Gay teenage white boy sucking dicks to completion Elders Garrett

Gay teenage white boy sucking dicks to completion Elders Garrett
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Each Day of the Week Sometimes feelings of lust can creep up on you unexpectedly and uninvited. Without any warning or any previous lascivious thoughts or feelings involved you suddenly find yourself horny and burning up with desire for a person that you had never before contemplated such an interest in. It happened to me with Maggie.

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Although I'd known her all my life I'd never once thought of her as a sexual possibility or harbored any secret desire to see or touch her body in a sexual way; not a single fantasy about her had ever played out in my head. That is, until the day I saw her, just out of the bath, coming in my direction wrapped in a towel that was a bit too small; small enough to leave a big enough gap down the front that widened even more with every step to reveal her plump, bushy mound.

The sight caused a sudden involuntary swelling in my crotch that I caressed with my hand. It's not like she isn't good looking or sexy, on the contrary she is a very attractive woman with an ample, curvy body.

Not fat, but definitely not slim; I just never saw the raw sexuality in her before that day. She was obviously caught off guard by my presence, being I was never usually up that early. And I suspect that my physical reaction was partly due to the semi hard on that I had come out of my room with on my way to the bathroom. I doubt she would have chosen that tiny towel had it been a little later in the morning.

Anyhow she reacted well, hardly missing a step and showing no sign of embarrassment though she did take a quick look down at the offending towel, after realizing that my eyes were showing interest there.

With a little smile and a brisk "good morning" she walked past me smelling of soap and sex. I looked at her bouncing ass and my cock stretched out some more.

I should have, but I didn't feel any shame, only lust. My dad died of a heart attack five years ago when I was just twenty. Two years later my elder sister got married and moved away, leaving me and my mom with the house all to ourselves except for the occasional overnight or few days visit by some relative. Shortly after dad's passing mom just lost interest in her looks and let herself fall apart noticeably.

She never paid much attention to hair or makeup and wore only sober clothes. Her movements centered on home to work and back except for an occasional Sunday visit to the neighborhood church and once or twice a week visits to the supermarket or library. She had always been a voracious reader, and now spent nearly all of her spare time curled up in bed or chair with a book; no parties, no cinema, no going out for a drink or stroll.

By the way, Maggie is my mom. I have been calling her Maggie for as long as I can remember. It's a family quirk; nearly all my cousins call their parents by their first names. Maggie as I mentioned before is fleshy and curvy, standing five feet seven with light brown eyes and creamy chocolate skin with a smoothness that belied her fifty years. Her breasts which had retained most of its youthful firmness and lift were barely more than an A cup, but what was lacking up there she made up for with an extra share or two of ass that possessed a softness which caused it to jiggle when she walked.

She wore only modest shorts and knee length or longer dresses and jeans or slacks that left a lot to the imagination. It was like she had deliberately locked her beauty and sexuality away with dad's passing. Her underwear, which I would sometimes glimpse on the line, was less than attractive, no teeny weeny bikinis or thongs or lacy stuff, just basic cotton things that covered all the essentials well.

Needless to say, after that revealing day I began seeing Maggie differently. My eyes lingered on her longingly as she moved about the house. I imagined her in more revealing and enticing undies; I wondered what it would feel like to flick my tongue over the nipples of those tiny breasts or sink my fingers into her plump ass or part the bush I had glimpsed and insert my finger into her hot mound.

I began seeing her not as a mother but as a woman to be fucked, and was nearly always sporting a hard on when she was near. I soon managed to convince myself that getting her into bed was possible, and started creating mental scenarios that could make it happen. Her birthday was three weeks away from the day of the towel malfunction and I decided that a risqué gift might just be the thing to break the ice and pave the way to her desirable crotch.

The day before Maggie's birthday I went into a downtown store that I knew specialized in sexy lingerie. While moving around the store I noticed a couple of mannequins with silky thongs that had a day of the week written on them just above the crotch. While looking at the undies on the mannequins an idea flashed through my head and the more I thought about it the more I felt it was worth exploring. I then walked over to the nightie section and saw pieces that I thought would look delicious covering Maggie's lush body.

