Lewd teen girl stands in different positions getting nailed

Lewd teen girl stands in different positions getting nailed
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After Naruto fucked Haku, things seemed to calm down a bit. Haku was able to integrate into the harem with little trouble.

Hinata seemed to get along with her just fine since Haku knew how to cook and clean unlike some of the other girls. It was nice not being the only person around who was helping out. Tenten seemed not to care and Temari thought she had a nice ass. Kin, on the other hand, was feeling a little down. Now there was another girl for her Naruto-sama to love. She felt that eventually she would become unneeded since she wasn't as skilled in some non-sex and non-shinobi related activates.

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However, Naruto told her that he his feelings for them hadn't changed and asked Hinata and Haku to teach Kin how to help around the house. He then learned of the Oto and Suna invasion plan that night from Kin and Temari. He was a little mad at them, until they told him that they informed the Hokage. They also told him that they really didn't want to do it but were under orders. This was something Naruto could understand since he knew what it was like to receive a mission that he really didn't want to do.

Now Kin and Temari were Leaf-nins now and had supplied the Hokage with all the information that they had. After they told him all this, the Hokage then learned that Naruto knew of the clan resurrection act and was using it. Now, it wouldn't due for Naruto to have some many people living with him in his tiny apartment. Also, he needed to place Kin into hiding from Orochimaru.

So he assigned Anko to find them a place to stay for the time being. This caused Naruto and the girls to move into the tower in the Forest of Death. Anko chose that location because the next time it would be in use would be in the next two and a half year. Also, no one would be able to hear the screaming that would be going on in there.

The days seemed to follow a pattern. Naruto would spend most of the day training with Jiraiya and then come back to the women who he loved and loved him back.

Temari would spend as much time as needed with her team while acting as a double agent. Once that was done, she would head to the tower and be with her lover as well as dropping off any new information. Tenten, who lived alone, moved in with Naruto. She would visit Lee to see how he was doing each day and then help out with anyone's training. Kin followed Naruto's orders to the letter. She was learning how to cook and clean from Haku and Hinata.

She was also to help Anko whenever she came around to train Hinata in the shinobi arts and Ino in the ways of sexuality. Haku was just doing her best to be helpful. Hinata trained with Anko more than ever. Her skills were improving more and more each day. When they were done with that kind of training the two of them would go down to the dungeon with Kin to train Ino. Ino was tied up to a large wooden X in the middle of the dungeon with her mouth gagged and her eyes blindfolded.

Each day Anko, Hinata, and Kin would come down and train her to be a submissive lover. When the training started, they would untie her but leave the gag and blindfold on. They would then give her orders like to pinch her own tits or to masturbate. Kin would whip her whenever she refused or hesitated too much. At first, this seemed to happen a lot. Then, as the days went by, Ino seemed to get into the role.

One of her favorite activities was sucking on a strap-on. In was one of the few times that the gag was removed other than to eat or drink. Another thing that she had to deal with was the meals. Naruto had made a comment that she looked too skinny.

The other girls agreed, seeing that the lack of fat would cause a problem in her shinobi career and that being able to see your rib bones was not that attractive.

So Ino was force to heat in a more healthy fashion. Over the course of a few weeks, her figure had become a bit fuller. Now when you touched her you wouldn't be able to feel her bones. At the end of each training session she would be tied back onto the X and left there. --- Ino heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Then she heard the door to the dungeon open. She felt her pussy begin to get wet and her juices run down her legs.


She the felt hands untie her from her X and as soon as they were done she fell to the floor. Once she got up on all fours she felt hands remove her gag. A moment later Ino felt something press against her mouth.

"Open up Ino-chan," said the voice of Naruto. This had been the day she had been waiting for. A real cock to fuck her for real. She eagerly opened her mouth and began to suck on it. Ino began to bob her head back and forth as she worked on Naruto's dick. Suddenly, the world lit up as her blindfold was removed. It took a few moments for her to adjust to the light and when she did she froze. Naruto wasn't the only one in the room with her. Temari was next to her and had taken off her blindfold.

Kin and Anko were both playing with each other as they watched Ino suck off Naruto. Haku was sucking on Hinata's breast while the Hyuuga had her eyes closed in pleasure. Tenten had taken one of the dildos out and was rubbing it against her clit. "Why did you stop Ino-chan?" "I…I don't want them to see me like this," cried Ino. She then gasped as she felt a finger slide down her nether lips. "That may be what you say," said Temari with a smile.

"But your body is far more honest. Now get back to sucking on Naruto-kun!" Ino hesitated for a moment before continuing. Naruto found it interesting that she was doing it with more vigor. Maybe it was because she had been deprived of the real thing for so long.

