Sexy gay porn young sleeping first time Kellan Lane Fucks Caleb Reece

Sexy gay porn young sleeping first time Kellan Lane Fucks Caleb Reece
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I went home for a week-long vacation just to see some family and friends over the summer. I don't really fuck with any of my friends from back in the day like that with the exception of my best friend since I was in like 4th grade, Patrick. Patrick, lives with his younger sister who is only a year or two younger than us, and some random kid Chad. I had made plans to kick it with them and check out their new place, since I haven't seen them in a long time since I live across the country with my girlfriend who could not get the time off because of school.

That is where this all started.

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To describe myself, I am 28 years old, Black male and former collegiate student-athlete. I was a good athlete amassed some notable awards and am still in good shape; though I have put on some weight since graduating 5 years ago. I have a good size dick, I don't get any complaints anyway. Too be honest my sex life is very modest a few hook-ups here and there but nothing like you would expect.

I always joke that I have a white girl fetish, "the black man's Kryptonite", not that I don't love my sistas but growing up in the suburbs where I lived I grew to be drawn to white women. I also have a major foot fetish. Nothing drives me crazier than some nice soft soles, wrinkles and an arch. I have often fantasized about just eating a meal off of some nice soles attached to the tanned feet of a sexy white woman like they were a dinner plate while she laid there relaxing.

So I finally met up with my boy Patrick. He told me ahead of time that his roommate Chad was a clown, but his girlfriend Amanda was cool people and that everyone can't stand him and that everyone is always asking why she is with him. Apparently they have the type of relationship that she is a different person when she is not around him.

Patrick and I caught up for a while and his sister Ericka, who became good friends with Amanda, came in and we too caught up. Ericka is basically like my sister too, since we group up together. Finally I met Chad, who seemed pretty cool. We all sat and talked, shooting the shit about sports and life in general.

I ran to my Pat's room for something and as I came back, this girl walks by. She was cute, thick white girl with a natural tan. She had a real cute face and nice hair, real light on the eyes all around. She had really nice tits and her ass, I just wanted to smack it and couldn't help but wonder if she could take a dick.

The first thing she says is "What is that, that smells so good?" To which I reply "I just walked by, is it me?" I extend my wrist and she sniffs and says "I don't know if it's that." Then I lean in and tell her to sniff my neck, innocently, to be sure. As she goes to do this, I lean in and cock my head to the side and caught a glance of her boyfriend Chad looking on with a subtle "What the fuck?" look on his face.

She says it is not me, though there was literally no other smells in the room, but we then introduce myself in which she says "Oh, you're Patrick's friend!" The rest of the time, we all shoot the shit, and eat and have some beers before we head out.


As the time comes to head out, Chad stayed behind because of work. We all pile into the car and we all basically start talking trash about Chad. He is this skinny white kid, probably 140lbs 5'8", with glasses and basically a dweeb whose parents give him everything.

Obviously I don't know this kid, or this girl, at all but even I begin to chime in in my buzz. I ask "What's his D game like?" Amanda says she didn't understand to which Ericka clarified, and Amanda says that it is good and he has a big dick. Meanwhile, I am sitting here listening not believing any of it considering she is hardly defending this dude while we all talk shit in a half-serious half-joking manner.

The night goes on we all get good and drunk, we meet up with some more friends, drink more, and Amanda and I talk, flirt, and begin to form some sort of friendship; at one point even saying we are "spirit animals." The next day I head home and hang out with the family for the day, and make plans to meet up again with Pat later.

While making plans, he says to me that "Chad probably hates you now, because Amanda said something about you." Evidently Chad has a bit of a jealous streak, I say to Pat "I should say something next time I'm over just to see if he does or says anything.

I wish he would say something." Pat says "he is a little bitch, so he won't," but it would still be funny. I go back over to their house, and I great everyone. Amanda is not there, and I ask Chad "Where's wifey?" and shoot a look to Pat, who is gives a smirk that says "That's funny but you are a dick." Chad says she is at home, gives me the same kind of look as before but leaves it at that. We all get together again another night, this time Amanda is out.

We all get drunk and are having a good time. We are playing some drinking games, and Chad and Amanda are over on the other side of the room talking on the couch. Chad had been over there a little while, being anti-social and I call to Amanda that it is her turn in the game we were playing. Chad did not like this to much, and mouths off to me that she'll be there in a minute. Being the mild mannered, and fun-loving person I am I tell him "chill homie, I didn't mean anything by it." Chad then gets up and gets in my face talking shit.

