Horny Slutty Wife Smoking and Fucking

Horny Slutty Wife Smoking and Fucking
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"Oh, Dad .


I want you to . to fuck me," she blurted. "Please . fuck me like you did yesterday . I want you to!" Her father chuckled, shaking his head, "Noooo, Janie . not yet, honey. I want you to learn how to suck cock first. Believe me, baby, I know from experience.

A girl who's hot-to-trot for some cock makes a damn good cock-sucker, 'cause she wants it so bad." He noted the downtrodden look on her face. "He-heh, baby, don't worry, I'm gonna fuck you when we get through with this," he said. Her face brightened. "Now . suck!" The thought that she was going to get fucked later made Janie a little happier, although it didn't do much to satisfy the craving between her thighs right now.

Her left hand crept under her dress and found her clit. The engorged thing swelled, grateful for the much-needed attention. Her hand automatically went to work, gently massaging and stroking. Goodness filled her body and she hungrily returned her attention to her daddy's cock. The swollen cock shone, slick and wet. Moaning softly, she encircled the hole with her moist lips. The taste of cock filled her mouth. Holding it with her right hand, she pushed her lips over his prick knob.


The searing heat of her father's cock was transmitted to her tongue as his prick knob slid over it. Her mouth opened wider and more cock slipped between her lips. As her mouth filled, she could feel the power, the excitement, pulsing through his swollen cock. The tingling in her loins grew more intense. She frigged herself faster, sucking cock with great enthusiasm.

Her fuck juices dribbled down her thighs and her fingers slipped and slid effortlessly over and into her burning pussy. Chills of pleasure rushed through her body and she sucked more cock into her mouth. At last, she had about half of it lodged between her lips.

"Ohhhh, yeah, Janie .

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that's the way . oh, yes! Now, use your tongue, too . lick underneath the head while you suck!" He winced. "Ooohhhh . like that! Yeahhh! Do it!" Janie went to sucking and licking like she had been doing it all her life. Her lips tightened around her father's cock.

Her tongue swirled and stabbed over and over again at the underside. She held the root firmly, holding the big cock up and out so she could suck it. John leaned back and stared at his young daughter. She looked good on her knees in front of him. His cock surged in her mouth as he saw how good she looked sucking him.

Damn, she was so young and pretty. And best of all, she was his daughter. That meant he could have her any time he wanted her. He was going to enjoy himself to the fullest. He held the sides of her head as her mouth worked its magic.

Automatically his hips began moving from side to side. He slid his cock a little deeper and worked it around. Ooohhh, the softness, the sweetness, the warmth of her mouth. It felt incredible! "Baby," he whispered, "hold still. Keep your lips tight and keep using your tongue." His cock knob pulled almost all the way out of her mouth. Then her head was pulled down again and her father's cock sank between her lips. Her head was again pushed back, then pulled down.

Now her head was held still. This time, her father's hips pushed forward and his cock slid farther into her mouth than before.

He started slowly fucking her in the mouth, moving his hips in little circles as his enjoyment increased. While he did it, Janie's fingers slid over her pussy more nimbly and more quickly than before.

She could feel her climax approaching, when she was pushed away. "Come over here, baby. I wanna sit down." Her father hurried over to the sofa and sat down, spread eagle, his cock and balls hanging over the edge.

Janie followed right behind and knelt in front of him once again. Marveling at the stiff throbbing of his mighty prick, she caressed it. Her hands rubbed all over and she cradled his nuts in one palm, then let them hang. Her heart was pounding in her chest as she smelled his cock and opened her mouth to take it in.

"Yeah, baby, get back on it.

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Start sucking me!" "Oh, yessss, Daddy . I want it! I wanna suck it!" she moaned, and then she did. John moaned, then paused, saying, "One other thing, honey. Bob your head up and down while you suck. Keep a steady rhythm and keep your throat relaxed." "Mmmmm," she answered, her mouth full.

Slowly, she slid her mouth down his cock. Amazingly, she found that she could now take three quarters of it into her throat. She bobbed her head back up to the crown, then slid down again. Her mouth was full of hot, throbbing cock and it turned her on. She began pumping her head up and down in a steady rhythm, her fingers again tickling her clit while she sucked.

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"Ooohhh . yeah . ooohhh, suck it! Ooohhh, that's good, honey . you learn fast! Aaahhhh . suck my cock!" urged her father, rotating his hips and working his cock in her mouth.

The heat of his cock burned into the young girl's mouth and she needed no other encouragement. It seared its way to her brain and expanded in her mind. She could feel it pistoning in and out, in and out, in and out. Her lips were going numb and her tongue was getting tired. But her pussy was still juicing and her clit was throbbing as her fingers slipped and slid between her legs.

