Wet pussy masturbation at webcam

Wet pussy masturbation at webcam
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Futa Naked In School Futa's Taboo Naked Performance Chapter One: Juliet's Taboo Futa Surprise By mypenname3000 Copyright 2019 Xochitl Estevez's Week, Monday I popped off my belly shirt and bared my large breasts cradled in my bra. The futas at my college cheered as I did.

I grinned. I was finally chosen for the Program. It was my week to go naked and attend classes. I kind of wished it had come earlier or later, but I didn't care.

Even if it meant I had to perform my role as Juliet in the classic Willemina Shakespeare play naked come opening night on Friday, I didn't care. I was just so wet right now. It was the second week into the new semester. I had watched a dozen other girls get to strip naked and have fun.

That Freshman Ginny was gangbanged, Denice ran her wild campaign to become Homecumming Queen, the wicked weak where Krysten and her older futa-sister went naked for two weeks because they inspired the football team to win the State Confrence.

It was all such wicked fun. Now it was my turn. "Well, futas, she's a bold one," said President McTaggart as I reached behind me and unhooked my bra. I bared my big, lush, golden-brown tits to the cheers of all. I would have an awesome second year of college. "And, isn't she endowed? You lucky futas get to play with them." "Can't you play with them, President?" I asked.

"That's what the rules change allows, right? Professors can have sex with us outside of lessons." "Only if you're in a romantic relationship that's been disclosed to the guidance counselor, Miss Estevez," the president quickly said, her red hair sweeping about her shoulders as she glanced out at the crowd.

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"Remember that, futas and girls, if any of you are having an affair with your professor, you better come clean. If we find out." "I'll fuck you, Miss Dannel!" a futa shouted. "And it has to be off the campus and not at school events." The president eyes found Miss Castellano. I smiled at her. She was so pretty.

I looked up at her. I wanted to be a sexy, Latina beauty like her when I reached her age.

I wiggled out of my tight jeans, stepping out of them with grace. I had lush legs. My short, brown hair swayed about my face as I bent down to take them off, my tits swaying before me. I felt all those futas staring at me with lust. The poor junior girl selected, Emeline Bellamy, looked at me with such envy.

She had such small titties. I straightened then whirled around, shaking my booty at the crowd. The cheerleaders were thrusting their pompoms into the air while I thrust my panties down my rump, exposing my trimmed bush to the crowd and my curvy, Latina rump. I wiggled it from side to side as I thrust my panties down my leg. Today would be awesome. "Okay, and now for the futas," said President McTaggart. "Let's see. No, no, that's a junior.

And a sophomore and. Here we are. Ase Westerberg." The crowd cheered as I watched the blushing freshman lurch to her feet, her short, light-brown spilling about her face as she descended down the stairs from the bleachers. I smiled at her, clapping my hands together. A few girls shouted, "Let's see that futa-cock!" I giggled. "And for the last futa. Oh, yes, this is perfect." President McTaggart held up the slip of paper while the cheerleaders shook their pompoms, a hush falling over the crowd.

"Isidora Estevez." "What!" I shouted as my futa-sister rose from the crowd. Isidora was the last futa I wanted to see naked. She was my futa-sister. My annoying, bratty older futa-sister. I ground my teeth and folded my arms beneath my tits as she headed out form the crowd. What was going on? "Why do sisters always get chosen?" "Huh?" Emeline asked, glancing at me. "Sisters. Charisma and Krysten, and Dina and Audie. We're the third set of siblings chosen." I shook my head.

"That's not a coincidence." Emeline shrugged. "Isadora's cute. She's got that sexy, Latina smile.

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Mmm, yes." I rolled my eyes. My futa-sister didn't even have any tits. And she copied how I dressed. Belly shirt and tight jeans, though hers showed off the bulge of her futa-cock. She was always fucking new girls, usually from outside the college.

She would go down to the mall and hang out, picking up chicks and dating them for a few weeks before moving on to another. Made me want to gag. "Okay," President McTaggart said as Isidora stripped, revealing those pathetically small titties. They were just handfuls. I liked my futas to have some curves. "Enjoy this week in the Program.

Get to know our four lucky winners. Maybe you'll discover something new about yourself. I was never more happy than to be swarmed by the horny futas. They were all around me. Teal Constance appeared, of course.

She was the first one to get her hands on my tits. The freshman futa looked like she'd died and gone to heaven as she groped them, her fingers digging into my flesh. "Don't be shy, Teal," I purred as another futa grabbed my rump. "Get in there." Teal buried her face between my titties and rubbed back and forth. I groaned and shook, her hair brushing my hard nipples.

