Pussy creams from BBC bearskeet cum hard

Pussy creams from BBC bearskeet cum hard
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My name is James and I have 2 sisters and live with my parents in the uk. Every summer my family and I will go to america to visit my uncle Greg, aunt Linda (but I sometimes call her aunt Lynn) and my very hot 20 year old cousin Julie.

I always wanted to fuck her like any other horny 17 year old would. Julie had smooth silky skin and had some good c- cup boobs. She was 5'9" which was 2 inches shorter than me. But she was nonetheless my cousin and obviously, that would be incest.

However, I have a girlfriend and have already fucked her a few times already. Anyways, I waited eagerly for summer as it soon arrived and as I found myself in America. I met everyone including Julie and I quickly adjusted to the time difference. Over the next few days, I found myself, as usual, clicking on with Julie quite well. To be honest, I could tell she preferred me to my sisters probably because I was closer to her age than them.

But I was soon about to realize something weird. I did not know about this until afterwards, but my uncle Greg, aunt Lynn n Julie were all incest freaks! I had to find out in the most unusual of ways but this is how it started, in my uncle's and aunt's room where Julie also slept since I was using her room.

------------------------------------------ "Oh dad, come on dad harder! Fuck me harder dad!" Screamed Julie as uncle Greg pounded her pussy on their bed as aunt Lynn sat beside them and rubbed her fingers on her own pussy. "Ah. Ahh. Dad stop, dad" "What is it julie?" "Dad, it's not fun anymore.

I'm starting to get tired from this. We've tried all the different positions and there's nothing new!" "I agree Greg" said aunt Lynn "What do you suggest we do then?" Asked uncle Greg "Well" replied Julie, "obviously something new probably get someone else in would be the best" "Yes, I think so too" replied aunt Lynn "Well who do you suggest we get in? Your boyfriend, nick?" "No! Not my boyfriend nick!

What would he think about an incest family?!" "Well who then?" "Someone who we can trust and won't tell anyone we know. If you ask me, the best option right now is James" said julie "What?!" Uncle Greg and aunt Lynn said in union. "We can't fuck your cousin! What if he tells his parents?" Questioned aunt Lynn "Well, just leave that up to me" said Julie as the 3 of them started to plan something to get me on that same night. ------------------------------------------ I was soundly asleep in Julie's room where I've been sleeping the last few weeks with my dad.

I'll sleep on the floor on the pull out while he'll sleep on the bed (my mom and sisters would sleep in the guest room). Julie opened the door and walked in as she bent over and tapped me gently; I was then half awake. "James, I need your help I can't get something off the high shelf in my room. Can you please help me?" I turned around to face her and what I saw made me fully awake.

Julie was wearing only a white robe that went up to her to half of her thighs.

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But what I saw was that she was bending over and I could see her cleavage. Oh god what I'm i saying? I could see part of her Areola! What she did after that was even better.

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She squat down right in front of me and I could see a bit of her shaven pussy! "So can you help me? Please?" Julie said snapping me out of my fantasy. "Ok sure" i said while looking at her pussy "Great!" She whispered as she kissed me on my forehead as we climbed the stairs to go to her room. Her room was on the 3rd floor, the only one on that floor. I was too distracted to even question why she had asked me to help her reach for something when she had her dad in the same room for as when we were climbing up the stairs, Julie was in front so I had a good view of her ass.

Right in front of her room julie stopped and stared at me seductively. "Enjoyed the show?" She asked "I. Um. I'm." She cut me of by a long 'shhh' while placing a finger on my lips. "I know you enjoyed looking at these" she said as she pulled down her robe slightly to show me her boobs. I took a gulp in as me erection grew harder, visibly sticking out through my pants. Looking down at that Julie said "well, I guess you did.

Come, let me help you with that" as she pulled down my pants. I was speechless. I was so lost. But I soon fell blank as I felt Julie's soft lips wrapped against my dick and her tongue started working its way. She soon started to bob her head back and forth.

