Hardcore group sex party with euro stunners

Hardcore group sex party with euro stunners
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Shannon was a striking woman; her face was very pretty, with green/gold eyes, a creamy complexion and full, pink lips. Her face was framed by layers of soft coppery hair.

She is tall and slim, but she had a full chest for her build, about a 32C. Shannon mostly liked wearing t-shirts and jeans, but her shirts were always tight due to her bountiful breast. She was 23 and at the peak of her beauty. She used to run on her high school cross country team, which had garnered her a gorgeous pair of sculpted legs.

Shannon is host of a early morning talk show. She invited me to come on her show to talk about deer hunting. During our off air conversation Shannon told me she had never been on a hunting trip. I invited her to join me on my weekend trip and she accepted.


It was a Friday afternoon when I picked her up, She noticed I was staring at her as climbed into my truck, and it made her a little uncomfortable. She pulled down on her little t-shirt to ensure it was covering her stomach properly.

She noticed a flicker of pleasure in my eye, and she looked away and blushed. I was scruffy and plain, and wore a coat and jeans. "You are gorgeous, you know that?" I said, not taking my eyes off her chest. The wind began picking up, and Shannon's nipples grew hard from the cool air.

She tried turning away from me so I wouldn't notice. My eyes lit up again at the sight of her pert breasts with their hardened nipples sitting nicely underneath her well worn t-shirt. As I drove tthe truck, I commented, " I really like your shirt, what does it say?" I reached over beggining to tracing a finger over her chest, on the tops of her breasts, reading the name of the guitar company aloud.

"Hey!" Shannon shouted, " Stop". I took my hand away continuing to the woods. We arrived, parking the truck and unloaded the atv. Packing the atv with all our supplies and gear and headed deep into the woods to my one room cabin.

Arriving at the cabin unpacking and started a fire in the fireplace. Shannon noticed there was only a bed in the corner of the room. I explained to her, she would sleep on the bed and I would sleep on the floor. Then I grabbed her quickly by the ass, pulling her toward me, and pressing her chest into mine.

"Come on, baby, let's get to know each other," I commented. With one hand tight on her ass, I pulled my other hand up between her breasts and got a handful of her right breast. "What are you doing?" Shannon demanded, squirming in my strong grasp.

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She turned her head quickly to escape my warm wet mouth coming in for contact with her face and neck. I pinned her up against the wall, and got a hand up her shirt, cupping her breast, squeezing it as my leg pressed between her legs, pinning her further.

"Stop! Gross!" Shannon yelled, pushing me away with both hands. I held her fast, licking her neck and roughly rubbing her nipple with my fingers. "You are so hot, baby, did you know that?

You're so cute," I insisted. She could feel my hard cock against her leg, and she used one large burst of strength to push me off her. I pushed my knee into her groin harder, and she cried out, surprised, and tripped over my knee as she tried to get away.

She was on her belly on the floor, and I took ample advantage of her position. I laid down on top of her back, pinning her painfully to the cement floor, and brought my hand up underneath my hips to lay between her ass cheeks on top of her jeans.

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My hand then moved down past her ass near her vagina, and I rubbed there hard with my fingers. "I bet you're a hot fuck, sweetheart," I said, grinding my hips into her shapely ass, while sawing my fingers in between her legs. "Get the fuck off me!" She yelled, pushing her shoulders up off the floor.

She elbowed me in the face, and I groaned, lifting myself up and holding my cheek where she had hit. Shannon quickly got up and ran to the bathroom, where she locked the door behind her. She tried to think quickly what her next steps should be, since she was deep into the woods. Listening for what seemed like a minute, she finally calmed down, hearing no footsteps.

She then realized how badly she had to pee, so she undid her pants and hovered over the toilet, relieving herself. As she reached for the toilet paper, she looked up seeing the door swing open sharply. She froze, her head still reeling, her pants still around her calves. "Hey, sweetie, there you are. I can smell your sweet pussy. I need to feel that rack again." Shannon grabbed at her pants, fumbling with them, but they were stuck around her legs, I grabbed Shannon's ankle.

I pulled hard, and she lost her balance in her squatting position, falling on her shoulder beside the toilet. I pulled the fallen girl from out of the bathroom, feasting my eyes over the prize I had caught myself. Shannon's jeans were around her calves, tightly stuck there, and her beautiful ass was on display. Shannon was mortified, and started whimpering pathetically. Shannon turned her head to the side and closed her eyes, ashamed at being seen with her pants down in front of me, a man she didn't know.