Her pale hands contrasted with my bountiful, golden flesh. I shuddered and smiled as other hands touched me. Stroked me. My skin felt so alive. I purred in delight as a dozen hands caressed over my body. They stroked my sides and hips. My thighs. My ass. A bold hand thrust between my legs, rubbing at the hot flesh of my pussy. I melted right then and there. I was just so horny to finally be naked. It was the best thing in the world. I shuddered as those delicious fingers ran up and down my pussy lips.

My ass clenched, two different hands, one with long fingernails, squeezed my rump. "Oh, you wicked futas," I moaned in throaty delight. "Whoever is rubbing my twat, don't be shy. Get those fingers in me." I gasped as they thrust into my pussy. A futa groaned, "Holy shit, she's so wet. Goddess, that's amazing." "Uh-huh, you naughty puta," I purred, my accent growing stronger as the pleasure rippled through me.

"A bunch of futa-putas all playing with my body. Mmm, yes, yes. Work those fingers in and out of me." "I'm so hard for you, Xochitl!" a futa groaned. "You're tits are incredible!" "So incredible!" groaned Teal from between my breasts. "Damn, I love your ass!" "Blow me?" "If you're in one of my classes, I'll do more than blow you!" I gasped. "I'm using all my chances for relief. Mmm, I am going to get wild in all my classes!" A mighty cheer whooped around me.

I trembled as the fingers in my pussy thrust in and out of me faster. Another futa found my clit, her finger massaging my bud as my lusts urged through me. A mouth latched onto my nipple. Teal was sucking hard. I gasped, my rump clenching and my twat tightening on those digits. The friction increased, swelling my orgasms.

"¡Ustedes futas malvadas!" I howled, the pleasure surging through me. "¡Mierda!" My body bucked and shuddered as my orgasm exploded through me. It was incredible. All these futas touching my body, teasing me. Teal sucked hard on my nipple. My cunt spasmed around the digits plunging into my depths.

Juices gushed down my thighs. The pleasure surged through me. Stars burst across my vision as the rapture bathed my mind. I trembled beneath the futas' touch, my moans echoing through their cheers.

A camera flashed, Lizaveta Kuznetsov recording this moment. "She's cumming on my fingers!" a futa shouted. "Damn, that's hot!" "I have to fuck you, Xochitl!" "My cock's so hard! Do me right here!" I just howled out in rapture, trembling through the bliss that rushed through my system. It was incredible. The best bliss in the world. My nineteen-year-old body trembled and bucked, drinking in the wild pleasure. These sexy futas took me to the height of rapture so fast.

I swooned and groaned, my eyes fluttering. I shook my head, grabbing a futa's boob to keep from falling over. Her hard nipple rubbed at my palm through her sweater. "Xochitl," the futa moaned. She was a sophomore named Augusta Pryor, her eyes bright. I grinned at her. "You're in my math class, right?" She nodded. "You're getting pussy today," I told Augusta.

The look on her face sent another orgasm rippling through me. It was a magical moment. I moaned and gasped. I swayed and— "Isidora, yes!" a girl squealed. "Fuck me! Pound that girl-dick in me." My stomach twisted. My futa-sister was fucking some slut. I shook my head and moaned, "Okay, okay, that's enough. I need to breathe, futas." I shuddered, Teal's mouth popping off my nipple.

"Whew, you futas are a sexy bunch. I'm about to swoon." "Xochitl!" they all cheered around me, crying out my name. They looked so damned sexy. I could just eat them up. I had pussy juices when I showed up to my first class (the second period since we never had first on Mondays thanks to the Program assembly). I shuddered when I walked into Intro to Drama. Ms. Tyrell, a pale-skinned futa with black hair, smiled at me.

Her eyes flicked up and down my body. She often found an excuse to fuck girls in the Program to teach "sexual acting." Maybe she would fuck me. "Ms. Tyrell, I am in need of relief," I told her. She arched an eyebrow, staring at my bush. "I can see that. You have pussy cream running down your thighs." "I know!" I said. At the start of all my classes for the week, I could ask for relief.

A ten minute period in which I could masturbate or ask for a volunteer to get me off. Every futa in the classroom stared at me with such hunger in their eyes. There were futas from all four years, the elective open up to everyone. My eyes settled on Pearle, a blonde futa with round tits. She wore a jean skirt and a long-sleeved sweater, her nipples poking at the purple weave.

I grinned at her and said, "Since the swim team kicked so much ass last week, you get to fuck me." "Practicing for you and Letizia?" asked Ms. Tyrell. I winked at the professor as Pearle bounded to her feet. Letizia, a cute freshman, was playing Romea, the dashing futa who would sweep Juliet—me!—off her feet. I was looking forward to rehearsing our sex scene this week. It was going to have full penetration and end with a creampie.

