Bdsm femdom fetish sluts fuck loser with strapon

Bdsm femdom fetish sluts fuck loser with strapon
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Educating Tommy Hello my name is Shannon, and I'm a thirty three year old Mum with a twelve year old son named Tommy. I kicked my husband out after I caught the bastard cheating on me with our neighbor, that was seven years ago.

I am finding it difficult being both Mother and Father to my kid, especially handling his curiosity about sex. Tommy reached puberty early, he is as tall as me and I have been aware for a few months that he masturbates regularly. I hear him at it through the thin walls separating out bedrooms. I have walked in on him twice during the past week and caught him at it.

The first time I went into his room and found him lying on his bed, dick in hand masturbating furiously. His eyes were closed and he wasn't aware of my presence. I watched him for a few seconds and found that watching him wank was actually turning me on. After a short while he opened his eyes and saw me watching him. It was very embarrassing for both of us, so I turned and walked out without saying a word.

The next occasion was when he saw me walking naked between my bathroom and bedroom. His eyes locked onto my jiggling boobs and my hairy crutch, and he muttered "Oh Sorry Mum!" and went to his room. I dressed and went to his room a few minutes later to discuss him seeing me nude. I intended telling him there was nothing wrong with us seeing each other naked. When I entered his room, he was standing beside his bed, partially side-on to me, his towel lay on the bed in front of him and was tugging wildly on his dick.

The speed of his moving hand increased just as I entered and I saw his cum spurt from his penis onto the towel, he turned and saw me but was too far gone to stop and had to continue wanking till he'd milked his last drops of cum. He quickly put his dick in his pants and turned around saying "Please knock before coming into my room Mom" I said "I'm sorry Tommy, I should have knocked, I'm really am very sorry". I sat on his bed and took his hand in mine and I told him that I had often heard him in his room playing with himself, and I had no problems with him doing it.

I told him all boys and girls play with themselves when they became a certain age, it's called wanking. I asked him why he needed to do it now, during the day. He said when he'd seen me nude in the hallway his dick got hard, and that rubbing it was the only way he new to make it go soft again.

I told him that most adults play with themselves too. I told him that I still did it, and I had been playing with myself since daddy had left us. I explained to him that when boys and girls grow up, they play with each other and that's normal too. Tommy asked me how I could play with myself when I had nothing to play with. I explained that all girls have a place between their legs and because it was covered with hair, it was hard to see.

I told him it was called a Pussy and the Pussy had two lips and between those lips was a little knob, called a clitoris, I said it was something like his penis and it got hard and grew bigger too when it was played with it.

I said "When I rub my little clitoris it grows big and hard just like your little dick", but not as big as yours, and when I rub it, it feels the same as when you rub yours. I explained that a boy's dick grew a lot bigger than the girl's clitoris because it had to be hard enough and long enough to fit into the girls Vagina which was also between the lips of her Pussy and is sometimes called a cunt. "Mum I don't understand some of the things your telling me, like what is a pussy, and what are pussy lips, and what does wank mean, and what is a vagina and clitoris.

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I knew that Tommy was a little innocent boy wanting to learn and explore, and that he needed things explained to him by an adult. I said"Tommy you are old enough now to learn about these things and your Father should be the one to tell you." He said "Please Mum, you to tell me, please." I told him that I'd think about and left it at that for the present. That evening I was taking a shower when Tommy walked into the bathroom to have a Pee, unfortunately our WC is in the bathroom.

As he was peeing I could see him looking at me through the clear glass of the shower screen, he said "Sorry Mum I had to take a pee". I had my head down washing my hair, it hung down over my face, but he didn't know I could see him through my hair. "That's alright Tommy I told you it was alright if the family saw each other naked". He finished his pee and shook his little dick dry, but after a few seconds the shaking had changed to rubbing, and soon he had a full erection, about 6 inches long.

Not bad for a twelve year old.

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I lifted my head shaking the water from it and looked directly at him. "What are you doing Tommy, don't tell me you have to do it again"? "Sorry Mom I'm afraid I it got hard when I saw you in the shower". "Oh alright Tommy, get your clothes off and come in here with me and I'll see what I can do to answer those questions you were asking this morning".

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He hesitantly removed his clothes and I opened the shower door for him. He entered with his erection swaying in front of him. "I think we should start giving each other a good wash, don't you Tommy?", "Are we going to make love Mom?" "No silly, I am just going to let you have a look at my pussy and the things" you were asking about.

He came into the stall with eyes agape. Being so close to me, his erection tickled the coarse hairs of my pussy.

