Kleine rosa titts Schlampe reibt sich

Kleine rosa titts Schlampe reibt sich
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Bare With Me Folks This Is My First Story, I Sware The Will Get Better, But This Is A True Story And I Want Told Like It Happened! It all started with my new step- family, when my mom left my dad. About a month after she left my dad started dating this very attractive mother of one 13year old daughter, Mindy.

Now Mindy was about 5'4 and about 120 pounds, she had long red hair and beautiful green eyes, all the boys at our school thought she was the most beautiful thing they have ever seen, and I was always being asked by boys in her grade to ask her out, but when ever I did, she always told them no.

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Now me on the other hand, I was a year older than her, I was 6'0 (I know I was tall for my age) and about 135 pounds. I had a pretty good size cock on me, it was 6.5 inches, and none of the girls I had fucked ever complained about it. My girlfriend Sherry had broken up with me the day she moved to Texas, which was far from where I was in Oklahoma. My family, and I all lived way out in the country, we farmed, and raised cattle, and horses for a living.

It all started on summer break about a month after my dad married Mindy's mom After I finished my chores I had the rest of the day to do as I wished, and since I wasn't having sex with my girlfriend any more all I wanted to do was go up on the hayloft in the barn and jack- off.


I was pretty good at not getting seen up there. My family added more hay up there when it was about half gone, so you never saw the back wall up there. The summer before this one I had made my own little room in the old storage room that we never used, behind the hay, so I would sneek up there into my little room (that was 15x10x7 feet) and look at my porn collection and masturbate for a while, then I would check the window that faced the house, then the one that faced the road, then hide my porn, and leave to go do what ever else I wanted to do.

One hot summer day I had finished my chores, and went up to my little room to beat my meat. About half way through my Playboy I could feel that I was about to cum, when all of a sudden I heard the door start to open, in one motion I threw the porn, and put my cock up, and acted like nothing had happened, but I knew I was busted, I turned around and there stood Mindy with her mouth wide open.

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Just as I was about to say something she said " I would have never guessed that your cock would have been that big" I just said " Your not going to tell on me Mindy are you?" she said no, and I understand that u boys have to do it, and away she went.

Well I went inside expecting my mom or dad to say something, but they didn't, I just ate dinner without saying a word, afraid that she had told on me, then I took a shower, then off to bed I went. About a week later I finished my chores, and went up to my little room, to jack- off. When through the window I saw Mindy running through the rain twords the barn.

I quickly hid my porn with the rest of my collection, and ran to the top of the ladder. When she came in I was leaning over the wooden guard the lined the outside of the loft, and from that view I could see her big, beautiful tities inside her blue and green bra, through her wet white shirt, and they were beautiful!

I asked if I could help her find something, she quickly said " You up there fucking yourself again?" Without thinking I said " Yes I am, why do you want to help?" and to my suprise she said yes and started climbing up the ladder and ran into my little room.

When I walked in there she was standing there, in her panties, and bra. She asked " You going to get naked or am I going to have to fuck myself?" In the blink of an eye I was standing there naked and hard as a rock. She came over and got down on her knees and started to stroke my cock, after a while she asked me if it felt good, I said "hell yes" Then she asked me if she could suck it, and before I could answer she had my dick shoved down her throat and was sucking away!

After a while of this I felt my balls start to tighten, I was about to cum, she must have known because she started to suck faster, and harder than she was before. Quickly I grabbed her head and thrusted real hard and shot my load down her throat, and to my surprise she swallowed ever drop of my warm cum! She stood up, swung her beautiful red hair behind her and reached behind and un- hooked her bra, and let her big tities out! My cock stood strait up, and I was ready to go again, then she slid her thumbs down her tight blue, and green boy- short panties and slid them down and off.


At the sight of her tight, wet, and shaved pussy less than 3 feet away from me I about cummed all over myself! I stood up and she walked over to me and gave me the best french kiss of my life! It was so much better than the kisses I used to get from Sherry, Mindy gave a lot better blowjobs than Sherry too!

After we kissed and fondled each other for a while I picked Mindy up by her ass cheeks, held her close to me and carried her over to an old desk in the room, and laid her down on her back. I spread her legs wide open and slid my middle finger in between her pussy lips, and started to finger fuck her as fast as I could, she moaned with pleasure. I pulled my finger out her cunt and grabed on to her big tities and sucked each one until it felt like they were going to explode!

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I kissed my way down to her pussy and licked it to make it even more wet than she had made it herself. I slid my rock hard cock into her pussy as hard as I could to pop her cherry, she screamed in pain, and for some reason that made me fuck her harder and as deep as I could.

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Soon her screams of pain turned into soft moans of pure pleasure caused by my six and a half inch dick inside of her tight, un- ventured pussy. When it felt like I was going to cum I pulled out of her and laid down on the wood floor, she climbed off the desk, and grabed my cock and shoved it deep into her pussy.

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She put her hands on my shoulder and grinded me for all we were worth! About three minutes after that her finger nails dug deep into my shoulders and her head flew back, and it felt like her pussy tunnel was trying to swallow my dick.

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She was having an orgasm, her first one too. The tight grip her pussy was having on my cock, and the flow of pussy juices made my orgasm speed up by about 10x!


I shot my hot, sticky cum deep into her pussy and she moaned even louder, and fell on top of me. We laid like that for about five minutes, until she sat up, and pulled my penis out of her. I stood up also and then she walked up to me until I could feel her heart beat through her tits, She whispered into my ear " Thanks big bro, I will never forget this rainy day, when our parents went to the store for groceries, and we snook up here and fucked each other until we couldn't take it anymore!

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I love u so much and I always will for ever and ever!" Mindy gave me another fantastic kiss, then we both ran naked through the rain, into the house where we showered together, dried the other one offand went to bed happy. The next morning I feared that somehow we would get caught, but we never did, and to this day we both grew up got married, and never told a sole about our rainy day experience!