Parejita follando en el hotel

Parejita follando en el hotel
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It's been a year since my parents died and im still looking at the same college applications. My life is going no where, no family, no friends, a horrible job, and an empty house. All except for Lady, my mother's only girl. I hated that dog sometimes the way my mother would treat her like a spoiled child. Carrying her around and buying her expensive things. I dont even know why I still have her or this house. *Sigh* it's the only things that I have left of them.

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Tonight is going to he a long night and I need some sleep. I grab the jar of peanut butter and head to my room. Turned on my laptop and started scrolling through my favorite porn sites. Scrolling through the sites and sucking peanut butter off my fingers I finally found something worth jerking off to.

I strip naked and got comfortable. The laptop beside me and some lube made my night go by quickly. I must of really got a good one in because I passed out as soon as I was done cumming.

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It wasnt long before I was woken by the spoiled princess licking at my fingers. She must of smelled the peanut butter and decided to help herself. Hmm peanut butter. I grabbed some out of the jar and put a little on the tip of my cock.

Then grabbed Lady and let me make her way towards the smell. Such a greedy girl she bgan lapping at my head. Her warm tongue felt good against the tip.

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I started to get excited and wanted to feel more. So I took more peanut butter and rubbed it all over my cock. I closed my eyes and imaged a woman was about to give me head.

I hadn't even gotten past making out before the death.

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And afterwards it was the last thing on my mind. Lady had done such a good job that my cock was wet and clean. She looked at me like she was expecting more. I said you like that girl, you like that and started to rub my hand on her tummy. As she rolled over I could barely see her hole.

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Temlted by my hard cock, I decided to take it a bit further. While I continued to rub her stomach with one hand, I placed one finger from the other inside of her hole. It felt warm and wet, I played with it for a secondd before pulling my finger out and jerking off until I passed out again.

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The next day at work, I couldn't stop thinking about how good Lady made me feel. Every second I thought about her tongue licking my cock the longer work felt like it was taking.

Once home, all I wanted to do was play with Lady. Something that I never want to do.

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But today was different, after last night I needed to feel her tongue again. After a hour of play and I knew she was hunger, I grabbed the jar of peanut butter and headed to my room. Lady running behind me, hungry and ready for food. This time I stripped down and jumped on the bed, patting at it to let Lady know it is okay to jump on. Then I put the peanut butter all over my cock like the night nefore.

Oh Lady I moaned as she went to work licking my cock. She cleaned all 8 inches of my hard cock.


Every lick to the head made it twitch a little. My imagination started to slip and turned.

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I rubbed her stomach to show her I was pleased, when she rolled over I kept rubbing like the last time. And slowly pushing one finger back and forth onside of her cunt. She was becoming wet and hot. I slowly felt myself slipping and needing to feel her in another way.

She wimpered in pleasure as I rubbed my finger back and forth. I picked her up with both my hands and placed her on my stomach, her cunt was so hot ot felt as if it was burning. I spit on my hand and rubbed the spit down my cock. I fongered her hole for a few seconds than started to lift and pull her down onto my cock. It was tight and felt like it wouldnt fit. But as soon as I felt the heat on the tip of my head there was no turning back.

She wimpered and struggled but i held on to her and slide her slowly all the way down. It felt so much better than my hands ever could. I pulled her up and down my her hind legs.

Allowing her juices to wet my cock and trying to get her used to the size. But after a few minutes I couldn't help myself. I got off the bed and laid her on her side. This time I shoved my cock deep into her and started to stroke her as of she were my hand.


She wimpered and struggled to move but I had a good grip on her. I moaned as my first time was with my mother's dog. Her hot cunt taking all of me. I went for about ten minutes before cumming deep into the bitch. My knees had gotten weak from the first nut but my cock was still hard and hungry.

I opened her legs and put my hand on her stomach pinnjng mer down. The other hand was placed firmly on the bed to hold me on case I had gotten weak again. I slammed my cock into my bitch, I ignored her still paining wimpers that turned me on. I took out all of my frustration with wach stroke.

She was such a spiled bitch and now she was spoiled with my cum. I couldnt stop myself, I needed to release inside of her again. My cock was twicthing more and more as the hot juice splattered my stomach.

I was getting close. Fuck you little bitch Im going to fuck you every day. Who needs a woman when I can fuck you. Please be kind if you comment!


Let me know if you want more of Sam and Lady.