She was arguing with her redneck bf so she took me home for a quickie

She was arguing with her redneck bf so she took me home for a quickie
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Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the actual Harry Potter series, its author, characters or book and movie franchises. This story has not been sold or created for profit. I simply took the characters and made them my own.

To The Readers: I personally love the HP series so these chapters will be longer but I have taken more time to work on the grammar and spelling. Hope this one meets the standers and constructive feedback is always welcome. Enjoy! Chapter one: New Pets and Big Surprises Harry Potter was sitting at his desk inside his new bedroom at the burrow trying to write a letter to Fred Wesley, unable to find any words that would be fitting to put on the paper he simply gave up. Harry still felt responsible for Fred's twin brother Georges death during the battle of Hogwarts and even though Fred said he didn't blame harry, he still wanted to write a letter giving his deepest apologies since he wouldn't accept them in person.

It had been six months since lord Voldemort was defeated and the world seemed to be back to what the muggle's called normal. Harry had to admit that he didn't really know what to do after he defeated Voldemort, he had spent most of his life running from the man then chasing him down, and now that he was gone harry seemed lost.


Putting his quill down Harry took in his surrounds still amazed he was now living at the burrow, in the twin's old room, right above his hot girlfriend Ginny. His room had a rectangle shape to it and he had his full size bed taking up most of one side, on the other he had a desk facing his open window and an arm chair with a small bookshelf next it in the corner. His trunk laid along the length of the wall for an extra seat and he had his Firebolt on the only hanging shelf in the room.

It was early but everybody would be up soon so Harry walked over to his mirror making sure his cloths were nice and his glasses clean, he didn't even bother to mess with his hair anymore but his head still hurt from when Mrs. Weasley had found out he had been staying at the Leaky Cauldron since the end of the war.

Harry was sitting at a small table in the leaky cauldron when the door slammed open and shut loudly. Harry thought nothing of this at first for it happened all the time but then someone hit him square on the head with a wand, red and green sparks flying out of it like fireworks. Harry whirled around wand in hand ready to fire a spell when he saw that the figure who had attacked him was Molly Weasley. Her face was as red as her fiery hair and she still had her wand pointed strait at Harry's nose, he had seen the anger of the Weasley women many times and had learned the best thing to do was to put his wand away and shut up and listen so that's what he did.

"Harry James Potter how dare you insult me like this" Molly yelled at Harry, there was at least twenty other wizard there for lunch that day and every one of them was silent as she went on no one daring to interrupt her. "I have treated you like a son since you were a boy and this is how you repay me, by staying in a rent shack after everything is said and done." Molly was staring to calm down so Harry tried to make his case that he didn't want to Burden her family any longer after all the loss he had caused her, but this only fired her back up.

"No I will not have it I would be worried all the time that you weren't safe and that would be a bigger burden on me so you march upstairs to your room and pack your things immediately." She said with a note of finality and with that harry went upstairs and as he ascended the steps he could hear some of the women Molly knew actually clapping for her. Harry was almost finished packing in the three minutes it took Mrs.

Weasley to come upstairs, apparently harry had less than he thought in his possession for he couldn't seem to find his new Sneakoscope he had bought. It was pure gold but what made it special was that the maker of this Sneakoscope added a special feature so that it would turn black as knight when a very dark wizard or witch was near. It was made especially for him but he was distracted because Mrs. Weasley had asked him the same question three times now and she hated repeating herself.

"Harry dear I'm sorry for embarrassing you but you have to understand, I think of you as one of my own and I worry like it to so it will make me feel more at ease if you stay at the burrow with us for a while." It was hard to tell Mrs. Weasley no but Harry still felt he was being a burden on them by staying with them. "Harry you are not a burden to anyone, if anything we should be finding ways to thank you for getting rid of Lord Voldemort, he would of killed us all if not for you." Harry was sitting on the foot of the bed and when Mrs.


