Tiny hoe rides black cock

Tiny hoe rides black cock
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Stan walked along the trail through the forest reserve. He spent his Saturday mornings doing this pleasant activity in all four seasons. It was early autumn and the colors of the leaves and the musty smell of the forest filled his nostrils with a heady perfume. He felt alive and rejuvenated after a long week in a confined office space at the engineering firm where he worked.

His office was actually walking distance from his condo and this trail was a route to get there, slightly longer, but infinitely more pleasant than the city street route he sometimes took.

He seldom saw other people on the trail, but today he followed a young girl, he guessed to be around 18 or 19 years old. She was very slender, long legged, with high small breasts under a tight halter top.

Her legs seemed to go on forever because of the very short shorts she wore. She walked slowly so she was always a comfortable distance ahead of him but still within sight. She occasionally bent over to either smell a flower or to tie her shoe, and each time she did she nearly exposed her tight butt as her shorts rode up from behind.

Stan watched every move with rapt attention. His cock stirred in his pants when she made such an obvious overture of invitation. She glanced back at him about every fifteen or twenty yards of travel as if she were checking to see if he was still there. They continued their trek along the trail deeper into the forest.

When they were a good distance from the beginning of the trail the girl slowed enough that Stan beginning to close the gap between them. He was soon just a couple of strides behind her.

She looked over her shoulder and spoke to him. "Can you believe what a gorgeous day this is?" she said almost breathlessly "I love it when the forest looks and smells like this." she continued " It's as if the forest is putting on her best negligee and mustiest perfume to settle down for a long winter sleep with her lover, winter.

Soon he will cover her with a blanket of beautiful snow as he plants his seed in her to bring forth the spring." Stan was surprised and impressed with the mature thought process from such a young person.

When he got close enough to observe her, he saw that she was much younger than he had first thought. He now thought she was maybe 15, maybe younger. She was strikingly attractive; her young breasts were obviously not being supported by a bra.

From the lack of panty lines, he surmised that she was not wearing panties, either. He hoped that his hardening cock was not as obvious as her lack of under garments. He managed to answer her observation. "That is a beautiful thought for someone so young, is it original?" he asked as they both paused at a resting cove, where a crude bench made from a fallen tree offered hikers a place to sit down and enjoy the surrounding nature. "I write poetry." she offered "And when I walk out here I get sexy thoughts that I later put down on paper.

My Mom says I have an over active imagination. I just think that when you think of beautiful stuff it makes you feel better about yourself." as she spoke she stretched her arms in the air pressing her young nubile breasts tight against the fabric of her halter top. Her nipples were swollen and poked the fabric forward like two large grapes on top of her soft mounds of tit flesh. Stan nearly moaned as he observed her sexiness. "I have to agree." he managed to choke the words from his constricted throat.

"I love thinking sexy thoughts myself when I walk out here." "Sometimes, I wish I could walk out here naked." the girl said looking at his eyes to catch his reaction to that suggestive remark.

Stan did not disappoint her, his nostrils flared as he thought of this beautiful young child walking through this woodland paradise stripped of everything but her naughty thoughts. His cock jerked in his shorts. He was almost certain that she had seen the movements in his crotch, as her eyes were fixed on that area. "I would enjoy watching that.' Stan said boldly with a broad smile on his face. "That would be the prettiest thing I could imagine looking at out here." he continued looking at her for her reaction to his forward comment.

"Would you like to see me naked?" she asked knowing what his answer would be. "Well, yes." Stan shot back, looking over his shoulder to the trails approaching their resting place. The girl reached behind her and unfastened the clasp that secured her halter top and as it fell from her body she slid her shorts down her long slender legs.

She stood before him naked and magnificent in her natural beauty. She was obviously very young. Her pubic hair was just growing in a splash of black hair just above the thin, tightly lipped slit of her pubescent pussy. "How old are you?" Stan managed to ask as he drank in this vision of feminine perfection with his nearly forty year old eyes.