A futa could cum in me since I was on the shot. A year without any worry of getting pregnant. Relief wasn't the sort of time to get all lovey with your partner. It was pure and carnal passion. I sank down on my desk and spread my legs wide. Getting fingered in the auditorium had me primed. I had no idea which futa had her fingers in my clam, but that sexy futa had gotten me off. "Mmm, come on, Pearle, let me see that gran verga," I purred.

"My juicy concha needs it." "Don't use Spanish around Pearle, you'll just confuse her," said Meadow Paulines, a bright smile on her face. I winked at her.

"I think she'll figure it out. Pearle had her sweater off, her breasts round and jiggling. Most futas didn't wear bras. She hiked up her jean skirt, her thong barely constraining her futa-dick.

She just shoved it to the side, flashing her shaved pussy lips as she advanced on me. "Just plunge it in," I moaned. "Feed my clam and give me all that pearly jizz." "Damn," the futa groaned as she reached me. "It's your first day. Most girls don't go wild this fast." "Why waste time?" My large breasts rose and fell before me as I squirmed. "Just get in me. We're running out of time." "Mmm, watch them, class," Ms. Tyrell said. She had her phone out and aimed right at us.

"It's important to study how people look in the throes of passion so you can replicate it on stage. And for you two, remember this bliss so you can reach into yourself and express it. That is the core of method acting." "Yes, Ms. Tyrell," I groaned. My hand shot out. I grabbed Peale's cock and pulled her to me.


She groaned as I pressed her into my bush. Her thick tip rubbed up and down. I grinned at her, my eyes sparkling. Her hands went straight to my tits.

She grabbed them, hefted them. I brought her cock to the entrance to my pussy. She did not disappoint. "¡Madre de Diosa!" I gasped as her cock thrust deep into me. She was long. My pussy clenched around her shaft as her round breasts jiggled before me. I smiled at her, leaning back on my desk. Her hands kneaded my tits. "Fuck me, puta. Ram that big dick in me and fill me with cum." "Dirty talk is really important in wild and uninhibited scenes," said Ms.

Tyrell. "But don't use them in more romantic ones." "Yes, this is just fucking," I moaned as Pearle drew back her cock.

My pussy clenched about her girl-dick, savoring that wonderful girth. Then she thrust back into me. I gasped as her cock buried to the hilt in me. Her fingers tightened in my tits, her face twisting with pleasure.

All the class watched us. They were shifting, moving their heads, all craning to get better views. I savored the attention as I hooked my right arm around Pearle's neck. I grinned at the futa as she drilled her cock deep and hard into my pussy. My cunt squeezed and relaxed on her dick, drinking in the friction.

My juicy cunt rejoiced with every thrust. My clit ached when she buried to the hilt in me, her pubic bone rubbing on my bud. I whimpered, my breasts heaving in her kneading grip. "Oh, yes, that's it," I moaned. "Ooh, just get that dick in me. Fuck me hard. Pound me. Oh, yes, yes, Pearle. Such a sexy futa-puta! Mmm, make me cum.

Make my pussy milk out all that delicious cream from your dick. All that yummy, salty futa-milk!" She thrust faster, harder into me. The dirty talk inspired the futa. Her girl-dick plunged deep and hard into me. That wonderful flesh filled me. I groaned, squeezing around her flesh, my heart thundering in my chest as I reveled in her girl-dick plundering my cunt.

The desk creaked. My breasts jiggled in her massaging hands. Then she slid a hand around my side, cupping my back. My left tit now heaved as she fucked me even harder, her fingers digging into my back.

"Yes, yes, yes!" I groaned. "Goddess, you're so hot, Xochitl!" she groaned. "Bust your ovary in her!" groaned Kenya Short. "Oh, wow, Pearle, you are hot!" gasped Lucy Barr. "Ooh, fuck her!" "Ram that dick into her!" groaned Jaylin Jill in envy. She preferred taking cock instead of giving it.

"Yes, yes, fuck her," moaned Ms. Tyrell. "That's it, class.

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That's raw passion. Remember it, Xochitl when you're on stage." "I will!" I howled, my pussy coming closer and closer to my climax.

That thick prick slammed into me. The friction burned silky and hot in my cunt. My pussy clenched around her thrusting dick. I shuddered, gripping her, the pleasure building and building in me. My breasts heaved as she plowed deep and hard into me. She fucked me with all her passion. Her strokes buried to the hilt in me. It was incredible. I groaned and gasped. My pussy clenched and squeezed around her dick. It was the best.

I bucked into her strokes, my clit sparking against her pubic bone. I shuddered as she buried faster. Hotter. She pounded me. I gasped, my breasts heaving with every powerful stroke of her girl-dick into me.

