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Gay clips tweak piss drink Self Soaking With Straight Mathias
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Title: Alandra Naked in School - Wednesday (24,481 words) Author: Tenyari Part: 3 Universe: Naked in School Keywords: NiS, exhib, voy, naked, ff, mf, viol Summary: School troublemaker Alandra Cabrera finds herself forced to attend school naked after she is drafted into a new sweeping social program.

Copyright: April 29, 2004 - all rights reversed. THIS STORY IS INTENDED FOR ADULT READING ONLY This story is based around the Naked in School series. See the Monday chapter for information on finding previous episodes in the series. Archived at: If you find this elsewhere, check above to get the most current version.

----------------------------------------------------------------- I woke up early Wednesday morning, to find the batteries dead on the dildo. Oh well, that was no surprise. I couldn't remember if it was in me when I fell asleep or not - I doubt it - but it was on the floor when I woke.

I looked through my drawers, trying to find something to wear. Everything felt confining - a weight on my shoulders, a pull against my legs, and itch here or there - that sort of thing. So instead I just went out into the living room and sat down. The box to the game the twins were playing was still out; something called "Tenyari's Tale".

According to the box you played a redhead who woke up in a strange world - trying to find out who you were and if you really belonged or not. I don't know why she was naked, but it seemed to be part of some new 'ND-X' teen label - nudity and sex.

Go figure, the Program was even invading video games. I flipped on the TV to see some naked newscaster telling me it would be a little colder today outside. Well fuck, I still couldn't figure out what to wear - none it felt comfortable.

Remembering something from my reading last night, I went to check Pa's pills. We always kept them in a little day divider. No skips, no days missing. Not in either set. Still I figured I'd watch when he got up to make sure.

That got me thinking - so far this week I'd been doing all my homework. I never did shit like that. Well, I did most of it, but still. I guess this Program was working in one way - I didn't want to get called up and be the stupid naked chick in front of class.

There was mail on the counter, still unopened - a letter from Social Services that might be important. I looked on the calendar we kept by the fridge; an appointment with Samantha Thursday. How long had the letter been there? Opening it, it was pretty much a reminder. Fuck it Pa, you gotta stay on track of this shit. The rest of the mail didn't seem important so I just pushed it aside for a bowl of cereal.

Rosa came in while I was eating. "Shit Alani - you gonna keep strutting 'round like that?" "Fuck off Rosa. Eat something will ya?" I said. "Here." I passed her the cereal. "Pa bought milk?" she asked. "No stupid, it's from my own tits!" I said hefting them up, and she made a face like she believed me. "It's in the fridge." Rosa poured a bowl and sat down. "You went to bed early last night." "Long day.

This Program shit wears you out." I said. "Looks fun to me. You shoulda seen May in the halls yesterday." She said. "I heard." I said.

"I can't fuck'n belief it, she used to just sit there." Rosa said. "Shy May. Not anymore I s'pose." I said with a giggle. "Hey." Rosa began. "Yeah?" I said. "What about you? That stuff got you psycho yet?" She asked. "I ain't been fuck'n 'round if that's what you mean, but it does get you worked up." I said. "What's with this new video game?" I pointed to the living room. "I think Manuel likes it more - it's mostly T'nA" She said.

"No shit. I saw it last night." I said. "The graphics on that get pretty real." She said, poking a finger through a hole she made with her other hand and giving me a dirty smile. "Program shit." I said "It's gett'n into everything." I finished my bowl.

"Your up early." I said. "You woke me up. 'sides, maybe I can get past Manuel's save in the game before school." She said, heading out to the living room. I figured I should shower and get ready. I thought about May while I was in there, but then a song came on the radio and I thought about Pa.

It was some old song from the 80s. Culture Club, I knew the band 'cause Pa liked them a lot. We love and we never tell What places our hearts in the wishing well Love leads us into the stream And it's sink or swim Like it's always been And I keep on loving you It's the only thing to do When the angel sings There are greater things Can I give them all to you 'Victims' was the song's name.

Pa said it was about AIDS - 'fore anyone knew why everybody was dying so fast. "Hey, you fuck'n off in there?" I heard Rosa call in from the living room. I'd slammed my fist into the shower wall - the song made me think about things we tried to ignore. I waited till the water washed away my tears before getting out. "You ok?" Rosa asked when I came into the hall. Manuel was standing there in his underwear, just waking up. "I was thinking about." I said, looking down the hall past them.

"Oh." She said. I think she'd heard a bit of the music, cause she just left back to her game. "What?" Manuel asked. "Hey you done in there?" he said. I waved him through. "Put someth'n on dammit. You look like some kinda slut." "Fuck off Manuel; I don't need your shit right now." I said. I went into my room and sat down. It was still pretty early, but I got my bag ready and looked outside - slightly overcast, the news bitch was probably right. "Damn Rosa, you're kick'n my ass in this thing." I heard Manuel call out a few minutes later.

I just sat on my bed thinking. Pa was still asleep when I left. I opened the door. "Shit, it's cold." "Yeah well, so the naked slut says." Manuel called back. "Fuck you twerp, get your ass to school." I said, going back to my room.

I got a coat and put it on, along with some sandals - stuff I could drop easy enough. I picked up the dildo, shrugged, and wore it like Ms. Magante did - on a waist chain. Maybe I could get some batteries before school. When I stepped out again the twins were already a block down. I didn't bother catching up. I ran into Rick and Rubin at the corner some of us all met up at before school. "Yo A.C." Rick called out. Looking at my tits he added; "I see it's still hang'n well." "Hey guys." I said.

"You looked pissed." Rubin said, handing me a smoke. "Twins?" and he nodded his head down the block where they were walking away. I shrugged. "Not really, only kinda." We walked for a bit, then Rick said "My sister gets on my nerves sometimes." "Hey how'd it go last night?" I asked Rubin, remembering he'd had a date with some chick we ran into over the weekend.

"I fucked the bitch and her friend Gina." he said. "Damn," Rick said "How do you do it?" Rubin shrugged. "Been getting easier since this Program kicked off." "You gonna see her again?" Rick said.

"It's just pussy." Rubin answered. "Like I give a shit." "Hey!" I said; just as the wind blew open my coat.

"Not like you A.C., you're. you know what I mean." Rubin said. "She does have a damn fine cunt though." Rick said, cupping his hand over my pussy where the coat was open. "Hey." I said again, shooting fake daggers at them with my eyes. They both shoved me around a bit, and I punched Rubin in the arm. It's good to have a crew like that; my mood was a lot better by the time we got to school - even if I felt my clit was gonna freeze off from all the times my coat blew open.

We did manage to hit a 'stop and rob' on the way there and get a set of batteries. I got a spare set as well - never know. We didn't meet up with Marcy till just before we hit campus. Everyone followed me to the south entrance. We were still a little early, but in time to see May's first fuck of the day. Some guy I didn't know was doing her doggie style on the lawn, despite the cold. I think he was a junior and also in the Program - he looked kinda familiar.

Ms. Magante was just watching them along with everyone else. There weren't any other teachers or staff around. "Oh. yeah, fuck me man! Harder!" May called out as we walked up. "Yo what up May?" I said, acting like nothing was going on. "Shit." Rick said, adjusting his pants. "You gotta stop making me think of you as a pussy May." May tossed her hair back.

"It's fuck'n cold guys - we had to warm up." I laughed. May always made sense in some twisted sort of way. "Figured I'd just keep the coat till we had to go in." I said. "Fuck that" The guy said. "No. Fuck this!" May said, pounding back at him. "It's a lot more fun." "Oh shit yeah!" He yelled, cumming in her.

He pulled out, thanked her, and got up, going over to his own crowd and high-fiving a buddy as they all laughed. "Ah man. I didn't cum yet." She said as she rolled over and began working her pussy with her new dildo - worn just like me and Magante's. "Damn battery died last night." She added. "Here." There went my spare batteries. "Mine kicked out last night, left it on after I fell asleep." May looked tired. "Sleep?

Oh yeah. I didn't get to sleep till 3 last night, when it kicked out on me." She paused in her ministrations to put in the batteries. "Your parents didn't say anything?" Rick asked, casually watching her work her pussy. "I think I need to get laid again." Rubin said, looking around for 'stray cats' as he called them ­ lone girls that were easy pickings. Rubin always said 'guys try to talk each other into getting laid, but girls try to talk each out of it ­ go for the loners'. I'm not sure, but he might'a been right ­ I didn't really start getting laid until I started hanging out with the guys, even though it wasn't them I was fucking.

"Fuck. Her parents?" Marcy said. "They probably watched; the whole family together, all naked in the living room." May just smiled back. Thing was, Marcy was probably right. I know May's mom worked nude, and her parents had some kind of 'modern understanding'. If Rubin was looking for pussy, he could probably get it there - not that he ever would.

We saw Kevin coming up the alley about ten minutes before bell and went to meet him. "Yo Kev', I need to drop my coat in your car." I said, and we all wandered off the school. I put it in the trunk, along with Rubin's smokes and my sandals. "Shit! Let's get inside. My nipples are cold." I said. They were sticking out like acorns, and about as hard.

The guys watched as I tried to rub some warmth into them. "Not that cold." Rick said. "You're not the naked chick." Me and May said as we got our bags, went through the metal detectors at the gate again, and ran back to school. They wouldn't open the main door yet; so we sat around for a few minutes outside, watching people come in.

This was the part where the naked kids tended to put on a show for everyone and people had all kinds of requests - but it was cold and even May was giving people hard looks before they got too close.

Instead she sat in Rubin's lap and let him wrap her in his coat. I did the same with Rick. Kevin and Marcy huddled in to help us stay warm. The bell hadn't rung yet so fuck the Program rules. We learned Ms. Magante had at least one item in her wardrobe - a trench coat which she didn't bother to close in the front. "What're they gonna do in winter?" Marcy wondered. "Fuck if I know. I hope I don't get picked then." Rick said.

A lot of the freshmen nudes were getting felt up - not tough enough to stare people off in the cold. I saw Ricky from the halls yesterday fingering one of the girls. He had a talent for that - I think word was spreading. "I don't get it." Rick said in my ear. "Most guys have to chase a girl down to do an 'RR' on her, but they line up to chase him down." "Who would you rather get a blow from, Jenny Larson or Mary Blyne?" I asked.

"That's a no brainer." Kevin called over. "Yeah no shit, give me Jenny any day." Rubin said. "Well that little geek's our Jenny." I said, pointing to Ricky who at that moment was ramming his fingers into the freshman girl hard and fast. For her part, she was reduced to gasping squeals and leaning on him for support. "That's probably the best cum that little girl's ever had." Rick was going to have a little wet stain on his pants.

watching that was getting to me. "What? Ricky? Damn that kid knows to work it. Slow when it needs to be slow, fast when it needs to be fast. Hard or soft - he just seems to know better than my own hands," May said.

Just before bell some kid got it in his head to fuck around with us. He grabbed my bag and made a run for it laughing. I was on my feet in seconds as he ran for the west gate. I heard Ms. Magante call out behind me as I followed him. Whoever he was, I was just itching to pound him into the ground.

Fuck the cold, I was hot with anger. He got almost to the gate, laughing his little punk head off and teasing me with the bag, when Harrison came around the corner with a teacher I didn't know and stopped him cold.

I heard the first bell ring. "I'm not late." I said to Harrison. Harrison just took my bag and dropped it there, then grabbed the kid and hauled him off with a look at me. "You're lucky I was here." He said, and not to me.

Harrison knew the drill but the freshman punk didn't. "Do me a favor - forget his face." He said as he passed me by. "Who's face?" I said. We both knew I could outrun that kid. I was just waiting for the gate. Off school grounds I could beat the kid into a pulp - and as long as nobody called the cops, the school couldn't do shit.

Wouldn't be the first time either. Harrison tossed the kid loose outside the south entrance and continued walking in. "Turn up the fu.

I cant wait to dress you up like a sissy

the heat in here Mr. H." I said, as I passed by Harrison on my way in the main door. "I'm gonna freeze my nipples off." He just looked around for a second then said; "Oh." I heard Ms. Magante add from somewhere behind me "That's a good idea, we can't have any Program kids catching colds." I actually did manage to get in to class before the last bell.

May and Rubin were waiting for me just inside, and we walked to class together. So we all saw her together. Fatima was dressed almost like a normal teen. No long dress, just jeans and a long t-shirt. Not the kind most girls wore that showed off your belly, but a tuck in. She still had a head scarf on though. "Hey." May said. "Yeah, what's up?" I said, and she looked at the ceiling. "No. Why're you wearing that?" "Father found the book I bought.

My uncle and he had a fight." Fatima smiled. "They made a compromise. Uncle's the older one. My brother and I get to take Arabic class." "You've got a brother?" Rubin asked. "He's only ten." She said. "Uncle also said we need to live more like Americans. We need to learn to be comfortable here, but without giving up who we are. Father says we shouldn't give up anything, that any change is too much." She looked at her clothes.

"Uncle won." "Well it's nice, but those jeans barely fit you." I said. "My cousin's." Fatima said. From there study hall was just study hall, till I noticed her wince when she moved in her chair. I raised my hand. "Don, we need to go to the bathroom." I said, pointing to me and Fatima - who looked confused.

Mr. Jackson, Don, had been trying to find a good angle on May's cunt. I'd caught him watching and he knew it, so it was no problem getting a set of hall passes. "Come on." I said, grabbing her arm. "May, spread your legs more." I whispered as I left.

She just grinned, catching on quick. "Ok. What's going on?" I asked when we got in the restroom. "I don't.?" she began, until the door started to open. Some kid peeped his head in and I said; "It's closed." He started to come in anyway, saying "I think I may have a request." As he looked at my clit ring. I shoved the door on him. "It's closed." I said. I heard something about 'bitch' on the other side of the door, but I ignored it.

