Dirty talking porn storys whores slut abused used

Dirty talking porn storys whores slut abused used
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IN MY FRIEND'S HOUSE WITH MY WIFE I was working in an electronic company for more then seven years. One day my boss assigned me to the East Cost sub branch for two weeks to relive a worker there. I checked with my friends and found one of my school mate was working in that town. His name was John and was a good friend of mine. I called him about my assignment and told him to find an apartment for me and my wife.


He said to rent an apartment for short tenure was very difficult. He told me if I wanted we could stay in his house as he had a guestroom. I told him we were coming this Wednesday with my wife, if that was convenience to him. When Wednesday came we drove to the East Cost about 300 kilometers away. We arrived at John's house in the evening.

John was in the house to meet us. He was alone. He had not married and remained a bachelor seen he left school. I introduced my wife - Mary and he quickly showed us the room. My wife was happy with the room.

John said to her that there was only one bathroom and it was next to the kitchen. Mary said, that was fine and thanks John for his kindness. John helped me to move our suitcases to the guestrooms. After a short rest, John prepared us some tea and we chatted in the living room. Mary asked John why he was not married and teased him that she had many pretty women who wanted to marry bachelor like him. John laughed and said later.

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Mary decided to take a bath before we went for our dinner. John showed her where the bathroom was. In the evening John took us to the Seaview Restaurant. We enjoyed the seafood and a few runs of wine. The next day I reported to my office and John went to work.

When I returned from work, it was quite late. I saw Mary was helping John to prepare our dinner. All things went well for the past two days. Then came the weekend afternoon when I woke up from my nap, my wife was not in the room. I decided to take some drink. As I entered the kitchen I saw John was peeping through the bathroom sky window.

I noticed somebody was bathing inside. It must be Mary. When John saw me coming, he was surprised and embarrassed. I quickly made a sign by putting a finger across my mouth and telling him it was OK. I went to him and peeped through the opening and saw my wife was completely naked in the bath tub. I smiled and urged him to carry on. A short while later John seemed to lose his desire in watching because of having been exposed, came to me and said sorry.

Instead accepting his apology I asked John how my wife looks. John said Mary was pretty and she had a hot body. I asked John would he like to fuck Mary tonight. John was dumbfounded and said how. Would your wife allow?

I said, I would make a plan and arrange a fuck for him tonight without her being knew. That night, after dinner John served us wine as we watched the football game. After one hour of watching Mary went to the bedroom.

I told John to wait here and watch my bedroom light. If the bedroom light switched off, that mean the plan was working and he must entered the room quickly and silently. I also told him to get himself ready and remove all his clothes.

As I entered the room, I saw Mary was naked with only her thong bikini. I remove all my clothes and lay close to her. I was fondling her breasts as I talked to her. I told her John were peeping the bathroom when she was bathing. She quickly said, she knew John was watching her. He had been peeping the last two days. As he was only watching I felt it was not a bad thing. We were staying in his house.

If matters turn unpleasant, we would have to leave his house and you might lose a good friend too. After all man liked to see women, especially naked women, so I let him see. Sometime I purposely squeezed my breasts and ran my fingers around my areolas. I would also lift up my tummy which was submersed in the water tub and exposed my pussy for him to catch a clear view, without let him knew I discovered his presence. I commented her being an understanding and wonderful wife as my hand was reaching her cunt.

It was already soak with succulent. Then I told her, "Do you want John to fuck you tonight?" Mary jumped up and stared at me, "You want your friend to have sex with me." I said "Yes, if you like to try your fantasy which you tell me some years ago." She said how?

Then I told her my plan, "I will blind fold you then John comes to fuck you. He thinks you don't know he is fucking you and thought he is me doing it.

I tell her to relax and keep cool and pretend he is not in the room." She said "OK, I will try my best and tell him to come now as I need it badly." As I removed all her underwear, I blind folded her. I pulled her to the edges of one bed corner; her legs were spread apart and hanging down from the bed.

I switched off the light. The next moment, the door slowly open and John came in the room. I could see naked John and his eyes were glued at the bed. With the street light coming from the window, he could see Mary lying naked on the bed and I was goring her pussy. I told John to come close and took over. As he came near I could see his dick fully lift-up and was about seven inches long.

He squared in front of Mary's groin and was looking at her vagina tentatively. He was now playing my wife's pussy for the first time. When he touched her pussy with his finger, I saw Mary had a slight yank and she knew that was John's hand.

She slowly began to like it with comfort. Her rhythm with his stroke by twisting her groin, then Mary said to me, "Honey, can you lick my pussy. I want you to eat my pussy badly." John looked at me. I nodded my head. He lowered his head toward my wife pussy and was hesitating but slowly stuck out his tongue on her labium and licked it. He did it many times over her whole vagina. The way John licked pussy made me think that he was not an expert in this job.

Perhaps this was his first try. But as he gained experience by doing it over and over on her pussy, he stroked on her clit which made Mary shuddered. She cried for joy and begged to fuck now. This was the moment what John was waiting for and he quickly stand up and holding his hot erected cock and aimed at Mary pussy. He sliced open her labium with his left hand and shoved his cock into her vagina, till he touched her G-spot.

His seven-inch cock was completely buried inside my wife cunt. Mary was silent and lay still on the bed. Her eyes were blind folded but I could see her feeling. I understood she liked it and was enjoying my friend's cock in her body.

John was happy and conceited for his achievement. He stood there with his cock thrust against her cunt for a few seconds with his hands on the bed between her naked-body.

