Le gusta chuparme la verga a la novia de mi amigo

Le gusta chuparme la verga a la novia de mi amigo
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We were working out in the weight room at the school. It stayed open over break for use of the gym and weight room and other athletic facilities and computer lab. "Is it weird that we spent all semester complaining about school and wanted to get out, and as soon as it's out for break we've spent like every day here?" Brent asked. He was spotting Randy on the bench press while I was on the mats near them doing sit-ups.

"Sort of, but we always worked out here, it's just easier. It's not like we come back to write papers or anything." I said. "That's true." Brent nodded, "Hey you guys wanna go to a party tonight? " "Sure, where at?" Randy asked. "It's a frat party down by the college." Brent replied.

"Sounds good to me." I answered. "Alright, it's a frat party so let's get Chris to drive for us so we can drink then we can stay at Brent's place tonight?" Randy said as he looked to Brent for confirmation. Brent nodded. They switched and Randy spotted Brent on the bench while I pulled out my phone and texted Chris if he could drive.

"Chris can't do it tonight, him and Kristin are going out. I can drive, and you guys owe me the next time." They agreed and we went to Brent's to shower and get dressed. The locker room was open, but over break the water heater was really slow to work since it wasn't used as much. Brent had already showered and was getting dressed when I got out of the shower and went into his room. Randy went behind me and got in the shower. "Does this look good?" Brent asked as I dried off and started getting dressed.

"Sure." I answered. "Should I wear something else, help me out here. I wanna look good. Maybe I'll meet someone there." He whined. "I don't know what to tell you, that looks good." I said. "Dude, you are the worst gay guy ever. You're supposed to be good with fashion and stuff. You're just a straight guy that likes men." Brent whined again. "Haha, sorry to disappoint." I laughed. A couple minutes later I had already gotten dressed and Brent was still wavering and trying on different shirts.

Randy came in. "Dude, you don't wanna wear that tonight." Brent sighed and looked at me as I laughed. "Ok, what do you think I should wear?" Randy grabbed a shirt out of his closet, gave it to him and went over to the bed and got dressed while Brent took of his shirt and changed into the new one.

"See Zac, he's a better gay guy than you" Brent said glaring at me.

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"What?" Randy asked with an awkward laugh. "He's upset because I'm a gay guy that isn't into fashion and can't help him pick out clothes." I answered. "Oh, so that makes me a better gay guy?" Randy laughed "Cuz I'm pretty sure I'm not better than Zac at actually gay stuff&hellip.unless Zac is really bad in bed haha." "Yeah yeah, so how's this look?" Brent asked.

"Oh yeah that's hot as hell, I'd totally do you now." I said as serious as I could. "You wish. Seriously though, this good?" Brent asked. "Yeah, you look good." Randy assured him as he tied his shoes and stood up, "Now are we ready to go?" We went to the party and met up with some people we knew for a little while as Brent and Randy started drinking some.

We eventually started to move around and mingle and were chatting with a group of guys that were in the frat that was hosting. As the crowd got more and more drunk we had more and more people come over to us. All the guys in the group of us talking had been checking out drunk chicks throughout.

Brent was clearly attracted to a girl across the party who was with a group of her friends. He kept asking if he should go over there or wait and see if she notices him. We kept chatting and a few different girls had come over and while some of the guys would make comments and try hitting on them they all came over and talked to me.

I didn't wait long to tell each of them that I was not interested. Drunk girls aren't as discreet so I could tell when they were hitting on me. "Dude, what is up with you? Every girl here seems to go straight to you. How do you do it?" One of the guys asked me. "It's cuz I'm not interested in them. They see you guys lookin at them all night and get creeped out.

They see me and I'm totally ignoring them." I answered the best reasoning I could think of. "Damn, I gotta try that but it'll be hard ignoring all these chicks." "Well I'm not ignoring them to get their attention, I'm ignoring them cuz I'm gay and don't care." I explained. "For real, I never woulda guessed.

So send some of em our way man." We continued talking and a few guys in the group tried their hardest to ignore all the drunk chicks.

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It was pretty funny how obvious they were, but they were buzzed so they couldn't help but look dumb. I talked mostly to the guy next to me who had just been dumped by his girlfriend so he wasn't as awkward as the others. We had something in common having both come out of relationships.

