Teen girls toys compilation first time Dont Say You Love Me

Teen girls toys compilation first time Dont Say You Love Me
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Hello, my name is Jade, and I'm about to tell you one of the most daunting, the most exciting things that have happened to me. But first, a few things about myself: I am asian/native american, 5'2", 115lbs, long, straight dark hair with black dyed tips, dark brown eyes outlined with dark eyeliner, and I'm goth.

I love being controlled, and I love controlling. On with the tale: One night last week, I attended a local band show. The usual freaks were there; me, people I'd seen before, and my closest friends, Dave and Rose. After the show got in progress, I noticed a guy I'd never seen at any of the shows. He stood off out of the large crowd with a couple of familiar faces. I'd noticed him because I'd felt his eyes on me.

I found his appearance appealing, with his black shirt and pants, long dark hair hiding his right eye, and lip ring. I embraced his eyes with mine as I stared intently back, until Rose pushed me and wanted to mosh.

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I forgot all about the mysterious stranger as I dodged blows and punks falling over on each other. After the long night, I kissed Rose and Dave goodnight, and they walked to their car. I stayed after to talk to the group who'd put on the show, and they asked me for my number so we could catch up later on.

I pulled on my coat over my short dark green skirt, fishnet tights with my black boots, and revealingly low black top, and headed towards my ride. As I passed a storage building (the show was at an abandoned church), the hairs on my neck stood up and I received chillingly equal bumps on my arms.


I stopped and stood still, waiting to see what caught my attention, when I saw a shadow from behind me. I turned to see who it was, but before I could someone else jumped from somewhere in the dark and grabbed me. With a hand over my mouth, and strong arms holding mine to my side, the two drug me behind the building.

Usually, I don't like to take shit from people, so I fought back, kicking hard and biting at the hand at my lips. They solely tightened their grasp and forced me hard to the wall. The back of my head came it contact with the stone, and I grew dizzy a moment. The guys restraining me against the building blurred and distorted before coming back into focus. Though the light was dim from the street poles, there was a full bright moon out, and I could make out that one of the strangers was the one with whom I'd locked eyes with earlier in the night, the second one was a face I'd known from a previous concert.

He had black hair with red streaks, and his hair just touched the bottom of his ears. I made no sound as he withdrew his hand from my mouth, and the one with the lip ring grinned at me.

He introduced himself as Satan (which obviously was a nick name) and his friend with the red streaks was Matt. Matt leaned over and whispered in my ear, "You are extremely beautiful, and we would like to take you home with us." I shrugged his head away from mine and said, "Thanks, but I'm not interested." Satan lifted my face up to look into his and replied, "Oh, but it's not optional, you see, you will come with us, whether you oblige to or not." I merely narrowed my eyes and jerked my face away.

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They laughed amusingly and proceeded to take me to their car. I drew a breath to scream, but Matt evidently expected a little disagreement, for the fact that he stuck me with a sharp object, in all probability a knife.

I shut my mouth and stopped struggling, while they opened the door and threw me in the back, with Matt following me. Satan walked around to the driver's side, and got in. Matt, had me face away from him while Satan threw him some cuffs, which Matt persistently stuck on my wrists. Satan started the engine, and pulled out of the parking lot, and Matt spun me around until I could feel his breath on the skin of my breasts, which were barely covered, because he took off my jacket.

"And where the hell do you think you're taking me, bastards?" Satan tapped the brakes and I flew forward a little, falling onto the floorboard. Matt lingered over me with the knife, rubbing my cheek first, then moved down to my lips. I started to say something else, but he pricked my top lip with the tip, saying,"Shh, now baby, we going to a place where we can make all the racket we want. Satan here's been wanting a little malevolent angel, like yourself.

And he sure has intelligent eyes, finding you, a mystifying creature." He allowed me to speak, and I growled," Don't touch me again, fuck face." The driver let out a witty laugh and commented, "Jeeze, Matt, you're a real gentleman.

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She loves you already." Matt just hissed between his teeth and grinned. My mind was racing, 'Well, what the hell now?', I asked myself, 'you wait, that's what, then find the right moment and run.' The car came to a sudden halt, and again, I was thrown forward. Satan opened the door on my side and tried to grab me as his friend pushed me out, but he wasn't ready and I crashed into him. I did my best to knock him over, my hands still behind my back from the cuffs, I was rewarded when he fell.

I took off over him, and three steps, I believe, when Matt came airborne out of the car to capture me.


