her teeth and impatiently dropped onto the toilet wanting nothing more to get out to see the animals. Bunching toilet paper in her hand she was about to wipe when she looked down at the underwear between her legs. For a moment all she could do was stare at the blood stain. Standing she wiped herself and then looked at the toilet paper.

Blood again. She wasn't pregnant. Intense relief was followed by intense sadness. Jessica barely noticed as she sank back onto the toilet. She closed her eyes. She'd been so sure that she was pregnant. It seemed impossible that she wasn't and she was surprised to realize that in the back of her mind she'd already pictured some little person with the combined characteristics of all the men as part of their lives.

And now suddenly that person wasn't going to exist. Jessica's eyes watered at the realization. A sense of urgency hurried Jessica off the toilet, to find a pad under the counter and to dress in Jim's room as quickly as she could. She needed to tell the men and she preferred to do it while they were alone. As she moved down the hallway she hoped none of their visitors had come back into the house. Her heart squeezed when she entered the living room.

Riley was sitting on the armrest of the sofa, legs stretched before him, crossed at the ankles. Scott and Jim were leaning against the table in the same position as Riley was on the sofa.

Angus and Josh were standing in between. They were all so relaxed, joking around. "Great minds?" Angus was saying to Jim and laughing and then they noticed her and they all scrambled to their feet. "Ready?" Jim asked, being closest to her he reached to put his arm around her shoulder but did a double take when he saw her face.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Jessica snuggled into his side, wrapping her arms around him and buried her face in his chest. "Jess?" Josh asked. Jessica looked at Josh and then the other men. "I got my period." She said and was relieved to see that the initial reactions of the men seemed to be relief too. Even Angus, who had the most reason to want a baby given that he'd already lost one that he'd thought was his.


"Well, that's good, right?" Jim asked, "I mean, we weren't ready yet anyway. We have rehab, plans to get out of the clan, you have school … we wanted all of that to be done before we have kids, right?" Jessica looked around at the other men and they were all nodding so she did too. Full relief flooded through her. "That's better." Riley said when Jessica smiled.

"You are relieved, right?" "Yes. But I wasn't sure how you'd react, and, I guess I kind of believed that I was pregnant. I mean, how likely was it that I wasn't? I kind of got used to the idea so this was a surprise." Jessica looked at Angus.

"Are you okay about this?" Angus' mouth slid into a lopsided grin as he moved closer and cupped Jessica's cheek in his hand. "Never happier Jess. I'd rather plan our family than have it sprung on us.

Are you okay now?" Jessica nodded. "I guess it must be the drugs and everything from the shooting but you obviously didn't feel any pain before your period began, none of the usual stuff right?" Scott asked.

Jessica shook her head. "None of the usual indicators." "That's a good thing." Josh said, "I'd say you've suffered enough already." "While we're alone." Riley said glancing at the door, "What was that thing last night about us feeling guilty about making you enjoy sex?" "Well, you won't let me … pleasure you. I was wondering why, that's all." Jessica said. "And you think it's because we feel guilty about having sex with you?" Riley asked.

"Corey and Leah had a not so great first time the other night." Scott said, "Corey asked me how we got Jessica to enjoy sex. It occurred to me that had Jessica been in a position to say no to me or to leave I may not have been able to do what I did to get her to enjoy sex.

So I feel guilty, yes." "But …" Jessica said when the men looked stunned for a moment and then upset. "I told Scott that while all of that may be true … it got me, us, to where we are now and if I'd been allowed to submit to my embarrassment and fear I never would know myself as well as I do and I'd never enjoy sex with you as much as I do.

There's no point in feeling guilty because I'm happy. In fact I urged Scott to tell Corey to help Leah along with her own discovery. I hope you know I wouldn't have done that if I thought that what happened to me was horrible." The men stared at her in silence. "Say something … please." Jessica said when she couldn't stand the silence any more.

"I don't know what to do with that." Jim said when she looked from the other men to him. "That's easy." Jessica said.

"Forget it. Forget it all." She said looking back at the other men. "That was another life, lived by other people. Nothing about us now is remotely close to us then. Right? Right?" she asked again when no one said anything. "Right." Angus said. "You're right. We are completely different people now. All of us." And he sounded completely shocked by the realization. "Okay, okay, me most of all." he acknowledged when everyone stared at him.

"So new beginning … no guilt?" Scott said. "Right …" the other men agreed. "But Jess, that's not really why we won't let you pleasure us." Jim said. "Why then?" Jessica asked scanning the men, returning to Jim when no one replied. "Jess. You tend to take things to the limit, beyond the limit. And there are five of us, one of you.

We just want to limit how hard you work … to pleasure us. And, I know you may count this is as not treating you equally but we can't let you do that." "Do you understand?" Riley asked when Jessica didn't say anything. "Yes.

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I do." Jessica said. "That's how I felt when you guys wanted to go with Sean to Daryl's safe house. I understand completely. But just so you know … I really want to pleasure you … more. Just in case you change your minds." "We'll keep that in mind." Riley said. "We will …" he added when Jessica didn't look like she believed him. "And um, I know you have your period and everything. But if we don't get out to the dogs and horses soon we're going to end up in a compromising position.

Yes, apparently I'm a complete pervert." He added when Jessica looked completely surprised. "And that's one of the reasons there are limits on what you can do for us. So let's get the hell out of here." Jessica took the hand that he held out to her and had to admit that at that moment she definitely was more interested in going out to see the animals than having sex.

"I've turned into a pervert." Jim mumbled, as he, Jessica still tucked under his arm, trailed behind Riley as he led Jessica out the front door. "We all have." Jessica said with a laugh. "I'm okay with that." Scott said once they were outside.

"See you in a bit?" he asked as Jim kissed Jessica's head before letting her go and turning toward the barn, Jessica following Riley toward the dog kennel. "Yup." Jessica said skipping alongside Riley.

"I think we may be sex addicts." Angus said while he, Jim, Scott and Josh watched Jessica and Riley leave. "May be?" Josh asked. "I've got a few things to do on my car … I'll meet you at the barn in a bit too." Angus said, taking a step and then turning back to the men. "Should I be concerned that I don't get quite the same joy out of working on the car as I used to?" he asked. "If it bothers you, I guess so." Jim said.

"It doesn't." Angus said, "Not at all." "Then you're good." Jim said, "See yah." Jessica and Riley had fed the dogs. Jessica brushed them and was particularly happy to see Baby and Max. When they'd finished at the kennel Jessica had brought Baby and Max with her and Riley to the barn. She stood now brushing Ebony. Everything felt so perfect. The sun was shining and she enjoyed it's warmth while the dogs ran around her and Ebony.

Jim, Josh, and Scott were brushing other horses, Riley was filling the water troughs, and the visitors were scattered around the grounds busy with whatever other things needed to be done.

Jessica felt like she was in heaven which made the expression on Angus' face when he rounded the corner of the barn feel like a punch to the stomach. "What's wrong?" she asked in a panic. He looked upset, disgusted. "Angus?" Riley asked when Angus looked behind him rather than answer. "I … I know what we sensed about Abe." He said and looked like he was going to vomit. "What?" Jim asked.

"He's … gay." "What?" Scott demanded. "Are you sure?" Josh asked. Angus nodded his head, "I came out of the garage and caught Abe and Rick trying to lick each other's tonsils. I'm sure." "Holy shit." Jim said. "What did you do?" Riley asked. "I backed the hell up and went around the other way to get here." Angus said.

"So they don't know that you know?" Jim asked. Angus shook his head. "Um … does it matter that they're gay?" Jessica asked quietly. All the men looked completely disgusted which worried her. The men looked at her, and then each other. Jessica was beginning to think they weren't going to answer but then Jim cleared his throat. "Does it matter to you?" Suddenly Jessica realized that the men had never been in this situation before.

They looked at her as if whatever came out of her mouth would point them in the right direction. "No." she said. "There's nothing wrong with being gay." "I don't understand how they can choose to fuck another man." Angus said with obvious revulsion. "I don't think it's a choice." Jessica said, "Did you choose to have sex with women? I mean, what if it was normal to have sex with someone of the same sex and you felt like you do about women? Would that be your choice? Could you change who you wanted to have sex with just because society said so?" "Ugh.

No." Angus said with a shiver. The other men shook their heads. "I don't think it's fair to judge them just because their preferences are different than yours. And there are a couple of upsides to this. The first …" she added when the men looked at her with incredulous expressions, "is that you now know that Abe can't possibly like me 'that way'" she said using her fingers to put imaginary quotes around the words, "and secondly you now know what it was you were sensing about him." "That's … true." Josh said but didn't seem overly convinced that these positives overruled the overall feeling of disgust that came with the new knowledge about Abe and Rick.

"And why didn't we sense anything about Rick?" Angus asked and suddenly looked worried, "Does that mean we have some gay in us?" Angus' worry seemed to be turning into panic as he looked around at the other men, "I mean, we do get naked together." "Do you want to have sex with any of us?" Jim asked in a tone that to Jessica's relief made it clear that he was exasperated with Angus' question.

"No!" Angus practically yelled. "The only person you're interested in fucking is Jessica, right?" Scott asked. Angus nodded vigorously. "Congratulations then." Scott said, "You are definitely not gay." "I bet Rick is the man in the relationship, and Abe the woman." Josh said, "That's probably why we didn't notice anything with Rick." The other men nodded and looked both happy and relieved by that explanation.

"You're not going to treat Abe and Rick differently, now that you know are you?" Jessica asked, "I mean other than not being jealous every time Abe looks at me? Because you know …" she continued when the men looked unreceptive to carrying on with business as usual around Abe and Rick, "where I come from our relationship … " she said pointing her finger at Angus and then the other men before sweeping it to herself, "would be considered disgusting.

I may have been only eighteen when you kidnapped me but I was old enough to know what people thought about girls who dated more than a handful of men in their lives much less more than one at the same time. If people knew about us they would ostracize me. Not you … it seems that it was okay for men for some reason, but because I'm a girl I'd be considered to be lower than scum.

Ironically, homosexuality was considered okay … so I guess society and your clans have reversed what is normal. But anyway, I don't think you'd want people thinking and saying horrible things about me just because I love all of you.

If you treat Abe and Rick differently just because they're gay, you'll be doing to them what my society would do to me. I don't think you want to do that." As Jessica had continued speaking the expressions in the men's faces had gradually softened. "If that's true, what are we going to do when we leave the clan and go back to your society?" Jim asked.