Our group kind of broke apart and moved around everyone mingling. I was still chatting with the same guy, Randy had wandered over to another group and Brent was with another still looking over at the same girl every so often. I had enough. "Hey I'll be right back, I gotta do something. Save me a seat." I said to the guy, Reed was his name or Reid, not sure how he spelled it. I walked over to the group that Brent had been checking out. I introduced myself to the girl. "Hey, how's it goin?" "Good, how are you?" "Good, I'm Zac." "I'm Michele, I guess you're a designated driver too haha." "Yeah, not many people here that aren't pretty drunk already." "So what brought you over here?" "Oh, don't worry, I'm not trying to hit on you or anything." "Haha, oh I know." She flipped my necklace, "The drunk girls may not be able to read, but I'm sober" "Haha, yeah well the reason I came over was cuz my friend Brent over there" I pointed "thinks you are really cute and just hasn't had the courage to come talk to you because he doesn't know if you'd be interested in a younger guy.

He won't say that, but he's not normally this shy so it's clear he's just worried about a college girl. He's 17." "Ok, yeah, I've noticed him looking over here a little. I'm 19 so it's no big deal. I hope he's not too drunk?" "No, he's been drinking, but not much.

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I think he's afraid to drink to much and look like an idiot in front of you." I assured. "So would it be ok if I sent him over here to talk to you?" "Yeah, that'd be fine.

Oh, and you're wasting your time with that guy." "What?" "The guy you've been talking to. He's straight." "I know, I'm just hangin out." "Ok, well it was nice meeting you." I looked at Brent and motioned him to go talk to her. I he tilted his head a bit and I nodded. He then smiled a little and walked over to her. I then went back over to Reid who had been bumped out of where he was sitting. "You wanna go upstairs? It's a little less crowded." "Sure" I answered.

We went up stairs and into his room. It was small but probably bigger than the campus dorms. We continued to talk about whatever, sports, music, relationships, etc. He was pretty drunk at this point but he wasn't a dumb drunk. We were just sitting on his bed away from the loud party but could still hear the noise through the wall and floor. "So, how long til you think you'll get over that guy" He asked.

"I don't know. It's tough. He left a little over a week ago and we broke up three weeks before that so it's been a month. It still hurts, but I think I'll be ok eventually." "Man that's rough, I only got dumped a week ago and I feel like shit.

I don't wanna feel like this after a month." "It gets better, just gotta try to move on." I tried comforting him. It made me feel better to help him. He took a breath and then before I knew it he had moved over and with one hand on the back of my neck he kissed me.

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He tasted like beer but made up for it with his soft lips and he knew how to use his tongue. He pulled back and looked away "I'm sorry, I didn't&hellip.I'm sorry" My eyes were wide open in shock. "You just made me feel a lot better and it just happened and holy shit, I'm an idiot." He started mumbling to himself.

"I'm straight, I mean I'm not like trying to. Fuck, I'm an idiot." "It's ok man, it's no big deal. You're just vulnerable and it happened." I said trying to collect my own thoughts.

"I know you're straight, you just needed someone to comfort you about your break up and you got caught up.

It's alright, it doesn't make you gay or anything." "Really? I mean I know I'm not gay, but you aren't mad or anything?" "No, it's fine. I mean, I got to kiss a really cute guy haha" I said jokingly trying to break the tension and make light of the situation. "You're just vulnerable and you are drunk so you had a little lapse in judgment." He lifted his head a bit but didn't look at me. "Um, I'm not like gay, but that made me feel really good." When he said that I was curious as to what he was thinking and I was now looking at him not as a guy I just met at a party, but now I started checking him out.

He had dark brown hair, buzzed haircut, brown eyes, around six feet tall and average build. He was wearing jeans and a green t-shirt that showed he was not built but not fat, just average size. He continued talking "I mean, I don't want you to think that I'm gay and wanna like date or anything but maybe like do something tonight or something if you wanted to." I thought about it for a second and figured one night with this guy might not be so bad.