"I'm fourteen." she said as she proudly cupped her breasts with her hands pinching her nipples as she presented them for review. Stan was obviously excited and it showed by the bulge in the front of his shorts. "Can I see you now?" she asked indicating her desire for him to lower his shorts and expose his hardened cock.

Stan exhaled loudly as he unlatched his belt and allowed his shorts to slide down his legs. He then put his thumbs inside the waist band of his boxer briefs and slid them down also. His swollen cock sprang out straight in front of his body and bounced as it was freed.

"Wow, you have a nice one." she said as if she had seen many dicks in her short life. "Can I touch it?" Stan had lost all reason as he looked at this gorgeous child standing naked less than five feet from him. She was reaching to grasp his cock with her hand.

He leaned forward to make the exploration easier.


The girl stroked his cock with the deft hand of a middle aged hooker, moving along the shaft in soft even strokes that threatened to stimulate a premature ejaculation. Stan snorted. "Would you like to touch mine?" she asked him, with that Stan reached forward and caressed her genitals.

He slid his hand over her soft mound of pubic hair until his fingers reached her pussy slit. He spread the lips and slid his finger into her very wet love canal. She gasped as he began to finger fuck her. Her hand increased its assault on his rigid cock.

He leaned over and took one of her nipples into his mouth and sucked hard on it. She was breathing very hard. He raised up and their lips met in a passionate kiss that had their tongues mingling.

She sucked hard on his tongue as he increased his fingering motion. "ELLIEEEEEEEE.".the silence was pierced by a loud voice shouting from a distance. "Oh shit, my mom." the girl said in a startled voice. "Fuck! Hurry get out of here." she spat as she pulled up her shorts and hurriedly refastened her halter top. "Tomorrow," she said as he moved away from her down the trail. "Meet me here again, tomorrow." Stan nearly ran away from her.

His head was swimming with guilt, and the thoughts of being arrested for molesting a minor. He was out of his mind with confusion and remorse. What the hell had he been thinking, for Christ's sake the child was fourteen years old. He could go to jail for twenty years. His mind raced as he sped along the trail toward his condo. He couldn't erase the vision of the lovely young body that he had just stroked and kissed.

His mouth was still tingling from the kiss they shared. His knees were weak as he reached his door. He fumbled for his keys and let himself in and closed the door behind him as quickly as he could.

He stood against it as if trying to keep the demons of the forest from entering and consuming him. His heart was pounding out of his body.

He would definitely not go into the woods again tomorrow, maybe never again. For the next week, Stan only left his condo to go to his office via the street route and returned immediately after work. He drove to markets that were several miles from his normal shopping center at the end of the road. He did all that he could to avoid incidental contact with the beautiful blond child he had met in the woods.

His confidence was returning and he felt that he may have dodged the bullet that fate had shot his way after over a week had passed without incident. He still did not feel comfortable enough to return to the walking trail, but he did find himself able to gather his mail at the central mailboxes without looking over his shoulder.

He finally was able to breathe normally as he walked to his office. "Hello, again." the familiar voice caused Stan to halt in his tracks. "Why didn't you come back to the trail?" her question brought a sense of panic and fear to Stan's mind.

He spun around to see her dressed in her pert little school uniform, plaid mini skirt, crisp white blouse with a cute little necktie of the same plaid as her skirt. White knee high stockings and running shoes that complimented the main color of her skirt. "Uh, Oh Hello," he stammered "Nice to see you again." was all he could manage to blurt out as he did everything but fly to get away from her.

"Well, I sure have trouble believing that." she shot back, "I mean, you didn't come back to meet me, and I sat on that bench for almost an hour." Stan wanted her to just go away, leave him alone, and pretend nothing had ever happened. "My name is Ellie, and I think we live in the same complex." she said. "Oh, that's nice. Listen I have to run along because I have a lot of work to do, so run along to school now, or you'll be late." Stan said as he turned and hurried away from her crossing the street quickly and ducking into a coffee shop that he knew had a back door.

He hurried through the shop and out the back door and virtually ran to his office before the girl caught up to him.

