Meneo antes de que me rompan el culo

Meneo antes de que me rompan el culo
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Tina rode furiously through the woods on her old ten- speed. The chill autumn air blew hard against her face, blowing away her tears. She made a sharp turn down a random trail, not caring where she was going until she reached the top of a hill, where she stopped.

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Sniffling softly she dismounted her bike. She grabbed her purse and pulled out a cigarette, lit it, then sat down at the base of a tree. She inhaled a deep breath of smoke, exhaled slowly, then gingerly touched her right cheek. It stung.

She pulled out her rarely used compact (she didn't usually wear make-up) and examined her face in the mirror. It was hard to tell, since her face was red from the cold, but it looked like her cheek was already beginning to swell. Her fingers trembling, Tina put the compact away and took another drag from her smoke. She couldn't believe he'd actually hit her! She hadn't seen her father so angry in years, and though he was prone to giving her a swat on the butt when he was mad, he'd only rarely hit her before.

He'd certainly never punched her like this before, that was for sure.


Tina couldn't understand how such a little thing had set him off. Two days before Tina had found out that her semester grades had been high enough to keep her on the honor roll so to celebrate, she had drank a few of her dad's beers with Michelle. He'd been out of town for the weekend at the time, busy now that the holidays were over. He had returned while she was attending her first day of the second semester and found his fridge empty.

When she'd gotten home he'd immediately started screaming at her. She'd been shocked at his temper, and had tried to calm him down, but he was having none of it. Eventually she'd run to her room and locked the door, only to have him kick it in, demanding $150 for all the beer she'd stolen over the last year. She'd pleaded with him to calm down, but instead he'd hit her close-fisted right in the face.

He'd left her alone after that, storming out of the room while she cried pathetically on her bed. When she regained her composure enough she'd run out of the trailer, unlocked her bike, and taken off. Now she sat underneath a large, leafless tree, huddled against the sudden wind which had picked up. It was a bright sunny day but unusually cold for South Carolina, even for this time of year.

She smoked her cigarette quickly, then lit up another. I need to get the fuck out of there! she thought angrily to herself. I should tell a teacher, get him locked up. Suddenly there was a loud, high-pitched scream in the woods.

Tina jerked up and glanced around. It sounded like the scream had come from the other side of the hill. Standing slowly, she listened for more. She heard rustling in the trees a good ways off, and the sound of sobbing. It sounded like a girl, Tina thought. Deciding to investigate, Tina mounted her bike and took off quietly down the hill. When she reached its base she listened again, then turned right, towards the river.

Tina was familiar with these woods as they backed up onto the trailer park. She'd ridden through them ever since she was little and knew there was a crude "fort" constructed by the boys down near the river.

She decided the screams must be coming from there. As she approached the screams became more like a persistent crying. Tina's heart raced: either the boys were playing games or they were hurting someone. Neither would surprise the 16-year-old girl. She cleared another rise in the land and could see the fort. She was right: about eight or nine boys from the surrounding trailer parks (hers and the other two near the woods) were gathered in a semi-circle.

They ranged in age from 10 to thirteen, Tina figured, though she didn't recognize any of them specifically. They appeared to be laughing and tormenting someone. Suddenly that "someone" came into view. To Tina's surprise, it was a little girl! She was probably 10 or eleven, Tina thought, and was definitely the source of the screaming. Her bright yellow hair was disheveled and one of the straps of her pink overalls had been unhooked. One of the boys, the largest in the group, was holding her as she tried in vain to get away.

It looked to Tina like the boy was trying to get the other strap of the girl's overalls unhooked as well.

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"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!?!" Tina screamed in shock before she could think. The boys jumped in surprise, and looked over at her. One of them took off running at the very site of her, and a couple more looked like they were ready to. The boy holding the girl, however, didn't look phased. "Mind your business!" he yelled back. Tina peddled closer to the action as the little girl squirmed against the boy. "What're you doing to that girl!" Tina yelled.

"Gonna get a peak at her pussy," the boy yelled back. "NO!" the little girl cried. "I changed my mind! Lemmie go!!" Tina stopped. She was a good twenty yards away from them, and could tell the boy was serious. He looked like he was 12 years old or so, roughly Joey's age, and probably the group's leader. The other boys were looking suspiciously at Tina but seemed less intimidated already, their leader having displayed so much defiance.