No heartbreak, just have some fun and help each other get over our break ups. "So, you saying you want to have sex just tonight and just to move on?" "Yeah kinda, I mean, I couldn't really do much cuz I 'm not gay or nothing. I can kiss but I couldn't do much else." He replied. "Ok, I understand." He looked at me and started kissing me again. He held the back of my neck and guided me down to his bed and took off his shirt. He had a hairy chest that led down to his stomach and narrowed as it went down.

His chest and nipples had hair all around them with just a line of hair going down across his belly button down his pants. He reached over and turned off the light so I couldn't see anything anymore. He then went back down to kissing me. We kissed for a long time before I turned him on his back and undid his jeans.

I kissed down his chest stopping at one nipple licking softly then down his stomach. I pulled his pants down as I licked across his stomach and down to his semi hard cock. I could see better now that my eyes had adjusted.


He was uncut and I proceeded to put him in my mouth rolling his foreskin around with my tongue and he got hard in a hurry. I slid my tongue under his foreskin swirling around as he began breathing heavy.

He put his hand on my head and began pushing me down on him. He was around six inches and fit mostly in my mouth.

He grunted softly as he proceeded pressing my face down on him further and moving his hips slightly fucking my mouth. He tasted amazing but the smell of his sweat was of beer. He slowed for a moment "Can I fuck you?" "Yeah" I got excited. I got up as he sat up. I undid my pants and he pulled them off. He reached over to his nightstand and grabbed a condom out. "Shit" he mumbled. I can't get it to work. He was drunk and couldn't figure out what side to roll it.

I grabbed another and put it on him. He turned me on my stomach and lifted my hips up a little.

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He leaned down and spit in my crack and then used two fingers to rub it in my hole. "Shit you're smooth" he didn't take up any more time.

He lined his cock up to my ass and pushed inside of me. He didn't work his way in very well and needed more lube. He seemed to try to move slow at first but he lost his balance and fell on top of my back forcing his cock all the way inside me all at once.

I gasped in pain but he didn't notice. "Fuck, you're tight as hell" he began thrusting in and out of me. "Try to keep it quiet, put your face in the pillow" me told me. I buried my face in his pillow as his thrusts made me moan. He got faster and faster and thrust harder and harder. He was too drunk to tell how hard he was pounding me. He kept going and going forever making my insides raw. He was riding my ass at the same high intensity for what must have been twenty minutes at least.

I was in pain to start then pleasure as he got going then I was in pain again from the constant pounding. I still loved the feeling though it hurt so much.

I was just glad he wasn't bigger than six inches or he would really hurt me. I didn't know how much longer he was going to fuck me but I knew that the feeling was going to force me to cum very soon. "You gotta slow down or I'm gonna cum" I told him.

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"No, go ahead, I'll wash the sheets later." He said panting. He continued fucking me at this pace pounding as hard as he could with every thrust. I couldn't take it, I lay there face down in his pillow arms spread at my sides over my head, clenched my fists bit the pillow trying to contain my screams as I blasted my load on his sheets. He didn't slow down, he kept going fucking me, thrusting over and over and over.

The alcohol clearly making him last a crazy amount of time. My whole body felt like it was going numb from his thrusts and my orgasm. He went on for ten more minutes pushing me to nearly cum again before he gave three final thrusts that felt like he was trying to push right through me and he grunted as he came inside of the condom and me. The thrusts made me tighten up and cum which only made him continue cumming even harder. He pulled out of me and collapsed on the bed.

I laid there for a minute catching my own breath when I got a text from Brent that he was looking for me and that they were ready to go. I pulled up my pants, "I gotta go, my friends are looking for me." "Ok, thanks for talking with me and everything else" he said. He looked like he was ready to pass out.

I reached down and pulled the condom off of him and left him in his room. My shirt was drenched in both of our sweat and some of my cum so I grabbed a random cup of beer and splashed some on my shirt and looked for Brent and Randy. "Dude, you're soaked, what happened?" Brent asked. He was still not overly drunk so he must have hit it off with Michele. Randy was totally gone. "Somebody spilled beer on me" I replied. "You ready to go?" "Yeah but Randy can't walk." Brent said looking at him in a chair.

"Yeah I can you guys" Randy leaned forward in his chair to get up and nearly fell on the floor. I caught him and helped him to his feet. I put his arm around my shoulder and basically carried him to Brent's car.

