Spion Twink Wird Erwischt Und Bestraft

Spion Twink Wird Erwischt Und Bestraft
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It was a warm sunny day outside, simply a perfect time to relax. Or so Priscila Jones had thought. She wasn't young anymore, not 'young-young' certainly, but she wasn't old either - she was in her late 30's. However, the older she became, the more she appreciated the little 'alone' time she had each day, during the late afternoon's. She'd take a nice, relaxing bubble bath, read a book or a magazine, and just soak in the water with a scented candle lighted by the bathtub. Afterwards, she'd have to cook for her husband who'd be coming back from work, for her stepson who'd be back from school, and she had a job of her own that she worked at from early mornings to early afternoon's.

But lately. those baths weren't relaxing anymore. They were anything but, and she knew the reason - there was only one. Frustrated as she was she sat up, stepped out of the bathtub, then walked over to the vanity desk. She placed her hands down on it, and looked at her reflection in the mirror, which was hanging on the wall in front of her. A shudder went through her body as small droplets of water rolled down her wet, lengthy hair, then ran down her bare shoulders and back.

She deemed herself fairly pretty, she had a nice looking square shaped face and creamy complexion, but the signs of her age were beginning to show, especially below her eyes and on the forehead. That, and the fact that she hasn't relaxed properly in over a week didn't help for sure. "I can't take this anymore," she thought as she took a deep breath and exhaled, then reached out and picked up the towel that she had prepared prior to her bath.

She wrapped it around her body, then took a bottle of lotion off the desk, and with small decisive steps she headed for the door. Since she held the towel up with her left hand, and with her right the bottle of lotion, she used her little finger on the right hand to slide the lock down, and grip the door handle.

As soon the door slid open she heard a gasp, and as expected, she found her stepson Ryan standing there, bent over, with his hands on his knees and a look of surprise showing on his face.

"Uhh, hi Mom. How ya doin'?" he asked as he straightened up. "I'm doing fine, thank you. Do you mind giving me a hand?" she asked, as she offered the bottle of lotion to him.

His eyes went wide in surprise. "You mean it, mom? You really mean it?" "I do." "I'd love to help you!" "Well, come on in then," she urged him as she felt the coldness seeping through the door and into the warm bathroom.

"The heat is getting out." "Sure," he said as he took the lotion from her hand, then hurried inside past her. She closed the door behind them, walked over to the desk, and pulled out a vanity stool. Then, she sat down and crossed her legs, right leg over the left. "Well?" she said, looking up at him. He was staring at her, without doubt the same way he was staring at her through the keyhole a few moments earlier.

"Where should I start?" "Obviously, at my legs first." Ryan smiled. "Gladly." He walked over to her until he was inches away from her legs, then knelt down in front of her. He squirted a generous amount of lotion into his right palm, placed the bottle down, then moved his hands towards her legs.

"You should rub the lotion between your palms first, to warm it," she instructed him. "Uh, thanks! I shouldn't apply cold lotion to your legs.

I can't believe I almost did that." She observed him intently, but she couldn't tell what he was really thinking. His blue eyes seemed to shine, and a slight smile was still spread across his face, but. he wasn't looking at her legs. He wasn't even trying to look under her towel, he was looking at his hands. She might have not looked as a model, but moments ago he was there, in front of the bathroom door.

and it wasn't his first time either. After spreading the lotion between his hands a couple of times, he gently placed them down onto her right leg, then grazed each side of her leg as he slowly rubbed the lotion in. "Is that good?" he asked, looking at her. "Don't be afraid to be a little firmer.

Massage it in at the same time, but don't take ages either." "Sure, mom. I'll do my best." His hands started to move in circular motions at the same time as they slid down, and his thumbs massaged her gently. She wasn't expecting it, but the touch of his boyish hands felt quite different than her own, in a nice way.