I left the store with seven different colored thongs each carrying a day of the week on them just above the crotch and seven sheer and lacy boy shorts panties also with the days of the week written on them, but at the back. Along with the panties were a couple of nighties, one that would reach a few inches above her knees and a more daring one that would just barely cover her ass. There were also a couple of silky wraps that would just make mid-thighs.

The next morning I met her in the kitchen and after saying happy birthday and planting a slightly lingering kiss on her lips, handed her the gift wrapped box of sexy lingerie. She gave me a tight hug that pressed her soft breasts onto my bare chest. My cock which was already fairly erect lurched in my pajamas and I took the chance to briefly press it against her upper thigh.

She didn't seem to notice that little unusual behavior. I stood next to her as she placed the box on a counter and began opening it. I saw her blush red as she glimpsed the contents of the box, and I noticed a slight trembling of her hands. She looked up at me with watery and what looked like questioning eyes as she managed a smile and a soft thank you. She gave me another quick hug and moved to the sink with her back to me. I went over and stood slightly behind and to the side of her.

"You like my gifts Maggie?" I asked.


"Yes honey, I love them" she said softly. "You sure, you look taken aback, maybe I shouldn't have given you this kind of gift. Do you think it inappropriate?" I wanted to get an idea of how she truly felt. "Well, to be honest I am a little taken aback, they're not like anything you usually gift me, but I love them never the less; it's just that I haven't worn anything like those in a long time" she laughed, and put her arm around me pulling me close as she give my cheek a little kiss and poke with her nose.

I felt my erection which was almost full blown press into the side of her butt cheek. Surely she must have felt it this time. Even if she had forgotten what an erection felt like, she must know that it was a cock that was pressed against her butt. But she didn't pull away or give any indication that anything was out of the ordinary.


I felt emboldened to go further, but checked myself; I had to be absolutely certain before taking the plunge, maybe let it play out in little ambiguous ways like this for a few more days; testing her waters, so to speak. I pulled away from her. "I know, that's why I bought them, I don't particularly like those old lady things I see hanging on the lines" "But I am an old lady. I'm fifty years old" "That is not old, and you don't look like fifty anyway, not even forty" "Are you flattering me because it is my birthday young man; not even forty you say?" "I mean it Maggie, you look like a much younger woman, and so beautiful too" I saw her blush again.

"You have to stop trying so hard to make yourself look old and undesirable." She laughed again. "Well if it's that so obvious, and you are that displeased, I guess I'll have to try and change my ways." "Well, you can start by putting that juicy body of yours into those things I bought you." "My, my, juicy; what a word to describe your old mom" she giggled.

"I call it as I see it; and I'll be checking on you." I said and hurried away, glad to show her my back instead of the tent in front of me. After three days had passed, during which time I noticed subtle attempts at makeup and a little more than usual grooming of her hair, I accosted her in the living room after she had come downstairs wearing a light blue sun dress that hovered just around her knees.

It was Saturday morning and she was about to go into her little garden. "It's Saturday young lady, I hope you're wearing the appropriate undergarment beneath that dress." I said in a mock stern voice.

"Why yes sir, I am" she said playing along. "What does it read?" "Saturday, sir" "I do think you are lying." "No sir, I'm not." "Then prove it, hike up that dress let me see for myself." "Really Mike," she said, sounding flustered. "Yes, really, I gotta see for myself that you're not lying, that you're not wearing one of those old lady things.

I told you I would be checking on you." "Aw, come on, I'm telling the truth" "Well prove it mom," I said stressing on the "mom." "You are my mom, so there's nothing to hide or be ashamed of, so come on hike it up and let me see Saturday smiling at me." She laughed at that. "Mike, you've got to be kidding, what you are asking me to do is so out of place." "No it isn't, it's not like I haven't seen the panty before, I bought it." "Well, you may have seen it before, but not on me." She dragged out the "me." "You don't really expect me to expose myself indecently?" "It can't be indecent exposure if you're in your own living room and it's only you and me, your son, present and it's not like I've never seen you down there either" "You have?" She asked, knitting her brow as a shy smile played on her face, "you're talking about the other morning when I had on that little towel" "Not only then, several other times," I said teasingly.