Or maybe it was because she liked all these people watching her. Whatever it was, she was putting her all into sucking on his cock. She then took it in too deep when she felt Temari lick her slit. Naruto moaned before grabbing her head and holding it there as he enjoyed the sensation that he was feeling.

Then, he took control of her head movements as he pushed her head back and forth. 'I can't believe this is happening,' thought Ino. 'I am having Naruto's dick shoved down my throat while a girl is licking my pussy. Why does this feel so good? Why am I getting wetter while I am being treated like trash?' "Ino-chan," said Naruto as he snapped Ino out of her thoughts.

"I'm going to cum. I want you to drink it all." Ino's eyes opened wide as Temari inserted two fingers into her pussy. Then, Naruto filled her mouth with his sperm.

Ino somehow managed to swallow it all and found that she liked the taste. When she was done, she looked up at Naruto. "Please Naruto-kun, I need you to fuck me," she begged. "I need your cock inside of me. The dildos and vibrating eggs aren't anything compared to the feeling of your cock when you fucked me that day. Please cum in my pussy, my ass, and my mouth again." Naruto chuckled.

"I thought you only wanted to use me last time," he said with a grin. "I thought you said that Sasuke would be better. Are you sure you don't want to wait for him?" "No," said Ino as she shook her head. "Please, do whatever you want to me. Abuse my nipples. Abuse my pussy. Just give me your cock. If you want, I'll do it in an alley with you. Just please shove your cock into my pussy!" The next thing she knew was Temari had grabbed her hips and flipped her onto her back.

Temari then crawled up the other blonde's body until they were face to face. "You're so cute," said Temari right before she kissed her. Ino felt Temari's tongue press against her lips, wanting to get in. Temari moaned into Ino's mouth when the passage opened and Temari could taste a bit of Naruto still in her mouth.

Temari moved her hand and grabbed Ino's breast and began to knead it. Ino's arms wrapped around Temari's body as the former Suna-nin played with her breast. While they were occupied, Naruto had moved around to Ino's pussy. He then rubbed Temari's ass and used it as a signal. Temari understood and used her legs to spread Ino's as much as possible.

Once that was done, Naruto placed his cock at her entrance and then thrusted into Ino causing her to moan into Temari's mouth. She felt a bit looser then the last time he entered her. But, she was still tight and warm. Naruto then began to fuck her hard and fast.

His hips moved like a blur causing Ino to tighten her grip on Temari. It didn't take long for the both of them to cum. As her orgasm slowly faded, she realized that Temari was getting off of her. This caused her to whine a bit.

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The other blond girl heard this and smiled. Temari then moved her body so that her cunt was right above Ino's mouth. Immediately Ino began to lick it. She tasted the fan wielding nins juices and found them as tasty as Naruto's cum had been. She then felt Naruto lift her ass a bit before pressing his cock into her ass.

As he entered her, Ino felt tongues all over her body. Kin and Anko had moved over and were licking her breasts. Tenten and Haku were tasting her legs.

Hinata was next to Naruto as she kissed him. "Welcome to the family Ino-chan," said Naruto after Hinata moved from his mouth and began to lick his chest. --- Naruto was outside the tower as he breathed in the night air.

He had worn out the girls and they were now all asleep. He chuckled as he remembered how Ino tried to hug all the action, slowly reverting back to her usually bossy self. This meant that she needed more training. Or perhaps he won't. After all, having to make her submit every time sounded like fun. Suddenly his chest felt like it was burning. He held onto it as it began to glow bright red. A moment later a light shot out of his chest. Slowly, this light began to change into a human like shape.

Naruto watched as the light became a girl of about sixteen. She had bright red hair that was tied into a ponytail and had red slit eyes. On her head were two little fox ears and she had a single red fox tail. Her body was curved to perfection and she had medium sized breast that weren't too big or too small for her size. Plus, she was naked. "Hell ya," she cried. "I'm free!" "Who the hell are you?" demanded a stunned Naruto. The girl seemed to realize he was there and then winked at him.

"I'm Kyuubi," she replied.

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"Who else would come out of your stomach?" "But you only have one tail," Naruto pointed out. "Ya," she said. "I kind of had to leave them inside you in order to escape. Plus I had to give up my adult form and revert back to my teenage one. Do you know how long it took for me to get out of this stage?