Almost. relaxing. As his hands slid down to her feet and up to her toes, she had to stifle a moan. "That feels so nice." she thought. Ryan has always been somewhat eccentric, living in his fantasies, you might even say his own world. He was 18 years old, and surprisingly enough he was very good at school. Although his therapist did say that just because his fantasies may be pretty severe, it doesn't mean he isn't aware of reality. The therapist thought that for now it was best to indulge his fantasies, to go along with them and act as if they were real, since they wouldn't do any harm and it could be counterproductive to do otherwise.

But during the last few weeks, each time she'd be dressing in her bedroom, she noticed him peeking on her through the window, and later on, through the bathroom's key hole. She tried to ignore him at first, thinking it'll pass or he'll get bored, but it hasn't.

If anything, it became an every day thing. However, the last two weeks it started to creep her out. Just knowing he was out there, watching her. ugh.


To the point that she couldn't relax in the bathtub or actually remember anything she's read. As she watched him apply the lotion, massaging her feet and progressing up her leg, she wondered if she was just an object of some of his weird fantasies.

or was he finally becoming more normal, if you can call it that, and spying on her because he wanted to see a nude woman, like some boys his age would? She didn't know, but she was determined to find out and make him stop. She had to if she was ever to enjoy another bath again, and she had to start somewhere.

"How is school?" she asked. "It's. ohh, you remember Mary Anne? The girl with the glasses that was here on my birthday?" "I do." "Well, she insulted Mr. Brady in class today. Can you believe it?" "She did?" "Yeah. I'd tell you what she said, but. the words she used were very naughty," he said. "Okay. What did he do? Did he report her to--" "Noo, nothing like that. He called her over to his desk, bent her over the edge, and spanked her." "He what?" she muttered in shock.

She could swear she felt her heart skip a beat.

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"Uh-huh. He even pulled down her panties, and the whole class laughed. Well, except me and Tommy. Her legs were nice too, but not as nice as yours, Mom." "Ah. I see," she muttered. "Another fantasy of his. For a second, I thought. heh. Silly me.

No one is that crazy," she thought. "And what did he do next?" she asked, remembering the therapist's words. "I dunno. The bell rang, and we went to get lunch while she stayed behind. It wasn't very pretty to watch anyway, after a couple of minutes her butt was all red, and she was whimpering a lot." "Your other leg," he said as he slid his hands from under her towel. Until that moment, she hasn't even noticed he had gotten dangerously close to you-know-what.

A shiver went through her body as she complied, and crossed her left leg over her right. He squirted more lotion into his palm, and rubbed it between his hands, then started at her feet.

Usually he was imagining invaders from outer space, his bizarre, imaginary friends, and who knows what else, but now. hmm. "Or did he always have this kind of fantasies, but hid them?" She wasn't a therapist, so she didn't really know what to do to help him, but. she was his mother. And mothers should talk with their sons. If anyone could find out why he's spying on her, then.

it should be her. "Do you like Mary Anne?" "Mooom! I don't want to talk about it," he said as a blush spread across his face. She thought of how silly it was to be embarrassed by this, and not at the sight of nudity like most normal boys. Then again, he wasn't normal, and she.

she wasn't ashamed of nudity either. "Aww, c'mon, tell me! I wanna know." He sighed as he looked up at her. "You promise you won't make fun of me if I tell you?" She could already guess from his words, but she went along.

"I promise." "I. do like her. She's cute, and so nice. but odd. I'm not sure I like that." "Well, Ryan, you either like a person as a whole, or you don't. Some parts you may not find attractive, but they're just a small part of who we are as a whole.

Everybody has faults." "Even you?" She nodded, then looked down. His hands were just below the towel, at the beginning of her thigh. She found herself really enjoying his touch by now, and as she looked further down her leg, she could see he had done a very good job so far. "What are your faults?" he asked. She raised an eyebrow and shook her head. "You can't ask a lady that. A lady is always perfect, even when she's not," she said with a smile. "All right, you did a great job with my legs.

Now my butt, hmm?" "Ohh, sweet!" he said with a grin. She didn't like his over-eagerness, but it did indicate that it could be her body what he liked about her, and that she wasn't in some weird fantasy of his. At least she hoped that was the case, since if it was, she thought she would be able to explain to him that, basically, most people have breasts, asses. just like hers and that it's only flesh in the end.