Jessica shrugged, "I don't really care what society says about me. I'm not saying it will be easy but I love you all and I don't intend to change our relationship for anyone. But I'm counting on a few folks to tolerate our situation. Be on our side. And I think that's what Abe and Rick need from us right now too." "So, what do you want us to do?" Riley asked. "Keep this to yourselves.

It's up to Abe and Rick to tell people when they want to. And, remember what they've done for us. Treat them the same as you would if you didn't know this about them. Except …" she added, her eyes landing on Angus, "for the hating part. I think you'll agree that there's no reason for you to hate Abe anymore." Angus sighed. "Okay. I'll give it a shot. But I can't promise anything … I've always had issues with fags … homos." He added when Jessica cringed.

"Hey." Stan said rounding the corner of the barn, "Physiotherapists are here." "Just leave everything." Don said appearing behind Stan, "We'll take care of it." "Thanks." Scott said dropping his horse brush, taking Jessica's from her and handing it to Don, taking her hand and pulling her toward the house. "The sooner we get back in shape the sooner we can get on with our lives." He said as he, Jessica and the other men moved to the house.

"Amen." Riley said. *************************************************************** "What the hell is going on!" Riley's voice thundered.

Jessica looked up through tear streaked eyes to see the men stalking toward her. She heaved, and vomited, again. "What the fuck did you do to her?" Angus boomed. Jessica shook her head, unable to speak as another wave of nausea forced another spray of puke to spew out of her mouth. Abe and one of the physiotherapists, Terry, had been crouched beside her but they stood and took a step back when Angus and Riley lunged toward them. "Cool it!" Jessica heard Jay another physiotherapist say.

"Take it easy." Craig another physiotherapist added when Angus shoved Terry. "Jess … are you okay?" Scott asked dropping down in front of her. Jim and Josh on either side of him. Jessica nodded vigorously. "She's pushing herself way too hard." Abe said, "She won't stop." Silence ensued as Jessica vomited again. She could feel Jim and Josh's hands rubbing her back. An hour earlier the doc had returned with Jay, Terry and Craig. Abe had suggested that he and Terry would work with Jessica separately from the men since her wounds were different then the men's and to everyone's surprise Angus had agreed without hesitation.

So the men had gone with Rick, Craig and Jay to begin physiotherapy and Jessica had gone with Abe and Terry. They'd started off gently enough but with Jessica's desire to move things along faster combined with the news that Jessica was not in fact pregnant, the exercises had advanced to the point that Jessica was sweating profusely and at times seeing stars.

Abe and Rick had tried to get her to stop but Jessica had assured them she was fine. But then her own body turned on her. "Jess." Scott said while she dry heaved, "When I made the comment about getting back into shape faster I didn't mean this.

You can't get back into shape in one day. None of us can." "I'm fine. Really." Jessica said sitting up and wiping her eyes and her mouth with her hand. "Here." Josh said pulling his shirt off and handing it to her. "Thanks. I'm not over doing it Scott. Honest. My stomach is just upset, I think I ate too much." "You should stop for today." Riley said crouching down to eye level with her.

Jessica shook her head. "I'm okay, honest Riley. I want to finish the session. And Abe and Terry really did try to get me to stop … it's not their fault." "Sorry." Riley said, looking up at Abe and Terry. Angus mumbled the same. "You ready for a break then?" Jim asked. She shook her head. "I'm just getting started. I feel good, honest. What about you?" she asked looking into his blood shot eyes, "Are those contacts bugging you?" "A little." Jim admitted.

"You know, you look great with the glasses Doc brought. You don't have to be embarrassed to wear them." Jim nodded and his lips twisted into a small smile but his eyes looked at her with concern, "I'll remember that." And then he looked up at Craig, Rick and Jay, "I think we can do the rest of our rehab here with Jessica.

We don't have to do the same things, but we need to be with her. Especially if she's vomiting all over the place." "Okay. We can do squats instead of running." Jay said. "Have some water." Josh said offering Jessica his water bottle. "I'll refill hers." Abe said shaking the one or two mouthfuls of water that were left in her bottle.

"Thanks." Jessica said to both and chugged the water. "How many push-ups was I at?" she asked Terry. "Ten." He said. "Ten more to go." Jessica said and got into position. Terry shook his head, watching her strain to complete a push-up. As Jessica struggled through her third pushup a small audience had gathered. Sara, Justine, Amanda, Sean, Don, Stan and Chris stood near the men, Rick, Craig and Jay watching. "Christ she's determined." Craig said.

"Try stubborn." Angus grumbled. "Is there a difference?" Craig asked. "Maybe not." Scott said kicking the ground with his foot, "but she's making us look bad either way. Squats you said, right?" he asked Craig and winced as he lowered himself into a squat.

The other men followed Scott's lead. When Jessica collapsed on the ground after her fifth pushup Justine elbowed Amanda and Sara. "Come on." She moved to Jessica and dropped onto her knees next to her. "I've never been really good at pushups." She said. "Let's do them together." Jessica pushed herself up and smiled at the girls as they got into push up positions around her. "Let me help you out." Abe said straddling her back and holding her up by her hips.

"Does that count as doing a pushup?" Jessica asked. "You're putting too much weight on your good side.

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You'll mess yourself up if you keep going like that. I'm just going to even you out." "How much are they paying you?" Jessica muttered, nodding her head in the direction of the men. "Joke all you want but you should count yourself lucky that they're not insisting that you stop. Now, are you going to do a pushup or not?" Jessica nodded and lowered herself for a pushup. She was glad to see that Abe was really just supporting her one side.

The pushup was just as hard to do as the others had been. When Jessica finally completed the tenth pushup she collapsed on the ground and lay panting.

"Angus looks like he's going to have a stroke." Justine said from her place beside her. "What?" Jessica demanded and looked up to see the men straining with their exercise and Angus looked the worst out of all of them.

His face was red, almost purple and veins bulged everywhere, even on his face. "Angus!" Jessica exclaimed. She struggled to her feet finally standing just as Angus reached her. "Are you okay?" he asked still panting from the effort of his exercise. "Yes. Are you?" "I'm fine." He said clearly surprised by her concern. "Your face is purple … you don't look okay." "Purple?" "Yes." She said bringing her hand to his cheek.

"You need some water and a break." Angus searched her face for a moment and Jessica was certain that he was going to demand she stop exercising too. But then he smiled and pecked her lips. "You're right. I may be pushing a bit too hard but it's hard to take it easy when you're exercising like a bat out of hell." "Okay. I'll make you a deal. You get some water and rest for a few minutes and I'll slow down. Terry had said to do twenty situps … I'll do ten.

Deal?" Angus nodded. "Deal." "And tell the other guys the same thing … please." Angus nodded, kissed Jessica again and then walked back to the men shaking his head.

"What's wrong?" Riley asked when he returned. "Apparently my face is purple. We've been told to slow down." "By Jessica?" Scott asked in surprise.

"She told us to slow down? Now that's rich." "It is." Angus agreed, "But so help me God, I don't have it in me to argue with her anymore. I just can't." "My neither." Riley said watching Sara sit on Jessica's feet and Jessica start a series of sit-ups. "Well, your face is purple." Jim said. Angus nodded, "I'm going to get water. Make sure she doesn't start doing burpies or something. She promised to take it easier too." He added before heading to the house.

Jessica watched Angus amble toward the house. She was relieved that he was taking her advice and when she looked back at the other men Scott pointed at his eyes, and then pointed at her, repeating the movement a couple of times.

"And don't forget it." Josh added when Jessica and the girls giggled. Sean laughed too, slapped Scott on the back and said, "Gonna go do the parameter." Before stalking past Jessica and the girls. As he went he turned his head slightly and winked at Sara. The wink did not go unnoticed by Jessica, Justine and Amanda. "Sara!" Justine whispered when Abe and Terry moved away to talk with Craig and Jay, "What was that?" Sara smiled. "When we went to do chores, Sean followed me.

He asked me out to dinner!" "Oh my God! That's great!" Amanda said. "It is." Sara agreed, "So long as Leah and Corey show up some time soon. He wants to see them before we go. Where the hell can they be?" "I don't know." Jessica said when the three girls looked at her.

When Jessica finished her last sit up Justine said. "I have to tell you something." She said leaning forward, "Today, when we went to do chores, Chris asked me out too." "Caleb, Don and Stan asked me out too … " Amanda said, "Not at the same time." She added when everyone did a double take.

"I think …" Justine said, "I think that you helped with that." She said to Jessica. "I did?" Jessica said, completely taken by surprise. Justine nodded. "Last night. You and the men. Chris has been looking at me differently ever since." "Caleb, Don and Stan too." Amanda said.

"That can't be." Jessica said, "They weren't even here." "No, but they heard it. Heard you." Amanda said. "But how …" "Chris called them and Caleb." Sara said. "He held the phone up so they could hear." "Oh my God!" Jessica said feeling her face burn red she covered her face with her hands. "Don't be embarrassed." Justine said, "Please.

You couldn't even tell that they knew, could you so obviously it doesn't change their opinion of you." "But it changed their opinion of us." Amanda said, "A lot." "I don't think I can look at them now." Jessica said. "Sorry. We didn't want to make you uncomfortable." Sara said. "Can you just pretend that you don't know … that they know?" "I guess I have to." Jessica said, "If Angus ever finds out what Chris did he'll probably knock his block off." "What?" Justine squeaked.

"And I'm not supposed to keep secrets from him or the other men." Jessica said. "Well, you can't tell them if they're going to get violent!" Justine said, clearly upset. "I guess I can wait to tell them later, once I've found some way to not be so upset about this." Jessica said, "But I'll have to tell them. Technically I'm not even supposed to wait." "I'm sorry Jessica." Amanda said, "I don't think Chris meant to hurt you." "That was a huge breach of privacy." Jessica said, covering her face again.

"Sorry." Amanda repeated. "I think I'm done for today." Jessica said getting to her feet. "Everything okay?" Abe asked, him and Terry returning. Between them, in the background she could see her men looking at her as well as Rick, Craig and Jay.

She groaned when she realized that Rick would have heard her too since he'd been with Sean and the others. She avoided Abe's eyes and turned to Terry, hoping with all her will that he hadn't somehow heard her and the men the previous night also. "Is there anything more for today?" Jessica asked.

