Old man gay piss on urinal and anal sex stories first time Roma and

Old man gay piss on urinal and anal sex stories first time Roma and
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When david woke up he tried to remember what he had done the night before. He lay there staring at the ceiling thinking, but no matter how hard he thought he couldn't remember. It was like trying to grasp a slippery balloon.


He finally gave up and started walking to his bathroom. He didn't notice the sound of running shower water until he was halfway their. As soon as he did he froze.

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It was a sunday. His parents were always at church by now and would have taken his sister. Sunday was his main gym day and the family had a rickety agreement not to wake him up on Sundays and force him to go, since his father had stopped going to the gym with him, the understanding being "The day you can wrestle me to church will be the day I agree gym is pointless and will start going to the church." All this flashed through his mind as he sat their frozen.

Listening to the shower. He crept towards the bathroom slowly, until he was outside the door. When he grabbed the doorknob he heard the shower shutoff, and the curtain open and a few seconds later close. When he heard it close he shoved the door open and he heard a squeek and he saw a white blur swipe through the air and he instincttively grabbed at it. When he looks at it he saw it was a white towel. He stared it it a moment and then looked at the intruder. The first thing he noticed was the amazing body.

A perfect hairless pussy with swollen lips that suggested recent masturbation. He noticed no tan lines as his eyes traveled towards the intruders amzing B-cup tits that had medium sized dark pink nipples then he looked towards the girls face-since he thought he could safely say the intruder was, in fact, a girl- he saw dazzling electric blue eyes.

"Wait" he thought to him self. "Electric? Where did that come from?" As he thought he started getting a head ache.

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"jeez babe," a femine voice said. "knock next time will you? I nearly was scared out of my skin, and can i have my towel back please?" The voice that came out of the girl in front of him made him look around for the person she was talking to.

"Surely this gorgeous girl hadn't talked to me. Much less called babe" he thought. Then the girl spoke again," I asked for my towel back babe" she said then laughed grabbing the towel herself and wrapping herself with it.

His headache had evolved into a dull roar in his head and he was feeling a little queesy. With the towel over her amazing body he was able to concentrate on her face. With a sudden realization that made his knees give out and him lying on the floor all the memories came back. But not in the pleasent way u get sometimes when you finally remember a song lyric or a quote from some.

No this was like icy hand shoveling his memories back into his head as the form of nails. He tried to fight it but he could barely even stay conscious it hurt so bad. He heard an old gravelly, dusty voice that some distant part of his brain might have recognized as one of the gods he had met say"Don't to fight it, that it will only maje the pain worse and you might pass o-" When he woke up the pain was gone and he was on a godly salad again being stared at by four very angry gods."you've ruined our food twice now boy.

You're lucky we need yo-" he was quickly interrupted by the god he did not recognize."anyways brother, manners. Speaking of.

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Where are mine? My name is Ares, I'm the god of war and i will be in your body soon!" He said slightly to cheerful for a god of war. "what?!?!

Listen man i dont know who you think you are but im not gay!" Said David. "oh heavens not THAT kind of inside. No i mean. Wait brother you have not told him?" The war god turned and asked the sea god. "well we didn't have time really." Said the sea god. Well as my brother has forgotten to inform you as he should have" the war god announced "to make you powerful we had to take a part of ourselves or as i should say our very essence, to make you this way." "why would you do that!?!?" David asked "i mean it's an irreplaceable part of your body!!!" "because boy, one dayyour world will need a champion greater than it has ever seen!" "greater in fact, than a god himself, so we must combine our powers to make the ultimate being." "so what your saying," asked David.

" is that i am better than all you combined?" David didn't notice the flash of fear that went through all the gods eyes at that moment neither did he hear the shake in the Eons old, almighty and feared war god's voice when he said "are you kidding kid?

One of the minor gods could hold yoi down with his pinkie. but we do have to do one thing so can u please go back to sleep?" " Do what?" David asked. " well you know how you couldn't remember anything this morning?" "Yea what was up with that?" David asked.

"well when we put in Hades's powers of the dead it a. Started to kill you. " "what?!?!?" David exclaimed. "well it seems ur mortal body cant cope with such bad aura and not only was it killing you.

Staring with your memory, but it also took you over last night. Making you, in short, a dick and everything you hate." "what?!?!? I thought it would be good thing to be godly!" David said. " it is, and will be again if you just go to sleep and when you wake up it'll be fixed." "What're you gonna do?!" Asked david, worried.

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"when you sleep we will remove the essence of Hades and fill the hole it creates by putting the essence of Ares in you, but there is one bad side affect. When you wake you will have a terrible rage boiling through yoi for awhile and you should probably find a way to release it safely." And without another cahnce to speak David fell into oblivion. When he woke David only had a few seconds before the rage started to buikd at a dangerous speed.

Trisha was just starting to lean down with a worried look in her eye when he got up, leading him to believe his dream had passed in an instant. Before she could even speak he was already on her.

With inhuman speed he grabbed her picked her up and jumped into to shower where her back slammed into the wall. She instinctively put her legs around his waist and while she was still dazed from getting slammed against the wall he was kissing her hard.

He turned on the hot water all the way the steam not bothering him but burning her and making her scream from the pain. He drooprs her to the floor and while she was on his knees he grabbed his semi-hard cock and rammed it down her throat. Making her gag and cough and gasp desperately for air that didn't come. After he did this for a minute she went limp amd he continued for another thirty seconds until he was completely hard.

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Then he pulled his niw completely erect cock out of her mouth and with one hand on her throat slammed her back against the wall with her feet a few inches off the floor. The shock to her newly burned skin jolted her back to consciousness and she started screaming again. He wrapped her legs around him and jammed his cock deep in her tight pussy, making her scream even harder. He showed no mercy and pumped in her for m a few minutes but then he wanted to bring her to a new level of pain.

So he turned her around and let her feet hit the floor and showmved her front into the wall, smashing her boobs and breaking her nose against the wall. He put his cock in her ass without hesitation and started slamming his cock in and out of her tight rectum. With blood from her nose gushing down her front and and and tears running from her eyes he finally blew his load deep inside her ass.

As he came the rage started to subside and he was aware of what he had done. He couldn't believe it. He didn't turn the water off because by now it had turned cold and he figured must've felt good on her skin.


He lay there watching the crying, bloody, broken mess of a girl in front of him when a voice he recognized as Ares spoke to him. "fix her it is within your power. Heal her and erase her memory." Desperate and unable to form a better plan he healed her dried her and went into her mind and erased the terruble memories.

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He then returned her to his bed and went downstairs to maje sometjing to eat. Just as he had looked in the fridge and decided to make a sandwich when he heard the water turn on and a minute later turn off. Then a few secinds later Trisha walked in and smiled at him when she saw him. The sight made him guilty but he yold her "goodmorning, would you like something to eat?" "yes please" she answered.

"you know its funny. I thought to take a shower before i went home but the hot waters all gone!"