"Yes, yes, yes!" I howled. "Madre de Diosa! Stir up my pussy. Come on, futa-puta! Ram that dick into me and make me cum on it!" "MAKE HER CUM!" cheered some of the futas. "MAKE HER CUM!" The claps and whoops only fed my orgasm. My clit throbbed as I humped against her. My left boob heaved, my right jiggling in her squeezing hand. Her face twisted with passion. Her brown eyes burned with lust. The sexy futa buried her dick deep into my cunt.

As she drew back, that magical moment happened. My pussy convulsed around her futa-cock. I gasped at the rush of bliss that shot out of my cunt.

My flesh spasmed around her clit-dick as she buried back into me, sending another wave of rapture through me. "¡Yes, yes! ¡Dame tu futa-leche!" I howled, lost to the rapture surging through me. "Xochitl!" Pearle groaned, ramming her cock into my writhing depths.

Her cum fired into my pussy. I shuddered as I savored my first load of Program-sanction futa-cum spurting into my cunt's depths. Her jizz splashed against my cervix and filled my spasming twat with such warmth. "Yes, yes! All that milk! Mmm, mi hermosa futa-puta!" "Damn!" she groaned, her body heaving, her round breasts bouncing as she trembled.

Her face burned with passion. The class exploded in cheers as I collapsed back on my desk. The sound echoed around me. A standing ovation. I smiled, loving it.

It was such a hot delight. I couldn't wait to be out on stage playing Juliet. To be taken hard by that sexy, Italian futa. I watched Letizia swimming the week before.

She won a single medal, but she looked hot doing it in her purple swimsuit. I shuddered, my pussy clenching on Pearle's cock as she pulled out of me. "Okay, okay," Ms. Tyrell said. "I know that was hot, but we have to get back to the fundamentals of acting.

It's about adopting a role and." I drifted for a moment, cum running out of my cunt and pooling on my desk. I felt so wonderful right now. I could just float away. I licked my lips, my eyes fluttering. My heart pounded in my chest, pumping such hot and delicious blood through my veins. My fingers flexed and relaxed. My toes curled. "What's that?" gasped Jaylin. "There's an ambulance out front." "What?" Miss Tyrell said. I frowned and sat up, blinking.

The class was rushing to the window. "There's someone getting loaded into the ambulance," said Pearle. "Anyone see who that is?" Heads were shaken.

"Well, they're with medical help," said Ms. Tyrell. "Come on, we're talking about using inner pain. That's the heart of acting." I flowed through the halls after Intro to Drama ended. I had so much wonderful sex. Every class, I asked for relief. Just like I promised, I rocked that futa's world in math.

During lunch, I enjoyed two futas at once, Shelena took me in the ass while another futa on the tame enjoyed my pussy. I was pinned between the two, loving every second of their cocks plundering my holes. I was dripping with cum all day. It was wonderful. While I was lost in a haze of orgasmic bliss, I did hear the buzz about a futa breaking her leg doing something dumb in PE.

However, I was having too much fun enjoying my week of hedonistic pleasure to really get a fix on it. In my biology class, Mrs. Jordan used me to demonstrate a lesson. I had such a sweet orgasm as Jaylin's fingers plunged in and out of my sloppy cunt, full of Mbali Arendse jizz. The Black futa's cum leaked out of me as Jaylin fingered me to a climax. I had two wonderful orgasms in that class. On my way to my fifth-period class, I spotted my futa-sister. She had a pair of White girls draped over her golden-brown flesh, both stroking her cock, looking all excited.

They squealed in delight as they made her cum right there in the hallway. I shuddered and walked faster. Fifth period, I opted for another round of anal sex. The incredibly slutty Kalena Apikalia who was in the Program the week before even provided the lube for Lalita Singh's swarthy futa-cock. She flipped up her cheer skirt and let my partner plunge. I had a great orgasm on that pussy-lubed futa-cock. I didn't have to attend my sixth-period class because of the play.

I was exempt so I could attend practices instead. It was a delightful bonus. I headed to the performing arts center where we were rehearsing on stage. The sets were almost all complete. It was so incredible. Cum leaked out of my pussy and asshole. "Hey," Isidora said as she came up alongside me. I rolled my eyes as my naked futa-sister walked beside me. "Tell me you're not heading to rehearsal." "Why wouldn't I?" she asked, arching an eyebrow at me.

"I see you're having fun." "Ugh, don't lecture me. I'm not doing anything you're not." "I wasn't," she said, raising her hands. She flashed me that lush smile she used on the girls. I raised a frosty eyebrow. "You're just the understudy," I muttered.

