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Baggy leather gay free porn and hot sex south male cock photos
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While waiting for word on our house offer, our lives sank quickly back into the norm. No interest in sex on Kelly's part, but a higher sense of frustration on mine. But the events surrounding the showing got my curiosity up, so I visited the local library and did some research on the houses history.

What I found was VERY interesting. The house was built by a wealthy industrialist in the 1870's for his wife. Unfortunately for him, her sexual appetites were not met by him due, primarily, to press of business. The end result was that she entertained men in her new abode on a regular basis. Unfortunately for her, he came home early on afternoon, catching her 'in flagrante dilecto'in the embrace of three unclothed gentlemen.

Losing total control, he shot her, emptying his pistol into her, paying particular attention to her sperm dripping mons. While fumbling to reload his pistol the three gentlemen left swiftly, not caring about being seen semi-naked escaping from the building.

The cuckolded husband was tried and acquitted, but could not bear living in the house. And it drove him to suicide.

The house passed through a series of short term owners, many of whom claimed to hear voices, moaning, or seeing ghosts, mostly in the attic. Not that I believed in haunting spirits, but I thought it might be fun to try an experiment, once the house was ours, to see if ,indeed, I owned a house haunted by a nymphomaniac.

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A few days later, we got word that the house was ours, and began planning on moving our stuff in, and filling the remainder of the house with reproductions and antiques, hoping to give our guests a 'time warp' experience.

Our first job, was to see exactly what was in the attic, since all but the fainting couch were still covered by sheets and layers of dust.

I sent Kelly up first, indicating that I would be up shortly to help move the furniture where we wanted to. Finishing up some business on my computer, I walked quietly up to the attic. By the time I got to the top of the stairs all the dust covers were off and Kelly was lying on the fainting couch, eyes closed, panties around her ankles, and two fingers buried in her moist pussy and her other hand pinching her nipple. She did not see or hear me coming and I stood in the doorway until she orgasmed, moaning and shuddering under the impact of her digital stimulation.

When she opened her eyes, I fully expected her to freak out. To my surprise (and delight) she stared me in the eye, opened her legs and throatily whispered, "Come and taste me." Dropping my jeans, next to hers, I dropped to my knees, lowered my face to her dark bush, and extended my tongue to feather the outer lips of her steamy gash. She squirmed and moaned, pushing her pubic bone up to meet my tongue as it slid inside her wetness. Sucking on the soft folds, I tasted the sweet saltiness of her swollen sex, telling her how delicious she was and how I would love have her for dinner.

She responded by grabbing my head and pulling it into her sopping snatch. With my nose now surrounded by the fragrant flaps of her cooze, I breathed in the perfume of her luscious cunt. By now my cock was almost painfully erect.


I wanted, no, I needed to cum and I wanted to fill every hole in her body with my essence. Working hard to control my urges, I continued to feast on her flesh, particularly her now prominent clitoris, which I sucked on like a baby does a breast, making her thrash and moan as I did so. "Ahh! Aaahhh!

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Cumming! NNNgghhh! AAAAAHHH!" she screamed, coming for the second time in a very short while. Unwilling (or unable) to stop I continued my ministrations to her freshening cunt, pulling her over the edge again, and again, until she came so hard that she squirted her thick, honey onto my tongue, face and chin.

Pulling my face from her oozing gash, I stood up, cock dangling in her face. "Now where do you want it?" I demanded. Staring up at me, a look of total lust in her eye, she answered, " Fuck my face!

Make me choke on it" Before I could move she grabbed the shaft and pulled it to her open mouth. "MMfff! Mmmmff!" she mumbled as the shaft slid between her lips. She grabbed the cheeks of my ass and, digging her nails into the round globes she took me in to the hairs, sucking voraciously. I felt something twisted, almost evil, enter my brain and body, at this point. Almost as if I wanted to treat her like a whore, even though I knew she wasn't one.

I felt the crown of my cock as it hit the back of her mouth and pushed it down her throat.

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She coughed, tried to pull back, but I forced it down. Grabbing her head with one hand, holding it in place I thrust in and out several times, ignoring the gagging sounds emanating from her ravaged throat. Watching her struggle with my meat in her face, ropes of drool connecting her lower lip and her breasts, made me smile. "You like my cock, don't you?" I asked. She looked up at me, her eyes filled with tears, but with an evil twinkle in them as well, and nodded her head.