God, I was in heaven! "Argh. Oh. Julie I'm coming" I said not too loud trying not to wake up her parents inside the room. Julie pulled out as I came on her face, boobs and her hair. I was panting. "Gosh julie, that was great!" "It's not over yet" she said as she let her robe fall on the ground.

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She stood there in front of me naked. I could not believe what was happening now.


She bent against the wall next to the door of her room as she spread her legs and stuck her ass out and used her fingers to spread open her pussy to give me such a view! "Well, what are you waiting for? Don't worry, I'm on the pill" She said I tore off my shirt as I ran to her. I bent down and inhaled the scent of her moist pussy as I gave it a lick and inserted 2 fingers in it. Julie started grunting. "Gosh James! Stop teasing me and fuck me!" I did not need to be asked again and inserted my dick into her now dripping pussy.

I started pounding away like there was no tomorrow as Julie started moaning. She placed a hand to cover her mouth to keep herself quiet. My guess is that she does not want her parents to wake up and find out what's happening outside. But I was so wrong as I would to realize later. I was fucking julie and it was amazing. Julie started squirming around probably she was enjoying it as much as I was.

But just then, she leaned against the door of her bedroom. The door opened while she was leaning on it and while I was fucking her and we both fell in the room. Julie was on the floor and I was on top of her with my dick still in her pussy.


I realized now that I could have woken up uncle Greg and aunt Lynn. As I looked up with my dick still in Julie as we are both naked, I was as shocked as Julie's parents. Uncle Greg and aunt Lynn were both naked as uncle Greg had his dick inside aunt Lynn as we all stared at each other in shock. Soon aunt Lynn broke the silence by getting off of uncle Greg and standing right in front of us (we were still on the floor).

"Care to tell me what's going on?" Aunt Lynn asked looking quite angry that Julie and I were fucking. Which parents wouldn't be? We started getting off each other when Julie whispered to me asking me to follow her lead. We got up and started cover ourselves with out hands but aunt Lynn stopped us.

"Don't bother. We've seen everything" said aunt Lynn as uncle Greg walked next to her. "Well" asked aunt Lynn again, "why the hell are you guys fucking each other?!" She said this time with more anger in her voice. "Mom, it's my fault. I seduced James into having sex with me. I'm sorry mom. Take it out on me but don't be mad at James" Julie selflessly answered.


"But mom" Julie continued, "how can you resist James? Just look at him.

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He's bigger than dad" Julie said gesturing to uncle Greg. I looked at uncle Greg and realized that Julie was right. Uncle Greg was probably around 5 or 6 inch long but I was 7. Aunt Lynn mood changed as she compared my dick with uncle Greg's. "Come on mom, how can you ignore this for dad?" Julie said as she started pumping my limp dick in front of her parents.

When I thought that things were just about to get worse aunt Lynn walked up in front of Julie and myself and kneeled down as she started pumping my dick.

And Julie also kneeled down next to her mom and they both started licking my dick. At this point I totally forgot about uncle Greg being in the room. I was too busy enjoying 2 hot woman sucking me off. In fact, I just realized that aunt Lynn was quite hot despite being in her early 40s. She could comfortably pass of as a 30 year old. But my thoughts about her stop as aunt Lynn's mouth engulfed my dick and Julie stood up and gave me a kiss on the lips and I pushed my tongue inside her mouth.

I have no idea how long this last for. But I soon broke my kiss with Julie as I felt aunt Lynn working her tongue very well around my dick. I let out a weak moan and started enjoying the blow job I was receiving. Since I just came earlier when Julie gave me a blow job, I did not come any time soon and aunt Lynn stopped and she started walking towards the bed. It was then that I realize that after I stopped kissing julie, uncle Greg and her started fucking each other on the bed doggy style as uncle Greg pulled Julie's hair.

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Aunt Lynn laid down on the carpeted floor next to the bed and spread her legs in front of me as she started rubbing her pussy. I walked up to her and started fucking her. "Oh my god James you're bigger than Greg. Argh " aunt Lynn said in between her moans. To be honest, I just wanted to pick off from where I've stopped with Julie.