"No, I think this was good." Terry said with a smile, "You did good. I'll see you tomorrow." "Thanks." Jessica said and without acknowledging Abe or the other girls she limped over to the men. "You alright?" Jim asked. "I'm going to get cleaned up." Jessica said. "Okay. I think we did enough today, right?" Josh asked Craig. Craig nodded, "See you tomorrow. Bright and early this time." Jessica looked at Craig in surprise. She couldn't tell anything from his expression but she got the feeling that he knew why they'd been delayed that morning.

A kind of wink, wink, nudge, nudge in his tone that had Jessica's cheeks flaming red again. Jessica closed her eyes and cursed her body. It gave everything away about her. When she opened her eyes she saw the men studying her. Josh reached up and caressed her cheek with his thumb. "You look better." Jessica said when Angus moved closer, "Not as purple." "You on the other hand look pretty flushed." Angus said caressing her other cheek. Jessica realized how ridiculous this whole thing was.

So a few more of Sean's clan heard her night of ecstasy. So what? With the exception of Rick, she was planning on including these people in her and the men's lives permanently.

And she hadn't been nearly this embarrassed when Chris, Abe and the girls heard them and they'd been in the same house at the time. It was no big deal and Jessica knew she should just tell the men about it and then move on. But when she thought about everyone hearing it, over a phone no less, she couldn't help but cringe inside. She had to get over it and fast, but not right then. The men were studying her. Josh and Angus, up close and personal.

She forced a smile, slid into Josh's embrace and then pulled Angus close too. "I could use a hot bath." She said. "Then let's go." Scott said sweeping his hand in the direction of the house. Half an hour later the men had showered, Jessica too, and then feeling the need to hide away from others for a bit longer, Jessica scrounged up a tampon and slid into a hot bath.

She'd been unable to convince any of the men to join her, claiming weak resolve as their reason. But they'd kept her company in sporadic bursts. Jim had ended up bringing the laptop into the bathroom to help Jessica look up the curriculum for grade twelve. "So there are eight courses you need to take for grade twelve." Jim said, staring at the computer screen.

"English, math, biology, chemistry, physics, history, social studies and geography." "Christ." Angus mumbled, looking over Jim's shoulder.

"That's grade twelve? Why don't they include fucking rocket science?" "You have to complete about ten lessons in each class, and write four exams to pass." Jim said. "Holy shit." Angus muttered. "I think Angus means that it seems like a lot of work." Riley explained when Jessica looked at Angus with a perplexed expression.

"Yeah." Jessica agreed. "I don't think I'll try and do them all at once. Maybe one at a time would be a better idea." "Okay." Jim said, "Which one do you want to start with?" "What's the hardest one, do you think?" Jessica asked as Scott and Josh wandered into the bathroom.

They looked over Jim's shoulder.

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"I'm guessing chemistry." Scott said. "Somehow I don't think physics is going to be a walk in the park." Josh said. "K, look. The classes have prerequisites. You can't take chemistry and physics till you've finished biology … which looks like it's more of a general science course than strictly biology. You also need the math." "Okay, well then I'll start with the math.

Do they have a list of reading material for the English class?" Jessica asked. "Yup." "So I'll start with the math class and do the reading material for the English.

That ought to be enough for now." "Okay. There's some material online but I'll go to the store tomorrow and get you the math books and the novels." Jim said. "Thank you." "Christ Jess." Riley said dipping his hand into her bath water, "The water's freezing. Don't you want to add some hot water?" Jessica sighed. She'd been hiding out long enough. She felt kind of bad actually, hogging the bathroom. "I'm ready to get out." Jessica said pulling the plug on the water.

Jim took the laptop and left the bathroom. Riley took Jessica's arm as she stepped out of the tub, and Scott grabbed a towel and wrapped it around Jessica. "You can get dressed in my room." Josh said before Angus had a chance to say exactly the same thing. Angus exhaled and followed Scott and Riley out of the bathroom. While dressing Jessica was trying to talk herself out of being embarrassed.

It made no sense. And she reminded herself that when Sean, Don, Stan, Mark and Rick and even Caleb … she winced at the idea of Caleb, the one she knew least of all, somehow being on the receiving end of the phone call, had come to the house earlier that day they'd given no indication that they'd heard anything. They'd been perfect gentlemen. And had it not been for Justine mentioning it, she may have never known about the phone call. She thought she had herself convinced but as soon as she walked into the living room full of everyone, and all of them, the girls, Sean, Abe, Rick, Chris, Don, and Stan in the middle of joking around, turned to look at her, Jessica's cheeks flamed red and she couldn't look at them.

Everyone noticed, especially her men. "Jessica, what's going on?" Scott asked. "Um," Jessica said looking up at Scott, "can we talk about it later? In private, please?" "We had plenty of privacy when we were in the bathroom." Riley said. "Or my room." Josh added. "But we can go to one of the rooms right now and have plenty of privacy." Angus said pointing down the hallway. "Jess …" Jim said also indicating the hallway.

It was clear that they were not happy that she'd been keeping something from them. To be honest, Jessica wasn't really happy about it either. She began to move toward the hallway when the front door opened and Leah came in. She looked nervous.

"Leah." Sean said pausing when he got up, his arms half open toward her. Leah went into them and hugged Sean hard. "Everything went okay?" Leah asked. "No problems at all. Where's Corey?" he asked eyeing the closed door behind her. "Outside." She said, "He wants to talk to you." "Outside?" Sean asked clearly bewildered by the idea. Leah nodded and looked ready to fall down when Sean shrugged and then disappeared out the front door.

Jessica hurried to Leah's side and took her arm. "Come sit down." She said, and mouthed sorry to the men who were very clearly not happy that Jessica had deviated from the course to the back of the house.

Abe took one look around at everyone and shook his head. "I'm going to walk the parameter." "Me too." Rick said and both left. "Justine, can you go grab the rum and coke?" Jessica asked as Leah slouched onto the sofa. "I think I'll join you in a drink." Jessica said when Justine poured several glasses, "since I'm not pregnant." She added when Leah looked at her funny.

"Oh I'm so sorry." Leah said. "Us too." Sara said, "Jessica, we're so sorry, we didn't know." "It's okay. We weren't sure I was pregnant anyway." It hadn't escaped Jessica's notice that her men were closing in around the sofa. "Would you like drinks too?" she asked them holding her glass out toward Riley and Angus. "What we'd like," Riley said, "is that private conversation with you." "Right now." Angus added.

"Please." Scott said, once again indicating the hallway. "Excuse me for a minute." Jessica said to the girls and moved toward the hallway, talking Angus and Josh's hands in hers as she passed them. "Hey, help!" Rick yelled from outside. "Shit!" Angus swore and he and Josh changed direction and following everyone else they towed Jessica behind them to the gun rack and then out the front door.

In the front yard Rick was holding Sean back, his arms snaked under Sean's and behind his head. Abe was doing the same with Corey. "You son of a bitch!" Sean yelled, "You lying son of a bitch! I can't believe you'd sneak around behind my back with my sister. You're supposed to be my best friend!" "I'm sorry Sean, honest." Corey said, "I didn't mean for it to be this way …" "My sister!

You have some nerve!" "Come on Sean, calm down." Chris said moving between the four men. "You hit him!" Leah said, moving to Corey and gently touching his nose where Jessica could now see blood dripping. "You're damn right I hit him … get away from him Leah, now!" Sean bellowed. Jessica couldn't' believe her ears. Sean was actually going to rag Corey out for something that he himself was about to do with Corey's sister? Jessica looked around. Her men had moved closer to Corey and Sean but were hanging back and Jessica got the distinct impression that they intended to stay out of it as they'd said they would.

Sara, Amanda and Justine were staring at Sean in obvious disbelief but they didn't look inclined to say anything. "I said get away from him Leah. You and I will discuss this later and if you don't get the hell away from him now our discussion ain't going to be pretty!" Sean growled. And that was the final straw for Jessica. She narrowed her eyes at Sean but bit her tongue. She didn't know these people.

Not really. But she knew her men and she was already in trouble with them. It certainly wasn't worth getting more in trouble over this but she couldn't stand the injustice of what Sean was doing. She had to let her men know about Sean and Sara and let them decide what to do about it and there was only one way she could think of doing that in a timely way. She looked at her men again and they were fully focused on Sean and Corey. Perfect. Jessica quietly moved away and went back into the house.

She took her cell phone, sat down on the sofa and opened a text to all her men. She typed, 'Sean has dinner date with Sara tonight' sent it and then realized that the men would want to know where she was. So she added 'I'm in the house on the sofa, staying out of this' and sent it. Seconds later she could hear five cell phones chiming outside.

She heard someone say, "What the hell." And there were few minutes of silence that grated on Jessica's nerves so she picked up her rum and coke and took a gulp. "What the fuck?" she heard Angus grunt. The men looked at their phones, one another, and then the house. Everyone was looking at them. "Fuck it." Riley said when the other men looked at him for direction on what to do next.

"Sean, is there a certain dinner date you have planned for tonight that you'd care to talk about?" Riley asked. "You told them?" Sean demanded staring at Sara. Corey and Leah did a double take, looking between Sean and Sara. "I … I told Jessica … I was excited." Sara and she looked like she was going to cry. "You asked my sister out and you have the nerve to yell at me?" Corey demanded. "I asked her out this morning and I was looking for you to talk to you about it. There was no sneaking around." Sean said and his voice was so full of fury that everyone took an involuntary step back.

In the house, Jessica shrunk on the sofa. "If you'd give me a minute to explain you'd know why we didn't tell you." Corey said in a hushed voice. "I can hardly wait to hear this." Sean said, his voice hard and cold. With the voices lowered Jessica couldn't make out spoken words anymore and she was glad.

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She was feeling out of sorts. She knew it was probably because of her period but she was really upset that she'd been stupid enough to keep the information about Chris calling everyone to herself.

She should have told the men right away. Now they were going to be angry with her and they'd probably assume that she'd kept the date between Sean and Sara a secret too. She didn't want them to be angry with her, and she definitely didn't want them to think she was keeping secrets. Minutes ticked by. Jessica had no idea what was happening, only the intermittent murmurs of voices outside giving Jessica any indication that people were still out there.

And the more time that passed the more anxious Jessica became. She couldn't sit still any longer. Taking her drink with her she paced in front of the sofa. She felt a little knot in her stomach.

Everything had started so well that morning … how did things go from that to so much stress. Her men would be mad at her, Sean was mad at Corey, Leah and Sara, and who knew how Corey felt about Sean and Sara. But that was their problem, not hers. All she had to worry about was apologizing to her men.