"You don't honestly believe that as careful as you usually are that you've never sat down in a revealing manner or left your door open while dressing or undressing?" She brought her hand up to her mouth, but it didn't hide the smile and I sensed that I was getting through to her. "Oh my!" "So come on, prove to me that I haven't wasted my time trying to make you want to live again and be dressing like the young, beautiful and sexy woman you are." She looked at me long and steady as if searching my face for sincerity and innocence, before shrugging her shoulders.

"Ok, you've convinced me, but I'm only going to do it this once. After this you'll just have to trust me; you have to know how embarrassing this is to me." She placed her hands to her thighs and began pulling the dress up slowly.

As inch after inch of luscious creamy chocolate thighs was revealed I felt my cock which was already in an aroused state began to stiffen. And when the plump mound barely covered by a glittering silver and black thong was bared to my lusting eyes, I almost came in my pants. Maggie's fat snugly covered pussy was such a marvelous sight my eyes widened and my mouth dropped open involuntarily. I realized that we were both frozen in this moment of unbelievable boundary crossing.

"Saturday is nice" Was all I managed to say, weakly, dumbfounded by the enticing sight. One thing I noticed immediately was that the lush bush I'd spied on the morning of the tiny towel episode was gone, no doubt trimmed to avoid any overreaching beyond the thong sides. Against my body's urging to take the game to a higher level right there and then, I listened to my bigger head and wrenched my dilating eyes away, breaking the hypnotic like spell. "Ok, you can lower your dress before you think I'm ogling your pussy." "What?" she blurted out no doubt staggered by my choice of words.

But then she added "weren't you? She quickly followed with "Just kidding," and a teasing little chuckle which seemed to say "I got you pegged, son." "I wasn't, I was just momentarily stunned by its beauty, that's a nice looking lump you've got there, if I may say so." Her mouth fell open and she looked at me as if I were some kind of crazy person. "Well considering my age and all other things, I'll take that as a well meant compliment." "That's the spirit." "Well, satisfied?" I nodded, not trusting myself to answer that with words in case I go off track from too much haste.

"So you'll trust me from now, no more spot checks?" "Maybe, maybe not, I'm not so sure you won't be tempted to go back to your old ways. She gave me a mock cross-eyed look and walked away briskly, her lush ass bouncing under the thin cotton dress.

The next day I was sitting in the living room watching TV when she appeared, wearing clothes that suggested she was preparing for church.

"By the looks of it young lady, today is Sunday." ''Yes sir, and if you must know, I'm wearing my Sunday special." "Am I to believe that?" "Yep, I would expect you do" "Well, I don't and I won't unless I see with my own eyes; seeing is believing." "Oh no, no more seeing, you promised to trust me." "No I didn't, come on let me see that thong." "Really, I can't believe you're asking me to do this when I'm going to church." "I am, especially because you're going to church.

You might not think it appropriate turning up in church in your Sunday special." "I can't believe I'm letting you talk me into doing this again, especially when I'm getting ready for church, you are a wicked little demon sir. But I guess this comes with my status; a loving mom would do just about anything to please her little boy." She shrugged, feigning defeat as I threw back in the chair with a cocky look on my face and awaited the opening of the lily.

Staring at me with a partly daring, partly confused look on her pretty face, she pulled up her skirt and bundled it around her waist, then she slowly brought her slip up to join it. "This is definitely the last time I'm doing this." I heard her whisper as she slowly turned around.

She was wearing one of the lacy boy shorts panties. Printed boldly at the back was the word Sunday; but who was reading, not me. My eyes were glued to the slightly dimpled chunks of prime lower butt meat that had refused to be contained in the sexy lace and lingered outside the leg lines like two lumps of dough waiting to be kneaded by hot man fingers.

