Kerry getting a messy dripping cum creampie injected into her

Kerry getting a messy dripping cum creampie injected into her
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Author note: This chapter focuses on the exposure of her body and introduces a new person that will play a big part in future chapters. I was sitting in my room after just coming back from the clinic. I had requested a meeting and spent sometime with the director getting my questions answered.

The main one I had was could I get pregnant. He asked me why I asking and I told him that I had unprotected sex recently. I didn't tell him the details. It was explained to me that this actually had been discussed. I was restricted from taking birth control pills while I was in the program. This was because of the hormone interaction that could have messed things up.

After I had finished the program and my milk had come in they ran some other tests and discovered another change in my body. It was explained to me that because I was lactating and also because my DNA had been tweaked a little I was not going to ovulate. I asked if I was going to be infertile the rest of my life and I was told no. The only way for my ovaries to kick in and produce an egg was that I had to stop lactating and my milk would have to dry up.

I knew if that happened if I wanted to start it up again I might not be the same quality as before. I could wreck the restaurant and all associated with it. So I couldn't get pregnant as long as I kept things the way they were.

My secret lover had visited me in the ceiling room two more times over the last two months. I must say I really enjoyed the sex but I wanted to know who he was. My assistant stopped by and said Marcel the owner wanted to see me. I went downstairs to his office. I was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. I had to wear a man's XXL size and even then I had to cut V in the neck to get it to fit over my boobs.

As I turned the corner into his office I saw he was not alone. There was a woman in there, his wife. I caught her eye as I walked in and saw her smirk. She had no idea of my true position here, she thought I was just a hostess or something.

Working around a french restaurant with people speaking that language you can pick up on things very quickly.


I could understand a lot of it now, I just couldn't speak it well. She turned to Marcel and said something in french while pointing at me. She said, what's that whore doing here? Marcel told her to shut-up in french and I just smiled. She said she was leaving and as she walked out she said under her breath in french, you just hired her because of the size of those tits. Actually she was partially correct. Marcel asked me to take a seat.

He looked tired and under pressure. He started to tell me about some details of the restaurant. He said the accountants had done a lot of research and came up with some facts. The main area of the place took up 75% of the restaurant, but it only produced 35% of the revenue. The private dinning area took up 25% and produced 65% of the revenue. Simply put they made more money in the smallest area, the area I worked. Marcel explained that he other investors, though very pleased with the success wanted to maximize the potential.

The decision had been made to create another private dining room reducing the main room's space. I said that made sense. Marcel explains that this room from the start would be designed to showcase and enhance the unique dining experience which of course I was a big part of.

He said all restaurants need to evolve otherwise they will lose clients and be forced to close. New ways to entertain the guests had to be considered. The menu had to be tweaked often.

I still did not know where he was going with this. He told me he had gotten the idea for the new room from a very rich and powerful acquaintance. He said that the way of presenting the woman in the old room was still a good idea. It worked and people got comfortable with the sight of her breasts and the use of them in the meal. They would continue to use that room and method but something beyond that was needed.

They needed to showcase the woman more. Highlight her womanly assets and body. Make sure there was no doubt that she was a sensual human female that was giving of herself for their pleasure and enjoyment.

I was getting some idea of where he was going with this. He turned his computer monitor around to show me a short video. He clicked on a file and the movie started. It was animated but a very high quality. It opened showing the new dinning room.

The table was U shaped and seated 12 but could be expanded. In the center of the U was a curtain that hung from ceiling to floor. The camera was doing a 360 degree view.

It zoomed in and magically passed through the curtain. There was a box there hanging from the ceiling by thin wires. The was a hole in the bottom of it. On the floor was a raised dais of some kind. The camera was then aimed at the ceiling.

A trap door opened and if it was closed you could not tell it was there. A metal ladder was lowered from the opening. Out of the opening a nude woman started to climb down the ladder. I looked closer at her and smiled because it looked just like me. When she reached the floor the ladder was withdrawn and the trapdoor closed. She stood up on the raised dais and was about 2 feet off the floor. She reached out for the box and pulled it closer. She then inserted her head through the opening followed my her arms and shoulders.

Everything from her armpits down was exposed and everything above was hidden. She stood up straight and the curtain was opened. Some animated guests were seated all around the table. The woman's nude body was there for all of them to see but as this was designed you couldn't tell who the woman was.

An animated chef approached the nude woman with a bowl. The box started to lower and move forward. Soon the woman was bent over at almost 90 degrees. He huge breasts hung down and were at the exact level the chef need to milk them. The camera again moved around the animated room giving a full view of things.

It was very detailed and you could see some intimate details of the woman. That was all and the file closed. Marcel looked at me and wanted to know my thoughts. I said, so I am to be totally naked out in the open for all to see? He told me how beautiful I was and how displaying me like this would add so much to the experience.

