Horny teen andi rye loves a deep anal pounding

Horny teen andi rye loves a deep anal pounding
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He was the most beautiful man I had ever seen. He stood about 5'6". With dark hair and dark eyes, he was mysterious and sexy. There was one problem… his wife! Now don't get me wrong; she was hot! She was a dark haired blue eyed Cuban woman who also liked to have fun with woman, but I wanted him all for my own. Tell me I'm crazy to attempt to take him but I couldn't help myself. Younique and I worked together at Fredrick elementary school as co-counselors.

We have known each other since high school. We were best friends then. Don't get me wrong I'm not that bad looking with bleach blonde hair, sky blue eyes, and 36c cup size. I just couldn't win against Younique with her exotic look, 36d cup size, and huge Cuban behind.

She always got any guy she wanted and I just got who was left over. I was fed up with it. This time I was going to win Tony over. My fiancé and I was invited over to their house every other Friday night and they came to ours all the other Fridays. We mostly just sat around after we ate dinner and drank wine and watched a DVD or played a game. This week we were going to their house and we planned to watch the movie "Save the last dance". It was perfect for a date night, sexy and romantic for us girls, and dramatic and tough for the men.

When it was time to get ready to go I went into my closet and picked out my most sexy looking dress that wouldn't seem to obvious, it was my black thigh length tube top dress with a line of red roses going down the side. I left my long hair down and straightened it to make it have more sexy bounce, Pulled on my knee high 4 inch heel boots. Threw on some dark eye makeup and red lipstick, and I was ready to go. Was what I was doing really that horrible?

I know Younique doesn't really love Tony. She was always flirting with Jerald when we went over there. For all I was concerned she could have him. I walked down stairs and kissed Jerald and told him I was ready. He looked at me and licked his lips. Maybe he thought I was dressed this way for him. He looked at his watch and smiled. He grabbed me by the arm and threw his lips at me in a powerful passionate kiss. He threw me up against the wall in the living room and continued to kiss me.

I know I wasn't in love with him, but he is an excellent lover so I ran with it. Next thing I knew I found his hand traveling up my thigh and grazing my black silk thong with his index finger. He then pulled it to the side and forced his fingers inside of my already wet pussy. He continued to kiss me as he thrusted his fingers in and out of my pussy. Then I felt him rubbing my other hole with his thumb, putting a little pressure on it.

It felt so good I felt my lips quiver, both sets. I didn't want to climax until he was inside of me, so I took control.

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I pushed him onto our white leather couch and undid his belt as fast as I knew how to. I could already see the bulge of his 7" dick start to form through his black jeans. Once his belt was off and on the floor I began to unbutton and unzip his pants. He didn't resist at all when I pulled them down and revealed his large thick cock.

I licked my lips enough to get them very wet and then I pulled his dick into my mouth. I couldn't wait to have that thick cock on my tongue. I tilted my head back enough to watch Jerald as his eyes rolled to the back of his head in intoxicating pleasure. His head found the back of my hair as he pushed my head back and forth on him.

I was so wet now I couldn't stand him not being in me any longer. I pulled off his now throbbing cock and pulled the bottom of my dress up and climbed on top of him while he still sat up on the couch.

He pulled my head towards his for another passionate kiss. I adjusted my thong to where I could pull him inside of me. I couldn't wait any longer. When he entered my body I let out a short, but loud moan. I played with his hair and then began to rub his chest.

He started to rub my breasts with his hands. Then he began to tickled and played with them. I let out a longer moan and started to rub my clit while he jolted in and out of me. After all the exciting oral, neither of us was going to be able to hold our orgasms in any longer. All at once we felt the raging passion burst, and we were both completely overwhelmed with exhaust.

When finally got up off the couch my hair and makeup were ruined. I had to rush up stairs and redo my makeup and my hair.

Then I had to change into a new thong, and wipe the spot of cum that ended up on my boot. When I got done I hurried down stairs to Jerald.


He had been waiting at the door for me because we were running a little late. We headed off to the car. Whenever we got to Younique and Tony's house they had dinner sat out on the dining room table.

