Slutty teen destroys her arsehole to prolapse on webcam

Slutty teen destroys her arsehole to prolapse on webcam
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The following story is fiction and should not be taken literally in any way. This story deals with very dark and perverse subject matter, and I do not condone child abuse in any form. To be clear, while there are very sexual elements in this story, it is not meant to be spank material, but rather a hypothetical look at a psychopath and the depraved actions that cause severe psychological disorders in his children. Please consider the tags for this story before reading.

This story deals with extremely disturbing concepts and is meant to be disturbing. If you do not have interest in these subjects, please stop reading now. I welcome constructive feedback about the story itself. However, any hate filled rants or personal attacks will be ignored.

If you are looking for a cut & dry sex filled snuff story, this is not it. This story is long and in-depth. I tell you this, so you don't waste your time. ****************************************************************************** The Family from Redgrove Chapter 3 ****************************************************************************** Liz wondered what was going on between Trish and Vicky.

They had come downstairs together acting strange, and now Trish was staring at her youngest sister in a way that seemed odd. She realized Andrea was in fact Trish's youngest sister, but she was also her daughter.

Liz had known for some time that all her siblings, her infant son and she were the products of incest. She had read in her father's books that incest greatly increased the risk of birth defects, but it seemed they had dodged that bullet so far.

Although, she doubted her father would keep any defects around long. While none of them had physical defects, she wondered if she might be defective in another way. Of everyone in their family, she was by far the biggest masochist. Even her tail was designed to inflict more pain by her own request. Instead of smooth glass, hers was covered in dull spikes.

She always rocked in her seat, grinding the spikes inside her. She was doing it even now while she nursed her baby boy, Zander.

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For whatever reason, their father was prone toward making girls instead of boys. She bore his first son which set her apart, but the only special treatment she wanted was a higher level of punishment. Her body was covered in red welts, dark bruises, fresh scratches & cuts, and dull scars.


At 12 years old, she still had another four years before her expiration. However, she knew she didn't want the normal treatment.

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It looked like a lot of fun to her, but the downside was she could only do it once. No, when it was her time she wanted something more. She had no fear of dying, but she felt she needed something worthy of her depravity. She had thought about it for years now. Her father liked his usual method because of the combination of symbolism, pain and efficiency in preparing a girl for consumption. Her first taste of what her father called special meat was her own mother, although, she couldn't actually remember it.

She often thought that her father should be a chef rather than an engineer. He loved to cook and everything he made for them was delicious, but he really went all out when it came to special meat. She knew that the treatment would be more painful than anything she could imagine, but he did it to all the girls.

She was special, she knew it, and she wanted something unique when it was her time. Trouble was she had no idea how to top what her father already did. She also knew she wouldn't stop thinking of it until she came up with the ultimate end to her debauched life. She cut off another piece of her steak and began to chew as she savored the taste of the sweet girl flesh. The girl it had come from she guessed was probably a year or two older than her.

She had been a real cutie before her father took her apart. 160cm tall with perky little tits and hips that were just starting to fill out. She had platinum blond hair and dark tan lines around milky white buds with pale pink nipples the same color as her pussy.

Liz thought about the way that pussy tasted with fondness, as she savored another bite of the steak that had come from the blonde's leg. She tried to remember what the girl's name was, Abby she thought. She thought about how each of the girls at the table would fill these plates one day.

In two weeks she would taste Trish's flesh, and if her meat tasted even close to as good as her snatch then she was in for a treat. She couldn't remember what her mother or Midori tasted like exactly, but Tomomi had been delicious. Trish would be her last chance to taste part of her family's meat before it was her turn.

She hoped each of her siblings would enjoy her meat especially her son. One thing she truly regretted was that she would never experience her boy ravaging her body. After she was gone, Sarah and Shiela would be next. Liz wondered how her father would take care of them since their birthdays were the same. In any case, they would have a hard time. They were not the extreme masochists Trish or she was. However, their sex drive was second to none. They are a pair of sex kittens with tails to match, Liz thought.

