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Gigolo With BigDick Gets BJ At Bachelorette Party
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What in the hell was I thinking? I mean really! It's bad enough my family and hers has such a long history but to actually take her to bed? Damn the shit was going to hit the fan for sure I could see it now. Well might as well tell you what's going on, it started oh I'd say 'bout 400 years ago. I was . me? Oh I'm Johnathon Timmins Mage at your service. Huh? You don't believe me, well that's ok, not many norms really know about us any way.

So to continue on, it started 400 years ago. My family has a curious ability, sure we have the normal powers and such but you might say we have been blessed (or in my case) cursed with an ability no other mage has.

Everyone in my family was a mage of one type or another, at that time we were living in Europe, not too far from Germany. We were well protected but we still had a problem with the local niche of vampires. Don't get me wrong yes, we didn't like them nor them us but for quite a while we kept away from each other 'til one fateful day my father met up with the leader of their clan. Now two strange things happened when they were only a hundred yards from each other.

First all of my father's powers vanished, just poof! Nothing and second the heart of the leader started beating. As my father told it later on they both were scared shitless!

Both being extremely intelligent men proposed a compromise, a way that this strange occurrence could benefit both clans. They both talked 'til sunrise, the leader of the vampire remarking that he hadn't seen the sun for over 1000 years now, leave it to say, he was crying and wished to see more. This in turn led to the second part of the compromise; if they were both normal then perhaps they could have children. Enter me and the vampire leader's real daughter Lana and our betrothal.

I was a mere 100 years old at the time just fully coming into my powers. She on the other hand was roughly the same age physically but had me by about 500 years. Problem was centuries of mistrust and hatred was so in grained in us that there was no real compromise between me and her. It seemed she loved being one of the undead, from the first time she felt her heart beat when I drew near her, she hated me.

I can't say I was exactly thrilled over the idea of being as close to a (as I called them) leech. As you can guess this didn't go over too well with our fathers, and you could say it lead to some major insulting, a lot of it basically about family lines and morals. Then separation of the families occurred again; shit, it took months to get up, years to plan and she and I screwed that in just a few minutes.

As Father said, I didn't play around, it either happened now or it just didn't happen.

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Any way suffice it to say the groups split again for another hundred years and of course there were no children. In the mean time I honed my skills as a mage, always careful to avoid the vampires and the 'norms' as we called them. It was the start of the 1800's when a lot of my family wanted a change and went to the new land of America. It seemed that for a while at least they were doing well. It was decided then that I was to go oversee the families' holdings in this new country.

Not long after arriving I noticed that the conditions here were really primitive, something I could easily deal with. Though they had only a few problems I was able to take care of everything with minimal exposure or interaction.

Everything was fine 'til the day she showed up, yeah showed up and completely screwed everything up again! I was checking on a delivery of silk that had just come in when I felt rather than saw her stepping off the train. Moments later Lana stepped off the train and started looking around, finding me at the other end of the platform she threw looks of pure hatred my way. I was in shock enough, but to see HER again not a good day.

Moments later she walked closer then stopped in front of me, "Mr. Timmins, I hope to see as little of you as possible while I am here," she hissed. "I expect the same courtesy from you," I spat back both of us passing sinister, threatening looks at each other. She started to move past me then stopped and leaned closer whispering, "I despise you lowly creature, I will not hesitate to kill you given the chance." "I hope you also realize that I will also not hesitate to end your pitiful existence, you leeching filth." I answered.

If looks were weapons then everyone around us would have been dead many times over. Many were backing away seeing the looks of pure hatred we were fixing upon each other. Damn boss," my human assistant said, "that was one heated moment." "You don't know the half of it, and no don't ask just suffice it to say her and my family have a very long history." I replied. "Well hell boss, she's beautiful! You saying you have a problem with her?" My assistant cried surprised.

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"It's not just a problem with her, but her whole damn family." I spit back at him. "Ok, sorry boss, my bad," with that he was quiet as we finished with inventory. I had to feel for the man, he didn't know of the centuries of disagreements between us, nor the near feud she and I had started.

"Sorry Dan," I started, "We've never really liked each other, plus we've known each other a long time." Dan's eyes grew large, "ah, I see you were together at one time, ok." "No, not quite we were betrothed at one time, but no longer as we can't stand each other." I tried to explain.