I took his hand and moved it to my boobs saying, "A girl likes these being touched Tommy", and I squeezed his fingers around my boob. He said "There're like jelly Mom", and bounced them both up and down feeling the softness of them.

I said when you were a little boy you used to suck on them to get a drink of milk. "I'd like to suck them now Mom" and took a nipple into his mouth and began to suck.

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Him sucking on them sent and erotic spasm directly to my Cunt. I then lathered my pussy and then his boner, saying "It I most important to keep these clean before making love. I worked around it washing his inner thighs, between his buttocks and paying special to his anus. I inserted my middle fingers in to the first knuckle gave it a wiggle.

I hadn't touched his dick yet, and took the shower hose off the wall and adjusted the spray to needle point jets and sprayed hot water onto his erection.

"How does that feel Tommy, nice?" "Oh yes Mom, are we going to make love?" After a couple minutes I returned the shower rose on its bracket and soaped my hands again, and took his dick in my right hand, His dick must have been nearly bursting by this. With a finger buried up to my first knuckle in his bum, I rubbed my hand up and down the length of his dick. I knew it would only take a few tugs before he came. I suddenly stopped pulling on it and he gasped "Please don't stop Mum I'm ready to cum".

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I said "Just wait a bit and I'll show you my Pussy and then I'll make you cum". Standing with my back to the shower wall, I bent my knees and spread them apart which exposed my crutch to his view. I spread the lips of my Pussy for him to examine it. He bent his head down level with my crutch and studied it closely. I touched my self saying, "This is my Pussy and these are my Pussy Lips Tommy".


I touched a finger to my erect Clit. "And this is my Clitoris" I said. I sat down on the floor with my legs apart and moved my fingers to my cunt saying "see this little hole down here this is where a man puts his penis when he makes love to a girl. I rubbed my Clit and fingered my cunt saying "And this is how a girl likes to play with herself Tommy", I continued rubbing myself, letting see how it was done and said "Now I want you to have a go at doing it for me" Tommy!

I took his hand and placed it on my Pussy, telling him to rub it gently for me like I had. He sat on the floor between my legs and massaged my Pussy, occasionally rubbing against my Clit. Before long, he instinctively new where I preferred to be touched, and with my clit between his fingers he expertly rubbed it while fingering my cunt.

I said put your finger into my bottom Tommy like I did to you. He felt down between my buttocks with his other hand and found the opening of my bum hole.

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I've always like my bum hole being fingered. As his fingers moved in both my openings, I shuddered in a convulsive orgasm and held his hand tightly against my clit and humped my hips against it. He said "I didn't I hurt you did I Mum"? I said "Oh no Tommy that was the best orgasm I've had since your Daddy left.


We stood up and I told him I was going to bath him Liked I used to when he was a little boy. I took hold of his dick again and gave it a few rubs. "I'll show you something else that big people do to each other. I took his dick in my hand and pulled his foreskin back exposing the swollen glans, I sucked it into my mouth sliding my tongue around the extended ridge which encircled it.

I teased the small hole at the top of it, and began tugging on his dick again. He was in seventh heaven and was bucking his hips against my mouth. I stopped teasing him and working his dick with rapid hand movements, making him orgasm which caused him to let out a small cry of enjoyment.

A copious amount of sperm flew into the back of my throat, I gagged at the sudden gush of fluid into my mouth, but managed to swallow every last drop. The next day Tommy asked me if I would show him how people mad love. I drew the line at letting my boy put his dick into the hole from which he entered this world.

I said we can't do that Tommy it would be very wrong. That night I was thinking about what he had asked and I thought of a way I could show him how it was done. I called through the wall separating our bedroom for him to come into my room. He was soon in my room wondering what I wanted. I said get undress and get into bed with me, I'll let you do something which is similar to making love.

We cuddled for a while, me playing with his dick and him playing with my Pussy. When he had grown to his full six inches I got a bottle of baby oil from beside my bed and turning onto my tummy, I told him to rub some oil in between my buttocks.

He did this and had a feel of my bum hole while doing so. I told him to put his dick between my oily buttocks to lie heavily on top of me and slide his dick which was sandwiched between them back and forth. He soon had the correct movement and said "This great Mom! Is this making love?" I said it was similar but instead of his dick being between my Buttocks it would be inside my pussy.

He was grinding his dick between my bum cheeks and I could tell by his breath that he was close to cumming. All of a sudden his thrusting dick poked up against my Bum hole, all the thrusting had loosened my sphincter and it must have been gaping slightly, because on the next thrust his dick slid into my bum hole, and it felt great. He said "this is getting better Mum, it feels really good now, and with that I felt his sperm ejaculate into my depths.

My boy had his first induction into the world of sex.