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When he entered his office his receptionist looked at him and said "Wow, you look like you just saw a ghost." He ignored the remark and hurried to his office where he cautiously peered out of his second floor window down onto the street below. He didn't see Ellie anywhere. He sucked in his breath and sat hyperventilating in his chair. "Hey, stud, what's shakin'" a soft feminine voice broke his fixation. "Wow, you are." she continued. "Damn, are you all right?" Cynthia, his project manager asked.

"I just had a run in with one of the school kids." he explained breathlessly "What school kids, the only school kids around here are the girls from Country Day Academy, was it one of those hot young honey's all the guys love to watch during lunch break. "It was nothing. I was just surprised by her impertinence, is all. I didn't expect her to be so rude." "Well Stanley, darling, these young kids today would as soon tell you to go fuck yourself as say hello.

Don't let it bother you. You need to thicken up that skin a little." Yes I do." he said as he gathered his files and headed for the conference room. "Are you coming to the Martex meeting?" he asked her "Sure, I'll be right in." Stan's mind was not on the Martex project, all he could think about was that golden body he had held so close a few days ago, his mind was centered on those nipples and that wonderfully tight little pussy that he had penetrated with his finger.

"Stan, Stan," his reverie was broken by the sound of his name. "Earth to Stan." it was Cynthia trying to get Stan's attention. "Hey man, maybe you should take the rest of the afternoon off, you seem very distracted and preoccupied." she said. "I'll be fine" he mumbled and with that he rose from the table and left the room and then the office. He hurried home and locked himself in his condo. He went to his second floor master suite and sat back from the window so he could observe the courtyard below.

He knew the girls would be coming home from school soon.

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In less than an hour the first girls began walking through the courtyard and into their homes. He watched as each one walked, or skipped along the walk and waved to each other as they entered the small privacy gardens that each condo had along the court.

Finally, there she was. Ellie was walking with another girl; their conversation was animated and lively. He was unable to hear what they were saying, but the laughter led him to believe that the thoughts were of a naughty nature. Ellie hugged her friend and walked through the gate directly behind his condo. She was indeed his neighbor; she was his back door neighbor. He watched as she opened the French door into her home. She disappeared. He fell back against the mahogany armoire and his heart was pounding.

He reached inside his trousers and drew out his hardened cock.


He closed his eyes and stroked his cock until he shot a stream of jism across the chaise at the end of his bed. When he opened his eyes he was shocked to see Ellie staring out her bedroom window into his eyes as she watched him masturbate. She smiled and blew a kiss across the courtyard. Stan was weak from his ejaculation and the realization that this child was now in control. The doorbell rang, he knew he should not answer it, he knew better, this could not end well.

He went anyway. As he opened the door the nymphet sprang through the opening quickly turning to close it behind her as she spun to wrap her arms around Stan's neck. She kissed him deeply on his lips. She tore at his clothing as she shed the uniform she wore. In seconds they both stood naked in his foyer. She fell to her knees, her mouth opening to receive Stan's rapidly hardening cock. She bobbed her head eagerly as his cock became like granite.

She had one goal in mind and she was not going to let anything stand in her way. "ELLIEEEEE" that familiar voice rang out. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck." Ellie spat out her disappointment.

"FUCK!!! She shouted as she headed for Stan's back door, pulling on her clothes and left through his courtyard garden. "COMING!!!" she shouted answering her mother's summons.

Stan took his cock into his hand and rapidly jerked himself off again, his cock still vibrating from the pulsing lips that were so recently wrapped around it. "Oh, fuck, indeed." he breathed out loud as he sank back into his sofa. Stan stayed home the next day, unable to face his coworkers, and really too distracted to actually accomplish anything. He worked crossword puzzles, played Mahjong on the computer and beat off several times thinking about the amazingly hot pussy that lived less than fifty feet from his back door.

He thought he might be losing his mind. The next time he saw her she was walking alone through the courtyard. She seemed distracted and preoccupied as she paused at her back gate and stared up toward his bedroom window.