"Satisfied, Mr. Checker, do I have your trust now?" Without answering I got up stealthily and quickly sunk all my fingers into the soft tempting flesh of Maggie's big ass. She quickly pulled away before I could really go to work on her prime backside. "Whoa, what have we got here, what was that for, those words aren't written in braille you know." "That was for just in case it really is the last time I get to see those beautiful cheeks.

Sorry, but I just couldn't resist." Her face red and a stern look in her eyes she moved away with quick steps and headed for the stairs. When she came back down she gave me a quick somewhat shy sideways look and I barely heard her say goodbye. I was worried, thinking that I had blown it by moving in on her too fast, and promised myself to try and curtail my lust, maybe even abandon the entire idea of getting between her legs. I was truly confused. But when she returned a couple of hours later it was as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened between us.

She gave me a playful tap on the head as she passed by me sitting on a chair in front of the TV. "I hope you have a nice lunch ready for me dear, I'm starving." I usually prepared lunch on the days she went to church. We sat at the table and small talked and joked as we enjoyed our meal and each other's company.

I wanted my sweet mom too badly to abort my plans. I did at least, try not to think of her in lascivious ways, but it wasn't working; just the thought of her and especially when she was near me, my cock knew no restraint and my eyes devoured her. I decided to let a few days pass before making my next move, and jerked off several times for three nights as I lay in bed burning up with lust.

On the fourth morning I came downstairs and was pleasantly surprised to see Maggie standing at the kitchen sink, raw sexuality simply spewing out of the lime green, very sheer knee length night dress I had bought her.

"How fast the days fly, I didn't realize it is Thursday already; luckily I have you as a reminder." I said as I drew close behind her.

"You have very good eyes son." she said, and laughed heartily. "No madam, you have very transparent and boldly engraved lingerie." I whispered as I wrapped my arms around her from behind. "Well, I got them as a special gift; the least I can do to show appreciation is to wear them." She turned her head sideways and brought her cheeks against mine as she made a kiss sound.

"Thanks honey." I tightened my grip around her stomach and pressed my engorged cock into her softness. I felt a slight quiver in the hot flesh before she pulled her body forward and away from my throbbing dick.

I quickly let my hand move upward and brush against hardened nipples while stepping back, not much caring whether she would think it accidental or not.

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'You'd better hurry to the bathroom before you pee yourself." She mumbled. I realized she was trying hard to deny that I had an erection for her, preferring to blame it on an urgent bladder.


I didn't miss her quick glance at my tented boxers as I hurried away. Under the shower I looked into the shower glass and envisioned her sitting on a sofa with legs spread wide and one foot on the seat, nightie bunched around her waist exposing a fat lump of hot crotch bisected by white thong as she read a book.

Unaware of my presence until I crept up and cupped her spongy cake, she responded by grabbing my hand and holding it tight against her pulsing flesh as she jerked and wined against it. To that mental picture I pumped my wet, hot rod furiously for about ten minutes until I spurted jets of cum against the glass wall. The next morning I got up forty five minutes later than usual after tossing and turning sleeplessly for most of the night.

When I entered the kitchen Maggie was standing at a counter looking absolutely fuckable as she prepared our lunch packs. She was wearing for the first time since I'd bought it, the very sheer white nightie that barley covered her ass. Underneath the white delight was a mere glimpse of silky red thong which could have been saying to my tired eyes: I'm just going to hide myself away in this deep crack so you could get a good look at her fat ass.

A knife fell to the ground and she bent over to pick it up gifting my thankful eyes with a plump cameltoe that looked like it was made separately and stuck between her butt cheeks. My pole which had been hovering about half mast immediately straightened to full height.

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I stood there for about two minutes staring at the fleshy delight before tip toeing my way closer. When I was about a foot and a half from her she started to turn around and was so startled by my unexpected presence she nearly fell over. "Damn, Mike, you mustn't creep up on people like that, you could have stopped my heart. Right now it's going like a horse on a track" "Let me see." I said and quickly brought my hand around to her left side chest and cupped a soft breast, gently massaging it as I placed my other hand against her stomach and pulled her close to me, letting my stiff dick jab her lower back.