So, I started grinding into aunt Lynn even faster. Aunt Lynn was squirming around recklessly as I flipped her over so that her stomach was on the floor while still fucking her. I lifted her ass up slightly and inserted 2 fingers into it very roughly.

She started moaning even louder and by now, the room was filled with moans from julie and aunt lynn and soon aunt Lynn couldn't hold it in any longer. "Oh god. James. I'm coming!" Aunt Lynn screamed as she came and passed out from the intensity of her orgasm. I pulled out of her and moved up to suck on her right nipple as I roughly pinched the other.

She was too tired to even react that she simply let out a very weak moan. I got up and started to make my way up to julie and uncle Greg on the bed where Julie was now riding her dad. I watched her juicy boobs flop around as she was riding her dad. Julie saw me walking over and got off her dad and sat down on the bed. "I've always wanted to try double penetration" Julie said as uncle Greg shifted to the centre of the bed with his head against the headboard.

Julie got on top of uncle Greg and positioned his dick at her entrance.

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"James can you please fuck my ass?" Julie asked as she lowered herself on her dad facing the headboard and uncle Greg started sucking on her nipples. I didn't waste any more time and jumped on the bed and positioned my dick at her rear.

I pushed in without a warning and sent julie screaming. She obviously was not use with the feeling of being double penetrated as she looked uncomfortable and kept squirming.

"Guys stop. Stop" Julie begged. I removed myself from her as she got off her dad. I was upset as I thought she did not like the feeling of double penetration and she asked us to stop.

However, Julie got off the bed and walked to the dresser next to the bed and pulled out some lube from one of the drawers. I was once again elated. She squirted out some lube onto her hand and rubbed it on my member.

She then handed me the lube and positioned herself once again on her dad. I squirted some lube on my fingers and inserted them into Julie's ass. I then threw the lube on the floor and positioned my dick at her rear again. Together, uncle Greg and I slammed our dicks into Julie which caused her to scream. She was now clearly enjoying this. "Oh my god.

This feels. Sooo good." Julie said in between her moans. While still fucking her, uncle Greg extended his arm to the dresser next to the bed and took out some items which I could not see. But later, I realize that those items where clothe pins as well as a ball gag. Uncle Greg threw me the ball gag and I placed it in Julie's mouth the same time as uncle Greg attached the clothe pins to her nipples.

In a matter of minutes, I saw her flesh turned bright red around the clothe pins.

Uncle greg and I started fucking Julie in a rhythm and it wasn't long until she felt an orgasm building and came. She squirted all over the bed and uncle Greg and myself as she screamed through her ball gag. Julie body became limp and uncle Greg and I used our hands to support her as we continued fucking her.

It was not long till the both of us felt our orgasm nearing and we soon came in her together, filling her up with our cum. We let go of Julie and she collapsed on uncle Greg while I collapsed on her. We both had our dicks in her. I soon pulled out and rolled over. Julie did the same as she rolled in between uncle Greg and me.

I was on her left while uncle Greg was on her right. She removed the clothe pins and the ball gag from her mouth. "That was the best orgasm I've ever had" Julie said in between her breathing. We cuddled in the bed for a while and realized that it was 3 in the morning. We got aunt Lynn onto the bed and then Julie and I went outside to collect our robe and clothes respectively. Not wanting to cause any suspicion from my parents, I changed quickly and said good night to Julie.

She kissed me again on the lips and said good night too. I made my way to my my room and tucked in under the blanket.

I was thinking about how things are going to be now with aunt Lynn, uncle Greg and Julie.

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Fortunately for me, things were quite the same that morning and it was later that day that Julie confessed that the whole thing was a set up. I was surprised at first but it soon all started to make sense but I didn't really care.

I enjoyed it and so did everyone else, especially julie. And I for one know that something like this will happen again during me stay here and I simply can't wait!