Carter Cruise Takes A Big Cock

Carter Cruise Takes A Big Cock
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Dick is a powerful thing. Maybe my momma did raise a fool. Hell maybe she was a fool herself. I had thrown up in her toilet and instead of being a mother she was really just taking the opportunity to talk about her own problems as I threw up over the toilet. "I think he's cheating." "What?" "I think Ant is cheating," my mom explained looking out the bathroom door to make sure that he wasn't out there listening to every word we were saying.

No shit. "What makes you think that?" I asked her. "I came home earlier today and he was sweating and really tired. The sheets were covered with. You know. I'm sure he's cheating Christian. I just know it." "Well if you know it they why don't you leave him?" I asked, "No wait. Hold up. Why did you marry him in the first place. He's way younger than you mom. He was my damn friend. Why would you marry someone the same age as your son?" It was true.

Not only was Ant my friend but I was the one who introduced them. I had introduced them and Ant would always come around. Mind you please take note that Ant and I already were involved when he met my mom. We had been fucking for a long time sneaking around the neighborhood to any place.

The only reason I invited him over when I was younger was so I would have a place to go. So how come I'm wrong? I didn't steal my mom's boyfriend. My mom stole mine. "You were the one who told me to get out there and start dating." "Yeah.

I didn't mean start dating my friends." "Age ain't nothing but a number. Your father was younger than me." "Younger than you is one thing. As young as your son is another thing Mom. I'm tired of having to be the one to raise you all; the time. You should be the one telling me about this. No one likes him. Grandma hates his guts and Aunt Kim." "Your Aunt Kim is jealous!" Aunt Kim wasn't jealous.

She made sense. I liked to think of her as more of my mother figure than my actual real mom. My mom was always too young to really raise me and Aunt Kim took on a lot of that responsibility. It sucked that I had to admit that my mother was unfit but the truth is the fucking truth. She needed to get it together. "Mom look. Ok you wanted to have fun with him but why marry him?

Does that make sense to you? Ant don't even got a job." "Neither do you." "I"m not married!" "Whatever. You know what forget it. I don't know why I decided to talk to you. You ain't no goddam help anyway." She was mad. I couldn't help telling her the truth. The truth was that I was sick of my mother.

I was sick of the idea that I had to lie to her because she wanted to marry my the guy I was having sex with. I hated the fact that even now I could barely keep away from him. Why else would I have come to this house in the middle of the night. The more I thought about it though the more I realized that it was wrong for me to be here. I started walking out of the house when I felt an arm pull me back. "Where the hell you going?" Ant said. Ant was handsome. He looked good. I had to admit it.

Damn this dude was hot. He had his shirt off and his muscles were gleaming in the light. He had the best biceps that I knew. I could just stare at him like that for hours. His basketball shorts were so low that I could see pubic hair. He didn't have any drawers on underneath them. "I got to go home Ant." "What you mean go home? Why'd you come here?" "I don't know." He leaned forward and grabbed my hand. He placed my hand on his dick. He let my hand rub up and down the shaft of his dick through his basketball shorts.

He kept doing it. He leaned forward and started to lick on my bottom lip. I couldn't help but let out a soft moan as he sucked on my bottom lip.

"I know why the fuck you here, son. You want this dick." "Don't call me son." 'You tripping. I ain't even mean it like that." "Well whether you meant like that or not. It's the truth. I'm your stepson remember? You are a year older than me and I'm your fucking stepson." 'Damn, why you trippin shawty? You acting up.

You need to just let me take you in that bathroom real quick. Good dick will make you listen." I pushed away from him. I pushed away from him harder than I wanted to actually and ended up falling into the cabinet behind me. He helped me up. I was drunk but I knew that I didn't want to do this. "I'm done with you Ant," I stated shaking my head, "You hear me?

I'm done. I'm over this shit. You and my mom, ya'll deserve each other." "Yo.why you trippin. See that's why I don't like you going out. Everytime you go out your pussy ass friends start getting thoughts in your head. Let me bang that back out real quick and we can talk about it later." "It's always about sex with you." "ANT!" The voice was loud.

It was coming from upstairs.

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"Your wife is calling you," I stated shaking my head. He knew what that meant. It meant that I got cut off and abandoned.

She probably wanted the dick and the worst part of this all was that I was sharing dick with my mother. It made me feel fucking sick really. I had no idea why the hell I was doing this. "Wait right here. Ok? Don't leave. We'll talk about this in a second." Usually I would have done what he said.