Weasley came closer to harry she lent down taking his hands in hers while looking into his eyes. "Harry you have saved my sons and daughters lives countless times, you have saved mine, my husbands and the entire worlds lives and I thank you for that. If there was any way I can repay you, you brave young man please let me know." Harry started to feel better about going with her and when he looked down away from her eyes he found an even better view.

Mrs. Weasley blouse was loose and Harry could clearly see down it, he had never noticed how big Mrs. Weasley breasts were but now he couldn't stop staring. Her tits were easily a DD size and Harry could almost see one of her nipples causing his young cock to quickly get hard.

"I think your wand is sticking out your pocket there Harry" Mrs. Weasley said with a small laugh. She leaned closer setting her hand on Harry's lap and hard cock for support so she could whisper into his ear.

"Has my daughter ever given you a blow job Harry?" Harry was so shocked at the question he stuttered incoherently here he was his cock being rubbed by his girlfriend's mom while she was asking about his girlfriend, her daughter.

As it happened Ginny and Harry were both still virgins but had tried oral sex on each other once, so he answered honestly. "Good I didn't want to spoil the surprise but I know how I can repay you for saving my family's life." Harry hadn't noticed that Mrs. Weasley had unbutton his pants, so when she knelt down between Harry's legs she pulled his pants down releasing his hard seven inch cock.

Mrs. Weasley was slowly stroking Harry's cock and before he could protest she was sliding the head into her mouth sucking on it softly while swirling her tongue around the head. Harry thought Ginny had done well but her mom was besting her with just his head in her mouth, so when she quickly slid all seven inches into her mouth and throat he almost came right then. Mrs. Weasley held Harry's cock in her throat for a moment before slowly sliding him out to her lips sucking on the head again harder this time.

Every time Mrs. Weasley slid Harrys cock in and out of her mouth she picked up rhythm till she was quickly bobbing up and down on his cock casing harry to grunt and breath very loudly.

"I'm about to cum Mrs. Weasley" he told her and this only seemed to make her want his cock more. Mrs. Weasley picked up her rhythm even faster while she grabbed Harry by the hips pulling him closer so she could fit every bit of his cock in her mouth. Harry began to shoot stream after stream of hot cum into Mrs.

Weasley mouth but this didn't break here rhythm, she kept sliding Harry's cock in and out her mouth a few more minutes after he had cum making sure to get every drop.

Harry thought Mrs. Weasley was going to stop sucking his cock but she didn't. He was enjoying the feeling but couldn't helping asking why she hadn't stopped, her only reply was that he had saved her children's life multiple times and for that she was going to make him cum at least twice.

When Mrs. Weasley started sucking on Harry's cock again and he simply laid back and enjoyed the pleasure he was being given. Mrs. Weasley bobbed her head up and down on Harry's hard shaft for another forty five minutes until he shot another load of cum into her mouth.

Mrs. Weasley pulled back licking her lips before standing up telling harry it was time to go home and walked out swaying her ass as Harry stood there frozen trying to figure out how that just happened. Harry was lost in his memories when his bests friends Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger came bursting through the door wishing him a happy birthday. Harry had forgotten that today was his birthday, he had mainly been concentrating on the fact today Ginny would be getting her Hogwarts letter for her final year and would be leaving soon.

Ron knowing why his best friend would be feeling down today decided to punch Harry in the shoulder to snap him out of it. "Cheer up mate, there is nothing you can do about it so you might as well enjoy your birthday." Ron handed Harry a badly wrapped package which turned out to be the latest broom maintenance kit on the market. Hermione unsurprisingly got Harry a book, it was a very large one and he wondered why she got it for him until he read the cover.

It was a book on Wand Making through the Generations and Harry was happy to receive it, he had been expressing interest in wand lore ever since he had returned the Elder Wand to Dumbledore's grave. He had been thanking both of them when Ginny walked through his door looking amazing. She was wearing a black blouse and tight jeans that hugged her hips causing her tight ass to stick out more than normal, her fiery red hair was slightly curled today and Harry liked the look.

Ginny told everyone breakfast was ready and Ron quickly left the room while Hermione followed him muttering something about boys.

