Amateur hunk showing his feet while masturbating

Amateur hunk showing his feet while masturbating
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She was a manager and I was a supervisor for another department. Even though she wasn't my immediate manager I went to her a lot for advice and instruction.

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Not only because she was smarter than my manager but, Jen was also more attractive. Jen was really busty for height and normally I wouldn't find that attractive but she somehow managed to pull it off. Her light latina skin always balance well with her long dark hair.

She always has her hair down, she said it was more professional than having her hair up, never understood that logic behind that. Regardless she was beautiful. We were friendly at work and agreed on a lot of things, we hung out a few times when all the store managers and supervisors would go out and get drinks after closing. She and I ended up developing a friendship outside of all of that.

We started hanging out just us two. We talked about everything movies, music and just life in general. Up until that point wasn't aware any other person on this planet shared my taste.

She was great, she was only a few years older than me but I never felt on the same level as anybody else. One night we were texting each other and she asked me if I would come over to her place and hang out with her.

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She was feeling down and wanted someone to drink with. I told her no at first because I had to open the next, but she insisted, and I finally gave in. When I got to her place all the lights were off except the one in the kitchen. I thought it was a little weird at first but the drinking games began. After I lost a few times I didn't even notice anymore. It actually set a nice ambience. I did notice that Jen was getting more hands on as the night went on.

She started off with her arm around my shoulder, then her hand casually place on my thigh, then we started to play footsy, and then finally our hands interlocked. That's when I finally noticed that her hair been pulled back into a ponytail.

I have never seen her do this and I couldn't help but to just stare at her. I thought she was beautiful, but she caught me starring at her and blushed. She asked why was I starring at her and I told her why. At that moment a light went off in her head and a smile erupted onto her face. "Let's go swimming," she said. I thought it was great idea in my drunken state but then immediately realized I did not bring swim shorts.

I brought it up to her and she replied, "You're a guy swim in your underwear!" I chuckled at the idea and finally agreed. She then turned around and went upstairs to her room to change. Moments later she came back down in a pink two piece bikini. I started to stare again, this was the first time I saw this much of her. Her body was athletic but not too skinny either. I instantly started to fantasize about the remaining clothed parts of her body.

She called me out on my starring and I snapped back to the moment. She grabbed my hand and led my outside to her pool. It was dark outside the only light coming from several lights from pools underwater lights. She then commented about my clothes.

"Are you going to go swimming with all that on?" "I was distracted" I replied with a chuckle. "Well, let me help you out." She stepped in closer and placed her hand under my shirt.

Touching my chest as much as she could she took off my shirt and tossed it away. She then put her hands under the waist band of my jeans and unbuttoned them. My jeans fell to the ground. We stood close together for a minutes just staring at each either, I was trying to anticipate her next move. I didn't see it coming but she then shoved me in the pool. When I came up for air I caught the last glimpse of Jen diving in.

I watched her body underwater as she came closer and closer. She came up for air right in front me. She had a smile on her face. "Are you going to kiss me or what?" She has always had a dominate personality, the comment was a trigger in my head. I instantly kissed her.

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Jen's lips were soft and her tongue was warm. I started to kiss her neck at the same time I was moving my hands from waist to her breast. I had just gotten my hand under her bikini top when she dunked my head under water. I stayed under there for a while, I thought I pissed her off, and I was angry at myself for trying to go that fast.

I thought for sure she was going to ask me to leave. I came up slowly, only to see Jen sitting on the pools ledge. I cautiously swam over fearing Jen's anger. As I approached she opened her legs to reveal she had removed her pink bikini bottom. She was cleanly shaven and glistened from the water beading around her lips. "Do you want it?" she asked in almost a whisper, all I could do was nod my head.

She forced my face into her pussy. She was sweet and her smell turned me on. I tongued her pussy and slowly dragged my tongue across her labia then her clit.

She grabbed the back of my head and almost ripped my hair out. I positioned my lips in between he labia and sucked her clit into my mouth. Then I started to flick her clit with my tongue. Her grip on my head tightened and I started to go faster.

Her moaning became louder, that's when I started to finger her.