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Younique doesn't cook so Tony had. He had made a very luscious looking roast covered in glazed potatoes and carrots. My mouth began to water when I saw this because I worked up a good appetite. "So, why were you two late?" Younique asked smirking. All Jerald and I did was smile back at her.

When I took my long coat off at the door I saw Tony's eyes look me up and down slyly. I could tell he was looking at me when I saw him lick his lips lightly.

I smiled at this and I saw Younique roll her eyes like she knew why her husband had licked his lips. We had sat down for dinner each across from there own mate, which meant I was next to Tony. I decided to take this to my advantage. I started to rub my foot against his leg discreetly. I glanced at him to see if he noticed. Oh he noticed.

He had a puzzled look on his face. No one said much during dinner that night. One reason was that the food was too good, and the other reason was that little did each of us know that we were all playing footsie with each other's lover. I guess we were all enjoying each other's company a little too much.

When we finished dinner we retired to the living room. Younique and Tony sat down on the couch together, and Jerald and I cuddled up on the floor to watch the movie. Tony stood up to place the movie in the DVD player and as he walked over I took a quick look at his ass. What can I say.?

It was nice. The movie was moving at a slow and sexy pace, so I turned and started to kiss Jerald hoping to begin a make out session to get the guys horny.

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I didn't want Younique to sleep with Tony, so I thought maybe I could smoothly arrange a swing. I grabbed Jerald by the back of his neck and pulled his mouth into mine.

I looked over at Younique and motioned for her to kiss Tony, as much as I didn't want to see them kissing. I knew that the guys were getting harder by the second. I didn't think that Jerald or Tony would have sex in front of the group, but I know that Younique wouldn't mind because we shared a dorm in college and did this sort of stuff all the time.

I decided to pull her to another room to talk to her about what I was doing. "So what do you think?" I told her without hesitating. "I don't know about this Bonita" she told me resisting a bit. "Just for old time's sake?" I replied. She nodded in agreement and we went back to the guys. The next thing we all knew we were in a full out kissing session. In my mind all I could think was "I can't wait to have Tony's cock inside of me".

I stopped kissing Jerald and I looked over at Younique and motioned for her to come over to me. She obliged and when she got there I began to kiss her.

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The men both had a surprised look on there faces. We had never shown them this side of us before. While we were kissing I decided to play to there imagination a little more so, I reached my hand up her top and began to fondle her breast. She let out a soft moan and then she pulled my dress down over my chest and pulled one of my tits into her mouth. As she sucked on my nipple I saw Jerald's mouth drop in excitement.

He slid behind me and slipped his hand up the bottom of my dress and slipped his finger under my thong. Of course by this time I was already wet. Then Tony was over at Younique kissing her ear and she pushed him away and said "This time we are switching". Both of the men were excited beyond all belief, and then Jerald moved first switching from my sopping cunt over to Younique. I think Tony was a little shy when he came towards me, not knowing how I would respond. I grabbed him by the back of his head and kissed him as hard as I could without hurting him.

Jerald was already into the switch with his hand up Younique's skirt and I could tell by the noises of her moaning that he had his fingers in her all wanting slit. I couldn't wait to have Tony doing the same, and more, to me. I slipped my dress off and was left with just my boots and thong on. Tony then suckled on one of my nipples while his hand traveled down my stomach and then into my thong.

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His fingers felt so good as they slipped into my dripping wet hole. I glanced over at Jerald who now had his cock out and in Younique's hand. They were moving a lot faster than Tony and me, so I wanted to try and keep up. I started to undo his pants so I could draw his cock into my mouth. I knew he was hard because I could already see the bulge in his pants growing.

I wanted to feel it inside of me so badly. I looked up at him as I succeeded in getting his zipper down and he had his eyes closed. I didn't know if he was imagining her, but I didn't care. I pulled down his pants and grabbed his huge dick with my hand and forced it into my mouth.


I heard him grunt and then he grabbed the back of my head and pushed it towards his groin. I could feel him going deep inside my throat, and I wanted more. I began to lick the head and stroke it as I sucked. I knew he was close to eruption when he gripped my hair and pulled. Having him pull my hair made me even more wet, so I began to suck faster and faster.

All at once I felt his cock begin to flinch as his hot creamy cum shot deep into my throat. It wasn't long after that I looked at Jerald and he had just cum too. I had always known that Younique was good at giving head but, even I couldn't get him off that fast. Afterwards, we were all still very wanting.