Landing hard, I tried to roll over and get up, when Satan was standing directly over me. I didn't move, just glared up at him, while Matt jerked me up until I was standing. With the two walking me roughly to the cabin standing about 20 feet away, I tried to slow my heart down.

Satan walked in front, and Matt behind with a death grip on my hair. The door was opened and light switched off, I was thrown into pitch black onto something soft, perhaps a bed. One of them tied a blindfold around my eyes, removed the metal manacles, and ordered me to not move.

I listened intently to what they were doing, but I couldn't tell exactly. The click of a lighter? Drawers opening and searched through? For what? "What's wrong there, dark one" a ragged low voice inquired, and I guessed it was Satan. The bed shifted, and I supposed that he was real close to me. Of course, I said nothing.

Fingertips brushed my jaw, and I bit the hand that touched me. He didn't as much as grunt, just used his other hand to remove my blind. I blinked my eyes a few times, and then was looking straight into his profound black eyes, yawning windows of iniquity, and I glimpsed the wickedness behind his smile.

I felt in danger being just 6 inches from his face, and something rose inside my chest. My fear had taken over me completely, turning me into a frightened soul, but I tried to not let him know I was scared. I had to break the stare, turning my head away to face the rest of the room, which was now lit with quite a few candles. Matt was sitting on a chair not too far away, and the bastard smirked at the look I gave him.

'Where was the knife?' I wondered, 'did they put it down?' As if Matt read my mind, he tossed the knife on the edge of the bed out of my reach, but in Satan's long one. He stretched over me to retrieve it, and my breast brushed his arm. I shrank away and snarled defiantly, and he straddled my stomach with his knees. I felt his hand at the top of my skirt, and then the cold metal of the blade. "Do you want me to stop?" I nodded and bit my lip, gradually becoming more and more aroused.

"Too bad…" he said and started trailing the knife up my belly, cutting my blouse and my hands came up to prevent him from catching my skin. He was faster than I, and had my arms pinned to my side as before, and asked Matt to tie them to the posts of the bed.

He had no need to restrain my legs, being that he was sitting over them. He slipped my shredded blouse out from under me, and removed my skirt as well, leaving me in my black bra, black thong and nets. Satan let out a long whistle, and devoured my body with his damned eyes.

I didn't blink as he undid my bra, and slipped my thong down. He told me to behave as he leaned up to remove his shirt, pants and boxers. I took in all of his maleness, his broad shoulders, his firm stomach and abs, his thighs, and I screamed inside when I came to his rod, trying not to look stunned at the enormous size. I tried to let him see my hatred and abhorrence while he slipped his hand between my soft thighs, and ran a finger over my outer lips, stopping just short of coming in contact with my clit, which was already swollen with desire.

"Do you hate me yet?" he asked, slowly kneeling down between my legs. "You're gonna burn in hell, you fucking fiend," I spat out, trying to close my legs.

Again, he was stronger, and held my thighs apart, lowering his head to my femaleness, flicking his tongue out and catching my clit, rubbing it in small circles. Fire shot through my lower body as he continued, and I held back a low moan. He ran his nails over my stomach and sides, spreading the stimulation up more.

When I was ready to explode, he slipped a finger inside me, and sucked gently on my clit. My body froze and convulsed, going wild. His nails dug deep into my butt, and I gasped at the pleasure and ache. He licked his lips and returned above me, this time using my legs to straddle his hips.

"Am I fucking wicked?" he whispered, "how do you like having a demon for a lover?" I whimpered and struggled, being scared that he would hurt me and make me bleed, for that he was so large.

He pressed the head against my wet lips, and I froze once again, longing for his dick to be deep inside me. He ran the blade of his knife over the skin of my thigh, up to my belly, dipping just deep enough and hard enough to leave a small trickle of dark red blood. I jerked and started to oppose this action, when he plunged his immense shaft just inside my hole, and I felt the pain of both stomach and vagina, shuddering.

Satan let out a long breath, and glanced sideways at Matt, still enjoying the show from the shadows. Satan sank another inch into me, and I yelped from being stretched so far. Being asian, I am small and will always remain small, no matter how much sex I have, and I knew that I was bleeding. I figured he was only in 4 inches or so, still having 4 more to go.

A tear trickled from my eye, and I wished it hadn't, for this encouraged his torture. He thrusted again, deeper and deeper, until I had to scream from the intense throbbing between my thighs. He let go of the knife, knowing I couldn't reach it with my wrists tied up, and grabbed my head on either side of my face and kissed me deep and longingly.