Apologizing, and never keeping anything from them again. She had no idea how much time had passed but she had made it through three quarters of her drink and had her back to the door when it opened. Jessica spun around to find her men come in.

"Okay …" Jessica said before Scott had time to close the door. They hadn't even moved into the living room when she put her glass down on the coffee table and met them by the gun rack, pacing in front of them and ringing her hands. "I should have told you about Chris calling Sean and the other guys the other night. They heard us … be intimate." Jessica felt her face flame red again, "But I just found out when we were exercising, and I was so embarrassed.

I don't know why … I mean I wasn't embarrassed about everyone who was here knowing. But maybe it's because I knew they would likely hear us … I don't know …" she was talking a mile a minute and kept pacing back and forth, waving her hands around while she spoke, "and I was afraid you'd hurt Chris. I mean, not that I'd have minded giving him a knuckle sandwhich myself really … ah, maybe that was the problem. I think I may have liked you punching him out." Jessica said to Angus … "I don't know.

And then I thought I was okay, not so embarrassed anymore and I'd just tell you later but when I came out here … I was still embarrassed. So I'm really, really sorry that I didn't tell you right away. I should have. Please don't be mad. And about Sara and Sean, I didn't know until we were doing sit-ups. It was really none of my business and I wouldn't have said anything but it really burned me that Sean was so mad at Corey and Leah when he himself planned to date Corey's sister … it was just so wrong … God I hope it didn't make things worse!" Jessica said pausing long enough to stare at the door in horror.

"Jessica …" Jim said when he finally saw a window of opportunity to get a word in edgewise. "I know, I know … keep out of their business but I just couldn't stay out of this …" "Jessica, stop." Josh said, grabbing her firmly by her arms as she went to wander by him. "I'm sorry." She said looking at him for a second before looking at the other men, "Really I am." "Jessica," Josh said, shocked by the crazed look in her eye.

Taking her chin he brought her eyes back to his. He scanned her eyes and her face. "Are you feeling okay?" he asked putting the back of his hand against her forehead. "Does she have a temperature?" Riley asked moving closer and feeling her cheek. "Doesn't seem like it." Josh said. "Jess, what's wrong. You look kind of out of it." Jessica looked around at the men and realized that they didn't look angry, just worried.

She sighed. "I feel kind of out of it." She said, "It's probably just because of my period but I feel really, really, stressed." "Maybe it's time for our friends to take their problems home." Riley said. "Actually, I'm not stressed about them." Jessica said. "I'm more worried about doing something wrong with you guys.

I mean, sometimes it's just a matter of timing. Sometimes I find something out that I can't tell you right away … or, you know, sometimes there's some judgement required about when to tell you something. And I just feel like I'm going to anger or disappoint you and it won't be done intentionally.

I really don't want you to be upset with me … geez," Jessica paused, "can I have the rest of my drink?" Jessica said motioning toward the coffee table and the glass that she'd set on it. "Come on." Josh said taking her hand and leading her to the sofa. He handed her the drink and then sank onto the sofa pulling her onto his lap. Riley and Jim sat on either side of them, Josh and Angus pulling up chairs.

"You know what." Angus said after Jessica had chugged the remainder of her drink. "I don't think our rules about secrets and honesty can apply to things outside our relationship." "You don't?" they all said in unison. Angus glared at them for a moment and then laughed. "In terms of timing and urgency. I honestly could care less what Corey and Sean do with Leah and Sara or anyone else … except you." He said to Jessica.

"What Chris did for example is unacceptable. And someone, possibly more tactful than I am, should talk to him about it. And we have to be more careful about what we do when others are around.

It's just the way it is. And Jess, I have tell you that we knew that Sean and the others knew about our … intimate night. It was obvious to us when they got here but we couldn't figure out how they knew and didn't have a chance to ask them.

But we also didn't tell you and we should have. I guess we didn't want to embarrass you … a judgement call, like you said. I'm sorry about that." As he'd spoken Angus had leaned forward and placed his hand on Jessica's thigh which he squeezed now.

"And I don't think there's anything you could do that would anger or disappoint me Jess. You've proven time and again that everything you do you do because you love us and want to protect us. So don't get stressed out okay? Not because of us." Silence hung in the air while Jessica and the other men gaped at Angus. "Of course I can only really speak for myself." He added, "But those are my two cents.

And," he added when they continued to gape, "I may not get angry or disappointed but if you all keep looking at me like I've grown two heads I am going to get my feelings hurt. I am capable of change. I thought I'd already proved that." "You did, you did …" Jessica said when Angus looked hurt.

She scrambled off of Josh's lap and onto Angus', wrapping her arms around his torso and burying her head in his chest. "I feel better already. Thanks." "I agree with everything Angus said." Riley said and the others agreed. "We left them out there to work things out." Jim said looking at the door, "But it won't be long before they come in.

Unless anyone else really wants to, I'll talk to Chris about what he did." "Do you think they'll be okay?" Jessica asked. "They promised they wouldn't kill one another." Scott said, "What they accomplish beyond that we'll have to wait and see." "You okay now?" Josh asked.

"Much better. Thanks." "I'm going to get started on dinner." Jim said, "I think you need some food in you." "Can I help?" Jessica asked. "Sure." Jim said. For half an hour the men and Jessica had had a riot in the kitchen. Food fights and jokes about the fear the men had had about Jessica cooking their food had them all laughing so hard they barely heard the others come in. One look at their faces though and Jessica and the men sobered up quickly. No one looked overly happy and after a moment Sean mumbled that he'd walk the parameter and left.

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Both Sara and Leah looked like they'd been crying. Corey glared at Sara and Sara, arms crossed in a clear sign of defiance, glared back. "I think we girls will eat at the coffee table." Jessica murmured to the men. "Do you still want to take these people with us?" Riley murmured back.

"I'm not sure." Jessica said. Scott snorted and leaned closer to her, "You didn't think having girlfriends was going to be easy did you?" "It seemed easier when I was younger." Jessica said. "Welcome to our world." Angus said, "Understanding women has never been an easy thing." "Hey!" Jessica said, "I'm easy to understand." Jessica added in an indignant tone.

"Oh yeah." Riley added with a chuckle, "You're easy to understand now. But trust me, getting here was not a cake walk." "Hmph!" Jessica grumbled when Jim and Josh chuckled along with Scott, Riley and Angus. "I won't dignify that with a comment." She added but couldn't resist breaking into a smile when the men smiled at her with the goofiest grins she'd ever seen them muster. "You work on the men, I'll work on the women and maybe we can get them seeing eye to eye." "Roger that." Jim said snapping to attention and saluting her, "Be careful in there." Jessica shook her head as she headed to the sofa where the girls had seated themselves.

Justine got up and switched to a chair so Jessica could sit between Leah and Sara. "Everything okay?" Jessica asked. "Not hardly." Sara said. "Corey and Sean are like a couple of immature little boys pissed off because someone is playing in their sandbox.

It's stupid." Leah snorted her agreement. "So, um, things are better with you and Corey?" Jessica asked Leah. Leah flicked her eyes at Sara and shifted on the sofa. "Yeah. They're better. But, ah, it's kind of awkward talking about it around Sara." "What?

Why?" Sara demanded. "Corey's your brother … I think there are some things you just don't want to know about your brother. And if you start dating Sean that's going to be even more awkward." "Well that sucks." Sara stated crossing her arms and pouting her lips.

"Yeah. And Sean and Corey are going to have the same problem." Leah said. "If they ever start talking to each other again." Sara added. "Oh come on." Amanda said, "We're all grown-ups.

Sean's my cousin and he's also a man. I really couldn't care less what you tell me about him Sara." "Right." Justine said, "Me too." "Look, if it makes that much of a difference to you I can leave." Sara said to Leah but the pronouncement of her pout made it clear that leaving was the last thing she wanted to do. Leah sighed.

"No don't go. Just remember that I warned you … there may be parts of this conversation you just don't like." Sara nodded vigorously. "Okay. Well, things are better." Leah said. "Jessica, I heard that you were really embarrassed about that phone call Chris made the other night, but I have to tell you that it really inspired us, Corey and me. We've, um, explored sex quite a bit and you know, I'm enjoying it a lot more …" Leah's voice trailed off.

"Ah, Leah …" Jessica said. "Yeah?" "That's not exactly a ringing endorsement …" "What? No, no, really, it's good." "But …" Amanda prompted her. "Well, it's just … I mean Corey works really hard to … you know, bring me pleasure." Leah said and her eyes flicked over to Sara while her face turned red.

"Pretend that I'm not his sister." Sara said, "Pretend I don't even know him. That's what I'm doing … just go ahead." "Well, he really wants me to scream, you know like you did …" Leah said to Jessica, "but he's just a little too quick with his, ah, services, to make that happen.

I think it frustrates him. And then he wants me to reciprocate. A lot. I'm just not quite as good at it. I still gag, and my wrists hurt … it's kind of awkward." "Oh, wow." Justine said. "Seriously?" Sara asked, "Seriously? What if that's what they all want?" she added when everyone was looking at her.

"What if they want the same thing that Jessica did that night?" "It's not that big a deal." Amanda said. "Yeah, right." Justine said. "Well, that's just not realistic." Jessica said. "Not everyone screams. They can't expect you all to scream." "No." Justine said, "But you weren't the only one that was really enjoying yourself." "Oh my God." Sara said and looked at Jessica in horror, "How the hell are we supposed to measure up to you?

There's absolutely nothing we can do to meet those expectations!" "I'd thought the same thing." Leah said reaching out to grab Jessica's hand when she stared at Sara, her mouth hanging open in horror.

"But you can learn … a lot." "You take care of five men. At the same time! There's no way we can be as good as you Jessica. Thanks a lot!" Justine said and stood up to leave. "Sit down will you." Leah ordered, grabbing Justine's hand. "Sit down now. You're scared and saying things without thinking them through and you're hurting Jessica. Yes Jessica satisfies her husbands' incredibly well … stupifyingly well … but what you don't know and I found out from Corey is what she went through to get there." Leah looked at the men in the kitchen, leaned forward and lowered her voice, "They raped her.

All of them. And then Scott taught her how to enjoy herself and please them. She's fantastic at what she does, and she gets some mind blowing orgasms but think about the price she had to pay to get that." "Oh!" Sara said, holding her hand to her mouth. Justine and Amanda looked equally shocked and stared at Jessica in stunned silence.

