Broke straight actor tyler gay sex videos Cute Dustin Cooper has a

Broke straight actor tyler gay sex videos Cute Dustin Cooper has a
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The nucleus opened into the whole as he pressed his face closer to the bay window. He had only seen a fleeting glance of what looked like a naked girl. He pressed his face against the glass peering at the marvelous sight. He felt as transfixed as when he was a child peering in at all that candy from the street.

Or perhaps, more accurately.a hungry dog in heat.

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She was young and supple.easily in her teens. He reached down and stroked himself to an erection. Tight ass and firm tits. the rest didn't matter. He pulled his face from the glass for a moment, allowing the fog to clear.

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He tried to breath in calmly as he watched the sweet morsel on the beach. The decision was made quick and decisive.


He moved from the bay window and went out on his patio. He now had a clear view of the young lady as she continued walking on the beach.

Her tits swayed as she walked, beckoning his touch. She looked up and caught him watching her. She didn't try to hide herself or run. Instead she veered her path walking toward him. She stood slightly under the patio as if making sure he maintained a clear view.


"Hi", she called up to him. He was surprised and curious. "Hi", he called back "Would you like to come up for something to drink?" As the question left his mouth, he regretted it immediately.

Boy was that lame, he thought to himself.

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But again, he was surprised when she agreed. He opened the back door and let her in. She moved with such grace and assurance. She looked down and noticed his erection. Without any warning, she unzipped his pants pulling his erection out. She knelt down and bent her head taking him in.

He glided her head forcing her to take him in completely. He looked around himself, wondering if his neighbors were watching. After awhile he didn't care as she licked and sucked his cock. She stood up, looking up at him. "Can I have that drink now?" "Why, yeah.sure.ah why don't you come inside." Again a voice spoke to him and mimicking his thoughts reminding him of a rhyme about a spider and a fly! She walked in front of him and entered his house.

He went straight to the bar and asked what she would like. "A Scotch on ice." "Isn't that a bit of a strong drink for a young lady?" he inquired as he poured two. He handed her the glass and she gulped it down. "No, I actually like Scotch!", she replied. She sat down on his sofa, spreading her legs wide. She started running her fingers down her slit. He knew that she was hot and wet as the moisture bubbled under her fingers. He placed his drink down and approached her.

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He quickly pulled down his pants and angled himself in front of her. He nestled his cock between her lips, teasing her at first.

He wanted to feel her hot wetness as he ran his tip down her slit. Ahhh. he hadn't had such raw sex for a long time. She looked down at his hardness and started stroking his balls. He still couldn't believe his luck. What had just moments ago been a dull afternoon had suddenly turned into a great day. He pulled his cock away from her hot pussy, not wanting to prematurely ejaculate. He spread his legs wide, stroking himself as he played with her knobs.

She turned facing him and slipped off the sofa.

Again, she knelt taking him into her mouth. She pulled him in deep, closing her mouth around his member. She held him tight as she continued stroking his balls. She started pumping him like a piston, each time shoving his cock in deeper. She started licking his shaft, from its tip to his balls. She moved her hand over his shaft pumping it as she pumped it in her mouth. His excitement grew and he burst spraying deep down her throat.

She sucked up all of his sweet juices. She did not remove his cock, but instead continued sucking it back to hardness. She pulled herself off the floor and straddled him. Her firm tits were pressed against his face as he started nibbling on one of her tits. She plunged his cock deep into her hot wet pussy. She lifted her ass high with the tip about to come out of its deep dark hot hole and then without warning, plunge down on the shaft hard and swift.

Each time, he thought his cock was going to get crushed. His body would tense waiting for an onslaught of pain and be rewarded with such sweet pleasure. As she continued plunging down on his cock, she stroked his chest playing with his buttons. He was happy just watching her plunge up and down on his swollen cock as her tits jiggled.

She was a pretty young thing with such warmth and energy. Just as he was about to cum, she abruptly stopped.

She looked straight into his eyes and smiled. She pulled away from his cock and bent down, exposing her pink little whole.

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He got up from the sofa and straddled her from behind. He plunged hard and deep up her tiny ass. She screamed out in pleasure as the ripples of an orgasm pulsed through her body. It took just one plunge and he was spraying inside her, feeling her tight walls holding his swollen cock tight. He was amazed how wonderful it felt. It was not as if he never had sex before, he was an old timer.

But with this girl he ejaculated hard and fast leaving him out of breath, as if he was a young man again and it was his first lay. He pulled out and looked down, his cock answered his unasked question by getting hard. He was amazed. the pills never worked this good!! She turned looking down at his swollen cock and smiled.

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She ran her fingers between her legs and then sucked on her moistened fingers. "Are you ready for more?" He again looked down at his cock, and smiled "yep. more would be nice." She knelt back down and grasped his dripping cock. His cum hadn't had a chance to dry as she licked every inch. She loved the taste of cum and some how it invigorated her making her strong. As she pulled his cock up holding the shaft, she rubbed it between her breasts. She continued licking his tip, causing his cock to twitch.

She moved her hands over his balls rubbing them gently together. She pulled and played with as if she was expecting them to deliver milk! She urged him down by pulling on his cock. He lowered to his knees as she laid down on the floor. She angled his cock between thighs wrapping her legs tightly around his buttocks. His cock didn't need any directions as it plunged deep inside the welcoming wetness. She met each one of his thrusts with one of her own.


She lift her pelvic causing his strokes to deepen. Her nails dug into his back as they pumped like animals being fulfilled with the moment. Their sweat intermingled developing a sexual aroma.

Their bodies were intertwined with the moment, climaxing and melting into one. They came with such passion that he was afraid his heart would just stop. After all, he was an old man.

He turned over laying on his back. His heart tensed in his chest. The pain lasted only moments, as his heart gave way. He looked up at the beautiful naked girl. He asked "Why." She smiled down at him, "One last wish for a dying old man." He closed his eyes, remembering just hours ago looking out his bay window making a wish.

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