Nasty Time In the Shower

Nasty Time In the Shower
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I guess I had been successful in business- starting at 16 I had washed cars, selling a few by the time I was 18 and could drive. I started a garage, rented, sold and repaired my way to a decent living. Then when I was 25 I started limo hire and that's what took off. I moved into hospitality organizing the whole deal for a great executive outing-including of the course the limos. So here I was at 50, a millionaire with a great mansion and pool.

My wife and accountant had left me with my business partner (some 15 years my junior) and we had divorced a couple of years ago (cost me a bundle) and was the end of the company. However, I had started again, nothing too grand this time, and I now worked from home managing only the most lucrative of clients with my personal attention from a small office out by the pool terrace. I considered that I had made it and I wasn't looking to expand- but the opportunities were just too tempting and little by little work built up again until it was simply taking too much time.

I needed help. I didn't want a partner, I didn't want a colleague- no-one who I would need to get to know and trust; no-one who could let me down or betray me as before. That's when I hit upon the idea of a work placement student. This was great- I would be the boss, they would be energetic and keen to please and best of all I would be putting something back for the years that business had been kind to me.

I wasted no time and contacted my local college. That's how some 2 months later George and Sally came into my lives. They were both young at 18 and starting a business course. The college gave them day-release to get real business experience and both were pretty keen. George was a fit and amiable lad, dark hair and a penchant for tight jeans.

I guessed he worked out and he seemed pretty pleased with himself- but not so much that he became a prick.

In fact he was pretty likeable and got on well with clients too. Sally on the other hand was absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. Her Auburn hair shone I the sun and her green eyes flashed when she glanced at you.

Her body was slim and firm with substantial breasts that were perfectly formed. She had a smooth cat-like way of moving with fluid, graceful motions; her breasts would rock gently in their cradles as she moved. Once in her lunch break she sat by the pool in a bikini top. Her boobies seemed to fill the cups like cream and were almost trying to spill over the rims. I was entranced.

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I had always said that God had given all women a tiny piece of heaven between their legs but Sally had gotten more than that- she was heaven all over and I was entranced. I told her that she looked good in the bikini top (gosh I even blushed as I said it) and over the summer she took to wearing them more and more.

It was hot that year and so eventually I let both her and George use the pool in their lunchtimes. Sally's attributes had not gone unnoticed by George and he took the opportunity to play around and try to impress. He was doing a pretty good job too and I could see Sally was really warming to him. I was not so na? as to think the bikini tops were worn for me. I smiled to myself, she was young and not for me, so I simply enjoyed looking at her and treasured the occasional glimpses of her bosom or thigh as she moved around the office, bent over to file or simply sat by the pool.

One day shortly after lunch Sally and George had gone back to the office, I was getting some papers from the house. As I approached the office I became aware that the blinds were down and there was whispering coming from inside. The door was slightly ajar- I eased it more fully open to see inside. George was holding Sally round the waist, she had her arms around his neck and they were looking deeply into each others eyes. I heard a whispered "I want you" I saw her mouth open to form a perfect circle as she replied "Oh" I was mesmerized, absolutely fixed to the spot.

I knew I should leave, this was a personal moment belonging just to them and I had no business to be there. But then it was my office, my time- so I told myself anyway even though I knew these to be irrelevant considerations. I was hidden well and entranced. My prick stirred and my heart started to beat faster. The biggest change was in Sally's eyes, the green was barely visible, and she gazed at George through eyes that were almost black, wide and deep, almost sightless.

They were moist and they shone in the dimmed light of the office. I had seen such an expression on a woman only once or twice in my life.

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Both times of emotional turning points, when a woman had decided deep inside that this was the time, to be made love to. To give herself as a perfect offering to this man, to be taken, to be used, and to give pleasure to this their chosen partner. In return those eyes expect- they expect that she will be valued, treasured, to receive the same pleasure in return and an exactly equivalent commitment in the establishment of a deep trust.