"I'm so sorry Jessica." Justine said, "I had no idea …" "It's … it's okay." Jessica said. Silence fell between them. As minutes ticked by, Jessica desperately wanted to change the topic so they could stop looking at her with such pity.

Unfortunately there didn't seem to be a suitable segue from the topic. The best she could think to do was change the focus to them. "So, no dinner with Sean tonight?" she asked Sara.

Sara blinked back tears and shook her head. "Or with Chris?" she asked Justine. "Not tonight." Justine said. "Us girls have been ordered to go home after dinner. Talk about boring." "Talk about infuriating." Leah said. "We're not freaking kids anymore but they treat us like we are. You've been bad, go to your room. It drives me crazy." "I'm sorry I told my men about you and Sean." Jessica said to Sara.

"At least it's out there now. I was starting to think that Sean was just going to pretend he hadn't asked me." Sara said and sniffed. "Just, in the future, if you don't want something getting back to Riley, Angus, Josh, Jim and Scott don't tell it to me.

I have to tell them. I understand if you'd rather not hang out with me." Jessica said. "Will they tell our men?" Leah asked. "I don't think so. They don't like messing in other people's business. But I can't promise." Amanda shrugged, "I kind of wish they would tell them. We've had more communication in the past few weeks that we've been here then I can ever remember. I don't care what gets back to them, personally." "Rrrr, at the moment I'm not crazy about Sean hearing all the details of my sex life with Corey thank you very much." Leah said.

"He went ballistic because we're dating, can you imagine what he 'd do if he knew … everything?" "The men know some of it." Jessica said, "And who knows what Corey and Scott discussed. But I really don't think they'd say anything to Sean about that. They've been really respectful of my privacy so I can't see them completely ignoring yours." "Speaking of sex." Amanda said biting her lip while looking at Jessica in a way that made it apparent that she was debating whether to continue, "Actually it's about more than just sex …" "Are you going to pick Don or Stan?" Sara asked.

"Well, that's part of it. I've been kind of seeing a guy from another clan." Amanda said. "What?" Justine demanded. "Who?" Leah asked.

"Quinn." "From Tristan's clan?" Leah demanded and when Amanda nodded Leah paused, "Really?" "Yeah. And I really like him." Amanda said. "But Manda … if you marry him you'll have to go to his clan …" Sara said and looked like she'd cry again.

"That's what I wanted to ask …" Amanda said and paused. She looked at Sara, Justine and Leah and seemed unsure about continuing. "Well?" Leah asked. "Well …" Amanda said, "I like Quinn, and I like Don, Stan and Caleb. So I was considering dating all of them." "That's an awful idea!" Sara said. "It is?" Amanda asked in obvious surprise. "Duh, yeah." Sara said, "They'd be bound to find out eventually. You think Sean flipped about Corey and Leah, imagine what kind of reaction cheating would get." "No, no, no …" Amanda said with a laugh, "I didn't mean that I'd cheat.

I meant a polygamous relationship. Like Jessica has." "Really?" Leah. Amanda nodded. "So Jessica, what do you think? Would you recommend it?" "Um, sure.

I guess. If you like them all that much, and they all like each other that much." "That's kind of the thing. I'm not sure if Don, Stan and Caleb even know Quinn." Amanda said. "And Quinn is going to be willing to come to your clan?" Jessica asked, "That's how it'd work, right?" "If we became serious, yes. I don't think we'd all go to his clan. What's wrong? You look worried." Amanda asked when Jessica began gnawing on her lip.

"It's just that these kinds of relationships are tricky. They require a lot of commitment, honesty and communication and I wonder if the dynamics of Quinn the new guy with Stan, Don and Caleb, three friends, would support something like that." "Hmmm. I guess I can see how that could be a problem." Amanda said and looked disappointed.

"But you won't know until you try right?" Jessica asked. "How would you even bring that up with them?" Justine asked. Amanda shrugged. "Just put it out there …" "Aren't you afraid it may turn them off?" Sara asked. Amanda shrugged again. "If it does then they're not the men I thought they were. But …" she added, smiling at Jessica, "given what they 've seen here, I can't imagine them not wanting to at least try it out." "And the sex!" Justine said, "Do you want to have sex with four men at the same time?" "Shhh." Amanda said looking around to see if any of the men heard Justine.

"I have no problem with that." She said in a near whisper. "It may not turn out to be all that you think it will." Leah said in a grim tone.

"I thought you were enjoying it now." Jessica said in surprise. "I am, I am." Leah said, "But there are still some things I can live without." "Well, I enjoy all those things." Amanda said. "You and Quinn?" Sara asked.

"Yup, we've got a good thing going there." Amanda said. "Well then, go for it." Jessica said. "If your men have any questions I'm sure my men could help them out." "Excellent. Thanks." Amanda said.

Closeup pussylicking session between friends

"So …" Jessica said, "Corey is dating you …" she said to Leah, "Chris is dating you," she said nodding to Justine, "Sean, is with Sara and Don, Stan, Caleb is with Amanda. What about Mark?" "Mark?" Leah asked. "Yeah. All of the men in your clan are accounted for but him. Isn't he going to be lonely?" Jessica asked. The girls looked at one another.

"I hadn't thought of that." Sara said. "I kind of thought that he liked me …" Justine said, "but he hasn't asked me out or anything." "Maybe he has a girl in another clan?" Jessica asked.

The girls shrugged. "I'm not aware of anyone." Justine said, "Do you think it's going to be a problem … Mark not having a girlfriend?" "Maybe not. But I'd be lonely if I were him.

With everyone else paired off." Jessica said. "I'll ask Corey, maybe he knows if Mark is seeing anyone." Leah said. Suddenly a low buzzing noise sound. The girls looked around, Leah shifted a little on the sofa. Jessica assumed it was a cell phone, but the sound continued, sometimes getting louder and then softer. "Is that you?" Sara asked leaning closer to Leah.

Leah shifted on the sofa again and her face flamed red she nodded. "It's not a phone." Justine said. Leah shook her head and when the sound suddenly got louder, Leah practically jumped off her seat. "Is that a vibrator?" Jessica whispered. Just as Leah's face looked like it would turn fluorescent red a second buzzing noise began and Leah jumped in her seat again.

"Two vibrators?" Jessica added. Despite looking like she wanted to crawl under a rock, Leah nodded. "Why &hellip.?" Sara asked looking completely bewildered. "Corey's training me." Leah said, "Oh!" she exclaimed when both buzzing sounds erupted into much more powerful sound and judging by the expression on Leah's face, force. The sound quieted and Leah caught her breath. "He wants me to learn to cum faster. If he turns it on with the low setting and then turns it off I'm supposed to fantasize myself to orgasm.

If he turns it on to low but leaves it running I'm supposed to go to the bathroom and masturbate. And if he turns it on high … he'll meet me in the bathroom and take care of things for me." "Wow." Amanda said. "But, two of them?" Sara asked completely baffled as to how that would work. Leah nodded, "One in my pussy, the other, my anus. He, ah, thinks I need to loosen things up … there." Just then the sound got louder again and Leah jerked on the sofa.

"I'd better go." She said and scrambled off the sofa. Her legs had trouble working properly as the buzzing sound increased again. "Dinners ready …" Scott said arriving at the sofa just as Leah had taken a few steps. He lifted one of the two plates he was carrying. "Just put it on the coffee table for her." Corey said as Leah stumbled past Scott. "Here you go." Scott said, placing Leah's plate on the coffee table and passing Jessica hers.

"Do you want any salt or pepper?" "Thanks, and no thanks." Jessica said. Scott pecked her lips and headed back to the kitchen. Jim and Josh brought the remaining plates for Sara, Justine and Amanda and then kissing Jessica on the head, also returned to the kitchen. "We never get served at home." Sara whispered. "Do you think it's because of the sex?" Justine asked Jessica. "I guess there's only one way to find out." Amanda said when all Jessica could do was shrug.

"Well, is it that horrible to suck and whack them off if you get treated like a queen for it?" she added when Sara and Justine looked horrified.

"That is when things got better for me." Jessica said. "Wow. I don't really know how to do all of that." Sara said. "Me neither." Justine said. "Leah has some information that we lent her and Corey. Ask her to borrow it." Jessica said. "Corey went back there with her … " Justine said looking around the room and not finding him. "If I can get Quinn, Don, Stan and Caleb onboard, I wonder if they'll want to do it at all sorts of times and places." Amanda said looking toward the table where the three sat eating and joking with the other men.

"I get excited just thinking about it." Amanda's words reminded Jessica how much she enjoyed being with her own men. Jessica sat studying her men. Angus noticed Jessica's inspection, calked an eyebrow at Jessica and winked when Jessica blew him a kiss.

"I guess it wouldn't be hard to enjoy sex with Chris." Justine said ogling Chris. "Now you're talking." Amanda said.

A few minutes later Corey returned from the bathroom. Not long after Leah did too. "Here's your dinner." Jessica said indicating the plate on the coffee table. "I'm not hungry." Leah said and didn't look happy at all. "What's wrong?" Sara asked. "All Corey cares about is making me suck … perform oral sex.

He spent all of a couple of minutes on me and then had me on my knees. Would you believe he wants me to put dildos in my mouth so I learn to not gag? And when I can't do it he insists that I use my hands.

I swear my hands are going to fall off. I don't understand how you keep up with that for five men." Leah ended, looking at Jessica. "Actually, the men don't really focus on that." Jessica said, "They don't!" she added when both Leah and Amanda rolled their eyes in disbelief.

"Is it really that bad?" "Yes." Amanda said. "I'll be the first to say that sex between Quinn and I is great. But, he does want that a lot. A lota lot." "Oh." Jessica said. "And your men don't?" Leah demanded. Jessica shook her head.

She was beginning to realize that what the men did for her, and what they expected from her, was not the norm. It dawned on her that she should appreciate it more rather than argue and try to force them to let her pleasure them. "So all your men care about is your pleasure?" Leah asked. "Pretty much." Jessica said. Looking her men over again, she felt a warmth in the pit of her stomach. They loved her and proved it to her in so many ways.

But the one way she hadn't been aware of until now was in the bedroom. And of course she couldn't possible look at her men without her body reacting. Damn her period and damn the lack of privacy. She wanted them more than anything.

Angus noticed her looking again, and interpreted her expression correctly. Elbowing Riley, Angus nodded his head in Jessica's direction. Riley looked over, and so did Scott, Jim and Josh. Scott wagged his tongue at Jessica and he looked so silly she couldn't help but laugh.

