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Great Sex After Sixty The man was old but in surprisingly good condition considering his sixty years living on this planet. Although still working full time most of the year, in this "retirement job" he had made an arrangement with his most recent employer to take off three months, without pay, each year. With his children grown up and raising children of their own, and his wife dead now for four years, he had little use for that three months more salary of his high paying job. It would just put him in an even higher salary bracket and make more money for the government.

Instead, he used the time to go hiking, usually about a thousand miles each year. Was it any wonder he was in good physical condition? But life wasn't perfect. He did miss his wife, more for the company than the sex. But he missed that too. She'd never been very sexual, sometimes bordering on prudish. But she'd liked, sometimes even loved, sex at the proper time and with her husband, the proper person.

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When they were young he'd hope she would change. "Wife swapping" had been one of his favorite, but unfulfilled, fantasies. He'd had better luck with things like going on solo adventures and in sex, having affairs on his own. His list of female conquests during his long marriage hadn't been extensive, but it did exist. Mary hadn't showed any signs of being sick until a few months before she died.

Until then she'd willingly engaged in satisfying her husband as much as they both could manage. In the last few years this had been limited more by his declining virility than her interest, but together they had worked out a routine including much cunnilingus, rubbing his erection across her pussy lips and only when she was more than ready, "slipping it in her".

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If he tried entering her too soon his weak erection would disappear, and there would be no second chance that evening.

Sometimes he wondered if his declining virility wasn't being mirrored by an increase in sexual desire.

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But probably not. His daydreams had always consisted mostly of coitus.


But this didn't seem to be declining any! Pornography became a big part of his pass time. And after his wife died, an even bigger part. He'd become a "dirty old man". At least the "old" part was true, along with his obsession for females, of any age. But he was mildly rich and in good shape. Joseph, however, had no interest in buying sex on the street.

He'd had enough trouble managing consummation with even his very cooperative and patient wife. He spent much of his time trying to figure out what he could do. There were many women out there who desired male company. He didn't mind much if they were as old as him if they were attractive and athletic. And some sixty year old women are. Of course, if a twenty year old bomb shell fell in love with him in spite of his limited ability to perform the way a young horny girl would want?

Fat chance. They might want his money, but it wasn't that much. And he made it a point to not advertise his finances. Shortly after his wife died Joe took early retirement and went off on the first of his really long distance hikes, six months and two thousand miles.

When he returned home he discovered that the economy had improved and there was a shortage of people with his particular skill. Two different companies tried to hire him and he took the offer from the one willing to let him work nine months a year.

He still owned the house but planned to sell it and move into a condo to save time spent maintaining the place. He would, when the market improved! He had better use of his time than mowing the lawn or hiring someone to do it while he was gone. Beyond viewing porn on the net, Joe also began going occasionally into the city to take in strip shows. He was a little embarrassed the first time about his age until he discovered he was much younger, at least in appearance, than many men there.

At one of the smaller establishments he got to know a few of the regular girls. His high tips and polite manner surprised them. They expected advances and propositions, but all he did was smile and put twenty dollar tips into their garters when other guys were sticking five dollar bills, and sometimes even singles into their panties.

Eventually the girls began offering to sit with him, even "wasting time" with him in conversation when business was slow. If they weren't making quota, he'd tip them well just "for the conversation". When business was brisk he'd just relax, not in the least offended that they were ignore him while making quick money for quick feels. One of these girls suggested he might like to meet her mother. Pam was still in her forties and would never have considered dating a sixty year old man if her daughter hadn't recommended him.

Joe was even more reluctant, but Kara insisted. She invited the two of them to have lunch with her, and as she expected, her mother was smitten. Pam needed to feel a man between her thighs, maybe any man.

And Joe looked like a better catch than she'd encountered in quite a while. She wasn't particularly athletic herself, but went weak in the knees thinking about dating a man who hiked a thousand miles every year.

