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Horny slut wants to cum with toy
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The next day was to be our last full day in the Park and I had so many things I wanted to show her. There was the view from Martin's Overlook, we hadn't seen any wildlife yet, not even a black tailed deer and we had to take a canoe out on the lake.

Gosh there was so much to do and see, but I all I could do was lay here with my beauty sleeping in my arms; my 14 year-old grand daughter, Kristy. We had orally brought each other off the night before. In fact we made love, not vaginally but orally, every night since we left her home outside of Kansas City, four nights ago.

It had started so innocently, with a thunder storm that first night out. It had now escalated to mutual oral sex; I had even inserted my finger up her vagina. We had become out of control with lust. I stole a look at my watch, it said 7:30, time for me to rise and shine. I hadn't been able to get myself out of bed this early ever since I started in with Kristy. She just wore me out. But this morning, I felt refreshed and ready to go.

I wondered how she would react. There was only one way to tell, so shaking her gently by the shoulder, I said, "Sweety, it time to get up. Kristy, wake up now." She still hadn't moved, so I resorted to another, devious plan.

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Peeling back the covers, exposing her long, athletic legs, I saw that her nightgown had ridden up and was gathered around her waist. That left, not only her beautiful legs open to my view, but the spot where they joined, with its kinky little pubic hairs, barely covering her precious little lips.

I knew how to wake her. Bending down my head and planting my lips right on her labial lips, I inserted my tongue and moved it up towards to clitoris. It worked perfectly. As I neared the goal, she wiggled away with a start and pushed my head away. After having been brought out of her slumber, she realized it was me doing the assault and grinned and tried to pull my face back down to lick. But I said, "No, you had your chance and you pushed me away. Now it's too late. No more for you." She groaned a playful groan and then, hanging onto my neck, she drew me in and down on top of her with a big juicy kiss.

I rolled over and switched places with her and from her new found vantage point, she continued to kiss me deeply, then passionately. Placing her separated legs on either side of my hips, she ground down into my crotch and rotated hers around until I started to feel the urge. I said, "O, Sweety, we've got to get up. That's why I woke you that way. I wanted to get you up, not turn you on." "Too late," she said and started humping my crotch, up and down. "O, Kristy, you little minx," I said, but allowed her to seductively grind away.

She grabbed her nightgown by the waist, sat up and removed it over her head. Her nipples were already hard and a look of pure lust dominated her expression. She immediately began riding my cock, back and forth until she was wet as can be.

I told her, "Sweety, separate your lips. Let it slide but your slit. That's it, now how does it feel?" "O Gramps, that feel wonderful!" she exclaimed, throwing back her head with her eyes closed. "Yes it does, Sweety, it feels really good." She placed her hands beside my head and she rose up just a little.

She scooted up on my cock until it was rubbing up into her clitoris. When it made contact, she irrupted into a frenzied convulsion. She madly flung herself, over and over, down upon my cock, riding high into her sopping pussy. She was almost there, but could not bring herself over the edge. She was getting frustrated, when I put my arms to her crotch, under her legs and literally threw her up so she landed on my face. "O Gramps, YES," she cried and dug down into my open mouth.

She knew where to sit so that my mouth had access to her throbbing little clit and she had landed perfectly. My lips grabbed it on the first try and she went ballistic. "O YES, O YES, O YES," she screamed, "O GRAMPS, O GRAAAAMPS…"and she started to orgasm for the first time this morning. After a night's sleep, she had the energy of a young nymph, romping in the forest, and she was exuding that energy now, during this release of emotion.

She was driving her young pussy hard into my mouth until she suddenly flung herself off of my face and down to my crotch. Grabbing it with one hand, she stuck the slimy thing into her hungry mouth and started sucking for all she was worth. I almost died, right there. She sucked on it as if it was the normal thing to do, like she'd done that a thousand times before.

She would take it in so far that she would gag herself and have to release it for her mouth to catch her breath. With tears in her eyes, she would dive back down on it, ramming it in as deep as she could. I could feel it building in my balls; I knew that it was just a matter of time. One or two more sucks into her gorgeous little mouth and I was over the top. I spewed my sperm deep into her mouth, stream after stream.