He then grabbed her breasts and started pumping her bottom. It was such a nice view to see my wife being fuck by a friend of mine for the first time. John was enjoying the fuck and he was very careful not to attract her suspicion but at the same time he tried to make her achieved enjoyment and not hurting her. I could hear her mourning and groaning and banking her groin against his scrotum.

Her hands spread out and clenched tightly on the bed sheet. About ten minutes later John jerked and blew his hot spunk into her and she had her orgasm. She was motionless but her hands were still holding on the bed sheet, exhausted. John pulled out his pecker from her oozing pussy and left the room.

I shut the door and removed the bandage on her. I saw her smiled and asked her how she felt. She said not bad and was quite interesting. She commented if she was not blind folded, things would work out better.

I said at this stage it would be better, he should not know you knew he had fuck you.

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But we should let him know at an appropriate time. She quipped, "You want him to fuck me again." "Do you not want it? You do enjoy, don't you? Well if you don't like, then forget it." I said to her. "Maybe some other time." she replied. Mary dress up and went to the bathroom to clean up. She opened the door and saw John was watching TV. As she passed by she gave him a short smile and said he was yet not sleeping. John had lost of word and could only shook his head as he was still recalling the moments in the bedroom with her.

When my wife returned, it was my turn to screw her one more time before we went to bed. It came out more enjoyable and pleasurable then we ever fuck. This time in the act, she kept calling me "John, John fucks me hard" instead of my name!!

To day was a Sunday and we slept till ten in the morning. We both enter the hall and saw John had prepared our breakfast. We sat with John and ate our breakfast. John was extra friendly, especially to Mary. He tried to make chats with her as if trying to draw some information. I was a bit jealous.

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After breakfast Mary was washing dishes in the kitchen, John talked to me in the couch. He asked me did I tell Mary about his affair with her last night. He also thanked me for giving him the chance to screw her. I asked him how he felt when he fucked her. He said, he was terrify and happy. Mary was excellent and he really enjoyed having sex with her. He commented that was his first time fucking someone's wife.

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I told him Mary was also first time beside me and warn him never touch her when I was not around. I would let you fuck her only in my presence. Mary came and asked us what we were talking about. John quickly said that, he intended to take us around the town for sightseeing.

We went in John's car. He showed us many places in his home town. In the evening, he took us to Italian Restaurant. The place was very cozy and comfy. We ate some of its famous dishes and drank quite a lot of wine. We also enjoyed the show. By the time we reached home it was 9.30 pm. Before I went to my room I told John to watch our room's light. John smiled and said ok. Tonight Mary had drank quite a lot of wine and was quite tipsy. She felt hot and removed all her clothing and was sound asleep.

I tried to shake her body and grasped her breasts to wake her. But she was fast asleep and didn't move at all.

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I open the door and let John in. He was naked and was surprised to see Mary who was not blind folded this time was stark naked on the bed. With the bedroom light on he could see Mary was sleeping. I told John she was tipsy and had fallen asleep. John looked at me and said what he was going to do now. I said, "Take your time enjoy playing her and fuck in her sleep." John slowly climbed over the bed and lay beside her.

He gained his confidence after touching her body several times and she had not responded. He then sucked her nipples and all over her naked body. As he saw her still sleeping, he lifted her legs apart and played her pussy. I was watching very closely what my friend did to my wife. He put his finger into her vagina and rubbed her clit. For a moment he was so excited and could not wait any longer, put his cock right into her vagina.

As soon as he slid his whole shaft in, he started pumping in and out. His both hands were holding her breasts as he moved. This he did it for several minutes. Then suddenly John stopped moving, he saw Mary eyes opened and was looking at him.

I asked him why he had stopped pumping. He uttered, "Mary, she… she awk&hellip." Before he could say, I herd Mary moaned in a low voice, "John, what are you doing here. What have you done to me?" "Sorry, Mary I … I&hellip." John replied and going to retract his half soften cock from her pussy.

Mary said to him "never mind, John. Let me feel your cock." John drew his cock as he move forward to her. He squatted in between her and his dick was almost touching her mouth. Mary grabbed his soften cock and put it in her mouth. She kissed it and sucked his cock for the first time. I asked John how he felt. He replied very good and said Mary could blow very well.

His cock sprang to life again in Mary mouth. It slowly regained its full size. Mary held it on her hand and said "You cock is very fine now." She teased him and asked John if he would like to continue where he had stopped. I realized this was my wife game with him and said why not now we can play threesome together.

I asked Mary could she handle both of us at the same time. Mary replied, you betted she could. John quickly moved down and found his favorite hole and was going to jab his red hot dick in, Mary stopped him. Mary said, "John, my pussy is too wet and slippery. Do you mind lick them up so we can have better contact and friction?" John replied "Of course, my pleasure." John was please to take this job.

He did lick up all her succulent in and out of her pussy. My cock was trembling in my underwear as I was so provoking by their actions.


I striped off my underwear and carried my dick to her mouth. As I was enjoying the blowjob by my wife, John had already fucked his cock into her quim. This scene was so lovely and Mary was making her first step in threesome.

We took turns and switched places to fuck her. My wife was enjoying sex by us in swapping our cocks in her pussy and also in her mouth. After several swapping we shot our spunk coincided in her pleasing holes.

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We all exhausted and lay naked together on the bed. We woke up the next morning and found John had left the house for his work. He left us a note to said "Thank you to both of us" and said he would be late tonight. I dressed up and when to my office and leaving Mary in the house. It was about eight in the evening when we saw John coming home. I related a bad news to him that Mary's period had come this morning. To be continued in part 2