Tarra White with beautiful eyes anal masturbation

Tarra White with beautiful eyes anal masturbation
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"Oh, MOM!" Trisha protested. "I'm sorry young lady", her mom answered "but Maria can't make it this afternoon and your dad and I need the help." "But I was gonna." "Trisha, please!" Trisha was usually lucky about these things, normally she got the day to herself, but this time she was stuck -- no doubt about it.

Her parents were hosting another one of their endlessly long social get togethers and when their housekeeper couldn't make it, it was her responsibility to help out.

Even if she were only a kid she still had to act the sophisticated lady, the perfect hostess. It was part of what was expected of her and her parents would not tolerate any dissent. And that's how Trisha found herself on a beautiful mid-summers afternoon serving punch to a bunch of people she didn't know (or even care to know) while listening in complete and utter boredom to her dad ramble on to one of his business partners about his wonderful daughter.

To the casual observer Trisha had everything. She was beautiful; tall and lithe with a long elegant neck and high cheekbones. Her eyes were a light china doll blue, her hair was the color of ripe wheat, and when she moved it was with a natural feminine grace that in another, earlier time would have marked her as a person of nobel birth.

In addition, both her parents were successful business people (her dad was a corporate lawyer while her mom brokerd high priced real estate) so Trisha didn't lack for material possessions.

She basically had everything she wanted -- or at least her parents thought so. What Trisha didn't have was their attention. Oh, they acknowledged her presence and were always quick to point out to their friends what a lovely daughter they had but they never seemed to talk to one another, or listen, or do anything together as a family. She understood that her parents loved her (or tried to, anyway) and she knew that she didn't really have any right to complain.

Still, at that moment she was both mad at her dad for AGAIN turning her into a display piece, and bored out of her skull. As she stood there mechanically ladling out drinks, listening to him brag about her, she could take it no longer. When her dad had finished she politely excused herself and ran to her bedroom, slamming the door behind her. Trisha leaned against the door and blew a wisp of hair from her face. Unlike her present mood Trisha's room was bright and cheerful.

Warm afternoon sunshine streamed thru the south window onto the bed and its fluffy pink bedspread. Next to the bed stood her dresser and mirror. A couple of teddy bear posters hung on the wall. Trisha had a thing for teddy bears, including an old stuffed toy one that sat on the chair next to the dresser.

She went over and picked it up then sat down on the edge of the bed, hugging the furry animal to her chest. Trisha was not so much bored as she was lonely. "I wish Jenny were here" she said to herself. She lay back and closed her eyes, thinking. From an early age Trisha knew she was different. For one thing, she was incredibly shy.

Although she was popular (her good looks saw to that) it was painful for her to engage in casual conversation with other people; she just didn't know what to say. Striking up a conversation with one of the boys that hung around was completely beyond her. Her parents didn't help much as they were so busy with their social activities that they had little time for encouraging hers.

For Trisha, books were her escape. While reading it didn't matter that she was awkward and shy around other people, she could be anyone she wanted.

Trisha also had an active imagination and lately she had taken to creating her own stories and poems. Sometimes the stories came from things she had read in her books but there were also more personal, private stories she didn't dare write down. Trisha was acutely aware of her growing just-turned-teenager sexuality and she made up stories based on her fantasies.

It was while thinking about one story/fantasy in particular that Trisha finally admitted to herself that they almost all revolved around other girls.

She had always been far more comfortable around girls than boys and now "comfort" had turned into sexual attraction. She wasn't particularly worried or upset with herself (Trisha was not one to question her own body) and it wasn't like she hated boys, but she did wonder if she would ever find some way to fit in with the rest of her friends; be like they were.

In one way she thought of herself as pretty lucky. She liked sex, (she could not remember a time when she didn't masturbate) and she always seemed to have at least one friend who enjoyed it as much as she did. Trisha had fooled around with a cousin once or twice, but by far the best times were with her girlfriends.

She remembered especially Nicole, her best friend before she moved. Dreamily, she brought the bear to her face, inhaling deeply the pleasant, musky scent of her own cunny. Instantly she was back in her old house, laying on this same bed with the warm sun streaming onto her naked body.

Beside her was Nicole and she was rubbing the toy against Trisha, masturbating her. Perhaps it was the boredom, or maybe loneliness, Trish didn't know or care; she just wanted to again feel the special warmth and excitement that memory invoked.

She stood up, looked out her bedroom window. No one was near. Reaching under her dress she removed her panties, let them drop to her feet, then gracefully stepped out of them. She lay down, and lifting her dress out of the way nestled the stuffed bear between her legs. Just as in her memories the sun warmed her legs as she closed her eyes and settled into her sweet routine.

She did not hear the door open as Jennifer stepped into the room.


If ever the principal of 'opposites attract' needed proof, Trisha's best friend Jennifer supplied it. With a square, boyish body, light brown skin, and dark hair worn in a thick braid over her back, Jennifer was the epitome of a tomboy. Possessed of an easy, outgoing personality, and big soulful dark eyes, she also had no trouble attracting and keeping friends.

Jennifer had the natural grace of a born athlete and, unlike Trisha, took great pleasure in athletics. The girls lived in a standard issue, middle class neighborhood: Jennifer with her father and brother. Jennifer's mother had died when she was a young child and her dad never remarried so for practical purposes Jennifer grew up in an all male household. Her dad treated her as "one of the boys"; she never did (or particularly wanted to) do the things the other girls did.

It wasn't until Trisha moved in next door, about a year ago, that she even had any close girlfriends. At first Jennifer didn't know quite how to respond to her shy, quiet neighbor with the loud parents.

As she started to get to know her however she realized that Trisha was not so different from her. Both girls were adventuresome in their own way, Trisha with her books and Jennifer thru athletics.

They were also, in significant ways, out of place with their peers. Perhaps that's why, Jennifer finally decided, Trisha accepts me as I am -- tomboy and all. Trisha, on the other hand, could hardly believe the whole new world that Jennifer introduced her to.

Jennifer took her out to the park to play catch with her brother or play basketball on the sidewalk or go roller-skating; things that she never had the courage or encouragement to try before now. However, the thing that really endeared Jennifer to Trisha was that Jennifer actually wanted to listen to her stories. Almost every weekend that spring they met, lunch bags in hand, to go walking in the nearby park.