She didn't come off of it this time, but kept up her oral assault on my throbbing cock, until it started to go limp; its way of telling her that it was all over. She let it plop out of her lips and then came back up to rest upon my shriveling cock. She placed it between her vulvas, once again and slowly rocked herself back and forth.

We stayed that way for several minutes, gaining our strength and our minds again. She, being the younger, managed to come out of it before me.

When I awoke, it was to her whispering in my ear, "I love you, Gramps. I will always love you." We showered, dressed, ate breakfast together and decided our day before we left the coach in the Jeep. Our decision was to drive around and look for wildlife. We did get on occasion to follow a game trail back in the forest a ways; I had spotted a doe and her fawn, feeding in a meadow.

We were able to watch them for about ten minutes or so before they decided to go on the other pastures. We did manage to see a herd of cow elk feeding in another meadow, but at such a distance, we had to use the binoculars.

The one animal I was hoping we would see was a moose. We drove and drove with no luck. When as I was just about to give up, we turned the corner on a gravel road and came upon a shallow pond or lake, filled with lily pads. As luck would have it, there out in the middle of the foliage, standing in about eight feet of water, up to its front shoulders, was a bull moose, with its wide antlers covered in lily pads, chopping down with a mouth full.

It raised its head to look at who was disturbing his lunch. Not sensing any danger or threat, he continued to chew the pads in his mouth and then plunge his head under the water and brought up another mouth full of greens.

I jokingly said to Kristy, "It reminds me of you this morning." She slugged me in the shoulder, saying, "Gramps? As least I didn't use my teeth, but next time…" I grabbed her by the tummy and brought her into my arms. "Next time, I think I'd even accept that from you," I said, giving her a kiss on the mouth. "Really?" she teased back. "NO!" I said emphatically, as we slowly walked away, leaving the moose to eat his lunch. Watching him eat must have made us hungry so we wandered back to the lodge to have some lunch in the restaurant.

After we had enjoyed a great meal, talking and joking the whole time, we headed down to the dock area to inquire about renting a canoe for the afternoon. Donning our life vests, we ventured out onto Lake Jackson for an afternoon of paddling and spelunking around. We visited every little cove we could find on the lake. Whenever no one was around and we were out of slight of peering eyes, Kristy would do something real crazy, but oh so arousing.

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Once she turned around and raised her shirt and bra, exposing her breasts to me. Another time, she actually stood up in the canoe, turned around and dropped her pants and panties to me. That time, a gentleman walked out of a clearing and looked in our direction.

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She sat down so fast that I thought she had tipped us over. All I said was, "You almost got your just desserts." She got this devilish grin on her face and hurriedly pulled up her pants.

We continued roaming all over the lake until about 5:30 that afternoon when I suggested we head it back in to the dock. When we arrived back at the coach; I announced that I was taking her out to eat in celebration of our last night at Grand Teton National Park. So as she showered herself, I sat down and recalled the transformation I had seen in my grand daughter this past five days. Part of it, the sexual discovery, was expected, but the general maturation of this adolescent into a loving young woman, was remarkable.

She had really turned into an intelligent, fun loving, but not silly, individual that I truly enjoyed being around. Now that's saying something, coming from a retired school teacher who had to put up with those types for hours on end. She came out of the bedroom wearing the same dress that she had worn the first night I took her out to dinner; the pale yellow sundress. I think that was the only one she brought on the trip, but I was delighted when I saw her in it again.

She saw my approving look and stopped, twirled around, flaring the skirt out to almost her panties and said, "Do you like it, Gramps?" "I think you look beautiful, Sweety, but you always look beautiful," I said, not taking my eyes off of her legs.

I showered, shaved and dressed casually formal; slacks and buttoned shirts and then made my appearance. I twirled around with a giddy grin on my face and, getting the desired reaction, I said, "Let's go." We drove the short distance into Jackson and I picked a different restaurant this time. Instead of streak, I was thinking more of something exotic, like a fine Italian restorante. I know, you go to Jackson, Wyoming to eat steak, but Jackson has this fabulous place called Antonio's that will bring your pallet close to heaven and I knew that I had to take my darling grand daughter there just once before we had to go.

