Susan ayn amp elena gilbert addicted to anal pissing and hard cocks pee in mouth gapes foursome

Susan ayn amp elena gilbert addicted to anal pissing and hard cocks pee in mouth gapes foursome
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Living in California all my life I had gotten use to all the earthquakes but I had no idea that the next one would change my life forever.

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My name is Jayden Black and I'm your average 15 year old white male living with my single mom Melissa in four and a half condo. Mom works full time at a bank and she hasn't dated anyone since dad died 4 years ago, I have told her many times that she should meet someone that can make her happy but she always says " Your the only man in my life that I care about ".

At 35 Mom is a very attractive woman and everytime I would meet her at the bank where she works for lunch she is always getting hit on by multiple men but she says " I would rather have lunch dates with you and not some guy who only wants one thing ". News reports all over California have been saying that there will be a very strong earthquake and while they can't predict when they all say that it will be 5.5 or more.

On Saturday morning I woke up with my usual morning wood and had to pee really badly, I always sleep nude so I put on my robe and head towards the bathroom but mom is taking a shower. I knock on the door and say " Sorry mom but I really have to piss " and she says " It's ok come in ", after pissing I turn towards the bathroom sink so I can wash my hands when everything starts to shake.

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I hold on to the sink to stop myself from falling and mom tries to grab the shower curtain but the rings snap and she starts falling forward, I grab her by the waist and get her on the ground and then getting on top of her I use my body as a shield to protect her from falling glass and debris.

She's on her hands and knees trying to make herself as small as possible but her body keeps shaking with fear and I'm both behind her and on top of her trying to shield her however I never had a chance to close my robe so the shaft of my penis is inbetween her vagina lips.

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The earthquake doesn't stop in fact it gets worse and mom is terrified, her whole body is shaking with fear and as her body shakes my body betrays me and my cock gets rock hard. A small piece of the sink breaks off and lands right infront of moms face and she tries to move but as she backs into me my Rock hard cock slides deep into her vagina but before she can say anything the rest of the sink and some parts of the wall fall and hit me in the head knocking me out cold and while my rock hard cock is still buried deep inside her it quickly deflates and slides out of her.

I wake up in a hospital bed and I see my mother sitting beside on a chair besid me holding my hand with a tears in her eyes and a big smile on her face, she says " My big strong protector " I ask here what happened and how I ended up here? " she says " After the earthquake stopped she called the ambulance and they brought you here " she then says " I spoke with the doctor and he told me that if you didn't use your body to protect me I would have died ".

She explains that the bathroom mirror had shattered during the quake and a large shard pierced my shoulder after I had been knocked out, she says " If you hadn't shielded me then that shard of glass would have went through my throat " I look at my shoulder and can see the stiches. She says " The doctor told me that you might feel some pain in your arm but it will eventually get better but until then he gave me some pain killers ".

As the city rebuilds after the devestating earthquake all schools are closed and mom was given some paid time off from work and after driving me to a motel she says " Until the condo is fixed were going to be living here but don't worry my insurance will cover everything and we should be back home in a month ". As soon as we enter the motel she gives me a big hug and kisses me on the lips and with tears in her eyes she says " My big strong protector, you saved my life, I feel so safe with you " and then kisses me on the lips again while still hugging me tight.


I smile and says " It's ok mom, don't cry everythings going to be ok " and I try to hug her but my arm starts hurting really bad so she gives me some of the pain killers and a glass of water.

I say " Thanks mom " and she says " Mom makes me feel old call me Melissa LOL " then she kisses me on the lips again and gives me another big long hug.

She says " I'm going to go buy some clothes and grocereys and I'll be back soon ok and after eating I'll give a nice massage " then kissing me on the lips again I say " Ok Melissa I'll see you soon ".

I take a shower, put on a robe and then lay on the bed and watch some t.v and I'm assuming a side effect of the pain killers is fatigue because I fell asleep, I woke up to find Melissa sitting on my ass giving me massage and she says " Oh your finally awake sleepy head now just relax and enjoy the massage, it's the least I can do for the hero who saved my life " the massage feels so good, she's using her long nails to scratch my back.

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The pain killers are working because I'm feeling no pain and again the massage feels amazing but that's when I realized that I'm completely naked and I say " I was wearing a robe when I got into bed " Melissa says " yeah but it's kind of hard to give my hero a massge if he's wearing a robe so I took it off and turned you on your stomach " I turn my head to look at her and I can see that she's wearing the robe I had on but It's closed so I have no idea if she's wearing anything underneath it.

