Mutter und Tochter Rucken zwei Jungs aus

Mutter und Tochter Rucken zwei Jungs aus
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Chapter 7 Bikram It was nearly five months since Anjali's abduction. No trace of the girl had been found. It was to be one of the many unsolved cases, on the files of which dust piles. The police had moved on to other cases. Meera had accepted that Anjali would not be coming back. There was a perpetual gloom in Rani's house.

It was 2 am. Meera was in her room, Rani-Bikram in theirs. All were heavily asleep. Unknown to Meera and Bikram, Rani had laced the soft drinks - that they had along dinner with sedatives. She had taken the sedatives herself as well. As a result, none could hear anything when five people entered the flat.

They removed all the cameras that they had inserted at various points in the house. In three trips, all three occupants of the house were in the car waiting outside the house. The car drove off. Rani and her family had been kidnapped.

Bikram opened his eyes. His head was aching, his eyes were stuck. He was sitting on a chair, wearing a vest and a boxer. This arms and legs were tied to the arm-rest and the legs of the chair respectively.

On the bed in front of him, sat Rani and a young man of about 25. Rani was wearing a top and a skirt, her hair in a bun. "Hello Bikram, so nice of you to join us", she said. "What is this Rani? What is happening? And who is this boy?", asked Bikram. "This boy … this boy is Karan. He is my lover, my soulmate, the person who has fucked me to my heart's content. And oh yes, he is also the mastermind behind the gang who abducted Anjali." Bikram couldn't believe his ears.

"What are you saying Rani?" "Oh yes Bikram, he has fucked me … fucked me hard … in all my holes … in various positions." "No Rani, you are lying. This can't be true. He is making you say this. It cannot be." "See for yourself Bikram". There was a big-screen television beyond the bed. Rani switched it on. A video started playing Rani and Karan on a huge bed, fucking each-others brains out.

Bikram couldn't believe his eyes. Here was his beloved wife, being treated like a whore on screen, and enjoying every minute of it. Rani switched it off.

"Why Rani?", he asked. "To be honest, it is largely your fault Bikram." Rani said. "Had you been man enough to understand my cravings, had you been man enough to satisfy my desires, my lust, my passion none of this would have happened." "So thank you Bikram." Karan said. "Thanks to you I got to meet and know and then bed this amazing woman.


Today you have been brought here to end this charade that is her marital life. Like a phoenix from his ashes, Rani would rise from the ashes of her previous life." Karan looked at Rani and smiled. Rani shivered under his gaze, feeling rather naked in the way he was gazing at her. He smiled at her, his fingers rising to gently stroke her cheek. She twitched, feeling his fingers touch her.

Unconsciously, she leaned into his touch ever so slightly, making his smile widen. "Do you love him? Do you care for him? Do you want him to live?" he asked. "No my darling. Maybe at one point in my life but no longer." Rani said, gazing lovingly into Karan's eyes.

Bikram wanted to look away but couldn't. Here his lawfully wedded wife was behaving like a coy bride with someone else, and he was powerless to do anything. Leaning in, Karan gently brushed his lips against Rani. She responded energetically, latching onto his lips with hers forcefully.

She climbed into his lap, kissing him hard, her lips parting his, tongue immediately darting into his mouth to find his. Her fingers threaded into his hair, clutching tightly. He ignored the slight pain, gently taking her into his arms, one hand on her hip, the other stroking her back. She moaned as his hand squeezed on her hip, rutting against him wildly. Gently, he calmed her down, stroking her back.

"Slowly," he whispered, stroking her hair. Rani noddedrelaxing in his grip. He lifted her, and set her down on the bed, and stood up. He walked over to Bikram, grinning at the look of utter hatred on his face. Bending down, Karan secured Bikram's mouth with a tape. He took out a small blade from his pocket and made two small incisions on the veins of Bikram's hands.

Blood started flowing slowly. With a glint of malice in his eyes, Karan whispered "Have fun watching this, Bikram. This is the last thing that you would see before you slowly bleed to death how your loving cop wife has become the cock-slut of a criminal" From his position on the chair, Bikram could see everything going on on the bed. Throwing a smirk over his shoulder, Karan walked back to Rani. Pulling her to her feet, he held her by the waist as he kissed her slowly, Rani responding with equal passion.

Pulling away slightly, he reached behind her, and took off her skirt and the top. Bikram thrashed against the Chair in fury as Karan gazed at Rani in frank appreciation, swallowing audibly as he took in the beauty of her body. His palm covered her breast, gently massaging as he kissed her again, moving his lips off hers and down to her neck. His eyes were closed as he worked on her, indulging in the incredible experience that it was.

He allowed Rani to slowly disrobe him, interspersing the movements of her hands with occasional kisses pressed to the newly uncovered parts of his body. When, at last, he was naked, Rani pressed kisses to his chest as she slowly dropped to her knees before him.

His fingers laced into her hair, gripping gently as she took his cock into her hands, looking at it reverently. A smile crossed Karan's face as he leaned his head back, her lips gently enveloping the head of his cock. Her ministrations were soft and gentle, coaxing him to hardness with her hands and mouth. She was gifted in the use of her tongue, as she somehow managed to wrap her tongue around him.

The expression of dedicated concentration on her face was arousing to him, quickly bringing him to full mast, throbbing within the soft grip of her hands. Long fingers were curled around his shaft, stroking ever so slowly, and he was unable to stifle the gasp that rose out of him as she flicked her tongue out.