I would admired as well as desired. The guests would have no doubt I was a confident and strong woman who really wanted to give of herself for their enjoyment.

The more I thought about it the more it made sense.

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It certainly wasn't what I envisioned when all this started, but I had become used to the attention and frankly loved it. This was quite a leap forward from what was happening now but I was willing to try it. OK I said, I'll do it. Marcel was overjoyed.

He called in his head designer and contractor. I had some idea for changes. They took many notes and basically agreed with everything I suggested.

After all it was going to be me on display and I wanted things perfect. I asked Marcel how long it would take to build the room. He said about 3 months. I told him that was good, that I wanted that long to get in better shape. The men went to start things and I went to my room. I called my assistant and told her to find the best personal trainer around.

She said we already have one, your masseuse is very much in demand and an expert physical trainer. I told her great and to call him and hire him for that. My training started the next morning and for 3 months he whipped me into shape. I wanted an overall approach but we spent a lot of time on my legs and abs. Using all kinds of different methods such as Yoga, Pilates, Kickboxing and Resistance training we were able to accomplish a lot in a short time.

My legs became lean and well defined. My ass was tight and high. My stomach was flat as a board and had definition. I didn't look like a bodybuilder more like a fitness model. I was already in good shape, now I was in great shape. The 3 months went by quickly. I monitored the progress of the new room and made sure that each component worked as designed. I asked Marcel when the grand opening was. He said in 2 days. Things were basically finished and I was ready.

I asked him who the first guests would be. He said that the gentleman who had giving him this idea had booked the room 6 months ago even though it wasn't built. He was a very rich and powerful Japanese businessman. He had holdings all over the world and even owned property in France.

His name was Mr. Tanaka. He would be there along with a group of his Japanese associates.

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The Japanese were obsessed with french cooking. Mr. Tanaka was an expert. Marcel told me that there were rumors that he might even actually own one of the rare french cows. So not only would I be totally nude and on display in front of this man, the menu whose key ingredient was me would have to impress him. No pressure there, huh. Marcel asked me if I wanted a dress rehearsal. I declined saying I had already tried out all the apparatuses that I would be using and everything worked great.

The chef and I had worked out some positioning and he was happy with it. Marcel agreed but I could tell he was very nervous about it. He trusted me to make the right choices. The fateful day came. I tried to find things to relax me all day. Mid afternoon of course my trained came by. We did stretching exercises to relax and keep me limber. Afterward he gave me a massage. It was wonderful and sensuous. He used a special oil on my skin. He said it was made to tighten things up and give the skin a healthy glow.

It of course had been developed by the clinic. When he was done he draped some warm blankets over me and let me relax on the table. I must have dosed off because there was a knock at the door that woke me up. It was my assistant. She brought in a light supper and said I better get in the shower. I looked at the clock and she was right. After my shower I came out in my terry robe. We ate together and then I asked to look me over for a final inspection.

I dropped the robe and she went over me with a fine tooth comb. She couldn't find one thing that needed attention. She said I was perfect and that everyone would fall in love with me tonight. I smiled at her and put my robe back on. She looked at the clock and said we better get going. I had my hair in a ponytail and didn't have any makeup on. I mean what's the point, they were not going to see my head or face.

We walked down to the end of the hall.

I was about to head up the new spiral staircase and I looked in the new security room. There were 2 guards in there watching a bank of monitors. Sitting next to them was Marie and she waved and me and blew me a kiss saying good luck. I really liked her and I had special plans for her. We made our way up the staircase. The door on the left now was to the new room.

It was larger and easier to go through. We entered and saw all the new amenities there. Plenty of space to stand up in, two padded chair to sit in and a lot of electronics such as monitors and speakers. We sat down in the chairs and watched the monitors for activity below.

Slowly the guests started to file into the room. They were all very well dressed Japanese. I counted 8 men and 4 women. As all were being seated I notice the man at the head of the table was older and Grey headed. He must be Mr. Tanaka. The chef and his helpers were in the cooking area preparing to work their magic.

At this point the black silk curtain was fully drawn up into the ceiling which also was painted black. The only thing visible is the raised dais which was covered with black silk. Marcel came into the room and greeted everyone. Of course he knew Mr. Tanaka and spent some time talking to him. It seemed everyone in the room spoke French so that was the language used.

I could understand most of it. Marcel was speaking to all the guests now and as he walked around he pressed a hidden button which lowered the black silk curtain.

That was my cue. I had a remote in my hand. I pressed a button and the trap door opened and the metal ladder lowered on it's own. I looked into the abyss so to speak and dropped my robe. My assistant wished me luck and I just nodded concentrating on climbing down. The trapdoor was actually on the small size and me and my boobs didn't have much room to spare as we passed through it. I got to the bottom and pressed the remote and the ladder was withdrawn and door closed. Looking up you would never know it was there.