There they spent hours strolling, talking, exploring the grounds, with Trisha reciting her poems and stories. Gradually, Jennifer realized that Trisha had a deep crush on her. And to be honest, Jennifer thought, she was getting attached to her shy, beautiful friend also. Attached not only to her, but to their physical relationship as well. From the very beginning Jennifer knew that Trisha was attracted to her body, and she was surprised by how natural and unselfconscious their sex play was.

It was totally different from any "doctor games" Jennifer had ever played and she genuinely enjoyed Trisha's hugging and touching. As for Trisha, she was relieved beyond words that Jennifer did not reject her advances.

Many times during those long walks, if they could find a place to be alone, Trisha would stop and lean against a tree or building and wrap her arms around Jennifer, pressing their bodies tightly together.

Sometimes, with Jennifer's strong body supporting her, Trisha would bury her face in Jennifer's hair and wrap her legs around Jennifer, rubbing herself against Jennifer's hip. As they became more at ease with one other Jennifer started unbuttoning her pants, letting Trisha slip her hand beneath her panties to touch and caresses her. Soon, Jennifer was reciprocating. The first time Trisha spent the night at Jennifer's house Jennifer undressed Trisha totally then had her lie down so she could caresses her from head to foot.

She even sucked Trisha's large, cherry red nipples. Still, despite these shared intimacies, nothing prepared Jennifer for the sight of her friend, legs splayed out across her bed with the bear tucked tightly in her crotch, masturbating herself with obvious enjoyment. Jennifer gasped and put her hand over her mouth. Trisha, suddenly realizing she was not alone, bolted upright on the bed and hurriedly tried to smooth her dress.

Wide eyed they stared at each other. Jennifer stammered a frustrated, embarrassed "Uhh.", then did the only other thing she could do under the circumstances; bust out laughing. Great fits of laugher racked her body, till she could no longer stand. With her back against the doorjamb she slid to the floor, hand clamped over her mouth. Meanwhile, Trisha, in a desperate effort to contain herself, buried her head into a pillow.

She wasn't sure if she would die first of suffocation or a rupture. For several minutes both girls were completely incoherent with laughter, till Trisha finally brought herself under control long enough to speak. "Oh wow, Jennifer" Trisha said, still trying to catch her breath "the look on your face." Just thinking about it sent Trisha off onto another round of hysterical giggles.

"I'm sorry Trish" Jennifer stammered "I -- I came looking for you to see if you could come over tonight. Your dad said you might be in here. I, uh, didn't know about the party." She stifled another guffaw, then took several deep breaths, gradually bringing herself under control. "My parents parties are just the pits, aren't they.

Here - come on over and sit." Trisha indicated a spot on the bed next to her. Jennifer stumbled over and flopped down on her back, holding her tummy. It was still sore from laughing. Trisha continued. "I was getting real bored and well--" she paused "I decided to go to my room. I really wasn't planning on doing anything, 'just happened." "Don't worry about it." Jennifer replied, trying to reassure Trisha "My brother has walked in on me more than once." She picked up the stuffed bear and looked at it, turning it over and examining it.

Finally, in a rather curious voice, she asked Trisha "I didn't know you used a stuffed bear to, um -- masturbate." Despite Jennifer's reassurances, Trisha had an embarrassed look on her face as she answered.

"Well, I don't really, I was just remembering one time when I was playing around with a friend. Mostly I use my hand -- like I do with you." She looked at Jennifer, gave her a conspiratorial grin.

Jennifer grinned back "Promise you won't tell?" "OK" Trisha replied. "Well, you remember how I said Mark had walked in on me, well - one time I let him watch. "What!??" Trisha exclaimed. "Shhhh. I was on the couch watching TV with a blanket over me. I was in the middle of, uh, doing it when he came in and I just couldn't stop. I'm sure he knew what I was up to 'cuse he grinned right at me." They fell silent. Trisha looked around the room, as if waiting for something. Jennifer eyed her friend thoughtfully, noticing that Trisha would not look at her.

It was clear what she wants, Jennifer thought, she's just to shy to ask for it directly. Oh well. "Hey, Trish" she said finally "do you want me to, uh, caress you for a while" Trisha actually let out a sigh of relief. "Oh please, yes. But first lock the door." Jennifer went to the door and drew the old-fasioned bolt lock closed. Trisha lay down and again spread her legs, this time bringing her dress up to her chest. Jennifer returned to the bed and sat on the edge, next to Trisha.

In what had become their private ritual, she moistened the two middle fingers of her hand with her mouth then placed them against Trisha's pussy. Although they had felt each other up many times before this was the first time Jennifer had ever seen Trisha's cunny up close in the daylight and she wanted to take her time and explore. Leaning over Trisha's body she cupped the swell of Trisha's mons in the palm of her hand, letting her fingers frame the pink slit of her friends vulva.

Trisha looked, felt wetter than she could ever remember. Gently she parted the lips, revealing the pearl of Trisha's clit and the moist, pink folds of her flesh. The dark red of Trisha's vagina reminded Jennifer of a budding flower, waiting to bloom. Jennifer slipped her fingers between the lips, softly stroking the folds, spreading them until Trisha's clit was completely exposed.

She then added her thumb and with slow, gentle squeezes massaged Trisha's nubbin, smearing Trisha's copious juices across her mound and into the tuft of pubic hair atop her pussy. Trisha moaned, soft and low. What came next Jennifer didn't plan, it just happened. With a sideways, peek-a-boo glance at Trisha to catch her reaction, she pressed her middle finger to Trisha's vagina.

"Uh?" Trisha voiced, then her eyes opened wide as she realized what Jennifer was about to do. Instantly she was up onto her elbows, staring down her body at Jennifer's hand as it covered her pubis. Trisha tensed, waiting. It was as if all her senses were concentrated at the entrance to her vagina, balanced on the end of Jennifer's finger. Jennifer finally turned her head and for the first time looked openly at her.

"Can I?" Jennifer asked softly. Trisha questioned her with her eyes and Jennifer answered with a shy but knowing smile. "It feels good -- really" Jennifer whispered. "You've.done it?" Trisha whispered back, not quite believing. Jennifer nodded. Trisha had always trusted her friend, it was simply part of the relationship, and she knew Jennifer would never hurt her. Slowly she sank back onto the bed, closed her eyes, and with a quick shift of her hips offered Jennifer a straight path into her body.

