As empregadas e as diaristas adoram ficar com o diuzao

As empregadas e as diaristas adoram ficar com o diuzao
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The Mermaid's Courtship Chapter Two: The Mermaid's Passion By mypenname3000 Copyright 2015 Kolin Calthin Bay, Kingdom of Thlin Willa shuddered as my fingers rubbed on her clit. She was perched on the edge of our fishing boat, her ass pointed out to the calm waters of Calthin Bay. My fisherwife gasped and moaned, her white hair falling about her youthful face.

"Kolin," she gasped. "Make me cum. Let's attract a mermaid." I rubbed harder. I knew a mermaid wouldn't come. None had been seen in Calthin Bay for a hundred years. Once, the mermaids would rise to the surface, attracted by a fisherman and his wife's offering of cum and dew. Willa's back arched. Her skin was sun-kissed red, not the paler rose of a daughter of a merchant or a courtesan of the cities.

She had the deep tan of a fisherwife. She worked in the sun, letting it kiss her skin. Out on the bay, we were in our own world, dreaming of a mermaid. Her juices coated my fingers as I rubbed against her.

My other hand kneaded her perky tit. She wasn't full-breasted, but still lovely. I pinched her nipple and sent a shudder through my wife. Her moans grew sweater. I rubbed harder. "Cum. Attract the mermaid." "Yes! She'll be so beautiful. She'll be our merwife." Willa gasped. The boat rocked as she shuddered. She tossed back her head as her juices squirted out of her pussy. The juices spilled out and splashed into the ocean, joining my cum that I had already spilled into the sea.

Willa flipped around, her body still heaving, her breasts covered in a sheen. I put my arms around her waist and stared into the water. There were no mermaids left. They still existed in other parts of the Myrt Sea, but not Calthin Bay.

I stared into the dark waters, wishing a— "Willa," I gasped as a face appeared in the water. Violet hair fanned around a beautiful face that rose out of the blue depths.

The mermaid broke the surface, her silver eyes wide, her large breasts bobbing in the water, the waves washing over her mounds. "It's a mermaid, Willa!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ayral I stared at the humans in fascination. They stared right back at me. The fisherwife's youthful face, framed by hair so light it almost seemed white.

Her breasts were small, firm cones that jiggled slightly as she leaned over. Her orange eyes were wide. "It's really one, Kolin," she gasped. My stomach fluttered with tiny guppies trying to escape. They both stared at me like I was something special. Their eyes wide. Kolin was strong, his cock dangling half-hard between his strange lower arms. He even had stubby fingers at the end where his fins should be.

Were they going to say anything? Were they going to stare at me in awe? I bit my lip. Had I made a mistake? They seemed so normal, not like the terrifying tales Father would tale of the dreadful humans.

They had no nets ready to capture me and force me to be their merwife. "I.I." Kolin gasped. "You're tits are huge." "Kolin," Willa admonished even as her eyes flicked down to stare at my breasts bobbing at the surface. It was so strange to be above the water. My skin was cooled by the soft current that blue through the air.

The water was so much warmer than the air. My hair didn't float around me but clung to my neck, face, and shoulders. "Don't be rude, Kolin," Willa continued. "I apologize, lady mermaid. He's always been an uncouth fisherman." "It's okay," I said. My voice sounded different above water, the pitch far higher, like Willa's.

"You're not going to hurt me, right?" "Never," Kolin said. His chin was hard, resolved. "Good. I'm Ayral." "Kolin and my wife, Willa." He was a handsome man. My cheeks grew warm as my heart raced. I swam closer with a flick of my tail. Their boat was made of the strangest material. Long planks of brown formed the hull. It looked almost like stone. I touched the side. It was softer and rough. I ducked beneath the water to take a breath. Kolin sighed in relief when I reemerged.

"I thought you left." "I had to take a breath," I answered. "Makes sense," giggled Willa. "We have to do the opposite." "Where did you come from?" Kolin asked.

"Below," I answered with a smile. "Where else do mermaids come from?" "You mean your from Calthin Bay?" I nodded my head. I ducked under the water to take a breath. "Yes. I lived my entire life in these waters." Kolin glanced at his fisherwife. "Then.why haven't any mermaids been seen for a hundred years. They all abandoned us. Even the merwives.

