Let me lick your tight hole

Let me lick your tight hole
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My name is James and this is my story. My parents got divorced when I was 5 years old and my dad started living with a woman named Sue shortly after. My younger brother Ian and I switched between living with our mom and our dad throughout our childhood.

Even though our parents were divorced, they got along well enough for our sake and we were fairly happy with the situation, even when Sue started living with our dad. We both got along with her very well and we had no objections when she and our dad got married.

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Everything was fairly normal until I hit puberty and started noticing certain things for the first time. One of these things was that my stepmom was freakin hot! Sue was 5'8'' tall with long dark brown hair, a pretty face and a fit body.

What stood out most about Sue were her massive breasts. I don't know much about breast sizes but I have no doubt that she is at least a D cup. Anyway, this realization produced many difficulties for me and my hormonal teenage body. Especially since Sue seemed to have a dislike for bras and thick clothing.

I can't even count the amount of times I had to stay sitting and awkwardly cover an erection because she would walk into the room in a thin white t-shirt that I could see hints of her nipples through and a pair of panties.

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For a while I was torn between the need to see her fully naked and the shame of being completely obsessed with my stepmom.

I guess my morals suck because I tried as hard as I could to catch a glimpse all through middle school with little success. High school brought some changes to that situation. The main thing that changed was that I became a lot sneakier, largely because I was a member of a high school soccer team renowned in our school for thefts and not getting caught for them.

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The other thing that changed about me was that I gained a couple of inches to be the exact same height as Sue and I got a lot more muscular from soccer, track, and lacrosse.

I won't pretend like I was some huge hunk or body builder but I've got wide shoulders and the most muscular calfs and thighs at my high school. I had always tried to catch glimpses of Sue when she was in getting out of the shower when I was little but I had never been tricky enough to get more than a glimpse. One day when I was 15, that changed. At the time Sue had to work early in the morning so she got up and showered around 5-5:30 in the morning everyday. I figured this out and decided to wake up at the same time.

The way our house was situated the shower is on the second floor on the left as soon as you get to the top of the stairs. My dad's and stepmom's room is directly across from the stairs on the second floor and my brothers room is on the right directly across from the bathroom.


My room is downstairs. On this particular morning, I had woken up at 4:30 and stood at the bottom of the stairs not making a sound and listening for my stepmom's footsteps as she got out of bed and walked to the bathroom, I could here her footsteps because we lived in a very old house with wooden floors.

I patiently waited for her for what seemed like hours while trying to fight off sleep. Finally I heard my stepmom's alarm clock go off and her bed creak as she got up. My breath caught in my throat and I was so excited that my knees almost buckled.

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I waited for her footsteps to enter the bathroom and the door to shut before I slowly and carefully made my way up the stairs, trying not to make any noise. As I got the top of the stairs, I could hear her turn the shower on and I quickly put my head flat against the ground while my body was still laying on the stairs. I pressed my right eye to the small inch tall space under the lopsided door as hard as I could and nearly gasped at what I saw. My stepmom was standing with her left side facing me with her arm outstretched to test the heat of the water.and she was completely naked.

My eye drank in the sight of my naked stepmother. Her creamy white skin seemed to glisten with the moisture coming from the shower and I could plainly see the side of her large dark brown areola of her left breast and I could barely make out the pointed bump of her nipple that looked semi hard because of the cold air.

I had never focused on her ass much before this, for obvious reasons, but I got a full view of it now and I was surprised at how round and smooth it looked.


The viewing only lasted for a few seconds before she pulled the curtain back to the shower and stepped in and I lost sight of her. I had fully intended to sit and wait for her to come out of the shower and dry off but my cock was harder than it had ever been so I quietly moved downstairs to my room, laid on my bed, and started to stroke my dick while thinking about what I had just seen.

I came very soon after starting and headed back upstairs as soon as I cleaned up. When I got to the top of the stairs, the shower was still on so I sat and waited anxiously for my stepmom to finish showering.

After five minutes or so, the water shot off and Sue pulled her towel off the shower rack and started drying off behind the curtain. My heart felt like it was in my throat and the anticipation already had me as hard as a rock again.

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Finally my stepmom pushed the curtain back and stepped out of the shower with towel pushed against her front, blocking the view of her breasts. Sue started to dry her face and hair without revealing more than the sides of her huge melons. As soon as she started to dry her arms and body she turned away from me to face the sink and I only got to stare at her amazing ass.

When my stepmom finished drying off her upper body, she started drying her legs. I watched breathless as Sue slowly rubbed the towel along her waist and started downward. When she got to her thighs, she started to bend over forward at the waist with her back facing me. My stepmom wrapped the towel around her left leg and started drying it off as she bent lower.

At this point I was praying and hoping with everything I had that I could catch a glimpse of my stepmom's pussy as she bent over. As soon as Sue got to her knee bent at a 90 degree angle with her legs pressed together and I saw a little of the first vagina I had ever seen.

With how she was bent over I could only see her outer lips but it was still enough to make me almost cum in my pants.

Her lips were dark and kinda puffy and it was the most beautiful and erotic sight I had ever seen. Unable to control myself at this sight I let out a slight grunt or gasp and felt my heart almost stop when my stepmom paused for a second and then continued without any concern.

My view of her pussy was even shorter than the one of her tits as she quickly straightened while drying her right leg in the way up. Not believing my luck, I continued to watch her brush her teeth and floss. I knew she changed in her room and as soon as I decided that it was probably time to retreat, Sue finished and started to walk towards the door.

I froze as I realized I was screwed. There was no way out of this. If I ran down the stairs she would definitely hear it and I had less a chance of opening my brothers door without noise. I processed all this in half a second and my thieving ability kicked into gear as I remembered the best way to escape a crime is to act like you belong there and stay calm. So as my stepmom opened the door, I quickly sat up against the wall with my back to the bathroom and closed my eyes.

As soon as the door was all the way open I gave a start like I had just woken up, got to my feet unsteadily while rubbing my eyes, and murmured something about pissing as calmly walked by my towel clad stepmother directly into the bathroom where I had just spied on her. Sue quickly walked by me with a very slight blush on her face and said, "Morning James." As she walked into her bedroom to change.

I closed the door behind me and nearly jumped in the air with joy at how clever I was. To make my lie more believable, I actually walked to the toilet and pissed then headed back to bed to masturbate again while thinking about my stepmom's pussy.

I couldn't believe what I had gotten away with and I knew I would be trying to repeat this experience again as much as possible.