"I'm sorry." "You nearly stopped my heart now you're stabbing me in the back." She said, laughing, and quickly spun around to face me, "good morning dear" She smelled of fresh body spray and cream, meaning she'd already had her bath. "Good morning." I replied, and leaning forward kissed her lightly on the lips.

The tip of her wet tongue quickly darted against my lips, surprising me, and before I could open my mouth to reciprocate she stepped back out of reach. I looked into her eyes and it was at that precise moment I knew that I was 'in like flint' as the old saying goes; she was mine to have.

And oh, how I wanted her; how I wanted to drive my cock into my sweet mom. "We both overslept, you'd better hurry." She twirled around and briskly walked away. I followed her with the sole aim of looking up her ass as she climbed the stairs. "And in case you're wondering, I am wearing Friday." She bounded up the stairs like a sprightly filly and I marveled at the sight of thick thighs, bouncing backside and the handful of prime pussy snuggled between.

That sight stayed with me for the rest of the day, pleasantly haunting. We had an early dinner that evening, chatting lightly and relaying funny tit bits from our respective offices. Immediately after, I went to the bathroom and took a long shower. I was tempted to jerk off, still thinking of the sight of her going up the stairs that morning, but I resisted, wanting to have a full load of sperm to blast against my mom's womb if things went the way I was hoping.

Shortly after, Maggie got up and announced she was going upstairs to freshen up before bed. She pinched my cheek as she passed by me and I slapped her ass playfully. I just knew I was going to fuck her before the night was through; I could feel it. Less than an hour later, Maggie came back down looking damn sexy in the short black silk wrap from her birthday package.

It was knotted loosely around her waist and I could see creamy flesh from her neck down to her navel and a good deal of thigh as she passed in front of me headed for the kitchen. She returned with a bottle of malt from which she took a long drag and then licked the top of the bottle neck. She was bending over to place the bottle on the table when I said: "Do I have to ask what day it is?" I asked, smiling wickedly.

She released the bottle and straightened up. "Not really, dear, I was just about to inform you." Turning around and looking steadily at me, her hands went to her waist. She slowly undid the strings and gripping the two sides of the robe pulled them apart. My cock instantly sprang alive as I looked wide eyed at the thick juicy body of my mom covered from just below waist to fat crotch in white cotton basic underwear.

It was tight, probably a size too small, so it sunk into her flesh and created the nicest looking covered vaginal mound I'd ever looked at.

I could see a clear sunken line between her pussy lips. I would never have believed that I could be so turned on by the sight of a woman in that kind of underwear. My cock had found its way through the opening at the front of my boxer and stood tall to salute the magnificent woman in front of me. She let the robe drop to the floor and I stared hungrily at the long stiff nipples on the tiny breasts that had years ago been my main source of nutrition.

How I wanted to feed off them again. She stepped forward to stand about two feet in front of me. She hooked her thumbs in the waist of her panties. I stood up and her eyes levelled on my rampant man tool surging wildly through the fly of my boxer. "I know you don't like this type of ladies underwear, so I am going to take them off." Without taking her eyes off my bouncing dick she was out of the panties in a flash, like she was in some kind of undressing race.

I noticed that the untamed bush I'd spied between her thighs a few weeks ago was now neatly trimmed above and around her smooth shaved pussy, no doubt to prevent any spillage from out the sides of the thongs. An engorged and sizable clit greeted my eyes. I reached out and groped between her thighs. She spread her legs wide to allow me better access as I cupped her hot flesh hard, causing her to let out a loud aaahhhh.

I bent my head and a mouthful of soft breast disappeared. I sucked on it and roughly rolled the hard nipple between tongue and teeth. She made a sound that indicated pain, but instead of pulling away she grabbed my head and forced it harder against her chest. Her hand reached out and grabbed my tool, squeezing it hard as she shifted it from side to side like a gear stick and even tried to bend it.

I let an eager middle finger plunge into her hot wet tunnel and she retaliated by pushing against it sending it all the way into her as she started a hard grind.