We thought some great catastrophe had befallen you." "Humans were cruel to us," I said. I grasped the edge of the boat and pulled myself more out of the water, popping my head over and peered inside. There were sinuous piles of fibers braided together. Kolin touched my hand.

I sucked in a breath of air. The legends were true, I could breathe air if I touched a man. But it was so.different. It was easier.

But my curiosity at all the strange, drove me to point at the sinuous fibers and ask, "What are those?" "Rope," Willa said. "What do you mean we were cruel?" "That's what King Triton says." "King Triton?" Kolin glanced at his wife.

"Who's that?" "Our King and my father," I answered. "He will be so mad if he knew I was up here. He forbade any mermaids from approaching humans.

We have to listen to him." "He? Is he.a mer, um, merman?" I nodded my head. "The first one every to exist. Now we don't need to suffer the cruel abuses of men just to reproduce." "We abused you?" Kolin's face fell. "I.I'm sorry." "I knew you were different. I could feel it when I tasted your seed and dew on the waves. I just had to see you." My pussy itched as I smiled at them. They were both attractive, even with their strange set of extra arms instead of a proper tail and fins.

Father was fine, but he wasn't a man. He didn't fulfill this yearning I had inside of me. "Did someone reach the Merpool?" Kolin asked. "Is that where King Triton came from." "The.Merpool?" I frowned. "Yes, the pool at the bottom of the bay, made of only pure water. It's said any human that bathes it in becomes a merperson. But it's so deep. None have ever reached it." "I.yes. It is down there. It's where the first mermaid was born, where the God Las's seed fell into the ocean." My eyebrows furrowed.

"Are you saying Father is.a human?" Willa bit her lip. "Maybe. I don't know. But.everyone knows there are only female mermaids. That's why you need fishermen for husbands." "Husband." I smiled at the word.

"Our old songs speak of those. There are many about mermaids finding a fisherman and fisherwife to wed. Husband and wife." My cheeks grew even warmer as I stared at the humans. "You don't have husbands? There's only one merman?" Kolin frowned. "Yes. We're all his merwives. Most of the time, he ignores us. Only the young ones attract his interest." I looked down.

I didn't like it. I wanted to be loved like in the songs. Kolin's hand touched mine. I shuddered as a tingle ran through my body. My nipples, pierced by coral, hardened and my pussy ached.

My slit opened as my tail fluttered in the water. His fingers were rougher than King Triton or one of my sisters. Strong. Willa's fingers touched my other one. She had a shy smile on her face.

"Would you like to.court us." "We made the offering," Kolin smiled. "And I found it pleasing." My heart raced. This was just like the songs. I loved those tales of mermaids drifting near the surface and tasting seed and dew on the waves. Coming aboard the human's ship. Making love beneath the moon, whatever that was, and then disappearing back into the water, wondering if they were the humans to marry.

Kolin and Willa's hands reached down and grasped me beneath my armpits they hauled me out of the sea. My breasts jiggled. I sucked in deep breaths of the air. It was so strange to breathe.

It was easier, but not as nice. I missed the water. But it was a small price to pay for a pair of humans to court and maybe fall in love with. They set me down in the bottom of the hold.

The air was so thin I couldn't swim through it. Above, strange creatures with very wide fins drifted through the air. Their scales seemed to end in frills.

"What are those." "Seagulls," laughed Kolin. "They're after our catch." Then I reached out and touched Kolin's lower arm. "What do you call these. Arms?" "Legs," Willa laughed. She held her lower hand up, her pussy winking at me wet and pink between her legs, as she wiggled her stubby fingers. She touched her upper legs. "This part is called the thighs. Then the knee, the calf, my feet, and toes." I touched one of her stubby digits.

"You foots are so cute." "Those are the toes," Willa giggled. "And it's feet, not foots." "Oh." I flexed my tail. "Only have a tail and fins." "Beautiful tail," Kolin grinned, his hand sliding up and down my purple scales. I gasped in delight, my pussy clenching. "You have a wonderful touch. It makes me so excited." "I'm glad," he grinned as he moved closer.

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Willa pressed in on the other side. Their bodies were warm against mine. Their hands caressed me. Willa's were rough like Kolin's but gentle as they grasped my large breasts. She gave one a squeeze and smiled at her husband. "He always stares at the girls with big tits," Willa giggled. "There was a time I was worried he would court another girl. I had to work extra hard to capture his attention." Kolin blinked.