I bent over and removed the black silk cover over the platform.

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There was a small hidden compartment I put it in. On top of the platform were a pair of shoes. The animators had envisioned me in high heels as I stood on the platform. I thought this was a good idea but it needed tweaking.

The shoes were actually attached to the platform about 2 feet apart. They looked just like very expensive designer pumps. The ones tonight were fire engine red. I climbed up on the platform and placed my feet in the shoes. They fit me perfectly because they were custom designed for me. They were open toe and my nails had been painted to match. The shoes even had a massaging ability if I chose.

As I stood there totally nude in those shoes I pressed the remote again and a new door opened in the ceiling. One very thin but super strong wires a sphere lowered. This is one of the changes I suggested.

I thought a box looked cheap. This sphere was silver and polished so the surface was like a mirror. It would reflect light and images back to the room. I reached out and pulled it to me. The hole in the bottom was there. I started to insert my head first then my arms and finally my shoulders. The was a stretchy membrane covering the hole that allowed me in but formed a good seal. Inside the sphere were all the comforts of home.

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I had a monitor to watch things. It was padded so I could rest my arms and let it support my weight. I put some headphones on which had a mic attached to I could talk to people. The movement and positioning on the sphere was controlled by a joystick I had in my hand. I used that joystick to move and raise the sphere so I was in a position of standing up straight. From my armpits down I was totally nude and exposed and above that everything else was hidden in the sphere. I was ready.

Marcel was building up the concept and actually woman that would provide the luxurious nectar tonight for their dining pleasure. He had them on the edge of their seats in anticipation. Finally he pressed the hidden button and the curtain started to rise. It slowly rose revealing me a little at a time. First mt feet in those sexy red shoes.

Then my calves and thighs all tight and toned. Up it went until my naked ass was in full view and on it went. My strong back and flat stomach were next and finally my breasts started to come into full view. As the curtain rose more and more of them was being revealed It seemed like they would never end.

Could they really be that big? I knew that's what everyone was thinking from the looks on their faces. When the curtain was fully withdraw before them was quite a sight. My tight skin glistened. My sculptured body looked strong and confident as well as desirable.

The most prominent thing before them of course were my breasts. They really didn't sag much, the just protruded a good distance from my body and looked very full and heavy, which they were. I gave everyone a moment to get used to me standing there before them like this and then I pressed a button on the joystick and the platform I was standing on slowly started to rotate.

This was my idea to add to the presentation. It allowed all the guest wherever they were seated a complete view of all of my body. As I started to rotate now a word was said in the room and all eyes were on me.

I was looking in the sphere at the monitor giving myself the once over. I look really good I thought. The workouts had paid off. As I came around I could see my front.

I looked down past my flat stomach to my pussy.

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There had been quite a bit of discussion as to what I should do as far as grooming. I couldn't believe there were so many opinions on this. Should I shave totally, go natural, trim things or laser it?

Finally my assistant said that the preferred look in Paris was to have my labia and all surrounding things Brazilian waxed leaving them smooth and bald. I should leave a tiny trimmed patch just above the beginning of my slit. It should be about 2 inches long and no more the ½ inch wide. Trimmed very close it would looked best if the hair was on the dark side.


Luckily I was a brunette. So this is how chose to look. I could see now it was the correct choice. My legs were spread open and the little patch drew the eyes to the promised land. Standing in this position you could just make out my labia from the front. I had always had prominent lips with the inner ones usually protruding past the outer.

If you looked close it was plain to see. Marcel introduced the chef who came forward to explain the meal. He said there would be some surprised but guaranteed everyone would love it.

He then looked to wards me and said that yes it was true, tonight he would be getting a key ingredient for the meal from this woman here. I would give it willingly because I knew that without it the quality and taste of the meal would not reach the heights everyone expected. He said lets begin. As he went to get his containers I stopped the rotation so I was facing the head of the table.

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I used the joystick to start the sphere to lower and move forward some. This allowed me to bend at the waist and lower my breasts into a better position for the chef to milk them. They started moving away from my body as I bent over more. I stopped when I reached a 75 degree angle. This is what the chef and I had agreed on for the best access. In this position my breasts were hanging there and looked even more full and heavy.

The chef moved near me and began. He first rubbed and kneaded them like he was coaxing them to give forth their bounty. Stroking one of them down with his hand he finally reached my nipple which was hard and long. Grasping it almost lovingly he slowly began to squeeze it in his expert way. Instantly my milk started to flow from it shooting out into the bowl. There were some shocked sounds from the guests as I am sure most had never seen anything like this. The force and volume of my milk was like no other human female on this earth.

Having filled the bowl he stopped expressing me and giving my breast a little pat he moved away and back to the kitchen. When I knew he had walked away I raised the sphere and put myself back in the standing position. The platform began to rotate again and I was the entertainment until the course was ready.