Finally I get fed up and tell him "Shut Fuck up before I make you my bitch! Better yet, before I fuck your bitch and make you watch!" He then goes to punch me and I push him on the ground, and everyone separates us; I go back to drinking he goes back to sulking this time in his room. The rest of the night was uneventful, but now everyone just heard me tell this kid I would cuckold him no problem like it was a nothing, and there was not a big elephant in the room. The next day I got up and went and for a run in the neighborhood.

When I got back Pat and his sister were gone, not sure where to, and just Chad and Amanda were still there with their cars in the driveway. I walked in and Chad was sitting on the couch watching T.V., he says "hey." I nod and say "what's up?" then go shower.

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When I hop on the shower Amanda is up and just finished brushing her teeth. We say hello, and she is sort of blushing and looks away. I walk into Ericka's room and start to get dressed, and she knocks at the door and I open it.

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She says to me "Hey I just wanted to apologize for last night, he can get like that sometimes." I play it off like it's no big deal, and then Chad walks up sees us then walks in his room and closes the door. Amanda goes in to talk to him and see why he is being all dramatic, I go back to finishing getting dressed, putting my shirt on, and making sure I have all of my stuff before I get ready to go.

I start to head out and I walk by the door and knock to say my goodbyes. Amanda answers we say bye, Chad didn't really acknowledge anything. I felt bad, because he is my boys' roommate so I ask if everything is ok to which he says "Yeah," very short and quickly.

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Amanda tells him "don't be a dick." I say "it's all good." and try to go shake his hand and get no reply. Finally I say "Whatever, Amanda you shouldn't be with a bitch ass nigga like that. You are too cool for that." Finally he gets up and we start to argue about my comment, and I again push him to the ground.

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He gets up punches me in the face, and I again push him to the ground, easily, and tell him "stay down." Amanda comes over to check on him then me and tells us to stop, and Chad says "Whatever." Amanda rubs my chin where he punched me, and asks if I'm alright. I look her in the eyes and smile and tell her "yeah, I'm good." I then lean and kiss her and pull her into me.

Chad gets up and I break our kiss, and grab him and slam him on the ground and yell "You wanna get your ass beat?! That's what I thought!" I then told him to sit in the chair, as I grabbed Amanda and began to kiss her again this time my hands exploring her body and nice juicy ass. I take my shirt off, and she then begins rubbing all over my chest and abs, and slowly works her way to my every hardening dick.


Slowly she pulls my dick out and starts to stroke it, never breaking our kiss. She then breaks it only to kiss her way down to my dick. She kisses the head, then the shaft, and my balls. She then licks and sucks my balls all in her mouth rolling her tongue around them. While she is doing this Chad looks on as she looks up at me and I look right back at Chad, with a big grin on my face. Amanda then licks her way all the way to the head, and takes it in and my head goes back with a big sigh.

She tries to take as much as she can, but can't and gags as she tries. She holds herself down for as long as she can, only getting to a certain point each time. I step out of my pants while Amanda, sucks me for all she is worth. I then tell her to turn to the side so Chad could see. Amanda does as she is told be her big black bull, and I then grab her brunette hair and begin to fuck her face, slowly getting loud gags each time I take my cock out. Amanda fights for air but doesn't want it to stop, as she eagerly tries to take more and more in, as her tongue runs along the underside of my cock like she is trying to swallow it.

I then tell her to stop, and get undressed and she does and tells Chad to pick up her stuff and fold it nicely; mines too. Chad's bitchass does what he is told and I smirk and scoff at him as he sits back down. I then take my mouth to Amanda's sweet white pussy. I eat her pussy for all its worth. I suck the sides of her legs right where her groin muscles are just to tease her. I lick and suck on her clit and finger her G-spot. While I do this she is writhing on Chad's bed in exctasy. Amanda begins to grinder her pussy into my face and pull my head in.

She had no idea what she was in for. As Amanda began to cum, I ate all of it not wasting a drop of that sweet nectar. I then flipped her over and began to eat her ass. Licking all around the outside, and then her actual hole trying to push my tongue into her asshole.

"Ahh, fuck yes daddy eat my ass." Amanda cries out as I invade her ass with my tongue, and keep my fingers working in her pussy only able to fit two in. After a proper snacking, it was time to have her pussy. By this time we both forgot about Chad, who was still sitting there like a worthless cunt watching his white queen be taken by this black bull. I put her in missionary, and teased her with my dick on her clit. I placed my dick so that the base was at the top of her pussy and let my dick lay on her pussy and part of her stomach, and looked her square in the eye and asked "are you ready for this dick?" Amanda couldn't even respond with a words and just shook her head yes, slowly as though she were exhausted.

I tried to fit it in at first, but couldn't because I ate all the juices out of it so I did the natural thing and licked it some more.