"I'll go get the cops!" Tina shouted. "You'll all be in a world of trouble!" "Go ahead," the boy shouted back. "We'll be gone before they get here!" The boy seemed to be losing what little interest he had in Tina. He was back trying to unclasp the little girl's overalls. The scene before her was beginning to make more sense. The little girl had probably joked that she would show her pussy to them if she could join their group, but had lost her nerve on the way to the fort.

Tina spotted the girl's bike stuck in a bush: that, and the girl's dusty appearance, suggested she'd tried to get away. The girl looked desperate. She'd gotten in over her head and needed help. Tina could relate. "I'm serious!" she tried again. "Let her go!" None of the boys were paying attention to her anymore. The only person looking at her at all was the girl, her eyes wide and pleading for help. Tina felt frustration verging on hopelessness at the sight.

How could these boys be so MEAN?!? she thought. It occurred to her that the only boy their age she knew, Joey, would never participate in such a thing. The thought of Joey suddenly gave her an idea. Before she could think she yelled, "I'll show you mine instead!" The boys stopped again, and looked at her. Tina swallowed, her heart racing. The boys watched her. "You'll show us your pussy?" the lead boy shouted, obviously intrigued. Tina nodded. "Let her go. she's too little, anyway!

I got a real one!" To illustrate the point, Tina slid her left hand down to the bike seat, right over her crotch. The boys spoke softly to one another for a moment.

Tina watched the girl, who suddenly looked hopeful, though her eyes still streamed with tears of humiliation and fear. "Okay!" the first boy shouted back, putting his arms around the girl's chest to hold her tight.

"Give Tommy your bike, then we let her go!" One of the boys, Tommy, stepped toward her. Tina slowly got off her bike, unsure of what she'd gotten herself into.

When Tommy was close enough she held the bike up for him, and he ran back to the other boys with it. "Now get over here!" the lead boy ordered. For the first time so far he seemed unsure of himself, almost as if he were afraid of a set-up.

Tina walked toward the boys, aware that all of them were watching her closely. She was modestly dressed today, thank god, wearing a pair of loose fitting jeans, a blue wind-breaker jacket, and a black "Limp Bizkit" t-shirt. Her hair was tied back with a hair- tie, a few strands dangling in her face. She studied the boys again, now that she was closer. Tommy and the lead boy appeared the oldest, probably a little older than Joey, while the rest appeared to be a year younger.

They all wore jeans and t-shirts, no jackets despite the chill air, and were dirty from riding in the woods. "Well? Let her go!" Tina said, trying to sound authoritative. The lead boy grinned at her nervously, then let go of the little girl. She stumbled forward then paused, as if she wasn't sure what to do. "Go home," Tina said to her, kindly. "It'll be okay." The girl nodded and backed away.

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Tina watched as she picked her bike out of the bush, mounted it, and took off riding. "Okay," the lead-boy said. "Now it's your turn!" Tina nodded. She walked past the boys toward a fallen tree. She said, trying to sound casual, "You boys never seen a pussy before?" Most of the boys mumbled "No" excitedly, as if they couldn't believe their good luck: they'd expected a little 10-year-old to give them a peak, now they had a 16-year-old about to willingly show them!

The lead boy, however, said, "Yeah! I seen plenty before!" Tina nodded as she sat down on the log. "Besides your little sisters, I mean?" The other boys giggled. The lead-boy, looking angry, responded, "Yeah!

Plenty more!" "Okay," Tina said, grinning as she lit up a cigarette. "That's cool. But you're gonna see a real one now!" Tina was surprised at her own words, but was excited to be in control again. She unbuttoned her jeans as she took a hit from her cigarette, and unzipped the front. The boys gathered in close. There were eight of them, all vying for the best position to watch. A couple shoved at each other. Tina stopped. "Everyone will get a look!" she said sternly.

"No fighting! You, what's your name?" she said to the lead-boy. "Uhm. Frank," he replied. He still seemed suspicious, unprepared for this turn of events. "Help me with my shoes, Frank," Tina ordered. The boy quickly obliged, bending down at her left to begin fumbling with her shoe. "You, Tommy, get the other one," Tina said. She sat and smoked as the two kids busily untied her shoes.

She WAS in control again! She grinned slyly at the other boys. "Who wants to help with my pants?" she asked. The boys' hands shot up as they yelled out, "Me, me!" in excitement. Tina pointed to one of the younger ones.

His round face flushed and he grinned stupidly as he stepped forward.


