The tightness of hot chicks juicy cunt is driving chap insane

The tightness of hot chicks juicy cunt is driving chap insane
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Amy's Special Power My Name's Amy Webber, I'm 19 Years Old and Studying Musical Theatre at University, I'm a little petite at 5''4 My Boobs are 34 DD's, I Have Blonde Hair Down To my shoulders and I Keep Myself Neat and shaved, and I'm Bisexual I was in secondary school when I first realised I had This special power, I Was Young And infatuated With This Popular Guy Called Dave, every girl fancied Dave and one night at this party he chose me, I Was dancing and he came up behind me and danced with me, rubbing against me, i was so turned on by his body grinding against mine, he suggested we go somewhere more private and I was all to happy to agree.

He led me upstairs, he pulled me into the upstairs bathroom and kissed me roughly, his hand shot down under my skirt and into my panties, he roughly fingered my pussy, it hurt a little, but i was too drunk and happy to be with him to care, he pulled out his cock and said if i wanted him i have to suck it, i was apprehensive at first but i wanted to be cool, so i bent down and sucked it for abit, that was my first experience giving a blowjob, I was surprised by his cock, it was only about 3 inches hard at the most, i kept thinking, when is it going to get bigger, but it never did, i always though because he was so popular he must have a huge cock, i was mistaken, so after i had sucked on it a while he told me to take off my panties and bend over, i stood up and stripped off my panties leaving my other clothes on, he held my head down with one hand and roughly pushed his small cock into my tiny virgin pussy, "aw you're so tight" he said with a nasty tone, it hurt as he pushed it in all the way without warning, tearing my hymen and causing me alot of pain, i Screamed a little and he hit me on the back of the head, i was hating every moment, he spit on my pussy to lube it up, then he told me to spread my ass cheeks, i wasn't sure why, but i did it anyways not wanting to seem uncool, he spit on his hand and then on my ass, i though he meant it to go on my pussy, but instead he started pushing his cock into my asshole, i screamed out in pain and he hit me again and said "shut up bitch, your loving it, and your gonna tell everyone how much you loved it", I Stifled my cries and sobbed quietly as the bastard pounded my asshole raw, "aw here it comes babe"he said as he pulled out of my ass and slammed into my pussy, "no!" I Shouted, "not in my pussy, i'll get pregnant!", He began Cumming into my unprotected pussy, And i felt a Strange electrical pulse in my pussy, Suddenly He Screamed And Pulled Out, His Cock Spasming and shooting Cum everywhere, "what the hell did you do you crazy bitch" he shouted, still spurting cum everywhere, his tiny cock was rock hard and had turned a slightly blue-ish colour, "I didn't do anything" I proclaimed, "you Stupid whore, tell me what you did, it won't Stop" he Screamed, He Couldn't Move From The Cock Spasms, He fell over onto the floor and his cock just kept on shooting cum all over the floor, "help me" He Said Pathetically, I Looked Down On Him, He Looked Pathetic Lying On the Floor Endlessly Shooting Cum Against His Will, I watched for a few minutes, amazed that the cum just never stopped shooting, 'his balls must be completely empty' I thought, But his little cock just kept spewing cum, after a while he passed out, cock still Spasming, my pussy and asshole were still really hurting, i was confused and i didn't know what to do, so i just left him there, passed out shooting spunk all over his mates bathroom floor, I ran home, pantyless, cum dripping from my pussy running down my leg, and shut myself in my flat, and cried, my pussy and ass were bleeding a little from the rough abuse from dave, and i was confused about what had happened, what was the electrical pulsing i felt?

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How did he keep Cumming like that? In The End I just passed out, from all the stress and alcohol The next day i woke up, my sheets were damp with cum and a little blood, I was still really shocked but I got up and took a morning after pill i had stole from a pharmacy then got ready for my classes, as i got dressed i turned on the telly, onto the news, and i was shocked to see a picture of an ambulance outside Dave's friends house, the tagline underneath read: Boy Found Nearly Dead from Consistent Involuntary Orgasm, Police and Hospital Baffled The Boy In question, One David Matthews Was Found In An upstairs bathroom, in a coma, covered in semen, medical scientists have reasoned that while masturbating he slipped and hit his head causing his brain to keep his body in an orgasmic state for hours, It Has Also been suggested that he was repeatedly raped, due to the Substantial amount of semen, although determining by whom would be impossible but to the sheer amount of semen, his penis and testicles unfortunately had to be amputated to stop the process, he is now in a coma, but is expected to recover with little or no brain damage I Was Relieved to see that they didn't know i was involved, but i was scared about what had happened, but Tried to forget about it, I Didn't .