But suddenly she gave an anguished howl and pulled her hand away from my cock, pushed my head away from her breast and grabbing my hand wrenched it away from her dripping pussy. "No, we must stop this, this is so wrong." She said, stepping away from me. But I grabbed her and pulled her close to me, grabbing her big butt cheeks in both hands and sinking my spread out fingers into the inner walls as I pulled the mounds apart.

"No Mike, please, I can't, we mustn't." I took hold of my cock and guided it between her thighs, feeling it slip along the wet vulva lips. But she wrestled free and shouted, almost angrily: "Mike stop, I don't want this!" Those words and the tone got to me and I stepped back.

She sank into the chair weeping. I looked at her shaking frame and for a moment I felt some remorse and the thought of abandoning my quest to fuck Maggie entered my head, but only briefly, for even as I watched her crying, my cock that had deflated a bit suddenly found new life and urged me to go for it. I decide to do so, but in a different way, for out of the blue an idea came to my rescue and I started to play it out. I brought my hands up to cover my face and pretended I was sobbing into them.

"I'm sorry mom, I'm so sorry, please forgive me. Please say you forgive me." "I forgive you baby. Everything is going to be all right, we can get through this together, don't you worry." "No mom everything could never be alright after this horrible thing I just did." "No baby, we'll get over it, and it's not all your fault, I'm to blame too, maybe even more than you.

It was just a little mistake we both made because of circumstances we found ourselves in, sometimes feelings creep up on us and situations direct our actions. But it will be all right, I promise you. "Mom it will not be alright and this is not a little mistake it is a huge mistake.

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Oh, I feel so bad about this I feel like killing myself." "No baby no, don't you say that Mike, don't you even think about it. I tell you it was not your fault at all it was all mine, I should not have given in to the longing I saw in your eyes or the longings and passion I feel for you, I am the guilty one I should have controlled myself.

I don't blame you; you are young and hot blooded. "No mom, I am the one to blame I baited you. What kind of man tries to fuck his own mother? Not because you are so beautiful and so fucking sexy I have to fuck you. I was so wrong. I treated you like a whore, you don't deserve that. Oh I really feel like dying or just falling through the floor and disappear." "Mike, please stop all that talk of wanting to die, you're scaring me.

And I don't want you to disappear either; I want you here with me. I love you so much baby, I would do anything at all to please you or make you happy." "I love you too mom and would also do anything it takes to please you or make you happy, but I feel so bad about this. Look, even as I talk to you my cock is still trying to get to you, I'm a dirty son of a bitch I don't deserve you." I stepped forward, bringing my cock almost to her face.

She stared at the massive erection and I could see the torment on her face as lust battled with decency; I could see the desire in her eyes as she licked her lips and wrenched her eyes away. "Mike, come sit with me let's talk it away or better yet just drop it and watch a movie.

Everything will be alright baby, you'll see. After a good night's sleep we will both wake up tomorrow and find that all's well between us, mother and son, just like yesterday." "Just like yesterday mom? Yesterday I wanted to fuck you, like I did today like I do now even though I'm burning up with shame; can't you see, I can't just wish this away" I looked down at my cock that I was deliberately bouncing.

Her eyes followed mine to the stubborn horny member. I turned around and started to walk away. "Mike baby, come to me please." "I'm sorry mom but I can't trust myself near you now, or maybe ever. I might just have to move out and go live by myself. I'm going up to my room." I heard her painful sobbing as I walked away, hoping that I had managed to pull it off. I went to my room and leaving the door wide open lay on the bed without getting dressed, knowing that even if she didn't come now she would have to pass my room to get to hers and just maybe the sight of me would be enough to lure her in.

I turned over on my belly to hide my erection and waited, my face turned away from the door. Less than ten minutes later I heard the sound of the door being closed and knew that I had won. I heard the slight creaking of a floor board as she softly came to the bed.