"Oh my, is it really that bad?" Dan asked. "No, it's far worse than you can imagine," I couldn't go any farther without giving anything away, it would just have to lie where it was. Stepping into my office I opened the communiqué from my father, hmmm it seemed that many of the vampires in the region back home were dying off. At first the clan leaders had met, but no one on the mage side had anything to do with it.

My father had worked with the other leader and finally found what had happened. It seemed a human disease had affected the clan, a first in their history. Father had agreed to help the vampire clan but the compromise was brought up again.

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Sighing I laid the letter down not again! That explained why she was here! Damn it after all these years to have that reawakened again. Ok, so I lied some, we had been together a short time, hell there were even the stirrings of feelings. Then her family and mine wanted things their way, that wasn't going to happen. So we split well she did, I knew it had to be her so I had done everything I could to make a break between us, something I wasn't proud of but was the only way to end it and both of us keep ourselves.

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Now she hated my guts and I still had feelings for her, feelings that I buried as deep as I could every night. Truly I had volunteered to come to America, to help strengthen my resolve against my feelings for her. It figured that her and my fathers were still hard at it trying to get us together. Sighing I realized that I was going to have to go down that fucking heart ache road again, I think I was going to kill my father and maybe hers too. Looking out on the dusty road I knew things had just gotten a hell of a lot more complicated.

Sitting I grabbed a glass and a stiff drink, feeling the alcohol burn down my throat I knew I had to start planning or this would get out of hand rather quick. The next morning I arrived at the shop a little late, not really warding off the effects of the alcohol. I was a little hung over go figure.


I'd spent the better part of the night and 2 bottles trying to come up with a plan to be as far from her as I could.

Sighing as I neared the shop, it now appeared that it wasn't going to be that easy, the least favorite person in the world was in my office, and from the sound of things my assistant wasn't getting off easy from her wrath. "I don't care you run and fetch him immediately! Tell him I demand his presence here NOW!" Always with the damn threats, Christ when she started shouting, it reminded me of a pissed off rat squealing at the top of its lungs.

Throwing open the door I stared at her hard, "For one thing NO ONE demands my presence anywhere! That includes my father! Secondly, lower your voice and depart my office at least 'til such time as you can keep civil tones to my staff and me!" I opened the door and pointed out of the office, visibly shaken she and her cronies left the biggest stopping to whisper to me.

"This isn't over," he breathed to me. "Yes it is! You obviously don't know who you are dealing with, I am Timmins of the European Timmins, press it and you won't last past today am I understood?" The shocked expression on his face then turned to hatred but he quickly left. Obviously he was a newly formed disciple of her family's and was a little too stupid to know that you didn't go against a full mage.

If I remember right the last time that happened was some 2000 years ago, it had taken well over 3000 vampires actually almost two whole clans to kill the mage but not before he decimated both clans.

The clans of course no longer exist, the thing is I heard is that the mage hadn't even been mad, shit let's not even begin to point out how much more powerful a mage is when mad or upset. I watched all of them leave, yeah she knew better, as I am sure she would express to her cronies sometime soon. Still, I didn't trust the newly made, they were always stupid to a point. I'd make sure all my wards were up tonight along with a few extra traps specifically geared toward vampires. Oh well, another sleepless night thanks to the leeches not keeping s tighter leash on their pets.

I'm sorry boss; she barged in demanding to speak to you and you only. I told her I didn't know where you were, that was about the time you got here. I was as nice and courteous as I could be, but she seemed to get more and more upset, I didn't mean to upset the lady." Dan said shaking visibly, he was damn lucky she hadn't ripped his throat out as mad as she had felt, yeah and then leave it for me to clean up, something she was very good at.

"It's not your fault Dan, as I told you yesterday THAT was one of the reasons I am no longer with her." I said to help calm him down. "Yeah sure boss, I always knew you were strong but if you can take her on I'm glad you're on my side!" He said now excited.

I just smiled you have no idea Dan, no idea at all. I figured I'd get a little work done then go turn in, As I figured it, the young ass would try to attack me tonight at sunset, might as well get a nap before I destroyed it.

Hours later I awoke as the sun was starting to set, I figured any time now. Sure enough I felt him as he tried to slip past my wards and traps, hhmmm not bad, too bad he had to die tonight. "You know," I said when he appeared in my room, "I just might let you survive you are better than I at first thought, but even you ought to know not to take on a full mage with or without your powers." "WHAT!?