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Over The Next 5 years I Learned How to control my power, I was relieved to learn that i could turn it on and off, although in Dave's case I'm glad I didn't, and that It worked on girls as well, Over the past 5 years I had more sex than I would have ever believed, in way's I Never could have comprehended, my sex drive Went into overdrive and I became addicted to it .

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Still am. It was a sunny spring day as I looked out of the window of my student accommodation flat, I was a University, Studying Musical Theatre, I Loved The whole thing, singing, acting, dancing Ectr.

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Today was my first day and I was looking forward to meeting my classmates, and to find out what we would be learning about first, I was stood naked looking out of my window when I heard a knock on the door, I walked over and looked through the peep hole, it was the boy living in the student flat next door, I recognised him now from when I had my audition, I sang: I don't know how to love him, from Jesus Christ superstar, he watched me while he waited for his audition, I opened the door and stood there naked before him, "hey do you want to walk to ." he said, and then he noticed I was naked, he just stared, for a moment, "are you going to stand there all day" I asked him with a seductive smile, He suddenly realised he had phased out for sec and gathered himself, "um .

I was wondering if .

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You wanted to walk with me. To our first.


Class" he stuttered awkwardly, "sure just let me put on some clothes", I said, as I turned around I ran my finger down his arm and sent a small blue spark from my finger, he instantly doubled over and filled his pants with cum, i walked away from him as he came in his pants over and over again, he had no idea it was my power making him cum, I had learned to control it almost perfectly, I let him cum a few more times then I sneakily clicked my fingers and the tiny blue spark flew back to me and stopped him from Cumming, I could hear him panting, I walked away from him and bent right over to pick up a pair of panties, showing off my tight pussy and asshole to him as he recovered in my doorway, I Pulled up the panties and then threw on a miniskirt, and a thin loose fitting shirt that made my boobs very visible, slipped on a pair of shoes and walked back over to him, "I didn't catch your name" I said to him as he stared at my ample breasts, "oh um its Ryan, Ryan Phillips" He said as he realised I knew he was looking, "Nice to meet you Ryan, I'm Amy Webber, Shall we get going then, I don't want to be late on my first day" I said with an honest smile, I took his hand and we walked out of the student accommodation and through the university grounds towards the theatre, where our first class would be, we arrived and sat down, there were about 13 other people waiting, These were my classmates I guessed.

After we had all gotten to know each other for a half an hour out tutor arrived and apologised for being late on our first day, this guy was class A boring, obviously not a performer, but a lecturer on the theory of performance, I gathered, I was feeling a little mischievous and decided to have some fun with Ryan, we were sat near the back of the theatre, I slid my hand into his lap and began fondling his cock through his trousers, he didn't look at me or say anything so i carried on, until he was rock hard, then I slipped my hand into his pants and wanked him off, I sneakily sent a blue spark straight into his cock, he suddenly jerked upright and blasted a huge load of cum into his pants, and into my hand, I could feel his cock pulsing as huge loads of cum endlessly spurted into his pants, I held my hand still and just let it happen, until he came so much it began to flow out the bottom of his trousers and flow down beneath the raised seating in the theatre, I could see him starting to get light headed so I pulled the blue spark back to me and let him recover, he was shocked but he cared more about not letting anybody see he had came everywhere, I giggled to myself a little as he tried to clean it out with his hand, when he pulled out his cum covered hand I bent down an licked all the cum off, with my tongue and swallowed it all down, he still had a huge load in his pants, but I decided he could take care of that, and went back to listening to the lecturer.

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After we were done in the theatre the lecturer said we have the afternoon off, for today, so we all went as a group to chill out in the grounds and lie on some grass and get to know each other better, Ryan decided not to come along, he told the rest of the group he had to run back to his flat for something.

I walked home with the group as most of them lived in the student accommodation too, there was Jessica, she had glasses and long blonde hair, she was Abit tall and a little skinny, then there was Toby he was Abit of a nerd, he was short, skinny and got really shy around women, also there were the twins, Jordan and Jason they were identical twins and both were hot, they both worked out every morning and had short blonde hair, they had great muscles, and then there was Annie she was a Goth, with short black hair, heavy makeup, very petite build but she had nice boobs, And Last but not least was Eddie, He was an old school rocker, he had a stocky build, Very Muscular Shoulders, he was bigger and stronger than Jordan and Jason, but had Abit of a beer belly, he had long black hair, he looked alot older than 19 and had a layer of stubble around his face, he had the prettiest eyes, shame he hardly ever took off his shades, There was Ryan, Ryan Phillips, he was a posh boy, he had short brown hair, medium build, and a pretty snobbish attitude I came to realise, and last but not least was Derek, Derek was a class act, he was the funniest guy I had ever met, he always had a way of making the room happier, he was short and stocky at 5''9, he had broad shoulders and was quite tanned, he always looked like a surfer, wearing a Hawaiian shirt and baggy shorts.