Before Harry could even get up Ginny had quickly closed the door and walked over and straddled him in his chair. "Happy birthday Harry, I got you a present but that will get here with the mail, so I decided to give you a small sample of what your getting tonight until then." Ginny had started to grind against Harry causing him to quickly get hard in his pants.

They were kissing passionately and Harry had both his hands on Ginny's tight ass squeezing it causing her to grind into him harder. All too soon Ginny stood up off Harry smiling, she was a big tease but she knew Harry loved it. Harry and Ginny walked downstairs hand in hand to the kitchen, Ron was already eating a plate full and Hermione and Mr. Weasley were discussing an article in the paper. Mrs. Weasley was finishing up cooking when Harry and Ginny sat at the table across from each other, and Mrs.

Weasley quickly put a plate of eggs, bacon, and fresh biscuit's in front of them both. While everyone was eating Mr. and Mrs. Weasley's son Bill a werewolf that works for Gringotts Bank, and his wife hot blond Veela wife Fleur walked in the kitchen door. Bill and his father normally traveled together since the war and when Fleur had gotten a job at the Ministry not long ago she started to travel with them.

Today's routine was different however because when Bill sat at the table he slid Harry and Hermione both a bag of gold and one to his mother Mrs. Weasley. Harry had two thousand Galleons' in his bag and wondered why he needed this large about of gold but it was Hermione who spoke up first.

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"What are we doing that's going to cost us a thousand galleons and if we had needed this money why did you get if for us, we could have retrieved it ourselves?" Hermione had made a good point, they all had pocket money and Ginny was the only one returning to Hogwarts so Harry shouldn't have had to get into his vault for some time.

"I am not really sure myself Hermione, I received an owl last night from Professor Minerva McGonagall asking me to get Ron and Hermione each a thousand galleons and Harry two thousand knowing he will be wanting to pay for two." Bill looked from Harry to Ginny with a sly smile before continuing.

"Professor McGonagall didn't say why you need the money but she did say I had to retrieve it because you three are currently band from Gringotts for being the only people to successfully rob the place." Bill gave a loud laugh knowing Harry, Hermione, and Ron had hatched that particular plan in Shell Cottage when they took refuge there during the war. Everyone had finished eating and Mr.

Weasley, Bill and Fleur were about to leave for work when four owls swooped in through the kitchen window. Ginny's and Hermione's owl's landed softly in front of them, whereas Ron's owl Pig crashed on the table nearly dead under the weight of the two heavy envelopes he had.

Harry was surprised to have an owl come to him at all seeing as he hadn't gotten a new one since losing Hedwig and unlike the others this owl was carrying three letters. The one on top said happy birthday on it and was written in Ginny's handwriting so he opened that letter first.

[i]Harry It was hard to figure out what to get For someone who has almost everything But I decided to get you the one thing you lost So keep this owl as a remembrance of me Your one true love Ginny[/i] Harry admired the owl closely noting that it was a male owl and it had almost a beach sand color to it. Its eyes were chocolate brown and when it stretched it showed a very large wing span, this owl could travel long distances and back easily.

Harry was trying to figure out what to name the beautiful owl when the bird nipped playfully at his fingers but still hard, Harry had then decided to call the owl Nip.

As Harry was opening a letter with simply his name on it Hermione let out a high pitched squeal, she was smiling naming to herself out loud the books she was going to need. Knocking this off as simple Hermione behavior, Harry open his second letter and found it to be from Professor McGonagall. [b] Harry Potter I would first like to personally thank you for your services to the school during the Battle of Hogwarts, and for your crucial role in the defeat of Lord Voldemort.

Now that Hogwarts has been rebuilt with the help of the Ministry, it is my personal wish as the new Head Mistress that you return for a final and full seventh year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Although you have proven yourself many times in battle you will note that if it is still your wish to be an Auror, they require N.E.W.T.s in Potions, Defense against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, Herbology, and Charms to even be accepted for testing.

If you return to Hogwarts you will be given a reward for services to the school, and as an extra incentive I will give you "Private lessons" on Transfiguration in my office to make sure you can pass the Auror test.