Her shoes off, now, Tina gestured for the boy to grab her pant legs, which he did. She lifted her butt off the log with her hands, cigarette dangling from her lips, and the boy pulled.

In one swift motion her jeans came off, and Tina was naked from the waist down. She shivered as she sat her butt back onto the log, the cold causing goose-bumps to form on her naked thighs. "Whoa!" the group gasped as one. "She ain't wearing underwear!" one of the boys pointed out. Tina blushed slightly, having forgotten that it had been a school day which, according to her bet with Michelle, meant no panties.

"Okay," Tina said, trying to remain casual and in control despite her sudden nudity. "Form a line!" she ordered. The boys immediately complied. There was some shoving as the stronger boys made their way to the front, but soon a line was in position right in front of where Tina sat.

"Okay," Tina nodded to Frank, who was the first. "Get closer. okay. Now get on your knees!" The boy eagerly did. He was kneeling before her, his nose nearly touching the space between her closed knees. The older girl looked around at the other boys, attempted to make her nervous smile coy, then slowly spread her legs apart. She studied Frank's face with interest. It was as if he'd just discovered the Lost City of Gold: his innocent eyes widened at the site of her lightly fuzzed pussy.

Tina reached a hand down to it, suppressing the rush of excitement she felt, then used her first two fingers to spread apart the labia. The boy made a gasp: he'd obviously never seen a real vagina up close before.

She smiled at the look on his face, not caring about how perverse the situation must look: a 16-year- old girl showing a little boy her privates.

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After a few seconds Tina declared, "Okay, next!" Frank reluctantly got up after Tina shut her legs together again.

She got a similar reaction to the next boy, Tommy, after she was done showing him. She moved straight down the line: each boy getting about 30-seconds to stare at her naked pussy. It gave Tina a perverse thrill to show these boys herself so crudely, especially when they made their little gasps of astonishment and disbelief. Her teeth began to chatter from the cold air and, try as she might, she found herself unable to prevent herself from growing damp.

She decided she didn't care: first of all, these inexperienced boys probably wouldn't notice, and second of all, she was way too turned on to care about much anything! One of the younger boys, during his turn, tried to reach out and touch her. She slapped away his hand, mostly because she figured it was unfair to let this one get a feel when the others hadn't. The boy had grinned at her, leaned in closer instead, and whispered something. "What'd you say?" she asked, finding her voice strained.

"Nuttin'," he grinned sheepishly. "I just think it's real pretty!" When the last boy was done Tina found herself not wanting it to be over. Emotionally, she felt like she'd just had sex but hadn't cum.

The boys were still standing around, watching her, as she lit up another cigarette. She made no move to put her pants back on.

In fact, she found herself eyeing them playfully when she noticed that most of them sported little erections in their pants. "I got an idea," Tina said, her heart suddenly pounding in her chest. The boys all froze, listening with interest. "I want to see what you got, too," she smiled. The boys looked uncertain, probably too embarrassed to get naked in front of each other.


"I'll tell you what," Tina said. "Whoever has the biggest one can touch my pussy." A couple of the boys, looking too embarrassed, shook their heads and made excuses, then left. The other six remained. "How will you tell whose is biggest?" Frank asked, uncertain. "A girl can tell," Tina grinned. "Come on, don't be babies!" The remaining boys looked at each other nervously, but had begun unzipping their pants already.

They made stupid, nervous jokes to each other, then stood awkwardly with their pants around their ankles. Tina watched excitedly: most were lightly fuzzed with the beginning of puberty, but a couple were still completely bald. All of them were small compared to, say, Leon, but Tina didn't care. She found herself growing wet at the site of the six young cocks hanging out before her. Tina stood up and walked up and down the row of boys. She bent over to more closely examine a few, something she found exhilarating!

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She'd squat slightly, not caring that her pussy widened when she did, and say things like "Hmmm." and "I dunno.". The truth was, she wasn't really paying much attention to the sizes.

She was just enthralled! Finally she stopped at Tommy. "Yours is definitely the biggest!" she declared. The other boys made sounds of disappointment, especially Frank. She turned to him and said, ". but yours is close, though." Frank looked hopeful. "Tell you what. can you boys share?" "Yeah!" Tommy nodded.

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"Sure," Frank shrugged. "The rest of you better leave," Tina said. "That girl might send cops, and they'll be lookin' for a group!" Frank nodded his agreement, and soon most of the boys had filed away in disappointment, mounting their bikes and riding slowly away.