Removing her left hand from my butt cheek she cupped my balls, rolling them in the palm of her hand. Her middle finger scratched the skin between my ass and my nuts, causing my prick to jump. Then she introduced the finger to my pucker, pushing in and wiggling it. That pushed me to the brink. I pulled out of her throat, held her mouth open, and roared.

"Nnnngghh! NNNgggghhh! AAAAAAAhhhnnngg!" as my cock erupted, spilling my hot seed onto her waiting tongue. Still holding her mouth open, she stood pushed me down on the couch and smiled, sending a cascade of semen down on her breasts, belly and pubic hair. "Clean me off!" she demanded, shoving a cum covered nipple to my mouth. I couldn't believe that this was my shy, non-sexual wife standing naked in front of me ordering me to lick my semen from her tits and cunt.

But it was, and I felt almost powerless to resist. I licked and sucked, first one, then the other, careful to wipe away as much of me as I could, working my way down her body.

Noisily sucking the globs of congealing fuck cream, I noticed that I was still hard, and still horny. Was this room really possessed? After licking the viscous fluid from her matted bush and probing her slit with my tongue, I, too, stood up. She wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my hips, settling her still moist velvet cuntlips on my raging hard-on. She kissed me deeply, thrusting her cum covered tongue between my teeth. At last she broke the kiss and whispered in my ear, "Empty your balls in me!

Make me cum again. I feel sooo wicked." then she began bouncing on my cock in earnest, intent on milking my testicles dry. I walked her across the room until we could see each other in the full length mirror.

Now she could see the act as well as feel it. Taking a cue from her previous act, I repositioned her so I could tickle her asshole with it and caress her churning cunt with a free hand. Slowly, I pushed it inside, amazed that I could feel my cockshaft through the membrane between her rectum and her finger filled snatch.

Squealing with delight, she bounced faster and faster, her breath becoming more ragged as she neared yet another orgasm. "Ohhh God! Fuck my ass! Ooooyeah! Ohfuck! Aaaaahhh!" She screamed as the muscles in her vagina pulsed and squeezed my invading fingers. She pressed her lips to mine and shoved her tongue fully into my mouth. I came and came hard, grunting into her open mouth. Pulling out and spreading her legsI showed her in the mirror, the rivulets of cum as they dripped from her stretched, ravaged asshole, and dripped down her thighs to the floor.

Saying no more, we silently dressed, and returned to the main floor, where the old Kelly returned. She went to the bathroom, brushed her teeth, and came out asking me what the hell I had done to her. "Did you drug my coffee, you bastard?

How the hell did you make me do all those disgusting things?" I shrugged my shoulders, telling her I had no idea why we did what we did. "But, didn't you enjoy it just a tiny bit?" I asked, "You sure seemed to get into it at the time." My question was met with silence. I was now determined to do two things. Get her to admit that she enjoyed it, and find out more about my haunted house. The next day I visited the county courthouse and revisited the library and found out some more about my humble abode.

There were conflicting stories but the essentials were, that not only was the house haunted by a nymphomaniac, but that it was sited on unholy ground. It seems that, in colonial times there was a witches coven, whose meeting place was where the house stood.

There was also some talk that the home sat on a cavern that led, if you believed the local lore, directly to hell. I t made for good reading, but I still didn't believe it!

Kelly avoided me as much as possible for the next three days. We rarely spoke. We slept in separate rooms. My frustrations mounted as the weekend approached. Finally, I confronted her, asking bluntly why she was avoiding me. She made lame excuses about being busy with work. I pressed further. She continued to beat around the bush, clearly not wanting to talk about it. At my wits end, I bluntly asked, "Did our little adventure in the attic freak you out that much?" "Well, yeah, it did.

It was so…so.dirty! So slutty!

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So shamefull!" "But you still found it enjoyable…didn't you." "Well…I guess so. At least some of it. And some of it was so disgusting!" "So what did you like? And dislike." "Oh, I dunno." she said, trying to evade my probing. "C'mon Kelly! Are you trying to tell me that coming a half dozen times in an hour didn't feel good?" "Well…yeah! But I did some awfully whorish things! And you didn't even try to stop me!" "You're telling me that doing something that feels that good has to be sinful?

