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Harry Potter and the Dark Princess. Seven days after the death of the dark lord Voldemort, in the headmasters office in Hogwarts school of wizardry, a conversation takes place. "Has she made a move yet ?" "No not yet, she remains where she has been ." "After all thisand she still doesn't choose to act ?" "It appears that she did not think the time was right to reveal her self ." "And what about Harry?

Do we tell him about her ?" "Harry played his part my dear Minerva we do not ask anymore of him ." "But doesn't he have the right to know ?" "Maybe Harry has a part to play we do not know, we knew what was coming because of the prophecy.

But what the future holds for us ? We'll have to find out when it comes to pass. " "Do you think it was wise to make a alliance with her Albus?" "She is one of the five original founders of Hogwartswe have permission to use her castle, to educate the new generation of wizards and witches.

We have have Godfried Gryffindor much to thank for. She wouldn't let her domain be destroyed, i guess she had as much faith in Harry as we had, there is much we don't know about her motives, but i do trust her Minerva i hope that is good enough for you." "Of Course Albus, but what do we do in the mean timewe can't just sit still and wait ." "The dark lord is not dead, what Harry did, was to take away his first defence against death.

We know that Voldemort done many dark experiments to gain eternal life, the dark lord will return !

. When? we simply don't know, but it will be in Harry's lifetimeof this i am sure." "But how will we be sure that she will help us ? " "The sorting hat decides when the time is rightit has never been wrong beforeso lets put our faith in the sorting hat, and wait for the student who will be part of her house.

Frankly my dear Minerva, i cant wait to see the fifth house restored on the coat of arms, it will be a exciting time, this will be all headmaster." And then Albus Dumbledore vanished from his portrait with a smile. "Very exciting indeed. " Nineteen Years later Kings Cross station.

"The sorting hat will take your choice in consideration, it did for me ." The young boy looked at his father in wonder as he boarded the train.

"Albus stop goofing off and come to our compartment "his brother James said. "You can write to father when we have arrived ." With a sigh Albus took his spot in the compartment with his brothers. The trip went on Albus and heard the usual stories pass, of wild fantasies which he doubted were true, but were entertaining anyway.

After a while he put some headphones on, and fiddled around with a ipod which Arthur Weasley enchanted for him, as a christmas present.

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Albus was into muggle music, infact everything muggle related interested him greatly. He loved his visits to the Burrow, where he and Arthur Weasley tinkered with muggle items. Last week, they were examining a toaster, which they found marvelous.

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Rose, is Ron and Hermione's daughter and was reading a book. "Typical" Albus thought as he looked at her, he was kind of disappointed to see thats she already wore the school uniform, he liked her in muggle clothes better.

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Victoire Weasley and Teddy Lupin, were chatting to each other. "If the compartment wasn't occupiedthey would be all over each other" Albus thought. Albus thought of the time he seen Victoire and Rose nudewhen he was at the burrow at christmas, he overheard his father and uncle Ron, one night talking about the peephole in Ron's roomthat looked into the bathroom, where they used to look at Hermione, Ginny and Fleurs naked body. Albus was a lot brighter then he let on, he didn't really care when Rose drew attention to herself when she learned something new.

He didn't really like Rose or Victoire but he did find them pretty. "I'm going for a walk." Albus said." I need to stretch my legs." "Dont forget to change into your robes Albus !" Rose said. "Yeah yeahi will." He said. "Meddling bitch mind your own business, you're like my mum." He thought. Albus left the compartment, and went for a stroll through the train.

"So if it isnt the youngest potter!" A sneering voice said. "Did you lose your mummy or are you looking for a wet nurse." Albus turned around with a smile"its alright scorpius my family isnt around." "Want to come and sit in our compartment?" Scorpius said.

"Yeah go on, but i can't sit with you for long." Albus took place in the compartment with some other people, he all of them. Cristal GreengrassScorpius his niece, she like Albus was into muggle musicand they often exchanged songs she was in second year already, and was in Ravenclaw. Vallari Goldsteinher Mum is Parvati Patil and Dad is Anton Goldstein.

She starts her first year, Albus got along fine with her, she send Albus a pair of her panties over the mail once. Albus has to wrestle his brother for the envelope until his father intervened, that was a little too close for his comfort. James nagged him for weeks what was in the envelope. Steffany ScamanderThe daughter of Luna Lovegood and Rolf Scamander and she was in her second year.

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Steffany was just like her mum, way out there, Albus heard about the Hippies and she was exactly like that.

Always brightly clothed, and therefore looked so out of place in her school uniform, except for her rainbow coloured earrings, and hair ornament. And then there was Dierdre and Richard Pettigrew they were twins. It's their first year at Hogwarts for them as well. Albus heard stories about their Great Uncle Peter Pettigrew also known as Wormtail.

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Deirdre was stunning and Albus had many fantasies about her . Richard was handsome he supposed for a boy. The twins were just mad and crazy, they never turned down a dare, no matter how insane it was. Albus liked the twins very much, he often wished he could have them for cousins, rather than the boring relatives he had now.

"Heya Albus!". They all said, and the looks on their faces told him they were glad to see him. "Hows life? James still being a pain in the butt " Vallari asked.


"Yeah still the same." he laughedand hugged his friends one by one. "Well now the whole club is at Hogwartswe have to plan a meeting soonand i might know where" Albus said."I overheard my father and uncle last christmas when they were drunk, about the room of requirement, i know where it is and how to use it, but it has one problem, it might be broken when Hogwarts was attacked ." Albus looked at his friends before continuing.