I just stared down Fatima with a hard look till she broke. "I. My father." She began, before turning her back to me and lifting her shirt. I saw bruises in long lines. "Fuck." I said. "What are you going to do?" "I don't know. Uncle talks to him. Says it's not like the old country, he can't do this anymore. Uncle says they'll take me away." She said. "They will. You tell anyone this shit and you're history." I said. "Fuck!" "You shouldn't say that word." She said as she lowered her shirt.

I laughed. "You think your uncle can deal with it?" "It's getting better, but when he saw the book he was furious." She said. "But, I thought it was your holy book? Like a Bible?" I asked. "Yes. But he feels it's heresy to translate it. He's very. traditional." She said. "Uncle stopped him, and then they went to talk." She looked me over and continued "They chose to send us to school to learn Arabic, but also let me keep the book.

Uncle showed my father his own translated copy. He says we can't expect people here to understand us if we don't translate our book for them." I nodded. "Makes sense. My Pa says they used to do mass in Latin, people just came and did the rituals, but nobody really had any understanding or real faith." "Father says he never needed the words diluted.

He feels we should only hear it as it was written." She said. "Yeah, well, you can find Catholics who still think that too." I said "But it don't do anyone any good unless you know Latin. Or Arabic I guess." We went back to class. Figured I'd tell May later, and she had the sense to let me. After class the gang split in the hall.

"Hey, can you pose for us?" The voice was familiar; I turned around to see two guys and a girl. The guys were dressed normal, but the girl had one of those oval cutout shirts to leave her tits out. "It's me, Calvin." The familiar voice said, and then I recognized him as the boy with the greasy hands who'd cleaned up on Tuesday. Today he was clean again, and he smelled like vanilla perfume.

I guess I really got to him. I assumed the standard 'Program position' with my legs slightly spread and my hands up behind my head to push out my tits. "You get that at the mall?" I asked the girl. "Yeah, isn't it nice?" She said, as she lifted up her breasts. Calvin's other friend put a hand on each of our breasts. "You're both so soft." He said. "Wow. They feel so wonderful." "If you think that's cool, get a load of this." Calvin said, as he ran a finger through my slit, then into my vagina.

"You don't mind?" The girl asked. "It's the Program." I said, holding my position but cocking my hips forward.


"You can wear that?" I asked her. "Can I touch it?" the girl asked. "The dress code lets me go nude; I figure this is less than that." "Sure, I don't mind." I said. She wasn't like Jennifer. She looked more like a girl who'd never seen another girl's pussy up close. She reached down and spread my labia, then looked in close. "Wow." She said, "I didn't know it looked like that in there." I had to giggle at that.

"You've never used a mirror?" I asked. "No." she said, putting a finger inside to trace along it, causing me to shudder. "What's this for?" Calvin's other friend pointed to the dildo. "Oh." I sighed. Then to the girl; "well, give it a try; get to know your own pussy." Then I got an idea. "Invite them along." I dropped my hands to point at Calvin and the other boy.

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"As for that, it helps a girl get 'relief'." "I think that Program lady has one." Calvin said. "What do you do with it?" I wondered if these kids had brains. "Put it in me." I said, not meaning it as a command, but the girl took it that way. She took it from the other boy and pushed it up against me. "Gently, you've got to work it in." "Oh." She said.

"Haven't you ever.?" I began, then realized she was just as inexperienced with her body as these boys were. "You mean like this?" She ran it along me -gathering wetness- then slowly slid it in. "Oh. Yeah. exactly like that." Then the first bell rang for next period. "Shit. Well guys, gotta get to class." Break between classes was a little longer this year, but we couldn't just stand here forever.

We broke apart and I ran for Civics. I think Magante would've been proud to see that encounter. It was time for Civics with Mrs.

Jacobs, and I didn't even bother sitting down. I was a little late so I just went up to her desk and she just smiled and patted down a spot for me to sit. "Don't make a habit of it Ms. Cabrera." Was all she said about my tardiness. "I got held up on an 'RR'." I said. "'RR'?" She asked. "One of those Program 'Reasonable Requests'." I answered. "Oh. Ok." She looked me over, then added; "Well I wanted to go over last night's reading.

But first, it looks like Ms. Cabrera has supplied us with another topic once again." Mrs. Jacobs picked up the dildo hanging from my waist chain. "Oh!" she said, dropping it. I grinned as she went for a tissue. "I. see." she said. "Yeah; 'RR'." I said back with a giggle. "Unfortunately they didn't finish." The class broke out in laughter.

"Well. Class, what do you think? Seems we have two questions. First, do you think this 'toy' serves as a violation of the nudity Alandra is supposed to be adhering to? Second, should Program activity be allowed to interfere with class time - such as Alandra being a little late due to a student's request?" A girl in the back raised her hand and started in with "I think it's disgusting, and it's not jewelry or a bag or anything I remember reading as allowed.

Unless she uses it to store a tampon." At which she was interrupted by a bunch of boys calling out "Ew." and "Gross." or "That's sick." "Class let her finish." Mrs. Jacobs said. "I think she means that unless it was some kind of case to hold things I needed, I shouldn't be allowed to wear it like this." I said. "Yeah." the girl in back said. We discussed that for a while, with most of the class feeling I was in violation, until Kevin pointed out that Ms.

Magante wore one. After that everyone was unsure. As Max put it "Doesn't she basically represent everything the Program's about? If she wears one, I just don't know." "She even uses it during school, on herself of course." I said.

"Are you sure?" Mrs. Jacobs said in surprise. "She told me so." I said. "Look, if she tells me to take it off I will, but until then it stays right here." I said, holding it up. I noticed it had managed to dry. "Well yes, but it does pose an interesting question on the details of rules.

As you can see class, a lot of times a rule might seem clear but get confusing in actual practice." Mrs. Jacobs said. "Now about my second question, should Alandra, or any Program participant for that matter, be excused from minor violations if the only reason it happened was following another rule - such as with the Program's 'Reasonable Requests'?" She even wrote that one on the board. "Kevin, can you write that in my notebook?" I asked, getting down long enough to kick my bag over to him - he was sitting in the circle facing me; 'cunt's eye view'.

Max raised his hand and said "You know, half that so called Reasonable stuff isn't at all reasonable." "No shit." I said, then saw Mrs. Jacobs raise her eyebrows at me and said; "Uh, I mean, like yeah. The stuff I get asked to do seems pretty wild." "And it's getting worse." A boy in back I didn't know called out. "People are fuc. um, screwing in the halls." The girl from before said. "It's just gross." "Yes well, the Program does seem to be escalating." Mrs.

Jacobs said. "But that's not our question." "So on the rule thing, I don't think you can just say it. I think it depends." Kevin said. "Couldn't she have told them she had to go to class?" Max said. Thanks Max. We sent that question back and forth for a while, and I was pretty sure I'd get busted for being late at the end of it, but Mrs.

Jacobs never put a tardy mark by my name, instead she thanked me for providing the discussion. Go figure. We actually did get to talking about the reading. So I guess doing my homework wasn't a waste. Especially when I found she was making sure I said something on every question. We talked about the nudity laws, and their supposed Constitutional background. After the ERA passed there'd been a challenge in several states over different dress codes - how men didn't have to wear shirts but women did.

Actually that had started years before, and supposedly even in the 1990s women could go topless in states like New York - even though most of them neither knew about it nor desired to.

With the new law, there was a segment that strove for rigid equal standards, and they sort of lost control over their own movement. In short order the challenges went to grounds of self expression and even freedom from religious laws. So now women had somehow ended up with a supposed 'right' to be nude, but men had been clamped down upon as a 'sight offensive and harassing' to women.

Kind of a liberal backfire against another liberal faction. Kevin raised his hand at one point. "I'm sorry Mrs. Jacobs, but that's just complete bullshit. If we're equal in the law now, we should be actually equal. This men and women are different crap from those Program Liberals is just f'd up." "Well. I'll excuse the language Mr. Douglas, this time; 'cause I understand you're emotional over this. Perhaps we should look more at the whole idea of different but equal." She went pretty far into the past on that one.

Before the 1960's separate but equal had been the word of the day to keep the races apart. Everyone had believed it bullshit then, and personally I thought it bullshit now. "Perhaps in time this case of it will go the same way that one did." She added. The Program Liberals had argued the difference was provable - just look at basic biology. I could understand that if you needed to account for pregnancy or someth'n, but not on a social issue. Mrs. Jacobs said; "Society has long found the female form to beautiful, but the male form to be shocking and even 'dangerous'.

Even as women were oppressed it was felt to be because of that beauty." I had to raise my hand, and being right next to her on the desk I pretty much just spoke up "But, isn't this doing the same thing? I read last night that some women even have to go naked now ­ like in stores.

That just seems like oppression all over again." "Yeah." Kevin said, and a bunch of boys gave him nasty looks. "I'm just saying, sure I like it; but A.C.'s right." "And what about this relief crap?" I asked. "I get pretty worked up like this, being on display and getting 'handled' everywhere I go. Boys like Ray in my writing class get to get their rocks off and use class time for it. Me, I gotta suffer." "Yeah, it's not fair!" A girl I think named Brenda called out.

"I'm telling you, I could use a good fuck right now." I said. Mrs. Jacobs thought for a moment, then pulled out some of her literature. "Well according to the teacher's guidelines on the Program," They got separate guidelines? I had to get my hands on that; "the desire is to get you girls worked up. It says that we've done a lot to repress female sexuality in past, and the Program felt that forcing up tension levels while denying release would create something of a breaking point in the participants." "That's fucked up." I said.

"I mean. sorry. 'Bout the language. It's still fu. it's not right." "Well as 'f'd up' as it might seem to be," she began "it does seem to work. We've had several cases of girls loosening up their inhibitions quite severely as a result of Program participation." And then she went in for the kill "Just look at the first set of participants - some of them went on to be quite wild.

I believe one even went in for a 'group activity'" Interesting wording I thought, why not just call it a gang-bang. "And don't you have a friend?" Don't go there Mrs.

Jacobs. "What's her name?" She looked at a memo of some kind. "Ah yes, Ms. Mei Hua Qian I believe?" "Don't even." Kevin started, looking mad. "You talk'n bout May?" I said. "Shit, you people are passing notes on her? You think it's a good thing that a girl has absolutely no thought to who and when she fucks?" "Damn." Max said, and I could see drool forming in the back of his mind.

"You stay the fuck away from May." Kevin said to him, although we both knew it was pointless. May had lost control, but I don't think we even thought about it until that moment. Mrs. Jacobs looked a little shamed; I guess that's why she let us get away with the language.

Something occurred to me "It's like a drug." I said. "What's she gonna do when she can't get a fix?" Mrs. Jacobs said "Well, that's the goal of the 'New Great Society'; at least as far as what we've seen so far. I guess some of you take issue with it." She was standing next to me, and where nobody could see behind us she squeezed my hand. I guess she understood - she just couldn't risk her job by admitting she had the same concerns.

Discussion continued, going to other aspects of the Program, but I could see me and Kevin both weren't paying as much attention. Mrs. Jacobs picked up on it too - and went easy on the questions she sent my way - only asking stuff I could answer without thinking. As we all left after the bell she called for me to stay a moment. "Alandra; I'm sorry. I thought." "Why? Don't we have any privacy?" I asked. "We were told you were all proud of May, and her participation." She said.

"What the hell's going on?" I asked. "Here." She handed the memo over. I looked at it; it was Ms. Magante talking about the successes of the Program, using May as one of her examples. "You didn't read that, understand." "Is it really like that?" I said.

"Thirty one teachers were 'let go' in the district last year, all for disputing the Program. We just lost our wrestling coach yesterday morning. I don't plan on being next, even if I agree in his case." She said. I gave her back the memo. Fucking Civics class. It was amazing stuff, but it always spooked the shit out of me. In the hall of course, I got assaulted by the usual sea of hands. Naturally being the only one spooked at this time of day, everyone else was horny, touchy, and demanding.

I got felt up good and hard, then they discovered what the dildo was for, and how to turn it on, and I was done for. If I'd not been so wound up from Civics class I might have had my game - I might have been able to put a stop to it, or at least take faces for later. It may be an 'RR' this week but that didn't mean I couldn't kick your ass at the mall next week. But that wasn't to be. Not only that but I could see Ms. Magante watch as she passed me in the halls - a feral smile on her face. At least that's how I took it.

By the time the bell rang I was seconds away from my third cum. I ran off to Creative Writing, feeling like an angry bitch in heat. And I ran right into Ray outside the door. I pounced on him. Ray's dick in hand, I pulled him into the room whispering something to the effect of "You need relief." "Looks more like you who needs it." He said back. I just turned and smiled, he didn't look like he had any objections.

Sandra was already there, up front waiting for him to get in, I wasn't about to give that bitch a chance to get what was mine. "I'm going to help Ray with his relief again today." I called out.

"Ray?" Mr. Turner asked. Ray just shrugged with a smile, looking down at the hand that held his cock - my hand. "Well then, as soon as the bell rings." "No fuck'n way! It's my turn." Sandra said.

I started pumping Ray's cock to better claim my prize - but not too fast as I had my own needs in mind. "It looks like the matter has already been decided, Ms.

Beckett." The teacher said. She looked mad; I could see a fight coming, but not now. She took her seat. I let go of the dick I had hold of, sat on Mr.

Turner's desk and spread my legs wide. I could do splits, so I got them all the way out there as I pushed my hips forwards. "I think you know where that belongs." I said, pointing to Ray's cock. There were gasps from some of the other girls in class, and a few boys were like - "no fuck'n fair man, that's hella wacked." Mr. Turner spurted something about going too far, but I told him to check the pamphlet.

