K Y rubbing and showing tits

K Y rubbing and showing tits
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The job seemed perfect. I would be leaving home, leaving the city, leaving the country even, and I couldnt wait. I had wanted to leave home since I left school at 16, and now the perfect opportunity had arisen. I had applied for, and successfully achieved the position of an Au Pair for a very wealthy, prim and proper family in England.

The Jones' lived in a large house in Wiltshire. The mother, Ann, was a full-time mother until she decided it was time for her to return to work. She had a new job as a Receptionist, and she started the same week I began working for the family. The father, John, was a very successful businessman. He often spent alot of time at the office, or travelling to London on business.

Together Ann and John had 5 children. Amanda was 26, married and beginning her own family, Jane was 23 and followed in her fathers footsteps, living the high life in London, Robert was 19 and away studying at University, and the twins, Peter and Rose were 7 and between the hours of 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday, were now my responsibility.

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The first few weeks here had been difficult for me. I didnt know anyone, I didnt know where places were, heck, I didnt even know where things were kept in the house! The twins werent any help. The seemed to think it was funny to show me the long walk to school so they were late, or hide the laundry so that by the time I had found it, I had no time to get it washed, dried and ironed before having to start cooking Dinner for the family.

There were many times when I just thought of packing up and moving home with my tail between my legs. But it wasnt long before I began to suss thhings out, and things began running smoothly. My working day started at 7am. Ann didnt leave for work until 7.45 so she was the one who woke the children and dressed them while I prepared breakfast for the 4 of us. Sometimes John would be around at that time for breakfast, but if he was he usually had his head stuck in his newspaper.

Once Ann had left for work, I would clear up the breakfast dishes and make the twins their lunch to take to school with them. Then we would walk the half a mile to school.

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Once I returned home, and I did think of it as home now, I would do any laundry and odd jobs around the house. Then, after picking the twins up from school at 3pm I would make sure the children did any homework while I prepared and cooked Dinner. Again it was usually only the 4 of us for Dinner. When Ann returned home from work at 5pm, we ate, then i cleared up until I was off the clock at 6pm.

Then id usually retire to my room whilst Ann spent some quality time with the twins. My days off usually consisted of me being alone in the house as it was the weekend. I loved having the house to myself.

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I could eat when I wanted, sleep when I wanted, I could even walk around the house naked if I wanted. I did that quite a lot, I find it liberating. And if Im honest, the thought of John coming home unexpected and catching me watching his porn movies, butt naked on his sofa ,getting myself off, really turned me on.

And if I thought about Ann catching me.Oh lordy! I think Id cum just thinking about it. Both John and Ann are in their late 40's, and I dont find either of the attractive However, after being here 6 months and never having a boyfriend, or girlfriend in that time, Im super horny, and of late whenever I play with myself I find myself fantasizng about my employers.

This particular Saturday was no different to any other when I woke up. Ann and the twins were spending the day Anns mothers house, so yet again I had the house to myself. As I pondered about which room I was going to cum im today, I heard the front door slam. after throwing on my bathrobe I went downstairs to see who had ruined my plans fo the day. It was Ann. She was sat at the kitchen table sobbing as I entered the kitchen via the rear stairwell.

Unsure of what to say cleared my throat. "I was just about to put the kettle on.


Would you like a cup of tea Jessica?" Ann asked as she jumped up from the table, pushing the tears away. "Erm.Yes thank you, That would be lovely. Ill just grab some breakfast then Ill be out of your way today." "Oh, theres no need for that.

It is, after all this is your day off. Please go about your day as you planned." Yeah. Right. Im super sure Ann would love to see me fuck myself in the shower, on her leather couch, hell, Id even planned on using hers and Johns bed today!

Damn! That thought had sent my orgasm over the edge last night. I dont think Ive ever cum as hard and as fast in my entire life. "I dont really have any plans for today.

Where are the twins?" I asked. It had only just occured to me that I couldnt hear the bickering in the other room. "Oh. They are staying with my mother for the weekend.

John is due home this afternoon and I didnt want the children here when he does." I blushed. Ann must have seen what I was thinking. "Oh good lord dear, its nothing like that. My husband hasnt as much as looked at me since the twins were born. No, he would much rather fuck his business partner than come home to his family!" She threw the kettle at the door and sunk to the floor in sobs of tears again.

I quickly ran over, knelt down beside her, and wrapped my arms around her shoulder as she sobbed into my bathrobe. I could feel her entire body shaking. Her head was resting on my chest, and everytime she sobbed I could feel her rub against my breasts.

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I felt my nipples become hard, and that familiar tingle of my pussy. I tried super hard to dismiss any horny thoughs I had of my boss at that particular moment. She was upset and distressed, the last thing she needed was seeing how aroused I was at her discomfort. After what seemed like forever, she lifted her head from my chest and wiped away her tears. The upset and distress had now been replaced with Anger and thoughts of revenge.