Dirty?" "Kind of&hellip." she said as she hung her head. "Don't you think that drooling your, …your, &hellip.sperm on my chest was slutty?" "Frankly, I found it very hot!" I said, "As was licking your pussy and drinking your honey." "And I suppose, you enjoyed choking me with your&hellip.your&" "Hell yes!

And you did too! You begged me to do it!" She began to cry. "Look, hon. I tell you what, I will try hard not to be in the attic with you alone. I think the common denominator here is me. OK?" "Well, alright." "OK. Now we have to co-ordinate the moving of our furniture on Monday. Why don't I work from the old house, while they move us out, and you can work here, supervising the move in.

Does that sound OK to you?" She nodded, not completely sure how it would work. "I know what you're thinking Kelly. We won't be alone in the attic at all.

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The movers will be here. What could possibly happen?" Little did I know!

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Moving day arrived, and so did the movers. Promptly at 7:30 A.M. Antwan and Robert, introduced themselves and I showed them around indicating what pieces needed extra care. Antwan looked to be twenty, or so. Tall, deep, dark purple-black skin, finely toned muscles.

Robert was shorter and stocky, not in quite the shape Antwan was in, but obviously strong. He was lighter skinned than his cohort and very, very polite. I worked at my laptop until they were done loading the truck, called Kelly to tell her they were coming, and that I would be along later. It was close to noon, so I picked up some lunch for the four of us and drove over to the new, old house. Dropping the lunches in the front hall, I heard some muffled noises coming from upstairs. Taking the steps two at a time, I arrived at the entry to the attic to see Kelly on her knees, blouse open, breasts bared, sucking on Robert's cock, while Antwan was taking her from behind.

Obviously enjoying themselves, Kelly and the movers did not see me. I stood there frozen, with fear, with excitement, and even with rage.

How dare these men come into my home and take advantage of my wife like this. If I try to stop them, what will they do…to me or to her. On the other hand, they were in the attic, where all these strange things have taken place. That must be it!


It's the magic spell of the haunted attic! I stepped through the door, instantly getting aroused. I dropped my pants. Kelly caught sight of my reflection in the mirror at the same time as the movers.

They froze, not knowing what to expect. Kelly, however, just smiled, as she let Roberts cock drop from her lips. "Glad you could make it, stud!" she said, engulfing Roberts wrist thick cock, again.

Apparently, they had been at this for a while, because just then Robert barked, "OhhFuck, Bitch! I'm coming!" grabbing her head, he withdrew his cock in time to watch the first spurt fly from his piss slit and land on her nose. The second landed in her open, eager mouth, bathing her tongue with the creamy white liquid.

The third barely made it to her mouth, most of it dripping down her chin and pooling on the floor. Kelly swallowed his load and began licking the dregs off his still rock hard shaft. Antwan, in the meantime was sliding his eight inches easily in and out of Kelly's well lubricated pussy. He too was close, his face contorted with lust. Reaching around and grabbing a handful of tits, he shoved in deep and grunted ashe emptied his balls deep in Kelly's cunt. Pulling away from his still dripping member, Kelly turned and licked him clean as well, before attending to the congealing sperm on her chin.

Walking over to me, she grabbed my rampant prick, asking. "You want some of this, or would you rather watch?" Somewhat amazed at her actions, I could only stutter, "Well, I brought lunch, but it seems you've already eaten." I smiled weakly at my little joke. Kelly replied, "Yes, I have.

But you haven't." She drew her fingers through her fur fringed twat, continuing, "Don't you want something warm to eat?" I did! She invited Robert to sit on the fainting couch. He sat, his thick cock sticking up in the air. She sidled over and, facing away from the stocky black, spread her cheeks and sat on his member, nearly fainting from the pain of being stretched by his monster.

Once situated, she invited me to feast on her cunt flesh, holding her pussy open, and flicking her finger across her swollen clit.

Then she told Antwan that she was hungry. Robert, now pumping his prick in and out of Kelly's ass reached around and began pinching Kelly's nipples. She groaned in response, telling him how wonderful he felt inside her, before filling her face with Antwan's long, onyx colored penis.