Not that I was about to wait or anything - most guys can barely last more than a minute or two; but with a five minute max I wasn't going to gamble on Ray. I was in this for me and I wanted to cum on that dick. As soon as he was close enough I grabbed his ass one handed and pulled him in, then quickly slid his cock where it belonged with my other hand. Once I had him in me discussion was over. Ray's dick took charge of the situation and he started stroking away. "Fuck yeah." I said.

"Make me cum." I needed it bad, after that run through the hallway. I was pissed off, turned on, and in need of a release of my own. Ray picked up his tempo, grunting into me as his hands came down to run tenderly along my hips - which felt absolutely wonderful, like he was guiding the sensations in my pussy up my body.

I moaned and shut my eyes briefly, content to be finally getting fucked after three days running around naked. "Ms. Cabrera, this relief is for Mr. Williams not you." I heard Mr. Turner say. I wanted to flip him off and say as much, but I just grunted in tempo to a shove from Ray.

Taiwanese girl strips off to show her hot naked body

"I think he's doing well enough;" someone in the class called out to mixed chuckles and giggling. "Why the black guys get all the fine chicks? Shouldn't be any niggers in the Program." I heard from somewhere else. Black? If I remembered right Ray was only a quarter African American. He was lighter than me. I looked up but couldn't place the voice; otherwise it would'a been ass kicking time after school. "I want to know who said that." Mr. Turner said in a hard voice, but no hands went up and nobody was about to tattle.

"As for you two, three minutes left." He said, looking down at Ray's cock pushing into my pussy. He had a longing look on his face, and I almost lost my build up when I imagined not Ray, but Mr. Turner in his plaid suit and combed over hair pounding into me.

But then I looked up and saw Ray's green eyes glazed over, and those wiry muscles and strong abs flexing as he worked my pussy with his cock. I pulled my legs in from the split and wrapped them around Ray. "Come on Ray; shoot it in me, nice and deep. Get it all the way up me." That would get him going; guys went for shit like that. Then he reached down and touched my clit. Or more precisely, he gently tugged and diddled my piercing - sending me up and over.

I'd hit my plateau, and I was riding it for all I could. I screamed out my release as I came on his cock. I could feel the contractions in me tugging on Ray, and that sent him over. "Oh fuck!" He called out as he shot a load of his cum deep inside me. We still had time, or so I guessed, so Ray kept pumping in me at a slightly slower pace as he calmed down. When he pulled out he turned around to the class and said; "Now that's what I call getting relief." I stood up and most of the class clapped and cheered.

Only Sandra had a scowl on her face, and she wasn't the voice I'd heard earlier. Several people had their hands down under their desks working away, and even Mr. Turner was adjusting his pants. I sighed and got off the desk, but I paused in front of Sandra before sitting down.

I reached into my pussy getting my fingers nice and wet with Ray and my juices, then flicked it in her face and said "This was you wanted?" I sat down, feeling a lot better. Sandra however looked furious. I don't think the class ever really recovered from that moment. Everyone was pretty distracted and while Mr.

Turner tried to talk about some short story project he wanted us to do almost everyone was just looking at Ray, Sandra, and I with hunger in their eyes. Maybe giving and getting relief like that wasn't such a good idea after all, though it sure was fun.

At the half hour he put us in the same groups we'd had the day before, and told us to talk about what kinds of stories we liked to read. Everyone in my group was talking sex, and hands kept wandering over my body from anyone close enough to reach - whether I was looking or not.

They'd back off anytime Mr. Turner looked our way, but otherwise I got felt up pretty good. Not that I really minded. After fucking Ray I had a strong calming mood going through me, and all the hands just felt soothingly sensuous.

They started in my cunt and tits, but even my legs, arms, and back got something of a massage. I kind of felt like a cat being petted - I guess I'm a pussy after all. It really helped me get past the spooking I'd faced in Civics. Near the end of class I was just sitting there almost purring with a smile on my face as Mr.

Turner passed back our writings from Tuesday. I read the notes he made as I left. He said I had potential and seemed to understand structure, but that I needed to get my homework done at home, not in class.

Go figure huh? After that it was off to gymnastics - fortunately not wrestling today. Sandra and I both had the same class twice in a row, so we kind of got stuck in the halls together. "Bitch." She said, "he was mine today." "I didn't a see a signup sheet taped to his dick." I said. "'sides, you've got Handy Henry." Coming out of the building to cross the alley we heard a slapping noise, only to see Ricky Montico sitting on the bench by the gym with a naked freshman bent over his lap.

Not the same one as this morning, although that girl was standing next to them. He was spanking her! "What the fuck?" I said - then saw the look on her face as he went for her cunt with his free hand. The other girl called out "Come on, it's my turn Jenny." "You got him this morning." Jenny called back as we passed. Ricky looked up to check us out. "Who's your friend A.C.?" He asked. "This bitch?" I said, but Sandra stopped to chat as I made my way inside.

Melinda was already there, standing between all the gymnastics guys and getting into her birthday best. "You don't have to be on this end." I said, grabbing the cock of a boy next to her just as he stepped out of his clothes and idly pumping away at it. "You kidding?" She said. "I wouldn't miss this for the world." She reached over and put a hand on my clit, lightly brushing my piercing.

"I, uh, saw you at the mall last night." "Oh?" I dropped the cock and looked at her "Why didn't you come over?" "Um." She let my clit go and thought, "Well, your gang was all there, and I." "We won't bite. Well, May might, but I have a feeling you'd like the way she bites." I said. "Yo you ain't gonna finish me off?" Some cock with a guy attached to it said. "Hey we're having a conversation here." I said, still keeping me eye on Melinda as she finished undressing.

"Hey can I put this in your locker?" I offered my bag and the dildo I kept on the waist chain. She took the dildo with wonder, and tossed it and the bag in with her stuff.

"You've gotta let me try that out later. May's your Chinese friend right?" She said. "Yeah," I said; "that's May." "Let it go Mark" someone, I think one of boys who'd diddled me in the shower yesterday, said. "She'll be good for it later." There was a pause, then Mark said.

"Sure. No offense, catch ya later A.C." "No prob." I said, then to Melinda as the boys walked off "Guys always think it'll fall off or something if they can't cum. Ready for Gymnastics?" She laughed. "Sure. It's not really my thing, but I'm game if it's fun." "You'll like it." I said, as we went into the gym.

Ms. Moore called roll from two lists, I learned Melinda's last name was something like Nogas - she told me she was Polish when I asked later. Sandra was late, and got busted for it.

She looked freshly fucked though, so I doubt she gave a shit. Ms. Moore gave a speech on gym safety and proper use of the equipment. She assigned some of the kids who'd been in gymnastics before as regular spotters for the equipment and various exercises. "Is that the girl who.?" Melinda started. "Sandra Beckett. Yeah, she's trying to start shit with me. Didn't know she'd been in gymnastics before." Ms.

Moore had just picked her to be a spotter on the uneven bars for the next couple weeks, along with some girl named Carly I didn't know.

"What's up with that?" Melinda asked. "Got me." I said. "She's got some kinda Program complex going - want's to be super slut or something." "Better watch out on the unevens." She said. "If she tries shit, she'll get what's coming." I said. "Me and my crew'll fuck her up good." Ms. Moore has us do stretches, and then went through some basic goals of gymnastics. I got a lot of looks helping Melinda do splits.

She talked about developing posture, strength, endurance, balance, and a bunch of other shit. Then she had all the girls line up at the balance beam and put the boys on the mat around it. We had to walk across and back over the beam with our arms out while she noted our balance and made corrections. I got through easy, but Melinda fell halfway back and was caught by some of the boys ­ who'd been told to spot us and keep anyone from getting hurt.

"OK that's enough of that; let her go now." Ms. Moore said to the three guys who'd caught Melinda and decided it was time for a thorough inspection of her injuries. Not that I think she'd bruised her tits falling on her butt. "Aw, do they have to?" Melinda said, getting up. I rolled my eyes; I needed to introduce this girl to May. The guys did do a good job of spotting though ­ all those naked girls walking above them sure got their attention.

Not that it was any different when they had their turn on the beam. As for Sandra, she went across the beam perfectly, and did a flip of some kind coming off.

Her need to show me up there won over her desire to fall into the arms of the boys below. Ms. Moore, in what I guess was an effort to get us 'into it' did her own walk on the beam, and fell into a hand stand with splits halfway across, rolling out of it to stand on the beam again. Wow, that was pretty cool I guess. When she did the splits every guy in the room and half us girls locked eyes onto her cunt ­ which was spread wide open even if way above us sitting on the mat.

When class was over we hit the showers. Just like last time most of the class split apart by sex, but a few of us hung out in the middle. Sandra, Melinda, me, and a few other girls along with twice as many guys. Most of them were acting kinda creepy. Sandra let Mark take her from behind ­ doggie style ­ while she leaned towards the shower wall. Henry grabbed a new girl for the day.

Melinda and I took one of the gymnastics boys who wasn't too top heavy and put him on the floor. I rode the saddle while she sat on his face. We were close to a drain and I could see somebody's 'mess' stuck in the grate. "Ew." I said. "Guess we're not the only class gett'n it on." Melinda said, though since we had lunch after we had more time. Ms. Moore walked right by it all and didn't even bother to slow down.

She just called back "Have fun kids, I'll see you all tomorrow." "Oh. hmn. shit yeah." Sandra called out in orgasmic response. I guess we really wouldn't get busted for this kind of shit; cause Ms. Moore just giggled back from somewhere down the hall. I'd have to take PE again in the spring.

Melinda kept moving close to me, and once I was really into it riding that cock she reached across and went to town on my breasts. "Oooo, he's got a good tongue." She said. What the hell I figured, and matched her. I even let her kiss me ­ tongues and all. That was weird, as I'd never tongued a girl before. Maybe May was on to something. I had a brief thought of keeping Melinda for myself, but let it pass quickly.

May would love to meet a girl like this, and she was cool enough that I could handle hang'n with her too. I think the dick we used went by the name of John or something. Whatever, we'd see him in class tomorrow. He'd probably want a repeat, and I'd probably let him now and then ­ for class at least, as long as he didn't get any stupid ideas about ownership.

At the locker I grabbed my bag and put my little waist chain back on. Melinda looked at me, looked at her clothes, and then said "Fuck it" tossing her skirt in her bag and leaving the rest behind. We walked out nude together. I invited Melinda to go with us to lunch, figuring on introducing her to May.

We smacked right into Saul Peterson as he came running around the hall. A pile of books with monsters on the covers and funny looking dice went scattering all over the floor. As Melinda went to help him I could hear my sister Rosa laughing from somewhere back where he'd come from. Manuel's voice followed with "Fuck'n geek. Got him good." Saul looked up at us, spooked, then scurried away when he saw me.

Melinda called out "Hey your books!" and he snatched them and ran. "What a waste." I said. "Him?" Melinda said. "Show me a guy that knows how to use what's he's got and I'll show you a girl with a strap-on." "A what? I dunno." I said. "Like, some of them." "Yeah, like maybe.

But him, like ­ give that thing to me and I'd put it to good use." She said with a giggle and a gesture. "He's a fucking cunt tease, that's what he is. I hear some girl actually did try to jump him during his week." I said, as we came out into the quad. "Damn it's still hella cold out here." "That was me." She said as she shivered.

"I figured it had to be good for something. Hung like a freak'n horse and too fuck'd up scared to use it." She paused. "Not that I'd like, give up my cunt for one of those thingies though." I laughed. "No shit. Hey, there's the gang." She tensed up so I added; "They're cool, only May bites but like I said." "I'll like how she bites, yeah what'd you mean by that?" She said.

We all hooked up and hit the lunch line. I introduced Melinda just as Fatima came timidly into the line. "She's kinda like you May." I said; looking at the 'X' pattern of the arrows May's had made out of her pubes. "If you get my meaning." Rick went and brought Fatima over to us ­ nobody questioned our letting her cut in. May and Melinda took one long look at each other then broke out into the biggest grins I'd ever seen. It was weird, May almost squealed and then ran into Melinda's space and they got all touchy feely.

"What the fuck is that?" Kevin asked. I shrugged. "Secret lezzie handshake or some shit." "What?" Marcy and Fatima said, but I didn't answer. "What's a lezzie?" Fatima asked. Marcy leaned in whispering something in her ear and her eyes got really big. She had a look of pure shock, as if the idea had simply never occurred to her.

"This shit again?" Rubin said as he got to the food. "That's three days in a row." "What?" May asked, not yet up to the food. "It's more of that veggies and tofu ­ they put it in spaghetti this time." He called back. "Man that's hella fuck'd up." Rick said. We found a spot inside and all sat down to eat, save that May sat in Melinda's lap ­ actually they sort of struggled over who'd get to sit in who's lap, and May won.

I figured they'd like each other but that was just weird. Melinda put her hands idly in May's lap, claiming a new toy. "My ass is fuck'n cold." Melinda said. "You get used to it." I said. "Though I wish Harrison would turn the fuck'n heat up in here. Sticky chairs 'r what really piss me off." Rick pulled out a bag of M&M's and gave a chuckle as he looked at May and Melinda before tossing one down. He passed them over to May as Melinda said "Hey maybe we M&M's could use some R&R." while looking down at his crotch.

We tensed for a bit, and Rubin said; "Bad news to fuck friends ­ messes shit up." "Yeah but she ain't a friend." May said. "Huh?" Melinda said, with a confused look. "You're not a friend, you're gonna be my bitch." May said as Melinda laughed. "No shit, pass this ass like a good joint." Melinda said. "I'll fuck you all." "Where the fuck did you find her?" Kevin said. "PE." I said. "They mixed the wrestling class in with us, and she came along with the pack." "It's like having two Mays." Marcy said.