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" were so remote. You made me work so hard to woo you." "See, it worked," Willa giggled. "I made him desire me, then he couldn't resist even if I wasn't busty." I smiled at her and leaned in to give Willa a kiss. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kolin Ayral's fin twitched as she kissed Willa. Her violet hair clung to her reddish skin. I loved the way her large tits rose and fell as she sighed into Willa's kiss.

Willa's hand squeezed one breast, her fingers sinking into the jiggling flesh. Ayral's nipples were hard and pierced by thin, blue-green coral. I couldn't resist leaning over and sucking one into my mouth.

Her nipple was fatter than my wife's, and the piercing increased my excitement. I nibbled on it, bringing a muffled sigh from the mermaid. Her tail slapped harder on the deck. My hand stroked her scales. It was so amazing. A mermaid. "You are so beautiful," Willa purred between kisses. Ayral's hand touched Willa's small tits, squeezing the firm cones. The mermaid broke the kiss and leaned over to nibble on Willa's firm nipples. Willa let out a low purr, a big smile on her face.

She stroked the mermaid's cheek. "Ooh, she has soft lips, Kolin." My cock throbbed hard. Even though I had cum not long before, it was exciting to have a real mermaid to love. Ayral was perfect. I pressed my cock against her scales. The soft, wet texture drove my dick wild, shooting ripples of pleasure up my shaft. I abandoned Ayral's breasts. I wanted to play with her lower half. A slit in her scales opened up beneath her belly button, exposing the wet, pink folds of her pussy.

What would she taste like? Would she taste different than a human? Her stomach was smooth and transitioned into scales about where her belly button should have been. Salt water adorned her. I savored the brine. I was a fisherman. The sea was in my blood. "You are gorgeous," I groaned as I moved to her scales, kissing them. They were slick like a fishes. Willa giggled. "She just sucked harder.

I think she likes your compliments." "Good, because I have the two pretties females in the world in my boat," I grinned. "He loves to flatter," Willa groaned. Her tail smacked against the deck as my fingers caressed the edge of her slit.

Then I dipped my fingers down into her folds. She was as soft as Willa, covered in the sticky, delicious dew. I had to taste her. I slid lower on the decking so my lips nuzzled at her pussy. Her body arched and she moaned around Willa's nipple as my tongue slid through her folds. She had a salty musk with a sweet aftertaste. I groaned in delight. "Oh, Kolin," Ayral gasped as my tongue probed through her pussy.

"He must like your flavor," Willa giggled. "He does love pussy. I was afraid after I taught him how to lick pussy he would use those skills to snag another girl." "Like a sexy mermaid?" Ayral giggled.

"Oh, my, he's good." I grinned in her pussy. My fingers pulled her slit wider apart so my tongue could probe down into her depths. Her tail flopped and smacked the wood as she let out sweet moans. Willa buried her face between the mermaid's pillowy tits as my tongue fucked Ayral's sheath. I stroked her tail. I loved the feel of her scales beneath me. My tongue flicked up through her folds.

I found her hard, pink clit, a little pearl nestled in all her delightful petals. She let out a wonderful gasp as my tongue swirled around the nub. "Oh, you two are driving me wild," she groaned. "Las's cum, you're so good, Kolin." "And what about me," Willa asked, her cheek rubbing on Ayral's hard, pierced nipple. "You are gorgeous. So sexy and delicious. And your toes. They're so cute." Willa had a big smile on her lips as she leaned over and captured Ayral's nipple between her hungry lips.

She sucked hard and Ayral bucked. I swirled my tongue around Ayral's clit. I had to make her cum. I had to show her that Willa and I were worthy of being her spouses. I couldn't let this amazing creature go.

My heart thudded in my chest. She bewitched me the moment she rose above the surface. My lips sealed on her clit. I sucked hard, bringing gasping moans from Ayral's lips. The mermaid's hands ran through Willa's white hair. They tightened and pulled my wife against her breast. The mermaid bucked beneath me.

"Yes, yes!" she gasped. "Oh, Kolin. Your lips are so good. You're going to sweep me away on a current of passion." "Good," I groaned between sucks. I nipped her clit.