I would have waited for him to go upstairs and give my mom some half ass excused and bullshit around with her until she fell asleep. Once she fell asleep he would come back downstairs give me the best dick ever and then go back uptsairs to cuddle with her. I would have ok with that usually but today was different. I turned and left. I had got home later that night. I ran up the stairs and into the living room. I was on a mission as soon as I got into the house.

"Shorty. Shorty I need you to pay the cab." I had taken a cab without enough money to pay for it. I needed him to bail me out again. It was hard being broke all the time.

It was hard asking for money all the time. When I walked into the living room though I saw that Shorty had company. It was this guy with brown hair in a suit.

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He was handsome I had to say. He looked a little mean but he was good looking. I stumbled into the room all drunk looking stupid and immediately realized that they were all acting really really serious at that moment. "What's up guys? Whose this?" "I"m Grip," The guy said, "I'm Kingston's second hand. He wanted me to follow you home make sure that you got in safe.

Not sure why but I don't ask those questions." "He's been here for an hour. Said he wasn't leaving until you got here," Penny replied. She looked scared. I didn't blame her. This Grip guy looked intimidating as hell.

The way that they looked at each other was odd. I wondered what they had been talking about for an hour. It had to be the most awkward hour in the history of hours. "Why would Kingston ask you to make sure I got home?" I asked confused. "Like I said. Not sure why. I just do what the boss says." "Following someone is a little excessive," Shorty said.

"Well he was excessively drunk." Penny smiled, "That's so nice. Well. Kinda.I don't know." Grip nodded, "Look a job's a job. His orders was to make sure the drunk guy got home safe from the club. I wasn't going to leave until I made sure you got home from the club.

You don't fuck with an order from Kingston Doors." Penny, Shorty and I exchanged looks. Was it the alcohol? "Well tell Kingston Doors we appreciate it," Penny said.

"I will," Grip stated and walked up to me, "Here's money for that cab. Compliments of Kingston Doors." " just gave me a $100." "Oh. I guess I did." Grip didn't take the money back. He just turned and walked away at that moment.

This guy had just given me a hundred dollars for a cab ride that was more like eight. I looked over at my friends. This had been the weirdest night ever. It was no doubt. We waited until Grip left the house before Shorty and Penny finally got of the couch.

It was like they had been scared to take their eyes off of Grip that entire time. Shorty gave me a suspicious look, "Christian?" "What? Why are you guys looking at me like that. Stop looking at me like that." "Did you suck that Kingston's dick in the bathroom or something?" Penny asked, "Did you give that dude some hurricane head or something." "How could I have sucked his dick in the bathroom?" I asked confused, "I didn't even see him without you guys around." "You don't think him sending you an escort to make sure you got home at night was a little weird for someone that you never met before?" "Your guess is as good as mine." "You need to contact him," Penny stated, "Thank him.

That isn't no normal shit Christian. That guy is interested!" "Contact him? He's a criminal Penny," Shorty replied. "We all got our sins," Penny retorted almost immediately. "Look guys. I'd love to stick around and talk to you about all this but I'm beyond drunk and beyond tired.

So good night." I was acting like I didn't care. I had even walked into the room and closed the door. The truth was I did care. Kingston Doors had sent me an escort. Why did I feel like Cinderella at a ball or something. It was weird. It was cute. It was unique. For some reason I didn't find myself horrified of Kingston Doors. When I looked in his eyes I didn't see some crazy, mad dangerous person.

I was sure that was what he was but I didn't see that. The next day I woke up to three missed calls from Ant. I knew he was tripping. The thing about Ant was that he cared even though he wanted met to believe his feelings weren't in this. He just didn't know how to show he cared. That was the problem with all guys who were in the closet. They never really learned how to properly show emotion. I felt like maybe he did love me but the idea of a closeted black gay man telling another closeted black gay man that he loved him was beyond what some people would say.

Most closeted gay men thought that would be even MORE gay than the sexual act itself. I didn't return his phone call. I walked into the living room to see Penny. She had her laptop out. "What the hell are you doing?" I walked over to the kitchen.

This was earlier than Penny usually was up. I mean it was the normal time for regular people to be up but Penny was used to sleeping well into the afternoon. I thought I could have still been drunk when I saw her busily typing something out on her laptop.

I was looking in the fridge. It was completely empty. "Looking out for you. Don't bother looking for food.

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There is none. I didn't get my foodstamps in the mail." "Oh god.