Jim and Josh jumped in with wagging eyebrows and lewd leers. Riley shook his head at their antics and mouthed, 'love you'. Angus puckered his lips and mouthed, 'later.' "I'm sorry Jessica. I know you went through hell to get to this stage of your relationship with those guys, but I want what you have. They joke around, they listen to you, they care about your happiness … in bed too …" Leah said, "I want that. I'm tired of cranky, mean men who care about nothing but themselves." Jessica thought back to all the times that she saw Corey, Sean and the others.

Not once would she have classified them as cranky or mean. And everyone had known that Riley and Angus were pretty mean in the old days so she was pretty sure it would have been obvious to her. There had to be some major disconnect between how they behaved here and how they behaved at home. In either case Jessica wondered what kind of effort the women had put into improving their situation. "You know, none of this just magically happened." Jessica said, "There was a lot of hard work put into building our relationships so they worked for all of us.

There was a lot of negotiation, give and take. You'll only get out of it, what you put into it." "Well, they don't listen to us. They tell us what to do and we're expected to do it with no argument." Leah said. "So what are we supposed to do with that?" Sara demanded. "I guess you need to find a way to make them listen." Jessica said. "Make them listen. Hmmm." Amanda said. Sara, Justine and Amanda stared at each other as they seemed to rack their minds for ideas on how to get their points across.

"I'll be back." Jessica said heading to the bathroom. As she passed the table she noticed that in addition to Sean, neither Rick, Abe, Jim or Josh were at the table with the other men. She and Angus made eye contact as she went by and he gave her a knowing smile. Jessica smiled back. She couldn't deny it, when Angus looked at her she melted inside. Riley had just finished his dinner, put his knife and fork on the plate and pushed it away, when he looked up and met her eyes.

Scott was in the middle of a conversation with Chris and he looked up too … both gave toothy grins that made Jessica's heart jump and an overwhelming yearning between her legs. She wasn't watching where she was going and walked into what felt like a brick wall. Two solid arms slid around her and caught her when she bounced back.

She looked up to see Josh smiling down at her, a twinkle in his eye that made it clear that he didn't mind the situation in the least. Neither did Jessica. She slid her arms around him and pressed up against him hard. "Well, hello there." Josh said and slid his hands down to cup her butt. "Hi." Jessica said in a breathless whisper. She felt out of breath and she couldn't stop staring at Josh's lips.

She had the strongest urge to bite his lower lip. "Everything okay?" Jim asked from beside her and Josh. Jessica blinked. Jim had come from the bathroom and without thinking Josh slid his hands up from Jessica's butt to her hips and Jim slid in behind her, pressing up against her. Jessica leaned her head back against Jim's chest, ran her hands up Josh's chest, and sighed.

"How are Leah and Sara doing?" he rumbled into her ear. "Getting themselves pretty worked up." Jessica said giggling and tilting her head into Jim's when he nuzzled her neck.

"Oh, and you're not?" Josh purred into her other ear and kissed the other side of her neck causing Jessica to giggle and tilt her head against his. "Yes …" Jessica whispered, her lips fluttering over Josh's as he hovered them right over hers. "But it's not the same kind of worked up.

How about you? Are you getting anywhere with Corey?" "Hardly." Jim said sliding his cheek back and forth against hers. "Are they really that mad?" "I think some things were said that shouldn't have been." Josh said kissing her collar bone over her shirt, "Both Corey and Sean feel betrayed." "Because they're dating each other's sisters?" Jessica asked absent mindedly running the fingers of her left hand through Josh's hair and the fingers on the right through Jim's.

"That hardly seems worth feeling betrayed over. You guys have had way more reason to feel betrayed than that and you've worked through it. You should tell them that." "That may have to wait." Jim said. "Sean is pretty pissed at us for outing him and Sara." "What?" Jessica demanded straightening and causing Josh and Jim to straighten with her. "That was me not you guys." She said looking over her shoulder at Jim and getting momentarily distracted by the longing she found in Jim's eyes.

"It was Riley's decision to tell." Josh said leaning in to kiss her neck. "No." Jim said. "He really didn't have a choice." "What do you mean?" Jessica asked. Jim was doing that double jointed thing with his face again … his lips slightly upturned but his eyes, so serious, so hungry that Jessica felt like she was being sucked in to them. Their intensity worried Jessica for a moment but then they shifted slightly and seemed to sparkle while his smile broadened.

"None of us have a choice. Unless there's some impact to your well-being, we can't say no to you. Your wish is our command …" Jim said and leaned in to kiss Jessica.

"But, Riley had to think it was the right thing to do … to say something about it. He wouldn't do it if he thought it was wrong …" Jessica said.

"You thought it was the right thing to do, right? So, Riley did too." Jim said and he couldn't help but smile at the expression on her face. Her power over them seemed to disturb her. Jessica turned back to Josh who kissed his way up to her cheek. He leaned back and looked at Jessica when she cupped his cheek with her hand. "If you thought it was wrong to say anything about Sean and Sara you would've have kept quiet, right?" Josh shook his head and he had the same expression on his face that he'd had when he'd had his breakdown.

Kind of an entranced, devoted puppy look. Jessica's stomach dropped when she realized that Jim had the same expression. Panic overwhelmed her. Had Jim wigged out too? She turned back to look at Jim when from the direction of the kitchen table someone cleared their throat in a loud and emphasized way.

To Jessica it sounded like Scott. Jessica, Josh and Jim looked over at the table. Scott had obviously been the one to clear his throat. He, Riley and Angus all looked like they'd rather be involved in their conversation than sitting at the table with the others. And their expressions were the same as Josh and Jim's. Jessica's mind raced. What did that mean? Scott motioned Josh and Jim over with his head. And then Jessica noticed Corey, Chris, Caleb, Stan, Mark and Don looking over too.

Remembering what they'd overheard from the night before, Jessica looked away, feeling her cheeks heat up. "Were you going to the bathroom?" Josh asked, rubbing his hands up and down her arms. "See you in a bit then." He said, kissing her forehead, when Jessica nodded.

"Later." Jim said, kissing the back of her head and smacking her bum before she scampered down the hallway. "That was a conversation?" Chris demanded from Scott when Josh and Jim took their seats. Scott rolled his eyes at Jim and Josh. 'Sorry' Jim mouthed. "Damn. I want conversations like that." Stan said. "Conversations and sex." Corey said slamming his fist on the table. "I need to know how you got Jessica to like giving pleasure as much as receiving it.

Leah acts like I'm asking her to clean a toilet with her tongue or something and it's fucking frustrating." "I've already given you everything you need." Scott said when Chris, Corey, Stan, Dan, Mark and Caleb had bounced their expectant looks around from Riley, Angus, Jim and Josh, causing Riley, Angus, Jim and Josh to look to Scott for help.

Chris, Corey, Stan, Dan, Mark and Caleb looked to him too. "And we won't go into details. That's just not appropriate. But the one thing I will ask is how much attention are you paying to your own pleasure rather than hers?" "What? I take care of her …" Corey said. "Ah huh. Well, 'taking care of her' isn't good enough.

If you want her to want to please you, then your only goal should be to please her. Blow her socks off over and over again and it's just a matter of time before she wants to do the same for you. Trust me." "Really?" Caleb asked and looked completely dumbfounded. "Okay." Jim said scanning their faces and surprised to find that Corey, Stan, Don, Caleb, Mark and Chris all looked surprised by this news. "I guess I haven't had as many sexual experiences as you guys but you make it sound like women don't usually care much for some sex acts." "Hand jobs are usually no big deal, but blow jobs …" Don said, "You may get it the first time but then they start to crinkle their noses and act all shocked that you want them to actually swallow.

I mean, we don't get all squeamish about eating out their pussies …" "Yeah, but you enjoy that. Your pleasure that just happens to coincide with theirs." Scott said. "So this is common?" Riley asked Scott. "Oh yeah. Common complaint number one." Scott said, "Why do you think so many men go to hookers?" "I guess we're pretty lucky then." Angus said.

"Fuck yeah." Corey said. "Maybe we shouldn't be trying so hard to dissuade her." Angus said. "What we're doing is right." Scott said, "The last thing we want is to make her resent it." "Dissuade her?" Corey demanded, "Did you just say you have to dissuade her?" Just then the front door opened and Sean came in. He cast a dirty look in Corey's direction and then stalked over to the sofa where the girls still sat. "You're done dinner. Now go home." He growled.

"No." Leah said. "What the fuck!" Sean thundered and dragged Leah from the sofa by her arm just as Jessica came back into the living room. Jessica stopped and took in the scene. Just as Sean had grabbed Leah the men at the table had shoved back their chairs and moved into the living room. They all looked tense, including her men, which made Jessica feel queasy.

Jim spotted her out of the corner of his eye. He motioned her over and Jessica gladly slid under his arm and pressed tight against him. The other girls had jumped to their feet. "Let her go!" Sara yelled and gave Sean a shove. "Sara!" Corey said stepping closer. Leah's eyes fell on Jessica and Jessica was confused by the look of resolve that settled on Leah's face. Leah stuck her chin up at Sean and yanked her arm free. "You don't own me Sean. And this isn't your house.

You can't kick anyone out of it. I'm … we're …" Leah said motioning with her head to the other girls, "are tired of being treated like second class citizens by all of you men." She said casting her eyes over Sean, Corey, Stan, Don, Chris, Mark and Caleb.

"We want to be treated with the same respect that Jessica gets. You don't see her being sent home like some naughty little kid, or getting dragged around by her arm. And her men cook for her. So we're not going anywhere until you promise to treat us differently." "Maybe if you acted more like Jessica …" Corey muttered earning him a horrified look from Leah.

And when Leah's face turned red, Sean glared at Corey. "What's that supposed to mean?" Sean demanded, turning away from Leah and looking like he was ready to pound Corey into the ground. "If you'd talk to me I could explain it." Corey said but he looked embarrassed. Still glaring at Corey, Sean said, "Tell them to get the fuck out of your house Riley. Please." Riley looked over at Jessica. Her mouth was hanging open and she had that look on her face like she'd been falsely accused of something and couldn't figure out how to prove her innocence.

It was clear that she had not been aware of the girls' plans to rebel but it wasn't clear if she supported it or not. Riley could guess though. "What do you want me to do Jess?" he asked. Jessica was having a hard time keeping up with what was happening. Somehow she had become the weapon in the disagreement between the girls and the men in Sean's clan.