"Hey there's nobody like me." May said. "No shit." Melinda said, grabbing May's dildo and shoving it right in the girl ­ getting her to gasp. Fatima paled and moved behind Marcy. It was gonna be a strange year if these two stuck around. Melinda pulled the dildo out of May and dipped it into her own cunt. I saw the twins in line, but they didn't come over.

They sat with some naked freshmen girl I only barely remembered from Monday and took turns hassling her. "That you're sister Rosa?" Rick asked. "Yeah. Her and Manuel on the other side. The girl between them suddenly stood up and brushed a red spot on her ass. Manuel looked like he was laughing. "You've got a sister here?" Melinda asked, still dipping the dildo in and out of her and May.

"Twins. They're freshmen like Fatima." I said. "Damn you two, stop that." Kevin said, looking at May and Melinda and shifting his seat. "You three are just too distracting." "What'd I do?" I said. Oh right, I'm naked. I looked and confirmed what I felt, a bit of wetness. "Fuck this is too much, I need to pee." May called out getting up from Melinda's lap. She unclipped the dildo and said "Enjoy." "I'll go with you." I said. "Uh." Melinda began, till Marcy jumped in.

"So, where's your crowd?" She asked. Melinda shrugged as May and I walked away. "I transferred in late last year from Boston. Still getting used to things out here." "She seems to be doing fine." I said to May as we hit the hall. "Thanks for that." May said, and then went quiet. "Thanks for what?" I asked. "For Melinda, how did you know?" May said. "Know? That she was bi like you? You should'a seen how she looked at me in class." I said. "That I was look'n.

We don't exactly stand out." She said. "She said you started it - that you licked her." May spread her labia for emphasis, I was caught. Then she added; "I've wanted to try since last year with that rumor." "The Program girl and her friend?" I said.

There was a rumor that some girl last year got her boyfriend to do a three some with her fat friend - but people figured the guy was just there to make it 'look normal'. "I've been curious, but you can't just ask anyone." May said. Coming from her that was a shock. "You might be surprised who else is like you." I thought of Jennifer in my metal shop class. "What about last night?" May shrugged as we passed the first restroom -we never went in there anymore, not since freshmen year- for one at the end of the hall.

"I don't know -she just seemed to know." "Maybe she saw the way you were looking at the counter girl." "Was it that obvious?" She said. "I was waiting for the two of you to get it on. It was like you was scream'n it out." I said. "Still I can't imagine you shy to chase a fuck." I said. "It's different; people beat up fags, er gays." She said, switching words when she remembered how I didn't like that first one.

"Nobody gives a shit if I fuck a boy." We hit the restroom. "Still. And you two hit it off so fast I." I shut my mouth, but the sobbing coming from the end stall had already stopped - a girl's voice. May and I exchanged knowing looks, remembering why I didn't go in the restroom near the cafeteria anymore. Rape is a horrid experience.

It's even worse when everyone takes the word of the school 'valedictorian' and his two friends over a scared no account spic girl who's already been in three fights.

Course when 'somebody' stabbed his kidney in the movie theater while his girlfriend was going down on him a week later they tried to pin it on me. This bathroom used to be a boy's stall before they mixed them this year - only three days ago. "You ok?" I called out. "Go away!" a girl's voice called back, white and young from the sound of it. "Fuck that." I said. "I ain't going nowhere till I know your ok." "Just go away.

You can't help." she called back. "Open the fuck'n stall door before I have to come in there and kick your ass." I said. May added "She'll do it. Kicked my ass freshmen year for look'n at her wrong." "You remember that?" I said.

"Fuck yea; you gave me a black eye. All I was trying to do was get in the door." she said. "Well you did give me lip." I said. May smiled "No shit. Took you forever to come up with a reply to that." The stall door opened. "I'm ok see. Now go away." She still had her clothes, and didn't look beat up. She had a little note in her hands and tears on her face. I stepped in so she couldn't shut me out.

She was a blond white girl, looked like a freshman. "What's that?" I asked, grabbing the paper away. "Hey, I need that!" She said, standing up and reaching. May played interference as I moved back to read. "This is one of Ms. Lippmann's notes isn't it?" I said. It looked like the note you needed for the sex seminar, but it wasn't signed.

She nodded. "I've got bio after lunch. We're supposed to do that stuff after she finishes it with the last period class." "Yeah." I said "I'm in that." I grinned, "You'll like it, but you need to get this signed, and they want a copy of your parent's driver's licenses to check the signatures." "But I can't." She said.

"Is this all?" May said. "You fuck'n wast'n our time over some note from mommy?" May looked mad. "I oughta fuck you over, fuck'n baby. Get your ass back to preschool." "No shi." I began, but the girl cut me off.

"No. You don't understand. My dad won't sign it either way. You gotta get it signed yes or no or they hold you back." She said. I shrugged "Why won't he sign?" "He." She started sobbing again. "He wants to film me." "What?" May and I both said. I had a picture of her dad with a camera in the biology class.

"He. wants me to fuck his bowling team, and film it." "What the fuck!?" May said. "That's hella fuck'd up." I breathed out. "Look, let's go talk to Ms. Magante. I had to talk to her anyway." "But I'm not in the Program." She said. "We're all in the Program." I said. May grabbed her hand, her need to pee forgotten. But I didn't want May around when I saw Magante. "May, go check on Melinda. She's still scared of Kevin." I gave her a look, and she nodded. We where in the hall - halfway there - when the girl spoke again; "I can handle it.

You'll just get in trouble." "Mandy." I got her name off the note- "I've been in trouble since I came to this school. You don't know who I am?" I always forget that it takes time for a rep to spread to the freshmen. She was quite until we found Ms. Magante. We got lucky; she was just leaving her bungalow with a stack of papers. "Ms. Magante, can we talk to you?" I said.

"Well," she paused, "Alandra? I'm a little busy right now, but the office is open for counseling before and after school and during first and last periods." "No, Yasmine." She was taken back by me using her first name - students didn't do that. "We need to talk now." And I passed over the note I'd taken from Mandy. She briefly looked at it and then made to pass it back. "It's one of the notes for the sex seminars in biology.

I approved them myself; all she needs to do is get it signed and bring it to her teacher. I don't see the problem." "The problem," I began "Is why her father refuses to sign." I stepped towards the bungalow. "This should be private." She got the hint ­ time to do your freak'n job lady. I had Mandy fill her in. In short order she had Mr. Harrison and the police on the way. While at sixteen Mandy was old enough to consent ­she sure seemed more than a year younger than me- this sort of thing was wrong no matter what kind of spin you tried to put on it.

"I have something of my own I need to talk to you about Ms. Magante. I'll wait outside." I stepped outside just as Harrison was making his way in. "What have you done this time?" He asked. "Not me." I said, pointing inside. I sat down on the steps to the school to wait. There were a few people milling about ­ some kids came out here for lunch since you only had to cross through the middle of 'C' building.

Mostly a pack of semi lost freshmen on one end trying to figure out who was going to be who's friend and a group of black juniors on the other comparing various Program girls to the character in that "Tenyari's tale" video game. I figured they'd get to me soon enough given where I sat, and let thoughts of that keep me off of thinking about what Mandy was going through. A boy or two came by and asked me to pose.

I just stared down the first ­one of those freshmen, but I'd cooled off by the second and he had me showing him an up close of my labia and clit ring when a cop car pulled up. Two women got out and gave us nasty looks before going into Magante's bungalow ­one a cop and I guess the other a social worker. I flipped off the cop, not caring much for them ­Pa called 'em pigs.

Weren't they in for a surprise. There was a brief bit of shouting from inside, then quiet. Twenty minutes later, my patience running thin, the cop, social worker, and Mandy all came out and left in the patrol car.

Mandy gave me a worried look when she left. Yeah I fuck'd up your life, but it was pretty fuck'd up to begin with. Way I figured it, even foster care was better than the deal she had. Harrison and Magante came out and said a few words as I got up and walked over. I passed a couple locked in a tender kiss at the bottom of the steps and wondered if the rules on 'Public Displays of Affection' had changed.

Last year you could touch and feel for the Program, but if you put emotion into it you got busted under the old PDA rules. Talk about fuck'd up stupid. I went in as Harrison was leaving. "Should I stay?" He turned to ask Ms. Magante. "No." I said, and she nodded. He gave me an annoyed look but left anyway. "Well that was a mess." She said, looking past me. "Now that, that's what The Program is all about." She pointed to the couple at the base of the steps. "She going to be ok?" I asked, then followed her gaze; "It wasn't last year." "A glitch.

It isn't just about sex you know. We want people to become more loving." She paused, then shut the door behind me. "Certainly not like Mandy's situation. Social services will place her, once everything is confirmed. I waived her requirement on the signature ­ she can pick which herself when she comes back." Magante said.

"Is that all you think about?" I asked. "Watch your tone young lady. The administration has been very tolerant with you from what I hear." She said.

"As if. what the hell are you up to anyway?" I said. I didn't give a shit what she thought of my tone, or what she did about it. "I keep seeing you around, you show up at our cafe, and now I'm hearing announcements about my friends." "What are you talking about?" She asked.

"I hear you telling the teachers about May. Holding her up like some kinda prize. You don't know shit about May. You don't know shit about what she's going through." "Watch your tone Alandra.

May happens to be a perfect example of what The Program stands for. She's a liberated woman." She said. "Liberated? Fuck liberated. Fuck my fuck'n tone!" I got mad, and slammed my hands on her desk. She stepped back. "May hasn't a fuck'n clue what she's doing. She's a fuck'n addict ­ she can't stop fuck'n. She could get hurt! She's got no fuck'n disc. thought, whatever. She can't even fuck'n think 'bout who she fucks. Any boy with a cock and she's on it. What if she caught something?

What if she gets raped? Where the fuck is your Program then?" "It's impossible for her to get raped if she consents to everything." Magante said in a huff. I just looked at her like she was from Mars. "You're as fucked up as she is. What gives you the right to talk about her? At least she has an excuse. You're supposed to be the adult here." I spun around. Fuck this shit, I was going to storm out of there and I didn't care what they did this time.

Only I didn't get far. May was standing there in the doorway, and I could tell she'd heard more than enough. "I." I began, but she slammed a fist into my gut ­ hard. Make no mistake, I'm the tough bitch in our gang, but when May gets into it she can out punch Kevin.

I went down, out of breath and the taste of blood in my throat. "May. you don't understand." I started, holding my stomach. Magante ran around her desk, but May dropped down to me first. At that moment I was thinking that if she was going to mess me over ­ it was her right. I'd violated her as much as Magante had by not talking to her first. But she hugged me and said "A.C.

. I'm sorry." I struggled to catch my breath and said; "No, I deserved that. But damn May, if you heard. They're fuck'n with you May, just like mi Papá always says." "Dammit you two. sit down." Magante said. "And no punching." She looked at May. "Too much like me when I was your age." I guess that got my attention, what'd she mean by that?

She locked the door and sat on the ground next to us. "Look, we do mean well. And yes, The Program gets carried away sometimes." "Carried away. No shit." I said.

May took me into her embrace, so that I was somewhat sitting in her lap as she guiltily brushed over my sensitive stomach. "What the fuck is going on?" May said. "Why you talking about me?" "May, you're out of control. Do you have any idea who that guy you fuck'd this morning even was?" ". Which one?" She said, making my point. "But Alandra, this is what The Program seeks, Ms. Qian has freed herself of sexual limitations." Ms. Magante said. "Freed herself? The guy who fucked her barely bothered to say thanks.

She was just a hole to him, he laughed about it. No respect in that shit. How's she free if people just use her?" "He laughed?" May asked, looking clearly distressed. "But isn't it beautiful that she's opened herself so much." Now that could have many meanings I thought, noting our nakedness. "She's even moved on to girls." Magante noted, as May's hand had strayed a little to low and was idly massaging my labia. I let her, if it kept her cool, with anyone else, at any other moment, it would have been very sexual.


"Don't you dare mention that again to anyone." I said. "I don't see why." Magante said. "It's such a beautiful thing for a girl's sexuality to open up so much." "Fags." May started until I tensed. "Queers get beat up." "What?" Magante asked. She was probably wondering who could possibly kick May's ass. Or maybe she just didn't get it. "We can't always be there. If they get her alone." I started, but I don't think she was getting it.

"Look, last year they tried to cut it off of a boy in the Program when he came out. This isn't California Ms. Magante, you better learn that fast." "Cut it.? People should be proud of their sexuality and freedom of expression. They should revel in it like Ms. Qian here." Ms. Magante said. "Huh. Reality check. Look at the jocks out there." I looked at Magante; "You're so proud, parading May around like some kind of trophy, but you didn't pick her for your Program, you picked me and the others.

She's not your game, she needs help!" I don't need no." May began, but the tears in her eyes told me she was starting to put things together.

I hugged her as Magante said "I knew all about Mei Hua before I selected you." "You planned this? You fuck'd her, us, up on purpose." I was mad, and if not for years of conditioning I would have slugged her.

"No, not like this. But opening up more, yes." She said. "I read your files before I chose you Alandra. I know how shy Mei Hua used to be." "It's May." May said. I got up, pulling May with me. She gave the bruise on my stomach a guilty look but clung to me.

"You've got something to think about." I told Magante. "We'll take care of our own, like always." "Like always?" she said, and we left. "We late for class?" May asked as we entered 'C' building. "Yeah, but I ain't taking lip for it." I said. The halls were empty. I walked into Metal Shop, ten minutes late. "You better have a good excuse young lady." Mr. Carson said. Am I the only person who hated that phrase? Young lady my fuck'n cunt you asshole. "Talk to Ms. Magante." I said, and sat at the stool next to Raymond.