Once again thank you for your help I hope you are well and look forward to seeing you at the Gryffindor table. Sincerely Minerva McGonagall[/b] Ron was complaining about the news knowing his mom would make him go but Harry like Hermione, was quite happy to return to Hogwarts. Being at Hogwarts was like being at home for Harry and this year thanks to the war him and Ginny would be in the same year.

That's when he remembered the third letter and he assumed it was a list of the supplies he would need, he was correct and as he was going over the items Harry noticed the books were required to be new with no exceptions and the total cost for supplies was one thousand Galleons per student.

Mr. and Mrs. we're exchanging worried looks and Harry knew what their private conversation was all about. A few months after the war Gringotts had acknowledge that the theft Harry and his friends had committed was needed to defeat the Dark Lord however the goblins had still decide to take equal shares of gold from each of their family's vaults for damages to the property, and the cost of a new dragon.

While Harry had convinced the goblins to take a larger sum out of his vault the cost had put a big burden on the Weasley's and Harry had overheard them earlier this week talking about barley having enough money for Ginny to go to school this year. Stating that they would talk about it later Mr. Weasley started out the kitchen door and off to work, with a plan quickly forming in his head Harry quickly followed out yelling for him to wait a moment.

"I don't mean to pry Mr. Weasley but I overhear you say you barley had enough for Ginny's supplies this year and with Ron going back now I know you don't have enough to send them both." Harry said catching up to Mr.

Weasley on the long driveway, he didn't want to seem like he was being rude with his previous statement so he quickly continued. "I know you and Mrs. Weasley won't simply just accept money from me so I have a proposition for you." Harry's hands were starting to shake, he had faced down a dark wizard but now he wouldn't look his girlfriend's father in the eye. "I would like to pay for Ginny's supplies this year, I know it's a lot but professor McGonagall had Bill get two thousand galleons out of my vault and I believe it was for this reason.

If could convince Mrs. Weasley to accept you could buy all of Ron's supplies new and be his hero and Ginny would have the same." Mr.

Weasley was had to think hard and long about this, he didn't particular like not being able to provide for his kids but he hated accepting money more. "I'm sorry Harry I can't accept your money with not being able to guarantee paying you back." Harry was stumped for a moment, his friends and girlfriend had helped him so much he just wanted them to have the very best for their final year so he quickly came up with an idea.

"Well Mr. Weasley you can pay me back in another way, I know your family normally travels together for Christmas break and now living here I would come with you to. How about in exchange for me buying Ginny's Books and supplies you convince Mrs. Weasley to allow us to stay at Hogwarts Castle during the Christmas break while the rest of the family travels." Harry was standing there honestly hoping Mr.

Weasley wasn't going to hex him for just asking to have two weeks alone with his daughter. Mr. Weasley stared at Harry for a moment before bursting out laughing, it took him a few minutes to stop and catch his breath before speaking again. "So you want to pay a thousand galleons for my daughter to finish school, just to spend two weeks in a castle full of adult wizard watching your every move solely so you can have a few moments alone without her annoying brother Ron being around." Mr.

Weasley gave another small chuckle before continuing. "You have a deal Potter when I was dating Molly back in the day her brother wouldn't ever give me a moment alone with her either, he was always saying we were going to have sex and pop out a few kids." Mr.

Weasley gave another loud laugh before heading off to work leaving Harry stunned he had just pulled that off. Harry walked back into the kitchen where Hermione was trying to convince Ron to go find his school trunk, while Mrs. Weasley was folding some laundry and Ginny was bent slightly over the kitchen table feeding Harry's new owl she had bought him.

Ginny's ass looked amazing in the tight jeans she was wearing, and when Harry came up behind her pressing his cock against her ass and kissing her neck thanking her for the gift he noticed that they couldn't be see where they were standing.

As Harry began to kiss Ginny's neck she began to grind her ass hard into his cock, she loved to lease him throughout the day so when she would finally make him cum he would shoot his loud all over her face and in her mouth. Ginny had learned how some muggle's like to dance with their partners from a girl in her year, so when she started to shake and bounce her tight ass against his hard cock it nearly made him cum.