She hadn't wanted to be but she doubted that anyone, except maybe her men would believe that. She was dumbfounded and unable to think until Riley had asked her what to do.

The look on his face … Jim was right. Riley wanted to please her and he was going to get himself into trouble with Sean and the others because of that.

She could see the anger in Sean's face as he glared at Riley. She looked around at Scott, Angus, Josh and finally up at Jim and they all looked at her expectantly. That stirred something within her. A ferocious need to protect them … she recognized the feeling from the incident with Daryl. Pushing away from Jim she stepped forward. "I've been trying to stay out of your affairs." Jessica said, looking from Sean to Corey and then back again, "I don't know you that well so I figured I should keep my opinions to myself.

But that seems to have backfired on me and made Riley look like the bad guy. I was the one who told about you and Sara." She said to Sean, "Riley was just delivering the message for me. And so long as you're not hurting anyone …" Jessica nodded from Sean to Leah, "no one is being kicked out of here." She looked from Corey and Sean to the girls and then shook her head. "I don't understand you. You've lost so many loved ones in this war you have going on with the government.

And yet, you don't appreciate the ones you have left. Your little sister and your best friend want to be together ." Jessica said to Sean. "The two people in the world that you love most want to love each other. You should be happy about that, not mad. Corey wanted to tell you about this from the very beginning.

But Leah wouldn't let him because for reasons that you never explained to her, you've forbidden her from dating. Anybody. How realistic is that? And rather than being her protector and confidante you forced her to fear you and hide things from you. Does that make sense? And you …" she said turning to Leah. "have a brother who cares enough about you to, in his own deluded way, protect you. Even from his best friend.

That's not something to just throw away. One day he may be gone and you'll wish you took the time to work things out with him. So, this is what's going to happen. It'll be daylight for a couple more hours.

We," she said sweeping her men, Stan, Don, Caleb, Chris, Mark, Justine and Amanda with her gaze, "are going outside for those couple of hours. And you four," she said indicating Sean, Corey, Leah and Sara, "are going to work things out in here.

Hopefully you can get past your egos and salvage what you had. That's up to you … but please don't throw away what you have because you will regret it one day." Jessica gave a quick glance around the room and found stunned expressions staring back at her.

Jim and Josh were closest to her so she grabbed a hand of each and began walking to the front door. They trailed along behind her.

Outside she stopped. Riley, Angus, Scott, Don, Stan, Caleb, Chris, Mark, Justine and Amanda had followed her out. "Sorry." She said, "I guess I've got us all stuck out here." "Not a problem." Chris said looking her up and down, "You gave me something to think about." He added with a smile.

"And I'll do it walking the parameter. Justine, do you want to join me?" he added, holding his hand out to Justine. Justine nodded and took his hand. "We were going to head into town for the night." Don said, inclining his head toward Stan and Caleb. "Actually, I was hoping to spend some time with Amanda." Caleb said.

"Really?" Stan asked, clearly surprised and Don looked surprised too. "Yeah. Um, I kind of wanted to talk to all of you." Amanda said a pink flush coming to her cheeks, "Can we go into town together?" "Ah … okay." Don said in a bewildered way. Jessica gave Amanda a thumbs up when Amanda looked at her for support.

"What was that about?" Jim asked, taking her hand back into his. Josh was still holding her other hand. "Amanda wants to have a relationship with them." Jessica said.

"Really?" Scott asked. Jessica nodded. "I guess we make it look appealing. But, there's kind of a wrinkle. She also wants to include Quinn … from Tristan's clan?" she asked. "We've heard of him." Riley said. "That sounds …" Scott started.

"Tricky." Angus finished for Scott. "Yeah. I told her it may be awkward given that Quinn would be the odd man out. I think they may need your help with that." Jessica said. Riley nodded his head while stepping forward and cupping Jessica's cheek with his hand. "Are you okay? I hadn't meant to put you on the spot like that." "I'm fine. I guess I got a lot off my chest." She said with a smile. "I'm sorry that you miss your brothers so much." Angus said. He sounded so sad, and when Jessica looked at him it was obvious that he was forcing himself to maintain eye contact with her.

"We all miss somebody." She said. "So." She said exhaling and looking around the front yard, "What do you want to do for the next few hours?" "You mean aside from the obvious?" Scott asked wiggling his eyebrows at her.

"Yes, aside from that. I have my period, remember?" "Painfully aware." Josh said. "I got a request to stag out Ebony again." Scott said. "I figure that since it'll be a while still before you can ride Jess that I may as well do it. So, I should get him over to the client's farm. I'd invite you along Jess but the client is a member of another clan. I think it's better that you stay off his radar." "I won't argue about that." Jessica said. "We'll help you out." Jim said, and Josh nodded agreement.

"Got some work to do on the car." Angus said, "Wanna give me a hand? And it'll be friend time, promise." When Jessica looked at him skeptically. "I'll check on the dogs." Riley said when Jessica moved to Angus' side. "See you in a bit." ******************************************************* "They're still talking." Josh said jogging off the porch.

The sun was going down and he'd just stuck his head in the door. "Justine and I may take a trip into town then." Chris said. "Maybe go home for the night. If they're here," he tilted his head toward the house, "And you're staying, right?" he asked Abe and Rick who both nodded, "Then you should be covered for tonight. Right?" He asked Riley. "Go ahead. See you tomorrow." Riley said and smiled when he noticed that Justine and Chris were holding hands.

"We'll be fine out here." Abe said, "We'll do a couple of rounds of the parameter. When they finally call it a night, we'll come in." "That just leaves us." Jim said. "We can't very well setup our mattresses in the living room with them still there." "We could setup in the basement." Angus said, "Plenty of room there." "Not a good idea." Jessica said.

"There's no way out of there … believe me, I know." She said when the men looked at her in surprise. "We can go out the way we came in, I'm pretty sure." Scott said with a laugh. "We can't count on that if there's a fire." Jim said catching Jessica's drift. "Or an attack." Jessica added. "Good point." Riley said. "We can unlock the window." Angus suggested. "But the only one who could fit through that would be Jessica." Riley said. "So what option do we have?" Scott demanded. "There's no way we'd fit those mattresses in one of the bedrooms." "If we take the bed and dresser out we could." Josh said.

"Let's do it." Riley said. "I'm going to unlock that window downstairs." Angus said, "There's no reason to keep it locked now." He said by way of explanation, "And it could be a good escape route for Jessica." He added, pulling Jessica into his arms. Jessica went gladly and snuggled into his chest. "You look exhausted Jess." Jim said when she peeked out at him from Angus' embrace. "Why don't you take a bath while we get setup." Jessica nodded. She was feeling pretty tired. They were barely noticed by Sean, Corey, Sara and Leah while they snuck in and through to the back of the house.

Jessica was surprised by the lack of blood she found on her pad as she undressed. Normally she bled like a stuck pig. No pain and no blood, definitely the oddest period she'd ever had. She sunk into the water, feeling relaxed despite the sounds coming from the hallway as the men dragged the bed and dresser out of Riley's room. Not long after the men came into the bathroom. "We're ready. Whenever you want to come out." Jim said but to Jessica's pleasure he looked like what he wanted more than anything was to get into the tub with her.

The other men did too. "Jess." Riley said, "I know you find it gross but we really don't care if you're bleeding while we have fuck. And we really want to fuck. Do you think you could live with it … if we did … fuck? Right now?" Jessica felt a shiver of anticipation tingle over her. "I'm not bleeding much." She said, "If you don't care then neither do I." "Excellent." Scott said locking the bathroom door before hastily dropping his pants.

Soon all the men were naked. Scott climbed into the tub with Jessica. "Angus, put a towel over the side of the tub.

Jess, lean over the side, your ass on the outside." Scott said. "Jim, Josh, in here with me. You two work her breasts, and hold her by the back of the knees so her legs are spread. To avoid embarrassment Jess, you're going to suck me off while you orgasm.

No screaming okay? Keep your mouth on my dick. Angus and Riley, one of you eat her out, the other fuck her up the ass." "With pleasure …" Riley said rubbing her butt cheek as he knelt down behind her and handed a leg to Jim who was kneeling in the tub, and her other leg to Josh who was on the other side.

"You okay?" he asked when she teetered on the side of the tub in a frog like position. She nodded as Jim and Josh steadied her. Each pulled her knee as close to them as they could, parting her butt and pussy lips to their zenith.

"That's what I'm talking about …" Angus said bring his thumb to her anus and pressing it in. "Oh yeah …" Riley said, sliding onto his back under Jessica and looking at her pink, tender meat. "Do you mind if I take the tampon out?" he asked tugging gently on the string that hung out of her hole. "No," Jessica said breathlessly.

Riley pulled it out and tossed it aside. Jessica sighed when he slid his hand onto her wet meat and then a few fingers into her hole. At the same time Jim and Josh took a breast each into their mouths and Scott slid his cock between her lips. No longer worried about falling off the side of the tub, Jessica slid her hand along the shafts of Jim and Josh's cock, and began to stroke.

Pleasure shot through her when Riley's tongue and teeth met her pussy meat and Angus slid into her anus. Jessica began to make noise as pleasure mounted, Angus and Scott pumped, Riley nipped her clitoris, and Jim and Josh bit and pulled her nipples.

Scott clamped his hands around her jaw and cheek bones. "Suck Jess, suck … no noise. That's it …" he encouraged and moments later they all came. Hours later they lay in a tangled mess on the mattresses in Riley's room.

They had gone on for half an hour longer in the bathroom changing positions several times. Then they'd come to the bedroom and gone at it like crazy. To Jessica pleasant surprise the men made the hourly test ridiculously easy and she was able to service them without issue every hour. And somehow, she didn't know how, they brought her more intense pleasure than she'd experience before. Barely containing her screams. Jessica had her arms thrown around Jim.

She couldn't help but pulse her pelvis against him, warm swirls of tingling pleasure running through her. She rubbed his ear with one hand and kissed his chest. Angus lay with his head by her thigh, his face pressed against it. Riley, his head pressed against her butt, Josh's, the small of her back, and Scott's her shoulders.

"Jess?" Angus asked. Everyone had been silent and presumably asleep but Jessica kept moving her pelvis. "Mhmmm?" "What was the joke that you told Josh? That night Riley and I came home from a job? The last time we went out." "That was a good one." She said in a dreamy tone. "Fuck yeah." Josh agreed. The other men, roused themselves to listen too. "So, there's this old couple." She said in a lazy tone, "They're like ninety or something, and they just get married and go on their honeymoon.