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She then pushed against the gate with her shoulder and entered her house. Stan waited for her to ring his bell, but she did not. He sat in the dark for hours that night, waiting, hoping, and masturbating. He went back to work and his life had somewhat returned to some sense of normalcy. He moved through his tasks in a very pedestrian way, without enthusiasm or excitement. He walked home along the woodland trail again hoping to see her, to get the chance to hold her again.

The weather began to get colder, the winds picked up and the leaves all fell to the ground. Soon the snow covered the trail and Stan remembered Ellie's reference to autumn's lover winter planting his seed within her.

He wished he could plant his seed in her young quim. He was consumed with his memories of those two brief wonderful encounters. Chapter Two: As the weather became more blustery and cold, he discontinued his walks home by the woodland trail and even limited his walks to work altogether.

He drove the two blocks when it was too harsh or icy to walk. He spent his free time at home in his suite upstairs spying into Ellie's bedroom occasionally seeing her prance across her room in her pajamas and one time he actually watched her masturbate on her bed. He believed she knew he was watching because her eyes were fixed on the darkness of his room as he sat in his chaise stroking his rock hard cock.


They came at the same time, him shooting his load into the darkness of his room, her writhing on her bed with her fingers buried deep in her beautiful young pussy. One morning, a Saturday, he saw Ellie and, for the first time, her mother as they walked out of their courtyard and down the walk toward the shopping center two blocks away. It was a bright sunny day, the kind that would prompt a morning walk.

They walked arm in arm, talking excitedly as they went out of sight. Stan stretched and decided that a walk was in order for him, so he slipped on a pair of running pants, a matching pullover shirt and a warm jacket. He was pleasantly surprised to find that the temperature was in the comfortable low 60's, a unseasonably mild day for late December. It was only a few days before Christmas. Stan had done all of his shopping on-line and had sent his gifts to his brother and sister and the obligatory gifts for Mom and Dad.

As he neared the center he saw Ellie and her Mom entering a nail spa. He was struck by the similarities between the two. They were nearly the same height, Ellie being slightly taller than her Mom, they both had extremely long, slender legs, and their hair was cut in the same bobbed short do and was exactly the same dishwater blond color.

They even dressed alike; both in short leather jackets, turtleneck tops, and tight fitting slacks that accentuated their near perfect asses.

He walked by the salon and looked inside the large front window. He saw Ellie reclined in one of the pedicure chairs next to her mother. They were both getting pedicures and manicures; mani-pedi's he believed they called them. They jabbered back and forth like school girls.

Ellie caught a glimpse of him and she raised her free hand to wave. Her mother looked to see who had caught her daughter's eye. Stan's eyes met Ellie's mother's eyes and they shared a moment of searching inquisition. He saw Ellie speaking to her mother as if to explain who he was and why she knew him.

He had no idea what she told her, but that uncomfortable feeling returned. He was relieved when her mother smiled and nodded toward him as if to say, 'pleased to meet you.' Stan went past and turned into the local coffee bar. He ordered a large cup of mocha and sat in the window in a large comfortable lounge chair and perused the newspaper.

After a while, he wasn't sure how long, he heard a rustle of shopping bags and leather coats leaving shoulders. He looked up to see the mother and daughter approaching him. They sat in the chairs opposite his. "Good Morning" Ellie beamed "Isn't it gorgeous?" she gushed.

"Mom and I just got mani-pedi's at the salon. I never had one before, but Mom said that this was a stocking stuffer before Christmas." Stan smiled. "Stan Taylor, " he extended his hand toward the very attractive woman. "Claire Watson," she returned as she was slow to release his hand.

"I believe we are neighbors" Stan continued. "Yes I think you live right behind us." Claire replied. Ellie was quiet, but it was obvious that she was playing games with Stan. She spread her thighs apart to expose the slightest hint of camel toe in her crotch. Stan tried with all he had to keep from fixating on her pubic area.