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Anyways I had settled in really well and had managed to hide my power from everyone but Ryan, of course he didn't know it was me, he confronted me in the evening after the theatre lecture, and told me he was sorry he came so soon, and so much, he said it had never happened before, and to please not tell anybody, I agreed, not wanting him to suspect it was me and we got along okay since then, i didn't like his snobby personality though, he often pissed me off, so get my own back i would make him cum at the worst times, we were all in my flat watching a film once, I asked him to get some drinks out of the fridge as i was sat between Jordan And Jason, and couldn't really move, not that i wasn't loving every second, Ryan starts whining about having to do it since its my house, and said i was treating him like a servant, a freaking servant, only he could make that not funny, so when he got back with the drinks I sent a quick spark his way and it hit him on the back of the neck, he immediately came on Jessica's leg, Jessica jumped when she felt his cock jump, she was laying across him and Eddie, and then moved quickly to just sitting on Eddie when she felt the wet cum soaking through the fabric, she didn't say anything but Ryan was embarrassed, he fancied Jessica, or at least, he liked her tits.

It was a Thursday evening and I was feeling horny, nothing unusual there, i decided it was time to seduce Toby, He Was Really Shy And I Though Having Sex with him might bring him out of his shell, I changed into a slutty miniskirt and a white tank top, I decided to forgo wearing panties, I Wouldn't be needing them anyway, as i walked down the hall to Toby's flat I saw Jordan and Jason's door was open, they shared a flat, I peeked inside and saw them both double penetrating Annie, on the couch, i decided to make things more interesting for them, I silently shot 3 blue sparks out of my finger tips and they hit their targets simultaneously, all of a sudden Jordan Filled Annie's Pussy With a huge Cum blast, cum shooting out the sides from the pressure and Jason Filled Annie's Anus With the Same Amount of Force, Cum Spewed Out As the pressure inside Annie Build, her belly began to stick out as she was filled with cum, Annie orgasmed hard as her holes filled with spunk, she writhed about, impaled on their cocks, in fits of pleasure, My Pussy Was Getting Really wet from watching the hot scene through the door, I decided it was time to get mine, and pulled back the blue sparks and watched for a moment as they collapsed together, all of them covered in cum, I saw Annie cough and splutter up some cum, her entire body had been filled, she then passed out as the cum flowed from her like a river, i backed away from the door and carried on to the stairway, my pussy was leaking with arousal as i walked up the stairs to the top floor, Toby lived in the flat at the end on the top floor, i walked along the corridor looking down at the University, As i reached Toby's door i knocked 3 times and waited, After a moment i heard him shout "Just a sec" and scuffle about, I distinctively heard a fly zipping up, after that he opened the door, "oh um hey Amy, Can i help you with anything?" he said timidly, "Well i can think of one thing" i said seductively, "um what's that" Toby said, "well you could invite me in and find out" i said Locking my eyes on his, he stumbled as he moved out of the doorway and beckoned for me to come in, "so um what is it" Toby asked shyly, I Could See he had an erection, he must have been jacking off or something i thought to myself, excellent, I Ignored his Question and Walked around his flat, "wow you have such a nice flat Toby!"i said, i bent over pretending to inspect A Lamp And Flashed my bare pussy and asshole in his face, i held there for a second, making sure he got a good look, then stood back up, i could see his erection clearly through his trousers and it was making me hornier by the second, i decided to try a new skill i had been playing with using my power, it would make his cock super sensitive and super hard but he wouldn't be able to cum until i let him, i turned to face him and walked towards him, i kissed him passionately on the lips, my tongue slipped into his mouth and explored his mouth, he kissed me back ,timidly, wrapped my arms around him and as my finger touched his neck, a tiny deep purple spark leapt from my finger onto his neck, in an instant i felt his erection become bigger, and felt him tense up as our tongues moved around in each other's mouths, i pulled away and got on my knees, "oh Amy, you don't know how long I've wanted this" tody said as i unzipped his fly revealing his super hard erection, i licked around the base upwards until i reached the head, then i slowly and succulently sucked the head into my mouth, "oh amy, your mouth is so hot" Toby exclaimed as i sucked on his cock, i sucked it deeper and deeper until i was deepthroating his cock right to the base, i could feel his balls tense as if he was about to cum, but he didn't, his cock twitched in my throat but he didn't cum, my idea had worked, He won't be to cum until i send a