"You won't be working with Ray today Ms. Cabrera. Since you proved so uncooperative yesterday I'm giving you a new partner for now. Perhaps you'll learn to get along better with your fellow classmates." Un-fucking-cooperative?

Cause I won't suck your nephew off? I was pretty damn polite to that slime ball yesterday. He stuck me with Jennifer ­ who was overjoyed to get me. So that was the game. Jennifer proved too much for my patience, which was worn pretty damn thin by Ms. Magante at lunch. Every time I turned around there was something coming at my pussy or ass from behind. She even wrapped her arms around me and squeezed my tits.

And she was giggling through the whole thing. When her hands moved down to my stomach the hug hurt and I gasped. She misread it, and I had hands in my pussy after that. Mr. Carson and his nephew just watched the whole thing with smug smiles.

Several of the boys kept adjusting their pants through the class ­ which mostly had something to do with learning to safely cut sheet metal. Eventually when no one was looking I took a sharp hole punching tool and slammed it down into the table between her fingers. "Oops. I missed." I said. She was quiet for the rest of the class, and Mr. Carson kept looking over trying to figure out why she suddenly started keeping her hands to herself. When class was over, as I left he said "If you continue to be uncooperative I'll have to report it to the administration.

We'll see how you like a second week, or even expulsion." 'Try it asshole' I thought. Ms. Magante was misguided, but this guy was a pure slime ball. If I didn't do something he might get out of hand. In the halls after class she followed me for a bit and asked "Is something wrong Alandra?" "No fuck'n." I paused.

Sure she was a bit sleezy and not what I wanted. Well, it was really her brothers that were sleezy. No wonder she was a lezzy. "Sorry. It's not you.

Just stay away for a bit will you? I've got some fuck'd up shit to deal with and it's better I not take it out on you." That was kind of a first for me, last year I would've just told her to fuck off, or off campus I would'a beat the shit out of her just for being there. People figured out quick that it wasn't time to ask me for a 'Reasonable Request' and I made my way to Algebra pretty much untouched and unbothered. I did see Harrison talking to Magante in the hall a few doors from class.

She saw me and gave me a guilty smile. The scary thing was that I think that woman really did mean well. I got into Algebra early, and Mr. Dennison gave me a kindly smile which held nothing of the sort of people I'd been dealing with since lunch. "Can you handle the chalkboard again today Ms. Cabrera?" "I'm really not feeling too well, but I guess so. It'll get my mind off things." I said. "Is everything ok?" He asked.

I just smiled back and said "Thanks for asking." Other kids started making their way in, so the matter was dropped.

"Hey A.C. Where'd you go at lunch?" Marcy asked as she came in with Rick. I shrugged "We had to help a girl we found in the bathroom.

Took her to Ms. Magante." My look told them there was more, but the class didn't need to hear it. The rest May could say when we were all at Albatross. When Fatima got in she sat down with us, seemingly a lot more comfortable with my nudity.

"The boy in history asked for relief again." She started "Mother always said it hurt when men went in there." She looked down at my pussy, "but the girl who relieved him didn't seem in pain." There was a mix of shock and curiosity on her face. "Shit, whoa. the teacher let them fuck for relief?" Rick asked. I smiled and said "Sure, it's kinda fun." Everyone looked at me. "Well I had to give Ray Williams relief ­somehow." I said.

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"You little bitch." Marcy said with a grin. "It didn't hurt?" Fatima said. "No, it feels fuck'n great. I needed it bad." I said. "Father would call you a whore. Back home he'd have the men kill you." She said, but then smiled at me with respect. I wondered what her uncle would say ­ she seemed to live between some conflict among those two. The final bell rang and I went up for chalkboard duty. The talk of sex with friends had me wet again. Mr. Dennison noticed it with a sniff and a smile, but didn't say anything rude like Mr.

Carson probably would have. It was funny ­ every time I finished writing something on the board I'd turn around to face the class and all the heads would raise from my butt up to my breasts, then back down to my cunt and finally onto the board. Near the end of class I even hefted up my tits for them when I spun around. I would'a spread my pussy but I didn't want to get chalk in there. "You're dripping." Mr. Dennison said, putting a finger to my labia and wiping up a bit of the mess.

"Ooo." He blushed and wiped his hand on a tissue when I said that, and the class broke out in giggles. Fatima looked like a cat had jumped down her throat. After class in the hallway I took a slow pace, hoping to get bothered by people looking to check out the naked students.

Sexing me up was a good way to cool my temper ­ While Algebra had helped, all the numbers and 'x' and 'y' bullshit was confusing enough to keep me from really getting what I wanted. Mr. D. had been trying to convince us that 'x' was more important to math than numbers ­ whatever, like all I could tell was it was a pretty good way to get chalk all over the naked girl's tits.

Namely me ­ still it was fun and he was nice when he leered. So after I broke with Fatima at the stairs I let the first two boys to come along have their way with requests. They wanted me to spread apart my lower lips, and they wanted to know all about my piercing. I told them a little of how I got it, but I don't think they were too cool with my suggestion that men could get em too.

"So what's it feel like?" one asked. "It's like someone's touching my clit all day. Like sometime's it's a bit fuck'n too much. They told me that wears off after a while. You get used to it." I said. "How long you had it?" The other asked, as he rubbed my clit between his fingers. "Man she's getting pretty wet." "Bout a month. This is the first week I can fuck safely." I said, and they got real interested.

Next thing I knew I was bending over on the top of the stairs and one of them was pounding his cock into my pussy from behind. Fuck it, I figured I'd be getting more of this in biology, but I might as well get my share here too. Too bad the little prick came in only fifteen seconds.

His friend wanted it to, but the bells started ringing. "Hey you fuck'd Joe." He pleaded. "Sorry, maybe next time, gotta get to class." I said. "Damn." He said. "I got dibs on the next one." I heard him tell Joe as we ran in opposite directions for class. Biology with Ms. Lippmann. People were stripping as I came in. May was already on the floor in the circle she had us sit in, idly pumping her dildo in and out of her pussy as she watched Ms.

Lippmann direct the rest of the kids. I sat near May, though we had to do it boy ­ girl ­ boy ­ girl. Kevin stripped and sat across from us. I guess he was thinking that if he managed it right in the next few weeks of this sex seminar we wouldn't have to fuck each other. Somehow I doubted Ms. Lippmann would let us get away with that. One of the things we had to agree to too not get put in the other Sex Ed class was to fuck anyone else in the class - as long as it was hetero sex.

That was kind of fuck'd up funny, the queers and the bible thumpers all got put together by this Program. We all sat together in a circle and took a short written quiz Ms. Lippmann passed around. One sentence answers and not multiple choice, so I was glad I'd read up last night.

There was a new girl ­ Tammy ­ who'd switched around with the last period to keep boy-girl numbers even. Other than May and me the kids in here only took their clothes off for this class, and everyone knew we were here to fuck each other ­ so it was a room full of hard cocks and feminine odors.

With my shaved pussy everyone could see I was all puffed up ­ something Ms. Lippmann was happy to point out until she found May's new crossed arrows pubic hair styling. After that we had a short discussion on 'genital fashion' and several girls wanted to know how to get to Purrfect Pussy. I told them I got my clit pierced there, but that you'd need a fake ID to get it done. Ms. Lippmann gave me a look at that.

"Oops." I said, "Guess I'm not supposed to say that." But she just laughed it off along with everyone else. I did tell everyone that if you got one you couldn't have sex till it healed. "You've got to be careful even with touching yourself or peeing." "Yeah I'd get one. but I don't think I could go more than a day without a fuck." May said. To everyone but me she smiled. Me, I could read her better, and I could see a tension in her hands that said she really meant it. I reached behind the boy between us and patted her, for which I got a guilty smile and a look at my stomach ­ which was still kinda sore.

We were a rough group, and May hitting me wasn't the first time my crew and I had tossed it up in some way or another. Shit, we came together in a fight.

Freshman year Kevin and I tore into each other in the quad, and by the end of the day somehow May and Rubin got added in ­ but that was off campus ­ for a four way bloody fight. A lot of people remembered that, but they forgot the people we beat up were each other. That second fight happened outside Albatross, and it ended when Bill grabbed Kevin and me in one arm each and tossed us inside the place.

He made us all sit there till we'd made peace over whatever we was fight'n about. Yeah Bill's big, and he looked even bigger when I was just 15, and he had fighter's knuckles ­ if you know what I mean.

We kept coming back; Bill was the first adult to show us respect. Never did figure out why we didn't get busted over that fight in the quad. Ms. Lippmann was giving some kind of lecture on sexual intercourse and its importance in a relationship. She was also talking about changing. um. morays? I was trying to figure out what fish had to do with anything, but she said it had something to do with social rules and she spelled it wrong, she wrote 'mores' on the board.

Whatever. She said sex was becoming a much more open matter ­ something you could do among friends (Kevin, May, and I all gave each other looks) or even strangers with little of the worries people used to have. I had to raise my hand "But isn't that still dangerous? I mean if I fucked one of my crew, we'd get all messed up with feelings n' shit. .I mean, stuff. You know. Ain't it best to have some bounds?" "At one time yes, that's what people thought and it was true.

But relationships are changing. Sex gets in the way of friendship because we link it to possession, and we link possession to romance. In the past to love someone meant to feel ownership of them. Society's changed though." She said. "That sounds cool," a girl I knew as Nancy said; "but I don't know if my feelings can just change that fast." "Yeah." I said. "Once you fuck someone, you start expecting stuff." It was hard to figure out exactly, but things just changed when people became fuck partners.

"Well, we do hope to help you get through that here, and learn to be more open." Ms. Lippmann said. She paused looking and May and I and then continued; "I'm sure the two of you have opened up quite a bit since the Program came into your lives." At least she'd been a lot more diplomatic about that than Mrs. Jacobs had been this morning.

Kevin still tensed, sensing something he wasn't quite sure of yet. "Yes." I said; "I can see that. But we like gotta have limits too." We talked on it a little more, but Ms. Lippmann cut it short to get on with the 'active' part of the lesson.

"It might seem like we're skipping right to the heart of things with this, but I want us to get past hang-ups and then work our way back up to this." She had all the boys lie down and then told the girls we each had one minute to get the boy to our right 'ready' using mouth or hands. The boy to our left was to do the same to us ­ making one long chain. As for Ms. Lippmann, she sat in the center of the circle and timed us.

The boy to my right smelled nice so I took him orally. The guy on the left looked better though, so hopefully I'd get to fuck him. He was also working wonders on my clit with his tongue. So I wanted to thank him intimately. Just as we were really getting into it though, Ms. Lippmann clapped her hands and had all the boys get up and move two girls down to the right. Talk about weird. I looked around and noticed that if she did that two more times I'd have Kevin.

"Oh shit." I muttered with a glance to him, he shrugged. She had us fuck. There's really no other way to put it. She gave us five minutes and missionary position ­ plain and simple. I had no idea who the boy on top of me was. "Hey what's your name?" I asked as he got ready to enter me. "Jake. You're Alandra right?" He looked a little nervous, but excited as well. "Sorry 'bout this." He said. "About what? We're all here by choice." I said.

I guess that was true. More like our parents all volunteered us for this sex thing, but then we had a choice to leave it for the other class regardless of what they said. He was hesitating, and the clock was running, so I grabbed him by the ass with my legs and pulled him down into me. "Oh!" I said, matched by a grunt from him. At least he was decent looking.

The room was full of the sounds and smells of sex. I turned my head and saw May getting it from Joe ­ the guy who'd wanted me in his lap on Monday. She seemed to be enjoying herself though, and gave me a smile when she caught me looking, followed by a nod down.

I glanced over and saw Ms. Lippmann in the middle of the room, masturbating with a dildo as she watched the orgy around her. "Sucks to be her." May called over. No shit I thought. Just as Jake was getting really into it, and I think - about to shoot his load - Ms. Lippmann called time. "Damn." I said; Jake wasn't the only one who'd been close. She had all the boys move two girls down again and I ended up with another familiar face ­ Fred who'd been stripped on Monday for demonstration.

Ms. Lippmann told the boys to lie on the floor mats, and I didn't waste a second tossing him down and riding his cock for all I could get out of it.

I'm not sure what the fuck we were supposed to be learning outta this, but I didn't really give a shit anyway. Ms. Lippmann was giving some kind of lecture about the whole thing, but I doubt I was the only one not paying attention.

I'd been close before, so I used Fred to reach my plateau and stay there as long as I could. I had five minutes with him, and then Lippmann'd stick me with Kevin and we'd have to make a decision.

Fred wasn't the most skilled I'd had, so it didn't last that long, but you get what you can I guess. "Hey you're not related to my civic's teacher are you?" I asked Fred as I came down on his cock. "Hmnn. Uh? What? Oh, yeah. my aunt teaches here. You got her?" Fred said. "She's got some fuck'd up ideas." I said. He frowned, then sort of grinned as he pushed his cock up into me. "Yeah, she and my dad are always arguing over stuff." We fucked in silence, to a steady rhythm as I looked over and watched May go wild on some guy neither she nor I knew the name of.

I guess we'd know soon enough ­ we'd all had to say our names on the first day, it was just a matter of remembering the shit. May was rocking herself on him, rolling her pussy back and forth every time she came down.

I copied the move. Damn why'd I never think of that? Especially with my clit piercing it was like. It fuck'n sent me to a new level. I tried working the inside of my cunt -like when I came- and Fred's eyes shot open in amazement. "Whoa! What the fuck is that?" He said.

"You never had a girl do that?" I asked. "Shit no. Never had a girl on top before. They just lay there." He said. Funny, I was thinking the same thing about guys ­ some of them just lie there, or do nothing more than in and out. Most of em finish before you can cum, and then just leave you there like they did you some kind of favor. "Don't have to be on top to do it.