I can feel my heart beating? I am alive? But that can't be! Plus if you have no powers as she said, how can you hurt me?" he said surprised. "I guess she forgot to tell you, though I have no powers everything I set up before is still active, I know where they are, you do not know that you can't see them.

So the choice is yours, either way you are most certainly dead, out the window, or back down the stairs, either way isn't going to be particularly good for you." I sneered at him looking like a trapped rat. "You can't win you know," he told me, "This time both councils are on her and your father's side." With that he dived out the window, the muffled thump I heard let me know he didn't make it.

Sighing I thought, vampires, always thinking they can land on their heads. Hmmm both councils huh? I was really wondering if she knew anything about this. In all probability not, or I feel she'd have been three times as angry this early morning. Sighing I decided I was going to have to go and see her after all, great! That's all I needed another confrontation with her though this one not as public. Walking to her darkened room I felt her as soon as I walked in, damn this wasn't going to go well I could tell.

"What do we owe the pleasure of the great Mr. Timmins?" I heard her spit sarcastically. "I thought you might want to know of news I just found out from your now dead man, but if you want to play it that way so fucking be it!" I shouted as I turned to walk out.

"You will show more respect than.," her crony started then was quieted when she held up her hand. "It's alright, Mr. Timmins and myself have uh hum .history," she stated. I stopped and handed her the communiqué I had received from my father that morning.

"I had wondered why father had sent me out of the country just now. I cannot stand you Johnathon Timmins, I am not sure I ever will, but in this instance we have a common enemy and purpose. My men will be over soon to clean up the mess my associate has left." I nodded then left, hell she'd used my first name; thatwas the first time in over 150 years I'd heard her speak it.

Unless I guessed wrong and anything was possible right now, I think she might still have feelings for me. A movement behind me caused me to stop, "what do you want? I know who and what you are so don't try it you'd be surprised." "Tsk tsk, is that any way to speak to an old friend?" came a voice from the past a voice I had sorely missed these last 200 years.

"Gregor? Your father sent you also. I thought after the incident you'd never be allowed to even be in the same country with me, let alone the same town or city." I said slowly moving into the shadows to embrace my old friend. "Ah! It has been too long my friend, much too long. Yes, I kept your secret, she'll never know not from me but John why do you torture yourself? Just tell her!" Gregor pleaded.

"No! You as well as anyone know what would happen. I will not be made a spectacle of; this will be done our way or not at all!" I growled. "The way things are going, that might not be an option soon. Many of the clan has died, the thing is many of your clan have perished also. I know! Your father didn't tell you because you would disobey and go home. You know as well as I do that he could not permit it." Gregor spit out. "I swear they are the most stubborn headed fools!" We talked for a few hours then he had to go, god it was good to finally see a friendly face, even if he was a leech.

I had almost reached my building when I saw several vampires waiting for me the door. Stepping away I felt my powers barely slip back, I removed my wards and waited for them to leave. Stepping in I saw that of course, they hadn't done a very good job, sighing I finished, wouldn't do to have the house keeper screaming in the morning at a huge stain on the landing floor. Now for what I really wasn't looking forward to, talking to father.

Concentrating I called up father's image, "So why exactly haven't you told me of OUR clan's perilous condition? Father you know that I am the strongest.," I started. "Because I knew that you'd rush home immediately!

I cannot chance the strongest of us becoming sick!" he berated me. "And what of the betrothal? I told you 150 years ago we fucking hate each other! I.," I was so upset I couldn't speak. "We both know that is a lie!" Father held up a hand to quiet me, "You think I am a new pup? I am well over 1000 years old!

You think I can't tell the signs. True she hates you, but I know you feel different. I don't know what happened that night but knowing the men of this clan I know you could change her mind if you wanted to.

I am just wondering why you won't." "WHAT!!?? You who spout tradition and social decorum don't know why!?" I shouted incredulous. "If I ever and I do mean a very slim IF, I get back with her as I said before it will be under OUR terms not yours, not her clans, OURS!

We, are not breeding stock for the clans and therefore won't be treated as such. If that was the idea behind the original compromise, then, I say let BOTH clans DIE! I will not be a breeder to keep the clan alive!" With that I closed the thought transfer between us, I would not be dictated to by my father or any man.