Jennifer worked her finger into her, slowly rocking her digit against the tight opening till, suddenly, she was in to the first knuckle. The rest of the way was easy and a long minute Jennifer held still; her hand covering Trisha's cunny, Trisha's warm, wet vagina tight about her finger. "Jenny - hurry!" Trisha groaned impatiently.

Trisha's eyes were closed and her body tense, hands in fists at her side. Jennifer settled in and started masturbating Trisha in ernest; rubbing Trisha's clit with the palm of her hand as she drew her finger in and out of her friends pussy. Trisha moaned, low and breathy, then lifted her hips off the bed, pushing her cunny into Jennifer's enclosing hand. Suddenly, with complete certainty, Jennifer realized that Trisha was going to reach climax.

She slipped her finger out of Trisha's vagina and started running it across her friends clit, silently urging her on. Trisha's mouth opened wide and she shook her head from side to side, gasping for breath in between her moans.

Finally, with a long, high pitched keen Trisha climaxed, then exhaling deeply sank back onto the bed. Slowly she relaxed, the tenseness flowing from arms and legs as her breathing returned to normal. When she opened her eyes again Jennifer greeted her with a warm smile.

"Beats the heck out of that bear, doesn't it?" asked Jennifer. With that she collapsed onto Trisha, burying her head in Trisha's chest. Trisha threw her arms around her, and together they lay, rocking back and forth, giggling and hugging one other.

Jennifer was genuinely happy for her friend and, although she would never admit it, proud she was able to make Trisha climax. "Wow" Jennifer said, finally sitting up and grinning "that must have been great for you." "It was." Trisha sighed "I've come before when I, uh, you know, rubbed myself, but it was nothing like that." She paused, looked at Jennifer solemnly "I've never had anyone put their finger in me before." "It didn't hurt or anything?" asked Jennifer.

"Oh no, it felt good, it felt like -- Oh, I don't know how to describe it." She smiled, shrugged her shoulders. She really didn't have to say anything. "Say, Jenny" Trisha continued "have anybody ever, like, given you an orgasm before?" "No" Jennifer replied. The two girls stared at each other. Now it was Jennifer's turn to look shyly away. The next question did not have to be asked, nor an answer given.

Trisha simply patted the bed beside her. "Lie down" she said. Listening to Trisha, watching her body move as she caressed her; these things had thoroughly aroused Jennifer. Now the thought of Trisha doing the same to her made her stomach tighten in excitement and her breath come in short, shallow gulps.

She stood and unsnapped her jeans, let them slip off her hips to fall about her feet. Her panties were next, floating down her long legs to lie about her ankles, and then she kicked them both off onto the floor.

Climbing onto the bed she lay down next to Trisha. Trisha rolled over and sat up on her elbow, facing her. Jennifer parted her legs, waiting for Trisha's hand. Instead, Trisha sat up and got off the bed. "What is it?" Jennifer asked. Trisha did not reply. She walked around to the foot of the bed, paused, then flopped between Jennifer's outstretched legs, letting her head come to rest on Jennifer's tummy.

With a wiggle she scooted down a bit, then, crossing her hands over Jennifer's pubic mound and resting her chin on the back of her hands, looked up at Jennifer. Trisha gave her a shy grin, but her eyes held something else; something that Jennifer could only describe as a longing, almost pleading, look. "What's the mat -" Suddenly it dawned on Jennifer what Trisha wanted: permission. Trisha wanted permission to put her mouth between her legs.

"Oh. Trish." she breathed. Once, in the sleepy afterglow of the sex play accompanying an all night birthday party, they had talked about it, about "kissing down there" as Trisha so delicately put it. Trisha confided to Jennifer that she would never let someone do that to her, it was too dirty, too gross. Now, laying there between her legs, Trisha was offering Jennifer the very thing that she herself was unwilling to receive.

Jennifer took a deep breath, trying to steady herself as she propped herself up on her elbows. She wasn't sure if she even knew the words to say to let Trisha know that it was alright, that she had longed for this from the first time they had talked about it.

In the end, she used Trisha's own words. "Trisha" Jennifer's voice was as steady as she could make it "if you want to kiss me down there, it's OK." Trisha opened her mouth and placed it full over Jennifer's cunny, tongue resting flat against her clit, and for a brief moment she tasted Jennifer's sweat and the faint, peppery spice of her pee.

It was not an unpleasant taste and, for Trisha, simple part of her friends natural allure; nuzzling Jennifer's mons she slid her tongue down Jennifer's vulva, drenching her with saliva. The heady, musky odor of Jennifer's sex filled her nostrils and as Trisha dropped her face lower Jennifer told her to keep going, whispering soft words of encouragement and pleasure.

Trisha trailed her tongue across the soft, milk white skin of Jennifer's thighs then into the angle where thigh met crotch. She kissed Jennifer's cunny as she would a mouth, cuntal lips to her lips, tongue reaching to explore every small and delicate fold. Jennifer was very moist now and Trisha stopped to savor the warm, almost sweet wetness; with a flick of her tongue she drew the juices into her mouth. She swallowed then went back for more, lapping Jennifer clean.

Jennifer, her voice now little more than a soft moan, implored Trisha to keep going. Slowly, lovingly, Trisha lapped her friends cunny, letting her soft, wet tongue cover Jennifer from vagina to clit, painting her with saliva.

They were both making noises now, Trisha a deep purring sound in back of her throat, and as Jennifer's cunny began to flower Trisha buried her nose between the opening lips, tongue searching for Jennifer's vagina. Trisha wanted very badly to put herself inside Jennifer, just as Jennifer had put her finger inside of her.

Jennifer, sensing Trisha's desire, lifted her knees off the bed and spread her legs wider, consciously trying to relax and open herself to Trisha's steady, firm probing. Trisha got her hands beneath Jennifer's bottom, steading them both, then cocked her head to one side. With her open mouth held tight against Jennifer's pussy she curled her tongue and very slowly, very carefully worked the tip into Jennifer's cuntal opening.