How many?" I asked, pulling up on him and getting close. "mmm." He was watching my pussy, watching ­I suppose- the way it tried to cling to his cock as I pulled away. "Huh.?" He said, not really paying attention to me, or at least to the part of me that counted.

"Oooh, up here." I said, picking up my tempo which only caused him to not look up. "How many girls you had?" "Not many, hnnn.

There was, like, Maya last year ­ she was 'Programed' and in my gym class. Then I dated Natalie till she started using, Susan over summer, and now today." He said. I remembered Natalie; she was some kind of ecstasy junkie. Shit, I was only his fifth; counting the five minutes he'd done before being sent to me. "Well you'll get more pussy -oooh- soon." I said.

He came, spurting into me as his eyes opened wide and locked on the joining of our bodies. I sped up for all I was worth; trying to get everything I could before he went limp and pulled out. "Time." Ms. Lippmann called. "Oh shoot, will you look at that. Ok class looks like we're done for today, finish up if you have to." She was grinning ear to ear at that.

I guess she'd come at some point, 'cause she was done with her dildo and just standing there. Fred just said "That was cool," and went to get his clothes. Kevin came over.

"That was close." He said. "No shit." I said. "Yo May, hurry it up will you." She was still riding hers. I gestured at Fred "If he wasn't so new I'd kick his ass for leaving me on edge." "New?" Kevin asked. "To sex. Or least variety. I'm five, she's four." I said, pointing to a girl who was just coming down from being worked over well by a boy who'd decided he still had a reason to 'finish up', unlike Fred.

I sat down on the floor next to Kevin as he got dressed. All I had to do was put my waist chain back on. I was watching May and trying to decide something I couldn't quite put my finger on. She finished just as Kevin buckled his belt. Ms. Lippmann stopped watching and started gathering papers. "Seems I always get the wrong ones." I said without looking up. "Guess I could finish off with this." I held up my dildo.

"What was that?" Kevin said, crouching down to me. His eyes dropped to my pussy for a second before hitting me at eye level again. "They 'fraid of you." May said, coming over. "What about you?" I said. She grinned "I made em afraid not to finish me." "You two are fucking crazy." Kevin said, as we all walked out of class.

On the way out I saw Ms. Magante at the door stop Fatima and exchange a few words. That made me think of something. "You need your clothes back Ms. Cabrera?" She asked as I came up to her.

"I put the ones from yesterday with your stuff from today." "No. I wanted to ask you about her." I said, pointing to Fatima who was standing in the alley between the classes and gym looking both ways ­ like she was trying to decide which exit to use. "Well I can't discuss private matters of other students." She said, talk about hypocrisy. "No, I guess you can just send them out in memos to everyone?" I said back with a little ice in my voice. "Look, she's one of us now, and we look out for ours.

You be careful with her." "Are you making a threat young lady?" She asked. I though for a second, I guess it did sound like that didn't it. "No, I'm just saying, Me, May, the rest of the gang ­ sure we can take this Program shit.

But look at her, if the Program didn't kill her, her father would." "I'm aware of her situation if that's what you mean. Separation of church and state prevents me from making a special case though." She said, then paused. "But don't worry. I don't intend to let the Program get ripped apart by the controversy that would cause." She turned to walk inside.

"Hey." I called out, halfway down the steps. "Yes?" She looked back. "I think you should look into Mr. Carson." I said. "Metal shop?" she asked. "Yeah, he's trouble." I said. "I'll look into it." She said. "Oh, you said something, 'bout us being like you." I said. "Yeah." She held up her arms. "Look close next time. I had them lasered off, but you'll see it if you look. Gang tattoos." Then she turned and went inside, calling over her shoulder "You kid's got nothing on me and what I've done." I remembered something on TV a few years ago about Filipino gangs in California, or was the Vietnamese.?

They were supposed to be ultra violent, even the girls were brutal killers. That made me wonder just where she'd risen up out of. But then, TV has a way of overdoing shit. "What was that about?" May asked, pulling her shirt from yesterday out of the box.

Melinda was standing next to her, still naked. "She a fuck'n gang-banger." I said.

"Who?" Melinda asked. "No fuck'n way." Kevin said. He handed my coat over, and kept rifling through the box. A couple naked freshmen were standing around wondering how to get past the 'big black jungle mother-fucker' blocking their way. I just grinned at the silliness of it, knowing just how polite Kevin was to people who simply asked. "Yo Kev. I can wait, let the kids through." Actually it was colder than this morning, but I figured the kids were more spooked than me.

"Aren't you gonna get dressed?" I asked Melinda. "Naw, like my clothes are in the gym anyway." She said. Kevin looked behind him and said "Oh. Here, you guys look through this." He handed over half the clothes to the freshmen. "This bin's just not easy for a crowd to go through." "I think they want to make it take us time." May said, before running off to do cartwheels for a group of boys. She stopped in a hand stand and let two of them use her dildo on her pussy until she fell.

"Ooh that looks fun!" Melinda said and ran off after May. "How can she do that.?" A freshman girl asked me as I put on my coat. "That's just May.

'sides; it keeps them off us." I said. "This one yours?" I took a pink blouse from the pile and gave it to her. I thought I'd seen her in it that morning. "Yeah thanks. Where the heck did my panties go." Kevin looked around then said; "There." He pointed to the top of a light pole, which had a set of panties dangling from it.

"Fuck." she said, and some boys on the edge of the group bust out laughing before running off when I stared them down. After another minute we figured they'd run off with her skirt too, so she had to go home bottomless. "You got friends?" I asked as the twins came over. "No." She said; looking a little frightened at the idea of walking home alone, nude. "We can take her." Manuel said. "Like fuck you can." I said.

"I saw you punks at lunch. They looked caught. "We promise to be good." Rosa said. "I'll kick your asses if I hear otherwise." I said, then asked the girl "What's your name?" "Um. Cindy. Who're you guys?" She asked. "Alandra, but just call me A.C. This is Kevin, you've seen May." I pointed over to May, who had some boy sucking on her cunt right then.

Melinda was watching it with a smile, but fending off people coming up to her. "This is my brother and sister." I pointed to the twins. They pointed to each other and called out their names, then grabbed her by the arms and started walking off.

When they got halfway down the alley I could see Rosa's hand on Cindy's ass, and Manuel doing something on the front side. I was about to go to do something when she went weak in the legs, but Kevin stopped me.

"Looks like they're getting along just fine A.C." He said. I was wondering if my sister was gonna end up bi like May, or if this was just some kind of twin thing, sometimes they were just a little too close. We finished gathering our stuff. I got my little 'cartoon pussy' charm from in my bag and put it into my clit ring, then put my clothes in my bag and just wore my coat for the cold.

Marcy, Rick, and Rubin joined us as we left ­ the whole gang. We passed by Fatima on the way out. "What's up?" I asked. "Father was supposed to pick me up today." She said. Melinda offered her a cell phone. "Here, call home and check." "Yeah we can wait." May said. She did, and it looked like her father had been delayed getting back from INS. Some kind of refugee application thing I didn't quite understand.

I guess they call it 'Homeland Security' now. As if. We offered to walk her home; it was just past the cafe. I wondered why she'd needed a ride in the first place, but didn't press it. Seemed better to take things slow with Fatima ­she was pretty different from us, but we were 'bout the only people who'd give her the time of day.

Fact is, on the walk over there I saw people looking at her in fear, like Kevin always said whites did to him. Some women even crossed the street to avoid us ­ or so it looked, unless they wanted to walk on the other side for one block to see the vacant lot rather the Albatross cafe, old diner, and hair salon on this side. Unless they'd meant to turn around, recross, and follow until they reached the salon all along. I dunno, it could'a been Kevin. People are so fucking stupid.

Front door to Fatima's. Her uncle was a decent looking man, though his eyes were bugging out at the site of May, Melinda, and me standing back behind the rest of the gang. Hands in the pockets, I pulled my coat closed. May made to hug Fatima as she parted from us, but I held her back with a look of caution.

"These. are your friends?" Her uncle said. She just nodded quietly. "We watch out for her." Kevin said. "I see." Then he said something in whatever language it was they spoke, and Fatima nodded and went inside after smiling back at us. "Why are they undressed?" He asked, gesturing over us girls in the back.

"It's the Program." I said. "We have to be like this at school." He looked around, May shrugged, and Melinda said "Well, yeah. but we can do it anywhere now too." "You're not exactly the friends I would pick for my niece." Her uncle looked us over as best he could; trying not to see the three of us who were naked below eye level.

"But maybe you're the best for her in this place." "What is the meaning of this?!" I heard from behind me before being suddenly shoved aside as a man who looked a lot like Fatima pushed though us. He'd grabbed May by the arm and was dragging her forward. Wrong move, she was a half step away from attack, and if she'd had a knife we'd be in trouble. "I have guests, treat them as such." Fatima's uncle said.

"This is no guest, this is a whore." He jerked May's arm, and Kevin stepped in grabbing a punch May was sending before the man saw it. It wasn't lost on the uncle though, from the look in his eyes.

Kevin pulled them apart and said "You owe the lady an apology." Fatima's father simply huffed and stormed past her uncle to enter the house. "We should go." I said, without stepping from around Rubin. "Tell Fatima I'll see her in school tomorrow." He just nodded and then shook his head with a slight grin as we left.

I gather the two men saw eye to eye on the properness of us being nude, but her uncle was just more willing to accept that this land played by different rules. Rules he and his family would need to at least learn to be able to deal with if not agree with.

Not much longer we stopped off at Albatross to see Bill. He looked at Melinda and said "Another one?" before shaking his head and chuckling. He prepped our sodas and coffee, and Melinda asked for tea. Rick passed a cigarette around. "Saw you kids pass by just a moment ago." "We was walking a friend home." May said. I took off my coat and put it on the chair, making myself the third nude girl - only Marcy had covering below the waist. May had her blouse on though.

"This gonna be a permanent thing?" Bill asked, gesturing over May and I, then giving Melinda the once over. She was new pussy, even if young, so I guess he just checked her out from male reflex.

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"Maybe." I said. "Cause if it is, I may have to get more fitting couches, or 'least something I can change out the covers on." "May leaving spots again?" Rick asked. "May's always leaving spots. You kids ever notice you're the only ones who ever sit there? Though sometimes I get a perv in here who goes over after y'all leave." Bill said.

"Ew gross." Marcy said. "No shit." May said "A decent guy'd come over and lick it out of me while it's still fresh." "May." Rubin said, rolling his eyes. Melinda straddled May's usual spot on the arm of the couch. Rubin was about to say something when May just sat right on her leg.

"Can't have you wetting the furniture anymore." Melinda said. Kevin reached over and touched Melinda's slit before saying "What's the use? Now you're doing it." Melinda tensed a little when he did it, I could tell from May shifting, but then she did her best to act like it was normal for a guy to finger her slit. If she kept showing up naked, it would be. Especially if she starting hanging with May. We sat around and chilled for a bit, talking about the day's events.

People came and went, a lot of the men checking us out. Wednesday was always one of the busy days, though not as much as open mic on Thursdays. "Hey china-girl, come over here and give some of that to a real man." Some guy with coffee and his friends called over.

"Yeah!" One of the others called out. "I'll take the little senorita, Joe can have the redhead." That's how I like 'em" the one I guessed to be Joe said. "These little cunts are street legal now aren't they?" "Fuck off old man." I said. He had to be forty, or more. Bill started paying attention. "That's just gross." Marcy said. She was saying that a lot lately. "No shit." May said. "Even I wouldn't do some grampa." Melinda smiled.

"And the red's mine." May reached down past her legs and slipped a finger into Melinda's cunt. Our guys just sat there in silence. But we knew they were all just waiting for the signal. Bill knew it too, so he cut it short. "Look guys, keep it cool." He said to the men. "My regulars aren't for sale." "Hey no fuss man, you can't blame a guy for trying." The guy who'd started it all said. And that was it. They stayed through their drinks, and what I could hear of their conversation covered us being naked, the Program, and how 'chicks were getting easier'.

I also managed to figure two of them were married to wives who had no idea they were out cruising like this. Men. Some college girls came in not long after - three of them in states of undress. The brunette had on thigh high stockings and cute little pumps ­ and nothing else. Her pussy was shaved like me.

The other two had dyed blond hair above and below. One in an open leather jacket, belt, and boots, the other with a shirt made from beaded strings going across, revealing everything underneath. The last girl was also barefoot like me and my girls. They ordered and sat, playing footsy with each other's cunts until they got some lucky fool trapped between them. He couldn't have been more than a year older than them, and he looked rather pleased with himself when he got pulled into their circle.

They made him play with their pussies for a bit, then they left together. The girls had their hands in their victim's shorts, so you could figure where that was going. Those old guys should've stayed a few minutes more. "Now there's a lucky bastard." Rick said. Melinda looked at him and grinned. Eventually we left.

We were halfway down the block when we saw them. "Yo Mitch, didn't I tell you to get your fuck'n ass outta my turf?" Rubin called out. Mitch and his buddies ­ we'd been having trouble with them for a year now.

They picked a fight with us in Albatross way back. Something about Kevin bumping one of them, or the other way around. Bill threw em out and told em to stay out. Later we kicked their asses and hadn't seen em but nowhere other than the mall since. Well maybe they'd kicked some of our asses a few times too.

They went to school across town from us, all five of em: Mitch, Jason, Paul, Ken, Belinda. Belinda had no bottom on and one of those collar shirts that ended above her bared breasts, and Ken was wearing biker chaps leaving his cock out. Maybe they'd just been pissed that our guys had more girls hanging with them than they did.