She says " Just relax and enjoy the massage " then she leans forward and kisses my ear and cheek and she says " You make me feel so safe my strong protector " and she massages me a bit more and then says " I had ordered some pizza and it should be here soon, there's another robe in the bathroom if you want to get dressed before the pizza man comes ".

She gets off me and just stands there looking at me and I say " Do you mind turning around? I am naked you know? " and she turns around and as I get off the bed and head towards the bathroom she whistles and says " Nice ass " and she laughs. I put on the robe and come out of the bathroom and see mom paying the pizza man who is starring at her in her robe and after closing the door she prepares 2 plates of pizza and 2 glasses of Iced Tea and we sit down to eat.

While eating she says " I need to ask you something, I've been thinking about it all day and I need to ask you about it " I say " what is it mom?


" and she says " I told you don't call me mom, call me Melissa " and I say " Oh sorry, ok what is it Melissa ? " she takes a big gulp of Iced Tea and she says " What do you remember about the earthquake when you were on top of me using your body to shield me? ".

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The truth is I remember everything that happened and I was hoping that she had forgotten so I played dumb and say " Well to tell you the truth my memory about the whole thing is a little fuzzy, maybe it was that blow to the head, I don't even remember being pierced with that shard of glass, why do you ask? ". She looks at me and says " Well at some point while you were protecting me you slid your rock hard cock deep inside me " I look at her and there's about 1 minute of silence and finally I say " I, I couldn't control it, my robe was open and your were naked and I " she interupts me and says " It's ok you don't have to explain or justify anything to me, because of you I'm still alive, my strong protector, my hero " then she stands up and takes off her robe exposing her naked body to me.

1 part of me stares at her large breasts and her pussy with that little strip of hair but the other part of me reminds me that she's my mother and I try to look away and she says " You risked your life to save me and in the process you fucked me with that big cock of yours and I liked it and I want you to do it again " and she starts moving towards me. I get up and start backing away and say " This is wrong we can do this, I'm your son " and she says " No, your more than that your my protector, my hero the one that makes me feel safe, safer than any other man ever has " and she grabs my robe and tries to pull it off.

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I try to stop her but the pain in my arm comes back and she easily pulls my robe off she says " It's been so long since I had a mans cock inside me and I want it now " her words are too much for me and once again my body betrays me and my cock gets rock hard.

She gets a huge smile on her face and grabs my cock in her hand and starts to stroke it, then still holding my cock in her hand she leads me towards the bed and she pushes me so I'm now sitting on the bed and she gets on her knees in front of me. She stares at it for a while strocking it then she kisses the head of my cock and she says " My hero " and she swallows my cock, she sucks my cock while playing with my balls but her eyes keep starring into mine.

She stands up and then getting on to the bed she lays on her back and spreads her legs exposing her labia to me, the very same vagina I came out of 15 years ago. She slides a finger into her cunt and squeezing her tit with her other hand she says " Fuck me, slide that big cock of yours deep inside my cunt and fuck me ". All logic has flown out the window at this point and now I'm running on pure instinct so putting one of her legs over my non injured shoulder and her other leg around my waist and I slide my cock deep into her cunt and I start to fuck her hard, fast and deep.

She's is moaning like crazy lifting her ass into the air so she can take more of my cock into her cunt as I fuck her, she screams as she orgasms all over my cock.

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At 15 she's my first and normally I would have cum 2 seconds after I put it in her put the numbing pain in my arm is keeping me from cumming early so I fuck her as hard as I can, we can both hear my balls slap against her ass. I keep fucking her hard and she starts rubbing her clit and soon she lets out another scream and she orgasms again. she screams " Fuck me, fuck me my protector, my hero, my lover fuck my cunt " this proves way to much and I scream " I'm going to cum ".


She pushes me off her and then getting on her knees she take my cock into her mouth and starring into my eyes she sucks my cock until I moan and cum down her throat and she makes sure to swallow every drop. I fall on the bed and grab my arm in pain and she goes and gets me another pain killer and the rest of my Iced Tea and after a while the pain goes away and I'm laying there watching Melissa fingering her pussy with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other until she orgasms 1 more time and she says " It's been so long, that was amazing, was it good for you lover?

" I smile and say " Yeah, not bad for my first time ". She tells me to get on my stomach and then sitting on my ass she gives me another amazing massage using those long nails of her to scratch my back, I can feel her pussy juices slide down my inner thigh and I don't know if it was the fucking, pain killers or the massage but I fell asleep again. I woke up a few hours later to find Melissa sucking my rock hard cock and she says " Hello mr Hero I want you to fuck me again ".

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