Indian Homely Girl play boy friend

Indian Homely Girl play boy friend
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Daddy and I sat at the Cafe where he had ordered lunch for us. It was easy to tell that to everybody we looked like normal father and daughter. But the honest truth is- we've been sleeping together for weeks now. Tonight Daddy had a big plan for me and I had no idea what it was. We stopped at one of his friends house. And he came out of there looking like a man who would just want a bull ride.


But still, I didn't know what it was. And I wasn't about to ask and ruin it. Daddy hated ruining surprises. I didn't know exactly where we were going I just knew that we were going camping. "Let's get going," daddy told me. He seemed like he was kind of in a rush. And I understand it was late in the afternoon. As we climbed into his truck he told me that we needed to make one more stop. "Where?" I asked. "We need to go to the Brown Derby," he said. That was a local store where we got our alcohol.

I smiled knowing it was going to be one of those nights. We stopped at the Brown Derby and Daddy got himself some Captain Morgan. My father loved drinking Captain Morgan.

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And I loved what it did to him when he drank it. "I also got something for you tonight too," daddy said. He sounded kind of mysterious. "You'll be joining me and drinking tonight." "Thank you Daddy!" I smiled and looked up at him. He was holding out his hand. He opened it and in his hand sat to little white pills.

"You want me to take pills Daddy?" I was severely confused. I had only drank with him once before and drugs hadn't been ever been mentioned. "Yes I want you to take them and I want you to drink the Smirnoff." Daddy was growling again. I knew better than to disobey. I took the pills and swallowed them down with the wine cooler. And then I followed daddy up the hill towards the river to set up our camp. We were about to spend the whole weekend out here.

We set up the tent and made a fire circle out of rocks from the river. I finished off my wine cooler and started in on the 2nd. "Can we go swimming Daddy?" After making him growl I was treading lightly and made my request sound as sweet and innocent as i could. "Sure babygirl. Lets go!" he said excitedly. But he was looking at me in an observant way. I tried not to trip but my head was feeling sloshy and i almost lost my footing twice walking towards the river.

Dipping my feet in the river sent chills through me. Whatever pills my father had given me had made my body really warm so the coolness of the water was shocking. I laid on my back and floated down the river. My ass bumping rocks around the shallow spaces.

Daddy called to me and i stood up and treaded water towards him "Take your suit off baby. Nobody can see or hear us out here." I looked around. We were pretty far out. I removed my top first. It was nice to feel my breast float freely. For my age my breasts were large and heavy. After i set my top on the side of the river i carefully removed my bottom half. The water was going to be cold on my hairless pussy. After my suit was off i started back in the water.

Daddy stopped me. "Finish your drink baby," he said it nicely. And he followed me to the cooler.

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When i bent down to grab my drink he put his hand on my back growling again, "do not move or tonight will only be fun for me." I froze and for what seemed like forever i just stood bent down, breasts hanging down and ass in the air.

A quick sting followed by endorphins rushed from my ass cheak and throughout me. I gasped, daddy chuckled. I didn't dare move as he slapped my ass again, harder this time. I gasped again. He hit my ass three more times, each time he hit harder and i started dripping from my cunt. I couldn't help it. By the time he started hitting my ass full force i was edging. He walked up and handed me my drink & excused me to drink it while floating.

Following me into the water he asked, "how are the drugs hitting you?" "I feel sleepy but happy and tingly," i reported back to him. "Good. Come here." I swam over to him and wrapped my legs around him. His skin felt so good against my little slit and i couldnt repress the moan as i took the last swig of my drink.

I started to trow the bottle but daddy caught my arm mid throw and snatched the bottle from my hand. He grabbed me by my hair and walked me to shore. "Stand still!" he ordered. I obeyed immediately then obeyed again when he told me to plant my feet and spread them. "I can make you can scream all I want out here baby. Nobody can hear you." He guided the neck of the bottle to the opening of my pussy.

Then with no warning he shoved the bottle inside me harder and faster than i could ever imagine and i screamed.

He got off on hearing me scream and shoved it in more. I stood there feeling humiliated even though only he could see what he was doing. He pulled the bottle out. It was wet. "Your cunt is dripping my slutty princess." He knew what the pain did to me and it made him chuckle. He turned the bottle around and shoved the bottom inside me little by little. He was stretching me wide.

It hurt and even though i loved the pain, tears were forming in my eyes as i screamed out with each thrust. Daddy smiled and kissed my face but he didnt stop until the bottle's body was all the way inside me with the neck still out. "Close your legs princess," He left the bottle inside me. And it was uncomfortable as he then grabbed me by my hair and pulled me to the tent.

Pulling me into the soft sleeping bag. I was losing control of my body. I couldnt hold my own weight. "I see the drugs are kicking in," the low growl was back in dadys voice and i knew it was time to pleasure him but how? I couldn't even stand up. He forced me onto my stomache and shoved the bottle further inside me. I screamed but I'm not sure it even left my lips. "Tonight I'm taking your ass. I will own all three of your holes my slutty princess." Daddy sounded mean.

I tried to prop myself up. He had told me it was a goal but there was no way i was ready for his thick 9inches in my ass. My father was the only one to ever fuck me. I was his possession and too young for other men. I couldn't sit up.


I couldn't stop him. I could only cry out. "No!" which only made him growl more. "I made you. You are my daughter and i will take what i want." he was almost yelling in my ear with his body pressed against me. Tears streamed down my face. He stood up and even though I couldn't see him I knew he was getting undressed.

The next thing I knew his hands were spreading my ass cheeks and he spit on my hole. The tip of his dick was pressing into me. It was already beginning to burn but I still could not move. Then in one swift movement he was inside my ass.

I let out the loudest scream I had in me. That only fueled the fire more and he started slamming himself inside me.

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The tears were a cconstant river down my face now. He grabbed my shoulders and forced himself farther and farther inside me.

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I was crying loudly and he seemed to love it because his pace slowed and he pulled out. With all his strength he flipped me over. "i want to see you cry.

I want to watch the pain twist your face." He put my legs in the air. Then he put his throbbing cock back inside my ass. He reached down and shoved the bottle further inside me then removed his hand. The bottle pressed against him and everytime he thrusted him dick inside me the bottle was forced in more.

Over and over he continued the pain until he let out the lowest growl i had ever heard from him and i felt his hot cum filling my ass.


"Hold my cum inside your ass." he pulled his cock out then the bottles. The pain was less now but my eyes were still leaking tears. He burried his face between my legs and started licking my clit. I knew what he wanted but i was unsure i could come for him. I could barely keep my crying eyes open. But i was wrong. My pussy started to tighten and my body shook. When daddy whispered, "cum" my body answered him with one long tense twitch. That was the last sound i made before i passed out, drugged with my ass full of his cum.

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