That was the routine for the rest of the meal. Whenever the Chef need some fresh milk I would stop rotating and bend over. He would milk one or the other breast until he had enough. Everything in the room was working perfectly. We got to the dessert course. I knew what was coming. He was going to milk both my breasts and express a large volume of my milk. He did need a lot but some of this was for show. I got into position and he brought over the big bowl. He started working both my nipple which were quite long now from tonight's use.

The sound of the thick streams forcefully hitting the metal bowl had everyone's attention. I was watching the monitor in my sphere. I took that opportunity to use a different camera to check myself out from the rear. I loved the way my ass looked, very round and firm. Looking lower I saw that in this position my labia lips stuck out pretty far and looked swollen.

I was about to switch the camera again when I stopped. I zoomed into get a close up of my labia. I noticed something, my inner lips which were sticking out were wet. There was no doubt about it. My lips had involuntarily lubricated themselves and were obviously wet. They weren't dripping but not far from it. This concerned me and I worried if anyone would notice. The excitement of tonight and the exposure of my body moot have caused it.

Luckily nobody at the table could see them when I was bent over. By the time the chef finished filling the big bowl with my milk everyone clapped. It was going to take some time to prepare the dessert so as I was standing up Marcel came back in the room.

He asked everyone how the food was and they all praised him and of course the chef. He thanked them but then suggested to them that the real star here tonight was the woman before them who provided such an abundance of her milk which was a key component.

Of course the all agreed and gave me a round of applause. My platform was rotating again when Mr. Tanaka himself asked Marcel a question. He said that in Japan there were women who trained to become Geisha.

There whole life was going to be dedicated to serving and pleasuring men. He wondered if the woman standing before them tonight who had given so much of herself felt like she was a Geisha.

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Marcel didn't hesitate and said no. He said the woman before you is independent and strong willed. She has a real sense of purpose and knows her value and uniqueness. She gives of herself willingly and loves to provide for all of our guests. She has been given a gift and wants nothing else but to share that gift. Mr. Tanaka smiled and just nodded. The women present were whispering and looking at me.

Marcel asked them a question. He wanted to know if they thought they could do what I was doing. They all laughed and waved their hands. One said her breasts were way too small, that even if she and her friends all but theirs together it wouldn't equal one of mine. Everyone laughter at this and just in time dessert was ready and served. It was time for coffee and Marcel offered Mr. Tanaka the choice of how he wanted the milk served.

I had lowered myself knowing that it would come from me just not how. Mr Tanaka stood up and moved inside the U shaped table.

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He walked up to me and requested one of the guests coffee cup. It was handed to him and he approached my closest breast. With an expert hand he wrapped his fingers around my nipple and carefully squeezed, expressing just the right amount into the cup.

He did this flawlessly again and again until everyone had their milk. He did his cup last and taking a sip said perfect. The coffee was done and it was time for the guests to leave. I was pretty tired not being used to the actual demand of the new room. The guests filed out but Mr.

Tanaka remained to talk to Marcel. He asked Marcel to excuse the chef and staff so they could be alone. When everyone had left it was Tanaka, Marcel and of course me left in the room. Tanaka congratulated Marcel on the dinner and presentation. He was glad his idea had been used. He said that apparently the rumors were true and that Marcel had indeed developed a superior ingredient to be used in french cuisine.

He said that up until now that the milk from the french cows was the best, and yes it was true he did in fact own one. Now however, this woman before us is the source for the ultimate milk. He asked Marcel if I would lower myself to the position the chef used. Marcel didn't have to ask me I heard him and lowered myself forward. Tanaka walked around the table and came close to me.

He placed a hand under one of my breasts and hefted it feeling it's weight. He said to Marcel that he must be very proud of his "little cow" and that she must be very proud and excited as well. He let go of my breast and walked around me. When he was directly behind me he stopped and looked down. He then did something I never expected, he reached out with the index finger of his right hand and slowly ran it over my wet labia lips.

He raised his hand close to his face and looked at it. My slick juice covered his finger. He smiled and said yes she is very excited don't you think Marcel. He then stuck his wet finger in his mouth and licked my juices from it.

Marcel was white as a ghost but said nothing. I was in such a state of shock I couldn't move. Tanaka then gave my ass a little spank and smiled at Marcel and said that he should take very good care of his little cow for she was very very valuable.

With that he left the room. Marcel called the staff back in to clean up and I climbed down and put on my robe. My hands were shaking from that episode. I met up with Marcel in his office and said so is that what I can expect every night in this new room?

He said no that he was sorry that Tanaka had done that and he would make sure it never happened again. I could tell Marcel and Tanaka had a past that he didn't want to talk about. I got the impression that Tanaka was a man that didn't like losing and I wondered how that would involve me.