"Aaahhhh . oh, oh, oh!" she moaned, shivers rushing through her body. Quickly, she dug two fingers into her cunt. She swirled them in and then rocked them from side to side. Her thumb massaged her clit and she began furiously finger-fucking herself. Her sharp intakes of breath rang out each time her fingers dug deep into her swollen, juicing cunt hole. She bobbed her head as she fucked her pussy hard. Chills took over her body and her muscles spasmed then she came.

"Mmmm . mmm . uummpphhh! Uuuhhhggghh . nnnggghhh!" she whimpered, her cries muffled as she sucked. Her taut body convulsed, spasms rushing from her toes to her brain, her legs clamping together. Her lip-lock tightened around her dad's cock, squeezing it.

Her eyes squinted shut, her cunt muscles clenching and unclenching with the sharp tremors. Cum flooded out of her swollen cunt hole and dripped down her thighs, joining the juices already smeared there. The smell of cum filled the air as the thick, dreamy stuff slowly oozed down her inner thighs in wet clumps. She grunted once more, loudly, and then the spasms stopped. "Ohhhh, fuck!" she declared. "Just keep sucking, honey.

Ohh, yeah . that's how to do it! It won't be long now, baby," he urged, his voice rising, "not if you keep that up . uuunnmmm . oh!" Janie's brain cleared and she went back to pleasing her father. From the way his cock was throbbing, she gathered that she was using her mouth the way he liked. Gripping his prick firmly between her lips, she fastened them just behind the knob. Her tongue lashed the mushroom-shaped head again and again, making him squirm.

His cock was rock hard, standing straight up. It was thick and engorged with blood, hot and throbbing. Sucking gently, she slid her wet lips down the length of the cock shaft. When she stopped, about two thirds of his cock was in her mouth. Steadily, she sucked back up until she reached the prick knob. She was glad to feel it surge in pleasure. When she rubbed his nuts, they drew up under her touch.

She kept sucking and pumping her head, egged on by the pleasure evident in her father's voice. "Ooh, yeahhhh, Janie . ooohhhh, yeah! Suck it! Suck it! Ohhhh, yesss, baby suck my prick! Ooohhhh, I'm fixing to .

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to cum . I'm gonna cum, honey! I'm gonna cum in your mouth! Keep sucking! Keep sucking my prick!" Janie sucked and licked for all she was worth. With her hand she massaged John's tightening balls and the root of his cock. She thrilled to feel it swelling harder. The excitement it felt transmitted to her brain through the soft tissues of her mouth and she sucked faster.

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Her tongue swabbed his hard cock and her lips gripped it wetly. Then she felt the spasms. As her father's cock swelled and surged inside her mouth, a sharp, quick spasm shook it at the root. Her father's hands twisted in her hair and then her head was pulled down roughly.

The air was pierced by her father's roars of lust as he came in her mouth. Janie felt the mammoth cock expand in her mouth. It leaped powerfully and then her mouth was flooded with thick, warm cum. The first stream spurted out and landed on her tongue. The sharp, slimy flavor at first made her tongue recoil. But soon the flavor worked its magic on her taste buds and her brain. As rapid spurts of foaming cum showered into her mouth, she kept coming back for more.

Shuddering violently, John jammed his exploding cock into his daughter's mouth.

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Keeping his grip in her hair, he pulled her face down. Pumping his hips, he manipulated his young daughter's head from side to side. Janie did all she could do to keep sucking as her father roughly fucked her mouth as he came. Spurt after foaming spurt of cum shot into her mouth. The starving girl sucked and licked for all she was worth, greedily gobbling her father's cock until he could come no more.

The spasms slowed, came farther apart, and then ceased. Her dad fucked into her mouth one last time and then fell back with a heave. Janie knelt there, quietly nursing on his deflating cock until he pushed her away. She sat back on her haunches, her mouth filled with juicy, creamy cum.

Swirling the cum with her tongue, she looked up at him with her doe-like, innocent eyes. The thick, sticky wads tasted good. Her father noticed that her mouth was still full. "Swallow it, Janie," he ordered. Her eyes opened wide, she took a little at a time, letting the slippery stuff glide down her throat. When it was all down, the taste of it lingered in her mouth and she could feel a slimy coating clinging to her tongue.

But she didn't mind at all. The taste served as a reminder that she had just sucked her father's cock and loved it. She only hoped he would let her do it often. As she leaned back, she was suddenly re-aware of her juicing cunt. It was throbbing and begging for attention. It had to have it!