Teen blonde Freundinnen von der gleichen Schwanz in Dreier gefüllt

Teen blonde Freundinnen von der gleichen Schwanz in Dreier gefüllt
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Author's Note 1: These short fantasies started off as weekly mini-stories for my readers, but the newsletter was shut down because autoresponders do not accept adult content. I thus decided to publish these fantasies for free for my readers to enjoy. It is meant to entertain, so please do not leave hateful comments if everything is not perfect.

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I am only human after all. Author's Note 2: Although this fantasy can be read independently, it was written as part of a series.

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For full enjoyment, please read "The Barbie Lez Fantasies: Week 1-38". *** Have you ever had one of those fantasies? You know, the ones that feel so real you begin to wonder if you are actually imagining them.

Well, I do… because I have them all the time! Sometimes, they turn into a story, but mostly they remain trapped inside my brain. That is, until now… "Oh my god!" I silently gasped when I saw the barely-legal jogger and her hot MILF of a mother together for the first time.

Although I had fantasized about them individually, seeing them side my side made it impossible for me to resist the powerful fantasy that now grew within me. I barely had time to notice they were attending to my wound—if you call a plain old scrape a wound—before I was swallowed up by the fantasy. Temporarily leaving the real world behind, I stepped into an identical, yet purely fictitious universe. By then, so much arousal coursed through my veins that I did not even try to keep it contained.

Giving in to the perversity of the fantasy, I came up with a plan. It was rather rudimentary, but seeing how it was my fantasy, I was pretty confident it would work.

"What do you think of incest?" I asked the two beautiful women.

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Of course, they were stunned by the unexpected question. At least, one of them was. While the daughter's eyes widened in shock and her brow furrowed in incomprehension, the mother struggled to hide the half smile that curled her lips.

Luckily, this smell detail went not unnoticed. Realizing my job would be much easier than I had anticipated, I proceeded with the plan. I released a groan as I winced in pain. Of course, it was all an act, but that did not keep a guilty expression from flashing across the young jogger's face. "Are you all right?" she asked. "Perfect," I thought as I struggled to keep a satisfied smile contained.

But what I said aloud was, "It really hurts." "Is there anything we can do to help?" asked the mother, obviously aware of what I was up to.

"There is," I admitted as I once more did my best to keep from smiling. "What?" asked the daughter. Satisfied with the effectiveness of my plan, I continued.

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"It's kind of hard to explain. Would you mind indulging me?" Of course, the mother was all too eager to agree. "Please stand," I instructed. Moments later, the two relatives were standing side my side. A brief silence ensued as I worked up the nerve to proceed. The next part would be the riskiest and if it did not go according to plan, it would ruin everything.

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However, I had gone too far to turn back now and there was only one thing I could do. "Kiss!" I finally instructed. "What?" asked the daughter. At least, she may have had her mother not pulled her in for a passionate incestuous kiss. Of course, I was a little surprised by the mother's obvious eagerness. However, her behavior so far had indicated she knew what I was up to and, obviously, she was thrilled by the idea. Otherwise, why would she be passionately making out with her daughter?

As for the daughter, she was either too stunned to think clearly or had been secretly fantasizing about her mother for quite some time. The ladder was proven correct when the kiss finally came to an end. The teen just stood there, a wide smile plastered across her lips.

"Undress each other," I instructed upon realizing this. Apparently, the two relatives were far too aroused to consider what they were doing and simply did as told.

Moments later, the two women stood before me, perfectly naked and hotter than ever. For a second, I considered getting them to play with each other's boobs, but I soon realized I was far too horny for more teasing.

"Please lie down," I said, addressing the mother and pointing to the coffee table that stood before the couch I was still seated upon. Within seconds, the MILF was in position. "I presume you know what to do?" I asked the daughter. She did not even bother nodding before getting to work. Moments later, the two were perfectly positioned for an incestuous sixty-nine. Of course, I had expected the jogger to simply lick her parent's cunt, but the sight before me made me realize her approach was far better.