But first, she had to make sure that was the case. going off on a random anatomy lesson surely wouldn't be neither effective, nor good. She got to her feet, then turned to face the desk that was previously on her right. With her free right hand she raised the towel high enough to reveal her butt, and kept her legs close.

"Do you think you can do it?" "Of course, mom! I'd do anything for you." Within 30 seconds she felt his hands on the back of her thighs, and they crept up, massaging every inch on the way that he'd previously missed. Bit by bit, his hands slid up until they were right below the swell of her ass, and he massaged the underside of both her ass cheeks with his thumbs towards the outside, effectively spreading her butt in front his eyes. After half a minute he lotioned his hands again, then started applying it to her cheeks.

The lotion on his hands wasn't very warm, and it brought a shiver to her body. "Your butt is so soft," he commented. "Thank you," she replied. He massaged her butt for a minute, two. until she looked at him over her shoulder. "Are you done yet?" she asked. He looked up at her and smiled. "Almost." "All right," she muttered and turned back. His thumbs kept constantly spreading her ass cheeks with every movement, and the longer she stood there, the longer she doubted how good of an idea was all this to begin with.

All of a sudden, she felt his thumbs dip down between her cheeks, and he parted them wide apart. "Aww, Mrs.

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Butt Hole!" he exclaimed, and her heart skipped a beat from the shock. "Hi Mrs. Butt Hole. I'm Ryan, nice to meet you," he said. "Oh, you need lotion?" "Mrs. Butt Hole? What the hell?" she wondered as she looked at her own reflection. "What does he mean." A soft groan escaped her lips, and she rolled her eyes as she realized that it must be just another fantasy of his, however silly that sounded.

She couldn't even begin to understand how it could possibly make sense to call an asshole a 'Mrs,' but she didn't even try to. Trying to comprehend fantasies of her son would be like trying to make sense of a complete new language, from a whole new, bizarre world. "She's all wrinkly," he said as he rubbed the lotion onto her butthole, with his finger.

"But I think she's still pretty." "Ryan." she sighed and shook her head in disbelief.


"I'll help you, Mrs. Butt Hole," he said, then started to push his index, lotion-covered finger into her butt. Her sphincter struggled at first, but within a moment it gave in and she felt the tip slide inside her.

"Ryan. Matthew. Jones!" she gasped with each push of his finger as it went deeper into her. "Stop that this instant!" "She's sucking my finger in, mommy. She likes me!" he exclaimed in a way only a child could. A happy child with a new toy, or a new friend. "Ryan, I poop from there," she muttered in horror without looking back.

She couldn't face him, but she knew if she was going to get him to stop, she should try and explain it to him like you would to a child. He seemed to act like one anyway. "It's not very nice to stick you fingers in other people's buttholes." She rolled her eyes at her own words, but she couldn't think of any better.

"But Mrs. Butt Hole is so friendly.

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I wouldn't have done it if she didn't ask me to, mom, I swear!" he tried to explain himself as he slid his finger all the way in, then started a slow back and forth movement. "Look, mom! She's sucking on my finger like a lollipop." But she couldn't look back. Her asshole lightly gripped his thrusting finger, and all of this felt bizarre and horrifying. She didn't know what to do. Breathing heavily, with her thighs pressed into the desk in front of her, and her hands holding the towel up and around her, she spoke again.

"Ryan, that's ahh. that's." But she couldn't finish her sentence. Her eyelashes fluttered, and his lovable thrusting felt so nice she couldn't ignore it any longer. She wasn't into anal, in fact, she didn't even try it in fear of pain, but. having his fingers in her butt felt oddly exciting. She stood there and wordlessly parted her legs, as her pussy started to drip with her juices. His finger slid back and forth faster and faster with every movement, causing her legs to shake, and it's only then that she did something she should have done right away - she let the bottom of her towel drop over his hands, then reached back and wrapped her right hand around his wrist.