The two adults continued an animated and brisk conversation with little interruption or input from the lovely 14 year old child. They talked about the weather, Christmas, their gardens, their jobs and anything else that entered their minds. Stan truly exposed much more than he had hoped to, but he seemed unable to stop sharing his personal life with this woman.

After several hours drinking coffee and warming themselves in front of the wood burning fireplace in the coffee shop they agreed to move the meeting to a local bistro for something to eat. Stan ordered appetizers and told them that it was his treat, so the women each ordered very modest healthy meals and followed that with a stop by the ice cream shop where Stan bought each of them hot fudge sundaes.

They laughed at their decadence. He walked them home and expressed his appreciation for providing him with a delightful morning and afternoon.

He was on top of the world as he entered his condo. The voice that had interrupted his sessions with this beautiful child was actually a fascinating woman that he thought he might want to see again. The next morning he noticed a rolled piece of paper in his mail slot. He removed it and read, "Ask my Mom out, you are going to get lucky." He knew who had left it and chuckled as he thought of Ellie being a matchmaker.

He thought about the getting lucky and decided that he needed to heed the advice of this exceptional child. He began to devise his strategy. He waited until around noon and went through the rear courtyard of his condo to the rear courtyard of theirs.

He knocked on the French door and peered in. He saw Claire talking on the phone. She raised her finger as to indicate for him to wait a moment as she wrapped up the conversation.

When she came to the door, she had a very big smile as she flung the door open and invited him in. "Hi," he opened, "I need some help." "Of course, what can I do for you?" Claire asked as she took his jacket from him.

"Well I have a niece about the same age as Ellie and I was wondering if I could borrow her to take shopping to get her Christmas gifts." he lied. "Oh, normally I would say of course, but she has a commitment today, a field trip with her school, so she is not available." she placed her finger on her chin and her eyes brightened "I could go with you, I have a pretty good eye for what the kids like." Stan was surprised at how easy that was.

"Great," he said as he sat down on the sofa. "Would you like some coffee, Ellie is about ready to go to school for her day away, we could spend a few minutes planning our shopping trip so I won't wear you out.

" It would be delightful to have you wear me out Stan thought to himself. He looked over the woman's body in different clothes than yesterday. Today she sported a skirt just above the knee and a peasant blouse that seemed to make her breasts look larger. Ellie bounded down the stairs and beamed as she saw Stan. "Hi Neighbor, trying to score a cup of sugar for a batch of cookies, or are you trying to lure my Mom over to see your etchings?" Stan laughed at the absurdity of her question, as did Claire "Get out, young lady." her mother ordered "And have a marvelous time, do you know about when you will be back?" "They said we would be kind of late, we're going to about ten nursing homes to sing Christmas Carols and share cookies and stuff." Ellie answered "When I get home, I had better not find you kids misbehaving." she added with mock authority.

"Mind your own business." her mother said. "We'll misbehave if we want to." with that she winked at Stan.

Ellie scooted out the door and climbed into the school bus that was waiting for her. "She is a beautiful child." Stan commented "I am really taken by her." Claire blushed at his comment. "She's a handful, but I enjoy her so much. She is a great source of joy for me." 'and me.' Stan thought to himself.

Claire grabbed her jacket and moved toward the door with Stan. Soon they were in the thick of Mall shoppers seeking gifts for family and friends. Stan purchased a hat and scarf set, mittens, leather boots, in Ellie's size because he had no idea what size his "niece" wore, and they could be returned to get the right size.

Their afternoon turned into a very pleasant experience.

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They stopped for Holiday wassail that was being offered by a scout troop, had a tasty lunch at one of the several small eateries available and talked non-stop about everything and nothing at all. Stan was becoming very fond of this woman. When they returned to the condos Stan suggested that they stop by his place so he could drop off purchases and 'see his etchings' he added lasciviously. Claire chuckled at the thought, and then added to his surprise, "I'd love to see your etchings.

Are they in your bedroom?" The comment threw him off guard which delighted Claire. Stan stashed the items, which he had decided to take back the following day, since he didn't have such a niece, and started a pot of fresh coffee. He lit the fireplace, no big feat since it was a gas fired remote controlled unit.