I reached my hand up to her crotch, grazing my fingers over her mound, and up toward her flat, taught stomach that was now being showcased as her t-shirt climbed higher and higher up with the friction of her body sliding on the floor.

Shannon writhed a bit, but only succeeded in shimmying even further out of her t-shirt, twisting her elegant waist side to side, while her ample bosom heaved under the confines of the cotton shirt. The floor was cold, and Shannon's nipples were hard again. Shannon was hitting me with her hands. I pinned Shannon's legs down with one of mine, moving my knee between her thighs to spread her wider. I stared down at the soft pink lips of her pussy, and the fine auburn hairs around them.

I tickled her with my fingers before leaning down to smell her."Damn, you smell fine." I told. Shannon began to cry quietly, in extreme panic and anxiety. I was on top of her pressing my cold fingers onto her clit, looking into her eyes and watching for any signs of pleasure. "You like this, baby, right?" My fingers were cold and rough, and as I rubbed her clit, my other hand came to her pussy slipping two cold fingers into her pussy. "Oh, yeah, you're so wet," I told Shannon, as my eyes raised to the sky.

Shannon wished that I would get my hand out of her, because it didn't feel good at all. She just wanted to go home. I kept two fingers in her, pushing them up and rubbing her inside, as my other hand traveled up to her hips, rubbing on her hipbones as she writhed around, then traveling up her t-shirt.

I grabbed the thin fabric at her belly and ripped down. The fabric gave gracefully under my strength, revealing her ample cleavage encased in a black lace push-up bra.

"You little vixen," I exclaimed, "you've got the hottest tits I've ever seen!" I took my hand out of her pussy and fell on top of her, pulling the bra down underneath her breasts, while my mouth grasped around her left nipple, licking it up and down and sucking it ravenously, while my hands kneaded both breasts, pushing them roughly together as they were supported by the bra underneath them, creating even more cleavage.

Shannon heard herself moan a little " OOOOHHH", as the I feasted on her nipple, sucking the aureola into my mouth as well. I began shoving her legs wider with my knee, and getting my other knee between her to force her legs apart.

She heard my belt clanking, and began to voice her disdain. "Please, no… I don't want that. Please!" she whimpered, crying. I used my fingers to spread her pussy lips, and brought the bulbous head of my hard cock up to her opening. I pushed my hips down to get better aim, and Shannon then felt me enter her roughly, but the whole thing wasn't making it in. Her hips were too low to the floor, and I couldn't get a good angle. I was squatted down between her legs again, I shoved a pillow under her ass, then yanked her panties and jeans off.

I placed a thumb on each side causing her to cry out " STOP! PLEASE STOP! at the contact and then roughly pulled her lips apart. Kneeling, I spit in my hand and slapped it against her pussy, spreading the saliva around as she cried at the feeling " OMG!



. She cried and struggled against me, desperate to escape this nightmare. Shannon's eyes widened as she looked at my big hard cock, jutted out like the merciless weapon that it was. It was long wide and nasty looking. Large bulbous head, long wide shaft resembling a baseball bat with purple veins. Shannon screamed "OMG! Your to big!

Please don't, it won't fit ! It will hurt!". Long enough to pound a woman's cervix, and very thick which meant it really stretched a woman out. Even experienced women found it a bit intimidating. It really should have had a warning sign on it saying 'Not suitable for small tight pussys'. That just meant that I really got to enjoy a young woman's tightness. Feeling a woman's tight tunnel spasming as my hard wide cock stretchs her. Spitting in my hand again, I coated the head, making sure it was slippery enough to get in.

I sled forward, I said "Here it comes" as I lined myself up and then grabbed her hips. Normally I work the head in a bit and then thrust in. This time I wasn't that patient. With the head barely touching her lips, I drove my hips forward using all of my might.

For a brief moment, like a hundredth of a second, her lips resisted, and then split to allow the hard rod enter her and drive itself at least 6 inches in on the first thrust. Young woman is not meant to be stretched like that, so I wasn't surprised at all when her whole body jerked in response to the white hot pain of the rod slicing into her tight young pussy as she emitted a screech " AAAAAAGGGGG!

AAAAAAGGGGG!". She screeched terribly as her whole body fought desperately against my gripe, to escape the agony being driven into her. Pulling back several inches, I saw lots of blood covering my cock, and dribbling down her thighs. Then I drove forward again, driving my head right up against her cervix. I still had a few inches to go, but that would take a bit of battering ram action.