"The play's on Friday. You're not needed." Her head cocked. "How much sex have you been having today?" I gave her a wicked grin. "So much. I even did two futas at once." "Yeah, Shelena's telling everyone how she broke in your ass. Took your anal cherry." "I gave my anal cherry to my ex last year," I huffed. "Goddess, Shelena's such a pendeja." "You fucked her." I shot a glare at my futa-sister as we approached the performance arts center.

Our college was all connected by buildings, thank Diosa. If I had to go outside in January naked. I tried to ignore her and her small breasts as we reached the backstage doors.

Before she could even try to hold them open for me, I shot ahead and burst through. I took the two steps that lead upward to the stage area and looked around. My understudy, Meaghan Carter, had puffy cheeks and red eyes. The poor thing was crying again. It sucked that Stacie had cheated on her, even if it was with the amazing Miss Castellano. If I was a hot professor, I'd be fucking my futa students, too. But one who had a girlfriend.

Nope. "It'll be okay," I told Meagan, moving away from my smirking futa-sister. "I bet Miss Castellano gives Stacie gonorrhea and rots off her cock." "Gonorrhea's extinct," muttered Meaghan as she squirmed. "Every STD is." "Naw, her pussy's been brewing a nasty strain that will rot off Stacie's cock, you'll see." Meaghan sniffed and then gave me a hug, her hands gripping my naked back. I held her tight, my large breasts rubbing into the fuzzy texture of her sweater.

My nipples throbbed and a naughty tingle raced through me as I gave her this friendly embrace. More cum leaked out of the depths of my pussy and trickled down my thighs. "Ooh, maybe we should have two Juliet's in this play," said Christina Beck who was playing Mercutia.

I broke away and glared at the futa. "Just because we're both girls and hugging doesn't mean we're going to lez out. That only happens in pornos." "Or when Adile hugs you," said Iesha Faulkner.

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She was playing Tybalt. "Ain't that right, Marianna?" Marianna Petras blushed. "She just started kissing me and had her hands up beneath my shirt and before I knew it was I was having sex with her right there on the basketball court during PE. Coach Hamps blew her whistle, but when Adile starts eating your pussy, she doesn't stop.

Then she just hopped up and said it was her relief time and ignored Coach Hamps when she claimed you could only do it at the beginning." "It was so hot," Iesha said, a big grin on her face. "I rubbed one out at home just thinking about it." I giggled. Adile was wild. She spent last week naked and showed more than a few girls that they might have a bit of bi in them.

Not me, I liked my pussy to come with big, throbbing clit-dicks. Where was the fun in just fingers and tongues? Toys were the same as a dick spurting hot jizz into you. "Okay, we're all here," said Ms. Tyrell. She swept in from the far side, her tall and lanky body clad in a pair of tight jeans and sweater that hugged her round breasts. Her hazel eyes swept over us.

"I think we'll start with the love-making scene. Get us all warmed up. I know that our Juliet has been eagerly waiting for it. "Sure," I said. I flashed my gaze around. "Um, where's Letizia? Don't tell me she's missing out on the chance to do me before all of you?" Snorting laughter burst around me. I knew in an instant I had said something dumb. That confused embarrassment rippled through me as I stared around at my fellow cast members.

My futa-sister smirked at me, her girl-dick thrusting hard from her shaved pussy. A gleam of excitement coated her thighs. "What?" I asked, hating this. "Why is it funny that Letizia isn't here?" "It's not funny what happened," said Ms.

Tyrell, a faint smile on the futa-professor's lips. "I'm just surprised you haven't heard what happened to her today." "Well. I've been. programming," I said." "Fucking every futa in school," Iesha said with a grin.

"Not every futa if she missed you," Meaghan said. She came up beside me and took my hand. "Letizia broke her leg being an idiot in PE this morning.

They took her to the hospital in an ambulance." "It's a bad break," said Ms. Tyrell. "Compound fracture. She's going to be out of school for a few weeks and it'll be months before she's recovered." My jaw dropped. "Then." My eyes fell on my futa-sister in horror.

"Oh, no." "Hey," she said, sauntering to me, her small breasts quivering. "'What light through yonder window breaks?'" "No, no, no," I said, shaking my head.


"This can't be happening. My futa-sister can't be playing Romea. You know what she'll be doing with me?" "Kissing you, fondling your breasts, eating out your pussy, and then cumming inside of you at the climax of your love scene," said Ms. Tyrell. "And? You are certainly not a stranger to that activity. I seem to recall you auditioning for Juliet so, and I quote, 'I can get fucked by a hot futa while everyone watches.'" My cheeks burned.

"But not my futa-sister!" I shook my head. "We came from the same womb!" "And?" Ms. Tyrell frowned. "Are you prejudice against incest attracted persons? It's a protected part of sexuality now." "Of course not," I said. "Charisma and Krysten can have their weird, BDSM, open relationship, sex-slave thing they have going on, and Audie and Dina can boff each other's brains out during lunch, but I'm not having sex with her!" Isidora arched her eyebrow.