Her body bucked beneath me. Her tail loudly smacked the deck. Her back arched and she trembled on the decking. Her pussy gushed with her salty-sweet delights. I drank down every drop, feasting on a mermaid's dew. "Kolin and Willa, you are amazing," panted the mermaid.

"Ooh, I need a taste of her dew," Willa moaned. She seized my yellow hair and pulled my lips from Ayral's pussy. Willa's lips met mine in a kiss. Her tongue swirled against my mouth, tasting all of Ayral's delight. I groaned into my wife's kiss. Her hand stroked down my lean, muscular body until she grasped my hard cock.

Her fingers tightened and she broke the kiss, a smile on her lips. "Are you ready to make love to our mermaid?" Willa asked, her orange eyes twinkling.

"Our mermaid?" Ayral asked. "I haven't agreed to be your spouse." "Yet," Willa winked as she pulled on my cock, guiding me up Ayral's body like my dick was a rudder. "You haven't tried his cock yet. And I haven't eaten your pussy clean of his cum." "Ooh, such boasts," Ayral grinned as I straddled her. It was different. She didn't have legs to part or wrap around me. I leaned down as Willa brought my cock to the wet folds of Ayral's pussy.

My wife rubbed my cock up and down through her slit, stirring aching passion through my dick. "Damn," I groaned as the crown of my cock caressed a mermaid's pussy.

"Enjoy her," my wife whispered in my ear. "Make her love us." "I think you already have," I whispered back. I kissed my fisherwife as I thrust into my hopeful merwife. "Kolin," Ayral gasped as her pussy engulfed my cock. I buried to the hilt in her. Savoring her tight sheath. Her pussy clenched and relaxed as I worked my cock in and out of her. The boat rocked to the rhythm of my hips. I leaned on my elbows as I drove my dick into her pussy.

I leaned down and kissed her lips. She flicked her tongue into my mouth, her arms embracing me, holding me against her pillowy tits. Her tail undulated, working her pussy on my cock as I slowly made love to her. My cock was in a hot, wet bliss.

Her pussy gripped my dick. Pleasure raced to my balls. "Damn," I groaned, breaking our kiss. I looked at Willa. "She's amazing. I can't believe it." "I know," Willa beamed as she rubbed at her pussy.

Ayral licked her lips. "You need to join us." The mermaid reached her arms over her head. She grabbed Willa's hips and pulled her closer. I rose on my knees, hammering my dick into my mermaid as my wife straddled Ayral's face. Willa's eyes widened as Ayral took her first lick. "Oh, our mermaid's not stranger to pussy." "I do play with my sister's," giggled Ayral. "Ooh, you taste delicious. So tangy. I never tasted a pussy like yours." "Yours was delicious, too," gasped Willa, her hips shaking as she ground on Ayral's licking mouth.

My wife rested her hands on my shoulders as I pumped away into Ayral's pussy. I pressed my face against Willa's chest, sucking on her firm nipples. My dick ached in Ayral's depths. My balls smacked into her scales as my cum churned in their depths.

I sucked hard, loving both women's gasps of pleasure. Willa's white hair caressed my face as her head tossed back and forth. Ayral licked noisily, clearly enjoying my wife's cunt. Something we had in common. "Pater's cock," groaned Willa. "Oh, she has such a sweet tongue. I can't take it for long. I'm going to cream her face." I nibbled on my wife's nipple and sucked hard.

She squealed, her fingers caressing my short, yellow hair. "You want me to cum," she purred. "Oh, keep nibbling on my nipple while our mermaid nibbles on my clit. Gods, her lips are amazing." Ayral's pussy clenched down on my cock. Her sweet flesh caressed me. I groaned and thrust deep into her depths, savoring her hot grip. The ache grew at the crown of my dick.

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I had to cum. My hips thrust harder. "Fuck her," moaned Willa. "She keeps moaning on my clit. I think she's about to cum. Make our mermaid cum, Kolin." "Yes," I growled. "She's so hot. Share your passion, Ayral." "Gods, yes," gasped the mermaid. "This is so wonderful. Your juices pour into my mouth. They don't drift away in the water.

Oh, making love in the air is such a wicked treat." "We have to try the water next," gasped Willa. "Yes!" gasped Ayral. Her pussy clenched on my cock.

The mermaid came. She moaned into Willa's pussy as the mermaid's cunt writhed about my dick. I fucked her faster, my hips pistoning away. I groaned into my wife's tits as my back arched. The mermaid's tail slapped the wood over and over as her body shuddered in bliss. "Gods, yes," Willa groaned.

