Stunning solo angel in a sexy play

Stunning solo angel in a sexy play
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our second try As I walk by the window of a restraunt I notice a gentleman sitting in the corner booth all alone. It is very cold out today. Damn me for wearing my favorite jean skirt that barely covers my ass.

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At least I decided to wear my black leather knee high boots. As I pull my arms around my waist I notice my nipples are hard.

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Crap, I should go have a cup of coffee and warm up a bit. As I enter the restraunt I notice there are a number of people inside. I take a seat at the table next to gentleman in the corner. I don't know what it is about him. He has a strong commanding presence, but he looks like he doesn't want to be bothered.

The waitress comes over with a cup of coffee. As she puts the cup in front of me, I told her I didn't order yet. The waitress tells me it's from the gentleman in the corner.


I give her a questioning look as she places a note card on the table . "I noticed you looked cold, so I thought this hot smooth coffee would soften you up." Oh no, soften me up. I look down and yep.still hard. I look up and the gentleman is staring directly at me.

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I slide out of the booth and move to the table directly in front of him. I "accidently" spill my coffee all over the table. The waitress runs over and begins to gather the tablecloth and says she will get me a new one right away. I tell the waitress not to bother. I don't need one. The moment the waitress is gone, I spread my legs apart. I look up and the gentleman is still watching me. I take his note and lift it to my nose. I close my eyes and enhale deeply.

As I lower the paper, I run it down my tounge. I circle it around my right nipple (still hard by the way) and down my stomach. I lower the note between my legs and slide it up my wet pussy. I stand up and walk straight to the gentleman. I place the note in front of his face and ask "What do you think?" The gentleman wraps his hand around my wrist. He is strong but does not hurt me. He lifts his now pussy juice note to his nose and breaths in deep.

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He does not move his eyes from mine. He keeps the smeel inside of him for a few seconds longer. Then he moves the card to his lips. He gently licks the paper slowly. He rolls his tongue around in his mouth and then licks his lips.

I look at him as serious as I can with pussy juice dripping down my leg and say, "Well?" He glares at me and says, "What do you think?" Then he turns my wrist and pushes the paper against me lips. I lick the paper and let out a whisper of a moan. "So, what's your name stranger", I ask as calmly as I can.

He only says one word.Master. I lift my skirt higher up one thigh and stretch to kneel on top of the table. As I am kneeling in front of him, he takes his hands and feels the soft leather of my boots.

Up and down my legs, stroking the heel. I ask if he likes the boots, but he does not answer. He moves his hands over my thighs and circles under my skirt. As he begins to rub my uncovered cheeks, I become flushed with embarresment. I turn my head, but no one is watching. But oh it feels so good. "Master do you want to go some where?" He looks at me and says, "Why leave when you are already on your knees?" The gentleman is kiny.I like it.

"Would Master like to feel more?" He continues to rub his hands over my round butt. Suddenly he removes his hands from me completly. "What's wrong?" He looks at me and says, "Master. Call me Master." "OK, Master what is wrong?" "Stand next to the table and lean over. Lay your cheek on the table top." Before I know it, Master has smacked my ass.

Wait what? *SMACK* Oh I kind of like that. I look up and notice people are starting to stare at us, but the waitress isn't saying anything.


*SMACK* "I said lay your cheek on the table top." I put my face back down, somewhat shocked by his tone. *SMACK* *SMACK* "Oh" *SMACK* "AAhh" "Do you always jump on tables sticking your essence in strangers faces?" "What?" "Do you always jump and tables sticking your essence in strangers faces?" "No, of course not." I am shocked he even asked me that.

*SMACK* *SMACK* *SMACK* "No, Master" he commands. "No, Master. I'm sorry Master." He slides his hand down my fire burning ass and peeks between my lips. He slides his fingers up and down, barely touching my clit. "Do you like to be spanked?" "No Master" *SMACK* *SMACK* "Liar. You are so wet it is glistening down the inside of your hot thighs." "I mean people are watching Master." "I do not care about them. Only you little one." *SMACK* I can no longer contain my arousal and I begin to moan with every slap.