I drew back and started slamming into her like a pile driver as she howled pitifully " OMG! OOOOOOHHHHHH! STOP! STOP! AAAAAHHHHH!". Whatever it felt like for her, the feel of her underprepared and small tight pussy milking my cock sent shivers of excitement through my body as I slamming into her with my cock.

Her cunt resisting each thrust, clamping down in a vain attempt at stopping each subsequent penile impalement. Tears were pouring down her face as her tight young pussy was stretched, scrapped and even torn by the sustained assault I was inflicting on her. Gradually, the beating my cockhead gave to the back of her pussy caused something to give a bit, and I was able to get the last few inches in.

It felt great, having her tight young pussy grasping the base of my cock, convulsing from the trauma, twitching as her whole body heaved from the sobs and screams, " OMG! IT HURTS!" she was emitting. I fucked my guest for several more minutes, loving the tightness, and getting off on her screams. I felt my orgasm approaching and started slamming harder, wanting to pound the fuck out of her pussy as I pounded into the wailing girl, "OOOOOOHHHHH! AAAAAHHHHH! OOOOOHHHH!" without mercy until I let out a loud groan asmy orgasm came, and I drove in, holding it there as I pumped my semen into the crying woman.

I held my cock there for a few minutes, feeling her pussy spasming then struggling to expel me. After a few minutes of this I pulled it out and looked at the blood on it, and the blood and sperm dripping out of her split open pussy, as it still twitched from the trauma it had just endured.

She sobbed heavily for a few more minutes. There is nothing tocompare to the feel of fucking a woman's small tight virgin ass. My cock was dripping all kinds of goo anyway so that would suffice as lube I grabbed her rolling her onto her side bending her leg forward, then I caressed her ass and parted her cheeks roughly as she cried out," STOP!

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PLEASE NO NOT THERE! NO! NO! PLEASE!". When I touched the head of my cock against her tight puckered little anus, she went wild, struggling aganist my grip with renewed vigour as she screamed, " OOOOOHHHH! NNNNNNOOOO! PLEASE NNNNNOOOO!" Well, no better time than the present.

I lined my hard rod up nicely and leaned in hard, pressing the swollen bulbous head against the resisting ring. Her entire body tensed, in an effort to resist the coming impalement with all her might. I was experienced enough to know that I would win this battle. Pushing hard, I had to hold on to my cock to prevent it from sliding off of her ass. She wriggled, clenched her sphincter and grunted with exertion as my cock head fought against her resisting ring. I could feel the ring was starting to give, ever so slightly.

She could sense it too, and she started crying out through the gag from exertion and fear as the ring slowly started to lose the battle. I pushed a bit harder and suddenly the her anus lost the battle and parted as my cockhead forced it's way in.

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Her whole body arched, her head going straight back as she emitted an agonized screech, "OMG! OOOOOHHHHH! AAAAAHHHH! OOOOOOHHHHH!", when her anus was forced much wider than it had ever been in her life.

She shuddered as if she was trying to shake the pain from her body, yet couldn't get rid of it. The pain was about to get worse.much worse. Once the head was in it was the beginning of the end as I was able to now force inch by inch, slowly into her rectum as she convulsed and howled, "OOOOOOHHHHH!

OOOOOOHHHHH!" from the pain as her rectum was stretched, and forced open very deep within her. Finally I got my entire cock in as her traumatized sphincter clenched and convulsed around the base of my rod. It felt so fucking amazing, so unbelievably tight. The violation of her body, with my cockhead right up in her was sheer ecstasy for me as it was agony for her. I pulled back and then shoved it in again, causing convulsions from her and high pitched noises, " AAAAAAAhhhhh!

AAAAAAAhhhhh!. Her tight ass forced the thrusts to be slow, as it resisted every inch. I started fucking the young lady.

I started working my cock in and out, with long deep thrusts as she screamed and cried. I thrust my hips against her ass with repetitive thrusts, battering her. Her buttocks and thighs kept quivering in response to the waping of my balls aganist her ass. She struggled endlessly. I was all turned on intensely. I carried on slamming my cock into her tight gripping rectum as she howled "OOOOOOhhhhh!

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OOOOOOhhhhhh!", still trying to thrash around, yet not succeeding. After another 10 minutes of this, I felt my orgasm coming, and planted my balls tight against her and my cock planteddeep inside her clenching asshole as she tensed every muscle in her body.

I groaned coming in powerful jets of semen that fired deep into her as she cried loudly. When I finished, I held it there for a few more minutes, then pulled it out. Her whole body shook from the fucking. she lay on the floor, curling up in a ball, sobbing in loud cries. I pulled my pants up and looked down at her.

I turned and left locking the door.