He pulled her up, gently kissing her lips, her hands roaming over his chest. Lifting her up, he laid her down on the bed. Bikram screamed silently, cursing them and himself as a bulge grew in his pants.


Noting Bikram's expression, Karan smirked again. He moved Rani into a sitting position, and lifted her up, sliding under her so she was sitting on his lap, her back against his chest. She was facing Bikram, but paid him no heed as she threw her head back onto his shoulder as he gently massaged her breasts, fingers grazing against her erect nipples.

Bikram's face was red in fury as Karan smirked at him, his hands roaming over Rani's body. He bit down on her neck, sucking on her skin as he hefted her breasts, utterly loving the feeling of the large orbs in his hands. His cock, erect and throbbing, was restrained by her crotch, being pressed down along the length of his thighs by her weight. The lips of her pussy were against his shaft, and as she rutted against him, moaning desperately, her nether lips felt as if they were kissing the length of his cock.

Finally tired of the foreplay, despite having given her little in the way of real pleasure, he gently lifted her up in his lap. As if she were reading his mind, her hands found his crotch, her right hand aligning the head of his cock with her wet entrance, the other playing with his balls. In an agonizingly slow movement, she slid down the length of his member, taking his impressive size in inch by inch.

Her head thrown back, she gasped loudly at the initial penetration, her hand leaving his balls to gently massage her clit. Through gritted teeth, he hissed in pleasure feeling her hot snatch envelop his cock tightly. Rani plopped down on his lap, taking him in entirely. A few seconds later, she began bouncing on him, slow at first, and building up her speed. Laying back, he let her take control, simply using his hands to fondle her breasts, or reaching down to her snatch to stimulate her clit.

Minutes later found her crying out in exultation as she came, climaxing with enough force for her to fall limp in his arms.

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Still hard, he gently lifted her off his lap, allowing space for some of their fluids to drip down on him. Moving her body, he laid her down over the arm of the bed so that her rear was pointed up in the air.

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A wicked smile played across his face as his hands gently massaged the cheeks of her ass, relaxing the tension out of her. He grinned at Bikram. Karan pressed a kiss to the small of Rani's back, and then on each cheek of her ass. He wet his fingers in the fluid of her arousal, and slowly inserted them into Rani's ass, gently lubricating her. Pointing the tip of his cock against her hole, he slowly thrust in.

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She was moaning into the pillows of the bed, fingers gripping the fabric tightly. When, at last, he was all the way inside her, Karan paused, and turned to Bikram. Bikram, seeing his wife being consensually sodomized by this boy, nearly exploded in his anger, his rage more than apparent through the blush on his face.

Even so, his arousal was equally evident, his hardness straining in his trousers. He felt sickened, but was unable to ignore the fact that she was painfully gorgeous.her naked body glistening with sweat, each inch of her body more voluptuous than the last. The smirk on Karan's face as he pounded into Rani again and again angered him increasingly. Karan was in heaven, his eyes closed tightly as he thrust into Rani, her tightness and heat incredibly arousing to him. He could feel his orgasm approaching, and a smirk spread on his face as he planned yet another action to anger Bikram.

The seconds passed, bringing on another apocalyptic orgasm for Rani. She screamed, a kaleidoscope of colors flashing in her eyes as her vision swam a little.

Almost at his peak, Karan pulled out of Rani, quickly telling her to get on her knees. Taking his member into her soft grip, Rani stroked him to completion, her mouth pleasurably enveloping his cock. He climaxed, firing streams of come deep into her mouth. Before finishing, he pulled out of her mouth, emptying the rest of his load on her face, in full view of Bikram. He took his cock and rubbed it on Rani's forehead, the place where Rani used to put sindoor as a mark of an Indian wife.

Karan rubbed his leaking cock all over her maang, signifying the depraved unions between the two lustful souls.

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That they were entering into this unholy matrimony in witness of Bikram, gave them the extra pleasure and satisfaction.

Gasping for breath after the incredible orgasm, Karan slumped onto the bed, pulling Rani into his lap.

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Still breathing heavily, he kissed her, easing her lips open to find her tongue. The slight salty taste of the semen lingered, but he paid it no heed, stroking her cheek contentedly as they kissed.

Bikram had started feeling light headed. He had lost quite a substantial amount of blood during the time that Karan and Rani were fucking.

Rani got up from the bed and moved to Bikram, pulling open the tape. "So my dear husband, how did you like the show?" "Fuck you Rani, fuck you. Hope the two of you rot in hell". Bikram shouted. "Oh my love, when we are having so much fun in hell, what do we need heaven for? We are going to have so much fun. We will fuck and rape these luscious young girls, even kill some of them. They will be nothing but the sexual toys that would be used to satisfy our depraved lust.

I have now realized my true destiny.

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Thank you Bikram for helping me recognize my true self. Thank you so much." Rani smiled wickedly. She went over to the bed.

"Take my ass Karan. Fuck me again like the whore I am." She rested on all fours on the bed, facing Bikram. Her magnificent tits were hanging free. Karan went ahead and pushed his cock in her tight ass. He held and squeezed her left tit with his left hand and pulled her sexy long hair with his right, using it as a rein. He started fucking Rani, his cock moving like a piston. Slowly darkness was developing in front of Bikram's eyes.

He lost his senses. Rani and Karan continued fucking for more than an hour. By the time they finished and checked upon Bikram, he was dead. Rani's fantasies were coming true. The only one left was Meera