She paused, and then Jennifer suddenly relaxed and opened; with a gentle, steady push Trisha entered deep into her friends body. Jennifer cried weakly, her breath gone, taken by the incredible, indescribable sensation of Trisha's tongue slipping into her. Trisha could hardly breath her face was so tight against Jennifer's crotch but she didn't stop until she was as deep as she could go.

She tried moving her tongue back and forth but Jennifer's pussy had closed tight about it; all Trisha could do was move it ever so slowly in and out. When at last Trisha withdrew completely and looked up at her Jennifer arched her back, not wanting to loose contact with Trisha's mouth. "Please Trish, please - make me come" Jennifer pleaded. Trisha closed her mouth around Jennifer's clit, gently sucking. Jennifer gasped, clutched the bedspread. Trisha, seeing her friends reaction, started licking her again, this time concentrating on Jennifer's small, stiff clit.

Jennifer groaned, tossed her head back. She was literally shaking with ecstasy. Her head reeled, her body clenched and then she came, screaming Trisha's name. "Ohhh.Oooohhhhhh.TRRISSSSHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" For a long while afterwards the girls lay utterly still and quite, Jennifer sprawled out on her back as Trisha rested her head atop her pubis. Jennifer was totally drained -- legs weak and rubbery while her stomach felt like it had been turned inside out. She could not believe the intensity of the orgasm, nor the wonderful, peaceful afterglow that now washed over her body.

Trisha too was tired (her jaw ached and her tongue felt plain wore out) but she was happy; a feeling born of the pure, golden warmth of contentment. As she got up from between Jennifer's legs and crawled beside her to lay down she wanted nothing else except to fall asleep holding her friend.

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When Jennifer stirred, turning towards her, Trisha cradled her in her arms. "Oh wow Trish, your face is covered -- I mean.Oh, you know!" Trisha lowered her head, suddenly shy, as Jennifer brushed the hair from Trisha's face then wiped her chin clean with the palm of her hand.

"Do you want me to do it to you?" Jennifer asked when she had finished. In truth, Jennifer didn't know if she had the energy to bring Trisha to climax a second time but if Trisha wanted it she would try.

Trisha looked at her wishfully then finally shook her head. "We better not" she replied. "I've been gone a long time, and we better get back before mom and dad start looking for us." She took a deep breath, paused.

Jennifer waited. "Jenny," Trisha confessed in a great rush of breath "I was wrong about, uh, you know -- kissing down there. It isn't dirty or gross at all. I'm, uh, glad you liked it.Can I still come over tonight?" Jennifer, smiling at her friends unnecessary question, nodded yes.

Reluctantly they disentangled their bodies, got up off the bed. Panties were found and slipped back on, dresses smoothed and hair brushed. After one final inspection, Jennifer unlocked the door. "Ready?" she asked. "OK -- oops, one more thing" Trisha replied. She bent over and picked up the stuffed bear, tucked it next to the pillow on the bed.

She straightened up, then took Jennifer's hand. "Come on, lets go" she said. Hand in hand they slipped out the door. ---------- later that day -------- "You know, Jenny" Trisha said, smiling thru a mouthful of chicken "I really would like to finish this." It was dusk, and Trisha was standing in the middle of the familiar, chaotic mess of Jennifer's bedroom.

Her parents party had finally broken up about 7pm and Trisha quickly showered and changed, grabbed her pack and bedroll and wandered over to Jennifer's house just in time to enjoy the last of a summer's evening barbecue. Jennifer was with her dad and her brother Mark, and together the four of them sat around the picnic table, Trisha contentedly munching on a chicken leg while watching Jennifer and Mark engage in their playful brother/sister teasing.

She really enjoyed being around Jennifer's family, but it was a bittersweet pleasure. There was genuine love here, and an easy, warm informality that Trisha could only contrast to her own families stiffness.

It was not a favorable comparison. Jennifer was in especially good spirits this evening and started chasing Mark in and out of the house, occasionally grabbing for Trisha as she ran past. Mark finally sought refuge behind Trisha's chair, gasping for breath, and Jennifer was about to go after him thru Trisha when her dad called a halt to the roughhousing. "That's enough" he said "Jenny, come her and give me a hand with these dishes, will ya." Jennifer grumbled, but went to help her dad as Trisha motioned Mark to sit down next to her on the bench.

Mark was the only boy Trisha felt comfortable around, could talk to without clamming up, and she took every chance she had to talk to him. Tall and gangly, cute rather than handsome, he had the same athletic ability as Jennifer and a good dose of brains beside.

Even at his age (just a year older than the girls) everyone assumed he was going to grow up and go off to college and, as Jennifer's dad liked to say, become "someone important". He also had the ability to make people laugh, especially Trisha.

She never got tired of his humor, his ability to see the bright side of things even when it seemed to Trisha there was no bright side. Trisha understood why Jennifer always talked about him, loved him so. Trisha loved him too, in her own way. While Jennifer and her dad did the dishes Mark and Trisha talked, long and easy.


Jennifer's dad stuck his head around the sliding glass door. "Mark, how about you and I go and pick up a couple of videos for this evening. Your sister says she'll stay here and keep Trisha company." Mark left and Trisha realized she still had not yet finished her meal.

Hungrily she turned her attention to finishing the last piece of barbecued chicken when she heard the front door close. Almost immediately Jennifer appeared, grabbed her by the waist and guided her into the house, down the hall and into the bedroom. It wasn't very subtle Jennifer realized, but they had some unfinished business.

Jennifer's bedroom was definitely that of a fun-loving, athletic, tomboy. Old clothes were piled in one corner, beneath a large Air Jordan poster that dominated one wall of the room. Library books, fan magazines, toys and a basketball were scattered about on the floor. Mark's baseball mitt hung over one of the bed posts ("how did that get here?" Trisha wondered) and the sheets where thrown off to one side, just as Jennifer had left them when she bounded out of bed that morning.

Like Trisha's bedroom, Jennifer's had a south facing window, and the warm, golden-red light of sunset filled the room. The familiar surroundings comforted Trisha, but she was a bit overwhelmed by Jennifer's obvious desire.

Even now, as she held the last piece of chicken in her hand, Jennifer stood before her fumbling with the top button of her shirt. Trisha put down her meal, wiped her hand on her jeans, then put her hand over Jennifer's. "Hey -- slow down" she said "I'm not going anywhere." Jennifer stopped, dropped her hands, then leaned her head against Trisha's shoulder. "Trisha, I'm sorry." Her voice was soft, apologetic "I guess I am acting kinda dumb." She paused, struggling for words, then looked at Trisha in exasperation.