Sarah had a tail like a tabby and Sheila had one like a calico. Every free moment they had, they were fucking someone in the house, but most often each other. Liz wondered if that made them narcissistic. After them it would be Vicky then Sasha, Trish's oldest and finally Andrea.

Zander would never go on the table; he was destined to carry on their father's legacy. Liz thought back on Abby as she ate. She was a sweet girl who had no idea what she was getting into when she got into her father's truck.

Most of the girls her father went after took careful planning. Abby was a spur of the moment acquisition. Normally Trish would go with their father into town, but it had been Liz's turn while her big sister babysat when they saw the cute little blond on the side of the road. It was clear that she was young but oozed sex appeal in her cutoff shorts and white tank top that showed off a black bra underneath.

Thomas knew he would have her as soon as he saw her. The highway was deserted, not a single car in either direction. He couldn't believe his luck. The conditions were perfect. He pulled up next to her and said, "Hey there, you okay honey? Is someone coming to get you?" Liz knew that if she was in the car, he could pull off the concerned father act.

Little Abby leaned in the passenger window paying no attention to Liz. "Yeah, I've been waiting on you big daddy," she said as she pressed her chest into the door, pushing out the little cleavage she had. "Geese, hey now, aren't you a little young to be talking like that," her father said with a blush. Liz was in awe. Amongst his many talents, he was a masterful actor. He didn't consider himself human, but living amongst them, he made a point to study their habits and behavior.


Abby was wearing sunglasses that hid her eyes while she chewed on some gum. She had a big toothy smile from Thomas's bashfulness then lifted her glasses to reveal a striking pair of green eyes before saying, "so where's mommy at?" Liz saw an instant transformation from her father showing a deep sadness he was trying to hold back.

Goddamn he's good, she thought. "My wife passed some years back, so it's just me and the kids now," he said with a slightly choked voice. "Aww, that's so sad. You must be so lonely," she said with a pouty face.

"Well I ah… I mean I have my girls, and they keep me busy, so I'm not lonely, no," as he said this, Liz had to do everything she could to suppress a laugh. "Well, I'm sure that your girls are very sweet, but I'm trying to get to Cali and if you help me out, I could give you some company like your wife used to," she was practically pushing her tits out of her shirt as she batted her eyelashes.

Liz couldn't help but feel amused at what she was saying. She had no idea how right she was. Thomas looked to Liz and told her, "honey, how about you move to the back seat, so our friend here can sit up front." Liz knew to play her part so she responded with a whiny, "Daadddyyy." He gave her a put on stern look when he replied, "honey, don't be rude. Go on now and get in the back." She complied with mock reluctance as a bubbly Abby took her place.

During the trip back to Redgrove, Abby talked and talked then talked some more, she talked so much that Thomas considered pulling over and snapping her neck just to make her shut up.

He was able to find out a few things though. She had been living alone with her father and things had gotten tough at home, so she was making her way to California to become a movie star. The poor, naive girl was never going to make it to Hollywood. She probably would have ended up turning tricks until she overdosed in some shithole anyway, Thomas thought.

Whether that was a better or worse fate than what was going to happen to her was debatable. In the end, he really didn't care. She was his toy now, and would continue to be for the rest of her very short life. Abby felt happy that Thomas had found her on that road. She knew that nothing in life was free, and she would have to earn her way to Cali, and that meant using the only assets she had. She also knew that most men liked young girls like her whether they admitted it or not.

She was 13 and had already been banging her old man for three years. It definitely wasn't consensual, but it taught her that men wanted her, and she could use that to get what she wanted. It worked with a teacher and a few guys around town, but her drunken father had taken to hitting her before raping her and that was enough.

She didn't want to end up in the system so that meant taking off. She was ready to fuck any pervert that would get her closer to L.A., but she would happily fuck Thomas. He was tall with a broad, muscular build, slightly tanned, a pearly white smile, bright hazel eyes, a chiseled jawline and sandy blond hair with heavy touches of gray.