"Impressive" was Claire's comment. They sat in front of the fireplace on an overstuffed loveseat and sipped their coffee. Stan had warmed some holiday pastry and served it on a plate. As they sat Claire opened up a little. "Since Ellie's father left when she was a baby, I really haven't had much use for men." she said "I have been very protective of her. I never want her to be hurt by anyone, most especially a man in my life." Stan listened quietly, being careful not to offer comment.

"She is very curious about sex," she said "I have caught her masturbating, and reading trashy novels. She is adroit at surfing all the wrong sites on her computer. It is a full time job keeping up with her." she sighed deeply, then added "But some of those websites she visits are fascinating." she giggled loudly. "Oh really?" Stan broke his silence.

"Oh yes, she has the most amazing ability to find sites with men with enormous penises, and women with huge breasts." she laughed "Well, that's normal curiosity, isn't it?" Stan defended her. "Oh, my yes, if I had had the internet when I was her age I would have been right in the thick of it, too. But, you should see these sites." she said again, "Do you have a computer here at the house?" she asked.

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"Certainly, Stan replied, "but," he hesitated, "it's in my bedroom." That brought a hearty guffaw from Claire. "I knew you'd get me in there somehow." she laughed. "I hope your bed is comfortable." she joked as they walked up the stairs to his suite. Claire sat at his antique desk with the percolated marble top and jade pendant drawer pulls. "This is a gorgeous desk." she said as she ran her hand over the wood finish and fissured top.

"I found it in Malaysia while there doing a project." he explained "I had to have it, so I had it shipped back." "Impressive." Claire breathed as she admired it.

Her attention was once again focused on the computer as she entered the search information. The first site that popped up had videos of sex acts posted right on the webpage. "See what I mean," she said as she clicked on one of the videos and the screen went blank while it downloaded. "Look at that guy's package." she giggled "Wow, I wish I had met a guy like that when I was young and could handle it." Stan looked at the screen.

A young couple was performing sex on each other. The girl had the man's large cock in her mouth sliding her hand up and down the engorged shaft. "That is impressive." Stan said almost nervously. His eyes watched Claire's eyes as she took in the performance on the screen.

She was almost wild with excitement. "Can you imagine my fourteen year old watching this?" she asked. Stan not only imagined her watching it, but duplicating it in his foyer just a few days before. "Fascinating." was all he said. Claire bounced around the site watching several different videos and making comments about the size of the men's dicks and the woman's breasts, and some of the unusual positions they had attempted.

They both laughed at some of the shenanigans they watched. Stan moved closer to her with every new video and was soon sitting very close in a chair next to hers.

"Oh, I didn't think, maybe I could sit on your knee so you could get a better look." she offered getting up and sliding onto his knee. Her skirt parted and exposed her leg far up her thigh. Stan rested his hand on her thigh to steady her. Her breathing had become slightly shallow as she watched one particularly spirited act of copulation, the young man's cock was enormous and the girl, to some degree, resembled Ellie. A bead a sweat broke out on both of their upper lips. Claire looked into Stan's eyes and their lips met in a passionate, deep kiss.

Soon their tongues were fighting that battle where everyone wins and Stan's hand was rushing up the length of her thigh to her sopping wet pussy. They kissed and moaned as they moved to the bed. Stan helped her undress; she was wearing a garter belt and silk hose. Stan felt that maybe this was pre-planned.

They were soon naked and the foreplay consisted of oral stimulation of each other's sex and very quick kissing. They were soon locked in a passionate embrace with his cock buried deep in her quim. They started with Stan on top, and then rolled over to allow her to control the tempo and intensity of the mating. Claire declared several times that she had cum, but Stan was a paragon of control as he held off for several of her orgasms until he himself exploded inside her.

They fell into a mass of well-fucked exhaustion. Claire smiled and kissed him on his cheek. "Hey, wait, I didn't get to see the etchings." she joked "Next time" Stan said breathlessly. Across the courtyard, in the darkness of her room, Ellie slid her fingers in and out of her steaming hot pussy.

