Pinay dh hongkong nude picture scandal

Pinay dh hongkong nude picture scandal
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So at this time i was 15 and a snooper like my brother. I am 5' 6" and weigh 160 go by Chris. My brother is 18 and his girlfriend is 17.

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sorry no stuff till next this just sets it up I was snooping on my brother's phone when i saw a couple pictures of his girlfriend and my brother posing. Usually i don't snoop through his phone but i knew that i had to do something. i had just gotten back from wrestling and finished showering when i saw it his nokia flip phone.

anyone in my position my age would say golden opportunity there. So i read his text's 1.

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Let me see your pussy on a big dildo Okay here it is. An Asian on a 10 inch dildo and i sent it to my phone just in case. there were at least thirty of them with different things in different areas 2.

wow what else you got I'll send you a video. there is an uplink to a video of her posing and i knew she was 17 and i couldn't help but text her.

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as many pictures there were half as many videos varying in length Hey Whats up? Soooo Andrew is at work Yeah. what about it well he left his phone and some images of a certain girl on there HOLY SHIT you delete them now.

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Maybe but first a question what What would happen if this got out? I would lose all my scholar ships Well that wouldn't do would it lets make a deal Let me hear it first You i own you for a month no saying no What thats bull shit well check out any porn site they are gonna have this in about 20 minutes unless you wanna do this little thing i mean i guess what did you have in mind?(we lived next door so i thought the creek would be nice) Meet me by the old fort When?

An hour and look good I quickly copied all the photos to my laptop and made five copies of the pictures and videos and hid them in very hard spots that no-one would guess about.


then i put on some shorts and walked down to the old fort that the three of us set up ten years ago that was still standing and my brother and Beverly used as a "getaway". i called it the sniping post where i had filmed them doing things that might interest her. i set up a small TV there and a dvd player with just one copy of the video.

About twenty minutes later she came by and said"i'm here" "Come in" as she walked in i gasped she was wearing a tight golden dress and did not miss any curves that had come natural to her. "Wow, yo did dress well now bend over." "WHAT" "Do it or else" reaching around while grinning i felt and guess what?no panties of course.

she gasped and said "well i thought this is what you wanted" "of couse now bend over and stay there." earlier i had brought down a belt and took it out and whipped her once with no warning.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, WHat the fuck!?" "now now no bad words here. now call me master and for the next month call me that except around Andrew." "Fine master" her voice so thick with sarcasm i whacked her again and she cried out saying profanities for each one i whacked her harder. by that time i had worked her dress off of her and tossed it away without much knowledge.

i then told her to sit on my lap and watch this video. The video about three hours long showed every little thing.


by the end of it she was crying and promised to be a good little girl. me seeing this as that laid down some rules to follow for this next month 1.

She would get a job as a maid in our house(little fetish of mine) 2.she would not curse around me 3. she would do everything and anything without saying no 4.she would adress me as sir and master 5. no sex with andrew for the next month saying that her parents thought something was up trying to get out of it or else i would deny it and put everything on the internet without her ever having the proof 7.

she would send me a video or a picture of her naked and in a pose every day 8. she couldn't mastrubate unless told so 9 breaking any of these would result in a spanking After hearing these she cried and said but "andrew has a nice 6 inch dick thats thick its perfect so no pleasure for a month?" After hearing this i laughed and said "well try this one on then" taking of my shirts i pulled out a semi around 4 inches and thick.

she gingerly touched it and it started coming to life to its full 7.5 inches and thicker if i say so.

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I then told her to touch it and worship it or else. once she touched it she almost fell on top of it with her mouth but i stopped her and slapped her saying"Bitch don't lick it or take it in your mouth worship it. Sorry you know i don't like curse words but when i say something imean it "Yes master" She reached out and wrapped a soft skin hand around it and put her cheek on it and kiss it while the look in her eyes said she really wanted to gobble it like a slut.

i saw that look and decided to have fun"Stop touching it" reluctantly letting go she looked at me and said"yes master" "good now bend over and beg for pleasure"hearing this i don't think she could move that fast as she went to doggy and waited.

Wait for a part two as i hope to finish this and hope you like it more than the sister ones and if you like it please approve it as i hope to write the rest of this looong series and if you want give me ideas