I took charge and ordered for each of us and when it arrived, well my gastric juices were delighted. We had a delicious meal of veal scaloppini with chutney sauce, smothered with rigatoni cheese, and for desert, tiramisu.

It took us an hour and a half to eat. We talked, we joked and we teased, just like I remembered a date should be like. This wasn't my grand daughter. She was my date and a darn beautiful one at that.

The waiter asked once, if this was my daughter. I merely smiled up at him and answered, "No," then silently laughed at the look on his face. "It is my grand daughter," I added, after waiting until he had turned a sufficient color of red. He looked at me to see if I was being serious and then, seeing no indication one way or the other, he just bowed and left us alone. Kristy looked at me with a puzzled look on her face and then asked, "What was that all about?" "He was just seeing if I was a dirty old man," I said.

"I told him I was," and laughed. She still didn't get it but laughed anyway. We finished our meal and walked around town for awhile, arm in arm.

I would not see these people again, so I decided why not show them I had a real date this evening. We walked and talked some, but mainly just strolled around, being with each other.

At one point, she asked, "Gramps, what does it feel like to go all the way with someone?" I thought long and hard on my answer. "Well, it depends on if you love that person you go all the way with," I finally told her. "Did you have anyone in mind that you wanted to share your body with?" I asked.

She was embarrassed with my question. She turned her head downward and said, "No, I just wondered, that's all. I mean, you've made me feel so wonderful when we, you know," she quickly looked around to make sure no one was in ear shoot, "when we touch and stuff. I was just wondering how doing it was any better." "Well, Sweety, "doing it" takes what we've been doing to a whole other level. When you make love; there should be an emotional bound between the two of you.

You have to have a loving feeling for that person and he has to have a loving feeling for you. Making love, especially the first time, should be reserved for someone you trust, someone you love and someone you might want to spend the rest of your life with." She walked along, deep in thought for the longest time.

We had made a circle back to the car, so I opened the door for her and helped her step up into the Jeep. As she climbed up into the passenger's seat, her pale yellow sundress rode up her legs, showing me her white little cotton panties. I caught a glance of them, but she had no idea I'd seen anything. She was so innocent and unaware of life, I suddenly knew how the evening was going to end.

All the way back to the campground, she rode in silence; almost pensive.


When we arrived and I parked the Jeep, she still had not said a word. She suddenly asked, "Gramps? Can we sit and talk a little bit?" I thought it was strange, she wanted to talk in the Jeep, sitting here in front of a motor coach with comfortable chairs and a sofa inside, but I answered, "Sure, Sweety, what's on your mind?" She was looking down in her lap where her hands were fidgeting with her dress.

"I, ah," she haltingly started, "I was wondering if you could, we could, you know "do it" tonight? I've been thinking about what you said about my first time should be with someone I trust and love and stuff.

Well, I trust you and I love you? I would feel so much safer if you would do it with me and teach me what its all about, and stuff," as her voice trailed off. I thought long and hard about my response. Of course I had thought about it; I had fantasized about it. Now I had the chance and obligation to handle this the right way. I finally looked over at my grand daughter and thought, "Where is that beautiful young lady of yesterday?

Is this my 14 year-old grand daughter that I am now seeing, shy and unsure of herself, yet wanting to explore the great unknown? Which one is she now and which one will she be in the morning?

Whichever it is, I will love her all the same. "Kristy, let's go on in and we can talk some more about your question," I said, opening my door. I walked around to let her out of the Jeep and when I got there, she swung her right leg out, then her left leg, and I got a good look at her crotch. She saw me look and held her legs open for just a second longer than she had to.

She smiled and blushed a little. I grabbed her by her waist and lifted her out. She went limp in my arms and as I let her down onto the ground, she stood right next to my body, looking up into my eyes. She gave me the most wanting look. We went up the steps into the coach, Kristy leading the way, and she stopped in front of the sofa.