Once wet enough I put it in, real slow. Once it was all the way in this tight white pussy, I grabbed the edge of the bed and pulled myself in even further. All this time Amanda let out soft moans, until I pulled myself in and she then let out a louder moan and an "Oh fuck." I repeated this a few more times to which she says with each slow long-dicked pump "Oh fuck.

Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck. Fuck. Shit. Ahh, yeah. Yes. Fuckkkk." I then began to pick up the pace, and she wraps her long thick legs around my waist pulling me in as I go to town on her pussy. As I fuck her, her whole body jumps and she even covers her mouth and winces in slight pain at first as I begin to go a little too hard so I slow down the pace.

I look at Chad and tell him "This is happening, because of you. You are the reason I am taking your bitch." Meanwhile, Amanda gets fucked and begins to be able to take the whole dick however I give it.

Amanda is a very vocal girl, and begs for me to keep fucking her while I continue to stare Chad into complete submission like I made this pussy submit. I take Amanda's left foot and put it in my mouth and took the other and put it on my chest.

At first she takes it away says "no", and I tell her "You don't tell me what to do bitch." I then take her foot again and put it back in my mouth, and she says "Yes sir, I'm sorry daddy. Please suck my toes. I have just never had a man do that before." She proceeds to tell me "I am sorry. Do what you want with me. I am yours anytime you want it.

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This pussy, these tits, these feet belong to you." Amanda tells me this while looking at her boyfriend with her eyes rolling back in her head; and of her own accord. I suck Amanda's toes for all they are worth. I lick each wrinkle and lick in between each toe and sniffing each food. I pay special attention to the balls of her feet, licking and lightly nibbling each. I can tell she likes it as she pushes her foot back into my mouth. I then take the soles of her feet and suck on her arches.

Her arches are nice and high, and full of wrinkles. I can't take it anymore and take my cock out and begin to fuck her feet. I begin by slapping my dick against her arches, so she knows how strong my dick is. I then begin to rub it up and down her soles and in between them. I can feel every inch and every wrinkle wrapped around my cock. I tell her to turn over on all fours and raise her feet.

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I then begin to fuck her feet from behind. Her feet were made for fucking. Alas, I had to have her pussy again. I took her by her hair and began to put it in deep. I fucked her hard and deep while pulling her hair.

Amanda took the dick real deep, and bit her lip in pleasure trying to hold in her orgasm for longer. Finally she could not hold it any longer, and let out a moan and began to whimper while saying "Yeah. Yes. I am cumming." With that, like a mad man, I put her face into the bed with her ass sticking up and began to hit it from the back as hard as I could, almost throwing her off the bed. Amanda's ass was beat red from both cumming so hard and the smacks I had been giving her with my hand.

With every thrust and every smack, her as shook. It was going to be shaking for the next month when I was done with her. I was getting close to getting my own nut, and wanted to exert my dominance once more. So I stopped fucking Amanda and told her to stand.

I then got off the bed, and picked her up and impaled her own my cock while standing. Amanda wrapped her arms and legs around me to secure herself, but she didn't need to she was so light I could hold her like this forever. I then began to fuck her while standing. We stared into each other's eyes and Amanda began brushing her hair away from her face.

Getting annoyed of this, she told Chad to get her, her scruncii and told him to put it in her hair which he said "yes, ma'am" and did as told." It seems as though Chad had begun to except his place in the world as a "go-for." After her hair was tied back, Amanda then began to kiss me deeply, and then asked me "Where do you want to cum?" This took me aback, since it's usually the other way around.

Asked her how flexible she was and apparently she use to be a gymnast. With that I laid her back onto the bed, and began to fuck her feet again. I did so slowly, to savor the feeling of every inch of her delicate feet. I watched as each toe conformed to every contour of my cock. I told her to sit up so I could mouth-fuck her while I fucked her feet and she did so with ease.

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Amanda stuck her tongue out at first, then began to suck the head as it came into her mouth. It was like we were playing a game. Finally I couldn't take any more and began told her to turn over. I then raised her feet and began to stroke my cock over her soles.


While I did this she began wiggling her toes on my balls and that sent me over the edge and I shot load after load on her soles. I rubbed my cock all over her soles, rubbing in the cum like lotion on her feet. Chad asked if she needed a napkin to both of our surprise, but Amanda declined and raise her feet and starting licking off all of my cum.

I asked her if she ever had a fucking like that to which she says "no, for sure not.

That was amazing, thank you." She then went back to cleaning her feet with her tongue. She said "I think I have a foot fetish now. I loved that, I always though feet were gross." I told her next time I was in town I would gladly fuck her feet, or let her lick my girlfriends feet after we fucked. I then left, and haven't been back home in a while. Chad still lives with Patrick, and last I heard Chad and Amanda broke up.