Brent couldn't really help me with Randy since he was drunk to, but he wasn't that bad so he could walk on his own. We got almost all the way out to the car when Randy puked all over.

He was able to avoid puking on me or him for the most part but got a fair amount on us. I got him to the car and leaned him up against the side. "Well I guess this shirt isn't salvageable." I took off my shirt and dropped on the street corner.

I did the same with Randy's shirt but used a dry part of his shirt to wipe off his face. Brent got in the car and I put Randy in next to him "Keep an eye on him and make sure he pukes out the window if he has to." We got back to Brent's house and surprisingly we got inside and down to his room quietly.

Brent went into the bathroom to pee. "I got pee too" Randy said. I brought Randy in the bathroom. "You need help?" I asked. "No I get it" He answered and stepped up to the toilet. He was standing ok so I thought he'd be ok.

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Then before I could take one step away he just started peeing. He didn't undo his jeans or anything. He just stand up to the toilet and let it go. I hurried over and undid his pants helped him pee. When he was done I got him undressed and tossed his soaked clothes in the corner and got him in the shower.

"Stay there for a minute I'll be right back" Brent had a nice walk in shower that had a bench but I didn't trust Randy on it so I put him on the floor. I stepped out to Brent's room "Randy pissed himself so I gotta get him in the shower. Do you need anything?" I don't know why I even asked, While I was saying that I saw him trying to get his shoe off but couldn't figure it out.

The alcohol had caught up to him, but he still wasn't as bad as Randy so that was my priority. I grabbed a couple towels from the closet and went back into the bathroom. Randy was still sitting in the shower smiling away. "Did you know I'm naked?" he asked. "Yes Randy you peed your pants" I replied. He just laughed. I got undressed and turned on the shower. I lifted him up to the bench and let the water run on him.

I squirted body wash on him with one hand while I had to keep my other hand on his shoulder to hold him up. "Ok, I'm gonna have to touch you to clean you off, ok?" I don't even know why I asked because he just smiled like an idiot.

I rubbed him down quickly and rinsed him off and got clean myself. I shut off the water and put a towel around my waist. I picked him up and did the same to Randy.

At this point he couldn't even hold himself up to stand. "Screw it" I said as I bent down, put my shoulder to his stomach, put my arm around his legs and picked him up.

That didn't work so I put his arm around my shoulder and held him up by my head and put my other arm under his legs and lifted him that way. I got him to Brent's bed and laid him down. Brent was still trying to get his shoe off.

I dried off and put on a pair of clean underwear from Brent's dresser and went down to help Brent get undressed. I got him undressed and on the couch and gave him the TV remote. I then went back to the dresser and got another pair of underwear for Randy. Brent had turned on Cinemax and at this time of night it was nothing but porn. I would've made him change it, but that was the least of my worries.

I went over to Randy and dried him off and put the underwear on him. Then I laid him down on Brent's bed. I sighed in relief that all of that was done. Right as I was finally able to sit down Brent said "I gotta pee again, but I can't get up." I got back up, helped Brent to his feet and walked him to the bathroom and now I regretted not making him change the channel. He had a hardon from the porn but I hadn't noticed quite yet. I held him up and he got his boxers down on his own but started peeing on the wall.

I quickly held his dick down to the toilet until he was done. I got him back to the couch and turned the channel. Randy was passed out. I got a couple garbage cans and put one next to each of them in case they had to puke.

I didn't expect either to puke since Brent rarely ever did and Randy had already puked tonight, but I wanted to cover my bases. After all I never expected to have sex with a straight guy, have to give my best friend a shower because he pissed himself, or that I'd have to hold my other best friends hardon to prevent him from peeing on the wall.


This whole night was one shock after the other. I would've expected a night that I had had my hands on three cocks would have been more fun.

Granted the first was great but the other two were just work and touching friends like that is just not as exciting. I'll preempt the question that I know many people would ask. Brent hard was probably around 7 inches. First time I had ever gotten a good look, and in this case feel, of one of my friends with an erection. Seen before, yes, but not this much of a look.

I got both of them in bed/couch and all was taken care of so I got in bed and went to sleep. Please leave comments, but please don't be an asshole about them especially if you're a straight guy that just says "GAY", "SICK", "GROSS", ect.