She just stood, not moving, still fidgeting with her dress. I walked up to her and stood next to her; close, real close. So close I was rubbing up to her. She stopped her fidgeting and dropped her skirt and she almost stopped breathing. "Kristy, what you've ask me to do is wrong, you know that don't you?" I asked. She just nodded her head. "If I did that and anyone found out, I could go to jail. You know that, too?" Again she nodded her head. I hesitated for just a second, giving myself a last chance, and then I reached up to her neck and slowly untied the spaghetti straps holding her dress in place.

She let out the breath she must have been holding for over a minute, as she realized I was about to grant her her wish. The straps descended down over her breast line and fell limp down to her tummy.

As I unzipped the remaining restraint on the top, her dress made its long slide down over her breasts to gather at the waist. She still hadn't moved; she stood there, nude from the waist up, waiting.

I moved my hands around and tenderly touched her breasts; ever so gently, caressing them, softly and slowly. As I reached her little sentinels, her breath caught in her throat and she let out a slight moan. Her firm little boobs fit perfectly in the palms of my hands and I squeezed them lightly. I loved the feel of the pressure of their resistance. She moaned again when I squeezed them in my palms and then encircled her nipples with each open hand. Her hard auroras, shriveled up with excitement and her nipples became like pebbles.

I gave each a final squeeze and then released them to further their exploration down to her tummy and her dress that had gathered there. Sliding each hand under the elastic that had prevented its fall, I aided the dress over her hips and let gravity take over from there. But my hands had not finished their work, so they continued down her thighs until my arms were straight and then reversed themselves up the inner part between the legs.

She cried a muffled whimper as she shook involuntarily from the sensation and the anticipation of contact. And contact was my goal. Right directly at the crotch, my hands converged with the fingers running along her panties at each leg. This brought another moan, followed by a shiver. Then my right forefinger probed deeply into her crack until it found the wetness. She suddenly turned to face me and flung her arms around my neck and squeezed me tightly.

"O Gramps," she whispered into my chest, "I want you. I want you so bad." "In time," I assured her, "everything in due time." She started unbuttoning my shirt and when she was through, she stripped it from my arms.

Then went to work on my slacks; first the button, then the zipper. When she had finished, they came down around my ankles.


She knelt down to take off my shoes and slacks, and finishing that task, she stared right into my crotch and my erection.

Running both of her hands up the legs of my boxers, they met at my cock and she exposed it out the hole of my shorts. Staring at it a moment, she wet her lips with her tongue and took it into her mouth. Her lips closed around it as she started to suck it into her hungry little opening. In and out it slid over the wetness of her lips. In and out of her eager mouth as her speed and pressure increased.

Feeling it rise up from my balls, I had to reach down and pull her up or suffer from a premature ejaculation. Gaining her feet, she looked up into my eyes with this wanting look; this pleading look. I grabbed her hand and led her to the bedroom without saying a word. I turned on the table lamp next to the bed and laid her down. "Are we going to do it?" she asked.

"Sweety, we need some protection," I tried to explain. "But, Miss Paterson told us in health class that the best time for a girl to have unprotected sex is during the first week after she has finished her period. Well, I finished mine the day before you picked me up and that was only five days ago," she countered. I looked at her pensively and then smiled. I slowly slipped out of my boxers and lay down next to her. "Are you scared?" I inquired. "Will hurt much?" she asked in return.

"I don't know, Kristy, but if you feel any pain will you stop me?" "Okay," she said with a little fear in her voice. I bent my head down and gave her a gentling kiss on the lips and then started my delicate assault. I started back at her breasts; those small, little milk white globes, presenting them selves to my manual inspection. They were soft to my touch, yet firm under the pressure of my palms; delicate sensations to fondle and to kiss and kiss them I did and suck and nibble.

Feeling the desired stimulation, she wiggled and thrust upwards her chest into my groping mouth. I ran my tongue down to her stomach and to the top of her panties, where I bit into the cotton fabric and pulling it away from her skin with my teeth.