I didn't want to go home and have sex with Jerald tonight, I wanted Tony right now. I wanted to hold him and feel him caressing my body as if he was mine for real. I went up towards Tony and started kiss him passionately and as he kissed me back I knew I really did love him. I sat on his naked lap and began to grind on him in hopes of getting him hard again.

I knew that Jerald and Younique would be fucking soon to because he was rubbing her clit like he would rub a lap to get a genie to appear.

Jerald always has been good at second rounds with me, but this was his third today and she got him hard as a steel rod. I could already feel Tony getting harder as I rode him.

I felt his big cock growing under me and I couldn't wait any longer. I lay down and pulled him on top of me. I pulled off my thong while he kissed my neck. He started to kiss my nipples and then my stomach, and then he moved down and began to kiss and lick my wet slit. I was already in ecstasy with the first touch. He began to tongue my clit and he began to bring me over the edge. I started rocking my hips back and forth as he continued to lick.

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I could feel my cunt getting hot like it was going to explode. As I was nearer to cumming I started to moan so loud that Jerald looked up from the pounding he was already giving to Younique. I didn't care. I just wanted to feel Tony inside of me. When I came I let out a big mess of juice all into Tony's mouth. I grabbed him by his arms and kissed him. He pushed himself into me with one stroke and my whole body jolted.

For the first time in my life I felt a huge cock go all the way to my gut. As he thrust his pelvis into my steaming clit I felt on the brink of destruction. He pushed inside of me faster and harder. I gripped his hair and bit his neck until I left marks. I started to lick his ear and then kissed him. I whispered to him to go faster. I wanted to feel his hot cum inside of my wet and willing pussy. As I pulled him closer to me I scratched his back and I knew I was going to cum again.

I could feel it building up inside of me, and I was going to burst. I thrust myself into him and I could tell he was ready to orgasm with me. All at once I felt the most incredible orgasm I had ever felt, and I moaned so loud this time that Younique and Jerald stopped what they were doing and both of there mouths dropped in surprise.

The four of us collapsed on the floor after we had all cum at least twice. We were just laying there on the floor, all naked, sweaty, and cum-covered. I had him if only for a while, but I wanted it to be more than just that. I wanted to have him for my own, now, always, and forever.

I didn't even know what made me love him so much, but I did. It was about 2am and I knew it was time for me and Jerald to go home. We all really needed showers. We put our clothes, and Jerald and I said our goodbyes then we headed for the car.

When we got to the car there was mostly a dead silence on the way home. We had to stop for gas on the way and when Jerald got back into the car I said" What's wrong with you?" he didn't answer me until we were at home in bed. "You don't love me do you?" he asked me sobbing. "What on earth are you going on about?" I responded back. "You have never sounded that happy with me before, Younique and I both heard you." He said.

"I do love you, but…"I paused.

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"You're not IN love, right?" he cried. I started to cry and I told him," I have always loved him since the beginning, I'm sorry. The entire swing was my idea because I wanted a chance with him, besides I had always suspected your lust for Younique and I figured you would appreciate it." He didn't say much to me after that he just rolled over and fell asleep.

The next morning when I woke up he wasn't in the bed anymore. I thought maybe he was in the kitchen, so I got up and took my shower and got dressed. When I went in the living room Jerald was sitting there with Younique. I knew they were talking about me because they were both crying. They didn't tell me what was going on they just got up and left the house. I called Jerald about a half an hour later and he didn't answer, so I decided to try Younique. She did answer, but it wasn't a pleasant surprise.

She answered in a moaning voice, as if she had just been revived of an orgasm. I didn't know what I thought I heard, but I knew it wasn't Tony she was with. "Are you with Jerald?" I asked her. "Yeah, as if you really care, but I just fucked his brains out again!" she hollered.

I quickly hung the phone up and started to weep. Why was I so upset? Isn't this what I wanted to happen? I decided to call up Tony to tell him what was going on. When he answered I told him about my and Jerald's fight last night and what I had just heard with Younique. Come to my surprise him and Younique had a similar fight after we left last night. It seems that she suspected my feelings for him too.