The truth of the matter was, Tina didn't really think that little girl would send anybody: she just felt she could be more "exploratory" if the boys didn't have their friends in audience. When the other boys were out of site, Tina took a seat again on the log.

"Okay," she said, "each of you sit next to me." Frank and Tommy quickly complied. When she was settled, Tina took Frank's nervous right hand and slowly placed it between her legs. "Go ahead," she said softly, "feel it!" She started at his touch, so inexperienced and unsure. She nodded encouragement.

"It's okay, that's good! You ever feel a girl down there before, Frank?" "No," he gasped, his eyes locked on the site of his hand cupping the 16-year-old's pussy. "You're doing well," Tina sighed. She relaxed and let the boy explore her.

She was very damp now, something Frank quickly learned when his finger slid deeper between the folds of her labia. "Oh," Tina started. "Gently, Frank. just rub your finger up and down the slit." "When can I go?" Tommy asked impatiently.

Tina opened her eyes and smiled over at him. "Okay, you can go now. Just like Frank was doing. that's right! "You boys learn quick!" she added, boosting their confidence. The boys alternated their explorations of her teenage vagina as Tina gave them instructions.

Soon, she had gotten the two boys to unwittingly get her to the verge of orgasm. She squirmed her naked butt on the rough bark of the log, now, immense pleasure rolling across her young body. "You can press it in," she gasped when Tommy, whose turn it was, reached the hole of her vagina.

He quickly complied and Tina made a long, low mewing noise. "I wanna try!" Frank yelled, pushing his friend's hand away from her. Tina didn't care, as soon it was Frank's finger squirming up inside her pussy.

He was rougher than his friend, but Tina didn't care. "Oh God, yeah, you boys are good!" Tina panted. She was having a hard time sitting still, her body writhing in place as the boys penetrated her damp vagina. Suddenly she noticed that Tommy was rubbing himself as he watched Frank finger her. Without even thinking she reached out to grab his hard little cock.

"Hey!" he gasped, jumping away. "It. it's okay," Tina panted. "Let me do that for you." Tommy swallowed and resumed his seat right next to her. Again she reached out, this time gently wrapping her hand around his penis.

She shuddered at the feeling of his little member in her hand, then slowly began to jack him off. Of course, Frank wanted that, too, and Tina complied. She wrapped her other hand around his small shaft and gently stroked him, too. Soon she was jerking them both as the boys alternated their fingering of her hole. The boys definitely lacked experience, but the perversity of it all (she'd never done anything with more than one guy) made up for it: Tina felt herself heading toward an unbelievable orgasm.

The boys, she quickly discovered, didn't take long. Tommy was first: his boy-cum shot out of the head of his penis without warning, and what was left dribbled down her hand as she continued to jerk. Frank quickly followed suit and his cum, too, shot out into the dirt then leaked into her fist. Right then she came, just as Tommy tried to pull his finger away from her pussy. She stopped him, gripping his hand forcefully with her cum-stained hands, forcing his finger to remain up inside her.

She ground herself against his finger, practically masturbating herself with it. "Ughhhh!" she moaned. Her orgasm rippled across her body until, finally, she too was done.

The two boys stood, suddenly looking embarrassed, and pulled their pants back on. Tina just sat there feeling sublime, and lit yet another cigarette. "Thanks, boys," she said softly. "Yeah," Tommy nodded to her. Frank grinned. "Thank you," he said. They headed over toward their bikes and got on.

Frank peddled over to her, and stopped. He looked at her with a nasty little expression. "So, you're what a slut's like, huh?" Tina's eyes widened in surprise. Before she could respond the two boys rode away quickly, their laughter filling the air. She shook her head in disgust. Fucking assholes! What do you expect? she thought. They're just kids! Tina sighed deeply, the usual feelings of guilt this time being suppressed by the notion that she'd done a good deed: she'd saved that little girl from those little pricks.

Tina quickly dressed, then got back on her bike. She didn't want to go home. She didn't want to stay in the woods, or else she might start to feel guilty, and she was in no mood for that: she wanted to feel sorry for herself, for getting hit by her dad.

She rode off toward the other side of the woods, which would take about a half an hour to get to. Once there, she decided, she'd go over to Michelle's house.

Maybe even see if she could spend the night. I'm not a slut, she thought to herself again. I'm a hero! I saved that girl. ==================== END OF CHAPTER THREE ====================