Letting the elastic snap back onto her abdomen, I proceeded down to her pussy, now starting to show signs of moisture developing in her crotch. This moisture did not go unnoticed or untasted by me. Opening my mouth up to that aromatic delight, I slid my tongue down between her panty covered vaginas and openly sucked out her juices. I ran my tongue between her panties and her legs, pushing it inward under the cotton underwear. Finding the kinky pubic hair, I ran my tongue along the tickly surface until I found her slit and entered it with my tongue.

She was straining to comply with my tongue assault by spreading her legs wide apart and raising her hips up towards my mouth. She was moaning now, waiting for her promised reward. My hands went around her hips and grabbed the rear of the cotton covering. Gently pulling on them, soon her panties started slipping over and off her butt cheeks. As they cleared her ass, she moved her legs together and raised her hip to allow me to remove them altogether.

I slid them down to her mid-thighs and then I pushed her legs skyward where they straighten out. I continued to push on her hamstrings until the view opened up to my eyes like I could only imagine.

There before me, was the most wondrous sight my poor old eyes have ever seen. Her two athletically trim legs, sticking straight up, tight at her knees, divulging down at her crotch, two beautifully displayed labia lips, just barely separated and her opened, begging to be entered. Moving between her out stretched legs, I proceeded to remove her panties up her legs and then touch her vagina with the end of my cock. She tensed up noticeably in anticipation of my final assault. I told her, "Just relax Sweety, it's going to be fine." I hoped that I was correct.

I placed the head of my cock at her opening, just inside her lips. She was tense and nervous, still wondering if it was going to hurt. I was on my knees with her legs in front of me, sticking straight up in the air. I could barely see her opening but I could feel my cock start to penetrate. She stiffened as it started and I stopped. "Does it hurt?" I asked.

"No, but it's awful tight in there," she whimpered. "Just relax, I'll take it slow and easy," I assured her. I could feel the walls of her vagina spread out to make room for the projectile it was taking in, but they were doing so under protest and with great reluctance.

It was like a finger being poked through a confined space filled with gelatin. It would give but only with much effort and patience. I was bound and determined to provide both for my grand daughter. I resumed the pressure, slowly forward and then stopping; forward and then stopping.

She would moan a little, opening her eyes wide with every forward movement. After many starts and stops, I felt my cock touch the back wall of her cervix and stop. She let out a little yelp and then asked, "Gramps, is it all the way in?" Feeling her butt cheeks rubbing against my balls, I answered, "Yes Sweety, it's all the way in." "Good, I don't think I could take any more," she said with a sigh. I rested there for a moment, but then started to bring it out a little.

The walls tightened up around my cock, trying to force the intruder out of its territory. But when I stopped and reversed course, it had to open up one more time. Then we went through the exchange once again, then again, but this time it came out further before pushing its way back in. Over and over we made this dance and faster and faster the transition was made.

I told her to spread her legs and bend her knees. As she did, I gently place my chest onto hers, crushing her poor little boobies.

Now with every thrust forward, Kristy would respond with a high pitched, "O,". As the pace increased, the "O's" got higher and louder and they came as fast as I was penetrating her. Now she was actively pumping back with her hips. With every "O", came a push with her hips and with every push of her hips came a collision of my pubic bone into her clitoris. Now she banging into my crotch with every thrust forward I was making, crying "O" faster and louder in time with me.

I told her to wrap her legs around my butt and pull me into her with force. As she complied with my command, her hands and fingers gripped my back and her finger nails started digging in to my flesh. The pain started building as did my need for release, however, I was not about to seek the needed climax before I had brought Kristy to that point. I knew that I could hold out a few moments more if only I could bring her over the top. I remembered something I had used once before, so I placed my middle finger down to her crotch and felt for her anus.

The juices were flowing out of her with every thrust and had already soaked the sheet below her, as well as her ass. I found the other opening and injected it with my finger and began moving it in and out. She was a mad woman by now, thrashing about; gripping me with her feet and her hands, riding me like a rodeo Brahma bull.