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Soon after that my mouth filled with liquids. She was a squirter! I instantly became hard. She fell onto her back and I started to kiss the inside of her thighs. She sat up and looked at me, she looked down through the water and saw my hard on. She smiled, "Now, I want that." She grabbed my hand and led me out of the pool and back inside her house to her room.

She pushed me backwards onto her bed and started to kiss my stomach. Using only her teeth she removed my underwear. She stood there and slowly removed her bikini top and threw it onto my face. As soon as I removed it she was already licking the shaft of my penis. Long slow licks along the entire shaft.

She repeated it several time before finally taking the tip into her mouth. She tried to take all of me into mouth several times but gagged each time which only turned me on more. I finally decided to be the aggressive one and grabbed her and threw her onto her bed.

I started to kiss her neck while holding her hands above her head. I was stronger than her so it was very easy for me to single handily keep her held down. With my free hand I began to finger her little to get her wetter than she previously was.

Once she started moaning again is when I decided to penetrate her. I first rubbed the tip of my dick into her moist pussy and pushed it in.

She was so tight. I began to thrust harder and harder and Jen's moaning was just turning me on even more. I watched her breast bounce with each thrust.

I couldn't take it anymore and started to suck on her nipples. This only made her moaning louder and made me harder. Even though I was holding her down she was still in control. "From behind, please get me from behind." She said it soft at first and I ignored her. Then she started saying it louder. "I want it from behind, bend me over." This time I thrusted harder to shut her up and it worked for a while. Then she started to yell.

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"Fuck me from behind damn it!" I finally gave in and rolled her over onto her hands and knees. I grabbed both her wrist and held her up from behind. I was getting deeper into Jen's pussy than I was before and she liked it, her pussy started overflowing with her juices.

Before long her moaning turned to her screaming and louder she became the harder I fucked her. Then abruptly I stopped and began to lick her asshole. She had to know what I was going to do but she didn't stop me so I kept going. I was moving my tongue in circles around her anus and her moaning continued.


Her ass was now dripping with her juices and my salvia. I started to rub the tip of my dick into her ass and Jen moaned loudly. Then I slowly started to push my dick into her tight ass hole. I was moving slowly at first and the Jens commands came out, "Faster, fuck me faster!" That's what I did.

I was thrusting as fast as I could and with a loud scream I felt Jen released all of juices. She squirted again. I pulled out giving us both a break for a minute but then she got on top of me. Once on top, "Tell me when you're going to cum, I want it all in mouth" she whispered it into my ear.

Once again with nothing to say I nodded my head. She slide my dick back into her ass and began to ride me. Her breast moving in sync with her movements I began sucking on them again. This time I bit them ever know and again just to hear her let out a loud moan. She was riding me hard, every now and again she would start sliding her ass to where my tip almost come out then she would slam her tight ass back down on my dick.

Each time she did it, it brought me that much closer to cumming. I was loving what I saw Jen's body over me, her breast and her glistening pussy. She saw that I was looking at it and forced my fingers into it. This made her ass even tighter. It felt great for me I could only imagine how it felt for her. She started to ride me even faster and once again she became louder.


I knew it was coming, she was going to squirt again. So I started to rub her clit while I fingered her and sure enough she squirted all over my chest. She took a moment to take a breather and she started again, sliding her ass up and down my dick. She looked at me, "Don't forget, I want you to cum in my mouth.

I have a surprise and you better not stop me." I looked back at her with a eager look, "Oh I didn't forget." She started her rhythm again, fucking me harder and harder as time progressed.

I felt my cum swell up inside of me. I held on as long as I could but with Jen intentionally trying to make me cum I couldn't help it. I signaled her that I was about to cum and she started to suck my dick. I filled her mouth with my cum it felt like it was never going to stop, and she swallowed it all, but she didn't stop she kept sucking the pleasure was too much and I tried to stop her but she swatted my hand away. Then I came again, but the same thing happened she wouldn't stop.

This time I didn't even try and stop her I just let her keep sucking. I came two more times. She swallowed all four louds, as she got up she was licking her lips. The alarm on my phone started going off, "Well shit, guess I have to go to work" "Don't worry, I'll see you there."