He knew something was up too when we barely spoke to one another before we left. I asked Tony to come over so we could talk about this and he obliged. When he got to my house I invited him in and we sat down on the couch. "Do you love me?" He asked me. I shook my head not looking directly at him. He put his hand on my chin and tilted my head up then kissed me. I looked up at him in surprise and he said" I feel all the same for you." He leaded me down on the couch as he continued to kiss me gently.

This kiss was as good a kiss as it had been the night before, yet even better because it was out of spoken love. He touched me soft and tenderly as he continued to kiss me.

I felt his hand begin to graze my ear and then he moved it lower towards my neck, then to my chest. He kissed my check and then my ear, which made me feel tingles run up and down my spine. I ran my fingers through his hair and down his back. I put my hands up the back of his shirt and ran them up his back softly. He shivered and then lifted my shirt up and over my head. He cupped my breast in one hand and then reached behind me with the other to unhook my bra. As he pulled my bra off, he brought his mouth down onto my breast.

He started to lick my nipple, which made me twitch. I pulled off his shirt and started to play with his nipples, too. He seemed to like this because he started forming a bulge where his pants covered his cock. He lightly bit my nipple and then he moved down towards my stomach making a trail with his tongue. I watched him as he reached the top of my shorts.

He reached over and pulled them off of me exposing my bare pussy. He continued to lick until he got to my clit; once he was there he used his fingers to separate my slit, so he could lick in between. While he licked he pushed two of his fingers inside of me. "Oooh" I moaned lightly as he continued to finger my hole. I was enjoying this so much I could feel my orgasm rushing into me like lightning. He kept lapping away at my clit while his fingers worked on my slit.

"Oh baby I'm gonna cum!" I said to him as he licked my little spot. I could feel my cunt getting hotter as I shot back and released my climax. When he came back up towards me I grabbed his face and kissed him.

I bit his neck and then went farther down to the rim of his jeans and undid them. In one short motion they were on the floor next to my shorts, shirt, and bra. I started stroking his hard shaft before I tucked it into my mouth and began to lick it. I ran my tongue from the bottom up to the tip and stuffed the whole head into my mouth. I pulled it in deeper to the back of my throat, all eight inches.

"Uhhh baby!" he grunted. As I moved my mouth back up towards the top I moved my tongue in my mouth around in circles to completely cover his cock. He started pulling my hair and jolting my head back and forth on his dick, which I knew from the night before, he was going to come soon.

I shoved his cock deep into my throat once more and I felt it tighten up then release his hot, juicy cum all into my mouth and down my throat. Neither of us wanted our sexual experience to end there, so I continued to lick his cock until it was clean, in hopes of it staying hard. I was right; it stayed just as hard as it was when I started sucking. He pulled me onto the floor were we continued to play.

He climbed between my legs and rested his bulging cock on my pelvic bone before he started to rock his body on me. I lifted myself up and invited him in.

He teased me a bit by rubbing his cock over and around my slit. He pushed it up against my clit and then rubbed it to where I could have almost came again. Then he pushed his thick dick inside of me a little at a time. He went in a little then pulled it back and then a little more, then all at once he pushed it all the way inside of me.

"Oooooh god!" I squealed as he thrusted deep inside of me. He continued to push inside of me moving at a more rapid pace. I turned him over and laid on him with my back to his chest.

I lifted my knees slightly and pulled him back inside of me. I moved up and down on him while he used his hands under my ass to lift me up.

I laid my head back on his shoulder as I kept riding him. He was hitting my G spot. Then he started to rub my clit with one of his hands as he continued thrusting into my dripping wet cunt. I could tell I was going to cum soon by the way my body was shaking. I wanted to feel him cum deep inside of me. "Please cum with me Tony, deep in me" I told him. He started moving faster and faster bringing me closer and closer to my climax. In just two or three more pushes his whole body tensed up along with mine and I felt his juice fill my hole deep within my slot.

Shot after shot came out as I collapsed on top of him unable to move from that paralyzing orgasm. We both just laid there on the floor and fell asleep together. When we woke up I heard him whisper in my ear "I love you". I was so happy starting at that moment that no other man has ever even interested me, because I had the one I had been looking for.