"Ryan. that's enough," she said as she pulled his hand back, withdrawing his finger. She didn't want to upset him in any way, but she couldn't let him do that either. That's not why she let him in the bathroom. "But, moooom!" he whined. "I know I've just meet her, but she's my friend! You can't keep us apart." She turned around to look at him. She wasn't sure if he really believed what he was saying, or not - it was hard to tell.

He always lived in fantasies of his, for as long she's knew her husband, and her husband has been saying that Ryan was just the same before. He always said to let him, to go along with it. 'What's the harm?' "Your dad will be back from work soon. We need to finish up," she said. "Aww.

can I give a goodbye kiss to Mrs. Butt Hole first?" "Ryan." "Please, mom? She's been so nice!" She sighed, and turned back around to face the mirror. "No harm, right," she thought. She squeezed her eyes shut, then muttered, "Okay. But make it quick." She felt his hands spread her ass cheeks, and within a second or two, his soft lips pressed against her anus.

then suddenly, his tongue came out. She gasped as he gave her anus a lick, then tried to push his tongue inside, past her sphincter. "Ryan!" Since her anus was still lightly gaping from the previous fingering, the tip of his tongue wriggled its way into her without too much of a trouble. He pushed it back and forth a few times, and then continued licking it. "That's enough," she breathed heavily as she reached back and placed her hand down between her butt and his face. She gently pushed his face away, until he finally let go of her ass cheeks.

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"That was. a big kiss," she said as she let out a breath. "Mhmm, we're very good friends. Bye Mrs. Butt Hole, I'll bring a friend next time to meet you! I promise." As she looked back, she saw him wave. He actually *waved*. Despite the strange situation, she almost burst out laughing. but she managed to stifle it into a soft chuckle. She cleared her throat, turned around, and spoke in a serious tone.

"Ryan, do you know why I invited you into the bathroom?" "Uhh. to help you apply the lotion? I know I got distracted from the task you gave me, I'm sorry." He was clueless as always. She needed to be direct. "No. The reason I've called you here, is because you've been spying on me." "Mom, I." He sighed. "I'm sorry. I just could help myself. You look so. hot." She felt surprised.

Even though she hoped the reason he was spying on her was because he wanted to see her nude, 'hope' in a sense of 'lesser of two evils', she though she was, most likely, just an object of his weird fantasies, or something, like Mrs.

like her butthole was moments earlier. But, apparently, he seemed to like her like a woman and not like a God knows what. "I wonder if. no, it's not too late," she thought. She could feel it in her heart. If just. she could find out what he liked the most about her - at the beginning it's usually just one certain thing that attracts one person to another, and if she could find out what it was for him, she felt she could shatter his illusion that it was something 'special'. Although, he did seem to like her butt the most, but.

he hasn't seen her breasts yet. "That's, erm, not a good excuse," she said after a prolonged silence. "It's the truth." She didn't want to expose herself to him anymore, not without knowing what made him start spying on her in the first place.

She could see lust in his eyes, and she didn't like it. "What do you like the most about me?" she asked. "Mom." he muttered as a blush spread across his face. "Of course, now he gets embarrassed," she thought. "Tell me," she demanded. "Your breasts. they are beautiful." She rolled her eyes and muttered, "Men." She should have seen that coming. She couldn't understand their fascination with breasts - like most of them haven't already sucked on pair of those when they were babies.

"It's just flesh," she sighed. "Knowing you're there, watching me, day by day. it creeps me out!" He looked down. "Maybe. maybe I could come inside the--" She placed a finger over his lips.

"Don't even say. I can't have you here with me, it'd. it'd. what are you doing?" He took her hand in his, and guided the outside of her hand gently across his left cheek. "It's so soft." he muttered, then turned his face and gave her hand a kiss.

"Ryan!" She exclaimed as she pulled her hand back from his grasp.

"I didn't let you in here to." Right then, she felt something poke her thigh. As she looked down, she saw a small bulge in the fabric of his pants. ". to turn you on, I let you in so we could resolve this!" she finished as she moved back.