"No girl's ever complained about my performance." "Oh, I know!" I hissed. "The wall between our bedrooms is thin. I can hear them gasping and shrieking and moaning their pretty, little heads off while they writhe on that disgusting cock! I'm not doing it! Get someone else to play Romea." Ms. Tyrell came up to me, a soft smile on her lips. She grabbed my arms, turning me to face her. "Is this just normal sibling rivalry?" She lowered her head, her eyes peering into mine.

"Is there something more that I need to know about? Has she ever abused you or hurt or.?" "No!" I hissed. "She's just a selfish cunt!" Ms. Tyrell arched an eyebrow. "I'm not apologizing for that!" I glared at my futa-sister. "She borrows my skirts. She steals my lipstick. She is always flirting with my friends when they come over.

They're supposed to be staring at magazines and gossiping with me, not riding your cock!" Isidora shrugged. "You keep bringing home White girls that want to know what it's like to have a Latina futa devour their pussies." She winked at me with all that disgusting arrogance. "Not my fault." "No," said Meaghan as she stood nearby. "Cast someone else," I told Miss Tyrell. "I can't do that," the professor said. She gave me a soft smile. "We're days away from opening.

No one has rehearsed the part beside your futa-sister." "Well, I'm not fucking her!" I said. "Of course." A sad expression fell across the futa-professor's face. "That's why we have Meaghan." My stomach lurched. "What?" "She's your understudy. I will not force you to have sex with your futa-sister, or anyone, but I'm not changing my artistic vision of the play.

Romea and Juliet deserve to have their full passion shown off in ways that they couldn't in the past. Young lovers writhing in passion is such a beautiful thing." "But. but." I shook my head. "I'm playing Juliet. I worked hard for this. I. I." I struggled to breathe. Suddenly the room was spinning around me.

I grabbed Ms. Tyrell's arms for support. Her fingers gripped me. "This. Not fair. I." I wheezed for breath. Black spots rippled across my vision. I found myself drifting, almost floating to the floor as Ms.

Tyrell lowered me onto the hardwood. She spread me out, her hands sliding up to cup my breasts. She squeezed them. "What?" I gasped, managing to suck in a breath. "Let me calm you down," she said. "Relax you. You're about to ruin everything. Okay. I'll take care of you. I know what you need." "What?" I groaned as the professor's thumbs massaged across my bountiful breasts, coming closer and closer to reaching my nipples. "Why, you need to cum, don't you?" asked Ms. Tyrell. "You need a nice orgasm or two to clear your head and let you think.

Let you understand the decision you're about to make. I'll take care of you." I gasped as the futa-professor engulfed my nipple. She sucked on the brown nub with hunger. I groaned and my pussy clenched. This heat surged through me as I squirmed on the floor. My toes curled. It felt so wicked. "Ms. Tyrell," I groaned. Should I stop her? But. but. I was starting to relax. My nipple felt wonderful in her mouth and. Isidora stared down at me, her face tight. "Yes, Ms. Tyrell, that's what I need!" I moaned, surrendering to the drama professor's touch.

To her naughty tongue dancing around my nipple. The professor lifted her mouth from my nipple, a smile on her lips. She then peeled off her sweater, her round breast bouncing free, naked and unencumbered. Her mauve nipples thrust hard from her areolas. She tweaked one as she leaned down again and cupped both my large tits with her pale fingers.

She purred as she licked and flicked my nipple with her wet tongue. My brown nub throbbed while the rest of the cast watched. I smirked at them, loving their attention. This was what I wanted, but with even more people watching. The entire student body. Members of staff. People from the community who wanted to watch a play and see me cum hard on a sexy futa's cock.

My futa-sister's cock flashed through my mind. I groaned and pushed it down as Ms. Tyrell licked at my nipple and areolas.

Her hands squeezed and massaged my tits. I groaned, my heart beating faster and faster. My nubs were so sensitive. My pussy clenched as I shuddered, juices flowing. Cum from deeper in my pussy was trickling out as my excitement built. Ms.

Tyrell's hazel eyes gleamed as she swirled her tongue around my breast, her beige fingers clenching into my brown flesh. I groaned and gasped as she kissed and licked while her digits massaged me. Little tingles raced down my body. My heart beat faster and faster.

Then she went lower. She kissed down my stomach, her lips leaving hot trails. "There's no way she's going to eat out her pussy," whispered Christina. "Xochitl's been fucking every futa at school." "She's going for it. Maybe Ms. Tyrell likes creampies." I caught a glimpse of Iesha grinning over at Marianna.