Poets would describe these as limpid eyes and ponder whether they could be windows to her soul. Probably this was the first time George had seen a woman react like this for him. I doubt that he saw the depth of meaning in her eyes, perhaps he just saw them as "come-fuck me" eyes because there was no mistaking the urgency with which she wanted to be taken. Without a word he slipped his hands from around her waist to her hips. Pushing gently on one side he caused her to turn around and face the desk.

As she turned I saw her sightless eyes almost look straight at me- or perhaps right through me. I noted that her fluid grace was gone; her movements seemed small and jerky, even as though it was all too much to cope with. She came to face the desk and automatically put her hands out palms down in front of her. George kissed the back of her head lightly.

Then her reached down and unzipped his jeans, tugging at his belt so that they fell to his thighs. His prick was standing out like a flagpole. Hurriedly he raised Sally's skirt up over her waist.

Her perfect bottom clad in soft white panties came into view "Too fast too fast" I thought to myself. This was a precious moment, a willing and devoted woman; she needed to be treated with respect and care. Perhaps these are subtleties that come only with age, they seemed alien to George who was lost in his own lust and seemed oblivious to the value of the precious gift Sally was offering.

He quickly pulled down her panties, her bottom was pert and round. Every bit as gorgeous as the rest of her and exactly as lovely as I had often fantasized. It demanded to be caressed, to be kissed, even nipped lightly as a tongue works its way down and around to reach the delicate beauty of her crinkled pussy-lips. But George did none of those things. He simply grabbed each delectable buttock and pulled them apart and back towards him.

Incredibly there was no foreplay, he simply stuck his prick between her thighs and thrust. I saw it start to move forward, but without adequate preparation his entry to her body was difficult.

He pushed in but entered only half an inch and I saw Sally flinch- he tried again and this time she gave a little gasp. Again and again he pushed entering her piecemeal as her too-dry tube tried to open and let him in.

Her body was frantically trying to lubricate- to provide that enabling fluid film that would allow his easy passage into her body and the delicious glide of a prick over her rippled vaginal walls that would be so stimulating and rewarding for both. George pulled out almost completely. This must have allowed the trapped pussy lips to realign and what slender moisture was there to spread out because the return thrust went in easily.


He gasped at the sensation and Sally simply uttered another "Oh!" He started to rut in her pumping himself in and out of the delicious girl, lost in his own urgency. Sally was pushing back at him on each stroke, giving gasps and "Oh"s at each thrust. George's face was contorted, his eyes were tight-shut and his hands were clenched on Sally's buttocks, the knuckles white.

I don't know if he was even aware of Sally and her needs but simply the sensations she was affording him. From my vantage I could see that Sally's feelings were mounting. She seemed short of breath and was panting as she pushed firmly, rhythmically back, although George's responses weren't always in time.

Her own eyes were shut and she was gasping Ohh Ohh Ohh Yes yes yes" George's expression changed, his mouth and eyes popped open, his eyes widened although I don't think he was seeing anything "Oh Fuck yeah" was all he said. I knew he was coming, his bucking thrusts weakened with each spurt, becoming more spasmodic until he halted.

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Almost immediately his prick went limp and slipped out of her. I could sense Sally-s frustration although George was unaware. "Oh God" he muttered, perhaps scared by the enormity of coming inside a willing girl.


A look of panic crossed his face, hurriedly he zipped himself up and without a word he rushed out of the office. Sally seemed frozen in her position, I saw the semen start to drip stringily from between her legs to pool on the floor and she seemed to be crying softly. I had to step in. I couldn't leave her like this. Softly I entered the office, I unzipped my fly and unclipped my belt, and my pants fell to my ankles.

Sally was unaware anyone had come into the room until; I stood behind her still bent over the desk. "Its OK honey" I said gently stoking her buttocks. She stiffened at once and tired to stand up- "No don't, just relax, it will be OK don't worry" I said softly as my hand went lower to cup the mound of her sex and its soft fuzzy covering.

Her vaginal lips were hot and swollen, I will swear that they opened as I touched them. She was still desirous and clearly unsatisfied- also by now she was very, very wet, my hand glistened with her moisture when I withdrew it. Steadying her buttocks with one hand, I carefully I offered the tip of my prick to her vaginal lips with the other and pushed gently.