Tentatively, I approached her crotch licking her outer lips gently. She grabbed my head, pulling it into her wetness. I breathed in the musky scent, my head reeling from the conflicting emotions. My tongue caressed her puffy lips, eliciting a moan of encouragement from Kelly's wanton, cock filled lips.

I drove my tongue in deeper, tasting the sweetness of her juices combined with the saltiness of Roberts semen. I wrapped my lips around her cum soaked clit, rasping it with my tongue, feeling her squirm underneath. How long we were at this, I don't recall, but I could feel the crescendo of her orgasm as it rose, bringing her closer and closer.

"Mmmfff! Mmmmfff! MMMff!" she groaned into Antwan's twitching dick. "Ohhh Fuck Bitch! Eat my nut!" he growled as his black shaft expanded just before exploding in her mouth. Kelly swallowed what she could, but it was too much! She drooled the warm white sauce down her chin and smiled as it continued between her tits. She continued to milk the long black member, wiping it on her nipples. Returning to my labors, I shoved three fingers inside her and scratched the front wall of her cloying cunt, paying particular attention to the soft spongy flesh of her g-spot.

I re-attached my lips to her clit and sucked like a hungry baby. Kelly howled as she bucked against my face and Robert's cock, soaking my chin with a fresh issue of her essence. Not wanting to waste any of the precious liquid, sucked on her gash, reveling in the flavor and scent of her luscious sex. Robert followed shortly, thrusting deeply in her ass as he sent wad after wad of his DnA Into her stretched rectum. Pulling her off and watching rivulets of sperm flow down her legs, I realized that I hadn't come yet!

I told her kneel on the floor while we jacked off on her face. "If you're a good girl, I just might let you drink it!" I sneered. "Now make us come!" Smiling wickedly, she grabbed Roberts thick pole and stroked it, pointing it at her face.

Looking up at Antwan, she licked the underside of his still hard dick, kissing the purple-black head before engulfing my cock, bathing it in her saliva, forcing it down her throat. Trading off and sucking each of us while frigging the other two, it didn't take long before we were all ready to come again.

Squeezing my cock, she noticed a drop of pre-cum, licking it from the helmet she said in a throaty whisper, "I'm ready to drink your cum, now." I was soooo close!

Just at that moment Antwan, grunted, sending a cascade of his fuck cream into Kelly's hair. She turned quickly and laid his erupting cock on her tongue so we could all watch.

She didn't swallow. But returned to my twitching member, repeating the process. Pulling on the shaft she opened her mouth, already half full of semen.

My prick expanded briefly and injected her mouth with three healthy dollops of my warm, salty cum. Still she didn't swallow. Turning to Robert, she milked his fuck tool until he, too, could no longer hold back. Coming with a great roar, he emptied his heavy balls into Kelly's waiting craw. Closing her mouth and lowering her head, she drooled on each of her breasts, letting the drips slowly stretch from her mouth to the upper swell of each breast, basking in the feel of the warm liquid as it ran over each nipple.

Turning her head up, she smiled at the three of us and, with a loud gulp, swallowed the remainder of our fuckfest. Rising from the floor, pearly ropes of sperm dripping from her hair, face, tits and legs, she said, "Excuse me gentlemen, while I give myself a skin treatment." Walking to the mirror, she began rubbing the congealing goo into her breasts, thighs and face, before walking from the room down to the shower on the second floor. We three men dressed quickly.

I paid them, handsomely, I might add, and they left. As they were walking down the stairs Robert turned to Antwan and said, "Remember what I told you about white pussy cuz!" When I got to the shower, Kelly was busy scrubbing her skin raw. When she saw me, she lowered her head, sobbing, "How could you let them do that to me? How could YOU do that to me." "It's not me! It's not you! It's the attic Kell! The house is haunted!" She looked at me totally dumbstruck.

I proceeded to relate all I knew about the house, adding, "And I like what it does for you when you go up there. You have to admit, the sex in that room is pretty hot!

And it effects everyone who goes in there. You! Me! Maggie! The movers!

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It's like some kind of magic spell! Anyone who goes in that room can't help themselves. We all turn into animals during mating season.

All we want to do is fuck! But all this can work to our advantage, financially as well as sexually. Lets dry off that sexy body of yours and grab some lunch. I have a plan&hellip."