Tom Timmins could only smile as soon as his son closed the thought-versation, damn! It was good to know that the clan had such a strong man to fall back on when his time was over. Sighing Tom thought though, he is so strong willed he may never take a woman to sire children with. Lana was the only one Tom felt that would ever be strong enough to tame his son's heart, hell if that were even possible.

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He and Vidon had been planning for years, the children of the two would by far be the strongest ever, the problem was only they and perhaps Gregor her brother knew what had happened that night.

None of them was talking and none of them could be read by either of the fathers. Lana because of her hatred, but Gregor, they felt because of Johnathon, he was definitely hiding something. Damn it! Father always made my blood boil! Waving a hand I appeared in the empty rock quarry miles from town. I was blowing up numerous boulders when I felt a presence fast approaching, throwing up a few wards I awaited the confrontation I knew that was coming.

"Having another tantrum I see," came her infuriatingly, beautiful voice, "Let me guess your father again? As I remember he and my father were the only ones who could rattle you, this much.

Well, at least even now, we can agree on something!" I turned and looked at her with a surprised look, "Yes, I despise what they BOTH are trying to do, just because we can mate because of your powers, does not mean we should! Besides heaven knows what or where you have been on or in WHOM!" "AH! I see," I spit out, "The haggard old hag speaks! As if your life has been one of pure fulfillment, more like disappointment how you can live with nothing is beyond me!" Turning I started to walk away.

"I'm not through with you I did give you permission.," "I didn't ask for it!" I screamed back at her, "I am not one of your little boys you can wrap around your finger! I am a man, get fucking used to it, or does the thought of a real man frighten you like a little girl? If so, run home to papa and hide behind him, I have no use for you!" I was almost expecting what came next but not the end result; she came running at me her claws (actually her hands) bared.

Stopping in front of me her face screwed up in rage at the smirk I was showing her. Drawing back she slapped me across the face, typical so I reached back and half heartedly slapped her back. Had the situation not been as serious as it was, I'd have been rolling on the ground laughing at the incredulous look on her face. "You struck me!" she screamed.

"You dared to strike me!" Sobering up a moment I replied, "I was going to spank your ass, but as it appears, you are a child in a woman's body so a slap seemed more appropriate, but if you continue on this way, that can be easily arranged!" She again screamed and tried to claw at my face, actually caught my cheek very briefly.

Catching her hands I drug her to an outcropping of flat rock. Pulling up her dress I saw that she had forsaken the pantaloons and skirt, holy shit! Struggling she started to scream and threaten, "Don't you dare Johnathon! I'll have my father kill you for this!" I drew my hand back as far as I could, "this is gonna hurt you a lot less if you stop struggling!" Who the hell was I trying to convince? The sight of her naked, snow white ass was doing things to me that I hadn't experienced in well over a hundred years.

"I promise you," she snarled, "you do this and I'll kill you myself given the chance!" That did it as I brought my hand down with a mighty smack! That's when the real crying and threatening started. "Stop it Johnathon!" Whack! "OW! You sadistic son of a whore!" WHACK! "OH my god, you're killing me!" Whack! "Please Johnathon stop!" Whack! By the tenth she was a puddle of tears almost incoherent, telling me she'd be good, yeah right!

Finally I saw that her ass was extremely red, good pain was a thing she hadn't experienced in a long, long time. "Now then, maybe when you can act more like a lady of your standing, then we can discuss your being taught again and hopefully not as painful a lessen as this!" Releasing her I could feel the stinging in my hand damn!

This was new even for me maybe I had spanked her a little much but damn it she deserved it! "Ow!" she said as she tried to sit. "I have never been so humiliated! It was as bad as when I found out that you." "We have been forbidden to talk of that night, or do I need to punish you again to remind you?" I said making a threatening move toward her. "NO! I do not believe I deserved the first, but it will be gone as soon as I am away from you." she cheekily said.

"Oh no!" I stated sternly, "you are going to experience this all day; I will be near enough that you will be normal all day. For once you are not going to vamp back and not let this lesson sink in." The look on her face was almost priceless, "NO!" she whispered, "I am a vampire, you must let me return to that state.

I will die I am not a human as you are." "Need I remind you I haven't been human in over 400 years? Do we really to get into insults? I'd be more than happy to demonstrate the error of your ways again, Lana." There I'd said her name, god it tore my heart out just to be this close to her. Lana looked away, "No, no further demonstration is necessary," she whispered. Holy cow! Was she blushing? Thinking back I couldn't ever remember her seeing her blush. Looking closer I saw that her eyes were blue something I hadn't noticed, her petite frame, why hadn't I noticed this before?

