Transgender babe sprays her hot jizz

Transgender babe sprays her hot jizz
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Stripper Dominique was simply adorable.

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She came into my bar and asked me for an application. Of course I told her that she had to be at least eighteen years old to work for me. Even though she looked to be about eleven or twelve years old she showed me her driver's license that proved that she was eighteen years and two months old. Okay then! I handed her an application. I had already made up my mind to hire her anyway.

Hell I didn't care if she lasted one whole night, I just had to see this tiny little girl naked up on stage trying to dance for all of the drunks that came into my bar.

On her application Dominique said that she was four feet ten inches tall, weighed all of ninety pounds, and wore a 30-A bra. According to statistics she was just about perfect for a thirteen-year-old girl.

Next I had Dominique audition for me up on the stage. We were alone in the bar because I had come in early to stock up and do some paperwork. I handed Dominique three quarters and told her to pick out three songs on the jukebox that she wanted to dance too. She had trouble picking them out because she never heard of any of the songs before. I run a fifties and early sixties strip bar. That was probably before her mother's time too.


So I helped Dominique out by picking 'Mellow Yellow,' 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,' and then finish up with 'Wipe Out.' I just told her to go with the flow and do her best. Dominique got up on the stage and started dancing around. She wasn't necessarily the worst dancer that I ever seen but she was pretty bad.

I had to laugh as she tried to pull her tight jeans off while still trying to dance but I sure enjoyed it when she peeled off her T-shirt.

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There was this pretty little girl standing on my stage in just her little white bra and her cotton panties. I knew immediately that she needed a training bra, little girl panties, and a Catholic Schoolgirl uniform for her act.

When Dominique removed her bra she showed me probable the tiniest titties that I had ever seen on a dancer. When her panties hit the floor I saw her small pussy with its fuzzy pubic hair and knew immediately that it had to go. This little babe needed a bald pussy so that she really looked like a little kid.

She would make a fortune in tips. She finished her stage audition with 'Wipe Out' an all time favorite of mine. She practically danced her tiny little ass off trying to keep up with the beat of the music.

It was certainly a show worth watching. Next I asked Dominique for a lap dance. Then of course I had to explain to her what a lap dance was. I told her that the customers were not supposed to touch her but that she could touch them all she wanted too.

I told her that she was supposed to wear at least a G-string when she came down off the stage. It was a health department regulation. I laughed when Dominique asked if she could slip her panties to the side and hump some guy's leg leaving a slim trail on his pants for his wife to find. I told her that within reason she could do whatever she wanted to do with the customer including jerking him off, sucking his cock, and even letting him fuck her. Now it was her turn to laugh and smile at me.

Dominique did not bother to put her panties back on saying that this was still her audition and that she really wanted the job. I knew that I was in for a real treat. Dominique hit two of Donovan's songs called 'Mellow Yellow' once again and then 'There is a Mountain.' They were two very slow and mellow tunes.

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As the first song started Dominique humped my knee like she had said she wanted too. Then this tiny naked girl unzipped my pants and fished my cock out. She sucked about two inches of my cock into her mouth and then sat on my cock while facing me. Her fuck hole was not very deep at all. My cock hit bottom and she was sitting on top of my lap with her legs outside mine.

That probably made my available cock only about four inches long or so and she still bottomed out on it. Dominique gyrated on top of my love pole like a little cupie doll on the dash of a car. Her head bobbed, her body swayed, and she started to really get into the beat of the music. I figured that she orgasmed at least twice before I started to pump my sperm up into her tight little pussy. When the music finally ended Dominique just slumped onto my chest exhausted. I kissed her forehead and cuddled her as if she were my daughter.

I told Dominique to report for work that very night. Then I told her to shave her pussy bald and to keep it that way so that the customers would think that she was really a young girl. I gave her some money and told her to purchase a Catholic Schoolgirl uniform, a training bra, and a few pair of little girl panties for her act. She knew exactly what I had in mind. She was very excited when she left.