His tongue ravaged my mouth, his teeth biting my lips, drawing blood from my lower lip. He pulled all the way out slowly, then tenderly slid his swollen dick back into my vagina. It hurt still, but was more numb than anything, and Satan withdrew his rod again. He grabbed his hard hot pole and rubbed my clit with the tip, which was moist and warm. I he rammed it back into me, all the way this time, then took it back out.

He laid down on top of me, and ran his hands over my firm breasts, circling the nipples, yet not touching them. They were begging for attention, and he wouldn't give it to them, dominating my pleasure, holding me from it.

His licked my neck and my ear, blowing gently were he licked, sending chills down my spine and making my nipples harder. He bit into my neck, not hard, but enough to leave a mark, and held onto my head at the same time. I moaned with the excitement of it all, throwing my head back, exposing my neck to him, trusting the devil with my life, closing my eyes and loving it.

He let go of my neck, and kissed the underside of my chin, twisting his fingers in my hair for a better grip. The numbness resided slowly from my vagina, and I whispered frantically, "Take me, Satan, fucking take me to hell." He reached down for the blade again, and set his hips between my legs, picking me up off the bed, he slashed out with the knife, and set my wrists free.

My arms came up and around his strong shoulders, and he set me down on his shaft slowly, making sure I wasn't too sore. I didn't care, I needed him, I loved his wickedness and malice, forced his head down to my neck, and he bit down to my bliss.

He started driving his dick in and out, slow at first, then faster, holding on to my hair with one hand, trailing my back with the knife, nicking me occasionally, building my orgasm up more and more. I was close, so close, I could feel the fires of torment aflame in my stomach.

He let go of my neck, dropped the blade and held onto my hair, pulling my head back far, riding me like his own fist. "Yeah, you know you like that, you fucking sex demon," he whispered, "I'm your malevolent pleasure, your anguish and suffering.

You love it, baby…" His dark words ran through my mind, with the misuse and ordeal, my hands were still on his shoulders, I dug my long black nails into his skin, being sharpened for such an act. He gasped and plunged deeper into my soul, feeling my fire from inside, lighting us ablaze from within. "Damn you…fucking damn you…" I drawled out, seconds from my release. He let one of his hands from my hair, and reached for the nearest candle on the nightstand. I felt my muscles contracting, tightening, ready to die, and he pulled my head back further, thrusting my breasts aloft, and dripped the hot smoldering wax from the candle between them, trickling slowly down my chest, leaving a fiery trail and sizzling heat, then all of a sudden, without warning, I grew frenzied with another orgasm, and unconstrained my tenseness, arching my back further, and grinding my hips harder into his stomach.

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He let go of my hair and head, threw the candle, and seized my waist, bouncing me high and hard. He let out a loud groan, caught his breath and came explosively inside me. Satan tensed and shook with the waves of his orgasm, throes of damnation and sin. I grabbed his long hair and rode his dick extensively, drawing out his release longer using my femaleness, he screamed and drove into me hard once more, liberating his aching spirit again and again.

Finally we could take no more and collapsed altogether.

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I fell into the realms of sleep, dreaming a great serenity of indulgence. When I awoke, Matt was gone, and Satan was slumbering peacefully by my side. He was still naked, as I, and the candles were long burnt out. I slipped out from under his arm, trying not to wake him. He stirred, but didn't say anything, and I hoped he was still asleep.

I reached for my clothes, spread out everywhere, and froze. Something inside me whispered teasingly, saying 'You know you want him, stay longer…' I walked past my clothes, exploring the small cabin. I glanced into the kitchen, then passed the bathroom. A pair of his pants were lying on a dresser, and I dug through them, searching for a wallet.

I found it, and pulled it open, staring right at his driver's license. His real name was Jacob Ray, age 26. I thought for a second, heading towards the bathroom. I turned the shower on, and stepped in after it warmed up. About 5 minutes later, the door opened, and I turned around. Jacob was standing there beautifully bare still, with a slight gleam in his eyes. I invited him with a flick of my wrist, and he welcomed my warm wet body with his dry one.

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Pushing me against the shower wall, he lifted me up and set me about his hard on. He looked deep into my eyes and kissed my lips without breaking the stare. I moaned his name and he shivered with delight and wonder. I whispered, "I like Satan better" and he laughed quietly, "I still don't know your name, my sex demon." I traced his collarbone with my finger, and slit his neck with a nail. I kissed the wound, soaking up his vulnerableness with pleasure.

"Just call me Sin."