"It's the spic, and his nigger." Ken I think it was who said that. "They got a new cunt with 'em too." Jason said. A couple of people started crossing the street. "Maybe we should show her around some." Belinda said, tossing her head towards the vacant lot. "She sure looks ready for it." Melinda got nervous and moved behind Rick and May.

She wasn't used to our world yet, and I was wondering if it was a good idea to bring her into it. May and I both had knives in our hands. So did Rick. Kevin was going for something in his bag when Bill showed up on the street. "Didn't I tell you kids not to come back?" They looked at us, then at Bill in his huge biker best.

"It's cool." Paul said. Then a girl I didn't know came out of the diner and joined them ­ putting her clothes back on and looking between our two groups. Paul looked over the street, with people going here and there.

"We'll finish this later." He called back as they walked off. "No good punks." Bill muttered. "You kids stay safe." He told us as he went back inside his cafe. "What's in the bag?" Rubin asked Kevin as we walked away. Kevin opened his bag, and I realized it wasn't the same one he brought to school. Inside was a Glock 17 ­ a gang banger's gun.

"Shit Kevin, where they fuck did you get that?" Rick asked. "My brother." Kevin said. "Fuck Kev, you bring that out, it'll take things to a whole new level." I said. He looked at my knife, making me realize how stupid I sounded. May and Melinda were locked in a whispered conversation as we made our way out of there. Melinda looked frightened, and I had to wonder again just what I'd gotten her into. "Is it always like this?" She asked. "No, not really." Rubin said. "You guys are attracting a bit of attention though." "Hey!" May said.

"We didn't bring Mitch's crew out." "No but he's right May, not everybody's used to naked chicks yet." I said, thinking about the old guys in Albatross, and the guys outside the mall yesterday. "I wonder what they was doing?" Rick said, peering into the diner as we passed. "Something with that girl I suppose." Marcy said "Probably trying to get a job if she was naked." We could see them about a block down, getting into a blue Impala.

"Oh get like fuck'n real." Marcy said. "Yeah, like they think they're 'gangstas' or something ­ driving that old thing." Kevin said. They took off in the car, flipping us off as they passed by.

I could swear I saw one of them holding a gun. There was trouble in that group. "Needs a new alternator." I said, hearing the engine pass. "How can you tell?" Melinda asked. I just shrugged. "You could put A.C. here on that radio show, car. something or other." Kevin said. "She always fixes my car." There was a look in Melinda's eyes as she gave my naked body a once over. May got a devious look and grabbed her up. "I know what you're thinking." She teased, dipping a finger into the redhead's pussy.

"Oh!" Melinda jumped, and we all bust out laughing. I got a mental image of myself naked and covered in grease ­ monkey wrench in hand, then shook my head with a smile. We stopped at the park, down a few blocks, to sit and smoke. May and Melinda were chatting off by a tree when Rick asked me "So what's the deal with her?" "She got added to my gym class. Figured May and her would connect." "Yeah well." He looked over at them, catching them giggling over the dildo May was wearing.

"What's up with May? Is she.?" "May's gotten. complicated." I said as I wrapped my coat in closer. Why the fuck weren't those two getting cold? "And she's.?" Rick began. "Complicated too I guess." Marcy cut in.

"Ew. now they're kissing." "It's not bad." I said. "She's a good kisser." Marcy slipped and fell off the bench, Rubin and Rick just looked at me. Kevin was staring off at the dark shadows in the trees. "What? She got me in the shower after gym." "I dunno." Marcy said. "Well, I still prefer cock. Same with them I think." I pointed over to Melinda and May, who were back to giggling and walking our way.

Melinda was swaying her hips seductively. She gave us a look ­ gauging for effect I suppose. "Hey guys, what's up?" May said. "Yo pass that over Kev." Kevin passed over the joint, and May took her turn with it. Melinda sat on the bench below Rick ­he was up on the table with me- and leaned back into him. "You guys're all right. Not like any of the shit people say about you." "Don't believe everything you hear." Kevin said. "Aren't you guys cold?" I asked, looking at May and then Melinda.

"It is getting cold." May said. Melinda moved up and sat in Rick's lap. "Guess I'll have to find a way to keep warm." She said, pulling Rick's hands around and dropping them in her lap inches from her crotch. Rick grinned. She spread her legs just a tad; he got the hint, and began to touch her. Marcy squirmed. "You need a boy Marcy." I said.

"No shit." She said. "All these naked people walking around, getting it on, all this shit is just too much." "So go with it." May said, pulling her shirt down just a tad with a shiver. "Fuck, not like that." Marcy said. "Sorry May, but I couldn't do this naked shit." "Ooo that's it." Melinda said, obviously in a different place.

Rick was playing with her clit. "What if you get picked?" Kevin said. "For the Program." "Fuck no." Marcy said. "Hey with those tits you'd do great." Melinda said, coming back to focus for a second.

"Ain't gonna happen." Marcy said, and then paused. "But I guess I'll deal if it does." "We got your back." Rubin said. Melinda's legs spread out till she bumped me on her left. "Oops." She giggled, then "Oh!" as she brought them back in. I got up and went over to Kevin and May, giving her a little space. "There's goes the no fucking friends rule." Kevin said. Rubin and Marcy joined us, and we went quiet enough to keep Rick and Melinda out.

"It'll work itself out." I said. "I think she's really just looking to fuck us all." "I dunno." May said. "I think she wants more." "Not from me." Marcy said. "I mean, like, she's cool and all, but I ain't a dyke." "Me either." I said, though really I was starting to think about keeping my options open.

Not a dyke that is, but I wanted to try that kiss again. "I mean I think she needs friends." May said. "Yeah, like, I figured that too." I said. I looked back to Rick and Melinda; he had one hand in her lap and the other working her tits.

"Yo Rick! Get laid already will you?" Guy didn't seem to take the hint, no wonder he never got much. "I keep telling him." Rubin started.

"You gotta take the moment. Opportunity might knock, but it ain't gonna open the door." Behind me I heard a zipper, then some shuffling, and duals grunts of pleasure. "It's about time." Marcy's eyes got big ­ I figure she got laid even less than Rick, and from where she was sitting she could see it all. "Pass me that." She said, reaching for the joint May had.

"This shit's getting expensive." "No shit." Rubin said. "Where'd you get it Kev?" Kevin pointed at me. "Oh." "It's cool, we got extra." I said. We sat for a while passing the bud to the sounds of Melinda and Rick. Marcy kept squirming over on her bench - after a while I just couldn't take it anymore and I had to look back.

Melinda was still in his lap, facing us. She smiled when she saw me, and blew a kiss. She was riding him, and I could see it moving in and out. Rick's jeans where piled on the ground below him.

"Shit." I said. "Had to look, didn't you A.C.?" Marcy said. This shit was gonna make it hard for us all too just be friends. "Now you know how we feel." Kevin said. "Seeing you naked this week, getting it on with people." When had Kevin seen me.? Oh. Bio class. "Yeah but." I began.

"But nothing. Got fuck'n used to May, running 'round all wild 'n shit. But now you too." I knew what he was saying 'May's so crazy it's easy to dismiss her, but you, you were normal.' I remembered Tuesday at lunch, when Marcy'd jacked Kevin off. "Ok. But I can't do shit 'bout the Program." "Just not used to thinking of you as a bitch." He said.

"But now I can't stop seeing it." "No shit." Rubin said. "A.C., you're one fine piece of ass. but before this week, you was just one of the guys." "Well fuck!" May said, "What about me?" She spread her legs for emphasis, putting a hand down in there.

"May. you're so. whatever. All wild and shit. It's easy to laugh it off and not pay attention. But if you make us think about it, shit'll get all messed up." Rubin said.

"Yeah." Marcy said, "You're like, a force of nature or something." "Well fuck." May said, taking a puff before passing me the joint and going over to Rick and Melinda. "See what I'm getting at?" Kevin said. "Yeah, what's gonna happen when she goes after us?" Rubin said. "Me and Kev always divide up the bitches." "I don't fuck what he fucks." Kevin said. "But Melinda's got her own plan." "So don't fuck her." Marcy said. "Heh. Look at that shit." Kevin said, pointing to Melinda, who was riding Rick and frenching May on the bench behind me.

"Even A.C. wants a piece of that." "What?" I said. "Oh come on A.C., you're dripping it all over your coat there, and I can see how you look at her." He was right, seeing them - hearing them - fuck behind me was getting me all bothered up. And it wasn't Rick I was thinking about - it was that kiss Melinda'd given me in gym. ". When she kissed me." I said. "Fuck." Marcy said, in a whisper.

"I'm just worried. She's gonna want to be part of the gang - and I think she's cool and all. But she's also gonna want to fuck around with us, and I'm gonna want to do it." Kevin said. "And with you and May naked, it's just gonna start changing shit." Rick took a drag on the almost smoked out joint, then added "Last shit we need - for me and Kev to start competing over you three like you was bitches." I opened my coat and spread my legs, saying "Well, it's been here all along." "Yeah, but it was different before." Kevin said - eyes locked on my puffed up clit.

"Yeah we always talk shit about who we score on. So I know you and May, and even Marcy, fuck around. I know I could'a been on your lists. but it wasn't in my face before." "Even when May started this whole bottomless trip, she was just so wild about it." Rubin said.

"That we laughed it off." "So we never thought about how it got us hard." Kevin said. "Yeah. you too huh?" Rubin said. "This is fucked up." Marcy said. I thought for a minute, lit a new joint, took a drag and passed it. "Well, we could toss her." I gestured behind me. I liked Melinda - she was cute and fun like May, but I'd toss her in an instant for me crew. "No. She's nice, she'll be fun. And. It's too late to go back." Rubin said. "Not with you in the Program." Kevin said.

"Not with what we both know's gonna happen in bio." "What? What's going on in bio?" Marcy asked. "We got this fucked up sex seminar thing going. Lippmann's got us all screwing around for the next two weeks." I said. "Shit, that sounds kinda fun." Marcy said. 'Yeah, cept me and A.C. are in it together with May. Sooner or later I'll get paired with one of em." Kevin said.

"So we'll deal." Rubin said, putting out a hand. "We're a crew - lifers." "Deal with what?" May said, back from fooling with the fucking couple behind us - damn Rick was lasting pretty long for a guy with so little action. "We were just talking about the shit in bio." I said. "Oh. that mess." May said, and we all put our hands together, promising to try and keep the friendship even after sex entered the picture - hoping to avoid any of that possessive or competitive bullshit.

I heard Rick finish; he yelled out as he came, and managed to get Melinda off just after. Looking back I saw her get up, hug him, and then come running over. She took the joint and gave it a long drag. "Now that was a good fuck!" She said. "I can't believe you guys never did any shit with each other.

You gotta try him out Alandra - way better than what's his name in gym." Everyone gave me a look at that. "It's complicated." I said, to her and them. Rick came over, his pants back on. He took a drag and we all sat around in silence. May held Melinda - who was all fucked out and clearly showing it. She was rubbing something into her belly that I could only guess used to belong to Rick. More of it was dripping out of her onto May's leg where she straddled her. After a while the mood shifted - the night was over and we left.

The gang split at the usual spot - our morning intersection - and I found myself walking home with May and Melinda in tow.

"Wow." Melinda said. "What a night." "Hey where you live?" I asked. Turned out she was at the end of a cul-de-sac a block over from me. I remembered the jerks that used to live there; they were always trying to pick fights with the twins.

Another block over was May's place, so we could all hook up easy. We came to my turn, May 'offered' to walk Melinda home, and I doubted one of them would ever make it home tonight.

"Hey." I said, then pulled Melinda into me and started a kiss. She felt for my pussy while we were at it, and slid two fingers into me while a third got to my clit. It was soft and sensuous, like nothing I'd ever felt before.

Well, before that morning at least. But it was over, too quickly. "Yeah." I said. "Well, see you tomorrow A.C." May said, sensing I had something on my mind I wanted time for. "Um." Melinda began, pointing to me as May grabbed her arm. "Oh, ok." She said. I guess she picked up on the vibe, whatever it was. I watched them walk away, wondering just what it was about her kiss that made me wonder if maybe going for a girl might not be such a bad idea.

Sure enough, they both turned down Melinda's cul-de-sac together. I turned around and went down to my house. Pa said he came out here 'cause he got sick of living in apartment complexes, but the place we had wasn't much more than one.

Stepping inside I saw the twins at it with that video game, and on the couch behind them was Cindy ­ the freshmen who'd lost her clothes. She was passed out and still naked, and I could see white film all over her stomach. Her blouse was gone. Manuel still had his cock out, sitting there on the floor. When he saw me he wiggled the damn thing at me while he and Rosa bust out laughing. "Hey. What's up with her?" I asked, taking off my coat and tossing it over Pa's chair along with my school bag.

"She's all fucked out." Rosa said, lifting a skirt to show off her pussy. "Me too." she added. I don't think I'd ever seen the twins naked since I had to change their diapers, so it was kinda weird. "You didn't.?" I looked between the two of them. "No stupid, Manuel fucked her and she ate me out! God A.C., you're fuck'n gross." Rosa said.

"Well. Hey you can't just leave her there." I said. "Her parent's are coming by." Manuel said, not really paying attention, he was too busy getting his little video game girl to get fucked by a bunch of fairies or something.

"No, you gotta hit the 'A' button to get her to go down on him!" Rosa called out. I had a mental image of May running around with video game buttons painted on her belly, trying to get all the guys - and girls too I guess - to press her 'A' button. "When?" I asked; they just shrugged. Fucking unreal, they didn't even seem to care about the girl they'd fucked. "Hey. wake up." I gently shook Cindy. She came to kind of groggy like.

