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College lovely girl sucks rock hard cock
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Finding a Boyfriend for Our Mom * Jeff and Lyn joined forces to find just the right guy for their mom. She was very shy. They came up with a plan to 'inspire' her to overcome her shyness. Unlocking her shyness released something none of them expected.* __Talking with my sister Lyn, we figured mom needed a boyfriend.

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Dad was gone now and she didn't date or even try. She had a hot body and sexy looks just going to waste. Lyn said: "We've got to make her real horny." That was bottom line, get her real horny and she would go looking for a hot guy. Our plan was simple to us but&hellip.we never figured mom had some hidden desires of her own that came to the surface. Lyn and I had only had some playful feels of each other, but she had boyfriends and I had girlfriends that we had sex with.

How to make mom horny was what we talked about that afternoon. Mom would never watch porn so that was out. Lyn suggested we could put on a 'show' for her then.

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Lyn would dress in tiny tops and shorts, and I would wear tiny under wear and we would purposely parade in front of her. This was the beginning of our attempt to make mom sexually aroused. A simple thing to do to get mom all horny. She wouldn't look at us. She ignored us…so we increased our visual show for her into touching us. We would hug each other and talk quietly and let her catch us doing it.

This got her attention finally. She would smile and say how nice it was that a brother and sister got along so well. Results& we took it to the next step. We did feel ups on us as she watched. She blushed at first, but didn't stop us. Lyn and I started enjoying this more and more.

Mom watching us just increased the enjoyment we were having. We increased it. I got big boners and Lyn started fondling it as we hugged and even did some kissing. Mom was starting to get aroused. We let her catch us laying on her bed and Lyn on top of me. She was grinding her pussy on my boner as we were kissing with more passion now. Mom walked in her bedroom and watched us, but never said a word, just a far away stare at us.

She slowly came over and at first sat on the bed sideways. Lyn and I just kept on feeling and kissing us. Mom acted like she was in a trance and slowly laid down beside us to watch. Now we were getting someplace with mom.

She was showing her arousement. Her breathing. Her pink face. Her twitch in her legs were all the signs Lyn and I saw that let us know. Lyn whispered very quietly in my ear: ("Mom's hot.tee hee.") We hadn't intended for this to happen, but Lyn and I were enjoying this little 'show' we were doing for mom… a little to much.

Putting our hands on each other was giving us a new sex thrill we 'thought' we had under control. Damn, I just didn't realize what a hot body my sister had. Her twitching her pussy on my boner for 'show' was getting to me and her. Lyn finally said to mom: "Mom…you need to get a boyfriend to play with. Your missing out on a lot of fun." Mom kept her far away look and scooted close to us.

She put her arm over Lyn's back and rubbed it. She softly said: "You two are so beautiful together. I had no idea watching you would be so stimulating." Mom's thought back…… I've always been so shy, even as a young teen. Some boys would feel me up and couldn't say no or even stop it. I let them feel my titties and put their hand in my panties. I was to embarrassed to say anything. They took advantage of this and felt me up every chance they got&hellip.I secretly loved the attention and let them feel me anytime.

At school, behind trees, behind a house or anywhere where we wouldn't get caught. I liked it more and more. Watching Jeff and Lyn do it brought back those wonderful memories but now&hellip. I wished&hellip.Jeff would feel me like he does Lyn.

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When I touched Lyn's body is was hot&hellip. just like mine use to get.

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I never felt those boys in return like I had desires to, but now&hellip.I want to feel Jeff like Lyn's doing. I'm still to shy to do anything…but …If I could just 'let' Jeff feel me, I wouldn't stop him… that would be so thrilling. I'll have to figure a way&hellip.maybe…a innocent massage from Jeff …or&hellip.omg…I'm planning for my own son to molest me&hellip.but no one will know, and I'll ask him to keep it a very top secret between us&hellip.he'll understand…I'm so excited over this, now I getting wet between my legs…omg…it feels so good…I haven't fingered myself since I was a teen…I'll go take a shower where no one will ever know&hellip.

I'll let the shower wand give me that…feeling I get…If I close my eyes I'll pretend it's Jeff's fingers…omg…I'm so wet right now&hellip. Jeff&hellip. Lyn and I just left it at that and we figured we had made mom horny and she would want to get a boyfriend now&hellip.except&hellip.a week went by and two things happened.

I passed Lyn in the hallway and she stopped.

