Big boom mom sleeping massage

Big boom mom sleeping massage
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Stolen Slave This is a true story my new master ordered me to share; about how I was stolen from Master L by Master K and made totally his.

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Part One Master K found me almost as soon as he became a member of the site. His first message to me was an invitation to play Bondage and Discipline games with him, to which I responded as any well-trained and behaved sub would; he would have to ask my master. I gave him my master's name, and basically forgot about it. He messaged Master L and asked if he could take me in hand for some play, and was refused; my master then challenged him by accusing him of being a poser and no true master.

Master K then told my master that what he wanted he usually got and since my master wasn't here, there was nothing to stop him.


Master L responded that it would be amusing to watch Master K try and was told that I would be sucking Master K's cock within thirty days. My master then contacted me and told me that I was to lead this man on and then leave him high and dry with the message that disrespect to my master meant he could not have me in any way. Little did he know when he gave me that order, Master L had himself opened the door for me to be taken from him as easily as it occurred. A couple of days after the initial message he had sent me, Master K sent me another message telling me to meet him that day at the Outback steakhouse for dinner at a certain time.

Mindful of Master L's orders about this man, I sent back an acknowledgement that I would be there. I dressed carefully, choosing a short black skirt with a black peasant blouse and wide white belt, black hose and heels.


The only jewelry I wore was an emerald stud earring in my right ear, and my watch. I arrived at the restaurant and as the message had instructed, waited calmly and patiently just outside the front door. Master K was already there and parked where he could see me.

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He let me stand there for perhaps five minutes before stepping out of his car and walking up to me. Just in time, I remembered not to look up as he took my arm and led me into the restaurant, telling the hostess that we wanted a quiet spot as far away from everyone as possible.

She saw us to a corner table towards the back of the room and we settled in. she set menus on the table and asked what we'd drink; before I could say a word, Master K had ordered us each a Long Island Iced Tea. As the girl walked away, Master K looked at me and quietly commanded me to meet his gaze. "You are a pretty little slave and you will be mine," He told me. "You will answer my questions this evening honestly and completely, withholding nothing.

I assume you understand me perfectly?" At my silent nod, a grin appeared on his face, and he leaned slightly forward. "How long have you belonged to Master L; and in the time he has owned you how often has he been with you?" he asked. "About six months Sir and Master L has never been with me in person" was my reply.

"You mean to tell me that you've never even seen this man in person? He never came and actually collared you?" Master K asked in astonishment. Before I could answer, the waitress returned with our drinks and took our food orders.

As she walked away, Master K resumed speaking. "So the collar in the pictures, where did that come from?" "Master L had me buy it, he said that I needed to be in his collar when I made videos or took pictures for him," I said.

Master K sat back and stared thoughtfully at me; I sat quietly and patiently as he kept his silence until the waitress had returned with our meals and placed them before us. I waited until Master K motioned that I could eat before touching the plate.

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As we started to eat, Master K continued with his questions; and as instructed, I answered them honestly and completely. He found out that the extent of Master L's contact with me was limited to the internet and phone, that I lived alone and supported myself, that I obeyed Master L because we had made an agreement all those months ago, and I would not be the one to break it.

Slave I might be, but I still understand honor. Master K signaled the waitress and ordered two more drinks; we talked of all types of things as he watched me, gauging my reactions and responses to the conversation, the food, the drinks, and most importantly, him. We finished our meal; Master K told the waitress we would move to the bar, where we found a small table partially shielded by some type of tall bushy plant.

Master K slid the table forward slightly so that I could slide around behind it onto the curved bench style seat, then slid in beside me, stopping with perhaps an eighteen inch gap between us. Again drinks were ordered, and the conversation continued as Master K looked me in the eyes and continued his questions, now about my experiences as a sub with other dominants than Master L. As we finished our drinks once again, and Master K signaled for another round and shifted to questions about he gave me a long look and asked me the question I had hoped he would overlook.

"If Master L is truly your master, why are you here?" I looked down and then straight at Master K and answered him. "Master L ordered me to see you. He said that you had told him you would take me, and he would enjoy watching you try." "And will you attempt to refuse me if I give you the order to submit?" he asked.

"I must obey my master," I answered in a low voice, "so I would have to refuse you as Master L does not allow me to submit to another Dom." "I see," he said, "so your "master" would put you in such a position without considering what might happen.

This "man" who calls himself your master doesn't act much like one. He seems to place no value on you.

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Come here." He patted the seat between us, and as I slid marginally closer, put his arm around my shoulders and pulled me tightly to him. His hand slid down and around to cup my breast, his fingers finding and rolling the nipple into instant hardness.


Bending his head down, he whispered in my ear. "You are going to belong to me very soon, and then you will find out what it is to have a proper master, little slave." He released my nipple and ran his hand down my side to my hip, and then started stroking lightly with his fingertips. "Look at me," he said, and as I looked up, his lips came down on mine in a fiercely passionate kiss.

I could taste the iced tea he'd drunk as his tongue snaked into my mouth, flicking back and forth in exploration as he tasted me. It had been a while since I'd been with a man and I found myself wanting to melt against him, my desire rising so fast and so high that I almost came just from his touch and kiss.


I tried to ignore my rebellious body as he slid his hand onto my thigh and reached with the other hand for his drink; reaching for my own and unintentionally taking a much larger swallow than usual as his hand travelled upwards toward my panties, pushing the skirt up and out of the way as it went. Just as it seemed that he would touch the thin cloth, his hand withdrew and slid back down my thigh.

He glanced at me, saw the effect he'd had, and smiled a most evil little smile.

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He took his hand completely off me and slid from the booth, telling me to stay put till he returned for me. He walked to the bar and paid our bill and then came back and casually reached down and picked up his drink without sitting down. He motioned for me to pick up mine as well, and when I had, he quietly said "finish it". The tall glass was still half full and I looked at it doubtfully for a moment.

Downing that much at once would hit me hard in about ten minute's time. I glanced up at Master K, who raised an eyebrow and lifted his glass to his lips. I raised mine and tipped it back, letting the cold alcohol flow down my throat and draining the glass. We stepped out of the bar into a beautiful Florida evening, cool and dry as it was still spring and the humidity of summer hadn't hit yet.

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Master K walked me to my car, his hand on my arm. Once between my car and the next one over, Master K pinned me against my car and again let his hands roam while he thoroughly kissed me, his body pressed tightly to mine so that I could feel his hardness at the juncture of my thighs.


He played with my nipples, slipping his hands inside the top of my blouse while he ground against me and his tongue dueled with mine. He had me hot and ready, between the alcohol and his attentions but as I reached for him, he drew back with that same evil grin; "Not yet Pet, I won't take you tonight, so you can't touch.

In fact, I think you should go home now and think about what will happen when next we meet. I will let you know when that will be" With a swat on my ass, he turned on his heel and walked back to where his car was parked. Still trembling a little, I got into my car and headed for home, intending to let Master L know what had happened as soon as I got there, and angry with myself for losing control so easily to a strange Dom.