She opened for me and although I think there must have been a moment's doubt as she stiffened slightly, it soon passed and she relaxed. I pushed in some more, revelling in the slippery warmth of her. She was like a furnace, like a hot velvet glove tightly grasping me in a welcoming grip.

The sensation was fabulous, but her needs were urgent, and I could take little time to soak in her. I started to ease back and forth, building up the length of each stroke. There was a grunt as she responded to my thrust.

I felt her start to move, pushing back gently at first and then more firmly.

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I matched the rhythm of her body, meeting her needs and matching her growing urgency with the strength of my thrust. I reached around to cup her delicious breasts, (completely ignored by George), as they swayed back and forth with the rhythm of both her movements and my thrusts. They were heavy, I gladly supported their creamy bulk, relishing their softness, and she seemed to appreciate that.

We fucked harder and more forcefully. I was hitting her cervix on each in-stroke. This seemed to please her but I knew that too much pressure there can be painful so I took care just to brush the soft structure with the tip of my prick at the end of each stroke.

I left it up to her to exert as much pressure as she needed with her own back thrusts. I could feel her tension rising, her vagina was starting to grip me more firmly, squeezing and then a short release followed by another firm squeeze as I thrust in.

I could almost feel her rippled interior as my cock slid smoothly into her to bump deeply inside her against the entrance to her womb.

She was moaning now, lost in the urgency of her needs, it didn't matter that it was me inside her not George, my prick sliding up to her womb not George's. She pushed back, "Yes yes, yes, Oh ,Oh, nearly nearly, nnn&hellip." She broke off in mid speech as her whole body quivered and her vagina spasmed onto my prick.

I felt her grip me with a powerful contraction followed by multiple short staccato pinches as her vagina joyfully squeezed in its orgasmic frenzy. The feeling was wonderful and I knew it would bring me over the edge. "Can I come in you" I asked hoping against hope that the answer would be as I wanted, but deep in lust as I was, I still knew enough not to sperm into an unprotected woman. "Yes, yes please, I'm on the pill" That was all I needed, her body was just too delightful, too firm, too tempting and too satisfying to do anything else.

I groaned as I felt my orgasm rise, swelling and rising like a mighty wave. The wave crested and broke in a white rush of foam and like some teenage surfer I came tumbling down the other side, tingling and quivering at the release as I felt my cock pulsing, pulsing, pulsing- sending spurt after spurt of sperm into her vagina to mix with her own juices and the remnants of George's earlier emission.

I returned to earth slowly, rubbing her back and breast.

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"Thank you, thank you" I murmured, "that was just wonderful, and you were sensational". There was an awkward silence as I withdrew, I zipped myself up and she rearranged her skirt and smiled weakly at me. We both knew that this was not supposed to have happened, her treasure was not for me, but George's inexperience had laid it open and her need for satisfaction had been sufficient to allow me the opportunity. She tipped her face up and stretched onto her toes to kiss me lightly on the cheek.

"Thanks, that was pretty good for me too!" "Do you want a drink?

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… Can I get you anything?" I offered lamely, hoping she would accept and stay, but even as I said it I already knew her answer. "No that's fine, Sorry, I'd better go" And with that she hurried from the office in an embarrassed fluster, leaving me with the scent of passion and a few stains from George's semen on the carpet.

I knew it had been a magical experience, I knew I had been privileged and I hoped I had treated her well despite taking advantage of the situation. Perhaps not surprisingly both of them sent in their notice the next day. Their placement was nearly finished anyway. I never saw George again- I eventually heard he had graduated with honours a couple of years later. I often wondered what had happened to Sally as I heard nothing from her. Nothing that is until last week.

Recently work has got on top of me again and I need some help with the business again. I got a few replies to my ad in the local paper, but one of them caught my eye, the surname was different but the work experience seemed very familiar. I checked on the phone- Its Sally, now divorced and with a small child she is looking for work again. We had a great conversation, she was a friendly and bubbly as ever.

Although that afternoon was never mentioned- if it is possible to wink over the phone then that's what she did. I've scheduled an interview for later this afternoon and although I have no expectations I find myself surprisingly nervous at the prospect.