I could feel her standing over me looking down at my naked body and at the same time felt my cock trying to raise me up. Then I heard her soft voice. "Mike." Without turning over I moved my head and looked at her; she was still naked. She sat on the bed next to me and put her hand on my cheek. I turned over and my dick shot upwards. She jumped slightly at the sight of it, but eyed it hungrily.

"A little while ago you said that you'd do anything to please me, does that still hold true baby?" her voice was a little shaky. "Yes Maggie, I'm here for you, whatever your wishes." "Please me Mike, and let me please you. Treat me like a whore again." I reached out a hand and gently took a nipple between my thumb and forefinger. I twirled it around and felt it stiffen. I started raising my other hand but, but before It could reach its intended destination I heard her give a little cry and quickly leaned forward and in a flash my cock was deep in her mouth touching her palate.

She just left it there, gagging and choking and breathing hard, drenching it with saliva as her hand gripped my balls so tight they hurt. She was shaking her head from side to side as she made gurgling sounds. After about two minutes she came up for air. I could see saliva running down her chin and along her neck. Her eyes were red and water rolled from them onto her chubby cheeks.

She threw herself on top of me and laid still for about thirty seconds breathing hard, her weight pressing down my cock onto my lower belly. I grabbed handfuls of butt cheeks, massaging them firmly. She rolled over on her back, and reaching out her hand grabbed my cock and pumped it furiously. "Put this in me son, right now, I can't wait another minute.

Please fuck mommy." I rolled between her legs and got on my knees positioning myself for penetration. She raised her legs, spreading them wide as she bent her knees.

Her eager hands guided the head of my cock to her wet lips, pressing it into the waiting crack. I slammed into her tight tunnel making her howl. I pulled back almost all the way out and slammed into her again. She grunted and I repeated the movements about half a dozen times before she started to fight back with her pussy, slamming it up to meet my thrusts, grunting all the while.

We fought like that for about five minutes until she roughly pushed me over on to my back and got on top of me starting the sweetest grinding, jerking ride I'd ever experienced. As she gripped my shoulders, I just lay there and let her do her thing, only rising up on my elbows after a few minutes to take a stiff nipple into my mouth.

Her thick thighs gripped my sides as she rode my cock. I wet a finger in my mouth and brought it around to her butt hole pressing it against the entrance; her wild riding causing it to slip slightly in and out. I rammed the finger all the way in. This seemed to excite her more and she increased the speed of her ride. "I like being your whore baby, thank you." She bent over and whispered in my ear. "I love my mommy's pussy thank you" I replied. I flipped her over and she lay on her back, legs stretched out flat on the bed and spread wide.

She remained still as I slammed into her. "Pound me my big baby; fuck me as hard as you can. I will take whatever you give. Mommy likes it rough." I continued to slam into her wet but tight pussy, urged on by her continued grunting and moaning.

Nothing I'd ever know before felt as good as my cock sliding inside my mommy's cunt and my groin grinding against the swollen vulva lips. She opened her eyes wide and looked into mine, joining our souls. As she stared at me I drew back almost all the way out and slammed into her extra hard. She told me to do it again and I did, letting my cock drill her like that for about twenty seconds.

"Spit on your whore mommy." I didn't oblige because I wasn't sure I'd heard right, but she repeated it. "Spit in my face." I spat on her face twice, and felt her begin to buck wildly under me. "Now slap me, hard." I slapped her face one two three times as she pressed her hands down on the bed raising her hips off it, elevated as I slammed into her. I gave her an extra hard slap and immediately I felt her body stiffen, then begin to tremble, and then jerk as her orgasm owned her body.

Without pulling out I raised one of her legs over my head and flipped her onto her belly. I spread her plump cheeks and continued to pound her still twitching pussy. I soon felt the volcano boiling deep inside of me; she pushed up to accept my lava and I erupted, jerking madly against her thick rear, watching it jiggle like jello.

As I drained into her I felt her walls contracting against my cock, milking it sweetly. She gives a little wiggle and a sexy contented laugh as I fell forward on her sweaty body.

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I lay on my mother's back totally satisfied and swooning with pleasure, and I thanked the day I bought her those sexy undies.