"Oh, Trish! It's hard to explain. It's just that what we did this afternoon - you know, when you did it with your mouth - it felt sooooooooo good.

I get really turned on thinking about it, and thinking about tonight and maybe doing the same to you." "You don't have to." Trisha replied. "I WANT to." Jenny said, no doubt whatsoever in her eyes. "I really do.

It's just sorta scary, that all.

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I've never felt this way before, so turned on, I mean. Especially --" She stopped, realizing what she was about to say. "Especially by another girl?" Trisha finished the thought for her.

She could guess what Jennifer was going thru. Jennifer bit her lower lip. "Yeah, that's part of it." She gave Trisha a rueful smile. "Kinda weird, isn't it?" "Yeah, I guess it is kinda weird but Jenny, look. We're best friends and I really like you. When I -- make love to you -- (there, Trisha thought, I said it out loud) it's the neatest thing in the whole world.

I can trust you not to hurt me or make fun of me or anything. And I also know you like it when were together and do all the things we like to do.

That's all that really matters, right? That were friends and we can be together and have fun and trust each other. There is nothing wrong with that." Trisha stopped, out of breath. It was quite a speech for her and not knowing what else to do, she started playing with a wisp of Jennifer's hair. Jennifer looked at her, smiling, almost laughing at her friends utter confidence in herself and in her. "Trisha, your amazing sometimes" Jennifer said "doesn't getting turned on by me, by other girls, ever bother you?" "No." It was that simple.

Jennifer thought about it. "Weeellll" she said slowly, "I guess it wont bother me either. At least, not as long as it feels as good as you make it feel." She leaned over and kissed Trisha's cheek, smiling, her dark eyes understanding, playful, willing.

That look sent a shiver of anticipation and delight thru Trisha. "Alright, 'nuff said." Trisha replied. Jennifer nodded her head in agreement. "I wanna get undressed, OK?" They undressed each other down to their panties, pants first then tops. Trisha pulled Jennifer's tank-top over her head and as they sat down Trisha once again stared in frank admiration at her friends athletic body.

Jennifer's legs were strong, lean with muscle, and her hips were narrow; the hips of a graceful, fast cat. Jennifer was six months Trisha's junior and just starting to enter puberty but already she had breasts -- small, firm handfulls topped with smooth brown nipples.

Trisha thought (although she never told Jennifer this) that they were simply, truly beautiful. Trisha was also into puberty (unlike Jennifer, who's young pussy was totally hairless, her pubis sported a patch of fine, golden peach fuzz) and her hips were beginning to lose their boyish, angular lines but so far her breasts were no more than large (albeit pretty) nipples.

Trisha was terribly self-conscious about them and she could not begin to tell Jennifer what it meant to her when, on the night of their first sleepover, she so tenderly took them into her mouth and sucked them.

That small act, more than anything else, had cemented their relationship. Together they sat, crosslegged on the floor, their knees touching. They talked softly, no hurry, words flowing easily from one to another. As they talked they touched, Trisha resting her hands lightly on Jennifer's legs, stroking her knees while Jennifer played her fingers across Trisha's bare chest. When Jennifer brushed her nipples Trisha stopped in mid-sentence, swallowed hard.

"Oh boy" she whispered "I think I almost came." "You can't do that from me just touching you, can you?" "Right now, I think maybe so." Trisha paused. "Jenny, before you do me I want to feel you up, OK?" Trisha stood, then leaned down and brought Jennifer to her feet.

They stood face to face, inches apart. Suddenly Trisha grabbed Jennifer and held her close, pressing her pubic mound against Jennifer's. It was like the breaking of a dam; they both hurried, excited, fumbling to remove their panties. Trisha pulled hers from around her waist, let them drop to her ankles. With one swift motion Jennifer removed her own panties and stood naked before Trisha. Without a word Trisha reached for her and they stood together; Jennifer with her legs apart, foreheads touching as they both looked down to watch.

Trisha slipped her hand between Jennifer's legs, cupping the bare pubis in her palm as she nestled her fingers between the lips of Jennifer's vulva. Trisha was very good at this, stroking her clit, fondling the lips, applying just the right amount of pressure on her mons, and soon Jennifer was weak at the knees, clutching at Trisha's arms so she could stand.

Jennifer bit her lip, cried into Trisha's shoulder as she climaxed. It was a lot easier than the first one that afternoon and wasn't as overwhelming, but she still had to lean against Trisha's body as her legs recovered. Trisha ran her hands over Jennifer's bottom, bringing her back to earth.

"Mmmm" Jennifer whispered "your so dam good at this, you know." Trisha just smiled at her. Jennifer shook her head, breathed deeply.

"OK Trish", Jennifer said, her eyes shiny and bright "your turn." Playfully she pushed her friend over onto the bed. Trisha's legs dangled over the edge, panties still around her ankles.

Jennifer knelt before her, removed the panties and let them drop to the floor. With her ankles now free Trisha spread her legs wide, allowing Jennifer to stare straight into her open cunny.

Jennifer's playful expression was gone, replaced by a look close to reverence as she raised her hand to touch Trisha. The girls exchanged excited whispers, Jennifer telling Trisha how neat and soft her puss looked, Trisha reassuring Jennifer that hers was just as wonderful. Jennifer gave Trisha a few soft stokes, then carefully placing her palms against the inside of Trisha's thighs, braced herself. She closed her eyes, hesitated, then with a deep breath leaned forward and pressed her lips to Trisha's moist, pink slit.

Her tongue darted from her mouth and for the first time Jennifer tasted Trisha's musky, sweet/salty wetness. Tenderly she kissed Trisha's cunny, inhaling deeply the familiar, arousing odor. (Although she had never tasted Trisha before, Jennifer loved her smell.

Oft times after masturbating Trisha she would un-ashamedly cup her fingers to her nose and savor the secret, special scent of her.) Jennifer kissed the sparse pubic hair atop Trisha's mound, then held her friends pussy open with her thumbs to tongue her from clit to vagina.