I was a teen for three thousand years. And back then there were no zit removers. Can you believe that?" Naruto shook his head. There were actually a lot of things he couldn't believe right now. "Why are you naked?" he asked. The girl looked at her naked form and shrugged. "Does it matter?" she asked. "When I was in my fox form I was naked as well. Besides, where am I supposed to get clothing from when I have live in your gut for the past thirteen years?" Naruto scratched the back of his head as he realized that she had a point.

"So what are you going to do now?" he asked. Kyuubi looked at him and gave him a feral grin. She then walked over to him and pushed him on the ground. Before he could do anything Kyuubi had startled his hips. "Well here's the thing," she said as she inched closer to his face. "I can't get too far away from you because we are still linked. Remember you have eight of my tails. And since we are still connected, if you die then I die. Till death do us part and all that." Now her lips were right above his.

"And seeing as I am practically married to you, I saw we do it." Before Naruto could saw anything, Kyuubi was pressing her lips against his in a fierce kiss. The tongues met and explored each others mouths. Naruto shivered as his tongue felt one of Kyuubi's fangs. "Wait," said Naruto as he broke off the kiss.

"I'm not so sure about this. Don't you have a…a…husband or something?" "No," said Kyuubi as she began to rip his clothing off of him with her clawed hands. "In case you didn't know, I'm the only giant demon fox in this or any other world.

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I have no mate or kits." Her eyes then widened as Naruto cupped her cheek with his hand. "I'm sorry," he said. "I wasn't thinking.

So, then you are a virgin?" "Hai," she said as she moved down and began to rip off his pants and shorts literally. Soon Naruto was naked with his little soldier standing at attention.

"But not for long. I'm finally going to lose it after ten thousand years!" With that, she began to lick him cock as her tail wagged. She started at the head and tasted his pre-cum. A blush lit her face as she then began to circle the head with her tongue.

She had to admit that Naruto's body was much better than the humanoid forms of the other tailed demons. She guessed that they were always grumpy because they weren't as big down there as Naruto was.

Smiling, she grabbed Naruto's shaft and began to jerk it while she continued to lick. "I'm going to cum!" cried Naruto right before a stream of cum hit Kyuubi in the face and her breasts. The fox girl then made a purring sound as she moved on top of Naruto with her pussy above his mouth.

"I want you to get me nice and wet," she said. Her command was obeyed immediately as she felt his tongue enter her. She felt his hands move to her lower lips and spread them so that he could have better access.

While he tasted her juices, Kyuubi began to scup up Naruto's cum with her finger and ate it. By the time she was done, Naruto had inserted a finger into her pussy and was pumping it in and out of her. His other hand then moved and pinched her clit, causing her to have her very first orgasm.


It was so intense that she fell forwards and landed in-between his lags. "Are you alright Kyu-chan?" asked Naruto. Kyuubi's ears twitched at the name. She then got on all fours before standing up. "Of course I am," she said as she placed her pussy above his cock.

"I am the most power demon ever. Now to lose the only part of me that is innocent." With that, she sank downward onto the waiting cock.

They both hissed as Kyuubi slowly sank deeper and deeper as tears rolled down her eyes. Naruto couldn't believe it; she had the tightest pussy ever. It was also the warmest he had ever been in. And it was taking every bit of self control he had not to cum or start to thrust. Then, he felt his dick break her barrier and she let out a scream. Kyuubi began to thrash around causing Naruto to cum inside of her. His cum and her blood began to pour out of her pussy as she fell onto his chest.

"You rushed it," he whispered into her fox ears. "Shut up," she said quietly. She then moaned as Naruto began to nibble on her ears. "What are you doing?" "This is what making love is about," said Naruto I a low voice that aroused Kyuubi. "Making each other feel good." She then felt his hands on her breasts.

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One hand grabbed her nipple and began to roll it between two fingers. The other began to knead her breast. Naruto then gave Kyuubi a light kiss on the lips. Kyuubi, who was now beginning to feel the pleasure, began to kiss him back with as much passion as she could. She then began to move her hips and Naruto followed her lead.

"Naruto-kun, I feel so good," moaned Kyuubi. "I feel like I'm on fire!" Naruto smiled as he moved his head so he could capture her nipple in his mouth. In response, Kyuubi wrapped her arms around his head to keep it there while he sucked on it like a little baby. "I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum. I'm GOING TO CUM!" With that, Kyuubi had her second orgasm. But Naruto was still hard inside her.

He rolled her over and as soon as he was on top he began to thrust once again. A few minutes later, he came inside her cause her to raise her hips as she had her third orgasm. --- The next morning, the girls awoke to the sound of purring. There, standing naked with and equally naked Naruto was a fox girl. "Ah you're all awake," said Naruto. "Allow me to introduce the latest addition to the family, Kyuubi no Kitsune."