Dominique was so excited that she arrived two hours early for work that first night. She couldn't wait to show me the outfits that she had. She had her old Saint Mary's Schoolgirl outfit including the pleated skirt, white blouse, tie, shoes, and socks.

She had even shortened it several inches so that her white cotton panties would show to anyone sitting below her hemline. She loved the fact that she could wear things on stage that her mother wouldn't allow her to wear in public. She shortened several of her skirts and tops for her act too. I showed her the dancer's dressing room and assigned her a closet to keep her clothes in. Dominique asked me if I would fuck her before she had to get on stage. She was just too horny and couldn't stand it a minute longer.

I suggested that she let a few of my customers fuck too her for some big tips. Dominique smiled at my suggestion but she still wanted me to fuck her first.

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There was a bed in their changing room because some of the girls take naps or whatever when they weren't on stage or working the floor. Dominique was just as horny as I was so I just threw her on the bed and mounted her. I poked my cock in and forgot how shallow she was built. I rammed into her and bottomed out two inches before I expected too. I damn near broke my cock in half. I also tried to drill her love tunnel to a new depth. I apologized for hurting her but Dominique just smiled up at me and said that everyone does that the first few times that they fuck her.

She even expected it. Dominique wrapped her hand around the base of my cock so that it felt like a regular length cunt.

I fucked into her with a new feeling. She held just the right pressure on her fingers to stimulate the hell out of me. I really enjoyed fucking Dominique and cum in her with most of it being forced out by my cock and running down her ass onto the mattress.

Since there was still more than an hour left before the show was to start I took Dominique into my office and pulled out my futon into a double bed. I asked her if she would mind letting a few of my better customers fuck her until it was her turn to dance on the stage. Dominique was very cooperative. I went out and started selling pieces of Dominique for a hundred bucks a pop.

I sent in ten guys before I told her to get cleaned up and put on her schoolgirl outfit. I had put her on last to give her more time with the 'paying' customers. When she walked out on that stage the audience went wild thinking that she was really a thirteen-year-old girl. Even the other dancers had not seen her and they too thought that Dominique was a thirteen years old girl.

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As she danced, more dollar bills were tossed on the stage than ever before. Dominique just danced around the stage as I had told her to do for the first song then she undressed during the second song. For the third song Dominique danced completely nude and got close enough to the edge of the stage for the guys to grab at her tiny tits and her bald pussy. When Dominique finished dancing I told her to put on her panties and walk among the customers on the floor. Meanwhile I cleaned up her money and clothes so that the next dancer could start.

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I watched as each man handed her money and rubbed her tits, ass, or pussy as she walked by them. When Dominique came back to me I ushered her into my office. She was thrilled beyond belief.


This little beauty was flying high and it wasn't from drugs either like most of the other girls. Together we counted her tip money. She had gotten fifty-seven dollars while dancing on stage and another eighty-two dollars while walking around the floor. I told her that I was keeping half of her fuck money as my commission and she said that was fine with her.

So I showed Dominique the six hundred and thirty-nine dollars that she had earned in just the first three hours. She was ecstatic! Between her stage acts that night I had sent her three or four sex customers. The strippers only work four hours from nine at night until one in the morning and then for about ten or fifteen minutes each hour at that. They make more than enough money to keep them coming back into work night after night, but if they knew what Dominique had just earned I'd have a riot on my hands.

Dominique's first day on the job had earned her a whopping two thousand dollars. I added in a few dollars just to round it out for her. After all I had fucked her twice that day and then taken half of her fuck money too. I made almost a thousand dollars extra myself. When I asked her if I would be seeing her again tomorrow Dominique said that she could even come in about five o'clock if any of my customers might want to do the 'Horizontal Mambo' with her.

I knew for a fact that they would!

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I liked Dominique a lot and was looking forward to tomorrow! The End Stripper 103