And when she met Joe she realized he probably wasn't making it up.

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At the proper moment Kara excused herself claiming she had to get to work to get ready for the afternoon opening. This was, in fact, true. "Joe, would it be too forward of me to invite you up to my apartment?

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I just live a block from her. I think Kara choose this place so I could easily make my play. In truth, I didn't think I'd be all that interested. And here I am trying to seduce you! Edit that last remark. Let's just say I'm trying to make friends with you. But actually, a woman my age, who loves sex and hasn't had any for two years always has sex on the mind. So let's just say come up for a cup of coffee, or tea. Kara says you don't drink coffee." "It's flattering that you know that much about me.

For that reason, I accept!" In fact, Joe felt trapped. Being a gentleman he couldn't refuse such an offer. For one thing, it would be devastating for the female. And besides, Pam was very attractive in a voluptuous way. But he was afraid he would be hard pressed to satisfy her. And if he did, he was afraid she'd become a clinging vine. The fact that she admitted not having many options, however, suggested she'd settle for a less than perfect lover. If he could establish first that he wasn't interested in exclusive entanglements, it might work out.

Her apartment was up several flights of stairs. When they reached her door, Pam was breathing heavily. She noticed that Joe wasn't. Inside she took his coat and hung it up then let him take her wrap. She had worn the shawl during lunch so he had only seen a bit of what appeared to be a see-through blouse. As he looked at her back, he could clearly see she wasn't wearing a bra, so when she turned around and let him examine her, he was not at all surprised that her shapely breasts and large nipples were as visible as if she'd been naked.

No wonder she'd kept the shawl on! "I have a confession which it's no longer necessary to make. I'm an exhibitionist like my daughter.

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It's just that I have a harder time than her finding men who want to look at what I have to exhibit. You know about women who list themselves on skype? Well, I've listed myself and I get a fair amount of satisfaction connecting with male strangers who like to watch me masturbate.

I lie about my location in order to keep my distance. While I'd love to meet some of them in person, preferably on a bed, I have no way of telling the wackos, no references. I'd much rather take my chances with a man like you, a man my daughter knows. My guess is, you're afraid I'll become clinging. Let me say immediately, that if we do make love, or share any intimacy, even simply you watching me undress and parade around naked, I will consider it a favor you give me, and never an obligation you owe me.

I'm realistic enough and honest enough to know that a woman my age isn't "giving it away", that a man willing to share pleasure with her is doing her a favor." After saying this she looked at him shyly and asked "may I?" with her beautiful eyes, then proceeded to strip off her sexy clothes.

She had freshly shaved her pussy just in case this might happen, knowing the men who watched her masturbate loved seeing fully naked female genitals. Joe, for his part was more surprised at her trim waist than her shapely tits, and loved looking at her young looking genitals.

Seeing this, Pam relaxed against a chair, letting her legs fall apart, allowing her pussy to thrust forward, so that her lips parted for his viewing pleasure. He was surprised at how casual she was about it, how comfortable and pleased while giving him this display. It wasn't at all the way a desperate woman might "expose" herself in order to interest a man she desperately wanted. In spite of her earlier statements, he could tell she was doing this mostly because she loved doing it! Joe had known about the skype business and had several times dialed up listed numbers.

Usually he received a message to call back at a specific time, and when he did, a female would then display herself. They were usually much less attractive than Pam, though often younger.

Sometimes they wanted or "allowed" him to also undress. He preferred keeping his own clothes on and preferred girls who were mostly interested in being seen. But every female always wanted to at least see the man's image on her screen, if only to verify that there was indeed a male watching her fondle her clit.

They never seemed to mind the fact that he was obviously old. "I do this quite frequently on skype and love doing it, though not nearly as much as doing it now for you. But whatever happens, I'm reserving the right and freedom to continue doing it.