"What's?" "It's ok girl, let's get you cleaned up. Your parents are coming by to pick you up." I said. "What. who? Oh Shit!" she called out, looking up, sitting up. "Yeah, come on." I offered my hand. "My clothes.?" She asked. She seemed almost drunk, or maybe a little high, but I didn't smell any of Pa's weed. "Remember, you lost em at school." I said. "Oh. Oh yeah." She said, following me into the bathroom. We both got into the shower together.

I took the little 'pussy cat' charm out of my clit ring and started to lather up, then offered her the soap, but she just hugged me. "This Program got you all fucked up?" she asked. "I've never been so horny." "Yeah." I said. "It really puts some strange shit in your head." She crouched down to look straight at my crotch. "Hey I didn't get to see this up close before, did it hurt?" she touched my clit ring, then lightly rubbed along my slit.

"Yeah, at first. But it feels good now. They said I'd get used to it eventually, but I dunno, it's like, something's always rubbing me down there." She put a finger in me, and started to stroke it in and out. I stepped back, as much as I could in so small a space. "Uh. I'm not." I began. "Oh!

Oh. I'm sorry. I'm not either, but." She started. "Yeah, the Program. It's ok." I said. "I just. Before I was in I didn't, well I never looked at another girl so close before, and your ring is so pretty. Is that turquoise?" Cindy said. "My birthstone, yeah." I said. "You two fucking in there?" I heard Rosa call out from the living room. "Fuck off!" I yelled back, but I doubt she heard me. "They treat you ok?" I asked.

"Yeah, like, it was fun actually." she said. "Manuel was all over me, and I was all over Rosa." "I could see ­ Manuel all over you that is." We giggled over that, then I asked "You ok with just being fucked like that?" She finished soaping up on top, and moved to her crotch. "Well, I guess so. I. I was a virgin till yesterday. It's still kinda scary." "It's always scary, but if you're horny enough you forget that for a little." I said.

"My friend Carrie said it's not scary with her boyfriend." She said. "Love. Or some kind of shit, I got a friend that'll fuck anything. But I think even she's scared of herself. What happened to your virginity?" I said. "I got fucked silly." She said with a laugh. "They are fucking in there!" I heard Rosa yell out from the other side of the door.

"You're such a dyke Alani!" Hey, I wasn't the one who got my pussy worked over by another girl. "You know what I mean Cindy." I said. She was done soaping up, and trying to rinse out her pussy ­ trying to get enough of Manuel's cum out that her parent's didn't freak I guess.

"Yeah. Swim class, during free swim Joel had a 'request'. He's kinda cute and I always wanted him to ask me out back in middle school.

Coach Roquette said whatever I was ok with was fine ­ so I let him inside me. Coach said the filters would clean out the pool pretty fast. It only hurt for a second, then it was amazing." She said. "I'm jealous." I said. "I've never done it in water." "Yeah, I'm sorry, but your brother's got nothing on getting fucked in the pool." She said. "What was your first?" "You don't want to know." I said, feeling suddenly tense as the last of the soap rinsed off me.

She picked up on my vibe. "It was bad, wasn't it?" "I got attacked." I said, and we dropped it as she gave me a hug.

I didn't tell her where, or how, or what happened after ­ she didn't need to fear the school the way I used to. When we'd finished the shower we stepped out into the living room. I didn't bother going to my room to put anything on, though it did suddenly occur to me that I'd not had any reason to join her in that shower.

"Hey you got a call." Rosa said. "Who?" I asked. "Fuck if I know. Check the machine." Rosa finished. The machine gave its speech.

"Hi, it's, uh. Jenny. I was. Um. Well. I'd like to, maybe, go out sometime. You know. Oh, my brother's gonna be in town this weekend, I told him we had metal shop together. He couldn't believe they put you in the Program. He was like 'A.C., in the fucking Program. I gotta see that shit!' Say um. how long did you have to, um, you know, not do it, after you got pierced. I was thinking. Well, never mind.

Hey give me a call, or maybe I'll just see you in class. Bye." And she ended it with a kissing sound. Fuck, I didn't need Jenny complicating things. She just made me think of a real mistake of a boyfriend. I wonder if she knew how creepy her brothers were.

She must've got the number from Anthony. I had a very uncomfortable image of me over showing up naked over there, and being greeted at the door by her brothers and that great dane of theirs. I think Anthony said something about going into making films. There was no fucking way I'd be going over there without backup. We sat in the living room and she struck up a conversation with the twins. I watched as the three of them played the video game ­ it was kinda funny watching a naked girl play a game about a naked girl.

"Yeah like that." Manuel said, pointing to the screen. "I've managed to find three of her cum scenes, keep hitting A, then X, no. up and down. Yeah, there she goes. Hey Rosa, she found a new one!" the little 3D redhead on my TV was cumming for all her digital worth on the cock of some guy that looked like a fantasy barbarian with pointy ears ­whatever.

I wondered how they did the voices for these things. I'll bet that geek Saul played this thing. I'd have to ask Melinda if she'd ever managed to get his cock inside her or not. I looked at the game's manual for a bit ­ there was a section on the 'educational' part of the game. Instead of playing you could watch 'instructional videos' with your friends, or so the guide said.

There was a 'National Program Seal of Approval' on the back page, which made me think of some of the shit in civics class. "You just gonna sit there like some cheap ass whore?" Rosa asked. "Pa'll be home soon." "Whatever." I said.

"You might wanna put your pants back on soon Manuel." Cindy was jacking him off and giggling, so I don't think he was in a mood for that at the moment. I didn't really care for seeing my brother get off, so I got up to check on Pa's meds. "Cindy, we don't need you taking another shower." "Oh. Yeah." I heard her call back. Pa'd taken all his meds, from what I could count, so I put my coat and my bag in my room and went through some tunes till I heard the front door opening.

When I stepped into the living room, Pa was there with Dan. Manuel had put his pants back on, but Cindy was still there completely naked and currently playing the video game. "Alandra, where are your clothes? We're not doing the 'outreach' part of that Program." I just shrugged.

"Yeah Pa, I know, I'm just comfortable like this for now." I gave Dan a hug. "How's it going? You guys have fun?" "Yeah. So they drafted you for this Program thing?" Dan asked. "Yep." I spun around for him, Dan was safe. "Check it out. Pretty fu. strange." "Well I'm sure you're making hell for all those boys." Dan said. "Rosa, who's your friend?" Pa asked. "Um. Cindy. She's in that stupid Program too." Rosa said. "Hi Mr. Cabrera." Cindy waved from the screen, then looked from Pa to Dan and back in a curious sort of way.

"Her parents are picking her up soon." I said. I think they were coming soon. "Uh, at 9 I guess." Cindy said. "Well, where are your clothes?" Pa asked. "Some boys got to the bin and took them before we could catch em." I said.

"Very well, but this isn't going to be one of those naked families Alandra." Pa said.

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"Well, give me a call ­ maybe we can get together on the weekend." Dan said to Pa. "Sure. Let me walk you out." Pa said, and they were back out the door.

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"What's the deal with your dad?" Cindy asked. "He thinks this whole Program thing is some kind of conspiracy." Rosa said.

Cindy laughed. "My mom's the same way." Pa came back in, gave us all a once over, then left for the kitchen. I followed him in. "Hey." I said. "Hey, so how's school?" Pa asked. "Fine. It's kinda weird." I said. "Don't let that Program thing get to your head ­ you know they're just trying to brainwash you." Pa said, rolling up a joint.

I pointed to the living room. "Her parents should be here soon." Pa put the joint away. "Yeah, but. well, I tried to get dressed this morning, and it all felt so confining. I just wore my coat ­ cause it was cold." I said.

"Just make sure it's really your choice." He said. "Sure Pa." I kissed him on the forehead. "May's got a new friend.

She might come over." Pa chuckled. "See, that's what I mean. May's a sweet girl, but they got to her somehow." He had a point. "Even I can see you've grown into a beautiful young woman Alandra. Take care with that." I turned to go and he gave me a pat on the behind as I left.

Cindy's parent got there not ten minutes later. Her mother was a bit shocked to see the girl naked, till I explained things. "Cindy you should've asked to borrow something." "But mom. It's fun being naked." Cindy said. "Well, it's just not right. at your age too." Her mom said. Pa kept amazingly silent, but I could tell her mother didn't like a man his age seeing her daughter nude.

Little did she know. I was just glad the video game was off when she came in. "Hey." I began. "Put an extra outfit in your bag tomorrow. You can bring it over just in case." That seemed to soothe her mother, and I figure Cindy was smart enough to know I wouldn't make her wear it anymore than I would let someone make me get dressed if I didn't want to.

Cindy gave me and Rosa naked hugs. What a feeling ­ she was soft all over me. But the hug in the shower had been even better ­ wet and soft. Her mother didn't seem to catch the effect in our nipples, and I crossed my legs to keep her from seeing me swell up down below. When she went to hug Manuel 'mom' tugged her away and said "Well, we don't want to keep dinner waiting.

It was nice meeting you." She shook Pa's hand and they exchanged forced smiles. "Now there's a girl that needs to be naked." Pa said, as soon as she was gone. I looked at him in surprise.

"Her mother." He said, going back to the kitchen and lighting up his joint. "Hey we got anything to eat around here?" I asked into the air, rooting through the fridge. I popped some frozen burritos in the microwave and passed around the results. After that I went upstairs and read a little shit for civics class. The civics homework talked about changes in the workplace. There was shit in there about women who worked with the public being able to be put under nude dress codes.

It was argued out in the courts as 'a company's right to ensure it's employee's maintained a professional appearance conductive to business' ­ which I guess meant they could get us to show off our pussies to bring in more customers. Apparently dress codes had been legal for decades, but in the past had always gone the other way ­ to keep people looking conservative.

Whatever, I guess I'd better get used to being naked, cause I'd probably have to some day if I wanted a job. May's mom already had to go to work nude, so I sorta knew about this already. The second half of the reading talked about prostitution, both male and female.

Mrs. Jacobs put in notes about several states overturning prostitution laws in the last few years ­ many of those also put strict health rules, but that was breaking down with all the STD and AIDS vaccines. Some of them even regulated pimping and brothels ­ allowing companies that sold sex.

Pa would say it was just a way men could ensure a hold on the money. He said prostitution was the original form of female empowerment ­ giving girl's economic control over their sexuality. Pa said it'd been illegal for so long not because anyone was hurt by it, but because men wanted control over sex. But that was Pa ­ but I imagine Ms. Lippmann and Ms. Magante would agree with him. I didn't see myself ever selling a fuck, so I'd never really given it much thought. Way I saw it, with all this Program shit the cost of a fuck was gonna go down pretty fast.

Maybe that's why they were legalizing it ­ now that it really wasn't worth all that much. Or whatever. Maybe they just wanted. Hmm. Mrs. Jacobs had an interesting page on some companies that were hiring women as 'sexual consultants' - putting a certain amount of sexual activity into their contracts, as long as the main job was about serving the other people in some way. Like secretaries. Maybe that's what this legal prostitution was all about. Mrs. Jacobs said they'd only managed to do it with certain types of jobs.

All the more reason for some girls to get an education I guess. If prostitution was legal, was it sexual harassment to hire a woman to have sex with you, your customers, or your other workers? Was it harassment to make it part of her job, and not all? Was it harassment to refuse to hire her unless she was also a prostitute? What about men? They were all trying to figure out just how much sex they could make a person be hired for. It was clear that a boss couldn't demand sex if the woman hadn't been hired for it.

It just wasn't clear what kinds of jobs you could add it to and call it a reasonable part of the job. Way I saw it, I was probably fucked either way ­ the only kind of work I'd ever be able to get would have me dishing my pussy out to the public or to old guys in suits. I guess I'd have to sell my fucks someday after all.

The male prostitution stuff was a lot tamer looking. Just as legal now, the men weren't finding many jobs demanding sex yet. The only examples she had in the reading were a few personal assistants and trainers. There was some weirder shit going on out in San Francisco, but there was always weirder shit out there from what Pa said. Mrs. Jacobs ended it by saying the Supreme Court was looking at a woman in a state where prostitution was illegal saying she had a fundamental right to freely employ her own body.

It was something about freedom of religion, privacy, and contract. Mrs. Jacobs wanted us to think about that, if we thought she'd win. If she did, prostitution would be legal in the whole country. Pa had said he thought this Program shit was some kind of conservative sneak attack. If you figured people wouldn't want sex, you could figure that being forced to have it to keep a job might send a lot of girl's back home ­ as housewives. It could also make it hard for lesbians to get work. Pa would love reading this shit.

Personally I think that was a bit much. I doubted that idea the moment it hit me, but you never know. If teaching was all about spooking the shit out of kids; Mrs. Jacobs was a natural. This shit looked even more fucked up than what I read yesterday, and I could only guess what class would be like tomorrow.

The rest of my homework was five math questions, asking me to figure out what 'x' stood for. I think I got some of them. I'd never been one for homework, but if I was gonna be up there at the front of class, I'd better not look stupid. I could slack off next week ­ what could they do after all? Make me go naked? I'd probably already be naked.

Gay video He soaps up amongst the bubbles  rubbing his smooth body

Mr. Turner had wanted us to think about some kind of short story, but nothing was coming to me, so I just tried to go to sleep. I kept waking up though, visions of all the sex I'd had or seen earlier rolling through my mind. That, or me in a giant office somewhere with glasses on and thousands of old guys lined up to fuck me. I needed to tell Mrs. Jacobs to lighten up on the reading. Fuck that, I needed to tell the world to slow the fuck down with this Program shit. Somewhere in the middle of the night I got up, played with my dildo for a while, and sighed myself back to sleep finally settled down.

My last thought was that I'd had the thing on when Cindy's mom showed up ­ stuck to my waist chain where both her and Pa could see it. I wonder what they'd thought of that. [To be continued.]