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Harry was softly moaning in Ginny's ear while she was driving him crazy with her ass, he decided to get even and quickly slid his hand down Ginny's jeans discovering she didn't have anything on under them. Harry swiftly slid two fingers into Ginny's tight virgin pussy.

She was so wet his hand was already soaked as he slid his fingers in and out of her quickly while he ground his palm into her swollen clit. Harry began to finger Ginny more quickly, she had stopped teasing Harry and had simply lent further on the table to enjoy her pussy being fingered.

Ginny started moaning and breathing heavily and Harry quickly covered her mouth when he thought he saw Mrs. Weasley peek around the corner. Not wanting to get caught Harry pulled Ginny to him so she was bolted upright against his body, Ginny started grinding herself against Harry's hand and he inserted a third finger into her wet pussy swiftly moving them in and out her wet hole.

Ginny was close to cumming and Harry could tell by the way her body was starting to slightly shake, he began to finger Ginny's pussy harder slamming his palm against her clit in a quick rhythm wanting her to cum all over his hand.

Ginny started to vibrate on Harry's hand as she lent back and bit into his neck softly while moaning into his ear. "Oh god I'm cumming Harry, don't stop fucking me with your fingers please don't stop, oh god yes Harry don't stop." Ginny couldn't stop moaning and Harry had to cover her mouth again as he continued to finger fuck her pussy to make sure her orgasm was complete.

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Ginny withdrew Harrys hand from her pussy and when she did she shocked Harry by taking each of his fingers and sucking her juices off of each one. Ginny leaned back in Harry's arms perfectly content until her mother asked her to help with the laundry, so with a glazed look in her eyes Ginny passionately kissed Harry then went to help her mother put away the laundry. The rest of the day was uneventful the trio mostly spent the day doing extra chores so they would be able to spend most of the day at Diagon Ally tomorrow.

After all the chores were done Ron and Harry went outside for a one on one game of Quidditch while Hermione and Ginny retreated up to Ginny's room giggling the whole way, this was normal behavior for these two because Hermione always stayed in Ginny's room when she was here but they seemed to be more secretive today than normal.

Knocking it off as girl behavior Harry went out with Ron to have a close game of twenty one to twenty two in Ron's favor, Harry had been thinking about Ginny in her jeans all day and it was a distraction. When Mr.

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Weasley came home Mrs. Weasley called everyone in for supper, as everyone went into the house Harry was the last to enter before Mrs. Weasley blocked his way. "A moment please, Harry." Mrs. Weasley seemed a little on edge and this was not normal for her so Harry was concerned. "It took a lot of convincing but Arthur and I have decided to accept your offer, you can buy Ginny new supplies this year and I know Ron will be happy to get something new for school this year. However unlike my husband I remember there are almost no adults left at Hogwarts during the Christmas break so I do give you this warning." Mrs.

Weasley stepped really close to Harry and he would have honestly thought she was going to kiss him if it wasn't for the very stern look on her face.

Mrs. Weasley reached out and roughly squeezed Harry's cock and balls so it hurt and felt good at the same time under her touch while she spoke. "I consider you a good young man Harry Potter but I swear to god if you get my daughter pregnant before she is out of school, I will hex you so your cock turns green and begins to fall off and then I will feed it to the Gnomes." Mrs.

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Weasley said this with a devious smile before gripping Harry's cock one more good time and kissing him on the cheek and thanking him for making her daughter happy. Every sat down to a dinner of onion soup, potatoes and bread with butter, the sun was setting quickly and by the time everyone was done eating it was close to ten o'clock. Mrs. Weasley made everyone go straight to their rooms after supper wanting to get an early start in the morning.

Harry stopped with Ginny at her bedroom door giving her a deep and passionate kiss as he grabbed her tight little ass one more time for the night, when Ginny went into her room he herd her and Hermione giggling again as he ascended the steps to his room. It was close to midnight but Harry was still awake having a hard time falling asleep thinking about returning to Hogwarts one more time, so when Ginny quietly snuck into his room she was a welcome sight.