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She whispered: ("I miss you Jeff…I.")she threw her arms around me and kissed me hotter than my girlfriend. I froze for a second and then&hellip. all our passion broke loose. Oh damn…this wasn't suppose to happen. I realized I was horny for my own sister&hellip.and bad. Mom was downstairs and we let go of our taboo resistance.

Her hand went inside my pants and mine went under her top and bra.

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We just let it happen as it was the hottest sexual feel up ether one of us had ever had. I think the taboo and mom being just right down stairs just added to the passion of our 'naughty' actions. We were both shocked and could only moan quietly to each other. Our whispers finally came out as she stroked my boner and I now ran my finger down her slit and in her sweet wet pussy. ("…oh god…we have a problem Jeff…I want you so bad…but we just can't&hellip.can we?") Lyn said.

I replied: ("…I don't care about rules now…, your so beautifully sexy…I want you sis…we just have to be all secret about it, ok?.") Lyn…… I had no choice&hellip.I wanted him so bad I said: (".yes"…can you…maybe come to my room tonight?…we'll have to be quiet so mom never hears us. I've never been this hot in my life Jeff, we just have to keep it our 'top secret' thing…we have to leave now.") I kissed him as our tongues felt our last feels for a while.

I ran to the bathroom to change my panties and shorts&hellip.they were all wet in the crouch&hellip. Mom&hellip.

…my excited mind was racing with thoughts. When! When!…I was so anxious to feel Jeff's hands on me and feeling my tits and pussy.

While I was walking around the house in a daze, I hear him come down the stairs. Now I looked at him in completely different way. He looked like his dad and I wanted him to do like his dad did&hellip.feel me up in a dark place and& he comes. I'm in the den when he comes in. He comes up behind me and hugs me&hellip. Something is real different. Him and Lin have got me all fired up&hellip.his hug is a long lasting one that is melting me fast.

He says: "Mom, you deserve a cool guy to love you like I do and make you happy." I gulped as his hands went up and down my body. He'd never done that before, so loving and warm…and I didn't even think first about what I was about to say: "I have you Jeff, that's all I need.

Feel me and you'll make me so very happy." Did I just say: 'feel me?'&hellip.omg…he'll think I'm a weirdo mom&hellip.but he's doing it slowly… Here comes my personal thrill again only 10 times stronger. I put my hands on his,…and moved them under my blouse.

I'm not wearing a bra as guide them to feel all over my tits. I leaned back on him and then I feel what I use to feel&hellip.a big lump in my butt crack&hellip.he had gotten an erection over me? Oh god…keep going my Jeff…I'm going to euphoria land as the feelings I'm getting are beyond anything from the past&hellip.just keep going… Jeff&hellip. I didn't expect mom to react this way but I didn't care, she felt wonderful and wanted me to do this.

I was getting ready to have sex with my sister, and now mom is getting all horny with& I remember accidentally seeing dad feel her up and her going all horny in his arms…she must really like it…so I'll give her a little thrill from the past… I'll let her take my hands where she wants them.

I hope she doesn't mind my boner in her ass, because I have no choice about that. She seems so happy doing this, some guy is going to get a hot girl if he hooks up with her. Omg&hellip.she putting my hand under her short skirt and inside her&hellip.omg&hellip.she has no panties on&hellip.I feel her soft bush on my fingers. She's guiding my hand up and down her slit&hellip.she's really wet…she's spreading her legs and pushing my fingers in her slit…I think …'mom.I can't take this&hellip.I might just cum in my pants' &hellip.might?…oh jez she's backing her ass right into my boner and wiggling it& she's reaching back and putting her hand down my shorts.


I'm thinking…what happened to my shy mom?…oh my…she strokes me and feels the head of my boner& late as my cum comes shooting out all over her hand…she's moaning, stroking my boner and bumping her ass against us&hellip. Mom&hellip.

&hellip.oh god…I did it&hellip.I got to feel him in return…just what I wanted, something his dad never let me do& cum shooting on my fingers…I orgasmed so intense… I'm trembling all over&hellip.

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Jeff&hellip. …I can't believe what just happened…that was the best hand job ever! I'd never had a girl orgasm while I had fingers in her pussy, that was awesome!…her pussy moved inside and squeezed on my fingers&hellip. Mom moaned the sweetest little moans as she leaned her head back on me. She whispered: "&hellip.oh Jeff… that was so heavenly erotic, next time we'll close and lock the door and do this 'naked'& will be 'our' little secret…we'll never tell anyone what we do…will we?" I was to stunned to answer&hellip.