"Umm. can I see your breasts?" he asked. "Will it help you to stop spying on me if you see them?" "Maybe." She sighed. "Okay. It better help, or else." "You'll spank me?" He looked up at her with a gleam in his eyes. "Ryan, for God's sake!" For a moment there, she was actually starting to forget what a bizarre imagination he had. After taking a deep breath, she dropped the towel down onto the floor, hoping it'll be enough to get him sated once and for all.

Her full, rounded breasts sat proudly on her chest, with faint blue veins visible beneath the surface, and just a hint of sag. "There. Is that what you wanted to see?" "Oh my God, they look awesome! Can I touch them? Can I, please, please?" he blurted out. "So forward." she thought, as she wondered why he wasn't so upfront about seeing her breasts before? Then maybe all of this could have been avoided, and she'd be relaxing in a bath instead of talking to him. "You can." He gasped.

"Thank you! I've--" "But wash your hands first. Your finger has just been in m. has just been too friendly with Mrs. Butt Hole," she corrected herself. "Oh, right. I don't think you wash her very often," he said as he walked over to the sink and started washing his hands. "My. oh. Mrs. Butt Hole?" "Yeah." "I do wash her. That's why she's so wrinkly." "Then you shouldn't wash her so much! You shouldn't be mean to Mrs--" "Alright, alright," she muttered in annoyance.

"Hurry up and lets finish this." "Ohh, right, Dad! Thanks mom, you're always so nice," he said as he smiled. She rolled her eyes for the hundredth time. As soon he had washed his hands and dried them off, he went up to her and took her breasts in his hands, then gave them a squeeze. "Oh, mom. they are heavenly!" "It's just flesh, for goodness' sake. There's nothing heavenly about it." "No, mom, look," he said as he fondled them. "They are so soft, like a pair of soft pillows, which you don't ever wanna let go.

And your nipples, ohh." He ran his thumbs around her areolas and over her big, rounded nipples, getting them hard. ". they are suckable. I'm sure they'll be all hard and ready to squirt milk one day, when you decide to have kids." "Kids?" she muttered and her body tensed. She hasn't thought about having kids of her own, not for longer than a minute for sure. "Plus, they look wonderful in that red dress of yours.

The way they bounce, bounce, bounce, with every step you take. oh God, I'm getting flushed just thinking about it.

I'm so lucky just to be standing next to you, not to mention." he said, then shook his head clear. "Thank you, mom. This has been the best day of my life!" She was stunned. As his hands slid down to her hips, he pushed himself up on his tip-toes, leaned in close, and kissed her, startling her even further. She just stood there, motionless, as his tongue pushed past her lips and into her mouth. She didn't know what to do, or what to say anymore.

how do you reason with an unreasonable person? She had no answer to that question. Meanwhile, the kiss went on, and his boyish hands gripped her butt, while his tongue sloppily sloshed around the inside of her mouth, and across her lips. The kiss brought back nostalgic memories of her first french-kiss - it was the same; sweet, nice, yet messy. She moaned softly despite herself, and felt her juices leaking down her thigh. No, this. it was time to stop.

"I have to." she thought. She reached up with her hands to take his shoulders, his head even if needed, to push him back. but it was too late. His lips parted from hers and he moved back.

She opened her eyes to see a blush spread across his face, while a lose strand of saliva still connected them, lip to lip. Without giving it a thought, she did something she did often; licked her lips, consequently breaking their saliva-connection. "Thank you, mom!" He said, and a sweet, innocent grin spread across his face. "Same time tomorrow?" "Uhh, yes?" she muttered, then placed a hand over her mouth. "Why did I say that?" "It's a deal! Alright, I'm gonna do my homework now.

Let me know when the dinner is ready!" he said, then hurried out of the bathroom, pulling the door close with him. "No, wait." But she didn't get to finish her sentence, since he closed the door behind him. He wouldn't have heard ever if she did. "What did just happen?" she wondered as she stood there motionless, only blinking in confusion on occasion.

Her heart raced and she instinctively reached down with her hand, then ran a finger over her labia - it was dripping wet! "Wait. what did I just agree to?" A taste of his sweet saliva still resided in her mouth as she sat down on the chair, still in disbelief, unsure what to do or think.

The End

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