"We need to start back to town; I have a ward here that can help, but not sure if it can help enough." Concentrating I felt the air vibrate, so this is what sensitive humans felt. The ward scooped us up and we were on the way though a mile out of town I felt it start to fade. Oh well we were close now, a few minutes after we started walking a farmer and his wife stopped and offered us a ride. They both smiled at us, telling us what a perfect couple we were, ha! If they only knew!

In town we went by my shop telling my assistant to handle things I would be out, looking out and seeing Lana he smiled. The stern look I gave him had him ducking back in chuckling, sighing we went to her building.

Several of her cronies were at the door with wide eyed looks of dismay. After she explained, we left them and headed to the only restaurant in town. Sitting (she had to have a pillow as she was still sore) we ordered a meal.

She hadn't eaten real food in a long time, glaring at me for making her go through this. Leaning over she whispered, "I haven't eaten in almost 200 years, that one night with you, we both remember that didn't go so well." I nodded, I remembered, but when again she'd wanted to try everything and had stuffed herself till she almost exploded.

I tried not to laugh, I had warned her, but she had been so confident I couldn't stop her. Again I reminded her so that we didn't have another repeat of that night.

After we ate (she didn't try to stuff herself) we walked, she asked me why I had been so upset. "Everything I have seen indicates that my father and yours wish to breed us." She threw her hand to her mouth. "That's not going to happen. I told them both that if we were together it would be under our terms not theirs." Lana nodded then I noticed that she was staring at me strangely. "You think it was because they were hoping we'd sire a stronger form of vampire and mage?" She asked still staring at me strangely.

"I don't know but knowing the two of them I wouldn't doubt it." I hissed out anger at the thought of the two of them conspiring against us starting to rise in my chest.

"Johnathon, this is the first time in over 200 years we've had pleasant conversation, let's not spoil it." She them leaned in and kissed me! Oh my god! I'd never felt this no spell hex power nothing could have prepared me for the absolute shock that went through me! Hell, I think she felt it too the way she crumbled in my arms, just what in the hell was going on. I broke the kiss barely able to stand, let alone hold us both up.

I looked into her eyes for the first time actually looked into them and saw the real her. The hungry soul that was trapped in an eternal life without love or compassion, hell the same life I had been living. Was I so immature when I first met her that I hadn't been able to see that? Lana stirred in my arms, "Oh my," She stated, "What just happened?

I've never felt that before, as a matter of fact that is the first thing I've felt in a long, long time. I have to say it was.," looking at me she quickly stood up and continued, "It was an odd sensation." I could only smile I knew she'd felt it too, it was just her stubborn upbringing and her status that prevented her from speaking on it.

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"Well," I started, "I can see that you have learned from this experience, maybe even grown a little." I leaned closer and whispered in her ear, "Let us hope a repeat of this punishment isn't needed." I smiled, as I bowed and kissed her hand causing her to blush again, damn but it looked good on her.

I just hoped that what she might have learned tonight would stay with her, I didn't need her becoming a beast again, another painful lesson needing to be administered, I did like looking at her naked ass but spanking though a turn on was a bit painful to us both.

Nodding, she quickly stood up putting a little distance between us, hell if I didn't know better I'd even go as far as to say she was panting a little.

"I have learned much Johnathon, more than I first thought I would, I will not make the same mistakes again." She practically whispered. Then she turned and walked away, I was beginning to wonder had I imagined it all? No I wasn't that blind, I knew when a person was reacting to outside (or inside) stimulus, and she most definitely was. Hell for that matter so was I, I'd turned everything off back then I had to, in order to survive, shit how in the hell was I going to turn this off?

Things were heating up and it seemed I was sitting on the pressure that was about to explode! Damn! Guess the old man had gotten me again, NO! I could stop this, turning I watched the twitching of her ass as she moved off, damn what a nice tight ass!

Shaking myself I couldn't help but stare or blushing when she turned back a moment and blushed when she saw me watching. Oh fuck! Man I was toasted, roasted, and done! Turning away I tried to think of a way out of this, there was only one way but I knew I wasn't going to like it, hell neither was he. TO BE CONTINUED