"Drink my juices. Oh, you naughty mermaid. You're making me cum. Oh, yes." Ayral moaned in delight as my wife came. Her hands lifted my head. Her eyes were wild as she shuddered.

"Cum in her," my wife hissed before she kissed me hard. My cock buried into Willa's pussy. My balls erupted. Blast after blast after blast of my cum flooded out of me, filling the mermaid's excited pussy. I groaned into my wife's kiss. All my dreams had finally come true. I made love to a mermaid. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Willa I dove naked into the water. Ayral followed me in. Her violet hair fanned about her. She fluttered her tail and zipped around me. I laughed, bubbles rising from my lips.

Her hands touched me and I breathed in the water. I didn't drown. The mermaid's innate magic protected me. As long as you touched a mermaid, you could breathe in the water. As long as she touched a human, she could breathe on the surface. I had to taste her pussy. White tendrils of her juices and my husband's cum spilled in the water.

I kicked my feet and twisted around, wrapping my arms around her tail. I pulled her to me and nuzzled at her pussy folds.

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She nuzzled right back. My tongue licked as I breathed water through my nose. Her salty-sweet pussy, mixed with the even saltier flavor of my husband's cum, coated my tongue. I groaned, my toes flexing as Ayral's delicious lips kissed and nuzzled at me.

Her hands seized my buttocks, her fingers dipping between them. She squeezed and kneaded, fascinated by them. I hugged her tail as I licked and nuzzled at her folds. The blue depths drifted below us as we pleasured each other. "Oh, you taste so good," I spoke underwater, my words deeper, slower, but clear.

Touching a mermaid underwater was so different. No bubbles rose as I spoke. Water splashed. Kolin knifed in. His powerful kicks and strokes of his arms carried him down to us, a big smile on his face. He touched Ayral as we drifted through the water. "Lick my cum out of her pussy. That is so hot. I've fantasized about this so many times." Ayral giggled. "She is so eager. Her tongue is so deft.

Mmm, she really knows how to eat pussy." A proud smile crossed my lips. My hands stroked along the back of her tail as I dug my tongue through her pussy's folds. I loved the flavor of my husband's salty cum mixing with her juices. Ayral sighed into my pussy. Her fingers kneaded my butt, spreading my cheeks. My fingers brushed a slit on the back of her tail.

Was it her asshole? It was in the right spot. I played with it, stroking up and down her opening. The scales parted and Ayral purred in delight as I pressed into her. Her fingers dipped between my butt-cheeks, exploring my crack.

I groaned as her fingers brushed across my asshole. My sphincter tingled as her finger pressed against it. Her finger sank into my backdoor. "Ooh, you have one, too," Ayral purred, working her finger in and out of my asshole. "Uh-huh," I groaned. "Gods, that's nice." "I like my asshole played with," the mermaid agreed. "Really," Kolin asked, pressing behind the mermaid. "You like anal?" "I always encouraged Father to use my rear hole," Ayral whispered.

"So he wouldn't fertilize my egg." "And it feels good," I giggled, pumping my finger deeper into her backdoor. "Oh, yes," Ayral moaned in agreement. "It does feel amazing." Kolin's hard dick brushed my hand. I giggled. "are you hard already?" "Watching you two is so hot," Kolin answered. You're drifting through the water, devouring each other. I can't resist." "Ooh, please fuck my ass," Ayral moaned, her tail fluttering in delight.

Her asshole clenched down on my finger. "Ooh, I think she's turning into a little slut for your cock," I giggled. "Yes," groaned Ayral. "I'm tired of being a slut for Father.

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This feel so right. Mermaids were meant to have human spouses. It's wrong what Father did to us." "Yeah," Kolin groaned. "You and your sisters should be free to find the fisherman and fisherwives you love." I pulled my finger from Ayral's ass and grasped my husband's cock. I pulled him to her asshole. Ayral moaned into my pussy as Kolin's cock entered her ass. The mermaid shuddered in my arms.

Her fin flapped, pushing us through the water. My hair drifted around me as we drifted through the sapphire wires. "Gods, that's tight," Kolin groaned. His thrusts pushed Ayral's pussy into my mouth. I moaned into her flesh as my tongue licked through her folds. The mermaid gasped and groaned as she pushed back into Kolin's cock, undulating between us.