Why can't Shorty buy food?" "He spent all his money on rent." "Rent? Rent? I told him to stop paying that shit. Everything is broke. The landlord hasn't fixed the air. It's always hot as hell in here. Half the electric grid is out. We shouldn't be paying shit until he fixes everything." "Oh geez. You are turning into Shorty complainging all the time. Did you hear what I said earlier?" "What? "I was looking out for you." "Oh yeah?" "Aren't you going to ask me how?" "How are you looking out Penny?" Penny turned her computer to me.

I looked at the conversation on the screen. It was one of Penny's homegirls. They were having a conversation about none other than Kingston Doors. "I found out what he does on Saturday mornings.

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My homegirl Tonya. You know Tonya right? She knows everybody business. Well Tonya says that Kingston plays basketball with his boys at the East Park every Saturday morning." "So what?" "What do you mean so what?

So let's take a walk in the park." I laughed at the idea until I realized that Penny wasn't laughing with me. She was dead serious. No wonder she was telling me this when Shorty was still asleep in his room. Shorty would have cursed her out for even suggesting something this crazy. "Penny, that's lowkey stalking." "You're interested.

We are walking in the park. It's a public place. If you guys just so happen to mean then it happens. I don't see what's stalking about that." "When was the last time either of us took a walk in the park?" She rolled her eyes. "That's not the point.

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Look regardless he started when he got someone to follow you to make sure you got home safe last night." "That was just being a good Samaritan," I replied finding some milk in the back of the fridge and drinking it only to find out that it had gone bad. "Bullshit. Good Samaritans stare at you like they want to fuck your brains out.

I saw that look he was giving you." "You think he was giving that kind of look. Really?" "Why would I lie?" "I don't know." "How about you get dressed and see.

Or what you going to go wait on Mr. A to text you? Shorty told me that you guys weren't on the best terms lately. Whoever Mr. A is." "You know what. You're right." "I am?" She seemed more surprised that I was agreeing than I thought she would be.

Truth was she was right. I had to put myself out there. I was attracted to this Kingston Doors guy. I was attracted to what he was and I thought I twas cute as hell that he sent someone to make sure that I got home safely.

Even if it wasn't what I thought it was I could at least talk to him and thank him for the kind gesture. By the time we got to the park I wasn't so comfortable.

I was dressed in some jogging tights. I felt exposed. They were tights I wore back when I was in highschool. Leave it up to your fag hag best friend to pick out the most overwhelming outfit in your closet. I felt like everything was showing. "I feel naked. My dick is showing in these." "It should be. Turn around. Yup.your ass looks on point too." "I don't see him." "I do." "Where?" "Don't turn yet dummy.

We got to play it off. Act nonchalant." I started whistling. I didn't know what else to do in that kind of situation. We started to walk slowly and Penny started a conversation with me. It was a forced conversation. We kept walking until we made our way through the park where we saw men playing a basketball court. Half of the men had shirts on and they were playing against the other half who didn't.

I noticed Kingston immediately. "Goddam." I found myself saying. "Goddam is right. Now tell me that isn't worth stalking?" Penny asked. I didn't want to stare but it was impossible not to. I think Penny had given up on not staring as well. He was drenched with sweat. Kingston's body glistened.

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He looked like he could have been a football player by his build. His waist was so slim though. He was aggressively dribbling up and down the court, bodying people out of the way as he went hooped. He was fucking sexy. It was hard to keep watching him in these tights and not get a hard on.

I noticed someone stop Kingston. It was Grip.his second hand. Grip wasn't in a suit like last night. He was in street clothes and he had been playing basketball as well but on the other team. It seemed like Grip was the first one to notice Penny and I walking by. He had stopped Kingston and seemed to make Kingston aware of my presence. "Quick, stop." I told Penny, "Pretend like we're stretching." "I'm not flexible boy." "This was YOUR idea. Remember?" We were only halfway through pretending like we were stretching when I felt his presence on me.

He had run up to me leaving the game. As he got closer I realized just how perfect of a specimen he was. It was like how did someone come with face, body, a sweet personality, power and money. What the fuck could be a downside of this guy? Oh yeah. There was the drug lord thing. "Hey," he said running up to us, "Funny seeing you guys here.

You remember me?" "How could we forget?" Penny said. I cleared my throat. Could she sound any more desperate? Had she brought me out here so she could flirt with him or so that I could? "I don't think I got a chance to introduce myself. I'm Kingston," he said.

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He extended his hands to Penny first. "Penny. And this is. This is my good friend. Just friend though. You know like just in case.listen. I'll shut up now. You know what Kingston do you mind? I think I have to make a call really quick." She was leaving us alone.