Back and forth she went, kissing and licking the lips of Trisha's vulva. Before long she had covered Trisha's cunny with her mouth and was eagerly sucking the folds, stopping only to catch a quick breath and swallow the mixture of Trisha's wetness and her own saliva as they filled her mouth.

Trisha started her familiar low, breathy moan, started bucking her hips against Jennifer as she neared climax. Jennifer held her mouth to Trisha's cunny as best she could, licking Trisha's clit with long wet strokes of her tongue until Trisha cried out, climaxing in a great burst of wetness.

Jennifer stumbled to her feet and collapsed onto the bed next to Trisha. The sun had set and in the half tones of dusk Trisha's skin glowed white, her cherry red nipples turned to dark red. Jennifer gazed at Trisha's profile; her small delicate nose, her high cheekbones, the way her hair shimmered in the half-light and, as if for the first time, she realized how really beautiful Trisha was. She wished her eyes were cameras so she might keep that image of Trisha in her mind forever.

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"Trisha?" she asked softly. "Mmmmm." Trisha mumbled. "Would you sleep with me tonight?" Normally, after there sex play they would return to their individual sleeping bags to talk and maybe hold hands before drifting off to sleep. "Mmmmm, OK, sure." Trisha was starting to waken from the afterglow, "I, uh, can we do it some more?" "Yes, Trish" Jennifer answered quietly, nodding her head.

For the next hour or so the girls lay in Jennifer's half made bed, tangled tightly among the bedsheets and pillows, caressing and sucking one other till they were to the point of exhaustion. They could no longer pretend (nor did they want to) that what they were doing was innocent, girlish sex play. No, they made love to one another -- passionate, hungry, physical love. For Trisha especially: normally she was the initiator but tonight Jennifer took control and Trisha found herself opening her body to Jennifer in ways she never would have dared before.

She was still wet from Jennifer's mouth and Jennifer spent a good deal of time playing her fingers in and out of her cunny, at times reaching so deep inside that they touched the back of her cuntal wall. Jennifer rolled her over and carresed the cheeks of her bottom, showering them with playfull kisses. Trisha returned the favor. They tried sixty-nine but it was too awkward; neither could concentrate with the others tongue in their cunny and they ended up collapsing in giggles.

Jennifer finally rolled Trisha onto her back again and brought her to the edge by thumbing her clit while stroking the folds of her vulva.

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Trisha was so excited she didn't say a word when Jennifer's fingers wondered towards the private, forbidden places below her vagina. Jennifer got to her knees and, still fingering Trisha's cunny, leaned over and took a nipple into her mouth; almost immediate Trisha responded with another shuddering, bucking climax.

After Trisha finished Jennifer sat back on the bed and, to Trisha's utter and everlasting amazement, put her fingers in her mouth, sucking them clean before finally laying down next to her, resting her head on Trisha's chest. "Oh -- sweet -- Jesus -- that was good", was all Trisha could manage. That wasn't all. Jennifer, in a soft, ernest voice, told Trisha how good it felt to caress her and (blushing only slightly) how good she tasted.

Trisha had never had anyone talk to her like that before and the words struck her with almost physical force; arousing her as much as her friends touch had. When Jennifer finally rolled over onto her back to take her turn Trisha did not hesitate; she slid to the foot of the bed, nestling herself between Jennifer's outstretched legs.

As she lowered her face to Jennifer's pussy Trisha caught the clean, floral scent of soap; mixed with the darker, musky odor of Jennifer's cunny it created a perfume that touched a deep and elemental desire within Trisha. She was fast losing control of herself and roughly parted Jennifer's pussy with her fingers, her tongue searching, not stopping until it again rested inside her friends vagina. For a crazy moment Trisha started drawing her tongue in and out, loving Jennifer as deeply and as intimately as (she supposed) one girl could love another.

She stopped only when Jennifer took her by the shoulders and pulled her away to lie on top. They embraced, tightly, Trisha a bit scared and embarrassed now by her sudden display of passion. Jennifer was meowing softly, almost a cry, and Jennifer's heart was beating so hard Trisha felt it against her own chest.

"Oh wow" she whispered "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to get so carried away. Are you alright?" "Yes" Jennifer squeaked. For a long while she was silent. Then, "You felt like a boy inside me." Trisha rolled off of her onto the bed. Together they stared at the ceiling, holding hands, waiting for their bodies to relax and their breathing to return to normal.

"Jenny," Trisha finally asked, breaking the silence "you've never done it with a guy, have you?" Jennifer giggled, nodded her head no. "Well" Trisha said "I guess then that was for practice." Jennifer smiled sweetly and cuffed her with her pillow.

Trisha, properly chastised, slid back down the bed and, with as much tenderness as her passion would allow, sucked her friend to climax. The finished as they usually did, engaged a long, playful session of mutual masturbation. Afterward, laying side by side is the dark, they were content to simply touch one another.

Trisha cupped Jennifer's warm, wet cunny in the hand while Jennifer idly ran her fingers thru the soft, golden hairs crowning Trisha's pubis. "Jenny" Trisha's voice was sleepy, wistful "sometimes I wish we could, you know, come at the same time." Then, almost as an afterthought, "Actually -- I wish you could make me come by laying on top of me." "Yeah, that would be neat." Jennifer said thru a wide, sleepy yawn.

She was exhausted, having been in a state of almost constant arousal since early that afternoon. "Trisha -- I gotta get some sleep, OK?" Almost apologetically she took her hand from Trisha's cunny, trailed it over the length of Trisha's body before she rolled onto her side, curling up next to her friend.

"More tomorrow" she mumbled. "Yeah, I guess so" Trisha said softly, to no one in particular. She lay their awhile, then reached down and pulled the covers over them.

Jennifer was already breathing the steady, shallow breaths of contented sleep. Trisha snuck a quick kiss on the lips, wished her a good night, then closed her eyes.

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Within moments she had joined Jennifer in the arms of Morphias. "Trisha, come on, wake up." Trisha opened her eyes to find Jennifer's face inches from her own. Jennifer was laying on top of her, rubbing her body against Trisha's. "Huh, what?" Trisha said. Jennifer wedged her knee between Trisha's thighs, working them open, and then Trisha understood. With a sudden rush she awoke, wrapping her legs around Jennifer's hips, then clutching Jennifer's bottom she pressed her friends pubic mound against her own.