"Do you know what Im going to do Jessica? Im going to get myself ready and hit the town. I dont look half bad for my age, Im sure between us we can find a couple of men to bring back here and fuck senseless. What do you say?" My eyes were wide with shock. Not only was i shocked that such a thought had entered Anns mind, not only was I shocked to hear such language come from this elegant ladys mouth, I was shocked that I wanted her to fuck me senseless more than Ive ever fantasized about.

I had a plan that I think would suit everyone. "I have a better idea Mrs Jones" "Please dear, call me Ann. And what is this idea?" "Have you ever been with a women Mrs Jo.I mean err.Ann" She looked disgusted with what I had just said.

I felt myself blush. Why had I mentioned it? Now I was goign to lose my job and I d have to move back to my Mom. I quickly began to stand with ever intention of disappearing to my room, not to be seen again until 7am Monday morning. As I stood and turned quickly I felf Ann grab my arm.

I stopped. With her free hand she reached round and undid my bathrobe. I was standing infront of my boss almost naked, and I liked it. She gently removed the robe from my shoulder and it fell to the floor. She stood in front of me and looked. I could see she was breathing deeply. She wanted me. She actually wanted to fuck me! And I wanted her so bad.

My nipples were standing to attention, my pussy was furiously tingling, I was covered in goosebumps. This was really going to happen. "So? Have you ever been with a woman Mrs Jones?" I asked as I leaned forward and lightly brushed the hair from her face. "I told you, call me Ann.

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And no, I have never even looked at a woman in a sexual way" "Do you like what you see?" She hadnt yet taken her eyes away from my hard as rock nipples. "It is very beautiful. You are very beautiful Jessica. Can I touch your.er.boobs?" She asked, looking a little embarressed. "Of course you can Mrs Jones.


I know, I know, call you Ann," I said before she could interrupt me "But calling you Mrs Jones makes this even naughtier, and thats hot. Youre hot. I really want to kiss you while you play with my boobs Mrs Jon." Before I could finish my sentence, Ann moved in and kissed me deeply and passionately. At the same time she grabbed my tits and began tweeking them like an expert.

I was in heaven. I began running my fingers through her hair, tugging it slightly when her fingers ran over my nipples to creating an amazing sensation. After a few moments Ann pulled away and looked confused. "Whats wrong?" I breathed deeply. I wanted more. "Im not sure what to do next" I smiled. "Here, let me show you hows its done." I quickly undressed her, removing her bra so she was stood in her massive kitchen in only her panties. I couldnt wait to see her pussy.

Oh god, I was going to see her pussy. I could feel my juices begin to run down my thighs. I would make sure she licked that clean later. I carried on kissing her mouth, her neck, and her collarbone. I could see she was totally covered in goosebumps. As my fingers fondled her large nipples, I pushed her backwards towards the Dining Room.

I wanted to taste her pussy on the dining room table. Slowly easing her ass cheeks up onto the table, my tonuge rolling around her nipples, my right hand between my own legs, we were ready. We were going to fuck each other hard on the Dining Room Table. Pushing her backwards so she was laying on top of tha table, I slowy licked my way down her chest, over her erect nipples, down to her belly button, and stopped.

I looked up and Ann looked disappointed Id stopped. I smiled. I began tenderly kissing her thighs, rolling my tonuge round in little circles. slowly moving up towards her panties. I could see the wet patch. She was ready. I removed the panties with my teeth.

Ann let out an almighty moan, it was like she had been keeping iit in and could no longer remain silent. There it was. Her Pussy. It was shaven! Completely!

I loved that.


I gently parted her lips as she beagn to squirm at my touch. Using my thumb I found Anns clit and began to gently rub it. As Anns moans grew louder, I increased the speed and pressure on her clit. "Ohohohohohohoh.

Jessica. That. Is. Amazing!" It was time to taste her.

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I lowered my headand began licking ler slit. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Gooooooooooooooooooood" I kept the pressure on her clit while my tonuge enetered in and out of her hole. "Faster Jess. Faster! Oh God! Im Cumming Jess, Im Cummmmmmmmming uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Ann writhed around as her orgasm took hold. Her jucies her squirting all over my face and I was lapping them up. I loved the taste of her. I could feel my own jucies bubbling and tingling inside my pussy.

They knew it was almost my turn. I stood and watched Ann catch her breath for a second. She sat up and grinned like a schoolgirl. "Oh my dear girl! Now I know what to do, it is your turn my dear." I swapped places with Ann and lay on the Dining table. I was already super aroused, so I told her to dive right in and eat me. I wanted to watch.

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I leaned up on my elbows, tugging and twisting my nipples, whilst watching my boss eat my cunt. Thats when I saw it. Standing in the doorway, trousers by his ankles, tugging furiously at his hard cock stood John.

He watched as his wife eat my pussy. He raised a finger to his lips in a "shhhing" gesturing and continuted to wank himself off. Heck, if he wanted a show, Id give him one. So I laid back and began writhing around as my ogasm began to take hold. I knew that later that night I was going to fuck John senseless while Ann slept.

I also Knew this job had gotten far more exciting and interesting.