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Sexy ass school babe sucking a fat dick uncensored and oriental
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so, this is my first story, so forgive me, i understand that what im about to tell you (this story and the rest) is a little much and sometimes i even have a hard time believing that it actually happened, but guaranty that they are all true. about me: im currently 21 with two kids, 110 lbs, clean shaven with perky 32D breasts (mostly due to my breastfeeding). i have done alota stuff since i lost my virginity, some call me a whore, others a slut.

but quite frankly i don't care. i have enjoyed every minute of it, aside from the start of this story, which takes place when i was 12, the time i lost my virginity it was mid august, and i was on summer vacation along with my sister Cassidy who at the time was 17, she was quite tall for her age, sholder length red hair, and b cub breasts, she was quite stunning, and still is.

anyways my dad left us when i was 8, so its always been my mom, me and my sister. Thursday: it was a normal day like any other, my sister had her friend Sara over like most other days and as normal they were locked in her room, i was down at our pool with my friends Charlotte and Sam.

for the most part this is how the summer went. we would sunbath and swim and we would never see me sister. that night when mom got home she told us that she would be away all weekend. and that Cass would be in-charge. this wasn't the first time shes left us alone, my mom, who is a heath and safety coordinator traveled to sites alot and corporate retreats. Friday: mom woke us up before she went to work, laid down the ground rules and said goodbye.

i went back into my room, stripped down to my panties and a tank top and fell back asleep. my room is a fair size and had a big queen bed with 4 poles with leaves coming off (i know i know ) and a window over looking the pool with dark blackout blinds.

anyways, i woke up to hear the shower running and i looked at the clock. 1120 shit i slept in, the girls went coming today cause they all have camps they go to in the summer. i got up and went down stairs to get a drink. on my way back up i could hear a light moan from the shower. puzzed i put my ear to the door, it was slowly getting louder. i knew my sister played with her self, i had watched her a few times and figured she was doing that.

the shower turned off and i ran back to my bed. the door opened and my sister walked out naked and looked in my room to see if i was up. i guess she figured i was still sleeping and ran back to the bathroom.

couple min later she came out and she wasn't alone this time. sara was with her! she kissed Sara and she went down stairs to leave. wow.

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my sister is gay, was all i can think about. for the better part of the day i went on it normally. layed on the grass to tan. swam for a while then went in to make supper. Cass came back around 6ish from the beach and i could tell she was drinking. i told her supper was in the fridge and i went back to my movie. around 8 she came down and stole the remote. i didn't really care because i was going up to shower.

before i went i asked if Sara was her Gf, she just kinda blushed and kept watching tv. as i turned i told her that i didn't care if she was. i took a long shower, thinking back to what i saw that morning. thinking that i heard the door knob, i shut the shower and yelled at Cass, no response. hmm she must be down stairs.

i wrapped my towel around me and went to my room. hmm my closet lights on. go to my closet grab some panties, and a shirt and turn to my bed. Cass is laying on it in a pink lace thong, and a black lace bra. somewhat startled, and bewildered i yell "WTF CASS!!" she just smiles and slides off the bed. standing up she tells me to sit down. so i do cautiously.

she begins to tell me about her relationship with sara and how she was getting fucked by sara in the shower with moms toys. puzzled i ask her what a toy is. wordless she leans over and grabs a bag by the door and pulls out three brightly colored toys, one dong, one small but thick vibrator, and a strapon.

my jaw drops. holy shit Cass where did you find those and the hell are they for?. she grins. they are moms. and thats what im going to show you. puzzled i slide back on my bed, and cover myself.

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"dont worry, its just going to hurt for a few min", "you will love it, cause then you can join Sara and I" she continued. SO YOUR GOING TO TURN ME GAY i yelled. "no silly" "im going to make you a woman". CASS, NO! i yelled. YOU DRANK TOO MUCH!!!!.

but shes easily twice as strong as i was and alot bigger, she climbed on top of me, pulled off my blanket and towel. not having any time to change, i was still naked. i was pushing and hitting her as much as possible . kicking, anything at all. but she just sat on my chest an used her legs to hold my arms down.

looking down at my slit, she examined it, spreading it. feeling it. i let out a yelp! i never even touched it before like that, only to wash. spreading it she looked in.

"ooOooH your hymen is still intact, this will be fun. just then i managed to kick her in the head and knock her over, i scrambled to the door, but she was quicker and blocked my way.

all she said was " be a good girl and get back into bed, and i will take it easy on u" knowing no matter how hard i try, i knew i wouldnt get out of this. so i went and sat on the corner of my bed sobbing.she shut the door and dumped a hamper of clothes in front of it.

and dragged the bag of toys over. she pushed be back and spread my legs. i was now crying, telling her i didnt realy want this, and i wanted to wait. but she didnt care. she bent down and started to lick me, i kicked her back, and told her i really dont want this, and that she can just look at me naked.

she smiled. "your not going go easy, thats ok" she leans over into the bag, i hear chains, then CLICK. i scramble up. hand cuffs. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING TO ME!!. she tackles me, covers my mouth and ties up my opposite arm to my leg, followed by my other arm, then my leg. now im completely screaming in terror. tied up to all four poles. "there, now i can go to work" she said as she goes down and starts to eat me out.

i squirm and cry and not even a flinch from her. she just keeps. eating me. after what seemed like hours, which was really 10ish min she sat up.