Jennifer arched above her, strong arms holding her body steady against Trisha's crotch as Trisha rotated her hips, rubbing her clit and fore-cunny against Jennifer's hairless mound.

Jennifer meet Trisha's thrusts with her own, one time knocking the headboard against the wall with a sharp bang. Back and forth they rocked; wet sex against wet sex, hot breath on each others faces.

Trisha raised her hands to Jennifer's budding mounds and pinched. Jennifer's arms gave way and she collapsed onto Trisha, grinding her nipples into Trisha's hands.

Trisha was close to coming, high on the plateau of ecstasy, and when Jennifer stuck a tongue in her ear it was all over. She exploded, thrashing wildly against Jennifer's body, driving her cunny hard against Jennifer's bare pubis. Jennifer growled, long and low, then scrambled to her hands and knees and reached for her own pussy. Closed-eyed and slack-jawed Jennifer swiftly brought herself to climax. When she came she again collapsed, this time spread eagle over Trisha's body. Trisha held her tight, feeling Jennifer's body stiffen then release as the orgasm flowed thru it.

"I -- I wanted to make us come together" Jennifer said softly, her voice wavering "like you wanted before." Her head was buried in the crook of Trisha's neck and Trisha couldn't tell if Jennifer was disappointed, or satisfied, or what.

Gradually though Jennifer's body melted into Trisha's and they lay in peaceful, contented silence; Jennifer's warm breath in Trisha's ear while Trisha trailed her fingers lightly over Jennifer's spine. "You wanna try it with me on top?" Trisha finally inquired. "Na, I just want to lay here for a while.

Jeez, what time is it?" Trisha turned her head towards the alarm clock on the bed stand. "12:30.

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You didn't sleep ." Suddenly she was shoving Jennifer off of her, trying hide herself between Jennifer's body and the wall.

"Oh no, its your dad!" Trisha whispered in terror. Jennifer rolled over to face the door, shielding Trisha. Someone stood in the doorway alright, but the tall, lanky figure was not that of her father, it was her brother. Jennifer put her finger to her lips, shushing him, then motioned him over to the bed.

Silently Mark crossed the room, sat down on the floor facing Jennifer. Trisha, peeking over Jennifer's shoulder, watched in dumfounded amazement as Jennifer calmly snaked her arm out from under the covers, palm extended. Mark brought his hand up to hers and they intertwined fingers, a ritual of greeting they had used since they were children.

They hand wrestled for a few seconds then dropped their arms onto Mark's lap. "Mark," Jennifer whispered "what are you doing here?

You really scared Trisha." "Sorry Trish." Mark whispered back "Look, I can't sleep with you two -- ummm, how do I say this politely -- getting-it-on right next door.

I can hear almost everything." "You think dad can hear us?" Jennifer asked. Mark shrugged his shoulders "Maybe. I don't think he cares." "Could you really hear us?" Mark couldn't see it but Jennifer was blushing. "Yeah. Did anyone ever tell you you sound like a cat when you come?" "Mark!!" Jennifer was still holding her brothers hand and she gave it a hard squeeze, bending his fingers back. "Ouch" he cried softly "be careful." "Uh, Mark, Jenny" Trisha had finally gotten her voice back "are you two going to sit there and have a nice little chat or what?" Mark and Jennifer were so wrapped up in themselves that Trisha's sudden comment startled them into silence.

Jennifer cocked her head to one side and stared at her brother, her face questioning, hopeful. Mark pursed his lips, looked off into the distance.

Trisha could tell something was up, but she dared not guess what. When Mark's eyes returned he didn't say anything, only looked at his sister. The kids were communicating on a level that only twins or very close siblings understood. "You sure?" Mark asked her.

She nodded. Trisha's eyes grew wide. Jennifer rolled over and, facing Trisha, pulled the sheets over their heads. She wanted to explain this to Trisha privately, without her brother's wise cracks. Her voice was soft, matter-of-fact. "Well, uh, Trish, I never told you this but Mark and me, sometimes we sleep together." Trisha's eyes grew wider. "Its not like we have sex or anything" she added hastily "we just like to, well, sleep together." She paused, waiting for Trisha's reaction.

Trisha was still trying to get her mind around the events of the last few minutes and all she could do was nod her head slowly. Jennifer continued, her voice a little easier now. "When we were little kids we fooled around, you know, watching each other pee and things like that, but we stopped doing that stuff until, well -- you remember when that guy broke into our house?" Trisha remembered.

About a week after Trisha had moved into the neighborhood, someone had tried to break into Jennifer's house by crawling thru her bedroom window. Jennifer awoke and sat up in bed, startling him, but instead of backing out he fell thru the window into the room. Jennifer told Trisha later that she had never been so scared in all her life as when he got up, his face cut and bleeding, and rocketed thru the room to the hallway and out the front door, followed by Jennifer's terrified screams.

"Yes, I remember" Trisha said. "Well, after the cops had left and dad went back to bed, I was shaking so badly that I couldn't sleep and I asked Mark to come to bed with me.

It felt so good that the next night I crawled into his bed. I guess that once we got started we never stopped." Jennifer paused. Her voice was soft and defiant. "Trisha - I love my brother. Going to sleep with him beside me is the most natural thing in the world. It's just like you said before about us, all that matters is that we love and trust each other." She stopped, looked straight at Trisha.

Only then did Jennifer realize she was trembling, holding her pillow tight in her fist. "Jenny, you really want Mark with us?" Trisha asked. Jennifer nodded. Trisha didn't know what to say. She remembered talking to Mark earlier, how comfortable she felt around him. She could also see the look in Jennifer's eyes and how badly she wanted her to say yes. "OK" she said softly "I don't want to fool around or anything with him but, yeah, he can join us." It was awkward at first.

Mark crawled in, snuggled up to Jennifer as Trisha took Jennifer's hands and held them to her chest. They lay in silence for awhile, their bodies stiff, hardly touching. This was not working out like Jennifer had hoped. She was about to call the whole thing off when Mark raised his head, looked over her to Trisha. His face was solemn, serious as he spoke. "So Trisha, do you come here often?" Trisha glared at him, raised her hand.