"Don't you?" "I've only eaten out Adile, and she doesn't let futas mess with her." As they spoke, my lusts swelled. They were watching Ms. Tyrell kiss across my stomach to reached my shaved pussy lips. Isidora leaned against the wall like she was pouting. I was getting all the attention, not her.

My futa-professor's lips reached my pubic mound. I groaned as her tongue licked across my hot flesh. She went lower and lower, nibbling on my cuntlips. She teased me, my pussy drinking it in while her fingers clenched and squeezed my tits. I groaned at the excitement of her touch. At how she made me groan and shudder. I bit my lower lip, my heart pounding in my chest. This was so hot. So exciting. My pussy clenched as I squirmed on the floor.

Then she was at my pussy. "Ms. Tyrell!" I groaned as her tongue lapped through my folds. She caressed me. She licked and lapped and teased my pussy. I groaned as she licked up the other futa's cum leaking out of my depths.

That was so hot. She was eating jizz out of my twat. It was a mix of such wicked delight. Her tongue jammed into my folds. "Ms. Tyrell, yes!" I moaned, her fingers digging into my tits. "Ooh, you're such a naughty futa-professor. Just eating my concha. Mmm, just full of all that futa-milk. You just love it. ¡Te encanta la futa-leche!" "It's a treat," she purred.

"Just relax. Calm down. Everything's going to be okay." I gasped as she thrust her tongue into my pussy. She swirled around inside of me while she fondled my tits. I gasped and shuddered. My pussy squeezed around her tongue fluttering through me. My fingers flexed and throbbed.

This heat surged through my body. My hips wiggled. I undulated from side to side and ground my pussy on her face. My breast jiggled in her massaging grip. It was just so exciting. I grabbed her hair and humped against her hungry face. Her tongue thrust deep into my twat.

She danced her tongue around through my hot folds, teasing me, driving me wild. "¡Madre de Diosa!" I groaned. "Oh, Miss Tyrell, you really love pussy!" "Only schoolgirl pussy!" Iesha called.

"Such a delicious treat," groaned my futa-professor. "Let yourself go. Just cum and you'll feel so much better!" "¡Si!" I gasped. "Get your tongue in me. Ooh, yes, yes. You're a pervy futa-professor!" My orgasm swelled faster and faster.

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Her tongue was everywhere. She stroked my clit. My labia. She swirled through my sheath. She caressed my taint. Her fingers massaged my tits. They slid up and found my nipples. She twisted them. I gasped, my back arching. My pussy convulsed as my orgasm suddenly crashed through me. My ass rose up from the floor.

I bucked as my cream flooded my professor's mouth. My hot juices rushed out of me, bathing her lips. "Madre de Diosa!" I gasped. "Oh, yes, yes! You love my clam! You love eating it! Oh, keep licking!" Her tongue lapped at my pussy.

She feasted on me as the pleasure surged through my body. Wave after wave of delight sloshed through me. It was another orgasm. Another wonderful heave of gasping pleasure. My eyes danced around, stars bursting over me. Isidora's arms were folded tight beneath her small breasts, her cock throbbing hard. I shuddered, unable to think. My eyes shot to the ceiling as the futa-professor sucked on my sensitive clit.

Then she rose. "You need more, don't you?" she asked as she unsnapped her jeans. "You need more orgasms, Xochitl?" "Mierda, I do!" I gasped. "Ram that dick in me. Give me all that futa-milk. Let me see if you're better than all the little futas running around the college!" She smiled s she shoved down her jeans. Her cock tented her pink panties, cut to hold her throbbing futa-dick.

She pushed those down next, her cock springing out from her black bush. The dark hair contrasted with her pale skin. I grabbed her futa-dick before she could seize it. I pulled her to me, hungry for that big dick to feel my naughty clam. I stroked her, smirking in delight as the other girls and futas watched on. Meaghan leaned over, her cheeks flushed. Iesha groped her hardon through her skirt.

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"Wow," muttered Marianna. "I'd never screw Ms. Tyrell, but you're going for it, Xochitl." "I need to relax and think!" I panted. "Yes, just helping my student to focus on her lesson," groaned the drama professor. I pressed her pale cock against my hungry clam. With a hard thrust, she rammed into me. I gasped as her futa-cock spread me open. She buried into me, her bush tickling my pussy lips. I gasped, my big tits heaving as she loomed over me, her round tits swaying.

I grabbed them. Played with them.

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I fondled her tits as she drew back her cock and then plunged it into me again. And again. She penetrated my pussy. She rammed her girl-dick into my cunt. I grinned up at her, reveling in her thrusts. I shuddered as she buried into my twat.