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Her heavy tits caressed my stomach, her nipples and piercings hard. Kolin's hands caressed my sides as he fucked our mermaid suitor.

His touch was electric in the water. I pushed my tongue in deep into Ayral's delight. My toes fluttered.

Ayral's tongue swept through my folds, drinking in my juices. "Gods, she has a tight ass," panted Kolin, his hands tightening on my sides. "Yes," Ayral gasped into my pussy. Her fingers tightened on my ass, then her hand reached lower. Her lips locked onto my clit as her fingers caressed the lips of my pussy. "Finger her," Kolin groaned to Ayral. "Make her go wild." "Yes," I moaned in agreement. I gasped into Ayral's pussy as two of her fingers dived into my tight sheath.

My pussy clenched down on her finger. My body shuddered in her embrace.

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Her tongue and lips teased my clit. The pleasure built in my core. "Gods, I'm going to cum," I panted.


"Make her cum," Kolin groaned. "Keep eating her sweet pussy. Make my wife cum." Ayral moaned her agreement. A third finger slipped into my pussy. I shuddered and my feet kicked, spinning us faster in the water.


We tumbled beneath the surface as the pleasure gathered in the core of my pussy. My body shuddered. My orgasm burst through me.

I thrust my tongue deep into her sheath as I moaned my delight. A mermaid made me cum. The bliss hammered my mind.

I drank it, welcoming the rapture. "So good," panted Ayral. "She taste so good. Gods, yes." Kolin's strokes grew harder, slamming his dick deep into Ayral's ass. The mermaid shuddered. Her thrusting fingers twitched in my pussy. Her other hand clenched hard on my ass.

I kept my face pressed into her pussy as her salty juices gushed out. She was a squirter. I drank them down, her salty-sweet cream filling my mouth. I groaned, savoring her flavor. Another orgasm shuddered through me. I spasmed in her embrace as she squeaked in delight into my pussy. "Las's potent cum," Ayral gasped. "Wow. I can't.oh, that was wonderful." "And it's not over yet," grunted Kolin, his balls slapping into her fins. "It's not," Ayral gasped in delight. I flipped around in the water, keeping a hand on Ayral so I could breath.

I wrapped my legs around her waist and Kolin's hips, pressing my pussy against her opening. Kolin's strokes pressed her hot folds against mine. "Ooh, this is new," groaned Ayral. "Tribbing," I grinned at her, my hips undulating to smear my hot flesh across her hot hole. "It's the best, huh?" "Yes," she gushed, her tail flipping to undulate her hips and grind harder against me. "Oh, Kolin, our pussies are kissing." "Damn, sounds hot," he gasped as he pounded the mermaid. "As hot as your tight ass." "Are you going to flood her asshole?" I grinned as I smeared my hot pussy against Ayral.

"Gods, yes." Ayral moaned. Our hair drifted around us, my white locks intertwining with her purple. Our lips met in a hot kiss. I thrust my tongue into her mouth. Our breasts caressed and our nipples brushed each other as we writhed. I loved her piercings teasing my hard nubs. "I can't.I'm going ass." grunted Kolin, his face squeezing shut.

"Flood her ass," I groaned, breaking the kiss. I stared into my husband's eyes as he buried into Ayral's asshole. His face contorted. He let out a low groan. "Yes," shuddered Ayral, her pussy rubbing on mine. Her creamy juices gushed against me as an orgasm shuddered through her. "Cum in my ass." "Gods, that's good," Kolin shuddered as his hips bucked. I smiled at my husband over Kolin's shoulders. We did it. We had found a mermaid. I knew she would be back.

I knew she would be our merwife. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kolin Willa and I clung to Ayral as she swam us back to our boat. We had drifted far as we made love beneath the waves. It was such a wonderful experience. We drifted through blue of the seas. I had spent my whole life on the bay, but I had never felt a part of it. Now I had. We broached the surface at our boat. I seized the edge and hauled myself out of the water and fell into the boat. I turned around and seized Willa, pulling her naked, lithe body out.