As the pitch of her cries became little screams, she suddenly let go of me with her feet, dug her heels into the mattress and raised her body a foot off of the bed, jamming her pussy into my crotch. My cock was impaling her over and over, as she went stiff, arching her back. Then, as if she could take it no more, she let out a scream, lowered her body back to the bed and humped my cock fast and furiously.

I slammed her back with my thrusts, hearing our combined juices slosh as it was force out of her vaginal opening. I could take it no longer and I released my sperm deep into her womb, where it fell, hopefully, on barren soil. Stream after stream squirt onto her walls as they tried desperately to expel the intruder. But it managed to stay in for the duration, but started slipping out of the slippery canal as it began to deflate. She whimpered and cried a little and began to come down from her emotional outburst.

With every ounce of my energy, I slowly moved my torso off of her tender body as not to crush her. I sighed and we both slipped off into that wonderful world known as the afterglow. We both slept, peacefully throughout the night: I didn't even get up to pee. When I awoke and looked at my watch in the light of the lamp I had left on, I realized that it was 6 in the morning and time for me to get up and get ready to leave.

I rolled over and saw my grand daughter, sleeping comfortably. What an angelic girl she was; happy, smart, beautiful and now a woman. I felt a sense of pride knowing that it was I who had made her a woman and it was I who would be forever grateful.

It took me about a half hour to connect the tow bar to the Jeep, breakdown the campsite and secure the coach for highway travel. The last thing I did was to retract the bedroom slide out and that brought Kristy out of her slumber. But she soon fell back into her restful sleep and I pulled out onto the highway back to I-80 and eastward. I drove into the rising sun for most of the morning until I had to stop for breakfast before I reached I-80.

As I pulled the coach off of the highway and into a grocery store parking lot, Kristy came stumbling out of the bedroom looking a little worse for wear. Her stride was wider than normal and she walked rather stiffly.

She stumbled, almost fell and then, grinning broadly, said, "What did you do to me last night, Gramps?


I can hardly walk this morning. I'm so sore down there and my legs will hardly hold me up." I grinned and said, "Well, I just did what I was told to do. Did you ask me to "do it" with you?

That's all I did. I did it with you," I said, teasingly. "If I would have known I would feel like this, I think I would have reconsidered," she exclaimed. Then walking over to me, she gave me a big hug and a kiss and then told me, "Thank you, Gramps.

Thank you for the best night ever. Thank you for bring me into a woman." I looked at her lovingly and told her, "Your welcome, Sweety." I had taken a sponge bath when I got this morning. I had so much dried juices all over my cock and balls, it was literally caked on, so I knew she must feel the same. I suggested that she should take this opportunity to shower and change before coming out to eat. We travel the entire day on our way back to her home near Kansas City.

She sat with me up front for most of the way. We talked about things in general and some about our trip out to the Tetons. We never mentioned, however, our sexual encounters.

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Breaking a rather long silence, Kristy asked me, "Gramps, will you ever tell anyone about what we did on this trip, you know, making love and everything?" "Do I kiss and tell?" I clarified.

"Sweety, I would never tell a soul. That was a private happening between two people and that's the way it will always be; private." "Me too. I'll never tell anyone about what we did, not even my husband someday. Gramps, I love you so much. I almost want to cry just thinking about what you did for me." "Sweety, I've got to confess, my intentions were not all altruistic.

I can honestly say that I had the sexiest week I've even had. Everything that happened between us was a total accident, but what an accident.

You made me feel alive again; like I haven't felt for years, long before your Grandma died. Being with you like I was, made me feel young once more, probably for the last time. Sweety, I want to thank you for that last feeling," I confessed. "Gramps, there's always next year," she said, giving me a sly look and then put her arms around my neck to give me a big hug. Yes, there's always next year.

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I liked the sound of that. Post Script: I would like to thank those who have sent their comments on to me throughout this series.

I am a writer who likes to build up the readers with expectations and desires; the same as I write about. I hope that it wasn't to long and drawn out for some of you, but by your comments, I think I achieved the desired results. Please make your comments about what you thought of the entire story.

Thanks again and happy reading.