"So i guess thats not much to go on but it will be fun to find out. " His friends cheeredand after a short cheerful chatAlbus left the compartmentsaying.


"We will meet up after we know our class schedule." They agreed and Albus went back to his own compartment. Back at the compartment. "You still haven't changed Albus! And were so close to Hogwarts, what are you thinking "Rose said. "Go on get changed and hurry up." James said and gave Albus his bag where his School robes were in. Albus sighed in his mind left for the changing room in the train. "Silly bitch who does she think she is.

Every single time she has something to meddle in." Albus thought. He remembered the time she almost caught him sneaking off to meet his friendsby putting Weasleys tracing powder under his shoes, so she knew what he was upto. Lucky for Albus, Molly Weasley who was babysitting them when both their parents were out, caught Rose before she could follow him at night and he could hear, her having a shout at her, before Rose could tell on him, Albus climbed back into his bed without anyone noticing.

Albus had a chuckle after Molly tucked him in, from then on he decided not to trust Rose any longer. There was a knock on the door of the changing room, and Albus opened the changing room door a little to see who it was. It was Victoire. "Everything alright Albus?" she asked. "That was awfully mean of Rose to shout at you like that." Albus shrugged, he was in his boxers and didn't really like Victoires timing.

"Its what Rose doesshe's like her mum, always meddling and knowing things better than everyone else." He said Victoire giggled. "Can i come in Albus? " Albus looked at her funny. "Uhm why?" "Well! "She looked left and right and said in a hushed voice. "I think its only fair, since you saw me naked when i bathed at the Burrow. Dont try to hide iti know you were there peeping.

My father warned me of the peephole" She smiled that dazzling smile of hers. "I thought it was rather sexy, did you get hard watching me, did you touch yourself thinking of my naked body." Albus opened the door to let her in, he was never one for asking too many questions when the situation was clear enough.

Victoire entered the small changing room. She looked at albus his boxers and wondered what it was hiding. "Will you show it to me? " She asked. "Show you what? " Albus said with a smirk. He was still a virgin but he knew the lingo very well and Albus was never shy with the opposite sex.

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"You know your thing &hellip. your uhm." She blushed. "Your cock." "Why dont you take of my boxers and find out." Albus said. Albus could see Victoire was taken aback a little by the way he said it so directly and commanding. Victoire gave him a coy smile, she liked this, she liked being told what to do, in a way it felt liberating to her. The feeling of not having to be the perfect little girl everyone perceived her to be, the feeling of being dominated.

This thought send a tingle down her spine. She hooked her thumbs behind the waistband of his boxers and slid the boxers down and showed her what it concealed "There, satisfied?" He said. "Verry! You are quite well developed ,for your age, its larger than Teddies." She admired it, she wanted to know what it felt like in her hands.

"Do you mind if i touch it?" Albus shook his head, and Victoires hands explored his cock and his balls, he grew hard in her hands, and loved the feel of her soft hands around his member as she explored his manhood. She loved how it felt in her hands the soft skin and the hardness of his cock how his foreskin covered the head.

So different from how Teddy was shaped. "I have been meaning to do this for a while nowand i think you will never forget this moment ever." She said smiling. She wrapped her fingers around his shaft and started to slowly stroke it. Ever so slowly she watched as his tip got exposed when she stroked down and enveloped by his skin it on the way up.

Albus could only stand there and enjoy Victoires touch, sure he had masturbated before, and he had let Christal have a feel but Victoire had experience she probably had that from Teddy he figured.

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He didn't notice she had dropped to her knees, to marvel at his boy cock and how beautiful it lookedshe took a deep smell of his member. "It smells nicewill it taste as good as well?" And with that she pulled back his skin and took the head of his cock in her mouth and let her tongue swirl around it. Judging from her sounds Albus figured she liked the taste very much.

He curled his toes at the sheer pleasure he got from her sucking on his cock. She looked up at him with her pretty blue eyesshe took her mouth of his member. "I can't believe how tasty you are Albusa girl could get addicted to your cock." Having said thatshe resumed sucking on his member and taking him deeper in her mouth. Albus moaned softly in pleasure as she played with his balls and rubbed his anus with her hands, softly she probed his asshole and dipped her index finger a little into him.

This send Albus over the edge, and he just held Victoire by the back of her head, while he unleashed rope after rope of his sticky hot semen, into her mouth. All the while Victoire looked up to him while he unloaded his sperm into her mouth, she loved the fact he held her head and spurted his cum in her mouth without warning her, she loved the feeling of it, of feeling dominated.

Teddy always warned her, and asked her if it was ok. "so boring she thought." She let Albus his cock go from her mouthand swallowed his load. She kissed his cock one last time, and then got up and kissed him on the lips. He could taste himself on her lips, but he didn't mind that. "Better get changed now Albus." She giggled "And we should do this again real soon." And with that she vacated the changing roomand left Albus to dress. Once changedAlbus went into the compartmentand saw Victoire french kissing Teddy Lupin.

He smirked "If only you knew where her mouth was a few minutes ago." Shortly after that the train stopped at the station.

This is a retype it took me a while to pick it up again and i wanted to make some changes to the story, i read a lot of advice on how to construct a story and i hope you enjoy reading it. It might still have some grammar mistakes in itbut English isn't my main language. So my apologies for that .