Short of marriage I can't imagine any arrangement I'd accept that required an exclusive relationship. In fact, I don't think I'd want even a marriage that wasn't open. I don't want more kids so I don't need that kind of stability.


And frankly I think a man who wasn't interested in other women would bore me. Actually, I don't want much other than to get laid occasionally at irregular intervals, yet frequently if possible. You're sixty and look fit. But if you're not still virile, I won't mind.

I love oral sex and finger fucking and cuddling and kissing, as long as my partner is male. I love giving you this show!" "Pam, you've hit the nail on the head, but harder than necessary. I do have some problems in that area, but was still having sex regularly with my wife until a few months before she died. She had to be very cooperative but seemed to love the result.

We did try Viagra, but it didn't work well for me and she didn't think it improved things at all. I had stiffer erections but could hardly feel anything, and our regular technique was working well enough." "So she gave you head to get you hard?" "No. She hated fallacio and always did. I don't know why. Other women I had affairs with always loved it. If she'd been willing things would have probably gone better. Mostly I gave her mega cunnilingus until she was so ready that I practically fell inside her.

But otherwise I'd lose it, and couldn't get an erection back for longer than either of us were willing to wait." "You did cunnilingus regularly and she wouldn't even give you a blow job! Incredible." "No, not really, because I love eating pussy." "You do?

Joe, if that's true it wouldn't matter to me if you never managed an erection. No, that's an exaggeration. I'd still want both, but would count myself lucky to get one.

You mean to stand there and tell me that if I asked you, you'd actually stick your tongue inside my pussy, even without expecting any reward?" When she said this he was standing close to her, still dressed, standing slightly inside her wide spread thighs.

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In answer to her question he got down between her legs and began licking her lips. The woman sighed in response to a pleasure she hadn't enjoyed in far too long. She vowed to herself that she would give this man head any time he wanted it, even when it wasn't about to lead to coitus. It wasn't much of a sacrifice, though, because she loved giving blow jobs. Later, however, when she was more than ready and he was naked, his erection was so hard that it needed no help.

And by that point they both wanted it inside her as quickly as possible. Pam had her second orgasm when she felt his shaft enter her, so she was more than ready when she felt him explode inside her eager pussy. Joe was surprised at the way this turned out. It had been a while since he'd masturbated, so the volume of cume, while modest by most standards, was enough to surprise him. The fact that he managed at all to empty his load inside Pam was even more amazing.

For several years he had not managed a release inside his wife, even while or after bringing her to a climax. Afterwords he often masturbated while gentle fantasies passed through his brain. Sometimes the trigger which allowed his release was simply remembering what he'd just done with his wife.

So achieving a climax along with this woman was a pleasant eye opener for him. Pam herself, didn't know why he enjoyed it so much but was extremely pleased that he had.

The next day she was having lunch again with her daughter. "So, you two are an item now?" "Hardly. Neither of us wants a permanent or even a temporary, exclusive relationship. I think he'll want to see me again, but never on a regular basis. It doesn't matter that much. I'll be glad to be his sex doll any time he wants. But even if I never get that man between my thighs again, I'll still count myself lucky for the memory of what happened last night!" "Wow!" And because of her mother's recommendation, Joe later found the young exotic dancer seducing him.

For both it was an interesting experience, one which they both enjoyed very much but neither one cared much to repeat. That could not be said about Joe's interest in Pam.

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Sometimes he called her up, sometimes she called him. But neither one did so on a regular basis. And if they didn't see each other for three or four months at a time, which happened at least once every year, there were no hard feelings. It was the perfect relationship for both of them. Pam remarried about a year after she met Joe. She never told him if her new husband was aware of her extra marital adventures, and he never asked.

But then, since he always called her on her personal cell phone, it wasn't necessary to know. end PS - As always I ran this story by Cathy before submitting it. Since she's a long distance hiker it was natural for her to suggest that as an excuse to explain why the man was in such good condition. She didn't have much to say about the women, however. - Oliver Mellor