They're in their honeymoon suite when the old guy goes for a shower. The bride gets naked, lays down on the bed and decides that she should do some stretching exercises to limber up for the night of sex.

So, she puts each of her legs behind one of the bed posts on the bed and then she gets stuck. So the old guy comes out of the shower, takes one look at her and says, 'For God sakes Bertha, comb your hair and put in your teeth!'" They all erupted into laughter, Josh and Jessica finding it just as funny the second time around.

Jessica felt Angus move away from her leg. Looking up she saw him leaning over her, looking at her face. "Not even light pink this time." He said brushing his lips over her cheek. "Nope." She said. "Not even my body is embarrassed around you guys anymore." "Good. That's good …" Angus said, kissed her cheek and went to lay down by her thigh again.

"We should get to sleep." Riley said. "Terry, Craig and Jay said they'd be here early tomorrow." No sooner had they said good night then they were all asleep.

**************************************************** Jessica lay panting in the grass. The next morning had come quickly, the physiotherapists arriving at six in the morning.

They'd skipped breakfast and gone out to get on with the physiotherapy. Jessica had been too groggy at first to wonder what had happened with Sean, Corey, Sara and Leah. But after an hour of exercise Jessica waited on the grass while Abe went to the bathroom and Terry went to refill her water bottle. They'd been hesitant to leave her alone but she had convinced them that the brush they were behind made it a well hidden place for her to wait.

And as she caught her breath she was beginning to wonder what had happened to Sean, Corey, Sara and Leah. A sound caught her attention and she looked up just in time to see Sean step out of the woods.

He was carrying a rifle and he looked just as surprised to see her as she was to see him. He scanned the clearing and seeing no one around he walked closer to her. He reached behind his back, produced a hand gun and handed it butt end to Jessica. "I guess I don't have to ask if you know how to use it." He said with a crooked grin, "You shouldn't be out here without protection." "Thanks." She said taking the gun, "Abe and Terry will be back in a minute." "I'm glad to see that you can look at me again." He said locking his eyes with hers.

"Oh, that. I'd just found out that you guys heard the men and I …" she said, her face flaming red, "the other night." She lowered her eyes. "I was embarrassed." Jessica was surprised when Sean sat down beside her. "Chris shouldn't have done that. I'm sorry." "Thanks." Jessica said forcing herself to look at Sean despite her embarrassment. "I'm glad I have a chance to talk to you alone." Sean said, "I wanted to say thanks for what you said yesterday. It smartened us up, a lot." "So things are okay?" "Not completely, not yet.

But they will be." "I'm glad." Jessica said. "Me too." Sean said. "Corey told me about the jam session he had with you, Scott, Jim and Josh. Do you think you'd do it again? I'd like to join in." "Yeah. Of course. Any time." Jessica said. "Sean?" Riley asked, appearing in the clearing with Abe and Terry. His eyes wandered between Sean and Jessica and he seemed to be searching for signs of trouble. "Hey." Sean said getting up. "Stumbled across Jessica out here alone. Gave her a gun." Jessica waved the handgun in the air as proof.

"Thanks." Riley said and visibly relaxed. "We're done for the morning." He continued, "And we figured we'd all go out to the pond for a swim. You want to join us?" he asked Sean. "Yeah, sure." Sean said. "I've gotta go." Terry said, "But I'll see you tomorrow. Same time." Jessica was beside herself with excitement all the way to the pond despite the fact that the men insisted she wear a t-shirt and shorts to swim in instead of a bathing suit, and the fact that the men didn't feel that she was well enough to ride alone so she'd had to double ride with Scott on his horse to get to the pond.

Sean, Corey, Chris, Sara, Leah and Justine came also and although they seemed to be feeling each other out and gradually adjusting to changes in their relationships, they seemed happy. Mark came also and Jessica still wondered how he was going to fit in to the changing dynamics of the clan.

He was partnerless. But Jessica couldn't see any evidence that it bothered him. Not even half an hour after getting to the pond, Jessica was drowsing in the sun, her head on Jim's lap when she heard horses approaching. Opening her eyes she saw Don, Stan, Caleb, Amanda and a fourth dark haired man who Jessica deduced was Quinn, dismount from their horses.

"Well I'll be damned." Angus muttered beside her and got up. "I guess they're going to give it a go." Jim said. Jessica got up and so did Jim. Riley, Scott and Josh had just gone for a swim. They climbed on shore dripping wet but moved toward the new arrivals. All the men converged, each taking turns shaking hands with Quinn. Justine, Sara and Leah had moved next to Jessica and Amanda drifted over too.

"They said yes?" Justine asked. Amanda nodded and looked back at her men. "They agreed to try. It is a little awkward and I really don't know how it'll work out. I kind of feel sorry for Quinn …" "You'll all have to be patient." Jessica said shielding her eyes as the group of men began to drift toward her and the girls. "Quinn," Amanda said taking his hand, "I think you know my cousins Leah and Justine … my friend Sara …" Quinn nodded a hello to each of the girls, "and this is Jessica." "I've heard a lot about you." He said putting his hand out for a handshake.

Jessica took it but couldn't help turn beet red, imagining exactly what he'd heard about her. "It was all good." He said in confusion as she turned even redder. "It's nice to meet you." Jessica said and was grateful when Angus distracted Quinn by asking about Tristan and the welfare of the other men in his clan.

"I'm sorry." Amanda said when the men had moved away, "I had to tell him about you and your men to explain why I thought our relationships would work. I didn't go into any detail, I promise." Jessica nodded though she was quite certain that even if Amanda didn't go into detail Don, Stan or Caleb probably had. But she shook off the embarrassment.

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Looking around the clearing she realized that with the exception of Abe and Rick, the group of people relaxing in the clearing were going to be part of her extended family.

She toyed with the notion of suggesting that Abe and Rick be invited also but she wasn't as confident in the probability of them leaving the clan as she was the others. They didn't have a long lasting relationship with her men and that was what she was gambling on being the key to getting them to agree to leave.

Eyeing Quinn, who stood talking to Riley, she realized that he too was a liability in the plan. "Let's swim." Amanda suggested. Jessica decided not to worry about the logistics of leaving until it got closer to the time.

"At least you get to wear a bathing suit." Jessica mumbled as Amanda pulled off her clothes to reveal a rather revealing bathing suit under them.

Someone had obviously called to tell her that they were swimming. Even Leah, Justine and Sara were only in their underwear. "It's part of my plan." She said, her back to the men, "Is it working?" "Plan for what?" Justine asked. "To assimilate Quinn and the others." Jessica looked toward the men and found Quinn, Stan, Don and Caleb staring at Amanda. "I think they're drooling." Jessica said. "Perfect. Come on." She said taking one of Jessica's hands and one of Sara's hands and dragging them to the pond.

Leah and Justine following. "And later we'll have to get help putting sun lotion on." Amanda added, stretching slowly and deliberately at the edge of the pond.

"You are bad …" Leah giggled. Jessica felt anticipation shoot through her as she looked over her shoulder again and found her own men watching her intently. "We definitely wouldn't want to burn." Jessica said and jumped into the water before her desire could become too obvious.

They'd been at the pond for most of the day and Jessica didn't have a chance to get even slightly pink. The second she was out of the water one of her men was lathering her up with sun screen. Which would have been nice if it hadn't been so distracting. She had to keep reminding herself that there would be plenty of time for sex later that night.

By the time they got back to the house it was dinner time. "You need some lawn chairs." Justine said to Jessica as the girls spread their towels out on the grass.

"Lawn chairs, on the list." Josh said as he walked by them on his way to the house. "What list?" Leah asked.

Jessica shrugged. "I'd like to know why we can't go in the house." Sara said. On their return Riley had told the girls to relax in the sun and to not, under any circumstances, come into the house. "That is curious." Jessica said while stretching out on the towel. "How do you think Quinn fit in?" Amanda asked. "He seemed to get along fine with everyone." Sara said.

"What the … ?" Justine said when Quinn, Scott, Sean, Corey and Chris came over each with a glass in his hand. Scott stopped in front of Jessica, Quinn in front of Amanda, Corey in front of Leah, Sean in front of Sara and Chris in front of Justine. "For you." Scott said bowing slightly and holding the glass out to Jessica. The other men did the same with their respective loves.

"Thank you." Jessica said taking the glass and sipping the fruity drink that was ninety percent rum. "What's going on?" Jessica asked. "Glad you asked." Chris said. "Steaks are on …" Quinn said wiggling his eyebrows at Amanda.

"And you ladies can just relax here while we serve on you hand and foot." Corey said. "Date night …" Jessica exclaimed. "That it is my dear." Scott said. "Date night?" Leah asked. "Food, drink, dancing … date night." Scott said and with a wink and a crooked grin, he turned and left.

The other men followed. "This could be interesting." Sara said. "You'll love it." Jessica said leaning back on her elbows. "I already do." Leah said lifting her glass in an air toast. Off in the distance Jessica could see Abe and Rick, rifles slung over their shoulders, heading toward the woods. Jim called their names and then jogged over to them.

Abe pointed at the woods. Jim shook his head and pointed at the house. They spoke a little more and then Jim planted his hand on Abe's shoulder. Abe and Rick looked at one another and then Abe nodded his head. Jim clapped Abe's shoulder again, and then Rick's as they all turned and headed back to the house. Jessica smiled. So it looked like the men liked Abe and Rick too.

That would be something to consider when deciding whether to take them with them when they left the clan. And Jessica was glad that Abe and Rick weren't going to be left out of the date night. They were dating after all. For the next hour the men waited on the girls. Pulling the chairs out for them every time they needed to get up from or return to the table.

They poured wine, served food, dessert, and then they danced. Abe and Rick rotated in with each of the girls but never showed any affection for one another. Jessica found it sad that they couldn't be themselves. But they seemed to be having fun anyway. Near the end of the night the girls sat on the sofa giggling. "Now that was romantic." Leah said. "I think we'll be calling it a night soon." Sara said, "And Sean asked me to come home with him." "I think we're all going …" Justine said, "Chris asked me too." "Abe and Rick will stand guard I guess?" Amanda asked.

"I guess." Jessica said. "Hey Jess. I heard that you're going to get your high school diploma." Leah said. "Yup." "Do you mind if we do too, with you?" Leah asked indicating the other girls. . continued in 8d