Before I even had time to instruct them to proceed, the relatives got to work. Within seconds, moans started echoing throughout the living room as their tongues darted in and out of each other's poons. Fingers soon joined in on the fun and the moans only intensified as a result. As the incestuous intercourse intensified, I just stood there, eyes glued to the perverse spectacle and more arousal than ever before coursing through my veins.

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Unfortunately, the performance did not last long. Fortunately, that was only because the two lovers soon climaxed. I am not quite sure if it was a result of the 100+ erotic stories I have written, but the incestuous couple had the most intense orgasms I had ever seen. Wave after wave of cum squirted out of them, soon covering all three of us in a thick layer.

After what felt like a blissful eternity, the moans died down.

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Wiping the thick layer of cum from my eyes, I barely had time to figure out the orgasms had come to an end before I was pulled in for a passionate three-way kiss. Of course, I was stunned by the unexpected turn of events, but it did not stop me from enjoying every second of my first three-way make out session.

As soon as my two lovers pulled away, they started literally tearing my clothes off.

Within seconds, I was completely naked and at their mercy. Luckily, what they had planned for me was sexual in nature. "Oh yes!" I moaned as I felt their lips wrap themselves around each one of my nipples. Unfortunately, the intensity of their teasing soon made me crave more.

"Please stop," I soon asked. Apparently, that was the wrong thing to say, because the daughter soon hurried off.


At least, that was what I thought until she returned with a large strapon in each hand. "Wow!" I gasped, stunned by the unexpected escalation. However, that was all I had time to say before each woman strapped a toy to their body. But that was only the beginning. Moments later, the daughter lay down upon the cum-covered coffee table. Knowing what was expected of me, I joined my new friend on the table. "Oh fuck!" I moaned as I got on all fours over her and lowered myself onto her cock.

Peering down into my lover's eyes, I found them filled with lust. Unable to resist, I pulled her in for a long, passionate kiss. However, it was not destined to last. "Mmm?!" I moaned in a mixture of arousal and surprise as I felt the mother grab my waist from behind and thrust her silicone cock deep into my asshole.

Of course, I am no stranger to anal, but the unexpected penetration soon convinced me to put an end to the passionate make out session I was sharing with her daughter.

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"Oh yes!" I moaned when the MILF started pounding my asshole fast and hard. "Don't stop! PLEASE DON'T STOP!" Luckily, the horny parent was not about to put an end to her ferocious pounding session. And that was quite a good thing as the force of the repeated penetrations sent my body jerking back and forth, forcing my youngest lover's cock in and out of her soaking-wet pussy.

But as blissful as the double stimulation felt, it was not meant to last. Luckily, that was only because I soon felt a powerful orgasm explode within me. "FUUCCCKKKK!!!!!" I moaned at the top of my lungs as I climaxed. Just like the incestuous couple had before me, I released wave after wave of hot orgasmilk.

Of course, I knew the massive amounts of cum that flew in all directions were logically impossible, yet that did not stop me from enjoying every single second of it.

That is, until it suddenly came to an abrupt end. "What the…" I silently started, but stopped when I realized I was back in the real world.


There was not a single drop of cum in sight and the two relatives seated beside me were still fully clothed. "How do you feel?" asked the beautiful jogger. It took me a few seconds to realize my wound had been bandaged. "I'm fine," I quickly assured. However, that was all I had time to say before yet another fantasy grabbed hold or me.

The rest of the conversation was sort of a blur as it was intercut by fantasy after fantasy. As much as I tried to fight the arousal that coursed through my veins, the sight of the beautiful relatives made it difficult for me to keep my vivid imagination in check.


I am not quite sure how many fantasies I experienced, but, by the time I finally returned home, I was hornier than ever before. So, I assume I do not need to tell you what happened the second I hopped into the shower to wash the sweat that covered my body as a result of my first jog in over a month.

But for those of you who are unskilled at reading between the lines, let me just say it was the wettest shower of my life.

And I am not talking about the water… *** Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed. A new fantasy will be published each week, so make sure to check back every so often. Have a horny day, Barbie Lez