Mom had become this horny sex machine, and I was the object of her sex play. Now my thoughts bounced between wanting to fuck my sister and…I could hardly even think about having sex with mom&hellip. Mon, sis, mom, sis& head was buzzing and now I had a boner that wouldn't go down. This was getting crazy, my life had taken a turn and I was in pussy heaven&hellip. That night real late, I snuck into sis's room very quietly.

I carefully crawled in bed with her. Oh damn…she was naked and waiting. We were like two powerful magnets. It was like 'slow motion' as our arms and legs wrapped around us. I was very hot under her covers. We let it happen and got me naked. We took our time and quietly kissed and licked our bodies.

She was a young version of mom and I got double the excitement. I had to tell her about what happened with mom. She was super excited said right off: (".are you going to have sex with her Jeff?") I didn't answer. She said: ("…do it!, do it!, she'll want to get a boyfriend for sure when she has some sex again!") Again I didn't answer, as all I could think about was having sex with her right now.

We continued our hot foreplay as Lyn was very aroused and put me on top of her. Around came her legs and she put my boner in her wet pussy. Fucking her in the dark was awesome. She buried her mouth in my neck as she tried not to moan.

Her little tiny pleasure sounds just made it all the more exciting for the both of us. We had to slow fuck to keep any noise down…we began to lose our breath and I felt a big cum building up. Damn she was a good fuck as her hips gyrated her pussy on my cock. When she whispered: ("…oh god Jeff…I'm climaxing!") I let got with a hot blast of cum that made both shake all over.

Our bodies slow twisted in euphoria. We were going crazy with pleasure beyond any know limits we had. We pulled us together tight and fucked hard as shot after shot of cum filled her tight pussy&hellip. We fell asleep locked together. The next day in school I could only think of Lyn and mom. I was at my wall locker when Lyn came up and whispered in my ear: ("…oh god Jeff, you gotta have sex with mom…now I know she'll go get a boyfriend.") She looked all around until no one was looking and softly kissed me on the cheek.

Now I had a boner problem. Jacket around my waist hid it. Lyn&hellip. Now I had way more than a crush on my brother, I was falling in love with him. It was purely a selfish move on my part. I wanted him to have sex with mom so she'd go get a boyfriend, and I could have him all to myself.

Jeff had given me the love jitters in my tummy and I liked it. Mom could go get her own guy and leave Jeff all for me. Jeff&hellip. School was over and I rushed home. I went in the den. It was all dark. Mom closed and locked the door. She was naked.


She turned and put her back to me. I knew she wanted to be fondled just like dad did. I got naked with her and put my arms around her.

My boner went right between her open legs. She began to moan and breath hard as I felt her wonderful tits. She leaned back on me and just let me feel her body.

I felt her damp bush as she moaned so sweet. I stuck two fingers in her wet pussy. I moved my cock back and forth between her legs. She put her hand on mine and as I fingered her thrusting pussy. She then reached between her legs and felt my cock. She slipped it in her pussy.

Mom&hellip. …at last…I had always wanted to do that and now it was happening. Dad never fucked me from behind…ever…and neither had any of those guys. I bent over the desk and I felt Jeff's body lay on my back. I slow fucked at first…but I was just to excited and reached back and held Jeff's legs…faster…deeper as my body sped up with the wonderful feeling I was having.

Oh yes.oh yes …oh god.oh baby …do me…Do me Jeff! &hellip.go baby I'm cuming baby…oh god yes!!!! Ohhhhhhh&hellip.jezzzzzzzzzzzz. I …I&hellip.felt…it as I climaxed so high…hot cum…lots of hot cum being thrust in me…I fucked him so hard &hellip.until I just let him finish me off…his warm hands on my body…my tits…my hips…he did it all&hellip.I felt his kisses on my face and neck.

My legs had no power left, but my pussy spasmed over and over&hellip.he collapsed on my back and left his cock in me so wet, nice and hot&hellip. * Lyn had both her hands in her panties. She had two fingers in her pussy and was rubbing her clit vigorously with the fingers on her other hand. She was trembling, hot and breathing hard. She had her eyes closed and her ear tightly pressed to the den door… Smiling&hellip.