Dirty old gay men in anal orgy Shane Frost is one of those jock studs

Dirty old gay men in anal orgy Shane Frost is one of those jock studs
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It was a week before my daughter Karen's birthday. My boyfriend and I were snuggled up under a blanket on the couch. We were playing around with each other under the blanket. I had his cock in my hand and he was fingering me very nicely. We were both enjoying the time alone together when Karen decided to come home early from visiting with a friend.

She came in and sat down in the recliner that was facing the couch. It had to have been obvious to her what my boyfriend and I had been doing as my face was beet red. Karen asks, "So, what ya two been doing?" We told her we were just relaxing and enjoying each others company. With a big grin on her face she says, "Yeah, I bet you're really enjoying what you have in your hand huh mom." I was stunned.

"Karen! I can't believe you said that!" She pops off with, "I'm not stupid mom, I've sat on a couch or two with my boyfriend with our hands under the blankets." Then I was floored by what she said next. "How about you Nick? Does it feel pretty good where your hand is at?" When she said that, Nick squeezed my hard clit between two fingers and I let out a whimper and my eyelids fluttered. "Well I can see by moms reaction that your hand feels pretty good where it's at." Karen and I have always been pretty open with each other and have always been able to talk with each other about personal things.

Sometimes very personal things but what she asked me next was THE most personal she had ever been with me. She said, "Since we are on the subject of sex, can I ask you a question?" Nick and I looked at each other then back at her and I said, "I guess so." Both of us still had our hands where they were when she walked in. "Mom, have you ever had sex with another woman?" Oh My God!

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I was mortified. This was my daughter asking me this, and to top it off, she was asking this of me with my boyfriend right there with his hand in my pants! I looked at Nick and my jaw must have hit the floor because when she asked her question, his cock instantly got twice as hard. "Answer the question Linda." He said to me. I looked at Karen with my face three shades of red and said, "No, I have never had sex with another woman." Whew!

Was I ever glad that was over. I just wanted to die. "Have you ever thought about having sex with another woman?" She asked. Shit! She wasn't letting this go! I asked her if we could talk about this sometime when Nick wasn't around.

"Why? I'm sure Nick would like to know also. Wouldn't you Nick?" Nick was all for it. His cock was harder than I had ever felt it before and it was spewing precum all over my hand. His answer to her was, "Yes, yes indeed, I would like to know." I said, "Ok, since it's so important to the both of you. Yes I have thought about having sex with another woman before.

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Big deal, now you know. Now, can we put this conversation to rest?" I had never been so shocked, stunned, or embarassed in my life. The fear I felt was right on the money, this conversation was by no means over. "Have you ever fantasized about having sex with another woman?" She asked me.

"Please Karen! Can we PLEASE talk about this some other time?" With that, Nick says, "Why? Have you got something to hide?" I squeezed his throbbing cock so hard that he let out a little yelp. He wasn't helping matters any and I was about to break his dick in half because he found her line of questioning so amusing!

"No I don't have anything to hide. I think you already knew the answer to that one Nick!" His fingers were in the proof. My pussy was getting so wet that I'm sure Karen could hear the noises comming from it as Nick pistoned his fingers in and out of me.


My breathing was becomming quite heavy and it was obvious to the both of them that I was very near orgasm but, I couldn't make myself ask Nick to stop what he was doing and I had a feeling that Karen wasn't going to stop with her questioning. "Answer the question Mom." She said.

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"Ok, ok. Yes, I have fantasized about it a couple of times!" With that Nick shot his hot cum all over everything under the blanket. All over himself, me, our clothes, and the blanket. At the same instant he came I let lose with an orgasm of my own that left us both drenched in my juices. I am a squirter. When I cum, I squirt a stream. There was no hiding from Karen what had just happened. She just sat there with a smile on her face and said, "I'm glad I could play a part in making you have an orgasm." Nick and I sat there for a couple of minutes catching our breath and Karen was nice enough to ask if we needed a towel.

"Yes. Will you go get one for us please?" I said. When she left the room I looked into Nick's eyes and told him, "Oh my God, that was amazing!" He said that it was for him too. "Why is she asking me these questions about sex with other women?" I asked him.

"I haven't got a clue. Why dont you ask her?" Was his reply. I knew I had to ask her but, I was afraid of what the answer might be. I then pulled my cum covered hand out from under the blanket and was licking it off when Karen came back into the room. I couldn't believe it. Not only did she witness us have simultaneous orgasms, now she caught me licking Nicks cum off of my hand! "Wow Mom, thats hot!

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Now you're getting me excited." I don't know where it came from or what made me do it but, I raised my hand up to her and asked, "Do you want some?" I think it shocked the hell out of all of us that I did that but, to my amazement, she grabbed my wrist and licked the rest of Nick's cum off of my hand!

"Mmmmm, tasty!" She said. I agreed with her and said, "I get all I want of the yummy stuff!" She then handed me the towel and sat back down. "So tell me Karen, Why all the questions about me and sex with women?" The little smart ass answers me with, "Can we talk about this some other time Mom?" The little bitch! "Fuck no we can't talk about it some other time. I answered your questions. Now you can answer mine!" Nick was getting a kick out of this as he was sitting there next to me chuckling.


"Ok." She said. "lately I have been thinking about what it would be like to have sex with another woman." I asked her why and what brought on the thought. "Because my boyfriend constantly wants to eat my pussy and although I enjoy it immensely, I have been wondering why he wants to do it so often.

Is it that much fun and so incredibly enjoyable for him that he just can't seem to get enough?" I looked at Nick and said, "Well is it? You like to eat me a lot and sometimes you almost beg for me to let you put your face between my legs." His face turned redder than a stop light on a dark night. It was his turn to be embarassed and I loved it. "Well," He said.

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"I don't mean anything bad by it but, It's like I feel closer to you somehow when I go down on you. Like it's much more intimate, and that the feelings that I have for you are magnified when I'm eating you. I also feel that your orgasm means more for me when I give you one that way rather than the ones you have when we have intercourse." I just looked at him, smiled and asked, "Really?

I feel the same way when I go down on you and make you have an orgasm." Hearing all that, Karen says to us, "That settles it, I want to have sex with a woman!" Karen and I sat there looking at each other for what seemed a lifetime. Her next question gave me an instant mind boggling orgasm. "Mom, Will you have sex with me?"