Master takes his finger and eases it between my lips and inside my tight pussy. He slides in and out. "Oooohhhh" Master takes my skirt and lifts it over my ass. "Master the people." "Don't worry about them." Then I hear him moving behind me.

He lowers his zipper and presses against me. "Oh My, Master." He moves his arm around my waist and slides his hand under my shirt. "Are you still cold little one?" "No, Master I'm hot. Very Hot." As he slides his hand over my hard nipple, he squeezes. His grip is firm as he rubs my breast in circles.

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He pinches my nipple. He slides his other hand over my burning tingling ass and between my legs. Master rubs my lips with 2 fingers. He runs his wet fingers in between my cheeks. Master bends over and licks my rosey colored cheek. I look around the room and people have stopped to watch, like I was a floor show in a carnival. I think I even saw one person in the corner eating popcorn.

"Relax little one. I will take care of you." "Wha.Hello!" Suddenly Master has placed his steel rod between my cheeks. "What are you doing back there?" "Just relax. I promise this will not hurt and you will beg me not to move afterwards." Master moves his hand in front of my face and stickes his finger inside my mouth. I taste salty and warm. "Suck" I begin to suck on his finger. Licking up and down while my spit coats his finger. "Open your mouth little one." I open my mouth wide as he removes his finger, careful not to remove any of the wetness I just provided.

He takes his dripping finger and rubs my bud. His slipps his fingertip inside. "Breathe with me little one.

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You will need to relax." I begin to take deep breaths trying to calm my nerves. "Relax" How can I relax with all these people here." I look around again, but wait a minute. The man 3 tables down is rubbing something between his legs. And on the otherside of the room I see a lady massaging her friends tits. They like it. Oh My, I like it. I'm turning them on. Well, who am I to deny anyones pleasure. Master slides his finger in farther. "Good girl. Keep breathing." As I exhale he slides his finger out completely.

I feel empty. Wet and excited, but empty. "Master?" "Patience little one. I don't want to hurt you." "Breath in. Good. Now breath Out." "Excellent. Again." Master places his cock between my cheeks. "Keep breathing Angel. You're doing great." He places the head at the entrance of my tight little bud.

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As I breath deep, he slides in. Deeper with each breath. As I take another deep breath, I feel his balls hit against the back of my thighs. "Oh Master. That feels so good." "Give yourself a minute to get used to me inside you." He runs his hands over my breasts and squeezes as he goes. Slides his hand down my stomach and over my mound. He lands on my hard clit and begins to rub in slow soft circles. Master begins to pull slowly out of me.

The he pushes back in. Again he pulls out and pushes in. He rubs my clit harder. Puls out and pushes harder now. "Faster Master, please." "Are you begging little one?" Before I could answer him he begins to thrust in and out, faster and harder. My swollen clit is on fire. Master does ot slow down. He keeps pumping in and out, in and out.

He stops rubbing my clit and pushes down hard. "OH" "OH" "Master?" "Yes little one. Now." I explode, squirting right in his hand.

"AAAHHHHH" Panting and spinning, I lay my head on the table. As I go down I see the 2 ladies on the other side of the room, clit fucking on the floor. The man 3 tables down is now fucking a woman between her Royal Blue 6 inch stillettos.


I start to wake up, shivering cold and sitting on the lap of the gentleman in the corner. "What? I'm sorry. How did I get here?" "I am Master and I put you here." I stretch my arms and feel sore, but relaxed.

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Suddenly it all comes back to me. The note, my wet pussy, kneeling on the table.being taken from behind?!? I look around the restraunt and nothing seems out of place. The 2 ladies across the room are eating their lunch and the man from 3 table down is gone.

I turn and look at this man called Master. I am completley bewildered and facinated. "Thank you.Master." "Can I ask you something?" "Anything little one." "I thought I saw people watching us and having sex at the same time we were." "You did little one.

This is my restraunt with many loyal customers. They know if they come here and suddenly find themselves turned on, this is a safe place." "So I really did see 2 women clit fucking on the floor?" Master nods his head slowly. "WOW! That looked like fun." "I can arrange it for you later tonight in a hotel room." "A Hotel Room? No thank you." "What about my place then?" "I'm in.

I'll see you tonight." ");