For a second she remained poised to strike, then the laughter welled up inside her and she collapsed into her pillow, sobbing, the events of the day finally spilling over into tears of release. She reached out again, this time grabbing Marks hand, pulling it towards her. "Come here" she said, voice horse with emotion. Mark reached for her and Jennifer was buried in a tangle of arms and legs as they tried to hug one another.

Mark finally got his long arms around the both of them, pressing Trisha's body against his sister's, and together they lay, Trisha quietly laughing and crying into Jennifer's chest. Jennifer rocked her back and forth, holding her as Mark caressed her, running his hand over her back and thru her hair. It took quite awhile for Trisha to calm down enough to speak and when she did she and Mark slid into quiet conversation.

For a long while they talked, Mark listening wide eyed as Trisha haltingly explained how it was with her, what had gone on that day and how she had ended up in his sisters bed.

Jennifer lay on her back between them, watching them both, idly drawing the tips of her fingers in circles on Trisha's stomach, occasional reaching across her body to touch her brother. Mark would sometimes absent-mindedly return the caress but his attention was focused completly on Trisha. Several times he started to reach for her but Trisha kept right on talking, oblivious to Mark's body language.

Finally, with deliberate, exaggerated slowness he reached across and put his hand on her hip. Trisha froze. Jennifer, caught in the middle, turned first from her brothers open and frank stare of want, to Trisha's look of -- not fright or dread or panic -- just resignation; as if she were steeling herself for some unpleasant chore.

For a moment everything stopped as Mark and Trisha eyed each other. Trisha finally turned and buried her face in her pillow. "No Mark, please" came the muffled reply. She turned her head to face them both and for the first time since Jennifer had known her, Trisha seemed small and fragile.

"If it were some other time or place I might wanna say yes, do something with you, but not now.I'm not ready." She paused, took a breath. "Besides", she continued softly "I'm, um, well, -- cummed out, if you know what I mean.

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I'm just not in the mood anymore." For a long while, silence. Mark put his head back down on Jennifer's pillow, brought his hand to his chest. The warm, easy mood of a few minutes ago was gone and Jennifer was afraid one or the other would get up and leave. "No," she thought to herself "I'm not going to let that happen." She had spent countless evenings that past year longing, (no, be honest she thought: fantasizing) about this moment, having both Trisha and her brother in the same bed with her, and whatever it took she would see to it that they remained.

"Mark, put your arms around me." She rolled over so that her back was to Mark then grabbed his hand and guided it around her. "OK, Trish, you do the same." Trisha stared at her uncomprehendingly, then Jennifer scooped Trisha's body up as best she could and dragged her over till they were touching, stomach to stomach. "Look, you two" she said quietly "Right now -- what were doing -- is very special to me. I love you both and I wanna have you next to me and cuddle me.

Both of you. Can I have that much? Please?" She waited. "OK" her brother replied, and Jennifer knew without looking that he was giving her a 'you won but I don't mind' smile. "I think my arms are gonna' fall asleep though." Trisha didn't say anything, she just put her head against Jennifer's and snuggled her free arm between Jennifer's back and Marks body. "G'nite" someone mumbled. Jennifer got her wish. ------------- Jennifer awoke early the next morning, in a house that was still and quiet, searching for Mark.

His warmth was gone and for a moment she was disoriented, groping blindly around her till she opened her eyes. It was dawn, and sometime during the night Mark had gotten up and left.


Trisha was still cuddled close, sleeping on her side, and with her hand curled loosely in front of her mouth she looked like a young child. A lock of hair had fallen down across Trisha's forehead to lay across her face and with every slow, steady breath it danced across her mouth. For a long while Jennifer lay there, watching her friend, wondering if anyone could be as peaceful as Trisha looked at that moment.

Or, for that matter, as beautiful. Trisha simply glowed. "You know," Jennifer thought to herself "I could get *real* use to this." She reached over to brush the hair from her friends forehead and Trisha slowly opened her eyes.

"Hi ya" Trisha said softly. "Hi ya" Jennifer replied "Where's Mark?" Trisha closed her eyes again, and Jennifer waited as Trisha willed herself awake.

"Um, he got up and left before it got light out." Trisha answered sleepily "I think he was, uh, kinda frustrated." She gave Jennifer a wane, knowing smile and both girls broke into soft giggles.

"Poor guy" Trisha said as she snuggled closer "He is soooooo sweet too. Maybe next time." Jennifer raised a questioning eyebrow, but, snug in Trisha's arms, she really wasn't in the mood to pursue her friends last comment. Rapidly Jennifer drifted back into light sleep full of strange dreams of flying. It was full daylight before Trisha finally shook her awake. "Good morning" Trisha said brightly. Trisha was sitting up on her knees, facing Jennifer, and as Jennifer watched she yawned and stretched, every muscle in her slender arms visible as she clenched her hands.

She gazed at the ceiling and shook her head, letting her long hair shimmer down her back like a blond waterfall. Her young nipples stood erect. "Your gorgeous" Jennifer said in awe, so enraptured by Trisha's form that she was hardly aware she had spoken. Trisha giggled, covered her mouth, then buried her face in her hands, wrinkling her nose.

"Oh Jenny," she said with disgust "I need a bath. I smell like -- well, like I've been doing it all night." "Silly girl" Jennifer shot back "you have." Trisha laughed, fell down next to Jennifer and they wrestled, enjoying the sensual feel of their naked bodies. They ended up sitting on the edge of the bed, side by side, Jennifer with her arm around Trisha's waist.

Trisha was staring out the window and Jennifer gazed at her profile, watching as the morning sunlight reflected off her big, pale blue eyes. "Trish" Jennifer said, her voice a mixture of satisfaction and wonder "that was really neat, what we did last night. Do you think it's always like that? I mean, making each other come like we did." Trisha didn't answer immediately, she just continued staring out the window, lost in thought.

"I don't know" she finally replied "maybe its only something that happens with real good friends or -- maybe we're both just good at it. Whatever it is, I'm glad." The girls looked sideways at each other, exchanging secret, contented smiles. Trisha stood up. "Come on, you wanna take a shower with me?" Jennifer caught the happiness in her friends voice. "Yeah, lets do it" she replied. Together, wrapped in one of Jennifer's bathrobes, they stepped out of the bedroom into the brand new day.

------------------ to be continued in Tri&Jen part 2. Regards, S.P.