She had come home with one of the mothers who left early and had been watching the entire time. She saw the playful computer surfing, the kissing and then the fuck. She was ecstatic. Her juices ran copiously down her thighs from the masturbation that had just taken place. Her mind was racing. She knew her mother would seduce Stan, much as she had. She knew that he would give in to her advances; she just didn't know she would get to enjoy watching it.

It was heavenly. Claire rolled off Stan's sweaty body and lay her head on the softness of the pillow. "Oh Stan, I don't know where that came from." she said in an embarrassed tone "I do" Stan offered "If you hadn't started it I would have.

We both needed that. It was stored up in both of us for so long, I'm surprised that we managed to do it without some personal injury to both of us." The comment caused Claire to laugh. "Well, I am going to be sore, I can bet on that." she said referring to the hard fucking she had just received. "It was wonderful." Stan said, "I want more." She kissed him on the shoulder and put her arm around his neck. "So do I." she said "I wonder when Ellie will be home." with the question came a move to take Stan's cock into her mouth.

She began sucking him back to his original hardness. He responded with a stiff cock, not as long as any of the actors, actually about six and a half to seven inches long, but as thick as a beer can. "Oh baby, you should do those films." Claire said approvingly Stan just laughed and mounted her once again for another satisfying fuck. Ellie got excited when she realized that round two was about to commence.

She positioned herself to watch the whole episode as comfortably as possible. She wanted to see cock, and pussy. She wanted to see breasts being licked and sucked, asses being fingered, she wanted to be in a director's chair screaming out instructions to her actors. She wanted to dictate the dicking of her mother's pussy.

Stan and Claire did not disappoint. They fucked each other with abandon.

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Claire rode Stan's hard member as passionately as any of the porn actors. She was slutty when it mattered and soft and vulnerable when her part called for it.

Stan was the total supporting actor. His role was clear, make his lady reach a point of delirium that exceeded the moment, a point where she lost control and he took it. His cock was the star of the show, it dictated her every response. Claire was excellent, she deserved an award. When they finished, they were both exhausted. They lay for several minutes and Claire jumped up quickly "The school bus!" she exclaimed, "Ellie is home".

Her ear, like most mother's had been tuned to hear the approaching school bus. She hurriedly dressed, kissed Stan on the lips and grabbed a book from his shelf. "I'll tell Ellie that you offered to loan me a book." she said somewhat proud of herself, for devising such a clever deception. She bounded down the stairs just as Stan saw Ellie's light go on in her room.

He watched as Claire entered Ellie's room. He stood back away from the window in the shadows, Claire showed Ellie the book and threw it down on her bed and they chatted before she left the room to go make dinner. Ellie picked up the book and burst out laughing, stifling her response as she looked directly over into Stan's window. She held the book up. Stan could not read it but guessed that it may have been something inappropriate for her mother to have borrowed. Ellie stroked her finger as if to say shame, shame, at Stan.

He walked into the light and shrugged with a smile. Ellie went through the courtyard to Stan's gate. He met her there. She held the book. "I really think you could have selected something a bit more entertaining." She said as she handed the book to him. He read the title, "Molecular Chemistry." By Riefin. Stan chuckled. "It is a barn burner toward the end." He offered "Yeah, I'll bet" Ellie replied. "Hey, that was some fantastic fucking," she said, "I came about ten times watching Mom ride your cock." "So did she." Stan said.

"Yeah, I know, it was amazing. I wanted to cheer when you flipped her over and fucked her doggy." "Did we do that?" Stan asked genuinely interested and not remembering doing that.

"Oh yeah. You fucked her like a champ. Next time I want that to be us, my pussy getting that big cock, my tits being sucked and nibbled." Stan's nostrils flared as he thought about that and he stole a quick kiss and ran his hand inside her waist band to feel her pussy. "So do I, Baby, so do I." Their reverie was shattered once again by the familiar call from her mother.

"Elliieeee" To be continued…