blue spark into him, and then he'll unleash all the cum that's backed up, i though as i sucked and licked on his cock, i stoop up pulled off his shirt revealing a rock hard 6 pack, that i never would have anticipated, he lifted my tank top off over my head and revealing my perky boobs, i took his hand and led him to the sofa, we both sat down and i placed his hand on my pussy, letting him explore it and touch it, he slowly pushed in 1 finger and i moaned with pleasure as he accidentally rubbed on my clit as he finger fucked me, i stood up, pulled his trousers and pants off and threw them in a corner, i climbed onto the sofa and positioned my pussy hovering above his cock, i took ahold of i and slowly sank down onto his cock, and began riding him, "mmm, put your finger in my ass" i said, moaning with pleasure as i rode him, he reached around and slowly forced a finger into my anus, he fingered me in the ass while i rode his cock, i felt his cock twitch again, meaning he would have cum then if not for my power, i leant forwards and he pushed his face into my breasts and licked and sucked my nipples, i could feel my orgasm building as i rode him faster, rising up and down on his cock, sliding my pussy along the thick shaft, as i began to orgasm i rapidly rubbed my clit, and Toby stuck another finger into my ass, i came hard and long, throwing my head backwards and forwards as shockwaves of pleasure rocked through my body, without thinking i sent a blue spark into Toby from my pussy, he immediately unleashed an unending torrent of hot sticky thick cum into my pussy, i was in too much pleasure to care as he filled my pussy, and womb, stretching my womb, making my belly protrude like i was pregnant, the cum flowed out around his cock every time he fired another thick load, his face screwed up his as cock spasmed and as i finished orgasming i realised how much cum was inside me and quickly drew back the blue spark, he threw his head back and shot one last huge blast of cum inside of me, we lay there for a few minutes, savouring the moment, his cock softened inside of me and the pressure of the cum inside me pushed out his cock and cum flowed out all over his cock and balls, running down my legs and dripping onto the floor and couch, "oh amy" Toby gasped, as he caught his breath, I stood up, turned around and pushed my pussy into his face, Toby eagerly licked around my vagina, then as he pushed his tongue into my tight hole, a torrent of trapped cum poured out, flowing down his body, coating his face, i pushed down on my belly, forcing it out, then pushed with my pussy until it stopped flowing and just dripped cum, after that i turned around, looked at Toby laying there, covered in his own cum, i leant down and licked all over his body, collecting the cum that hadn't flowed onto the floor in my mouth, i swallowed more cum that i thought i could, as i finished licking the last off of his face he leant up and kissed me passionately, his tongue swirled around mine, tasting the cum in my mouth, after making out and swapping cum i pulled away and began to gather my things when Toby said, "Amy, god, that was amazing, but are we like, together now ?" I looked at Toby and thought to myself for a minute, and said "I like you Toby, but i can't tie myself down to a relationship, we can still have sex, but i don't wanna be your girlfriend, besides, if you were going out with me, girls would hate me for taking you off the market" i said with an honest smile, he smiled and watched me as i pulled on my clothes, i made a show out of it for him, i pulled on my tank top and went to leave, "see you later Toby" i said without looking back as i left, i walked back along the corridor and down the stairs, as i passed Jordan And Jason's flat i saw them and Annie asleep on the sofa, Jordan's cock was buried in her pussy, and Jason's in her asshole, they all were snoring peacefully, covered in cum from earlier, i made my way back to my flat, cum dribbling down my leg, i opened the door and fell onto the bed, then drifted off to sleep I awoke early the next day to the jesus christ superstar soundtrack, I leap up out of bed and sang as I pulled on a pair of loose white pantied and a pair of tight jeans, I went to my dresser and selected a cute black top covered with sequins, I pulled on a pair of comfy trainers and began walking to the dance hall, as I walked Eddie and Jessica ran to catch up, leaving the flats just after I did, "good morning" Eddie said with a smile, "Heya" said jess as she caught up, we walked together to the dance hall and began stretching and warming up, I bent over and touched my toes, my bum sticking in the air, While I was bent over Ryan walked into the hall, I could see him looking at jess in the reflection in the mirror, I rose up, placed my leg onto the bar and began stretching, My Mind conjugating many thoughts of what i could do about Ryan.

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to be continued . I'll say it again, as in my other stories people still comment about it, This 'Story' Is not intended to be realistic, Please don't leave comments saying stuff like: 'wtf that could never happen in real life'