"Oh, you have a nice dick," I purred. "How's my pussy?" "Succulent," groaned Ms. Tyrell, her face twisting with pleasure, her cheeks flushed with her excitement. "Perfect," I groaned, my pussy clenching about her girl-cock. I grabbed her breasts. I groped them and massaged them. I loved the feel of them bouncing in my hands.

I shuddered, squeezing and kneading them. Her dick buried hard into me. She rammed to the hilt in my cunt. "Oh, yes, yes!" I moaned, my pussy drinking in the friction. The silky delight surged through me. "Fuck me, cabrona!" She grinned and rammed faster.

Harder. She drove her girl-dick into my juicy twat. I was still buzzing from my first orgasm. Another built. That wonderful thrill surged through me as everyone watched me. They squirmed. They bit lips. Glossy eyes stared at my bouncing tits and the futa's dick ramming into my juicy cunt. I groaned, squeezing around that wonderful cock. My professor stirred me up. She brought me closer and closer to that boil with every plunge of her girl-dick into my pussy.

I humped against her. My clit drank in the feel of her wiry pubic hair rubbing against me. I loved it. My breasts heaved. My hands kneaded her tits.

I found her nipples, fat and hard between my fingers. I tugged on them. "You little schoolgirl-slut!" she moaned. "Mmm, I am," I moaned. "Just a big puta. Now ram that cock into me. Give me all that yummy futa-milk!" "Fuck, yes!" Ms.

Tyrell's face twisted as she rammed her girl-dick into my pussy's depths again and again. Sparks flew from my clit. The pleasure rippled through me. I gasped, my tits heaving. This wonderful bliss surged through me. Her cock felt incredible in me. My clit throbbed and ached.

I tugged on her nipples. Pinched them. Twisted and played with them. Her head tossed back. Her cock slammed deep into my cunt, the friction feeling incredible. "Cum in her!" groaned Iesha." "Oh, yes, she wants it," Marianna whimpered. "Big time," moaned Christina. "Do it!" Meagan whimpered, squeezing her tits through her fuzzy sweater. "Do it, Ms. Tyrell." "Yes, do it!" I howled as her cock slammed into me again. "Oh, fuck, yes!" the professor moaned and buried deep into me.

Hot cum spurted into my depths. My futa-professor unloaded her passion. Her back arched as that wonderful, hot delight flooded me. My pussy squeezed around her cock as she howled out her pleasure. I was so close to cumming. I undulated my hips, grinding my clit against her pubic bone as she filled my cunt with her jizz. Sparks flared. My orgasm exploded through me. I threw back my head and surrendered to the rush of pleasure.

I whimpered, my breasts jiggling and bouncing. The passion surged through me. That hot delight pumped rapture through my veins. Stars burst across my eyes. "Yes, yes, yes!" I gasped.

"Oh, Ms. Tyrell. I love your big cock!" My pussy wrung her cock dry as the pleasure surged through me. That wonderful, mind-melting bliss spilled across my thoughts. I welcomed it as the stars burst across my vision. I twisted my futa-professor's nipples as I bucked through my orgasm. Isidora watched with a scowl. "¡Madre de Diosa!" I howled as my orgasm carried me so high. I hit that wonderful peak.

Then I fell back into buzzing bliss. I trembled, panting. My breasts rose and fell. My eyes fluttered. I groaned and mewled. The rapture rippled through me. My fingers flexed and relaxed. My heart thundered in my chest. It was incredible. I was so glad I got to experience that passion. "Feel better?" Ms. Tyrell asked as she pulled her softening clit-dick out of me, leaving my pussy dripping with her futa-cum. "I do," I said, my body buzzing with delight.

"Mmm, you're a good fuck, Ms. Tyrell." "Well, coed pussy always does inspire me," she purred as she rose, her cock slipping out of me. "Now, I want you to go home and see if you can't work things out with your futa-sister." I glanced at Isidora. She still leaned against the wall, her girl-dick thrusting hard before her. My bliss blunted as she refused to look at me. Could I do it? It was hard to be so angry when I was feeling so good from the professor's cock.

Her cum leaked out of me. I loved that feeling. "If you show up tomorrow," continued Ms. Tyrell, "and say you've worked it out and you're okay with making love with your sister, merely as part of the play and not out of any romantic interest, then you can keep playing Juliet, but otherwise. I'm sorry, I have to let Meaghan step up. She doesn't have any problem with it, right?" "Oh, no," Meaghan said, a flushed look on her face.

"I mean, I don't have a problem at all." "Fine," I muttered. Could I do it? My futa-sister was such a cunt. I hated being around her. I'd rather claw out my heart, but.

It was just acting. It wasn't real. I mean, yes, it would feel real but it was no different from making a porno. I took a deep breath and rose. Tonight, at home, I would try to make love to my futa-sister. To be continued.