When Ginny stepped into the moonlight in front of Harry's bed he could see what she was wearing and holy wicked was she hot. Ginny was wearing her Gryffindor uniform only the one she had on was from her first year, so the skirt was so short it barely covered her pussy and showed all of her tight ass revealing her red G-string. Ginny shirt from that year was so small she could only fascine the bottom button leaving her tight stomach and breast exposed for Harry's sight and Ginny had even stolen one of his ties so it was fixed around her neck and hanging between her perky C-cup breast.

Ginny's body was tight and athletic due to her years playing Quidditch and her fiery red hair only made her more gorgeous, she turned around so Harry could get a good look at her ass as she began to lightly shake it for him in the moon light before walking over and straddling him on his bed. "Mom is making me donate this uniform when we go to Diagon Ally tomorrow, so I figured you should get to see me in the outfit that I was wearing when you first saved me one more time." Ginny lent down and began to kiss Harry passionately, as Ginny began to massage her tongue against Harry's he slid his hands along her tight body.

Harry began to massage her perky breast in one hand pinching and pulling at her nipples as he began to softly start massaging Ginny's clit, she moaned loudly at his touch but she normally used a silencing charm on the room when she came in so Harry didn't bother to cover her mouth this time.

Harry enjoyed hearing Ginny moan so he quickly ground his palm into her clit and flipped her over so she was under his body her legs at his sides. Ginny's skirt was so short that when she laid down it completely exposed her wet pussy with her G-string running along her pink slit, allowing Harry a clear view of her young pussy.

Harry was kissing Ginny's neck as he slid her G-string off her tight body, and as he began kissing down Ginny's tight body Harry started sliding two fingering into her wet honey hole causing Ginny to breathe heavily and squirm under his body.

Ginny started to really moan when Harry had finally kissed his way down her stomach, and had started to suck her clit into his mouth and flick it softly with his tongue. Harry was quickly moving his fingers in and out of her wet pussy while he assaulted Ginny's clit with his tongue her body was squirming a lot under him so Harry held Ginny down to the bed by her thin hips so she couldn't escape him.

Ginny had both her hands wrapped in Harry's hair as he was eating away at her pussy, his fingers were driving her insane and every time his tongue hit her clit she let out a loud moan. "Oh your tongue feels so good on my clit Harry don't stop, oh god please don't stop Harry I'm so close to cumming just don't stop!" Ginny ground Harry's head harder against her pussy as he slid another finger into her wet hole, she could feel his fingers fiercely moving in and out of her soaked pussy as he ravished her clit with his tongue.

Within minute's Ginny was shaking under Harry screaming his name loudly as her juices came flowing out of her tight pussy. Harry didn't stop and continued to lick Ginny's clit and pussy juiced up till she was laying content under his mouth breathing heavily. Harry lay down beside Ginny kissing her softly and it took Ginny a few minutes before she started to completely respond and push Harry on his back.

Ginny nearly ripped Harry's boxers apart as she pulled them off his body and threw them across the room she then quickly knelt down and slid the head of Harry's cock into her mouth.

Ginny not having had much experience could only fit three of Harrys seven inches into her mouth and she was simply trying to just suck on his head not doing anything else. Harry was too good a man to tell his girlfriend she wasn't really giving him any pleasure however the sound of Mrs. Weasley voicing Harry's same thought from the corner of the room caused him to jump and Ginny to squeal when she looked up.

Mrs. Weasley was sitting in Harry's armchair rubbing her pussy through her dress watching the two teens intently. She had clearly caught the teens off guard and wanted to use the situation to her advantage. "Ginny dear based off what I'm seeing Harry isn't really enjoying himself and if you want to have any chance of keeping him to yourself when you get back to school, I suggest you make room for me so I can teach you how to give your boyfriend a good blow job." Harry and Ginny were both looking at Mrs.

Weasley stunned as she stepped towards Harry's bed.