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you taste amazing sis and leans over and grabs the vibrator. she turns back and lays it on my clit.


at this point im not paying attention, im just crying. she starts to rub it between my pussylips. starts to push it into me and it gets to my hymen. i can feel the pressure against it and i tense up expecting the worst. but she stops. about 30 seconds goes by and she pulls it back out. she gets up and leaves. about 5 min later she comes back, missing her panties, with a white streak down her slit.

sits back down and turns the vibrator on low, sucks on it, and leans it back against my clit slowly gliding it through my lips. oddly. it feels good. i keep crying in hopes she will stop again. this goes on for another 5 min. this is when she turned it up. she starts down by my ass, and works up through my pussy lips.

it hits my clit. un aware if it was pain or pleasure, my hips bounce into the air as wave of feeling showers up my spine, "BINGO" she yells and smiles. now focusing on my clit she turns it up again and starts massaging it in a tight circle.

my hips slowly start to sway up and down, uncontrollably, i quickly pick up on the pleasure flashing though my body and squeel a little. Cass stops, and starts to explain how Sara first played with her and her dad. and went on about them tieing her up after sara played with her.

i looked at her dumbfounded. i asked her why she wanted to rape me. and why she didnt just stick it in me. she tells me how she knew i was watching her play and it got her off even more. she then proceeded to give me a ultimatum.

she told me, either way, im fucking you, you can keep resisting and be in pain, OR you can join in and take your turn with me. for the first time in My life, i feel my pussy get wet. i smile and nod at her. and she turns down the vibrator to low. and puts it back into my cunt. she slowly presses it into me until stopped by my hymen. i lock eyes with her and nod. she smiles and tells me she will be gentle. she pushes it in and out alittle before pushing just hard enough to break my hymen.

i shreak out in pain, twisting and turning screaming to get it out. my pussy is on FIRE. she just turns it up a notch and keeps going deeper and deeper until all 6" is in my virgin pussy. i sit up to see what shes doing to meand all i can see is a pool of blood. i scream even louder" your hurting me!!

your going to break my vagina!!! GET IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!" she just smiles. it ok, its normal."HOW IS MY PUSSY BLEEDING NORMAL!!" i scream at her but now the pains starting to subside. she looks at me seeing that my face is lighting up, "hows that feel sis".

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not as bad, but your making me bleed. as she keeps fucking me with the vibrator she explains to me what just happened. no longer in pain, she turns up the vibrator and my hips start to sway. she finds my spot and i finally screech in pleasure. she stops, pulling the vibrator out of me and smiles. Sorry to break you like this sis, but i have wanted to for so long. if i unlock you, would you like a try? hesitant, i nod. she proceides to unlock me.

my joints are sore from squirming while being chained up. but i sit up and switch spots with Cass. i look where she was sitting and theirs a big wet spot. puzzled i continue, she layes down in front of me and spreads, shes clean shaven with a gorgeous looking slit. even though she was only 17, it was well beaten. i pick up the toy she used in me and go to put it in her, but she declines, she tells me theirs a bigger orange one in the bag.

i rummage through the bag of toys and find the big orange vibrator. ITS HUGE must have been 8-10" long and 2 wide. she smiles, and tells me that's the one. how does this fit in you i reply, just trust me, and be gental. i push the tip against her pussy lips wich are very very wet. puzzled i ask why and she tells me i will see.

so i continue pressing it into her and after a quick push it slides all the way into her, her hips shoot up as it bottoms out in her.

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turn it on. TURN IT ON she squeels, i crank it to full not knowing.


and her hips shoot straight up and her back arches. and holds its arch. HOLLLY FUCKKKK she yells. FUCK MEEE!! i start to slide it in and out faster and faster. Oh. oh. OMG!! she squeels. and the toy pushes back in my hand as a stream of cum pushes out around the toy, down her ass and pools on the bed. her ass drops down creating a squish noise from all the cum. try it she says. hesitant i give it a lick. all i can think is "ooooo" as i go back for seconds, then thirds. remembering her eating me, i do the same.

lapping her pussy with my tongue. sticking it in licking it all up, she proceeds to suck her cum off the toy. "well i think it time for bed" she says. but. but i stamor, i have so much i wanna ask.


so much i wanna know. there's always tomorrow she grins.

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that night we slept together, her spooning me. if interest, i will post what the rest of the weekend and my later years. i do not care if you believe me, i do not need you to believe me. i have always wanted to share this story, as it still makes me cum. i did have hard feelings after for a couple months toward my sister, even though we did play for the weekend, i was very ashamed of what she did to me and what she stole.

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however, we got on good terms, and still continue to play when we see each other.