She guessed he was in his late forties or early fifties, but was in the best shape she had ever seen for someone his age.

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There was no denying it, she thought he was hot. When they got to his house, he pulled into the driveway then told Liz to go inside and tell the others to get ready for dinner while he had a word with their guest. When she was gone, he leaned over to Abby and said, "Are you sure about what you said? You're so young, I could call someone for you." Abby had a sly smile on her face and leaned even closer to him.


"Mr., I want you to be my daddy tonight, and, Daddy, I want you to fuck me long and hard," as she finished she leaned in to give him a deep, passionate kiss. Thomas thought the kiss reflected her well. She was trying too hard and trying to come off as being more experienced than she was. Still she was trying, and he decided he would give her the fuck of her life before snuffing it out. She started undoing his belt and zipper, and moments later was fishing his cock out.

The moment she got her hand around it she was intrigued. Her hand couldn't close around it, and he wasn't even completely hard yet. When it was free of his pants she felt very impressed. It was not big enough to scare her off, but it was definitely bigger than anything she had before.

She bent her head down and gave it a few teasing licks before taking as much as she could into her mouth. However, that was only about a third of it. She twirled her tongue around the head as she worked her hand up and down the shaft. Thomas had to admit it was a good effort, but that kind of thing wouldn't get him off.

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He was doing all he could to keep from grabbing her head and shoving his full length down her throat. Instead he kept his hands away from her. He figured she would probably just think he was a little shy, but he wouldn't be able to hold himself back for long.

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He grabbed her and pushed her back in her seat then undid the buttons on her shorts. In one deft movement, her shorts were open and moving down her legs. Thomas saw that she had no panties on and only a very sparse patch of blond hair was on her mound. He had an animal like sense of smell, and was relieved to find she smelled reasonably fresh.

He guessed that she had only hit the road this morning. He pulled her legs up and began giving the inside of her thighs gentle kisses while his hand made its way under her shirt.

Her slit was already glistening with her excitement. He made his way down her thigh kissing as he went until he was gently teasing her opening with his tongue. He continued to work her slit with his mouth and tongue while his fingers played with her nipples.

He slowly increased pressure on her pussy and nipples, testing her reaction. She responded well and he wrapped his mouth around her clit, flicking and teasing it. He was pinching her nipples hard, but she was still reacting well. Her hips were bucking as her back arched, and she rapidly moaned her approval. She was at her threshold when he gripped her clit in his teeth and bit down. It was just short of enough to bite it off.

She shrieked, but was gripped by a massive orgasm at the same time. "Holy Shit! that was incredible!" she exclaimed as she started to come down off her high. "So are you guys gonna fuck now, or can I start getting the table ready?" Trish asked as she leaned in the passenger window. "Hi baby, yeah go ahead and get the table set; we'll be just a minute," He told her in a nervous voice. Trish knew that the real fun was soon to start as she made her way back into the house. "Sorry about that.

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My daughter is a bit precocious," Thomas said while stuffing his member back into his pants. Abby retrieved her shorts and started sliding them on when she said, "You're fucking her aren't you." It was a statement rather than a question.

He started to stammer saying, "Well you see… the thing is. I mean we," Abby put her finger to his lips to have him stop. "Don't worry, I get it. No girl reacts that way from seeing their father eating out a young girl unless they're used to seeing it. The important thing is that she seems cool enough with it and not scared, so that tells me you're alright," she sounded like she had it all figured out, how very wrong she was. "My dad has been fucking me for the last three years, but he's an asshole.

If he was half the man you are, I would have stayed with him no problem, but I'm glad I left because you are way hot and so's your daughter, so if she's up for it, maybe we could all have some fun together?" She meant what she said, but she also meant to squeeze Thomas for enough to get her all the way to Cali and then some.

"I think that could be arranged," he told her acting a little bashful. He could tell instantly what her plan was, but it made no difference since she wouldn't see the light of day. He would play out the act until he decided to start the real game. They made their way into the house, and as Abby crossed the threshold, she was completely oblivious to the horrors that awaited her.