Her white hair was plastered around her shoulders, a stray tendril snaking down to her small breasts. Her nipples were still hard with excitement. Ayral bobbed on the surface, a big smile on her face. She grabbed the edge of the boat and I took her hand so she could breathe. Her fingers were slim and a smile crossed her face. Willa took hold of the mermaid's other, giving her a squeeze. "I'm glad I overcame my fear and came up here," Ayral smiled. I nodded my head. I glanced at the horizon.

The sun sank towards the water. I sighed. "I would love to stay, but we need to bring our catch in." Willa sighed. "Money." Ayral frowned. "What's money?" "It's." I frowned. What was money? "Coins made of metal. We need them to buy things." "Buy?" "Like food," Willa said, "and to pay the dock fees and our landlord on the rent of our apartment." Ayral shook her head.

"Those are such strange words. Buy. Rent. Fees. I am learning so many new things." I chewed my lip. "We'll be coming out tomorrow." Ayral beamed. "I'll find you." "So you're courting us?" My heart thudded in my chest. Ayral nodded. "I am. I don't know why my Father lied to us, but you are not dangerous. I think.I could be your merwife." Willa grinned. I understood. "Well, I need to get back." Ayral paused. "I.I can't wait to see you both again." I nodded.

"Goodbye," Willa smiled. Ayral disappeared beneath the water and swam down into the blue depths. Willa joined me as we hauled up the net full of fish, dumping them into the hold.

They flopped around our feet. It was a good catch. I grinned at my wife as she set the sails. I couldn't wait to see Ayral. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ayral My heart beat as I swam down from the surface.

My tail kicked hard as I spun through the water. I had met humans. And they were wonderful. I sang an old song about a mermaid's first kiss with a fisherman and his wife. My pussy and asshole still tingled.

My body buzzed with the excitement of my pleasure. I had never had such fulfilling sex. Father and my sisters were fine to make love with, but they weren't what I really craved. I had yearned for a pair of human lovers for a while, I just hadn't realized it. Now that I had, I would come back for more. I hoped to marry them. "Kolin and Willa," I beamed as I threw my arms wide. "I love them." I laughed. I did love them. It was so wonderful to say. I wanted to scream it out.

I reached the bottom and swam past the corals dotted with beautiful, cultivated sea anemones. I brushed my finger through their waving fronds. I didn't get stung. These had been bred to be stingerless. I almost plucked one and put it behind my ear. But then everyone would know that I was courting. And then they would know I had been to the surface. My excitement fell. What would I do about Father? Could I talk to him?

His stern, bearded face flashed through my mind. Father didn't like to be questioned. He liked to be obeyed. We were his merwives and daughters. We had to listen to him and submit to his desires. I didn't want that. I wanted Kolin and Willa. I would have to be careful. I would continue my courtship in secret.

Once we were married, Father couldn't stop me. I just had to be careful and pretend nothing had changed. I smiled and hummed as I swam home. The other mermaids were swimming in from the fields. The older ones gave me hard looks. They were all jealous of my youth and the attention Father gave me.

I was his current favorite. He would get bored of me, probably when Seryna came of age. Then he would have a new, young mermaid to enjoy for a while. I entered the village, swimming to my home. "Ayral," Father rumbled.

He swam up to me, his face stern, his thick, white beard flowing around his chest. "Yes, Father," I sweetly answered. Yrsla swam behind father, her face downcast. My stomach knotted. Yrsla, my best friend and sister, knew I was heading to the surface. Did she tell Father? He seized me, his golden crown of coral shifting on his head as he shook me. "What have you done, Ayral?" "Nothing, Father," I lied, trembling in his arms.

"Did you go to the surface?" ", Father. It's forbidden." "Do not lie to me," he growled. "Yrsla saw you cavorting on the surface with the filthy humans." Yrsla hunched her shoulders. "I did," I gasped with indignation. "And Kolin and Willa are not filthy." His hands tightened on my arms and fear rushed through me. "You disobedient, spoiled child.

You are mine! Like all the others." "F-father," I gasped. "You're hurting me." "Mine!" he growled. I tried to break free as he held me in an iron grip. He swam with powerful strokes of his tail, propelling us to his house. I struggled and fluttered my tail. But his grip was too strong. "No," I gasped. "Please. They're not bad. They made me happy, Father." "You will never leave my house," he growled.

"You are mine." I was thrown into his house and cried. It wasn't fair. He had enough mermaids to enjoy. Why couldn't he let me have Kolin and Willa? To be continued.