I was thankful for that at least. This time Kingston stretched out his hand to me. His grip was strong and masculine. This guy was everything. I shook his hand and smiled, "Christian." "Do you guys come here often? Never saw you here before," Kingston stated. "Just heard about it today," I said smiling, "Do you come here often?" "Every saturday. I ball with the fellas. You know. You want to play?

We could always use another player." "I'm not much of the ball player," I said. "Oh dam." I was being awkward or he was being awkward. One of the two. I wasn't sure. It was interesting feeling this way. I had never felt this way. It was a good thing though. "But I want to learn," I said shaking my head, "Maybe in private though. You know I suck." He smiled as though seeing the fact that I wasn't being as rude today, "I'm sure you're not half as bad as you think you are.

You smoke." " drugs." "I was actually just talking about hookah sticks," he said laughing at that moment. I felt myself getting embarrassed as he pulled out the hookah stick and puffed it. He hit it twice and then passed it to me. It smelled interesting and I couldn't help but thinking that my lips were on something that his lips were just on. I puffed hard and tried my hardest not to choke. "It's good. Hey.

Well I wanted to say thank you for last night. I feel like I was being a little bitch. I'm not like always like that." "I got it. You were drunk. Sassy. It was funny. I sent my guy make sure you got home safe." "You did. I appreciate it." "So it wasn't weird?" "What do you mean?" "I thought it was going to be a little weird," he said laughing a little bit, "I mean I didn't even know you.

I just didn't want to hear about another handsome young black man in the newspaper in some accident or something." Handsome. Did he just throw that in there somehow? I couldn't help but to keep smiling. He hadn't called me pretty. Everyone called me pretty. He had actually used the word handsome.

"Ay, as long as they got a nice picture in there and my haircut is fresh." He laughed, "I was wondering about that haircut. It's fly man." "I do my own hair." He raised an eyebrow smoking the hookah, "You got skills bro.

What shop do you work in? I should come through one day and see what kind of skills you got. I'm trying to look fly. like you." The compliments were coming in and I couldn't help but to take them but I knew damn well that he was the fly one between the two of us.

He looked like he was worth a million dollars last night. "I am actually not in a shop," I said shaking my head, "Kind of embarrassing." "Really? Well how about I come to your spot. Or better yet you can come to mine. You can hook me up." "Sure. I mean. I'm always looking for new clients." "Definitely.

Definitely. Listen I got to run, but I'll send my boy over here. He'll get your information and all that. I can send car to come get you." Send a car to come get me? He was fancy. I couldn't help but smile. I felt my mouth get dry though in an anticipation. "Sure.


I'm down." Kingston winked his eye before walking off. He had gotten on a call almost that exact same moment and whatever it was seemed like it was really serious.

I could hear him raising his voice over the phone as he walked away. He was cursing at someone I was sure. I tried to blow that all off though. God knows I needed more clients and Kingston seemed to know a lot of people. If I did a good job this could have been really great.

Even if there wasn't any love connection. Grip had walked over a few minutes later and started to take down my information. "You free now?" Grip asked me.

"Yeah I can do this weekend." "Kingston has an event later on tonight. It's probably best if he get's his haircut now." Grip was a little on edge. "Ok I guess. Well my friend will have to come. We took a cab here." "I'll arrange for a car to take her home. Is there anything else that you need while we get back to his house?" "What do you mean?

Like clippers? I'll need clippers." "Or an enema." I raised an eyebrow, "WHAT!" "I mean if ya'll fucking I want to make sure you look good." "Fucking. Whoa whoa. I don't know what sort of game you thought was going on.

I just met him that night at the night club. Did he tell you that me and him were." "No man calm down. He hadn't mentioned anything about you besides telling me to make sure you got home. I just assumed." "I don't even get down like that," I told him. " don't.

Well ok. I'll pull the car over in a minute." I found Penny walking over to me at that minute when Grip walked away. "What's the T. I need the T." "He wants me to come back to his house to cut his hair." "That's good news." "No, fuck him. We're leaving." "What?" "We're leaving Penny," I repeated myself harsher this time, "Now!" I had been trying to be nice but fuck all that. I grabbed Penny sand started to walk way. I knew I was standing up Kingston Doors.

I didn't give a fuck. His second hand man was rude as hell asking me if I needed an enema. I didn't know how many guys Kingston did this with or whether this was his usual M.O. I wasn't going to stick around to find out no matter how good he looked.